The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 111-120

Lin Xiaoyao may have noticed the reaction of the bosses, and grabbed it at random, just catching the chess piece that fell to the ground.


See here…

The bosses couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and wiped the fine sweat from their foreheads.

Lin Xiaoyao asked, “Does any of you want to play chess?”

Playing Hetian jade chess?

Then, how many more times I almost fell?

“I don’t play.”

“You put the chess away.”

“Yes, right, put it in a better place.”

The bosses spoke one after another, and kept shaking their heads.

Lin Xiaoyao’s pretty face was full of weird colors.

If you don’t play, why don’t you just let it go?

Lin Xiaoyao took the chess and placed it next to the gate.

See here…

The bosses looked at each other.

Hetian jade chess worth tens of millions, just put it at the gate?


At this time, there was another rumbling of cars in the distance.

Then, one, two, three…

Another large group of luxury cars drove over.

Finally stopped firmly in front.

Then, as before, many men and women in formal attire walked down one after another.

  Omi met one of them, Zhou Chengjun, the general manager of Qingshi Yinshan Shopping Mall.

Yesterday,   Omi lived in Qingshi with three chefs, and happened to meet Zhou Chengjun, who was accompanying the client.

At that time, Zhou Chengjun was very excited.

After a conversation,   Omi told him about his grandpa’s 70th birthday.

Therefore, Zhou Chengjun said on the spot that he would definitely go to congratulate him.

After Zhou Chengjun and   Omi separated, they reported the incident to Song Zhifeng, the chairman of Yinshan Group.

Song Zhifeng has always attached great importance to   Omi, the largest shareholder he has never seen before.

Therefore, after learning that   Omi’s grandfather was about to pass his life, he did not hesitate at all, and directly led the company’s senior executives to fly to Qingshi overnight.

Song Zhifeng didn’t want to cause   Omi to think that because he didn’t go to celebrate his birthday, if it provokes him to suddenly get involved in the affairs of the Yinshan Group.

It’s really regrettable.

Song Zhifeng walked up and said, “Hello, Mr. Lin, we finally met.”

When the words fell, he took the initiative to extend his right hand.

  Omi had never seen Song Zhifeng at all, but when he saw Zhou Chengjun standing next to him and being so respectful to him, he had a guess in his heart and said, “Hello.”

“Hello, Mr. Lin.” The executives standing next to Song Zhifeng shouted respectfully.

They didn’t dare to show the slightest contempt just because   Omi was young.

You know,   Omi is the largest shareholder of Yinshan Group!

As long as he is dissatisfied, he can be laid off immediately!

  Omi nodded and said, “This is my grandfather.”

“Hello, Mr. Lin, I wish you good health and all the best!” Song Zhifeng said hurriedly, and at the same time, he handed out a delicate jade Buddha.

Lin Liqiang hesitated to accept the gift and said, “Thank you, thank you! Are you?”

“Oh, my name is Song Zhifeng, the chairman of Yinshan Group.” Song Zhifeng said.

Not long ago, Lin Liqiang had already met many bosses.

Therefore, this can be considered too great a reaction.

But Wang Zhongde and all the bosses who stood not far away had their eyes widened, and their faces were full of horror.

They are indeed the bosses of various companies, but their company and Yinshan Group are not comparable at all?

Yinshan Group, that is a large enterprise with a market value of tens of billions!

The chairman of such a large company would come to celebrate his birthday in person!

Moreover, in the words, there was a hint of flattery to   Omi.

Sure enough, the boss behind Qiankun Building is really amazing!

“I am the general manager of Yinshan Group, Xiang Liguo. Mr. Lin, I wish you good luck in the East China Sea and a longevity than Nanshan!”

“I’m the investment promotion director of Yinshan Group, Ye Qing. Father Lin, I wish you all your wishes come true and smile often!”

After Song Zhifeng celebrated his birthday, the senior executives of Yinshan Group also uttered their blessings and gave red envelopes or gifts.

Zhou Chengjun, who was the lowest on the scene, finally spoke: “I am the general manager of Qingshi Yinshan Shopping Mall, Zhou Chengjun. Father Lin, I wish you good luck and good luck and prosperity!”

As soon as this statement was made, the faces of the surrounding bosses did not change in any way.

After all, the chairman and executives of Yinshan Group are here.

What is a little general manager of Yinshan Mall?

However, some villagers cried out in surprise.

“How can I look at him a little familiar, he turned out to be the general manager of Yinshan Mall in the city! A while ago, Qingshi News also reported on him!”

“It’s amazing! Even the general manager of Yinshan Mall has congratulated Mr. Lin on his birthday!”

“Lao Zhang and their house, why haven’t they come? I’ll call to remind you!”

“Lao Song and his family?”


Then, these villagers took out their mobile phones one after another, and people who knew them dialed the phone.

In fact, they naturally knew that Lao Zhang, Lao Song and others were going to congratulate Wang Yaping on their birthday.

This is based on the custom of ‘just high, not low’ ~ there is nothing to say.

But, don’t the Lin family have more ‘guests’ now?

Of course… it’s time for these people to come to the Lin Family to celebrate their birthday!


At this time, in the west of the village, Wang Yaping’s home.

In the kitchen, the smell of meat slowly drifted out.

The villagers sat together, smelling the aroma, and chatting more and more vigorously.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, someone’s cell phone rang loudly.

The man answered the phone casually.


“What you said is true?”

“Okay, I’ll come here!”

Then, without saying hello to anyone, the cat walked outside.

There is more than one case like this.

3 people, 5 people, 8 people, 10 people…

Those who did not receive the call, either pulled their friends to ask, or were full of curiosity… Then, they followed suit.

