The Legendary Man Chapter 727


The formation plate was a shrunken version of Summerbank Abyss.
All of the markings in the abyss were connected to each other.
That was why Jonathan could use the formation plate to see every corner of the Three Ultimate Formations the moment he stepped past the mist wall.
However, according to his senses, the space before Jonathan had disappeared.
Joselle was supposed to be less than ten meters ahead of him, but he could not sense her aura at all.
Jonathan’s spiritual sense rushed forward, and the moment it touched the black barrier around Joselle, his spiritual sense reappeared behind Joselle.
Indeed, instead of going through Joselle, his spiritual sense had skipped right past her and reappeared a distance away from her.
It was as if the spot she was at did not exist at all.

The words Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique flashed in Jonathan’s mind.
Then several lines of words manifested: Ultimate Realm, Pryncyp force field! One can use the Pryncyp one has figured out by oneself to remove oneself from space itself. That is what a Half Immortal who’s untouched by karma can achieve. As long as one uses one’s Pryncyp to hold one’s ground against the divine trials, one will be able to achieve immortality.
When Jonathan saw the simple line, he was stunned.

Do… Immortals really exist?
It was just a brief thought, but Jonathan instantly felt his chest tightening.
When he pulled his mind back to the present, he realized that his clone had been punched in the chest by Ryan while he was distracted.
Hence, Jonathan refocused on his spiritual sense and made his clone charge toward Ryan with Heaven Sword again.

In the meantime, Jonathan walked toward Joselle with the formation plate and the bronze handbell.
Even though the Four Symbols Formation was incomplete, it could still suppress Joselle’s cultivation. Otherwise, she would not have needed to waste her breath with
If she had achieved the peak in the Ultimate Realm, she would have crushed him a long time ago.
“Regardless of whether you’re in Ultimate Realm or have been enlightened by the way of immortality, Summerbank Abyss is now my territory. You’ll have to abide by my rules if you’re here!”
After the muffled sound came Jonathan’s right fist, which slammed against the black barrier in front of Joselle.

The moment his fist touched the Pryncyp force field, the bronze handbell turned extremely hot.
Lines and lines of runes appeared beside

Jonathan’s right hand. He could even hear a voice mumbling mantras.
The Pryncyp force field shook, and Jonathan paled. He quickly shot out his spear to draw a long black line in front of him.
Due to the interference of the Pryncyp force field, Jonathan could not shift the space around Joselle; he could only use the formation plate on himself.
Soon, Jonathan could feel a sense of pulling.
Right as he started moving closer to Joselle, the pulling sensation dissipated, and the spear in front of Jonathan, which still had a layer of black mist around it, abruptly stabbed right at Jonathan’s eye.
Just as the sound of a bell rang, Jonathan dodged to the side.
Right in the nick of time, Jonathan had expanded the bronze handbell’s protective

range to the maximum to shield himself.
Nevertheless, despite successfully avoiding the blow from the spear,
Jonathan’s spiritual energy had dispersed.
His thoughts were disrupted, and his clone was cut in half by Ryan. It turned into dots of white orbs and faded away.
Just as Jonathan was twisting in the air to right himself, he spotted Joselle appearing in front of him.
When the spear swung downward, Jonathan’s body, which was flying backward and in midair, plummeted.
“Space Activation!”
Jonathan suppressed the riot of his spiritual energy within him and activated the formation plate.
Right as he was about to hit the ground, he disappeared.

In the next second, above an old pool in the mountains, a body glowing gold light

crashed into the water.
“Jonathan Goldstein, hand over the formation plate! You can’t escape me!”
Joselle bellowed as a crazed smile grew on her lips.
However, there was no ripple in the water.
Staring at the pool below, Joselle furrowed her brows and shot out her spear. Like a sword, the twirling Pryncyp sliced the pool into two parts.
The rocky banks of the pool were destroyed, and water spilled out of it as if it was escaping a broken dam. Yet, Jonathan’s figure was nowhere to be found.
“I’m here!” came a roar from behind
She turned, but she was greeted by the sight of a bloody Jonathan with Heaven Sword in his hand.
The next thing she noticed was Ryan’s head in his other hand.

“Joselle, if I can teleport once, I can

teleport again and again. I can’t kill you here, but you can’t kill me either.”
Joselle lifted her spear.
“Even if you mince him, I’ll still be able to piece him back just fine.”
As she said that, she stretched out her palm as a murderous aura began forming around her.
In no time, Ryan’s soul reappeared in Joselle’s hand.
At that, Jonathan kept Ryan’s head and body in his storage ring.
Even though life could not be kept in his storage space, Ryan’s body was nothing but an item.
“But what if I do this?”

Jonathan asked as he took off his ring.
Then, he curled his fingers to make his hands resemble claws before channeling spiritual energy into his palms to crush the storage ring.
Joselle turned livid when the ring was

“You must have a death wish, Jonathan Goldstein!”
The murderous aura that consolidated in Joselle’s palm dissipated, and she started charging toward Jonathan in a frenzied
Jonathan quickly gestured a technique.
When he took a step forward, he reached a hundred meters away from his initial location.
Once the ring was destroyed, all the items in the storage ring would be gone, along with the dimension within the ring.

While Joselle could bring a dead man back to life, she needed a body for the summoned soul.
Since Jonathan had destroyed Ryan’s body, it was impossible for her to revive Ryan anymore.
Ryan was a trained slave Joselle finally got after decades.
Yet, she had only had him for a few days

before he was killed for good by Jonathan.
How could she possibly accept the outcome in silence?

I’m going to kill Jonathan! I’m going to get that formation plate! Those were the only thoughts Joselle had at that moment.
In the meantime, blood was flowing out of Jonathan’s mouth uncontrollably.
Even though the bronze handbell protected him earlier, the attack still wounded him terribly.
His internal organs were injured, and his spiritual energy had taken a hit.
Furthermore, he had been spending a great amount of spiritual energy activating the formation plate. By then, Jonathan was starting to succumb to his injuries.
Nevertheless, he knew well that the ancient beast behind him would come closer to him if he were a beat too slow. If that happened, the ancient beast would be able to use its Pryncyp to disrupt the formation plate’s operation.
He also knew that taking on Joselle alone would be akin to seeking death.

Thus, Jonathan kept zig-zagging in the abyss.
Right then, the second bolt of lightning struck the top of Joselle’s head.
“Get lost!” Joselle bellowed when she realized Jonathan was already at the edge of the abyss, her voice reverberating throughout the entire Summerbank Abyss.

In the next instant, Jonathan leaped into the mist to reverse the formation.
The last sight he saw before entering the mist was a sea of electricity behind him.


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