The Legendary Man Chapter 702

Chapter 702 The Mysterious Man

Under the cover of the darkness of night, Stellario’s figure flashed across the snow-covered ground.
On the opposite side of the river bank, more figures appeared by the robed figure’s side.


The next moment, a wolf’s howl echoed through the air.
The shape of the figures rapidly evolved into that of giant werewolves.

From afar, one could see werewolves lined up on top of the hill, their numbers running into hundreds.

Just the sight of them alone was enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine.

Winston reached out for his rusty billhook as he continued to puff the cigarette between his lips.

“Damn it… Kathleen, go on ahead with both of them, and wait for us one hundred kilometers away.”

“Got it.”

After throwing a glance at the horde of werewolves across the river, Kathleen turned around and left.

Layla carried Killian in her arms while she was suspended in the air by Kathleen’s spiritual energy. They weren’t slowed down by the fact that Layla was just an ordinary person.

Carrying someone with spiritual energy for long distances would not have been possible if not for Kathleen’s high cultivation level. A cultivator of Grandmaster Realm would have been exhausted before getting far.

“I’ll leave a trail behind.”

No sooner had Kathleen spoken than Winston spat the stub of his cigarette into the fire.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t.”

Despite his frail appearance, Winston’s movements were anything but that.

In the blink of an eye, he had crossed the river and was charging up the hill.

“Winston, you take care of that annoying b*stard, while I deal with his lackeys.”

At that moment, Stellario was already surrounded by werewolves. Nevertheless, his seemingly omnipresent parasites allowed him to stand toe to toe with more than ten enemies in battle.

When Winston looked in Stellario’s direction, he could see a mist of black parasites covering an area with a radius of tens of meters. Every single werewolf within it was grimacing in excruciating pain.
At the same time, Winston could clearly sense that Stellario’s spiritual energy was declining at a rapid pace.

Parasites formed the backbone of the Mallory family’s secret technique.
Stellario’s deadly parasites, in particular, were reared within the flesh and blood of his body. Under normal circumstances, he needed to consume medication on a fixed schedule to suppress their growth, rendering them dormant.

However, in a battle, the Mallory family would use their spiritual energy to reinvigorate the parasites, causing them to grow at an uncontrollable rate to kill their enemies en masse.

The massive supply of spiritual energy needed to sustain the technique was why Stellario’s reserves were being depleted at a furious pace.

With the flash of a blade, the head of the werewolf in front of him was severed in two.

Winston leaped over a group of werewolves and continued dashing up the hill.

“Cover me!” Winston roared. He held up his spirit shield, and the rust on his billhook gradually fell off the blade and was quickly replaced with waves of murderous aura.

Following closely behind him was a swarm of parasites.
When one of the werewolves leaped into the air and aimed his claw at the back of Winston’s head, he was pulled back the moment he extended his hand.


There was an earth-shattering rumble, and the werewolf disintegrated into a blood mist as if he was a watermelon being smashed onto the ground. Other than a severed leg, blood and mush were all that remained.
With his right arm crawling with parasites, Stellario stared at the leg he was holding and scoffed, “You’re no match for me, weakling.”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

All of a sudden, two werewolf claws struck one after another. With a tilt of his body, the parasite swarm he unleashed engulfed the two attackers like a hurricane.

“Get out of my way!”

Stellario popped a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth as he somersaulted forward to catch up with Winston.
The two wielded the power of Divine Realm cultivators. Winton’s sharp blade cut down anyone in his path, while Stellario’s parasites showed no mercy to the werewolves who approached.

In a very short time, both of them arrived in front of the man in a robe.
“Damn it. I’m going to kill you for tailing me all the way!”

Stellario leaped into the air and shot out a black line from his hands. It turned out to be a small yet slick-looking black baby snake.

“Holy shit!”

Even though Winston was someone who had seen it all, he still cowered in fear when he saw the snake flying past him.

The snake was no ordinary venomous creature. Legend had it that it was one of the Mallory family’s trump cards that were handed down through the generations, where even a Divine Realm cultivator couldn’t survive its bite.

Ten years ago, when the eight respectable families attacked the Whitley family in concert, the patriarch of the Whitley family, who happened to be a Divine Realm cultivator, had been killed by the venom from such a snake.

Given the extreme toxicity of snake venom, he melted into a pool of blood within the span of a few breaths.

After dodging to the side, Winston gave Stellario a grim look.
“This isn’t the Black Serpent God. Its venom is less deadly.” Stellario felt obliged to explain after seeing Winston’s evasive maneuver.

Winston used his spiritual sense on the snake, and his face clouded over.

So, Black Serpent God is the black snake that killed the patriarch of the Whitley family.
Because of his age, he was already old enough to participate in that fateful battle ten years ago.

Although he didn’t engage the patriarch directly in battle, he did manage to catch a glimpse of the snake at the scene.

Both snakes were similar in appearance, but there was a meaningful difference in their size.

Even then, Winston was filled with caution. Wherever the snake crawled over, one could see the growing decay left in its trail. As for the werewolves that it passed swiftly by, their limbs had begun to change color.

This little snake is extremely venomous!
Following closely behind it, Winston cut down the werewolf in front of him and arrived in front of the robed man.

As the man’s robes fluttered in the wind, he reached out his hand, which was covered by a black glove. In one swift motion, he grabbed the approaching black snake.

“You’re done for!”

Stellario obviously knew the venomous creatures he kept very well. The sight of the man grabbing the black snake brought an elated look to his face.

However, it was then that the robed man landed on the ground and finally revealed his true face.
An Adrunian man with blond hair and a high nose?

At the sight of the man dressed in a suit and holding a walking stick in his left hand, Stellario and Winston backed away by reflex upon sensing danger.

Right then, there was silence.

As the venomous black snake writhed violently in the man’s grasp, he tightened his grip abruptly, squeezing blood out of the snake’s mouth. Just like that, its life was ended by the man.

“Is that all your snake is capable of?” Winston asked with a snort as he crouched down before unleashing a kick at one of the werewolves.

Stellario responded with a deep frown.

“This doesn’t make sense! I’ve been feeding Blackie poisonous creatures ever since it was young. Even I have to be careful raising it despite being its master. Why isn’t he dead after coming into contact with Blackie’s blood?”

Stellario unleashed his spiritual sense in the direction of the Adrunian man’s arm.

Skin… Flesh… There are no blood vessels… Metal skeleton…

“He’s using prosthetic implants!”


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