The Invisible Rich Man CHAPTER 2450

Chapter 2450
Regardless, Master Trilight quickly replied in a respectful tone, “Y-you’re absolutely right, Master… I was truly reckless this time, and had it not been for you, I’d be dead by now!”

Sighing in response, the statue then said, “Well, I don’t fully blame you… After all, you were late to start cultivating under my guidance. With that in mind, you lack the knowledge that your three seniors possess. That aside, know that the Thordifussion Method carries the purest form of heaven and earth’s thunder. Not only can it overcome heavenly tribulations, but it can kill demons, devils, and even deities! With that said, if you ever encounter the attack again, just run!”

“I shall remember that, Master…! Thank you for imparting your knowledge…!” declared Master Trilight as she kowtowed toward the statue.

“Well said. Still, how interesting… It’s been a thousand years since I’ve last come across such an interesting opponent… That man seems to have a deep connection with Saint Amorphous if he was imparted with all that old man’s knowledge! Not that I’m complaining. After all, after waiting for ages, I’ve finally found a man who can compete with me…! Speaking of which, I sensed that his essential qi grew rather strange at the end of the first round. There seems to be another force aiding him… Who exactly is he?” asked the statue with a chuckle.

“I’m not too sure either, though he appears to know Elain, my disciple. Worry not, I’ll look further into this once I recover!” declared the priestess.

“That would be for the best. Regardless, make sure not to let him disrupt our plans. The same applies to that foolish Freyr. How dare he break into the tomb so hastily!” grumbled the statue in a dissatisfied tone.

“I’ll give Freyr another warning. That aside… They’re still our pawns, so isn’t it a bit too early to be removing them…?” asked Master Trilight.

“It’s definitely earlier than expected, but we mustn’t allow them to ruin our big plans, especially regarding the secret in the general’s tomb. If the secret is leaked, many other demons will surely start competing with us! By that point, all our painstaking effort would be in vain! I’m worried about that strong, young man as well. He appears to have a goal in Peaceton.” growled the statue.

“Should I invite the Eldest, Second, and Third Seniors over then…? I don’t think I can approach him with my power!” suggested Master Trilight.

“You may. If necessary, I’ll eventually take action as well and personally meet that young man!” declared the statue. Following that statement, the stone’s luster slowly faded.

Moving back to Gerald, after updating Darkwind and Lyndon on all that had happened, Darkwind couldn’t help but frown as he said, “So… You’re saying that there’s a big demon who’s as strong as you in Peaceton..?”

“Bingo! Even his subordinate is no amateur. She even had an angelic artifact! With that said, you may not even be able to defeat that scorpion demon, let alone the big demon…” muttered Gerald in a slightly worried tone.

It appeared that his goal of obtaining Yinblood pellets for Marcel and Phoebe wasn’t going to be easy. Thankfully, Gerald had been cautious enough not to expose his identity back at the Zandt family’s residence. If he had, not only would he have to deal with exploring the general’s tomb, but possibly the big demon as well!

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when he heard Darkwind say, “I’ve heard many stories of demons, devils, and ghosts throughout the years, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone bumping into a big demon… After all, the more powerful a demon is, the harder it is to detect! Regardless, when a big demon cultivates, the demon actively goes against heaven to change their fate, which is why they will be bombarded by heaven’s wrath. With that in mind, before they have enough power to confront the power of heaven, they’ll normally hide themselves. According to my master, demons who manage to confront heaven’s wrath can end up becoming as powerful as lords in the Deitus Realm!”

“My master more or less said the same thing. Either way, as Darkwind said, it won’t be easy for us to identify this big demon,” replied Lyndon as he shook his head.

Looking at the trio who seemed to be at a complete loss , Professor Boyle then adjusted his glasses while saying, “I wonder if the museum will have any of the information we need. Even if it doesn’t, we can still try to scour for clues from ancient books about legends in Peaceton…”


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