The Legendary Man Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Blood Ritual

Stellario began to process the thought.
He drew his body away, creating a motion-blurring effect that extended for several meters.

Winston, too, did the same.

After exchanging glances, they noticed a murderous intent in their eyes.

They might have allied with Kathleen to protect Killian, but their main intention was to get their hands on Karl’s Eastern Army.

In other words, they were merely doing this to destroy the five respectable families and seize all their resources.

Being in the same camp did not mean they would put the shared interest above all else.

After all, Stellario and Winston wished to rise to the top and become the most powerful entity in the country.

The tripartite alliance might be stable, but it was merely based on a mutual agreement.

No one would want to share their resources with others if they could become the supreme power of them all.

Charleigh’s technology would be the game changer that could transform the entire situation in Chanaea.

All the respectable families might not be able to cultivate warriors of Grandmaster Realm, but they could do so with those of Superior Realm.

Since only Stellario and Winston knew about this, they would fight each other to the death to secure an exclusive partnership with Charleigh.

The winner would then take control over Chanaea.

Upon noticing the murderous look in their eyes, both men activated their spiritual energy in secret.

It was common for cultivators to team up if they shared the same goal. Even Jonathan and the Osborne family were willing to put the past behind them and work closely together.

Likewise, allies would also turn against each other to defend their personal interests.

At that point, Charleigh stepped in and said with a faint smile, “Gentlemen, my research on Grandmaster Realm is almost complete. I’m curious to find out how different the body condition of a God Realm cultivator is from those in Grandmaster Realm.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t run my experiment on the God Realm cultivators in Remdik as they are protected. That’s why I need your help. But please don’t fight too aggressively, okay? I don’t want my test subject to be severely injured,” Charleigh said in a gentlemanly fashion while bowing respectfully before them.

Yet, the Wolver Army standing behind Charleigh was not as amicable.
“Charge!” Winston roared and slashed a few werewolves in half.

Stellario was exceptionally quiet. After stomping on the ground, a gigantic centipede burst through the surface, crawled upward, and enveloped Stellario’s body.


While the wolf cries reverberated through the sky, more and more palm-sized centipedes broke through the soil.

The giant centipede that had wrapped itself around Stellario stung his body with its appendages.

“Blood ritual!” Stellario uttered calmly.

“Deadly Venom!” he exclaimed.

At that time, the hill had turned into a battlefield.

Hundreds and thousands of Wolver Army dashed to the epicenter of the combat zone.

Centipedes were seen crawling all over the werewolves that had made it to the center of the battleground.

Even Winston could only defend himself against the arthropod’s attack using his spiritual energy. “Stellario, remove all the centipedes from my body, or I won’t show you any mercy anymore!”
“It’s beyond my control!” Stellario said while gritting his teeth. “Run now if you don’t want to die. You’ll be severely injured if I take the blood ritual to the next level. And if that happens, don’t blame me for killing you!”

Winston tilted his head to look at Stellario. He noticed Stellario’s face had turned pale, whereas the centipede on his body began coming to life.

His face turned grim when he saw the wriggly claws on the centipede. He instantly turned around and ran down the hill without hesitation.

“The invincible three as one. Charge!” While running, Winston took out three sandalwood sticks, crushed them into a powder, and sprinkled it in the sky.

After activating his spiritual energy and spewing some blood essence into the sandalwood powder, a semi-transparent headless giant appeared in the air.

Summoning The Celestial Beings was the Leeson’s family most powerful martial arts technique. It was also one of the techniques Winston used to escape life-threatening situations. I can’t believe I had to resort to this to escape the attack.

Nonetheless, he had no regrets, as he could tell a destructive disaster was brewing. “Charge!”

The headless warrior stood before an army of werewolves like a giant tank and flung them away.

All of a sudden, Stellario let out a miserable roar.

The centipede that crawled all over the werewolf in front of Winston turned into blood vapor.

After a loud howl, the werewolf realized half of his face had rotted.

Feeling miserable, he ripped the other side of his face off with its claws, revealing his skull that had turned black. After struggling to gasp for air for a few seconds, the creature collapsed and died before Winston’s eyes.

The same happened to all the werewolves that surrounded Stellario.

Winston bellowed with all his might as he continued expanding his spirit shield.

The moment the centipede that had latched itself to the spirit shield exploded, the headless giant immediately grabbed Winston’s leg and tossed him down the hill.

The wind whistled past Winton’s ears. At that point, he had lost his connection to his spiritual energy.

Meanwhile, a blanket of blood-red mist overshadowed the entire hilltop.

Winston knocked against an old tree some ten meters away and fell to the ground.

Suddenly, a gigantic centipede was seen crawling out of the mist and down the hill rapidly.

Its movement was so fast that the forest started rumbling. Clearly, the red centipede that had injected its appendages into Stellario’s body was fleeing the combat zone.

Upon noticing that, Winston hopped up and followed the creature. Seeing Stellario in such a vulnerable state ignited his killer instinct.

Had Stellario not used his secret martial art technique to deal with the hundreds of Wolver Army earlier, they would have died in the wild.
Even if they had survived the attack, Charleigh would still use them as his lab rats when they had exhausted their spiritual energy.

Nonetheless, the fact that Stellario had saved his life did not deter Winston from wanting to kill him. Determined to take Stellario down, Winston tightened his grip on his cleaver.

That was because Stellario would become a threat to the Leeson family, not forgetting what he could do with Charleigh’s technology should he get his hands on it.

The blood ritual Stellario performed on the hill had wiped out at least three hundred werewolves, and that was quite a feat.
Moreover, Stellario was thirty years younger than Winston, even though they were both God Realm cultivators. I must end Stellario’s life before he continues to develop his potential and skills. He will become a threat if I let him off now. Why should I care about him since we’re no longer on the same page? He’s of no use to me anymore, anyway. Once I win Kathleen and Killian over and take control of the Eastern Army, I’ll figure out a way to get in touch with Charleigh.

Meanwhile, an explosion occurred on the hill.

Charleigh walked out of the scene as sparks continued flickering around him.


Suddenly, the emerald ring on his finger cracked, disarming the defense formation.

“I have to hand it to these Chanaean cultivators. Their ever-changing skills are just fascinating.” Charleigh waved his hand while watching Stellario and Winston leave.

“Now, all the poisoned werewolves, please hop into the fire. The rest, come with me.”

Upon hearing Charleigh’s instruction, over a hundred werewolves leaped into the fire.

Over the other side of the hill, more werewolves had quietly gathered around Charleigh, occupying the entire slope.


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