The Invisible Rich Man CHAPTER 2456-2460

Chapter 2456
“Hah! Your master simply said that so that you wouldn’t realize that they’re already goners!

It really is a shame that a young girl like you has already become a bloodthirsty demon working for other demons!” replied Darkwind, causing Elain’s face to go even redder.

Were… Those children really dead…?

“Don’t listen to him, Youngest Junior! He’s just trying to mislead you!” growled Filipe as he got to his feet before snapping his whip! Following that, an electric current began running down the angelic whip…

And the second it hit Darkwind, it left deep burn marks where it landed.

“That’s for spouting nonsense, old man! There’s definitely a better way to do all this, yet you seem to insist on choosing the worst options! Are you really that keen on dying?!” scoffed Filipe in a fierce tone.

“Not at all, though you seem to be listening, if you don’t release me now, you won’t even know what killed you once Mr. Crawford arrives! Also, you’re extremely ignorant if you think your puny formation can stop him! Almost as ignorant as the past me was!” retorted Darkwind, causing Filipe to get so annoyed that his entire body now trembled in rage!

Clenching his fists, Filipe then growled, “I see! Then I hope you enjoy watching Gerald dielater by my thunderbolt formation!”

After hearing all that, Elain couldn’t help but ask, “For you to require the help of the thunderbolt formation… Is Gerald really that much stronger compared to Darkwind…? “

“It goes without saying. Why else would Darkwind submit to that boy? Either way, don’t think too much about it.

Gerald and Darkwind are both Domiensch Masters, and if Darkwind’s Fierce Wind Palm wasn’t even able to breach my defenses, Gerald won’t be able to lay a finger on me either! With the help of the thunderbolt formation, that boy will be razed to nothing in no time…!” declared Filipe.

The second his sentence ended, however, an immensely strong gale began blowing toward them! Not only was the gale black, but them! Not only was the gale black, but standing in its path felt like being sliced by millions of sharp blades…!

With that in mind, it didn’t take long for the Greendrake underlings to begin wailing in pain as cut marks formed all over their faces and bodies..!

Though Filipe and Elain were also caught by surprise, they were quick enough to use their powers to block the gale! Even with their defenses, however, Elain began bleeding from the corner of her mouth shortly after!

Filipe himself was already trembling like jelly as he continued trying to fight against the wind! Eventually, Filipe was prompted to yell, “H- Heavenly Guard Order…!”

Following that, the boy made a few hand gestures while chanting a spell and in no time at all, a dense, black barrier appeared before him and Elain! By this point, they were the only two who hadn’t been killed by the gale…!

Unfortunately for them, the barrier was only prolonging the inevitable.

After all, the gale had now turned into a hurricane, leaving a trail of destruction everywhere it went! It eventually got to the point where Elain and Filipe had to work together to push the barrier against the gale just to prevent themselves from getting swept away!

Alas, they were clearly fighting a losing battle! His face now stiffened, Filipe was prompted to yell, “How the hell is he this strong..?!”

“You said the Fierce Wind Palm was weak, correct? Why don’t you try withstanding mine?” retorted an unfamiliar voice out of the blue.

Though Filipe was caught off guard, he instantly knew who was doing all this! “Gerald Crawford…!” roared Filipe.

Though the boy was now extremely anxious, Darkwind, on the other hand, was utterly delighted. After all, the moment he saw that black gale, he already knew that it was the Fierce Wind Palm attack that he had previously taught Gerald!

During their time together, it was only natural for Lyndon and Darkwind to exchange their knowledge about martial arts with Gerald.

Regardless, to think that Gerald was using his martial arts to help him reclaim his reputation!

Whatever the case was, it wasn’t long before even the clouds began swirling and seconds later, Gerald appeared out of nowhere! Before Filipe could even react, he watched as the boy leaped into the hurricane with the speed of lightning!

Now moving at breakneck speed, Gerald’s palm collided right into the black barrier.!

Chapter 2457
What followed was a thunderous noise as the black barrier began trembling uncontrollably…!

By this point, Filipe was already coughing out blood and his forehead was covered with bulging veins..!

Unfortunately for him, his barrier soon shattered into a million pieces, thrusting Filipe backward and onto the ground! With all the meridians in his back ruptured, Filipe who now realized that Gerald’s attack had almost destroyed his soul couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “H-how is this possible..!”

After all, he had an angelic artifact protecting him! His defense should’ve been perfect..!

Now brimming with Envy,

Filipe then clenched the soil while growling, “You… Gerald Crawford..!”

