The Invisible Rich Man CHAPTER 2461-2465

Chapter 2461
Following that, the anxious Master Greendrake then asked, “W-what should we do then, Master..?”

“Treat him with spirit-reviving herbs. Extract the herbs’ liquid essence then soak his entire body in it for the next forty-nine days.

Following that, I’ll use my essential qi to stabilize his cultivation. If everything is done correctly, he should be able to get out of his critical condition.”

Following that, a beam of light shot out of the stone statue and enveloped Filipe’s body.. Within seconds, Filipe was already looking slightly better!

Overjoyed to see that, Master Greendrake then exclaimed, “T-thank you, Master..!”

“I apologize for losing the Heavenly Guard Order you gave me, Master..! Unfortunately, I think it’s now in Gerald’s hands..!” whimpered Filipe in an apologetic tone.

“What?! You even lost your angelic artifact..?!” exclaimed the stunned Master Greendrake. “Senior Filipe had no choice, Uncle Greendrake..! Had he not tossed it out, we wouldn’t have survived till now..! ” explained Elain.

“M-master..I I truly deserve to die for not teaching my son well.! I apologize that he lost your angelic artifact as well.!” wailed Master Greendrake as he got n his knees.

“Though aggrieving, there are more important matters we should be focusing on. For one, since we know that Gerald isn’t a normal person, the fact that he now possesses the Heavenly Guard Order means that you’re now even more outmatched by him.

With that in mind, we need to double our efforts on investigating his background! If he’s an enemy, I’ll exterminate him when necessary. If he isn’t, however, we may possibly get him to join our forces! Our strength would surely be doubled then!” declared the stone statue in a smug tone.

Watching as the four disciples exchanged curious glances, the stone statue then added, “I suggest that you invite Gerald to a banquetand find a chance to test his abilities.

Naturally, you’ll also have to ask him what he’s doing here. Again, I’ll appear only when necessary. That aside, remember to avoid directly battling him! Come to think of it, since we’re investigating him, he must already be doing the same to us.

With that in mind, a banquet would be a perfect opportunity for us to meet and gain a good understanding of each other!”

“An excellent idea! We’ll get to it right this instant!” declared Master Greendrake as he bowed toward the stone statue, prompting its glow to slowly dim out..

“Master has already left, Eldest Senior.. That aside, will Gerald really come if we host the banquet.. ?” asked Master Trilight.

“Weren’t you listening to what he said? The boy’s also investigating us, so he’ll definitely be eager to meet us for a talk! Speaking of the banquet.. The venue will be your place, Elain.

I’Il be leaving the management aspects to you and your family as well,” said Master Greendrake as he looked at Elain.

“Understood..!.” declared Elain.

Meanwhile, Gerald was busy treating Darkwind. As for Lyndon, he had been sent out to protect Marcel and Professor Boyle.

After all, Marcel was his last chance of finding the tree.

Still, to think that obtaining the Yinblood pellets would be this tedious… Who could’ve expected that the Zandts had such a huge force backing them up! That aside, the expert who was able to deflect his martial arts was also making Gerald worried. It didn’t help that Gerald didn’t know a thing about him yet.

All this was making his one glimmer of hope fade out again.

Once Darkwind was fully treated, Gerald sighed before muttering, “I wonder how Professor Boyle and the others are doing with their investigation..”It was exactly at that moment when Lyndon and the professor came running in while yelling, “M-Mr. Crawford..!”

Chapter 2462
“Did you manage to find anything?!” exclaimed Darkwind.

Looking rather panicked, Professor Boyle then shook his head before saying, “Not yet, but…”

“Though we haven’t found anything yet, we received an invitation letter addressed to Mr. Crawford! I was worried that they’d come for you next, so I quickly came over with the professor!” explained Lyndon as he took the invitation letter out.

Raising a slight brow, Gerald then took the letter and began reading through it… By the end of it, he realized that they were all being invited to the Zandt family’s banquet that was to be held tonight.

Upon being relayed the message, Darkwind instantly said, “It’s clearly a trap, Mr. Crawford! The big demons are probably taking over this time, so we must be really careful if we’re attending! They won’t be small fries like Filipe..!”

“I agree. It’s stated here that Master Greendrake, Mr. Sevenom, and a few others will also be attending… They must be Master Trilight’s accomplices!” added Lyndon.

“I’ve heard those names before!” exclaimed Marcel as he entered the living room.

At the moment, Gerald and the others were staying at his place.

