The Invisible Rich Man CHAPTER 2466-2470

Chapter 2466
Gerald, for one, already knew that today’s banquet was never going to be a peaceful one. He also knew that the information he wanted wouldn’t be gathered that easily.

Regardless, with Gerald’s agreement, Master Coldwater then declared, “I like your straightforwardness, Mr. Crawford! Well then, allow me to make my move!”

The second her sentence ended, she fired an emerald green stream of translucent essential qi toward Gerald! Anything that stream passed, including the dishes on the table, instantly had a layer of frost formed on top!

What more, the temperature in the room instantly plummeted as well, causing a few of the servants to die on the spot!

What freezing essential qi!’ replied Gerald as his eyes sharpened.

Just as Gerald was about to counterattack the essential qi, he heard Master Greendrake yell, “Pardon me, Mr. Crawford!”

Following that, Master Greendrake struck his palm onto Master Coldwater’s back and began channeling a stream of essential qi into her body! Mr. Sevenom did the same, and with all three of their powers combined, Master Goldwater’s essential qi grew immensely more powerful than it had previously been!

Realizing that Gerald was starting to sweat, Darkwind and Lyndon yelled, “Allow us to help you, Mr. Crawford!”

However, the second they attempted to make a move, Master Coldwater smirked, prompting Lyndon and Darkwind’s expressions to turn ugly. Though Gerald remained fine, the other two now had their hair and brows layeredin frost.

Realizing that his body was now getting frostbitten, the alarmed Darkwind couldn’t help but say, “Such freezing essential qi..!” By this point, even Elain and Fryer had run to a corner due to the sheer cold.

Despite how bad things looked, Gerald used his sound transmission technique to silently say in Darkwind and Lyndon’s minds, “There’s no need to panic, I’ve just been testing their strength out. From what I’ve gathered, they’re all a little stronger than your average

Domiensch Master. With that in mind, though we’re merely competing using our essential qi, we’ll suffer great injuries if this continues.

Once the two got the message, Gerald gave a smile and shortly after, a whirlpool of energy began encircling his body! The whirlpool itself seemed to swallow everything, and within seconds, Darkwind and Lyndon could feel the iciness in their bodies subside.

Since they were only competing using their essential qi, the duo no longer had any reason to be afraid!

On the contrary, following Gerald’s actions, a surge of iciness began flowing into Mr. Sevenom and Master Greendrake through Master Coldwater’s back instead!

Since Mr. Sevenom’s essential qi was weaker, purplish blood was already starting to flow out of his mouth!

Realizing that he was freezing up, Mr. Sevenom then coughed a mouthful of blood before yelling, “S-Second Elder Senior! Quick! Draw your essential qi away! l’ve been poisoned by your cold poison!”

“What is the meaning of this, Youngest Senior..?! Why’s the freezing essential qi afflicting us instead…?!” added the trembling Master Greendrake who now had frost layering his arms.

“I can’t explain it either, Eldest Senior…” replied the puzzled Master Coldwater.

“If this goes on, we’ll eventually be killed by your freezing essential qi!” retorted Master Greendrake who was about to collapse.

“Worry not, Eldest Senior! Since lI’m a dual cultivator, I’ll just start channeling masculine essential qi!” replied Coldwater as her green essential qi turned crimson!

Following that, a sizzling head began spreading across the room! It was almost as though someone had summoned the sun into this space, and it grew so hot that Freyr had trouble breathing.

Chapter 2467
“It’s no good! Your masculine aura is affecting our essential qi now.. !” wailed the helpless Mr. Sevenom.

“Stop this, Coldwater.! Even if you continue,, we’ll never be able to win this matchup.! That aside, we’ll get seriously injured as well.!” grumbled Master Greendrake through his voice transmission technique.

Though he was unwilling to admit defeat, the damage dealt was getting a bit too unbearable for comfort.

Upon hearing that, Master Coldwater quickly yelled, “Your skills are truly remarkable, Mr. Crawford! With that said, let’s end this now!” “Why thank you! I feel lucky to have won!” replied Gerald, prompting both parties to withdraw their essential qi.

Finally freed from the alternating temperatures, Sevenom and Greendrake both ended up stumbling a few steps back. All three of them were utterly appalled.

Looking at how beaten up Mr. Sevenom looked, Darkwind couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Your feminine and masculine essential qi is really something else! Had you not stopped, we wouldn’t have been able to hold on!” Clearing her throat, Master Coldwater then waved her hand before gloomily replying,

“Thank you for the praise.”