“While it’s true that you had access to an angelic artifact, you should know that the wielder’s capabilities are equally as important for the item to truly shine. Similar to how anyone can read a recipe, the food will only taste good if you’re experienced with cooking!” replied Gerald in a casual tone while shaking his head.

Following that, he waved his hand, instantly causing the seals binding Darkwind to disappear!

With that done, Gerald raised a brow as he looked at Filipe while asking, “80… Who exactly are you… ? Then again, I guess| should ask what kind of demon you are”

“Demon? Hah! I don’t know what you’re talking about! While I admit that underestimated you, do you truly think I’ll admit defeat just like that…?! Have a taste of my Thunderbolt formation…!” roared the enraged Filipe before grinning wickedly as he released all the essential qi in his body!

Shortly after, a thick fog began rolling in…

And by the end of it, Gerald and his party felt like they had just been transported to another dimension!

“Do enjoy my powerful thunderbolt formation, Gerald…!” scoffed Filipe before laughing maniacally as the loud rumble of thunder filled the area.

“W-what immense power..!” stuttered Darkwind and Lyndon as they frightfully exchanged glances with each other.

Before they could even say anything else, the sky began to split revealing a terrifyingly powerful green thunderbolt! As the bolt rapidly began descending toward them, Gerald commanded, “Dodge it!”

Though the trio managed to avoid getting hit, everyone could feel the trembling ground the second the attack struck the earth.

Understanding how dangerous the area was, all three of them leaped toward the sky..

Only to realize that there was a boundary surrounding the area! When colorful flames began shooting toward them from above, the trio expertly dodged them before attempting to ground themselves again…

But to their shock, bolts of lightning simultaneously began flying out from the ground as well!

As the onslaught of lighting and flames continued, Lyndon eventually felt some flames brush against his shoulder.

Despite having a holy body, a large patch of his skin was burnt.

This was more than enough to reveal that the flames could seriously harm all of them.

Filipe, on the other hand, simply laughed contemptuously before roaring, “I’ll bum all of you alive in there..!”

Following that declaration, the lightning and flames seemed to increase! Now panicked, Lyndon anxiously yelled out, “Please think of a way to break the formation, Mr. Crawford..! We can’t hold on for much longer!”

The truth was, Gerald had already been looking for the formation’s Gate of Fate ever since it was activated.

Truth be told, the formation was nothing like the magic arts of Saint Amorphous’s supreme heavenly techniques.

With that in mind, Gerald figured that this was probably a demonic formation.

Still, demonic or not, Gerald knew that all formations essentially worked the same way…

Chapter 2458
Gerald, for one, had already mastered everything in the book about formations.

With that in mind, though this formation was vastly more complex and different from regular cultivator formations, Gerald knew that it couldn’t deviate too far from the basic principles.

With that in mind, he simply continued trying to decipher the formation…

And eventually, Gerald managed to think of something. Closing his eyes, his body began glowing in a golden light…

And following that, the ever increasing surge of lightning and fire seemed to completely dissipate the second they touched his body!

Upon seeing that, Darkwind and Lyndon who were still trying their hardest to dodge the attacks couldn’t help but feel flabbergasted.

Gerald himself calmly explained, “By making use of the geographical features of this mountain the formation is able to borrow the forces from heaven and earth which ultimately allows it to form the Cosmo-forces. It’s the only reason why the attacks are so rapid and powerful.”

When he heard that, Filipe couldn’t help but feel shocked as he thought, “What the hell? Did he really manage to figure out the principles of my formation?!”

Though he heard what Gerald had to say, Lyndon couldn’t help but exclaim, “Mr.Crawford, if you can break the formation, please do it already…! We can’t hold on much longer..!”

“Cease the theatrics already! If even my father can’t break it, there’s no way in hell that Gerald can!” retorted Filipe.

Despite Filipe’s taunting, Gerald simply replied, “The formation can’t be broken since its very existence relies on the forces. If I only observe it from the perspective of the five elements, there is zero chance that the formation can be broken!”

“Mr. Crawford, please..Can it! Can’t you see that Mr. Crawford is teaching us about the formation?! Pay attention to his words!” snapped Darkwindbefore Lyndon could finish his sentence.

Darkwind, for one, had experienced this before.

During their short time together, Gerald had constantly lectured him about methods of using essential qi as well as the connection between said methods and formations.

With that in mind, Darkwind was now prompted to think about what formations relied on to even be established and in the end, he recalled the two components.

The first, was force… As for the second, it was the changes in the arrangement of the five elements.