After a while, almost half of Wang Yaping’s house was gone, and there were still people walking outside.

Originally, the crowded scene immediately became empty.

Wang Yaping also noticed this and frowned, “What did they do?”

The middle-aged man next to him said: “Let me ask…”

Soon, the middle-aged man walked back, his face was a little ugly, and said: “They said that there were a dozen luxury cars parked in front of Old Man Lin’s house.”

“A total of more than a dozen bosses came to celebrate their birthdays, and even the general manager of Qingshi Yinshan Shopping Mall came here… so…”

The middle-aged man did not finish speaking, but Wang Yaping already understood.

According to the principle of’higher, not low’, those villagers must feel that Lin Liqiang’s family has more VIPs and more weight!

Wang Yaping looked at the villagers who kept leaving, his entire face was hard to see the extreme.

The reason why he chose to hold the birthday banquet today was because he wanted to step on Lin Liqiang.

Today, most of the villagers go to Lin Liqiang’s home.

Doesn’t this make yourself a joke instead?

At this moment, Wang Yaping even had an urge to cancel the 70th birthday.


At this time, many villagers have come to Lin Liqiang’s home.

They looked at a long row of luxury cars in the distance, their faces full of surprise.

According to hearsay, there is still a difference from seeing it with your own eyes.

When they saw Lin Liqiang, they bowed their hands in greeting.

“Good old birthday star!”

“Old birthday star, real spirit today!”

Lin Liqiang listened to the greetings from the villagers, not to mention being overjoyed.

He smiled heartily: “Thank you everyone, thank you, please come in quickly, drink some water first, and dinner will be served later!”

At this time, the several tables at the door had already placed Maotai, MK drinks and other things.

After the villagers saw it, their cloudy eyes flickered faintly, and they couldn’t help swallowing.

Someone seemed to be worried that they were dazzled, and whispered: “Then…Is that Maotai?”

“I just checked it with my mobile phone. It’s a 5,000 yuan bottle of Feitian Moutai!” someone next to him said.


The villagers took a deep breath, and then they couldn’t wait to sit around the table.

However, at the beginning, only a small number of villagers came, and there were only a few tables in total. Where could there be so many people?

As a result, some villagers quickly went home to move tables and chairs, and some villagers even returned to Wang Yaping’s home and quietly moved their tables.

Although it was quiet, this scene was all seen in Wang Yaping’s eyes.

His angry face flushed, but he was helpless.

There were only a half of the villagers celebrating birthdays at Wang Yaping’s house.

At this time, seeing the villagers returning to move the table, this little half couldn’t help but ask a few more questions, and then another part of them left.

After a while, nearly twenty tables were put down at the door of Lin Liqiang’s house. The villagers and bosses all sat around the table, chatting, and the atmosphere was extremely lively.


At this time, two extended Rolls Royce drove over from a distance.

Then, Zhou Guotao, Zhou Shihong, and four bodyguards who were wearing black suits and looked very strong, walked down slowly.

The villagers have seen many luxury cars.

However, this kind of extended version of the car has not really been seen, and I can’t help but feel a little curious for a while, and they all look up.

Compared with the curiosity of the villagers, Song Zhifeng and the veterans were surprised, but also vaguely felt a special sense of familiarity.

Surprised… from the Rolls-Royce extended version, this is a luxury car of tens of millions.

The sense of familiarity… comes from the old man standing at the forefront, and the veterans feel that they have seen him somewhere.

After seeing Zhou Guotao,   Omi also showed a look of surprise, hurriedly greeted him, and said, “Grandpa Zhou, why are you here?”

After all, Zhou Guotao has an extraordinary status, and he is older than his grandfather.

Now that he comes to celebrate his birthday in person,   Omi naturally wants to give the utmost respect.


In the minds of Song Zhifeng and all the bosses, a legendary figure gradually overlapped with the old man in front of him.

Everyone’s eyes widened suddenly, and their faces were filled with astonishment and disbelief.

It’s him!

The pillar of the Zhou family, Zhou Guotao!

That’s right!

it’s him!

Next to him is Zhou Shihong, the second son of the Zhou family!


  Omi unexpectedly knew people from the Zhou family, and even the old man from the Zhou family came to celebrate his birthday in person!



What is   Omi’s identity?

Zhou Guotao smiled heartily: “Your grandpa is celebrating his birthday, how could I not come?”

Then, he turned to Lin Liqiang and said, “Brother Lin, I wish you good health and all the best.”

As he spoke, he handed out a green jade Ruyi.

Obviously, Zhou Guotao had seen Lin Liqiang’s photo a long time ago, so he could be recognized at a glance.

Lin Liqiang replied: “Thank you, brother, for letting an old man like you wish me a birthday. This is really bad for me. I don’t know what the old brother calls?”

On the one hand, Lin Liqiang also vaguely felt that Zhou Guotao’s status was good.

On the other hand, it is usually young people who wish the elderly a birthday.

Zhou Guotao is obviously older than Lin Liqiang.

Therefore, Lin Liqiang didn’t dare to indulge in anything.

Zhou Guotao smiled and said: ”  Omi saved my life, and even, it can be said that it saved our entire Zhou family… I certainly have to congratulate Brother Lin on his birthday!”

After a pause, he said: “By the way, my name is Zhou Guotao.”

As soon as this remark came out, the bosses standing not far away felt another violent beating in their hearts.

Although, they have already guessed the identity of Zhou Guotao.

However, after hearing his personal confession, he was still very surprised.

At the same time, the bosses looked at   Omi and became more respectful.

Zhou Guotao’s savior will be unlimited in the future!


At this time, there was another sound of vehicles in the distance.

