The Legendary Man Chapter 725


When Jonathan saw Ryan returning to life, he clutched the formation plate in his left hand tighter.
While Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique had a lot of stuff recorded on it, it had very few descriptions of realm beasts.
It only described them as beings favored by the world and that they possessed the might to destroy the world from the moment they were born.
There were no additional descriptions of what they were exactly or what sort of powers they had.
After all, not everyone could pull off
Phoebus Sect’s insane stunt of turning the entire Summerbank Abyss into a gigantic formation and isolating it from the rest of the world.
Thanks to Joselle’s explanation, Jonathan finally obtained an answer. I always wondered why Phoebus Sect’s forbearers didn’t just kill Joselle if they had the ability to imprison her. After all, it was much easier for a cultivator to kill something than seal it, especially an entity as outrageously powerful as Joselle. It wouldn’t make sense

for them to do this without a beneficial reason. Now, I think I can understand why Joselle has been imprisoned here for two thousand years.
Bits of meat gradually stacked on top of each other until Ryan’s lifeless body stood in front of Jonathan once more.
“Return!” yelled Joselle before traces of malevolent aura gathered in her hand.
As more malevolent auras concentrated in her palm, vestiges of bizarre fluctuations began emerging from within it.
That sensation made Jonathan feel as though she was holding a spinning eyeball.

He also felt as if someone was staring at him.
After Joselle pressed the ball of malevolent aura into Ryan’s body, the entire Summerbank Abyss formation shook.
Upon raising his line of sight, he saw the white mist above his head, which resembled an upside-down bowl, begin to shift.
Waves of unnerving energy seeped into the center of the formation from outside, looking as though they were tentacles attempting to interrupt Joselle’s ritual.
However, when those energies descended above her head, she trembled as she released the same type of energy to protect herself.
Watching that scene unfold frightened
While many others wouldn’t know what those energies were, he did.
That was the power of Pryncyp.

Even though the world itself wouldn’t tolerate the ability to resurrect the dead,
Joselle pulled it off anyway.
He felt as though an invisible, spiritual hand went into Ryan’s chest and firmly grasped the latter’s heart.
In a moment, Ryan opened his eyes and turned to Jonathan, no longer possessing the murderous intent he previously had.
“Master.” Standing next to Joselle, he smiled at her politely.
Joselle chuckled. “Go and have your revenge. Let me witness your true strength!”
“Understood!” He was stark naked as he peered at Jonathan. At the corners of his mouth, fangs ripped his face apart as they formed.
Blood spilled out from the center of all his fingers before white finger bones pierced through his skin and started growing uncontrollably.

“That’s not Ryan!” Jonathan frowned. While Ryan’s outward appearance hasn’t changed much, he’s no longer staring at me with resentment.
Just as he was lamenting that, Ryan stepped forward.
Following the sound of a bell chime,
Jonathan widened his eyes as he gazed at the terrifying scene in front of him. I can’t believe it! Ryan’s currently a middle-phase
God Realm cultivator! What secret technique did Joselle use to resurrect him and raise his cultivation level to such a frightening degree?
Without delay, he formed three layers of defense to guard against Ryan and Joselle using restraining formation, spiritual energy force field, and the bronze handbell.
However, two layers of his defense were shattered by Ryan instantly as if they were made of paper.
As Jonathan’s defense failed to block his opponent’s attack, he was sent flying away before he landed back on the ground and stared at his enemies.

“If you let me out, I promise we’ll never cross paths again, Jonathan.” Giggling, Joselle pointed her spear at him. “You and I know it’s only a matter of time before I break out of here since a quarter of the Four Symbols Formation, the Flaming Tree, had been destroyed.”
“How do you know I can’t restore the formation to its full strength?” he remarked.
“Restore?” She snorted. “With what?
Skyscrapers? Vehicles? Christmas trees?
Do you know what the Flaming Tree is?
Nothing else like it exists outside of this formation anymore due to the destruction of the natural order!”
In response, Jonathan sighed with resignation. Cultivators who previously met with Joselle spoke too much about the outside world. That’s why she knows the general situation of the world outside. I won’t be able to fool her easily anymore.
“You want me to let you leave? Sure. Kill Ryan first, and then we’ll talk,” he negotiated tentatively.
To his surprise, she leaped across around forty meters and landed behind him. “Ryan is my slave! I rather kill you first than him!”

Ryan once again darted toward Jonathan.
As the golden bell rang, the runes interlaced.
Without delay, Jonathan sent a palm strike in Ryan’s direction.
Then he heard a sonic boom behind him as Joselle thrust her spear toward the back of Jonathan’s head.
“Expand!” After he unleashed a technique with hand gestures, the formation plate moved, and the distance between the three of them widened.
Ryan missed while the spear pierced into his chest.
However, as though he couldn’t feel any pain at all, he growled and promptly chased after Jonathan again.
“Shrink!” Jonathan took one step toward his opponent as he put away the bronze handbell and pulled out Heaven Sword.

Even though there were still more than a dozen meters of distance between them, after the formation plate on his left hand vibrated, Jonathan appeared in front of Ryan.
During the moment they flashed past each other, Heaven Sword silently sliced Ryan’s neck. At the same time, Ryan’s punch was sent flying toward Jonathan.
“Expand!” Jonathan roared, extending the distance between him and his opponent again, causing the latter’s punch to miss and land on the ground instead.
A ten-meter-square crater was formed on the ground.
If that attack had hit its intended target, Jonathan would’ve turned into meat paste.
“Whew.” Jonathan was panting on a slope dozens of meters away from the impact zone.
That series of attacks by the three of them only lasted for less than three breaths.
When experts fought, they attacked to kill, not to impress.

Even if Jonathan had all the advantages he could get, he would still only be able to escape death narrowly while facing two God Realm cultivators simultaneously.
If only I had a helper- Just as that thought entered his mind, he was stunned for a moment before he expanded his spiritual
sense into the storage ring
Then he pulled out a palm-sized paper figure. If I don’t have any helpers, I’ll just have to make one myself!


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