The Invisible Rich Man CHAPTER 2471-2474

Chapter 2471
Regardless, the old man eventually said, “Now that I’ve granted you this power, make sure to obediently stay with Greendrake!”

“Of course, senior!” replied Ryder with a nod.

Naturally, Gerald had no idea that his old friend who had been in hiding all this time was now this close to him.

Regardless, after returning to Marcel’s manor, something odd happened one night.

Right across the manor, was a luxurious mountain villa that went by the name of Ventiluna Manor.

Though it was usually empty, tonight, it was brightly lit and crowded with guests.

“You know, the mega manor across the street belongs to the Zandts.. However, the place is rarely used, and it’s never even been opened to the public before.. I really can’t fathom why there are so many guests there today.” muttered Marcel.

“I found out about that a while back, which is why I sent Lyndon over to investigate. He should be back any minute now.” replied Gerald who had a feeling that these people we’re here for the upcoming full moon conference.

After all, the second they arrived, Gerald could already tell that they were all cultivation experts through his divine sense.

His train of thought was cut short when he heard Darkwind yell, “Lyndon’s back!”

“After eavesdropping for a bit, I found that those people as you predicted are cultivators from the four gates and three sects. That aside, an ‘eldest young mistress’ from a mysterious corporation is apparently present as well” explained Lyndon.

“The four gates and three sects…?'” replied Gerald with a slight frown.

“You couldn’t be referring to the Heaven Spirit Gate, the Earth Lord Gate, the Black Sword Gate, and the Gold River Gate, right…? Along with the Mount Haus Sect, the Mount Hoch Sect, and the Mount Taivas Sect…?” asked Darkwind as his expression turned serious.

“They’re the ones,” replied Lyndon with a nod.

“You know them, Darkwind?” asked Gerald.

“Indeed.. They were the seven largest cultivation forces in Weston, and together, they’re known as the four gates and three sects. I say ‘were’ since they’ve vanished for the longest time and had zero signs of being active within the secular world for over a thousand years.. To think that Master Greendrake was able to invite them over… This alone tells us that the mastermind behind all this is extremely powerful!” explained the frowning Darkwind.

“What exactly is their cultivation level?” asked Gerald.

“A thousand years ago? I’d say about Ryder and his level. I’m afraid I can’t tell what their current cultivation levels are!” muttered Darkwind as he shook his head.

“I know even less since I was imprisoned for ages.. That aside, when I was spying on them, I saw all the advanced solitary cultivators as well as the elders of the gates and sects being very respectful toward a young mistress from some corporation. She even seems to be more superior than Master Greendrake. I wonder if she’s from the Dark Moon Biological Group..” said Lyndon as he recalled what had happened back while he was eavesdropping.

Chapter 2472
“Her? She’s here too?” muttered Darkwind with a frown.

“It looks like they really did invite half of the cultivation realm over… Regardless, who exactly is that eldest young mistress, Darkwind? Also, Dark Moon Biological Group? That doesn’t sound like a cultivation organization at all. In fact, it sounds like the organization has only recently been established.. With that in mind, what’s up with that?” asked Gerald who felt like his horizons had been broadened as he stared at the brightly Iit Ventiluna Manor.

“Well, as you suspected, the young mistress is from the Zachau family and they’re not exactly a cultivation organization. Instead, they’re a biotech company that emerged some thirty years ago. Regardless, while it’s fair to also assume that they’re just regular businessmen, I’m afraid that biotech company isn’t that simple. After all, among their many subordinates, three of them are experts in the Domiensch Realm! Those three have willingly worked their hardest for the company since the Dark Moon Biological Group managed to develop a spirit tincture that could be used for cultivation!” explained Darkwind.

“With that in mind, their influence has remained strong throughout all these years. In the process, they also made sure to scout as many advanced cultivators as they could find across the globe. Truth be told, I was scouted as well. However, I never believed that a commoner or rather, common cultivator could be capable of creating a spirit tincture for cultivation. With that in mind, I rejected the offer. That aside, it was sometime later when I heard rumors that the group was actually manipulating some resources that even the residents of the cultivation realm weren’t aware of!” added Darkwind.

“As Uncle Zeman said, the things I know about the cultivation realm are only the tip of the iceberg… Despite my family’s wealth and the fact that I’m from Weston where so many cultivation forces group together, I’ve never even heard of the Dark Moon Biological Group till today!” muttered Gerald.

“It’s understandable, Mr. Crawford. For context, the four gates and three sects hardly ever involve themselves with the secular world. Even when they do, they’re extremely discreet about it. What I’m trying to say is that the Dark Moon Group is even more secretive than that! They’ve never truly opened to the public since they’re not a real business group! Either way, we can’t underestimate the Zacchaeus’.”