When the elements were rearranged, the forces would change, thus forming a kind of energy. Once the energy combined with the holy spirit of heaven and earth, a formation would then be established.

Another way of using the energy was by combining it with one’s essential qi.

Doing so would enhance that person’s martial arts.

At the start, Darkwind hadn’t understood what Gerald had meant by all that.

However, now that he was within the formation and after he had witnessed Gerald using his Fierce Wind Palm which was the mightiest version that he had ever seen, Darkwind found himself greatly enlightened.

These first-hand experiences were truly inspiring!

Regardless, from what he now understood, Gerald was saying that not only could formations be used to manipulate the fiveelements in their surroundings, but they could also be used on the five elements in one’s body.

After all, essential qi relied on the mobilization of the five meridian’s flow! With that in mind, if he combined the flow of the five meridians in his body with his bone eroding formation, running the two within his body would result in.

“.. I think I’ve got it!” declared Darkwind as he used his essential qi to activate his bone eroding formation within his body and just like that, several tornadoes formed around him!

Following that, he used his Fierce Wind Palm and with an explosive sound, the bolts of lightning and flames were completely extinguished!

“This… This is amazing…!” exclaimed the overjoyed Darkwind who was no longer afraid of the formation.

After rearranging the five elements when he combined his Fierce Wind Palm with his bone eroding formation-, Darkwind was even able to come up with a new palm technique which was much more potent than his former one!

Gerald himself simply gave a nod. Naturally, only cultivators who had an amazing understanding of cultivation would be able to become Domiensch Masters.

Just like how Ryder had managed to master the Septar Dipper Formation, Saint Darkwind had now figured out how to borrow force.

Whatever the case was, now that his message had gotten across, Gerald took the chance to say, “Now that you understand all that, you should know that the only way to break this formation is by cutting off its source of Cosmo-energy. Once that’s removed, the formation will cease! “

With that said, Gerald took a deep breath before releasing a blindingly golden light from his body!As Gerald’s light gradually caused the formation to fade, Filipe couldn’t help but feel his jaw drop.

“Impossible..!” growled the enraged Filipe as he coughed out a mouthful of blood just as the formation completely faded…

Chapter 2459
Though he was angry, that emotion quickly turned to panic when Filipe saw Gerald pinch his sword fingers together before charging over! Now anxious out of his mind, Filipe quickly tossed out his Heavenly Guard Order.

Since the Heavenly Guard Order was still an angelic artifact, it was able to block Gerald’s Skysplit attack.

Before Gerald could use another attack, however, a dazzling light burst from the artifact, temporarily blinding everyone!

By the time they finally regained their sight, Filipe and Elain were nowhere to be seen…”That bastard sure runs fast..!” growledd Darkwind with a huff.

“If he didn’t have that angelic artifact, Mr. Crawford could’ve easily killed him!” scoffed the similarly annoyed Lyndon.

Gerald, however, simply remained silent as he stared at the token on the ground that was still glowing brightly.

Watching as Gerald picked the token up, Darkwind who was surprised to feel angelic power emanating from the token was prompted to say, “ls that… The Heavenly Guard Order… ?”

“Indeed. Filipe had tossed it toward me to block my attack earlier.

Regardless, to think this angelic artifact was able to completely block my Skysplit attack!

Thankfully, Filipe wasn’t able to use the token’s full potential…

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to lay a finger on him when l used your Fierce Wind Palm earlier!” explained Gerald with a frown as he continued carefully examining the Heavenly Guard Order.

Despite entering the cultivation realm for so long, this was Gerald’s first time actually holding a real angelic artifact..

“I see..Whatever the case is, it’s now clearer than ever that our opponent is a strong one.

After all, despite being so young, Filipe already has access to the Avatar Rope as well as the Heavenly Guard Order, both heavenly artifacts that were supposedly lost to time.

It makes you think how high the mastermind’s cultivation must be..” muttered Darkwind with

a frown. More trouble was definitely brewing “By the way… How much do you know about the Heavenly Guard Order, Darkwind?” asked Gerald who hadn’t heard tales about this angelic artifact before.

“Well, before that, you should know that the Avatar Rope first appeared in the Deitus Realm around a thousand years ago.

Countless Domiensch Masters were said to fight over and die for it…

With that little exposition out of the way, allow me to share the legendary tales I’ve heard of the Heavenly Guard Order! From the rumors ‘ve heard, the person possessing the artifact is capable of controlling both wind and rain.

What more, as an angelic artifact of heaven and earth, the Heavenly Guard Order is said to even be able to seal devils to protect the land!” replied Darkwind.