Regardless, Gerald then asked in a slightly surprised tone, “You know them, Mr. Lurvink?” “Indeed! You see, Master Greendrake is the leader of Greendrake Church that’s located northwest of here, whereas Mr. Sevenom is the leader of the Centipede Sect! Both of them are highly influential, which is why apart from the followers of their sects, there are many other subordinate families working for them! know all this since in the past, those from the Leuke family who are their followers in Japan attempted to kill me!”

“Speaking of which, there’s another person you should know of. He’s called Master Coldwater of the Coldwater Church, and together with Master Greendrake and Mr. Sevenom, all three of them are equally powerful seniors of Master Trilight from the Trilight Church! There are many peculiar rumors regarding those three in Peaceton!” added Marcel as he served everyone some tea.

Watching as Marcel then took a cup for himself before sitting on the couch, Darkwind was prompted to ask, “What kind of rumors”

“Well.. For one, it’s rumored that Master Greendrake is so powerful that he can turn stones into gold. He’s even capable of flying with a sword! As for Master Coldwater, she’s invulnerable to both fire and water… With that in mind, it’s said that she can even bathe in fire! Moving on to Mr. Sevenom… He’s a vicious one. An expert in using poisons, it’s said that he’s immune to almost all poisons, and I once heard that he’s capable of holding his breath for an entire year! He doesn’t eat or drink, either, and he apparently always has a venomous fire marten hiding up his sleeves. If you get bitten by it, you’ll supposedly melt into a puddle of black blood in just seven steps!”

“While there are far fewer rumors surrounding Master Trilight, she’s said to be capable of playing music to heal illnesses… Regardless of the illness, just hearing her song will do the trick!” explained Marcel.

“How do you even know about all this, Ferb..?” asked the surprised professor.

“Ms. Phoebe probably told him, right?” replied Gerald with a smile. Though Gerald knew that Marcel could use the disguise techniques of ancient witches, he was ultimately not from their circle.

“Bingo, Mr. Crawford. Phoebe told me about all this since I once wanted to get Master Trilight to save our son. After all, aside from Mr. Sevenom, all the other churches were worshipped by many. However, Phoebe instantly disagreed and told me all that I just relayed to you. That aside, she also warned me that they were all bad people who should be stayed away from!” explained Marcel.

“She’s absolutely right. If you get involved with them, you’ll probably lose your Yangblood pellets as well. After all, they aren’t even human! ” replied Gerald who after listening to Marcel’s stories now had a better understanding of those four great demons.

“Then… Should we head over…? For all we know, they may still have other special angelic artifacts in store” muttered Darkwind as he and Lyndon exchanged glances.

“Of course, we’re attending. They took the time to send us an invitation, so it’d be rude if we didn’t go. Besides, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If we don’t learn who they truly are and what they’re doing here, it’ll be more difficult for us to obtain Yinblood pellets to save Marcel’s son!”

Chapter 2463
Meanwhile, in the Zandt family’s residence, Freyr found himself getting better and better. Just in time, too. After all, not only had Master Trilight given him a mission, but she also told him that Master Greendrake, a big boss was, coming over as well!! With all that in mind, the Zandts really didn’t dare to take things lightly, and Freyr made sure to thoroughly supervise all the preparatory work.

However, there Was one Landt who was disallowed from helping… And that was Fae! After being told to stand at the manor’s entrance, the infuriated Fae who had just slapped her men over a dozen times earlier to cool herself off grumbled, “Aren’t I a Zandt too?! Why is Sister allowed to stay while I’m kicked out?! How annoying!'”

“S-Second Young Mistress, the people coming over this time are big shots… We really can’t afford to offend any of them, so we should just listen to Master and quickly leave..” muttered one of the bodyguards while covering his cheek.

“HOw dare you speak to me like that…?! You must be tired of living… roared the insufferable girl as she raised her palm to slap him again! However, before her slap could land, she felt her wrist getting grabbed. As it turned out, it was Freyr who had stepped out to begin welcoming the guests! After letting out acough, Freyr then scowled, “Fae.. What are you even doing…?!”

“He disrespected me…! I’m beating him to death!” retorted Fae.

“Cease this nonsense!”

“Fae, understand that honored guests are coming over, and they are experts more powerful than we could ever imagine… There’s possibly going to be conflicts as well, and with your temperament, I really don’t want you to be the cause of all that trouble. You should know that any one of them could kill you with the flick of a finger!” said Elain as she stepped out.

“I doubt it…”Before Fae could finish her sentence, Elain who could see Gerald and a few others slowly approaching felt her eyelids twitch as she whispered, “Father, they’re here..!”

Though Freyr appeared tense as he turned to look at the guest, the second he realized that Gerald was just a young man, he couldn’t help but find it rather unbelievable as he said UThat’s Gerald.. ?”As his previous pressure reduced quite a bit,

he wondered why this boy was worthy of such high treatment by the four great masters.