Then, one, two, three…

It was another black car, and drove over quickly.

Everyone on the scene…including Song Zhifeng, the bosses, and all the villagers, seeing the passing vehicles, they all stood up in a rush, with incredible, unbelievable, and horrified expressions on their faces!

Because the front and back of these vehicles are all Audi cars, and in the middle is an army green If this is the case, of course they will not have such a big reaction.

The key is the license plates of these cars!

A00001, A00002, A00003…

Amount K00001, Amount K00002, Amount K00003…

They all knew very well what the meaning of these license plates meant, that was the cars of the leaders of Jiang Province and Qing City!

Especially, it is the army green jeep in the middle, with the license plate Jing AG0008! This is the great leader of the entire China!

In the eyes of everyone, these are not a group of vehicles at all, but a group of immortals coming!

Everyone wanted to go up to greet them, but they were afraid of bumping into the gods.

They just stood on the spot, looking from a distance, with a look of helplessness.


Finally, all vehicles stopped.

Then, a large group of big people who only existed in the news and newspapers got out of the car one after another.

Standing at the forefront was the old Qin Weiming Qin that   Omi had met not long ago!

Qin Weiming strode forward and smiled heartily: ”  Omi, I heard that your grandfather is celebrating his birthday today, so come and have a look. Didn’t you bother you?”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone on the scene was shocked again.

You know, the leaders of Jiang Province, the leaders of Qingshi, and others are all like small followers, all following this old man!

And just now, it was the man with the wheat ear badge on his shoulders who personally acted as a driver and opened the door for this old man!

Plus the old man Jing AG0008’s car!

All of this is superficial, and the identity of the old man is extremely terrifying!

And such an old man turned out to be because of   Omi, so he came to celebrate his birthday?

  Omi…what exactly is his identity?

Everyone present didn’t dare to see Qin Weiming at all.

They had to focus their extremely shocked gaze on   Omi.

In fact,   Omi didn’t expect Qin Weiming to come.

He smiled and said: “You can come over, we are too happy to be too late, how can we bother?”

After all,   Omi’s original purpose was to hold a lively birthday banquet for Grandpa.

The more people come, the better naturally.

Qin Weiming nodded, then, strode forward, and said to Lin Liqiang: “Good day, birthday star!”

Lin Liqiang is also very aware of Qin Weiming’s identity. Seeing him personally congratulate himself on his birthday, he said happily, “Thank you, thank you!”

He had never thought that on his 70th birthday, so many big people would come to celebrate his birthday. He was already excited, and some didn’t know what to say.

Qin Weiming smiled and said, “I came in a hurry and didn’t prepare any gifts. Therefore, I wrote a letter as a congratulatory gift. I hope that the birthday star will not be disgusting.

As he spoke, he raised his hand slightly.

The middle-aged man standing next to him opened a scroll.

On the scroll, like dragons and phoenixes dancing, there are four characters “Fu Shou Shuang Quan” written in four large characters, and there is a signature in the lower right corner: Qin Weiming!

After seeing this name, the hearts of everyone present jumped again.

Although, they have guessed that this old man has extraordinary origins.

However, everyone did not expect it to be the legendary Qin Weiming Qin Lao!

This is a victorious, well-known tiger general!

Lin Liqiang had been a soldier before, and the person he admired most was Qin Weiming!

He had never before, one day he could see real Qin Weiming.

Even Qin Weiming gave himself a piece of calligraphy.



Lin Liqiang felt like he was dreaming, his entire face was like rubbed manuscript paper, he was extremely happy.

After a long time, Lin Liqiang trembling his hands, slowly took over the scroll.

Then, Qin Weiming slowly turned sideways towards Zhou Guotao, who was not far away, and smiled: “Guo Tao, long time no see!”

In fact, there is a reason why Qin Weiming came to celebrate his birthday today.

As a result,   Omi saved his grandson not long ago.

Secondly, he took a fancy to   Omi’s abilities, including saving lives, being a mathematician, and the leader of the 10th dragon team.

Three years later, he learned that Zhou Guotao would also come to celebrate his birthday.

After comprehensive consideration, Qin Weiming also came.

If the leaders of Jiang Province didn’t know that Qin Weiming had come to his site, then they didn’t need to accompany him.

But, now that I know it, of course I have to keep up.

Therefore, there will be so many people this time.

As the helm of the top family, Zhou Guotao naturally knew Qin Weiming and said with a smile: “Old Qin, I thought I would meet with you next time, it should be the National Day…”

The two elders were chatting at the door for a while, but everyone at the scene stood on the sidelines, not daring to talk to each other.

At this time, Qin Weiming said: “Why are we all standing here? Today’s protagonist is Shou Xing Gong, let’s go in and sit down.”

How dare everyone not listen to him? One after another responded.

However, with so many people here, the tables and chairs are not enough.

As a result, the villagers quickly gave up their positions, and then ran to the west of the village quickly.

After a while, they arrived at Wang Yaping’s home.

At this time, on the dozens of tables in front of Wang Yaping’s house, full of fragrant dishes, there were only a few dozen people sitting, which was very empty.

Wang Yaping, sitting at the top table, was raising his wine glass, preparing to say something.

At this time, many villagers rushed over suddenly.

Seeing this, Wang Yaping couldn’t help showing a smile on his face.

Xindao: It seems that they still decided to attend my birthday banquet!

So Wang Yaping spoke, ready to let the villagers sit down.

The next moment, Wang Yaping was stunned.

“This table belongs to my house!”

“These benches are also…”

Then, the villagers actually put the food on the table aside, and ran outside carrying the table.

Someone couldn’t help but said, “What are you doing? Old man Wang is still hosting a birthday banquet!”

