The Legendary Man Chapter 714

Chapter 714
Twenty-five kilometers south of River Onxy, in the Eastern Army barracks, Killian and Layla had already settled down in the medical room.

“Karl, let Layla and Killian come with me.

I’II have Dark Special Forces ensure their safety, uttered Jonathan in the commander’s tent while eating roast beef.

Sitting opposite the man was Karl, still enjoying his baked sweet potatoes.

Jonathan slowly lifted his head when he did not get a response from Karl and put down his fork and knife after seeing the potato in Karl’s hand.

Since Jonathan first got to the Eastern Army barracks, Karl had been busy doing nothing but chowing down potatoes

Even after he had returned from Remdik, Karl was still eating.

Jonathan knew Karl was both regretting and pleading for mercy.

Back when they were on Mount Tigris in Doveston, Jonathan and the other core members of Asura’s Office had been

surrounded by their enemies and had almost starved to death.

The only reason they had survived was that Karl had found sweet potatoes for the Asura’s Office members.

After pushing his beef aside, Jonathan gazed at Karl and sighed. “I’m not heartless, Karl, but I can’t appease those fifty thousand people with you still alive.”

“I understand what you’re saying, and I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein. However, I can’t surrender my life to you just yet.”

“Is there something worrying you?” inquired Jonathan in a deep voice.

“A war is about to break out. As a soldier, I should die on the battlefield, not here.” Karl stood up and placed the potato in his hand on the table. “Mr. Goldstein, you can’t change generals just before a battle. The Eastern Army needs me.”

“The Eastern Army can do without anyone!” With a slight wave of Jonathan’s right hand, the silver fork on the table ended up plunged into the baked sweet potato in front of Karl. “If it weren’t for

what happened in the past, do you think you’d still be breathing now, Karl? You don’t care about the fifty thousand of Mysonna, but what about Sabino? Do you not care about him too? Because of your foolish decision, all fifty elites in the Blood Squad died in Remdik. Did you see how painful Sabino’s death was? Do you have any idea how many families got torn apart because of you? Those are living, breathing human beings, not just casualties of war. I know you had something in mind when you made a vow to Kathleen. The vow ensures that you, not the Eastern Army, obey the three-family alliance. Give up your military power now. Don’t force my hand.”


Spiritual power began to fill the entire tent as Jonathan covered a five-meter radius with his force field, where everything inside would be under his control.

Jonathan was ready to take up arms and deal with Karl.

“Protect the commander!” shouted someone before the tent got pulled apart in four directions.

Shocked, Karl swept his gaze around and realized that four military Jeeps had attached traction ropes to the four corners of the tent.

The four vehicles drove away, each dragging a fragment of the large tent.

Dominick and his troop had their guns trained on Jonathan from thirty meters


“Sniper rifles, submachine guns, grenades, rocket launchers..

” Jonathan chuckled as

he counted the troop’s weapons one by one. “Is this your plan, Karl?”

Boiling with anger, Karl dashed past

Dominick’s gun to confront his lieutenant.

“What do you think you’re doing,

Dominick? Who gave you the order to do this?”

Karl got so upset that his aura intensified to the point that Dominick had trouble breathing, even though the lieutenant’s cultivation level had reached Superior Realm.

“Nobody ordered me to do so!” Dominick’s eyes seemed calm despite the redness of

his face. “We’ve been through so much together over the years, Boss. We won’t allow anyone to kill you.”

“That’s right. We won’t allow it!” A deafening roar immediately resounded throughout the surrounding.

Even though those in the troop knew that Jonathan was Asura, they still pointed their weapons at him. It was obvious that they were ready to die for Karl.

Jonathan’s eyes were full of admiration as he looked at the surrounding soldiers with a smile.

“Very good! Apparently, a King of War under the banner of Asura’s Office managed to convince his troop to abandon their identity as members of Asura’s Office and raise their weapons at me. I’ve got to say, Karl. You really know how to lead an army.

“Mr. Goldstein..” Karl’s eyes turned red, but the murderous intent hanging over him made him understand that Jonathan did not give up the idea of killing him.

“Forget it, Karl.” With stillness in his eyes,

Jonathan swiftly pulled out the broken blade. “We all have our own way and beliefs that we must defend. Sometimes, they’re even greater than life itself.”

Jonathan moved forward, and with each step he took, his force field grew wider.

When he took the third step, his force field had expanded so much that it covered a fifty-meter radius, enveloping the troop surrounding him.

“If you won’t hand your military power over,

I’II make you. It’s time the Eastern Army returns to Asura’s Office.

The second Jonathan finished his sentence, a cold glint flashed overhead.


Karl raised the saber in his hand to parry the broken blade and sent Jonathan’s weapon flying away.

However, Jonathan, who was supposed to be holding the blade, was already nowhere to be seen.

“Over here” said Jonathan calmly from behind Karl, who had no idea how he got

there so quickly.

Not only that, but Jonathan was also holding Dominick by the head with one hand.

Karl’s face was immediately filled with nothing but shock.

He had always known that Jonathan had the highest cultivation level in Asura’s Office, but as an expert in the beginner phase of God Realm, he knew well the difference between the different phases of the realm.

Even if Karl were to take on someone as well-known as Winston, a God Realm middle phase cultivator, there was still a thirty percent chance that he could take the man down with him with his many years of experience in combat.

At his worst, he would still be able to take a hundred or so hits and dish out some in return.

However, when facing Jonathan, Karl did not even have any idea how the man managed to circle behind him. Even though I didn’t go all out because I just wanted to

block Jonathan’s blade, this is still pretty unbelievable! If he really wanted to kill me, I would’ve been dead already!

“You’re Dominick, right?” asked Jonathan as he continued to hold Dominick’s head without a hint of emotion on his face.

“Since you want to stand out so much, you can die trying to uphold your beliefs!”


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