Gerald, on the other hand, took a seat before pouring himself some wine while saying, “Alright, now that we’ve done all that, I think it’s high time we got straight to the point. If there’s anything you wish to say, say it now!”

“l agree, Mr. Crawford! Essentially, we invited you here to ask what your trip’s purpose is… After all, we were curious if we could lend a hand” replied Master Greendrake.

“We’re here for the Yinblood pellets in the ancient general’s tomb!” replied Gerald in a calm tone.

Since things had come to this, being frank was probably going to be much better.

Besides, those three were planning to enter the tomb as well, so he may as well put all the cards on the table.

Regardless, the three were understandably shocked to hear that. After exchanging glances for a bit, Master Greendrake then smiled as he said, “Rather straightforward, aren’t we? Either way, since you’ve said that, I guess we don’t need to hide our goals either! Essentially, we and the Zandts have been planning to enter the tomb for several years as well! However, though we share the same destination, our purposes are different. Sure, we wanted to obtain the Yinblood pellets, but that’s just a bonus for us. We don’t even mind giving it up!”

When he heard that, Darkwind was prompted to ask in surprise, “What exactly are you looking for then.. ?”

“All you need to know is that we’re not after the Yinblood pellets. With that said, I feel that we should team up instead of continuing to be enemies. After all, the tomb is an abnormal place that is rumored to house a headless general.. A headless general with terrifyingly high cultivation! While I admit that you’re strong, you still lack certain skills to face that monster!” replied Master Greendrake.

“With your cultivation level and our angelic artifacts, we’ll surely be able to benefit from each other!”

After a brief pause, Master Greendrake couldn’t help but smile when he watched Gerald nod.

“l’m glad you’re so decisive, Mr. Crawford. Now that we’ve got to this point, I should remind you that entering the general’s tomb requires thorough planning. Also, the more help we have, the better. Here’s my suggestion. In seven days, it’ll be the night of a full moon. With that in mind, let’s invite as many people from the cultivation realm as possible to meet up and discuss all this. What do you say?”


Chapter 2468
Following that, Gerald gave a nod and left with the others.

Once they had walked quite a distance away, Lyndon couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Why did you agree so easily, Mr. Crawford? Have you forgotten that those four are demons..?” “Lyndon, has Mr. Crawford ever made a decision without a plan? That aside, I don’t think we’ll be able to enter far into the tomb if it’s only the three of us. After all, despite being so strong, those demons have yet to enter the tomb after all this time, making it clear that that place is just that dangerous! With all that said, just as Mr. Crawford earlier stated, nothing ventured, nothing gained,” replied Darkwind.

“I guess you’re right. My bad for not looking further ahead!” said Lyndon with a nod.

“Now that things have come to this, we need to remain calm and avoid taking risks. Though we’ll need to wait a bit, it’s fine since we now have better odds of locating the Yinblood pellets! Still, to think that the mastermind has yet to make an appearance.. It’s really concerning that we have no idea what he’s after, so we need to be on guard to avoid becoming his pawns!” muttered Gerald.

“Indeed.. Well, at least by attending the banquet today, we got to see how powerful those people were. That aside, the fact that they didn’t straight out use their angelic artifacts on us means that they weren’t lying about their motive” said Lyndon.

“Bingo. With that in mind, I’m assuming you finally understand why Mr. Crawford agreed to work with them?” replied Darkwind in a cheery tone.

“Pretty much,” said Lyndon with a nod. As for the other four, they eventually arrived back at Trilight Church. Since Mr. Sevenom had gotten injured rather seriously, he couldn’t help but mutter in an annoyed tone, “To think that someone that young could attain such high levels of cultivation.!”

“His immense strength probably comes from the primordial spirit within his body… I say this because I’ve noticed that his power isn’t common. For context, every time I attempted to get close to his primordial spirit to investigate it, I’d quickly get rebounded by a strong force the second I touched it! You should know that Gerald hasn’t brought out the full potential of his primordial spirit yet… Otherwise, his cultivation level would be on par with Master’s!” replied Master Greendrake with a frown.

“I sensed it as well,” said Master Coldwater as she nodded.

“Do any of you even know what kind of primordial spirit it was?” asked the stone statue out of the blue.

Following that, there was a brief flash… And once the light died down, a somewhat holographic image of an old man could be seen standing before them.

“Y-you were here this entire time, Master?! That aside, we’ve truly embarrassed you today..!”Smiling subtly, the old man then said,

“Get up… It isn’t your fault. After all, he possesses the Herculean Primordial Spirit. What more, he’s even inherited the techniques and martial arts of Saint Amorphous! I had already expected that none of you would be his match!”

