The Legendary Man Chapter 719


In the evening, a red Volkswagen darted through the busy street, streaking past numerous vehicles amidst noisy honks before coming to a screeching halt outside the police station.
As it was time for the police officers to get off work, most of the people lingering outside the building were police officers who had just changed out of their uniforms.
If pulling up in front of the police station in a red Volkswagen wasn’t high profile enough to draw attention, then the police sirens in the distance definitely did.
All of the police officers quickly dropped what they were doing and surrounded the red Volkswagen.
They were curious as to who would be crazy enough to show up at a police station while being pursued by the police.
Jonathan then tossed a bank card at the bespectacled man, who was in the back seat.
“Feel free to tell the truth if anyone asks you about me. The PIN to this card is six

zeroes. There’s five hundred thousand in it, so it’s enough for you to buy a new car,” he said before getting out of the car and walking toward the police station.
The police officers were immediately on guard when they saw Jonathan get off the car.
A slightly older police officer stood in his way and yelled, “Hey! Who do you think you are? Do you even know what this place is? You’ve got some nerve driving recklessly right in front of this building!
Now, show me your ID!”
Jonathan looked at the police officer and replied calmly, “I’m here to see Leslie.
There’s something I need to tell her. Have her come out and meet me.”
Everyone froze upon hearing that, only to breathe sighs of relief a few seconds later.
“Oh, he’s here to see Leslie! Come on, break it up, people! She must’ve stolen the heart of another rich kid or something. He must really like her if he’s going this far for her!”
Everyone burst out laughing when they

heard that, but Jonathan ignored them and continued making his way toward the police station.
The police officer from earlier quickly stood in his way and said, “Hey, kid! This is no way to court a woman! You need to be rational about your approach!”
“First of all, I’m not here to court her.
Second of all, I’m telling you this politely because I respect your position as a police officer. However, if you insist on stopping me, then I will use force against you” Jonathan replied while charging up his spiritual energy.
A gentle wave of spiritual energy flowed out of his body and pushed the other police officers back by a few steps.
However, that mere action caught the older police officer by surprise, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward.
Nobody saw Jonathan move his arm, but before they knew it, the police officer had fallen down on the floor.
“What the… Mr. Lamberson was just giving you some advice! How could you hit him

Chapter 719
like that?”
“Speeding in front of a police station and assaulting a police officer? You’ve got some guts, punk!”
“Get him!”
A majority of the police officers were young and hot-blooded men, so they were easily riled up after witnessing that. In just a few seconds, the elite officers all rolled up their sleeves and charged at Jonathan, ready to teach him a lesson.
Jonathan frowned when he saw what they were doing.
These young men may be a little impulsive and trigger-happy, but they’re not bad people. Fighting them is bound to result in unnecessary casualties..
With that in mind, he had no choice but to channel his technique and quickly slip through the crowd.
In just the blink of an eye, Jonathan was able to get behind them and enter the police station.
The police officers’ confused exclamations rang out behind him.
“Hey! That punk went that way!”
“He sure moves fast! I didn’t even see how he got there so quickly! Get him!”
“How did he slip past all of us? Am I hallucinating or something?”
“Who cares how he did it? All we have to do is catch him!”
The dozens of police officers then lunged at Jonathan once again.
Even the traffic police, who had just arrived at the scene after pursuing him, were utterly confused by the sight before them.
Since when did the citizens of Summerbank develop such great teamwork? I’ve never seen that many citizens working together to catch a criminal!
Right as the police officers were about to barge into the lobby, a man in a suit stepped forward and shouted sternly,
“What are you all doing? You may be off duty, but that doesn’t give you the right to

ignore protocol! Leave now, or stay here and spend the rest of the night working overtime!”
In response, the police officers stopped right outside the lobby, but they still appeared pretty riled up.
One of the police officers who was close with Holden stepped forward and whispered, “Captain Wainwright, this man is here to seek revenge on Captain Hart!”
“Seek revenge?”
Holden handed the police officer his coat and turned around to approach Jonathan.
“Hey, you! Are you here to see Leslie?”
“Yes, I am. Do you happen to know her?”
Jonathan asked with a frown.
Although that was his first encounter with Holden, Jonathan could clearly sense the former’s hostility toward him.
“What business do you have with Leslie?
My name is Holden Wainwright. You can let me know if there’s anything you need help with.’

“You can’t help me with this,” Jonathan said as he took a step forward, attempting to walk past Holden.
Holden reached out to try and grab his shoulder, but Jonathan was quicker and turned his body sideways, narrowly dodging Holden’s action.
Failing to grab hold of Jonathan, he lost his balance and stumbled forward.
Fortunately, Jonathan broke Holden’s fall by reaching out to tug at the back of his shirt collar.
“I won’t hold back if you attack me again,”
Jonathan said calmly before letting him go.
However, Holden struck at him again the moment he turned around. This time,
Holden was actually going for a vital artery on the side of Jonathan’s neck.
“What did I tell you?” Jonathan shouted coldly, causing Holden to stop in his tracks like a string puppet.
Walking toward Holden, Jonathan moved his fingers and said, “If you insist on doing

this the hard way, then so be it.”
Before Holden even realized what was going on, his fist had opened up, and all five of his fingers snapped backward simultaneously.
Following Holden’s screams of agony, a familiar voice traveled from the elevator’s direction.
“Stop it, Jonathan!”
That’s Leslie’s voice!
Jonathan turned around and saw Leslie standing there with a slightly plump middle-aged man right next to her. It was none other than Jasper.
Upon running up to the two of them and seeing that Holden’s right arm was completely twisted, Leslie turned toward Jonathan and exclaimed anxiously, “Let go of him, Jonathan! He’s the captain of our police force! You’ll end up ruining his arm if you keep this up!”
“I don’t mind letting him go, but you need to tell me how Lynn died, Jonathan replied as he waved his hand and deactivated the

spiritual energy binding Holden’s arm.
Holden then collapsed to the floor and panted heavily with his teeth clenched.
Jasper had a hostile look on his face as he walked up to Jonathan and said, “Young man, as powerful as you may be, you should not get too arrogant. Acting too recklessly will only bring you trouble.”
Upon hearing Jasper’s words, Leslie anxiously explained,
“Jonathan, this is our
police chief-“
“I don’t care who he is. I only came here to see you. If anyone attacks me again, I will not hesitate to kill every single one of you,” Jonathan cut her off as he eyed Jasper calmly and expressionlessly.
Jasper froze in shock when he heard that.
He could tell that Jonathan was clearly a cultivator, but he wasn’t used to communicating with cultivators, nor did he know how to carry himself around a cultivator.
After all, cultivators couldn’t care less about things like social statuses and

The only way to get cultivators to submit was to overpower them and defeat them in battle.
One could be the wealthiest and most influential person in the world, and it still wouldn’t mean a thing to cultivators.
Jonathan stared Leslie in the eye as he asked, “Lynn was killed by a cultivator, and her body was collected the day before yesterday. Do you still remember her?”
Leslie frowned. “Lynn? As in, Lynn Chancer of Xenhall?”
“Correct. She’s my sister. I would like to know who killed her,” Jonathan replied.


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