The Legendary Man Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Set Fire to The Mountain

“Stop!” Charleigh bellowed.

Waves of spiritual energy radiated wildly from his body like rippling water.

One after another, the charging werewolves were impeded by the ripples. They stopped short and started to slowly back away.

Charleigh was unable to determine the extent of the medicine’s effects. To avoid wiping out his entire troop, he could only make the remainder of the Wolver Army retreat toward the ice.

However, there was no way the werewolves who had been exposed to the medicinal powder were about to let them go so easily.

With flames blazing around them, the crazed werewolves rushed toward the icy surface in a frenzy.

“I command you to stop!” Charleigh shouted as he tapped the air with his wand. A series of magic runes lit up around him.

The werewolves, who had half their bodies up in flames, seemed to sense something. They stood rooted to the spot and turned to stare blankly in Charleigh’s direction.

The next second, they clenched their claws, raised them over their heads, and howled.

The effects of the Breakthrough Pill nullified Charleigh’s contract.

In the span of three years, Charleigh’s army had grown to nearly three thousand strong. However, after Winston’s and Stellario’s attack, that number dwindled to around two thousand three hundred.

Now, more than a thousand of the werewolves had gone mad. Even after both sides had suffered terrible losses, hundreds of them remained. They charged toward those in Charleigh’s army who were unaffected by the medicine.

All the werewolf warriors were morphed from Superior Realm cultivators. If they got into a fight, the ones who would emerge victorious would surely be those unafraid of death, and those who completely disregarded their survival at that moment were the werewolves affected by the Breakthrough Pill.

Hence, even though the Wolver Army launched a counterattack with approximately one thousand three hundred warriors, they were beaten back by hundreds of werewolves in mere moments.

Charleigh sprang aside to dodge a werewolf’s razor-sharp claws. With a wave of his left hand, a flurry of snowflakes swirled in the air, and the massive werewolf’s neck broke with a snap.

“Those under my command are to retreat,” Charleigh uttered calmly.

With that, all the werewolves who had yet to succumb to the medicine’s effects turned and left.

“Frozen Blade, unleash your power!” A column of water shot toward the sky from the icy surface. Then, the water droplets quickly solidified in mid-air and transformed into sharp arrowheads.


The ear-piercing sound of the arrowheads whistling through the air rang out, and one after another, the werewolves dropped onto the ice in a pool of blood.

Gazing at the werewolves struggling to crawl toward him despite being wounded and bloodied, Charleigh let out a small sigh.

“It looks like these test subjects are still far from perfect. However, using that medicine to make them lose their minds is an effective way of boosting their combat prowess. If we treat werewolves as expendables and air-drop them at the rear of our enemies, that’d make for a great offensive strategy indeed.”

The smell of blood that clung to Charleigh drew the werewolves to him. However, they collapsed to the ground before they were able to get anywhere near him.

Nonetheless, Charleigh did not feel even a twinge of emotion to watch so many lives lost just like that. In fact, he was already starting to plan a new experiment.

High up on the mountain, Jonathan, Karl, and the rest had already spread out in different directions. The four of them were moving forward at about four or five miles apart, and they had drastically reduced their speed.

They speculated that Killian and Layla had been taken away by Kathleen.

After all, they had clearly identified marks made by cleavers at the battle scene on the mountain. Hence, they guessed that the battle had involved Stellario and Winston.

Alas, the group only managed to follow the trail for over a hundred miles before losing all traces of Kathleen.

It was not just her, either. Even the footprints of the giant, human-like beasts seemed to have vanished into thin air. Since they did not know which direction to take to continue their search, they had no choice but to split up to look for clues.

Having to resort to such measures was a slap in the face for four God Realm elites with plenty of combat experience. After all, none of them were empty vessels.

We’re on a remote, wooded mountain with everything blanketed in thick snow. As long as one can’t fly, one is bound to leave a trail. If we can’t even track someone down in such conditions, that’d be a total disgrace.

Jonathan sighed quietly as he cast his spiritual sense in a hundred-meter radius over the snow again.

“There’s still nothing here. How about you guys?” he asked.


“I haven’t found anything over here either.”

Sirius’ and Xavion’s voices rang out from the earpiece in Jonathan’s ear.

Although Karl remained silent, the others knew he had not discovered anything. If he had, nothing would have stopped him from shouting at the top of his lungs for them to hurry over.

“Kathleen must’ve deliberately cleared her tracks so nobody could find her,” Jonathan observed calmly. “It seems the alliance between the three families isn’t all that reliable. Don’t tell me she’s thinking of taking the credit for everything, is she?”

Through their earpieces, they heard Sirius respond in his cold voice, “Theoretically, that’d be impossible. Even though the three families have joined forces, there’s only one Killian. For them to stand in the way of those pursuing them and let Kathleen escape with Killian, they must have precautions to keep her in check.”

“What a load of rubbish,” Xavion remarked with a chuckle. “If it were me, I’d definitely have Killian take the special poison concocted by the Osborne family. If Kathleen tried to run off with Killian, I’d wait for the effects of the poison to kick in and kill him. That way, no one would succeed in winning the Eastern Army’s support. It’d be a fair solution to all.”

No sooner had he said that than an icy voice said, “If they dare to do something like that to Killian, I won’t hesitate to kill them all, even if it means losing my life.”

Xavion snickered as he replied, “You wouldn’t be able to kill them. What’s more, I can guarantee they’ll do it. That’s the only way to make everyone trust each other.”

“Stop it. That’s enough,” Jonathan said with a frown. “You talk too much, Xavion.”

Although what Xavion says makes sense, I’m worried that if I let him continue rambling on, Karl will lose it and get into a fight with him.

Xavion snorted coldly in response before finally falling silent.

Just then, Jonathan came to the highest mountain ridge in the vicinity.

“You guys proceed in the same direction and continue searching. I’ll go up to the top to see if I can find any clues,” he said.

“What on earth do you think you’ll find there?” Xavion responded coolly. “Are you expecting Kathleen to carry the child and stand in plain sight at the top of the mountain? If she wanted to flee, she’d go through the cols and woods.”

Jonathan paid no attention to what Xavion said. Carrying a spirit shield, he sprinted toward the peak.

Strong gales howled, whipping up snow in the air that felt like a dense cloud of fine gravel when they hit his face. It was rather painful.
He stood at the top and turned to gaze downward.

That mountain was one of the tallest ones Jonathan and the others had passed through.

He stood there and scanned his surroundings. Everything was white.

This majestic scene is probably what people describe as an expanse of snow and ice stretching as far as the eye can see.

Since it had stopped snowing and the strong winds had died down, he had a wide and clear field of vision.

Gazing down from his vantage point, he estimated he had a good view extending as far as dozens of miles. As for the mountain range in the distance, he could only make out its outline.

Surveying the area, he looked slightly shocked when a cloud of billowing black smoke toward the left side of the horizon in front of them caught his eye.

“Karl! Someone has set fire to the mountain about seventy or eighty miles ahead on the left!”


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