“My master told me some tales as well. During ancient times when the Land of Gods was facing a catastrophe, a Vizkaunt had thrown the Heavenly Guard Order into the secular world to suppress heavenly tribulations! However, as time passed and the heavenly tribulations subsided, the Heavenly Guard Order simply vanished, never to be seen in the secular world or cultivation realm till this very day!” added Lyndon.

“So… From what ‘ve gathered, not only can the Heavenly Guard Order control wind and rain, but it can also seal devils? But why doesn’t it seem that powerful, then? Can it really do all that.?” asked Gerald whose interest had been piqued.

“Well, for one, Filipe probably doesn’t know how to properly use it. After all, he used it as a means of defending himself, of all things. Regardless, while it’s true that it used to be able to control wind and rain, it’s sadly lost that function!” replied Darkwind.


“Essentially, during ancient times, Vizkaunts and Zearls lived in the sky, and they used the Heavenly Guard Order to order other Vizkaunts to cast rain clouds! It’s the reason why rumors that the token was able to control wind and rain exist.

Regardless, the Deitus Realm is now mostly empty, and without them issuing more orders for rain clouds, we have to rely on the natural transition of Cosmo-energy for wind and rain to continue existing in the secular world…

Either way, though the token can’t control the wind and rain anymore, it is still a rare and powerful angelic artifact that can seal devils!” explained Darkwind.”So the Deitus Realm is now empty..

To think that so many within a powerful civilization could be wiped out so mysteriously! ” muttered Gerald.

“I know, right? Regardless, all the remaining survivors of the Deitus Realm are said to carry great secrets with them…

And as you previously said, they’ve even been abducting people from the secular world!” replied Darkwind who was clearly referring to the Sun League.

Chapter 2460
Naturally, Gerald knew who he was talking about.

After all, he had been trying to track them down ever since his fiancée was kidnapped by them..

Till this very day, he still had no idea whether she was dead or alive..

“Regardless, though nobody knew what exactly happened in the Deitus Realm, it’s undeniable that they left behind quite a number of heirs. After gradually dividing the secular world, they ultimately formed the cultivation realm we know today” added Lyndon.

Upon hearing that, Gerald was reminded of the time he had searched the tomb of his previous incarnation.

At the time, he had seen a painting of a huge tree falling from the heavens… And when it touched the ground, it was revealed that the tree was covered with numerous corpses of heavenly soldiers.

Could those corpses be connected to the destruction of the Deitus Realm…?

That aside, Gerald was also pretty sure Sister Indigo and the others were from the Deitus Realm.

The more he thought about it, the more his thoughts swirled. Eventually shaking his head,

Gerald then suggested for the three to head back and start finding out how to use the Heavenly Guard Order.

Meanwhile, back at the Trilight Church, the four disciples were still discussing how to deal with Gerald.

However, they all widened their eyes in shock when they saw Elain carrying an extremely weakened Filipe into the building!

Flabbergasted, Master Greendrake eventually brought himself to ask, “Filipe?! What happened?!”

“S-senior wanted to capture Gerald earlier, but Gerald was simply too strong for us..!. Senior suffered a lot of injuries…!” exclaimed Elain.

“What? You attempted to capture him?! Filipe, that’s a death sentence! You already know that he defeated me!” said Master Trilight in shock.

“Don’t worry, he may be strong but he can’t hurt me too badly…!” replied Filipe.”How could you still be so stubborn at a time like this, you brat?! Just look at yourself! It’s clear to all that your spiritual essence has been heavily damaged!” retorted Master Greendrake as he pulled up Filipe’s clothes to check his chest…

Only to see a big, black bruise there..!

It was also at that moment when Filipe who could no longer hold the pain coughed out a mouthful of purplish blue blood!

Watching as the shocked Elain quickly recoiled, Master Sevenom quickly commanded, “Quick! We need to treat Filipe, Eldest Senior..!”

“Don’t touch him! Gerald made sure to shatter all his meridians, so if we’re not careful, he could have his spiritual essence destroyed! In fact, he could even die on the spot!” retorted Master Greendrake as he furrowed his brows.

“.. I don’t want to die, Father…! I neve expected him to be that strong!” whimpered the pale-faced Filipe who could no longer retain his cool façade.

Shaking his head, Master Greendrake then ordered, “Bring me a vital-reclaim pellet!”

Just as Master Trilight was about to feed Filipe the pellet, the stone statue enshrined within the church roared, “Feed him that if you want him to die faster!”

Upon hearing that, all four of the surprised disciples quickly snapped out of it before respectfully declaring, “M-Master..!”


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