Regardless, Elain then bowed before declaring, “You truly are extraordinary for willingly choosing to come, Mr. Crawford!”

“Well, since your family was sincere enough to invite to e over while I was in Peaceton, I naturally had to come!” replied Gerald with a chuckle.

“Hah! So these are our guests?” retorted Fae rather loudly. She, for one, recognized the old man who had attempted to kill her back then.

Had her sister not stepped in to get the medicine for her, she’d already be dead!

“Father, they’re the ones who tried to kill me..! When the four great masters come, tell them to kill all three of them to avenge me,” whispered Fae.

“Now isn’t the time for games..!” reprimanded Freyr.

“If you won’t do it, I’ll do it myself!” yelled Fae as she fished a revolver out before aiming it at Gerald!

Gerald himself only saw the gun as a mere toy, so he couldn’t help but smile helplessly as the insufferable girl commanded, “Knee! before me or die!”

With a casual gesture of his hand, a willow leaf suddenly appeared in Gerald’s hand, prompting him to reply, “I refuse, though let’s make a bet. Let’s see which is faster.

Your bullet, or my willow leaf..”

“Can it and go to hell!” growled Fae as she pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation!

Chapter 2464
“Sister, don’t..!” yelled Elain who attempted to stop Fae, but it was already too late.

The sound of the gunshot firing was heard.. However, an odd sound of cracking metal followed..? There were two large willow trees standing on opposite ends next to Gerald, and on both trees, were bullet marks…

Had.. Had Gerald split that bullet in half… ?! Though Freyr was stunned by that, he was even more shocked when he realized that hovering millimeters away from Fae’s forehead.. Was the willow leaf from before! The leaf held immense power, and if it had hit Fae’s forehead, she would’ve died there and then…!

Naturally, when she realized its presence as well, Fae got so terrified that she immediately dropped her revolver!

Before anyone else could say a thing, a voice suddenly stated, “Truly skillful, Mr. Crawford, but as a Domiensch Master, don’t you think bullying a regular girl is a little too much?” The voice belonged to Master Greendrake who was smiling frigidly who was now walking toward Gerald’s party along with three others and their followers.

Regardless, Master Greendrake then pointed toward the willow leaf, instantly causing a stream of essential qi to envelop the leaf! Soon enough, all the power stored in the leaf was drained out, causing the leaf to flutter to the ground right at Fae’s feet.

By this point, Freyr couldn’t help but gulp. Even Darkwind and Lyndon were prompted to exchange glances. This old man’s cultivation was definitely higher than theirs.

Gerald himself simply smiled at all this.

Sensing how tense the atmosphere was, Freyr quickly cleared his throat to say, “It… It’s my pleasure to have Master Greendrake and Mr. Gerald here at my residence! Both of you should know that everything’s been served, so please! Do come in and take your seats..!” Once they were inside, Mr. Sevenom who appeared to be a middle aged man-narrowed his viper-like eyes at Gerald while saying in an icy tone, “Your cultivation and skills are truly extraordinary, Mr. Crawford.I have to say I’m impressed that you could even use a leaf as your aura blade. Had Mr. Crawford really wanted to kill your daughter earlier, she’d be dead by now, Mr. Zandt!”

“I have to agree… After all, i’ve experienced Mr. Crawford’s sword technique first hand before…” muttered Master Trilight rather gloomily.

“l’m curious. Was that technique you used earlier the Skysplit? The one from the Cosmo- Amorphous Sword Technique?” asked Master Greendrake.

It was.

The very same sword technique that nearly got Master Trilight killed the other day!” scoffed Lyndon with a sneer.

“You..!” growled Master Trilight as her face contorted in rage!

However, before she could do anything Master Greendrake stopped her before saying, “Let’s not talk about the past. Regardless, We didn’t invite the three of you here to start another dispute. On the contrary, I wish to resolve the misunderstandings between us. After all, we’re all still pretty much new faces to each other, no?2

“Sounds good. I’m glad you’re being this sincere” replied Darkwind.”It’ s only right for me to behave this way,” said Master Greendrake with a smile.

“Well said! You’re all strong cultivators, and Mr. Crawford’s cultivation is amazing as well! Let us maintain harmony so that more great things can happen!” said Freyr who was worried that his manor would get destroyed if the two parties started fighting in a cheery tone.

“Speaking of which… You’re called Saint Darkwind correct? From the Darkwind Sect, I presume? You know, my grand disciples, the Ghost Trio of Cloud Ridge, were apparently killed by those from your sect! Even so, since my Eldest Senior has said that we’re here to resolve our misunderstandings today, allow me to give you a toast!” said Mr. Sevenom out of the blue.

