The Legendary Man Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Traces

On the ridge, four figures flashed past.

Jonathan and the rest made use of their high cultivation levels to sprint for almost ten hours and covered over eight hundred kilometers.

Their speeds were truly frightening, considering the absurdly cold climate and challenging landscapes in Remdik.

The four of them ran in a line and took turns leading the way. The followers would then just follow in the footsteps left behind by the leader.

When Sirius was leading the way, he suddenly came to a halt after running past one of the hills.

Behind him, Jonathan and the other two immediately stopped in their tracks as well.

“What’s going on?” Jonathan asked while holding Heaven Sword in his hand.

With a spear in his grip, Sirius was gazing coldly at a forest up ahead. Something’s amiss here. There seem to be traces of human activities.

“That shouldn’t be the case.” Karl looked at the battle device on his arm and tapped on it twice. The map was then immediately enlarged. “This is an uninhabited zone. Even the Remdik hunters don’t hunt here. If there are humans, they’re most probably cultivators.”
“Like I care.” Xavion whipped out a long sword and walked forward. “There are four of us here. As long as we don’t run into a cultivator of the Divine Realm, we should be fine.”

Seeing that, Jonathan and the others quickly used their spiritual senses to scan the area up ahead.

Meanwhile, Karl uttered coldly, “Xavion, do you really think someone from the God Realm is unbeatable? I dare you to give me the address of the Osborne residence. Believe me when I say that a missile is all it takes to wipe out the area.”

“Even if I were to give you the address, would you dare to do that?” Xavion replied contemptuously.

Right then, Jonathan’s speed abruptly increased. The other three noticed it and quickly followed from behind.

Everyone knew Jonathan had special cultivation methods, so his spiritual energy and spiritual sense were a lot stronger than someone of a similar cultivation level.

He must’ve spotted something! The trio rushed out of the jungle to see Jonathan squatting on the snow, looking at something.

“What are you looking at?” Xavion asked in bafflement.

At the same time, Sirius took a few steps forward and waved slightly to the front.

A wave of gentle spiritual energy brought a gust of wind and blew away all the snow on the ground.

Within a radius of over ten meters, huge footprints appeared one after another.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the footprints.

The footprints were twice the size of a normal person’s. They looked like the footprints of wolves, but at the same time, they were human-like. Some were also rather blurry.
Judging by the scattering footprints, it was safe to say that there were plenty of them.

“They look like footprints of large carnivores. However, why are there only hind paws? Why does it feel like these creatures are able to walk on two legs?”

“There are more,” Jonathan uttered in a solemn tone and waved his hands with force. Waves of spiritual energy were pushed out violently, blowing away all the snow on the ground to reveal similar footprints scattering over half the hillside.

“All the footprints are pointed in the same direction. Let’s check out the other side of the hill.”

While talking, Jonathan leaped toward the top of the hill.

When the four of them eventually landed there, they were stunned by what they saw.

On the other side of the hill, there was a fire that was barely burning halfway up the mountain.

Using their spiritual senses, they saw that the ashes from the fire were made up of human bones.

Although Jonathan and the others were used to seeing gruesome scenes, that sight still sent chills down their spines. Humans were used as fuel. There are hundreds of skeletons here!

Suddenly, Sirius slightly waved his hand, and a part of the ashes floated into the air.

“What the f*ck? Are you serious, Blackwood? Don’t mess around with that!” Xavion saw the bones floating before their eyes and retreated.

Despite those words, Sirius reached out his hand to lightly brush across the bone. “The deceased was just here. The time of death is less than three hours ago.”

Next to him, Jonathan frowned and picked out a black item from the fire.

By using spiritual energy to shake the item, it revealed its original form. It turned out to be a sharp knife the size of a palm.

On the back of the knife, one could clearly see the word—Mallory—engraved on it.

Meanwhile, Karl instantly reached out his hand to grab the knife the moment it appeared. “This belongs to Stellario!” Karl exclaimed while panting heavily.

Back then, he had seen Stellario fiddling with that very knife in the base of the Eastern Army. How is this here? Could it be…

“No. That can’t be…” Karl was releasing a massive wave of spiritual energy, and it seemed as though the spot he was standing on was about to explode.

Ashes were spiraling in the air, and Karl’s eyes were filled with fury.

Right then, someone tapped on his shoulder and said, “Calm down, Karl. I’ve checked the fire. I didn’t see a skeleton belonging to a child. Don’t worry. Killian isn’t here.”

Meanwhile, Xavion, who had already gone to the bottom of the hill, shouted, “Hey! There’s a campfire here!”
Seeing that Karl was still busy using his spiritual sense to go through all the corpses, Jonathan grabbed him and ran down the hill.

When they were on the way there, Jonathan saw signs of battle on the surrounding trees and grounds.

After crossing a stream, they saw Xavion looking backward in the direction of a hill. “I think we found the right spot.”

Xavion then pointed at the charred venison next to the campfire and said, “Based on the traces of activities left behind, there were four people here. According to the traces on the ground, those people here were obviously people who ran up the mountain to fight the enemies. Look here.”

Xavion then pointed to some marks next to the campfire.

There were two cracks on the ground, which suggested the frozen soil on the ground being forcibly cracked apart by external forces.

Xavion placed his left foot on one of the marks, and it fitted perfectly. “Karl, it seems like someone was hunting your wife and son down.”

At that moment, Karl stood in front of the ashes of the fire and looked at the dried-out tree that fell to the ground next to him.

That was exactly where Layla was sitting.

“It was them. Layla is a leftie,” Karl uttered as he was choking up.

“It’s good that we’ve found the spot,” Jonathan said in his deep voice.

Three hours prior to that, they lost Killian’s location, and Karl was devastated.

They then traced the last signal received and rushed all the way there. Hence, having found some clues was definitely a piece of good news.

“Judging from the scene, someone was hunting down Stellario and the others. Those two sets of footprints show Stellario and another person turning around to fight the enemy. Hence, another God Realm cultivator had brought your wife and your son away,” Sirius said and looked in the opposite direction of the hill. “If they were running to safety, they most probably had gone in this direction. It would be wise for us to go in this direction too.”


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