The Legendary Man Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Leaving
After the two days of investigations, Jonathan was not at all surprised by what had transpired in Horbah.

Sitting beside the computer, Jonathan looked at the anxious Hades. Jonathan knew that although Karl had betrayed Asura’s Office, Eastern Army was still at a disadvantage, so Hades and the others wanted to provide aid.

“Adjustments?” Jonathan asked Hades coldly.

“Hades, among the seven Kings of War, you’re the one in charge of Asura’s Office. All along, you listened to me and never questioned my decisions. Now, you’re saying that we need to make adjustments. I bet you all have discussed and agreed upon this in private already.”

“Uh… Yes!”

After hesitating for a moment, Hades lowered his head and admitted everything.

“Mr. Goldstein, according to news Geoffrey sent me on Terrandya, the people who stopped us from giving aid to Horbah were spies from Jetroina. Karl left Asura’s Office and caused nearly fifty thousand casualties in Mysonna Army. If I see him, I’ll kill him without hesitation. However, I’ll never allow others to encroach on Chanaea’s land.”

Jonathan’s face turned dark after he heard Hades’ words.

“You don’t want others to encroach on our lands, but what can you do? Back then, I stationed Wilbur at Horbah so that he could be a sword separating Remdik and Jetroina. However, Karl has betrayed us, causing Chanaea’s troops to be separated into three forces. Yaleview Army and Wilbur will definitely want to sit on the fence and reap the benefits while we fight Karl. Do you think you can cross Yaleview and bring troops to aid Doveston?”

“Then we can reach there by air or sea! Mr. Goldstein, we can’t just sit back and watch the situation in Doveston worsen,” Hades declared firmly.

“How many people can we even transport via air or sea? Don’t you know?” Jonathan asked, vexed.

“Let’s not talk about such meaningless suggestions anymore. I’ll manage the matters regarding Doveston.”

Suddenly, Jonathan raised his head to look at Hades.

“Oh right. Do you know what happened at Edenic Heights?”

“Asura’s Office has received the news. I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein, for not being able to protect Ms. Smith.”

This time, even Hades sounded depressed.

Being commanders who had battled for decades, Hades and the other Kings of War only trusted the weapons they held and their armies.

They were disdainful of Yaleview and the eight respectable families.

What they believed in was having the enemy within a range of artillery fire.

However, the incident at Edenic Heights made them finally realize why Jonathan always rejected their request to battle Yaleview.

The defense of Edenic Heights could not be penetrated in a short duration, even if two mighty brigades went.

Yet, this time, only three people from the Osborne family came.

To be exact, only two God Realm elders fought, and it was as if there were no foe, for they easily restrained all the key members and kidnapped Josephine.

The confidence of all the Kings of War and their unrealistic fantasies of future war were immediately shattered with such a result.

For the first time, they realized that what Jonathan had been doing all along was correct.

Ever since the situation at Asura’s Office stabilized, they requested to fight Yaleview and overthrow the eight respectable families numerous times.

From the looks of it, if Jonathan did not reject their request, the entire Asura’s Office would have been destroyed by the eight respectable families’ advanced-level cultivators.

Seeing Hades keeping quiet, Jonathan shook his head.

“This has nothing to do with you. You will only realize how powerful God Realm cultivators are when you fight them. What I want to discuss with you is Asura’s Office,” Jonathan said with a sigh and frowned.
“I have agreed to work with the Osborne family. They’re doing these things so that when the Salladay family and Wilbur collaborate, they can make use of Asura’s Office to restrain Yaleview Army. Now that Josephine is in their hands, I’m, to a certain extent, controlled by the Osborne family, so I’m no longer suitable to lead Asura’s Office.”

“Mr. Goldstein…”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Hades was shocked.

“Asura’s Office belongs to you and can only belong to you! This will never change! If not, I’ll be the first to disagree!”

Upon seeing Hades’ agitated look, Jonathan felt warm, but he still retorted angrily, “Nonsense! Asura’s Office was established to return peace and stability to Chanaea. You Kings of War have a high level of autonomy over your territories and don’t even need to report to Asura’s Office when dealing with non-strategic related issues. How can it belong to me? I will die one day, perhaps due to an assassination or during cultivation. Will you and the millions of members of Asura’s Office die with me?”

Stunned, Hades could not think of a reply to Jonathan.

“But… But you built Asura’s Office up from scratch…”

Before Hades could finish his words, Jonathan waved his hands and cut the former off.

“I already told you half a year ago that I want to return to Jadeborough and live a normal family life. Of course, the main reason why I decided to leave Asura’s Office last time was to put your requests to fight Yaleview Army aside. However, this time, I’m really going to leave Asura’s Office.”

Jonathan then took a deep breath and slowly stood up.

“Hades, I have an order for you!”

“Yes, sir!”

Hades’ eyes turned red when he heard Jonathan’s words, but he still puffed out his chest and replied loudly.

“As Josephine is being threatened by the Osborne family, I’m no longer fit to command Asura’s Office. Now, I order you to remove my access to Asura’s Office’s intranet and backend. Only leave me with the most basic communication function. After removing my access to the backend, the headquarters, all the crucial agencies handling information, and subordinates must immediately move out to prevent unnecessary fights from occurring in the future.

Although Jonathan’s command was simple, he did not leave any way out for himself.

Removing his access to the backend meant he would not receive any key information and would no longer have the power to manage his subordinates and crucial agencies.

Changing the location would also prevent Jonathan from knowing the location of those agencies, thus ensuring Asura’s Office’s safety.

Hence, although the Osborne family kidnapped Josephine, Jonathan managed to cut down the influence he had on Asura’s Office as much as possible.

If he completely cut off all connections with Asura’s Office, the Osborne family would think that he had no value anymore and might kill Josephine in a fit of anger if they found out.

After weighing the pros and cons, Jonathan knew that was the most he could do.

“Mr. Goldstein…” Hades began, still wanting to say something.

Yet, Jonathan sat down again and continued, “Hades, after I left, it was you who dealt with all the matters regarding Asura’s Office. In the future, I’ll leave Asura’s Office in your hands.”


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