The villagers stopped for a while, and they also felt that it would not be good to just move away.

So, he explained: “The leaders of Qingshi and Jiang Province have all gone to Old Man Lin’s house, there are not enough tables and chairs!”

As soon as this statement came out, the scene fell silent for a while.

Someone said: “When do you… ever like to joke?”

The leaders of Qingshi and Jiang Province?

What’s that identity?

Definitely a big shot!

Will they come to congratulate Lin Liqiang on his birthday?

This is simply impossible!

“Who is joking? Not only the leaders of Qingshi and Jiang Province are here, but also Qin Weiming, the old Qin leader!” someone shouted while carrying the table.

Then, he stopped talking, and walked away quickly.

He wants to hurry to Lin Liqiang’s home!

This is a rare opportunity to have dinner with so many big shots.

One second at night, I will regret it later!

The whole scene fell silent again.

Qin Weiming Qin Lao is also here?

That’s a famous tiger general!

Will he come?

Everyone present at Wang Yaping’s face was filled with unbelief and dumbfoundedness.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, a loud bell awakened everyone.

A middle-aged man working in the education sector in Qingshi, glanced at the call prompt.

It turned out that it was from his cousin. He told himself in advance that he would be late today at and don’t have to wait for him.

“Cousin, why are there so many Audi cars parked in front of Old Man Lin’s house, and the license plate is still A00001, A00002…”

The latter words, the middle-aged man did not hear clearly, as if there was a cannonball that exploded suddenly on the side of his head, buzzing.

Wang Yaping, who was standing next to him, sat down on the stool, feeling extremely depressed and flustered.

Wang Yaping had already heard the voice on the phone clearly.

He understands that what the villagers just said was true.

The leader of Qingshi, the leader of Jiang Province… and Qin Weiming and Qin elders, I am afraid it is really here!

He even fought Lin Liqiang for so many years.

Really… Really looking for death!


At this time, the front door of Lin Liqiang’s house was full of tables.

Lin Liqiang took the lead at the request of Qin Weiming, Zhou Guotao and others.

Zhang Guidan, Qin Weiming, Zhou Guotao, Lin Tao, Dai Weixue,   Omi, Lin Xiaoyao, Jiang Provincial Leader and others sat in sequence.

The villagers were at other tables and surrounded at will.

Soon, a portion of fragrant dishes slowly came up under the cooking of the three chefs.

Qin Weiming raised his wine glass and said: “The first glass of wine, let us bless the birthday man and be healthy!”

Suddenly, everyone raised their glasses together and shouted: “Happy birthday, good health!”

Lin Liqiang opened his mouth and almost couldn’t close his smile. He said happily, “Thank you, thank you everyone!”

Then, everyone drank the wine in the glass together.

At this moment, a clear reminder sounded in   Omi’s mind.

【Ding! Complete the hidden mission, hold a grand birthday banquet, and get 5 silver red envelopes! 】

After   Omi heard the prompt in his mind, he was taken aback for a moment.

Then, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a shallow smile.

Helped Grandpa to hold a birthday banquet and also completed a task.

Killing two birds with one stone, not bad!


After the villagers drank, they couldn’t help but talk in a low voice.

“As expected of Moutai, it tastes really good!”

“Yes! The mouth is full of fragrance!”

Then, the villagers began to eat food again.

“The taste of this dish is too good!”

“Especially this beef, it’s so tender! I have never eaten such tender beef!”

“Drinks are delicious too!”

They were amazed while eating.

In fact, there is no wonder they are so.

Because the beef is a few thousand yuan a catty of Wagyu beef, and the drink is a few hundred yuan a bottle of MK…

The banquet lasted for more than two hours before slowly dissipating.

Qin Weiming, the leaders of Jiang Province, Zhou Guotao, Song Zhifeng and other bosses did not stay for a long time, and left one after another in their vehicles.

Generally speaking, after the guests leave the venue, the host family needs to clean up the dishes, clean the tables and chairs, and then return them to the villagers.

After all, this belongs to the host’s job.

But today, it is totally different.

“Brother Lin, don’t be tired, take a rest quickly.”

“I’ll come, I’ll do it.”

“Master Lin, just sit there and drink some tea.”

Lin Liqiang, Zhang Guidan, Lin Tao and Dai Weixue were almost forced to rest by the villagers.

The villagers are rushing to clean the dishes, wiping the tables and chairs, and they are very busy.

About an hour later, Lin Liqiang’s home became tidy and clean again. Except for the birthday characters on the wall and the red lanterns, there was no trace of a birthday banquet.

Lin Liqiang sat in a chair, thinking about the scene of today’s more than a dozen bosses, the leaders of Jiang Province, and even Qin Weiming and Qin Lao, his old face could not be restrained, all smiles.

He understood that the reason why this happened was entirely due to   Omi.

Lin Liqiang patted   Omi on the shoulder and said, “Xiao Fan, great!”

Then, the family chatted for a while, and the atmosphere was extremely relaxed and fun.

Lin Tao and Dai Weixue proposed to pick up Lin Liqiang and Zhang Guidan to live in Si Tiao Street.

However,   Omi suggested buying a villa in the city and living together as a family.

However, they were all rejected by Lin Liqiang and Zhang Guidan.

Because they have lived in Shanwu Village for most of their lives, and they really don’t want to move.

Seeing the sky slowly darkened,   Omi carried Lin Tao, Dai Weixue, Lin Xiaoyao, and led the truck, and headed away.

But   Omi and others just walked for a while.


There was a sound of footsteps in the corridor outside Lin Liqiang’s house.

Then, Wang Yaping, with a sallow complexion, walked over slowly. He bent over and said in a hoarse voice, “Brother Lin, I can’t help you all these years…”


At this time,   Omi had already sent his parents and sister back to Four Streets.

