The Legendary Man Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Chaos Among The Respectable Families

“Sh*t!” Colton cursed.

He thought Jonathan, who was Asura and a prominent figure in both Chanaea and the globe, would be a person who valued his dignity, fame, and honor. He had never expected Jonathan to suddenly order his soldiers to fire at him when they were supposed to duel fair and square one-on-one.

What the f*ck!

Given that the tanks were stationed not far away from him and how sudden the attack was, he reckoned that dodging the shots was no longer possible.

He waved the Soul Suppressing Banner, and immediately, a massive black mist appeared in front of him.
With his spiritual sense, Jonathan could tell that the monstrous hand that had emerged from the black mist had started taking form again.

However, unlike its previous appearance, the monstrous hand dissipated after taking hits from the two cannonballs fired by the tanks.
Colton made a hand seal and kept the black mist into the banner.
It all happened in the blink of an eye.

When Jonathan looked at Colton again, he noticed that Colton’s expression was dim. Colton was also channeling his spiritual energy rapidly into the banner in his hands.

The next moment, smoke could be seen coming from the banner as if it had been burned.
Colton spewed out a mouthful of blood and stumbled backward before falling onto the ground.

Seeing that, Jonathan and the soldiers around arched an eyebrow.

They could tell that the banner was a space elemental magical item, which allowed it to store the cannonballs and let it detonate inside.

You can actually do that with a space elemental magical item?
Jonathan was in a daze as he stared at the black space elemental ring on his finger.

However, the banner seemed slightly different from his ring and jade. After all, the two magical items he had found in Summerbank Abyss needed him to direct his spiritual sense on them to access them.

On the other hand, the Soul Suppressing Banner could form a door connecting the inside and outside of the banner.

In comparison, the banner was much better.

Jonathan was envious when he thought of that.

In the cultivator’s world, there were four things that cultivators focused on. These four things were techniques, wealth, soulmates, and territory.

With the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique and Summerbank Abyss in his possession, Jonathan did not lack techniques or territory.

With techniques and territory settled, what was left were soulmates and wealth.

In fact, he had been thinking of teaching Josephine some cultivation techniques after she gave birth to their children. His purpose in doing so was for her to get healthier and have a stronger physique.

Despite not being able to provide any actual help, Josephine was somewhat like an emotional support to him, refraining and keeping his thoughts together so that he could focus on his cultivation.
What Jonathan lacked the most was actually wealth, which had two meanings. One of the two definitions of wealth was money.

After all, a person who could not guarantee his daily needs would not be able to focus on his cultivation, and the easiest way to solve this problem was through money.
The second definition of wealth was resources like magical items, pills, and other things that could aid in cultivation.

All of these were something Jonathan needed desperately.

Meanwhile, Lauryn was already standing beside Colton.
Though everything that Colton possessed right now told her that the people in the Blackwood family held different opinions on who would become the family’s successor and that Colton was most likely going to become the most threatening competitor to Zidane, she still found herself completely lost. She had no idea how to react to the power struggle between Colton and Zidane that was bound to happen in the future.

But as of now, she definitely did not want to see something happening to Colton right before her eyes.

“Colton, are you okay?” Lauryn helped Colton up and channeled her spiritual energy into his body to protect his meridian.

With his face pale as a ghost, Colton turned toward Jonathan with madness flickering in his eyes. “Jonathan Goldstein! Fck you! You’re fcking shameless!”

Lauryn was stunned, for Colton had always been calm and collected. He was known for his warm personality, yet he had lost himself at this moment because of Jonathan.

It was as if a feminine man had suddenly charged right into the battlefield with his top naked, revealing the insanely muscular body hidden beneath his clothes. No one could maintain their composure against such a drastic transformation.

At this moment, Jonathan approached them with a face full of smiles, and with a swing of his hand, he picked up the Soul Suppressing Banner.
Upon coming into contact with the banner, Jonathan could feel an icy aura seeping deep into his bones and toward his meridian.

“Not bad!” Jonathan smiled.
“Return!” Colton boomed. The banner turned into a black mist and escaped Jonathan’s grasp, returning to Colton before coming together and taking form in his hand again. “Jonathan! You really are despicable! How could you!” He wiped away the blood on his face.

“I have to admit that I’m a little despicable for getting my men to launch a sneak attack on you,” Jonathan replied with a smile. “But I also want you to know that I’m not the kind of person you think I am. I may not be able to bring myself into launching a weapon of mass destruction, but I, for one, still have a few tricks up my sleeves that I could use against those respectable families.”

Right then, Harry came reporting to Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, we’ve received a message from Jason. He said Ms. Sophia’s surgery was a huge success, and she’s out of danger now.”

“Okay. Got it.” Jonathan nodded slightly before turning toward Colton with a complicated look, only to heave a sigh in the end. “You know, I really want to kill you and rob you of your magical items.”

Lauryn and Colton tensed up at that, but Jonathan quickly waved a hand upon catching a glimpse of their gloomy expression. “Oh, forget it. Go home and tell the Blackwoods to look out for themselves.”

“You’re unfit to talk to us respectable families in such a manner,” Colton scoffed before looking at Lauryn. “You’re on your own here. The respectable families will be making their moves soon, so my suggestion for you is that you conduct your activities in another identity, or you’ll bring trouble to the Blackwood family.”
With that, Colton gave Jonathan one last look before he left and disappeared into the woods with a few leaps. Lauryn merely watched on and sighed at his departure.

“When you say you wanted to kill him and rob him of his magical items, you were joking, right, Jonathan?”

“Of course not,” Jonathan replied with a smile. “I spared him because you’re one of us now, or I would’ve struck him down for the fuss he kicked up today.”


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