The Legendary Man Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Slaughter

Sirius left without any hesitation at all.

Standing behind him, Xavion scoffed, “What a pretentious *ss. He’s acting as if everyone owes him money.”

Being a man of integrity, Sirius was sincere in wanting to help Karl save the child, but the latter stopped him from doing it.

Jonathan couldn’t intervene at this time, so he could only direct his gaze at Karl.

“Mr. Goldstein…”

There was a hint of apology in Karl’s eyes as he looked back at Jonathan.

“This is your own issue, so make the choice on your own.”

Jonathan stepped back and stood beside Xavion.

Meanwhile, Karl turned to Stellario, Winston, and Kathleen.

“I, Karl Hamilton, swear on my cultivation that Eastern Army will be at your disposal as long as you ensure Killian’s safety. If I break my promise, I’ll die a horrible death.”

Right after Karl said that, his face flushed red. He spat out a mouthful of blood, which dissipated into the air.

Swearing on one’s cultivation was a kind of vow unique to cultivators.

Since cultivators absorbed energy from the heavens and earth, their vows were unlike that of ordinary people. If they broke their promises, they would actually get punished.

As such, cultivators with higher cultivation levels were normally more taciturn.

Some people may accuse them of being pretentious after rising in ranks, but they were actually keeping quiet to avoid getting themselves into trouble.
When the trio heard such a dangerous vow from Karl, they were stunned.

Although Karl bet his own life on it so resolutely, he did not specify what he meant by wanting them to ensure Killian’s safety.

Even if the three of them did nothing about the parasite and the blood curses on Killian, it wouldn’t be considered an act of hurting the boy.

Kathleen looked at Stellario and then at Winston. She let go of Killian, allowing him to be carried back to Karl by her spiritual energy.

“Remember what you said. Otherwise, we can take Killian’s life anytime,” Stellario warned Karl calmly.

Turning around, he leaped forward and landed in a spot twenty meters away.

Kathleen and Winston followed suit, and the three figures soon disappeared into the forest.

“They’re probably going after Sirius,” Xavion remarked with an amused chuckle.

Seeing Xavion’s reaction, Jonathan sighed helplessly. “Does the Osborne family have no other God Realm cultivators? Why did they make a chatterbox like you come?”

Then, Jonathan walked over to Karl and felt Killian’s forehead. It was burning hot.

“It’s not a big deal. Just heal him with spiritual energy and let him rest for a few days, and he’ll be fine.”

Karl nodded tearfully. As he looked at Killian, guilt and regret were written all over his face.

With a soft wave of his hand, Jonathan used his spiritual energy to carry the unconscious Layla to his side.

“It’s time we conclude our trip here. We’ve got to settle our scores once we return to Doveston.”

Naturally, Jonathan was referring to the issue regarding Northern Crimson Prison.

Just like what he had said before, there was no room for negotiation in the matter concerning Mysonna.

Although Jonathan personally knew Karl, the latter had to die for what he did to Asura’s Office.

With a sigh, Xavion approached Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I suggest you leave Karl alone in the meantime.”

“This is about Asura’s Office. I don’t think the Osborne family has a say in this,” Jonathan retorted with a frown.

Currently, Karl was being used by the Henderson family, the Leeson family, and the Mallory family, who had formed an alliance.

If Jonathan killed Karl, he would be eliminating the useful aide of the three families.

This should be good news to the five respectable families including the Osborne family, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to object to the idea.

However, Xavion was staring at Jonathan with furrowed brows at the moment.

The former uttered, “I know what you mean, but thanks to this Prince of Diyouli whom you crowned, things between the eight respectable families have become overly complicated. No one knows how strong the alliance between the Hendersons, the Leesons, and the Mallorys is, but there is no way the other five families will join hands with each other.”

As Xavion spoke, he looked extremely worried.

“The Salladay family is the most powerful one among the eight respectable families, and they have already struck a deal with Wilbur. On the other hand, my family is tied to Asura’s Office. Do you think the remaining three families will work with us? If my guess is correct, these five respectable families may act like they’re one against the Hendersons, the Leesons, and the Mallorys, but I’m sure the Blackwoods, the Welshes, and the Grays will follow in the former three’s footsteps and form an alliance. Only by doing that would they be able to suppress the Osborne family and the strongest Salladay family.”

At that, Xavion turned to Jonathan and Karl before suddenly breaking into a grin.

“I’ve got to admit the four of you are impressive.”

“The four of us?” Jonathan asked curiously.

“You, Karl, Wilbur, and Joshua,” Xavion enumerated while raising four fingers.
“Chanaea was under the nine respectable families’ control for centuries, yet the eight families used only thirty years to successfully bring down and divide the strongest Whitley family. We all know that something like this will happen again, but we didn’t expect to be lured into a trap set by four outsiders. Joshua’s patience, Wilbur’s ruthlessness, Karl’s recklessness, and your deviousness—you guys never discussed it with each other, but you ultimately brought about this grand scheme. Even with their centuries’ worth of legacy, the eight respectable families unknowingly came to this point under your influence. There’s no need to rush. Just wait and see—because of the four of you, the conflict between the eight respectable families has come to a point of no return. The slaughter is about to begin.”

After a short pause, Xavion concluded, “Come on, let’s return to Chanaea now and watch the show. Let us find out who will be the last man standing.”

At the military camp in Fort Valance, Remdik, Alexander was being treated in the emergency room.

Having entered a frenzied state, Jonathan had shattered Alexander’s right shoulder with the flaming stick.

The degree of his injury was critical even for a Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

At the moment, the best doctor in Remdik was operating on Alexander.

Soon, the red light outside the emergency room turned green. When the door opened, Vicador and the two others hurried over.

“Doctor, how is he?”

“Alexander is terribly injured. His lungs are severely damaged, and as for his bones, I could only return the bigger pieces in place and leave the tiny remnants in his flesh. Both Alexander and Antoine require the tsar’s holy water to recover. Other than that, there is nothing else we can do.”

While the doctor explained, the weak whirring noise of a propeller sounded outside.
“Aidan, go and check out what’s going on,” instructed Vicador solemnly.

However, before Aidan could move, the voice of an old man sounded in the hospital corridor.

“It’s me.”


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