Lin Xiaoyao seemed to have thought of something suddenly, and hurriedly asked: “Brother, you said last time that you answered the Zhou’s conjecture and the twin prime conjecture?”

“Yes.”   Omi answered casually.

Lin Xiaoyao opened her mouth wide and said, “This is too awesome!”

“What’s this? I’m your omnipotent brother!”   Omi smiled and pinched Lin Xiaoyao’s pretty face.

After a pause, he said, “Too much hiccups, remember to eat more!”

“Brother!” Lin Xiaoyao protested.

Lin Tao asked: “What kind of conjecture?”

“Dad, it’s Zhou’s conjecture and twin primes conjecture! That’s a world mathematical problem!” Lin Xiaoyao said excitedly.

It looks like she is the one who answers these two problems.

Lin Tao and Dai Weixue glanced at each other, followed by surprise.

But, soon, calm was restored.

After all, today   Omi was invited by the leaders of Lianjiang Province and Qin Weiming.

Now, two math problems have been solved, it seems…it’s nothing, right?

  Omi glanced at the time and said, “Dad and Mom, then I will go back to Jiangbei first.”

After all, he promised Chu Yunyue that he would go to see the final product of Love Heart today and the publicity advertisement.

Now that Grandpa’s birthday banquet has been held,   Omi is not willing to break his promise.

“Okay, pay attention to safety on the road.” Dai Weixue said.

  Omi nodded, sat on the Mercedes-Benz big G, slammed on the accelerator, and galloped towards the distance.


Jiangbei Hotel.

Since the three chefs did not go to their home in   Omi town, they arrived in Jiangbei one step earlier than   Omi.

They were just about to walk into the kitchen when General Manager Zhang Shanfeng happened to see the three of them.

So he asked, “I’m back? How about the birthday banquet of that grandfather Lin?”

Mentioning this incident, the three chefs were very excited and said, “Leaders from Jiangbei City, Qing City, and Jiang Province, all go to celebrate their birthday!”

“More than that! Tiger general Qin also went!”

“Today is really an eye-opener!”

Listening to what they said, Zhang Shanfeng couldn’t help swallowing, his face was full of shock.

Although, he had seen   Omi eat with these big shots not long ago.

However, I never thought that these big shots would come to celebrate their birthdays in person!



What is   Omi’s identity?


On the other hand   Omi finally came to Jiangbei, Feiyang Building.

  Omi has been to Huazhidi Company several times, and many employees know that he has a good relationship with Chairman Chu Yunyue.

Therefore, when all the employees saw   Omi, they greeted him enthusiastically.

  Omi responded with a smile.

After a while, he came to the R&D center.

Chu Yunyue is still deploying and testing here, very seriously.

When Chu Yunyue saw   Omi, her beautiful eyes immediately lit up, and she happily said, ”  Omi, you are here at a high time. You should first take a look at the finished product of our love.”

While speaking, he picked up a tray.

On the top of the tray, there are perfumes in seven different colors: yellow, red, green, basket, purple, white, and gray.

  Omi opened the bottle cap one by one and sniffed slightly.

Chu Yunyue couldn’t help being a little nervous and said, “How is the smell?”

It looks like a child waiting for the teacher to check his homework, expecting and nervous.

  Omi did not answer immediately, but looked at the computer screen.

In the picture, a sweet girl runs wantonly among the flowers, with colorful butterflies flying behind her.

When the girl stopped, the butterflies sprayed pollen towards her.

As a result, it became a perfume of the Love Heart series.

Chu Yunyue explained: “This is the promotional video of our love.”

  Omi nodded and said: “The perfume is well formulated, and the promotional video is also very good. It can be compared with Guerlain and Burberry.”

“Great!” Chu Yunyue said excitedly.

That appearance, as if   Omi said, is the truth of the world!

S: Welcome to read my book ”  “.

Because of being too happy, Chu Yunyue’s pretty face was full of colorful clouds.

Then,   Omi and Chu Yunyue talked for about half an hour.

In the past few days, Chu Yunyue has been very worried and nervous.

Because the Love Heart series is planned to be launched in the next few days.

Chu Yunyue invested a lot of effort and money in the Love Heart series.

Once the market performs poorly, she really doesn’t know what to do.

However, after talking with   Omi for half an hour today, Chu Yunyue’s worries disappeared instantly, and her whole person became extremely relaxed.

Originally, Chu Yunyue wanted to invite   Omi to dinner.

However,   Omi had already eaten it, so he had to give it up.


The night is getting deeper.

The whole Feiyang building gradually fell into darkness.

But in the Huazhidi Company where the door was locked, a figure suddenly appeared.

It is the researcher Zhao Zhixiong.

“Chu Yunyue, the perfume that I have worked so hard to develop for you for a few years is not as good as   Omi’s little white face and babbling for a few days!”

“You were the one who sorry me first, so don’t blame me!”

While Zhao Zhixiong was talking, he inserted the hard drive into the computer in the chairman’s office.

When the latest data was collected, Zhao Zhixiong took out a hammer and slammed it directly, the flames splashed, and his face was horrified and terrifying!


After   Omi got out of the Feiyang Building, he directly drove the Mercedes Benz G galloping away.

When it came to the traffic light not far away, a MINI car happened to stop by the side.

  Omi glanced casually and found that it was Hu Tian.

So, he shouted: “Teacher Tiantian!”

After hearing the sound, Hu Tian slowly turned sideways and saw   Omi, and said happily: ”  Omi!”

Then, the two moved forward together.

Before long,   Omi came to Hu Tian’s home.

