The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468

Everyone fell silent

it was as if they were all mute

Wes and the rest did not fall silent because of what Sean had said.

It was because of the icy look in Sean’s eyes and Sean’s powerful aura when he spoke.

Wes and the rest had heard a lot of threats.

However, they could not help but shudder at Sean’s powerful aura.

Sean’s stare made them feel as if a bloodthirsty beast was staring at them.

It made their heart beat faster and their scalp tingle.

These heirs did not know predators or pressure.

However, they felt terrifying pressure from Sean.

It felt like the pressure of an herbivore facing the king of beasts.

“You. You…”

Wes pointed at Sean.

His mouth stuttered for a long time but nothing came out.

“Why don’t I give you a chance?

“Try killing me.”

Sean ambled up to Wes.

He did not want to waste time with Wes and the rest.

However, these pests would never stop until you subdue them all at once.

Therefore, Sean thought of teaching Wes and his gang a lesson.

Lest they tried to look for trouble with Sean again.

Wes had two beautiful heiresses beside him.

They took two steps back when they saw Sean coming over.

Wes also dared not strike when Sean was so close to him.

“Look. You won’t do anything even if I give you a chance!”

Sean waited for a few seconds before taunting.


Wes gritted his teeth and clenched his hands.

However, he dared not do anything.

After all, he had witnessed what Sean was capable of doing.

He stood no chance against Sean.

“Stop faking it.

“We live in modern society. Who are you to kill this and that?”

Wes took another step back, trying to save his reputation.

“Will you ask me to kill you?

“You can try and see if I dare.”

Sean said with a sneer as he took over the conversation.


Wes was once again rendered speechless by Sean’s remark.

He thought Sean would never dare to kill someone in public in today’s society. Therefore, he thought Sean was only bluffing and had no guts to do so.

However, Wes saw Sean’s gaze and was scared to say Sean was afraid.

Facing Sean’s provocation, he also gritted his teeth and remained silent.

“If I remember correctly, you said…

“I chickened out?”

Sean waited ten seconds before asking again.

Wes looked at Sean and said nothing.

“Why have you gone soft when I didn’t chicken out?”

Sean smiled faintly before his expression changed suddenly, and he quickly raised his arm.


There was soon a loud slap in Wes’s face.

Thump, thump, thump!

It was no exaggeration to say that Wes stumbled six or seven steps back from the slap.


Then nosebleeds instantly began to pour out as if it were a waterfall.

The blood flowed down, staining his mouth and chin crimson, and then it flowed down to the expensive


Wes’s head buzzed, his eyes glinting.

The slap hit Wes. Remy and the rest were dumbfounded.

These heirs and heiresses had often bullied others because their families were wealthy and powerful.

It was usually them reaching out and slapping other people.

However, Sean slapped Wes in front of them.

He bullied them the way they bullied others.

“How f*cking dare you hit me? You’re asking for trouble!”

After coming to himself, Wes instantly wiped the nosebleed from his nostrils before lunging at Sean.

Wes had almost lost his mind.

He did not even wonder whether he was a match for Sean.

He was so furious that he went mad.

However, anger was sometimes useless.

In the face of absolute power, there was no way you could do anything to them, even if you were at the height of your anger.

It was what happened.

Sean stood still, waiting for Wes to rush over.

Just as Wes’s fist was about to hit Sean, he whipped out his hand like lightning.

Sean did not bother to deal with Wes in other ways.

He simply slapped him to teach him a lesson.


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