“Unlike the rest of the individuals in the Dark Moon Biological Group, their cultivation level is near unfathomable! Truth be told, I even suspected that they were the ones who had brought disaster upon my family sometime back. In the end, I simply couldn’t get any evidence that they were involved in that. Hell, they didn’t seem involved with any matters in the secular world at all!”

After hearing all this, Gerald couldn’t help but After hearing all this, Gerald couldn’t help but say, “For so many experts to gather in this city because of some tiny church and the general’s tomb… I wonder how strong the mastermind truly is..”

A brief pause later, Gerald thought of something which prompted him to add, “Regardless, you two get some rest tonight. Let’s stay calm and refrain from taking any action against the Ventiluna Manor for now.”

“Understood, Mr. Crawford!”

Fast forward to later that night, Gerald returned to his room. He had earlier made up his mind that he would investigate the true strength and background of the biotech company as well as the four gates and three sects alone.Before Gerald could do a thing, however, a dark shadow suddenly bolted past his window.

Though the action was rapid, Gerald had a feeling that the individual had intentionally made his presence known.

Regardless, now frowning slightly, Gerald couldn’t help but also feel slightly surprised by that person’s lightness skill. After all, had he not caught the glimpse of that person, Gerald would’ve never been able to tell that someone was this close to him. Shaking the thought off, Gerald then began chasing after the individual and eventually, the figure finally stopped once they reached a forest clearing.

Stopping close to the person who was waiting for the boy with his arms against his back, Gerald was prompted to ask, “I admit that your cultivation is high But why did you draw me over?”

The person himself wore black clothes and had a mask that completely concealed his face, prompting Gerald to wonder if this old man was someone from the four gates and three sects.

“Listen, the Dark Moon Biological Group’s influence is immense, so I wouldn’t even attempt to pry if I were you. That aside, you should also know that the mastermind behind all this is stronger than you could ever imagine. While it’s true that you possess the Herculean Primordial Spirit, being all reckless will only result in death!” replied the old man in a somewhat familiar tone.

Naturally, Gerald was surprised to hear all this, and this made him ask, “How do you know me so well?”

“Hah! I know you like the back of my hand! Regardless, your cultivation isn’t high enough yet. With that in mind, if you run into Daryl now, your odds of winning are slim, at best! Your opponents are all old, calculative men, you know?”

Chapter 2473
“Your voice feels extremely familiar… Even after you altered it, I know I’ve met you somewhere before!” muttered Gerald with a frown.

“Oh? It seems that you’ve grown in the past few years. To think that you’d still be able to find traces of my voice even after I used the sound wave spell and breath-holding technique! Not bad!” replied the old man as he nodded in approval.

“I knew I met you somewhere before! That aside, don’t think for a second that I’ll heed your words just because of this!” declared Gerald while shaking his head.

Whatever the case was, Gerald had a gut feeling that the old man wasn’t here for trouble. With that in mind, he decided to test that theory out by launching a Fierce Wind Palm attack toward the old man!

Knowing for a fact that Gerald was deliberately using a weaker attack on him, the old man then laughed before scoffing, “Come now, haven’t you already learned the supreme heavenly techniques of that silly Amorphous? Why aren’t you using them?”

After saying that, the old man then waved his hand, sending out a wave of essential qi! Following that, he began running toward the boy and within seconds, their palms collided! The second their palms touched, Gerald was instantly thrust backward!

Though the force was great enough for a long trail of dirt to form as Gerald attempted to regain his footing, Gerald could tell that the old man could’ve easily injured him back then if he wanted to. The old had only used enough force to get him to stop Gerald from being unnecessarily resistant. The old man clearly had no malicious intent.

Despite that understanding, Gerald couldn’t help but feel his eyelids twitch. After all, nobody within the cultivation realm had been able to make him feel this powerless. What immensely high cultivation!

First that mysterious mastermind, and now this old man… There truly was a lot that he had yet to experience the world!

Whatever the case was, Gerald eventually managed to ask, “You… Have you already entered the Deitus Realm?!”

To think that there really were cultivators who had managed to enter the Deitus Realm. Simply laughing in response, the old man then nodded before saying, “ll give you a proper explanation when the time’s right, so for now, there’s no point making such silly speculations! Regardless, you truly have improved a lot…”

Following that statement, the old man then slowly removed his mask and the second his face was revealed, Gerald instantly felt his jaw drop.

“F-Finnley… ?!” exclaimed the boy who felt like his entire world had just been turned upside down.