The two have not seen each other for a few days.

Little don’t win the newlyweds.

As soon as the door was closed, the air seemed to become too hot.

Hu Tian said: “I will pour you a glass of water first.”

However,   Omi directly embraced her in his arms.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)



The two applauded for love and stayed up all night!


The next day.

When   Omi opened his eyes, there was no one next to him.

However, there was a faint scent from the side of the nose.

  Omi slowly got up and walked outside.

At this time, a bowl of noodles, a plate of fried dumplings and a cup of hot milk were placed on the table.

Hu Tian smiled and said, “Are you hungry? Have some breakfast first.”

  Omi touched his nose and smiled: “I’m really hungry.”

When the words fell, he was not polite, and just ate the noodles.

After a while, a large bowl of noodles, a whole plate of fried dumplings and a glass of milk were all cleaned up.

  Omi said, “Teacher Tiantian is good at teaching, as well as culinary skills! This mouth is sloppy, and in the future, I’m afraid it will be unpalatable for other meals.”

If others say this, Hu Tian might feel that the other party is glib and disgusted.

However, changing to   Omi gave Hu Tian a sweet feeling.

Hu Tian smiled and said, “As long as you like, you can come over and eat anytime.”

  Omi said happily, “Teacher Tiantian, this is what you said!”

The two talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Hu Tian was a little tired last night, so after finishing the dishes and chopsticks, she went back to the room to make up for the rest.

  Omi drove a Mercedes-Benz Big G towards Jiangbei University.

When passing by Zhongbei Street, a fragrant wind suddenly blew next to him.

  Omi sniffed lightly, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Because this fragrance turned out to be the Love Heart series that I smelled yesterday.

But didn’t Chu Yunyue say that it will take a few days to go public?

Why did you smell it on the street today?

  Omi looked to the side with the doubts in his heart.

I saw…

At the entrance of the perfume shop named Qingfeng, there were many women standing in line.

Some women are holding the perfume they just bought and walking out slowly.

The appearance of these perfume bottles is somewhat similar to Lianxin. They are also divided into seven colors of yellow, red, green, basket, purple, white and gray. The taste is almost exactly the same as Lianxin.

  Omi looked into the Qingfeng perfume shop through the crowd, and could vaguely see the promotion video of Qingfeng perfume on the TV screen.

The picture in the video is almost exactly the same as the love series that   Omi saw yesterday!

  Omi raised his brows, and immediately understood.

Therefore,   Omi did not go directly to Jiangbei University, but went to a nearby Internet cafe.

About ten minutes later, he returned to the Mercedes-Benz Big G and galloped towards the Feiyang Building.


At this time, the 17th floor of Feiyang Building, Huazhidi Company.

Several investigators are holding paper and pen, asking questions and taking notes.

“Who was the last to go out yesterday?” Gao Yi asked.

“It’s me, I was the last one to leave.” The beauty at the front desk said.

“Is the gate locked?” Gao Ji asked.

The beauty at the front desk said: “It’s locked. Every time I lock the door, I will check it specifically, so I’m pretty sure.”

Gao Ge asked again: “Apart from the computer in the chairman’s office, are there other losses?”


“I didn’t lose anything.”

The employees shook their heads.

Gao Jicha turned to ask: “Ms. Chu Yunyue, do you have any valuable information in this computer?”

Chu Yunyue said anxiously: “There are very important information! This computer is the specific information of all the perfumes of our Huazhidi Company!”

Then, she bent down and asked, “Can the computer data be restored?”

In fact, where is very important?

In short, it can be said that it is related to the survival of the entire company!

General perfume information, nothing more.

However, there is still information about the upcoming love heart in the computer.

To know……

Chu Yunyue has spent a lot of money to sign production, publicity and sales contracts with factories, networks, TVs, physical stores and other channels, and paid a lot of money.

Once the information in the computer is leaked, or even known by other perfume companies, then the funds that Chu Yunyue spent to sign these contracts will be wasted!

The entire Huazhidi company is likely to break the capital chain because of this!

The technician next to him shook his head and said, “No way…the hard disk is damaged too badly.”

At this time, a researcher hurriedly walked in and said: “Chairman, the Qilixiang series of Qingfeng Perfume launched today is almost exactly the same as our Love Heart series!”

While talking, he took out 7 bottles of perfume in yellow, red, green, basket, purple, white and gray.

A familiar and very nice scent rippled through Huazhidi Company.


In an instant, the air around Chu Yunyue seemed to be drained, and the entire pretty face was instantly whitened.

The most scared thing finally… still happened!

The data of the Love Heart series is lost and stolen.

Huazhidi Company…over!

S: Welcome to read my book ”  “.

The faces of Huazhidi’s employees changed drastically.

Obviously, they also guessed something.

The woman of medium body yelled: “Commercial spy, it must be a commercial spy who stole our Huazhidi’s information and destroyed the chairman’s computer!”


“It must be so!”

Many employees agreed.

The investigator asked: “Do you have anyone suspected?”

After a pause, he said: “If it’s a spy as you said, and he knows the company well, maybe it’s an internal crime.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but glanced at the employees, seeming to want to determine who the spy was.

Although, just a simple glance.

However, Zhao Zhixiong was so scared that a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

He has a strange feeling that if he doesn’t do something, he seems to be quickly identified as a spy.

Therefore, Zhao Zhixiong took the initiative to speak: “Recently, there was a person named   Omi who often ran to our company…”

From what he said, all the employees whispered one after another.

Can’t help but start to doubt   Omi.

After all, most people in the company today are all very familiar with it.

Only   Omi is relatively unfamiliar.

Moreover, the employees knew that   Omi and Chairman Chu Yunyue were very close, and they also had the ability to steal information.