“I see..Putting that aside, I’m worried that Gerald isn’t just after the Yinblood pellets.” muttered Master Greendrake.

“About that… You’ve done the right thing, Greendrake. The more people we have to face the headless general, the better, and Gerald is the perfect candidate to have as an ally. With him by your side, the chances of success are astronomically increased! So regardless of whether he’s truly after the Yinblood pellets or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s useful to us!” replied the old man with a laugh.

“I understand. So that’s why you told us to host the full moon conference… You’ re attempting to gather as many strong allies as possible before entering the general’s tomb!” said Master Greendrake.

“Indeed. With that in mind, you need to properly carry out the conference!” replied the old man as he placed his hands against his back.

It was at that moment when a group of Trilight Church priests came running in while exclaiming, “M-Master Trilight! Something terrible has happened..! An expert’s just barged in!”

“Who dares trespass into our church?” growled Master Trilight in a stern tone. “He claimed to be the Thunder Swordlord! After we told him that the full moon conference hadn’t started yet and that he should leave, he said we were disrespectful and threatened to kill us!”

Chapter 2469
“How dare a small church like yours look down on me? 1, Ryder Weir, shall demolish this place to vent my anger today.! ” roared an elderly voice!

Following that, several explosive sounds could be heard! Shortly after, the door was smashed to pieces and a few priests were flung into the room!

After witnessing all this, the old man couldn’t help but smile as he said, “To think that so many new talents have emerged while lwas on that mountain in the past thousand years.. Here comes another Domiensch Master..!” Mere seconds after he said that, a hurricane blew into the room and standing on it, was Ryder. Once Ryder was close enough to the old man, he quickly dematerialized it.

“So, you call yourself the Thunder Swordlord? How dare you barge into my church!” growled the infuriated Master Trilight.

Just as she was about to activate her angelic artifact, however, the old man extended his hand before her while yelling, “Hold it!”

After that, the old man chuckled while shaking his head as he added, “The Thunder Swordlord… Good name. But are you as strong as your title suggests?”

Upon hearing that, Ryder couldn’t help but frown slightly as he asked, “Who are you?” Ryder, for one, was no fool. Simply from the way the old man spoke as well as the fact that he looked like a projection of sorts, it was evident to Ryder that this wasn’t a simple person. What more, the others surrounding Master Trilight didn’t seem like amateurs either. All this was telling his gut to be warrier around them.

As Ryder’s heart sank a little, he wondered if this small church was actually a place where experts hid while they were in the secular world. Had he really stayed that long in Fyre Cave to master the Septar Dipper Formation that he was no longer in touch with the secular world?

Since Ryder didn’t reply, Master Greendrake scoffed before yelling, “My Master’s talking to that,you, b*stard..!” Following that, Master Greendrake launched a palm attack toward Ryder! Looking at the massive palm that was coming his way, Ryder could immediately tell from the attack’s immense aura that Master Greendrake had higher cultivation than him! Now in a panic, Ryder managed to dodge just in time! As for the attack, it kept flying forward till it eventually hit the wall, leaving a massive palm print there.

Before Ryder could even recover, he heard Master Trilight scoff in a frigid tone, “The Trilight Church has invited many friends from the cultivation realm for our full moon conference… You, however, don’t appear to be on our list.”

“Indeed. I only heard about your conference from a member of the Mount Haus Sect!” replied Ryder in a much softer tone. “I see… That aside, your cultivation level isn’t too shabby. Judging from your inner strength and mental cultivation techniques, I’m assuming you’re a disciple of the Thunder Sword Sect. However, I can see you’re enlightened since you’ve undergone the baptism of heaven. That action allowed your cultivation to greatly rise, which is how you entered the Domiensch Realm in the first place! Did I get that right?” asked the old man with a smile.”Good insight.

Regardless, let’s just say that was the one who offended you this time. My proper apology, however, will have to wait another day. Until then!” replied Ryder as he quickly turned to leave.

When he saw that, Mr. Sevenom instantly began chasing after him while yelling, “Stop right there!”

To his surprise, Ryder rapidly turned around while yelling, “Thunder Strike!”

The truth was, Ryder wanting to leave was merely a bluff! He had said that so that he’d have time to mobilize his essential qi and launch a powerful attack toward them! Regardless, with how swift the attack was, everyone was definitely going to get hit! That is, until the old man made his move.

With an even swifter wave of his arm, the old man canceled the attack out before it managed to hit anyone! This, of course, left Ryder dumbfounded to think that there was a person even stronger than that boy!


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