Laughing again, Finnley then replied, “Silly boy! I wonder how many years it’s been since we’ve last met! Did you go crazy trying to find me?”

From those words alone, Gerald could tell that This was the one and only, Finnley Quick! Overjoyed, Gerald then exclaimed, “Pretty much! I’ve missed you, you know? I’ve been searching for way too long..!”

“Miss me you say… Had you not found out that Daryl was the mastermind, I’m pretty sure you assumed that I was the one who did all that to your family, right?” scoffed Finnley in a slightly helpless tone.

“I mean.. I was just that lost! It didn’t help that after entering a tomb under the ocean twice, I found my previous incarnation as well as traces of a mysterious person that looked quite similar to you.” muttered Gerald who wasn’t about to deny that he had once suspected Finnley.

“So you assumed that I was the one behind all this and that I had only been using you? You brat…”

Chapter 2474
Though Finnley was tempted to smack the back of Gerald’s head, he paused at the very last second before muttering, “Bah, forget it. It’d be disgraceful to hit you like this now that you’ve entered the Dominesch Realm”

“Putting that aside, where have you been all these years, Finnley? Why did you just leave like that? Lots of things happened during your absence, you know?”

Clearing his throat, Finnley quickly replied, “Let’s save that for a bit. I’m afraid that our fight has drawn the attention of quite a few people… Follow me. Now that I’ve tested your martial arts, I’d like to test your lightness skill next!”

Following that, Finnley waved his hand and just like that, he bolted off in a beam of light! Seeing this, Gerald couldn’t help but smile as he activated his Golden Blaze Somersault to begin chasing the old man.

Speaking of Finnley, it wasn’t long before he finally touched down on a mountain peak in Green City, northwest of Peaceton.

After waiting around for a few minutes, Finnley was prompted to nod proudly when he saw a beam of light rapidly coming closer to him.

Once Gerald settled down, the boy said, “Just a three minute gap between us!”

“Just? Gerald, a three-minute gap between you and your opponent is extremely slow in Deitus Realm standards. Regardless, I have to admit that your cultivation level has peaked in your current cultivation realm!” replied Finnley with a grin.

Before Gerald could reply, he watched as Finnley twirled his finger and summoned a tea table and teapot out of thin air! What amazing cultivation! Then again, it wasn’t all that surprising either.

After all, when he had previously been investigating Finnley, he had found many clues that hinted at Finnley being related to the Sun League, or rather, the Deitus Realm now that He had all this new information.

This proved that Finnley had already entered the Deitus Realm ages ago, which explained why he was now so unfathomably strong.

Regardless, Gerald then sat cross-legged and began pouring a cup of tea for Finnley. Smiling as he stared at the boy, Finnley eventually said, “Though I’ve had many things to handle in the past few years, I’ve witnessed every milestone you achieved, and I have to say that you haven’t let me down. For context, I initially assumed that you’d turn into a Domiensch Master in ten years. To think that you’d end up falling into the Red River instead and inheriting Amorphous’s knowledge! That sudden leap in strength truly surprised me!”

“Wait… So when you taught me martial arts and bathed me in medicinal wine all those years ago, you were already paving my path to becoming a Domiensch Master?” asked Gerald.

“Indeed. When I first found you, you still had a plain, mortal body. I figured that if I didn’t reconstruct your body quickly, you’d probably fail to enter the Domiensch Realm through my teachings alone! With that in mind, I began using elixirs to make body-cleansing medicinal wine baths for you from that year onward!

“I see.. Then… What about you leaving?” asked Gerald.

“Well, I found out that Sanchez was trying to enter the general’s tomb again, so I had to rush over. My initial plan was to return to continue training you once his plan failed.. Unfortunately, something came up that night, resulting in me having to tail him to this very day!” explained Finnley.

“Sanchez?” asked Gerald with a frown.

“Sanchez Zon, the master of Master Greendrake and that lot!” replied Finnley.

“So that’s his name! I’ve fought him before, and he’s an extremely strong demon. However, though I feel he could easily kill me, he hasn’t.” muttered Gerald.

“You’re right about him easily killing you. Regardless, he simply keeps you alive so that he can continue using you. That aside, he’s no common demon either. He’s actually a dragon from Heaven Lake! He was born with immensely strong magic too, and after becoming a demon in the secular world, his black magic has only grown stronger. With all that said, if you were up against his true self, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that his sneeze could obliterate your primordial spirit!” replied Finnley with a slightly bitter laugh.

“His true self? The person I encountered wasn’t the real him?” replied Gerald, feeling slightly stunned.


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