Before anyone could reply, the wine in Sevenom’s wine glass flew toward Darkwind’s glass. However, the white wine had now turned green!

Smiling wickedly, Sevenom then added, “Don’t worry about the color. I’ve changed the white wine into a medicinal wine that’ll help enhance your inner strength! VWith that said, please enjoy, Saint Darkwind..!” As one would expect, the wine was actually poisoned! With how high its toxicity now was, anyone who drank it regardless of cultivation level would surely perish. What more, there was no antidote for this poisonous wine, and even Mr. Sevenom wouldn’t be able to handle it!

Naturally, Darkwind was no idiot, and he instantly glared at Sevenom while growling, “You..!”

Chapter 2465
Simply chuckling in response, Gerald then smiled as he said, “Now, now, since Saint Darkwind is now under me, I should be the one responsible for what happened between you and the Darkwind Sect. With that said, I should be taking that toast!”

“Oh? see! Then be my guest!” replied Mr. Sevenom as he and his men exchanged glances while sneering.

“B-but Mr. Crawford..!” exclaimed Darkwind in a panicked tone. However, he recalled all the tricks that Gerald was capable of, he realized that there was really no reason for Gerald to be afraid of that tiny glass of wine.

Gerald himself simply drank the wine ina single gulp, instantly stunning Mr. Greendrake. After all, with Gerald’s cultivation level, it was impossible that the boy wouldn’t know that the wine had been poisoned. In the end, though everyone had friendly facades on, it was still a battle between the two parties to test their abilities!

Just as everyone was wondering whether Gerald truly drank the wine, Gerald was prompted to say, “Rather good wine you have there, Mr. Sevenom. Now that I’ve drunk yours, do have a taste of mine.”

Following that, Gerald placed his finger on his wine glass before pointing toward Mr. Sevenom’s glass. As Sevenom’s glass was filled with green wine, it was evident that the technique Gerald had just used was similar to what Mr. Sevenom had done just a while ago.

The skill itself was called the poison-infused essential qi technique.

As its name suggested, it was a skill that allowed one to infuse poison into one’s essential qi. Once the user mobilized their essential qi, anything the essential qi passed would get poisoned.

Sevenom himself had used that technique by directing his essential qi toward Darkwind’s wine glass, which was why it turned poisonous.

Regardless, the skill was unique to Mr. Sevenom. With that in mind, how was Gerald capable of using it?

What’s more, how did Gerald possess the exact same poison that Mr. Sevenom had just used…?! By this point, Master Greendrake, Mr. Sevenom, and the others looked extremely pale.

Darkwind and Lyndon themselves simply looked at each other with grins on their faces. They had forgotten that Gerald had mastered the Velement Method.. That gave the boy a skill called Star Shift. Essentially, as long as essential qi entered the boy’s body, Gerald would be able to transfer it out!

Whatever the case was, Gerald then added, “Go on, Mr. Sevenom!”

By this point, the dumbfounded Sevenom found himself speechless. After all, even he didn’t have the antidote to this poison! If he drank it, then the consequences would be! Out of the blue, Master Coldwater was prompted to say, “You know, drinking wine is rather boring, so let’s spice things up, Mr. Crawford.

I can see how pure your essential qi is, and your inner strength is just out of this world… However, my inner strength isn’t too shabby either! With that said, since you’ve already traded blows with Youngest Junior, why don’t we do something similar to make today’s banquet more interesting?”

Despite looking like she was sixty, Master Coldwater’s voice sounded rather young. Regardless, Lyndon then asked, “Define, something similar..””

“Well, instead of using martial arts, why don’t we limit ourselves to just using our essential qi?” suggested Master Coldwater.

“I agree! We want to see how powerful Mr. Crawford’s essential qi, too!” replied Master Greendrake with a smile.

“Since I haven’t fully recovered from my injuries, 1’m afraid I can’t use my essential qi. With that said, it’d be perfect if you competed three on three!” added Master Trilight with a grin.

Master Trilight knew that her senior, Master Coldwater, was a dual cultivator. In other words, she had both masculine and feminine essential qi in her body.

Her feminine essential qi was extremely frigid, and being exposed to it made people feel as though they were inside an ice cave. As for her masculine essential qi, it was so blazing hot that it’d feel like one was inside an oven! With how unpredictable her essential qi was, her essential qi’s presence was truly something else…

“I’m fine with that. Let’s have a bit of fun first before actually discussing things!” replied Gerald as his gaze sharpened.


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