The Legendary Man Chapter 728

Chapter 728
A figure stumbled out of the thick fog that blanketed a stream on Summerbank
Jonathan collapsed between the thorny bushes, coughing out blood.
Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would come so close to death in Summerbank Abyss this time.
Previously, he had suspected Joselle was at least a Divine Realm cultivator. Yet little did he expect that she was in the Ultimate Realm.
Jonathan’s eyes narrowed when he recalled the Pryncyp force field.
The Flaming Tree, once a part of the Four Symbols Formation, had withered away, leaving the remaining three symbols formation struggling. They could only keep Joselle captive for only a few months.
The formation in Summerbank Abyss was incomplete, but it could still keep her captive.
However, once the core Four Symbols Formation was crushed, no one could stop

Joselle, not even the mist surrounding the area, for she had the Pryncyp force field.
Jonathan couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine at the thought of an unrestrained Ultimate Realm warrior entering modern society.

With a deep breath, Jonathan forced himself to sit up and crossed his legs. He began to activate the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, focusing his energy on the ancient practice.
He didn’t notice the Heaven Sword glowing a bright emerald green beside him.
Back in Zedfield, Yaleview, Wilbur was sitting on the wicker chair in the garden.
He had replaced Joshua’s position.
Across from him was a young lady who looked like a delinquent, sporting dreadlocks and munching on fruit from a plate.
“This fruit isn’t as tasty as the ones in our family” Eva commented.
With a swift flick of her finger, she launched the toothpick in her hand,

propelling it twenty meters across the garden, where it embedded itself in the low wall.
“Wilbur, any progress regarding the matter
Tasked you to investigate?”
“The investigation’s not making much progress.” With his legs crossed, Wilbur sighed and revealed, “In all of Chanaea, except for those from the respected families, there are only a few God Realm cultivators in Chanaea. Jonathan and Karl were in Doveston at the time, and I didn’t fit the profile of a suspect. I believe the issue still lies with the eight respectable families.

“That’s impossible,” Eva replied with her brows furrowed. “Over ten years ago, the cultivators from the eight respectable families wiped out the Whitley family together. I saw everyone there, and no one was using a sniper rifle.
Wilbur chuckled. “The Salladay family has produced new God Realm cultivators in the past decade, so why can’t other families produce talent as well?”
“I don’t believe so,” Eva said, remembering

the cultivator she encountered during her fight with Joshua.
“However, it’s possible
he used a sniper rifle to interfere with my judgment.” She paused slightly, remembering why she was here. “By the way, I came here on official business. The family has decided that you should launch an attack on the Eastern Army.”
Wilbur stopped rocking in his wicker chair.
He whirled around to gaze at Eva and flashed a grin. “You must be joking. The Yaleview Army has over six hundred thousand soldiers, and the Eastern Army has one hundred and seventy thousand soldiers. Do you think it’s funny? If we go to war with them, it will have a profound impact on all of Chanaea.”
Eva’s lips curled. “I’m serious. Under Karl’s leadership, the Eastern Army formed an alliance with the Mallory family, the Leeson family, and the Henderson family.
The Gray family, the Blackwood family, and the Welsh family have now decided to partner up as well, creating an unfavorable situation for the Salladay family. The elders held a meeting before I arrived and came to a consensus: you will lead the Yaleview Army to Doveston and defeat the

Eastern Army. This will split military power between the east and west, turning the conflict between the eight respectable families into one between the Osborne and Salladay families. If the other three families refuse to take sides, I believe the Osborne family will make a strategic decision to eliminate them.”
Through her casual comments, Eva acted as though the Salladay family had control over the situation in Chanaea.
However, a hint of disgust flashed across
Wilbur’s eyes.

“Are you done talking?”
“Hmm?” Not expecting Wilbur’s reply, Eva pursed her lips in disapproval.
Wilbur sat up and poured her a cup of tea.
“The tea’s cold. You should leave.
“What do you mean by that, Wilbur?” Eva snapped. “Don’t forget that you only achieved your current status because of the Salladay family’s backing. We can take away what we have granted you if we so choose.”

“Do you think that’s possible?” The scar on Wilbur’s face twitched as he shot her a murderous look. “Eva, I’m not sure what you remember, but it’s been a joint effort between me and the Salladays since the start. We are all equal partners. Are you trying to give me orders? I don’t think you understand what is happening here.”
His hands were gripping two daggers as he spoke.
Eva saw the icy glint of the daggers and quickly backed away, jumping onto the low wall
With The Hundred Beasts scroll slightly unveiled behind her, Eva was ready to unleash a demon beast at any moment.
“Wilbur, make yourself clear” Eva demanded, her hand resting on the scroll as she prepared for battle.
“Remdik has placed nine hundred thousand troops north of the River Onyx. I assume the Salladay family is unaware of this fact. If I were to launch an attack on the Eastern Army, the ensuing conflict could provide the perfect opportunity for the Remdik to make their move. You know

what I’m proposing. If a war breaks out, the Salladay family will be the first to suffer at my hands.”
Eva snorted and stood up straight. “You’re quite bold to say that to my face, huh?”
Wilbur glanced at his weapon casually.
“Unlike Jonathan and Karl, I don’t have a family for you to threaten. I’m also not like Joshua, who wants to take revenge for the Whitley family. I’m an orphan with no affiliation or connections to any group or faction. Even if the Yaleview Army were to be wiped out in war, I wouldn’t bat an
“Got it, Eva responded as she kept her scroll with her brows furrowed. “I’ll relay your message to them. However, you need to remember one thing. If you ever raise your weapon against a Salladay again, I’lI make sure you die a horrible death.”
Eva jumped off the low wall and quickly disappeared from Wilbur’s view.
After keeping his weapon, Wilbur turned to look in the direction of Xemrich.

“It’s been two years since then. You never

knew things would turn out this way, right?
The timing is right, so what are you waiting for?”


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