Seeing this, the investigator asked, “Who is this   Omi?”

Zhao Zhixiong preemptively said: “The young man who appeared in our company in recent days, he deliberately gets closer to our chairman every day… Now think about it,   Omi is really suspicious!”

When Chu Yunyue heard this, she immediately retorted.

Although she didn’t get along for a long time, she still trusted   Omi’s character extremely.

In addition,   Omi didn’t need to do this at all.

Because commercial espionage is to steal trade secrets and get paid.

Based on   Omi’s research on perfume, it is not easy for him to get money.

What’s more, the reason why the Love series has today’s fragrance is entirely due to   Omi.

Even, I donated 10% of the company’s part to him for this.

In a sense, the flower stem also belongs to   Omi.

Steal your own company information to others?

how can that be? !


However, before Chu Yunyue could speak, there was a burst of clear applause outside the corridor.

Then, a tall, handsome man walked in slowly.

It is   Omi.

  Omi smiled and said, “I felt it personally today, what is the thief calling to catch the thief, Zhao Zhixiong, are you right?”

As soon as these words came out, Zhao Zhixiong shouted as if he had been stepped on his tail, ”  Omi, you still have the face to flower!”

“In our Huazhidi for so many years, no data has been stolen!”

“Why did you show up after only a few days?”

“It’s in vain that we, Dong Chu, trust you so much!”

Zhao Zhixiong shouted out almost everything.

Because only in this way can he conceal the fear in his heart.

How did   Omi… know?

Zhao Zhixiong tried his best to recall what happened last night. He turned off the camera. Whether using the chairman’s computer or destroying the chairman’s computer, he wore gloves all the way…

After some memories, Zhao Zhixiong was convinced that no evidence was left, and then he slowly recovered his calm and indifferent.

  Omi seemed to see through his changes and smiled: “Zhao Zhixiong, do you feel that when you did bad things, you didn’t leave any flaws at all?”

”  Omi, if you say this again, be careful I sue you for slander!” Zhao Zhixiong shouted.

  Omi said to himself: “Zhao Zhixiong is a mid-level researcher at Huazhidi, and his monthly salary is about 18K.”

“Then, I would like to ask, why did you send three more remittances of 300,000 yuan from a week ago to last night? Don’t rush to quibble. If I didn’t guess wrong, there should be the account information in your mobile phone. Right.”

When   Omi learned that Qingfeng Perfume had the same perfume as the Love Heart series, he knew that there was a spy in Huazhidi.

Therefore, I went directly to the Internet cafe to use professional hacking techniques to find the most recent information about the employees of Huazhidi.

As soon as he said this, Zhao Zhixiong’s face suddenly changed, and a few beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Because   Omi made no mistake!

There is nothing wrong!

I have indeed received three transfers of 300,000 yuan in the past few days, and the mobile phone text messages also have received information.

But how did   Omi know?

  Omi continued: “Do you want to say that the money came from friends or relatives? I have to say that Qingfeng Perfume Company is very smart and chooses to make money from a foreign company called Kandi.”

“However, if the investigators go to investigate, it is still easy to find out that Wandi is a company wholly-owned by Qingfeng Perfume Company.”

  Omi’s words are very plain.

But, in Zhao Zhixiong’s ears, it was like a sky thunder, and the ears were buzzing.

His face was pale, his body trembling, and big beads of sweat kept rolling off.

The investigators are all good at catching criminals. At this time, there is no way to see that Zhao Zhixiong has a problem, so he stepped forward and said, “Zhao Zhixiong, please come back with us. There are some things I want to know about you.”


These words, like the last straw that overwhelmed Zhao Zhixiong, directly frightened him to the ground.

He knew… he was over.

After Zhao Zhixiong was taken away, the atmosphere of Huazhidi’s company was still a bit dull.

Although Zhao Zhixiong was arrested, the data in the Love Heart series was destroyed. At the same time, the release of the Qilixiang series by Qingfeng Company is also a fact.

It will take a very long time to solve the problem through judicial means, and it may not even be able to get a satisfactory result in the end.

And Huazhidi has not so much time.

The situation… is still in crisis.

  Omi also knew this very well. He thought for a while and said, “Yunyue, let’s go to the R&D center first.”

“Okay.” Chu Yunyue said in a tired tone.

In the R&D center,   Omi quickly flipped through all the materials and images about Lianxin.

【Ding! Whether to use the skill double card for perfume experts, the double time is 1 hour. 】


Suddenly, the production process of Lianxin perfume flashed through   Omi’s mind like a movie

Then, he quickly ignited the alcohol lamp, placed the beaker in place, connected the U-shaped tube, the separatory funnel, the Qipu generator, the distillation flask, and so on.

Then, pour in rose flower liquid, chrysanthemum liquid, sweet-scented osmanthus liquid, etc., in a timely manner and in the amount of food.

Pretreatment, mixing, alcoholization, freezing, filtration, color correction…

Standing next to him, Chu Yunyue saw all this in her eyes.

She showed a look of doubt at first, and she didn’t know what   Omi wanted to do.

However, as time went by, Chu Yunyue felt a little stunned.

  Omi moved skillfully and elegantly, making the sound of glassware clashing from time to time.

In Chu Yunyue’s eyes, it seemed that she was not making perfume at all, but was standing on the world stage and performing a shocking concert.

[Skills: perfume expert, charm blooms! 】


At this time,   Omi finally stopped.

At the same time, he had an extra perfume with a colorful solution in his hand.

  Omi slowly opened the perfume bottle.


Suddenly, refreshing, sweet, strong, fruity, mysterious, soft, elegant, etc., all the scents quickly permeated the entire R&D center.

