The Legendary Man Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Kill Him

“Got it!”

Karl’s trembling roar bombarded Jonathan’s ears through the earphones, almost deafening him.

“I’m thinking of rushing over there. Track down my location and follow me.”

Jonathan then tapped on his watch a few times to set his watch as a beacon before turning to dart in the direction of the black smoke.

Meanwhile, Karl, Sirius, and Xavion dashed toward the direction of the mountain from three different spots after pinpointing where Jonathan was.

Kathleen was sprinting full-speed ahead with Layla and Killian in her arms.

Even though she did not sense the Wolver Army coming after her, she dared not linger in a spot for more than a minute.

She wasn’t aware of the decimation of the Wolver Army. All she knew was that she would have to abandon the boy and his mother the next time she encountered Charleigh.

Currently, the only thing she could do was continuously channel the blood circulation in Layla and Killian with her spiritual energy to make sure that they stay alive.

It had been over half an hour since Kathleen started running, and by then, she was starting to feel her stamina ebbing away.

She wanted to consume another Spirit Rejuvenating Pill, but she found herself reluctant to use another pill.

When Kathleen saw the hill in front of her, she leaped into the air and landed on the top.

Right as her foot touched the ground, she warily froze on the spot.

With a gentle wave of her hand, she placed Layla and Killian down on the snowy ground beside her using her spiritual energy.

At the same time, she swallowed a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill without hesitation.

When she waved her fan, orbs of light that resembled stars in a night sky started floating around her.

As if imbued with life, the two birds on the surface of the fan began grooming their feathers.

What put Kathleen on guard was the sight of the person standing opposite her—Jonathan.

When Jonathan saw the rise and fall of Kathleen’s chest—an indicator of her weariness—he smiled.

“You must be Kathleen Henderson.”

“Oh? Is this not the famed Asura?” Kathleen covered half of her face with her fan as she chuckled. “Why aren’t you sitting on your paper throne in Chanaea instead? Did you come all the way here to see the snow? It must be fate for us to meet here, hm?”

Kathleen had long given her mink coat to Layla, who was just a mortal and would not be able to withstand the cold. Hence, she was only wearing a form-fitting gown at the moment.

Her hips swayed as she spoke. Plenty of lascivious young men would have been completely mesmerized by her charm.

However, Jonathan was not at all fazed by her voluptuousness. Instead, the look in his eyes was calm and clear.

“Karl, I found Kathleen. Layla and Killian are here too, so come over to me.”

“Mr. Goldstein, wait… wait for me…”

Previously, they only found out that someone had set fire to the mountain.

So, now that Killian was confirmed to be found, Karl was understandably excited.

Meanwhile, when Kathleen heard Jonathan’s words, she began chuckling.

“So Karl’s here at Remdik too. He doesn’t have much trust in our family, huh? But that’s good. I won’t need to go to the trouble of bringing this boy back to Chanaea. As long as I hand him over to Karl, my job here is done.”

Even though Kathleen made it sound as if she was relieved of a burden, she did not decrease the amount of spiritual energy she was channeling.

Furthermore, she was shielding Killian the entire time, evidently still wary of Jonathan.

“How’s the boy?” Jonathan asked as he stepped forward.

However, Kathleen took a step back, her shoe stepping on the rock beside Killian’s neck.


The rock shattered into smithereens in a split second, and Jonathan hastily retreated in shock.

“Do you not trust me?” he asked with a frown.

“How can we have trust in you, Jonathan Goldstein? Should I believe that you contacted Karl just because you said you did? What if you’re just trying to trick me into handing over the boy?” Kathleen said, her lips curling. “Jonathan, we’re both God Realm cultivators, so I’m sure you’re familiar with how cultivators of our level work. You should learn to control yourself for the sake of the boy.”

As soon as Kathleen said that, Jonathan turned to look behind his shoulder where two waves of spiritual energy were swiftly approaching from.

He drew his brows together.

Why are there two? I thought Karl, Sirius, and Xavion were together.

The two figures soon streaked past an old tree dozens of meters away and landed right beside Jonathan, flanking him. As it turned out, it was not Karl and company.

Instead, it was a young man wearing a head scarf and traditional garb and an old man with a billhook.

“Stellario Mallory. Winston Leeson,” Jonathan muttered as he stared at the three people surrounding him.

In contrast, Kathleen let out a sigh of relief at the sight of the other two men.

She had not been running in a random direction. Instead, she had been running back the route she came from, following the marks she had left beforehand.

That way, Stellario and Winston would be able to follow the markings and find her. That would increase the chances of them meeting up, and she would be more confident in facing off against Charleigh if the latter were to really catch up with her.
Nevertheless, instead of Charleigh, Jonathan showed up.

Fortunately for her, Stellario and Winston arrived as well, turning the tables.

“Oh? Why does he look so familiar?” Stellario wondered as he stared at Jonathan.

“Oh, I know who he is! He’s Jonathan Goldstein!” exclaimed Stellario in excitement a moment later.

Kathleen rolled her eyes at Stellario.

“Where did the two of you go? I was nearly torn to pieces by those wolf cubs!”

“Hey, you’re not the only one who nearly died,” Stellario cried out indignantly. “You were nearly killed by that bunch of wolves, and I was nearly killed by Winston. If it weren’t for my exceptional technique, the two of us wouldn’t have still been alive! Who the heck are you going to join forces with then?”

Kathleen looked at Stellario, speechless. There was too much information in his words, and she definitely needed some time to digest them all.

Nevertheless, she was unperturbed by that. She pointed at Jonathan instead.

“Let’s not talk about that first. What do we do with him?”

“What do we do with him?” Winston rolled himself a cigarette and lit it up with a match. “Uh, Asura, I’d like to know if you can work with our families.”

Jonathan shook his head a little.

“You’re too late. My wife’s been kidnapped by the Osborne family, so I can only choose to work with the Osborne family.”


Winston clicked his tongue and sighed in disappointment after hearing Jonathan’s reply.

“This is terrible. People shouldn’t drag the other party’s family into the mess. The Osbornes ain’t doing this right!”

Jonathan was amused to hear Winston’s words.

“Winston, are you seriously saying that the Osbornes aren’t doing this right? Didn’t the three of you just kidnap Karl’s wife and son?”
“Hey, you can’t put it that way,” Winston grumbled as he took a few steps backward. “You’re a government official, so you’ve got to watch your words. The Osbornes kidnapped your family, but the three of us are rescuing people under Commander Hamilton’s orders,” Winston said.

Right then, Kathleen impatiently uttered, “Winston, are you here to perform a whole speech? Let’s get back to the topic of Jonathan. A battle will soon break out between him and our families. What do we do now that we’ve bumped into him here?”

“What else can we do?” Winston leaned against the tree and looked at Jonathan. “If we can’t work together, and since he’s going to be helping the Osbornes in making our lives miserable, why don’t we… kill him?”


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