The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467

As a matter of principle, it was inappropriate for people with high ranks in the government to meet businessmen alone outside.

People would easily think of them accepting favors and bribes.

However, not all individual meetings were about these things..

For example, Sean and Johnson met today to talk about the better development of Joules Town.

It was impossible to say that Johnson did not have an ax to grind.

He only wanted to make Joules Town better so that he could get some credit.

Businessmen sought profit, and the government sought credit.

That was what Johnson wanted.

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with meeting alone.

It was just that some people used the opportunity to make mistakes.

Honk honk!

Sean and Zander had just approached the hotel entrance.

Suddenly there was a rapid honk behind them.

You could tell from the honk of the car horn alone that the driver was arrogant.

Vroom vroom vroom!

Then several cars sped up from behind and plunged into the parking space.

One of the three cars was Maserati’s latest sports car, and the others also cost millions of dollars.

It was obvious that the owners of these three cars were rich or aristocratic.

Sean only took one glance before withdrawing his gaze and preparing to enter the hotel.

The three cars opened their doors, and a group of men and women got out.

These young men and women were dressed to the nines, wearing international luxury brands.

Everything they wore head to toe was expensive

It was obvious that they were heirs and heiresses.

Ten youngsters got out of the car. Five men and five women.

However, Sean did not notice an acquaintance was among them.


Suddenly, a young man called out to Sean.

Sean heard the shouting and slowly turned to look at the young man, who shouted.

“It’s him?”

Zander recognized the young man before Sean could speak.

If Zander’s memory did not fool him, the man’s name was Wes Jordan, and he had been to Queen Children’s Welfare Home to cause trouble.

Wes was no stranger to Sean

The first time they met was at Caitlyn’s class reunion.

Wes went against Sean at every turn that day but was eventually taught a lesson by Sean.

The second time, Wes went to the orphanage to shoot charity videos with a rich heir, Ken Watson, and Sean taught him a lesson again.

Speaking of which, today was their third meeting.

However, Sean was not interested in talking to Wes.

After one glance, he was ready to turn around and leave.

“Sean, I’m talking to you. Did you not hear me?”

Wes shouted again, stepping forward arrogantly.

“Young Master Jordan, who is he?”

A pretty heiress asked with a frown.

“He’s Sean Lennon.

“The orphan at the orphanage I told you about.

“He made some money somewhere and came back faking someone he’s not.

“He offended Young Master Willer the other day. Young Master Willer gave him a piece of his mind, and he’s more compliant now.”

Wes chuckled with disdain.

He has no idea what happened to Ken after he dealt with Sean.

Ken would never tell anyone about it.

After all, he confidently threatened to kill Sean.

Would he tell Wes about the humiliation of being overpowered by Sean?

Therefore, Wes thought Ken must have taught Sean a good lesson.

“Oh, so that’s him.”

“He doesn’t look special.”

“Yeah, and you said he had some money. He doesn’t look impressive.”

“I know, right? I don’t think his clothes exceed 200 dollars.”

The heirs and heiresses chuckled.

A daily show of superiority was these heirs’ and heiresses’ greatest pleasure.

Therefore, they would not miss such an opportunity.

“Is staying alive a bad thing?

“Why are you looking for trouble?”

Zander asked, frowning and looking at Wes.

“What are you bragging about here?

“Isn’t Sean rich? Isn’t he some hotel VIP whose bills are exempted?

Why is he dug here when he has sur h a high status?

We asked disdainfully with a sneer

Then what are you doing here?”

Zander asked indifferently, looking at Wes

It was not that he wanted to argue with Wes, but he realized pests like Wes had to be killed without mercy

Otherwise, he would go even further

This is Brother Remy’s family’s property You’re no match for us

Waiting for Zander to say this, Wes sneered back instantly.

Just then, a young man Wes’ age also stepped out.

The youth was called Remy Sullivan and had the highest status amongst Wes and the rest.

Even Ken had to respectfully call Remy “Brother Remy”.

The hotel was his family’s property.

It was also true that Remy’s father worked for the government.

Therefore, compared with people like Ray, Remy was not only rich but also powerful.

It was why Wes was so haughty in front of Sean.

Remy slowly stepped forward and waited for Sean to greet him.

Unfortunately, Sean turned away without even glancing at him.

He did not want to waste time on Wes and the rest.

“Sean, you loser!

“You were rather haughty in front of me but chickened out in front of Brother Remy.”

Wes stepped forward and swore unforgivingly.

“Are you looking for trouble?”

Zander turned around to look at Wes icily.

Zander would never allow anyone to insult Sean.

“I think it’s you who’s looking for trouble.

“Believe it or not. I’ll kill you today.”

Wes grew arrogant as he spoke.

“Kill me?

“Of all the bodies in the crematorium, which one did you kill?”

Sean asked indifferently, looking at Wes.


Wes paused before growing dismissive.

“You said I was looking for trouble.

“I also wanted to ask, of all the people in the cemetery, which one did you bury?”

Wes snorted and asked with a sneer.


Sean shook his head slightly.


Wes and the rest burst into laughter.

“Because I only kill. The burial’s not my job.”

The crowd’s laughter stopped as soon as Sean spoke.


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