The Legendary Man Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Control

While Sirius was talking, he and Xavion both started to look worried.

After that, Xavion pulled out his satellite phone and made a call.

That was a risky thing to do because making a call on a satellite phone would most probably get hacked by the Remdikian army.

However, it was a risk they had to take.

Not only Xavion but Sirius had also whipped out his satellite phone to make a phone call.

When their calls went through, both of them went straight to the point and expressed almost the same thoughts.

There was a big possibility that the Mallory family, the Henderson family, and the Leeson family could’ve already formed an alliance. Hence, they had to prepare for what was to come.

None of the people who were sent to Remdik on a mission was a goody two shoes.

Among the respectable families, each one of them could have ten to twenty God Realm cultivators. However, little held the same status as Sirius and the others.

Obviously, those respectable families weren’t going to risk their heirs. However, the rest of the God Realm experts also had clear jurisdictions.

For example, Garrison of the Osborne family, who was killed by Jonathan, was in charge of battles. He hardly participated in the family’s decision-making. Instead, he merely acted as an elder to deal with their enemies by force.

Meanwhile, God Realm cultivators such as Sirius and Xavion acted more like clones of the leaders of respectable families.

During negotiations, the people Sirius and Xavion represented could either choose to negotiate peacefully or by force.

Even after the negotiation had broken down, they could still choose to act violently.

In fact, to a certain extent, these men could decide the future of a respectable family.

The same could be applied to Stellario and the others. Although they didn’t have the power to decide, their decisions to temporarily link up with the other families made it even more probable for their families to do exactly the same.

These men were obviously smart enough to grasp the situation. Just by looking at the footprints left behind by Stellario and the others, they knew those three people had formed an alliance.

After all, if they were fighting for themselves, none of them would choose to risk their lives to protect Karl’s wife and son.

Therefore, they had most probably found a way to keep each other in check.

Upon hanging up the phones, both Xavion and Sirius had grim looks on their faces.

“Karl, it seems like your son is most probably not going to return to Chanaea alive.” Xavion smiled mockingly at Karl.

In response, Karl snorted coldly and exuded a murderous aura toward Xavion.

Xavion waved his hand slightly and contained the aura in a spiritual energy force field.

“I’m not the one trying to kill Killian! This wouldn’t be the case if you didn’t try to use your wife and son as bait to kill the eight respectable families’ God Realm cultivators!” Xavion remarked coldly.

“The Mallory family, the Leeson family, and the Henderson family are now united, so there’s no way the other five families are going to sit on their hands. If those three families were to unite and take out the others, the other five families are going to strike first. When that happens, those three families could be destroyed in an instant. By then, everyone in Remdik would want to get their hands on Killian. I bet within a day’s time, someone from the three of them would end up killing Killian. That’s a fact, and you know it!” Although Xavion’s words were harsh, he was merely spitting facts.

That’s how it is now. This is the result the eight respectable families had come to. It’s not something to be controlled by personal wishes. Sirius looked at Karl and heaved a sigh before saying, “Karl, the matter was decided by the eight respectable families, so there’s that. Nevertheless, I promise you that as long as I’m within the territory of Remdik, I’ll help you rescue Killian. However, the moment we enter Chanaea, I won’t hesitate to kill your family if that’s what the family wants.”

In response, Karl took a deep breath and replied flatly, “Thanks…” Immediately after that, he ran in the direction the others suggested.

Sirius followed suit while Jonathan stayed and shot Xavion an icy-cold glare.
“You shouldn’t have provoked Karl with those words. If my guess is correct, you must’ve received the instruction to kill Karl, haven’t you?” Jonathan asked.

“Jonathan, no matter what my mission is, you ought to complete it with me. Please don’t forget the fact that we’re allies.” Xavion smiled. “Josephine is enjoying life in the Osborne family’s ancestral land. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them just because you’ve refused to cooperate, right, Asura?”

Jonathan’s spiritual sense enveloped the entire area, and he dashed toward Xavion to grab the latter’s collar. “Don’t you dare use Josephine to threaten me! I also have leverage over you! Although you’ve kidnapped Josephine because you’re afraid that I might refuse to cooperate, you guys are also afraid that I might turn my back on you guys if something bad were to happen to Josephine. Since we both have leverage over each other, don’t talk down to me. Otherwise, I might really end your life here!”
“You’re not going to do that.” Xavion flashed a faint smile. “Let me tell you something. Not only did we kidnap Josephine, but we’ve also gone to Gronga and gathered all the members of the Goldstein family. If you don’t play nice, we’ll make you the sole survivor of the Goldstein family.”

As soon as those words fell, a muffled noise rang out as Jonathan landed a punch on Xavion’s face.

Although it seemed like a powerful punch, it wasn’t packed with spiritual energy. In fact, Jonathan merely used the energy in his body to punch Xavion.

The latter staggered backward and casually wiped the blood off the corners of his lips. After that, he chuckled and said, “Jonathan, let’s not waste our time with meaningless fights. If you don’t cooperate, there are three outcomes for you. Firstly, the Goldstein family will be wiped out. Secondly, your wife will suffer from a miscarriage. Thirdly, the Osborne family will make Josephine’s life a living hell. If you don’t believe me, feel free to take another swing at me.”

Xavion talked and turned around to leave defenselessly at the same time.
Behind him, Jonathan gripped the knife tightly, and his expression was as cold as ice.

Meanwhile, in a cave somewhere, Winston sat still and watched the crackling fire burning in front of him.

On the opposite side, Stellario was lying in a gigantic empty centipede shell.

The fiery flames shone on Stellario’s face and revealed his pinkish complexion. That was the only difference between him and a corpse.

Winston then channeled a burnt jar from the fire and used his spiritual energy to pour a brown substance into Stellario’s mouth.

The moment the substance flowed into Stellario’s mouth, he looked as though he was suffering.

Before he had even drunk one-third of the substance, Stellario abruptly opened his eyes and turned around to puke the substance out.

“Are you awake now? Let’s get you treated right away.” Winston used his spiritual energy to pour the rest of the medicine down Stellario’s throat.

Stellario widened his eyes at Winston and swallowed the steaming hot medicine.

“What the f*ck? Are you trying to kill me?” Stellario cursed.


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