This bottle of perfume has the flavor of seven perfumes in the Lianxiang series, and it is clearly layered and not messy!

If it is said that the love series, it is to make people born in the flowers, aromatic and wanton.

Then this bottle of perfume makes people turn into a fairy of flowers, making people feel as if they are on the top of the cloud, with infinite charm!

Chu Yunyue smelled the scent, and she was completely stunned.

S: I have something to go out today, and there is only one update… I will make up later…

Adding today’s, owes a total of 3 more.

  Omi looked at Chu Yunyue, who had been stunned, and couldn’t help but smile: “What do you think of using this bottle of rainbow perfume to replace the previous love series on the market?”

After Chu Yunyue said that, he recovered from the fragrance and said sincerely: “Thank you, thank you,   Omi! This is definitely the best perfume I have ever smelled!”

Chu Yunyue’s dream is to create a world-class perfume belonging to China.

Now, she saw hope.

  Omi smiled and said, “Thank you? Besides, am I also a shareholder of Huazhidi Company?”

“Last time 10% of the shares were too small, I will transfer you another 20%!” Chu Yunyue said.

Although, Huazhidi was founded by Chu Yunyue.

However, Chu Yunyue allocated a large number of shares through financing and employee stock ownership.

She only owns 60% of the shares.

Now, a total of 30% of the shares have to be transferred twice, which makes   Omi immediately become the same big shares as her.

Seeing this, Chu Yunyue attaches great importance to   Omi and Rainbow Perfume.

  Omi said indifferently, “Whatever.”

He really didn’t care too much about shares.

The reason for helping Chu Yunyue was that she was pretty good.

Then, under the guidance of   Omi, Huazhidi produced a new promotional video, production and promotional plans, and sent them to factories, networks and TV stations…

When everything is done, the sky is completely dark.

Chu Yunyue has been busy almost all day.

However, her whole person felt extremely satisfied and cheerful.

She understands that the flower pedicle is saved, and it will even develop better and better!

All of this… is all because of   Omi.

Chu Yunyue smiled and said, “It’s late,   Omi, shall we go to dinner together?”

  Omi was also a little hungry, nodded and said, “Okay.”

Today, as usual, they came to Zhuhe Private Kitchen.

Here… it almost became their canteen.

After seeing it from a distance, the boss greeted him: “A few live fish and top-quality beef have just been airlifted back today. They are very tender. Would you like to try them?”

Chu Yunyue said, “Trouble the boss.”

As the boss said, the meat is indeed very tender, and   Omi and Chu Yunyue are very satisfied.

As soon as he walked out of the private kitchen, there was a faint singing voice in the distance.

Chu Yunyue couldn’t help turning around, stopping to look at the street.

I saw…

A man of medium build is playing the guitar and humming a song softly.

Quiet and unrestrained.

Chu Yunyue liked this scene very much.

  Omi also noticed the man playing the guitar and singing in the distance.

His expression moved slightly.

A long time ago, I had acquired soundtrack and professional guitar experience, but it seemed that I had never tried it.

Thinking of this,   Omi strode towards the man.

Chu Yunyue wanted to calm down and listen to the song when she saw   Omi walk over.

As a result, he followed closely behind him.

When they approached, the man just finished singing.

There was a burst of applause from the pedestrians passing by.

When he was about to sing another song,   Omi said, “Can you let me try it?”

The man did not hesitate at all and said, “Of course it’s okay.”

Obviously, he is a better talker.

After   Omi picked up the guitar, he felt the sound.

Then, slowly closed his eyes.

The next moment,   Omi opened his eyes and began to strum the guitar strings. At the same time, he opened his mouth to sing a deep, distant song.

“It’s not just the wine from last night that made me cry.”

“It’s not just your gentleness that makes me reluctant.”

“How long will I have to walk? You hold my hand.”


As soon as the song exited, the pedestrian who was about to leave stopped immediately.

Passersby walking, all seem to be attracted, and continue to gather.

The scene suddenly fell silent.

Everyone listened quietly.

And Chu Yunyue was completely stunned.

As the singing sounded, Chu Yunyue seemed to have come to a quaint street.

Some people are playing mahjong, some are drinking tea, some are chatting…

Everyone is not in a hurry, very leisurely.

At this time, a pot of elegant wine wafted from the small shop next to it, and the shopkeeper was holding the freshly fried snacks and chatting with the guests for a while.

Everything is so easy and beautiful.

“Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu until all the lights have gone out without staying.”

Finally,   Omi sang the last lyrics, flicking the guitar strings, and then slowly stopped.

Within 10 seconds, the whole scene was still very quiet.

All of them were immersed in the beautiful music and couldn’t help themselves.

After 10 seconds, everyone applauded and shouted.

“sounds so good!”

“Singing so good!”

“Sing another song!”

  Omi just came to experience it, where would he sing another song?

He directly changed the guitar to the man, and then walked to Chu Yunyue and said, “Let’s go.”

Chu Yunyue did not answer, but silently followed   Omi.

In Chu Yunyue’s mind, everything about   Omi was constantly echoing like a movie screen.

When we first met,   Omi easily solved the customer complaint and proposed an improvement method for the Love Heart series.

Later,   Omi took the lead and personally improved the Love Heart Then,   Omi not only found the company’s spy, but also created a superb perfume-Rainbow!

Today,   Omi can still play the guitar and sing!

These pictures continued to converge in Chu Yunyue’s mind, which made   Omi’s figure constantly taller and bigger, bursting into an extremely dazzling light.

At this moment…

A clear reminder sounded in   Omi’s ear.

【Ding! Charm aura, trigger unforgettable! 】

When   Omiyan heard it, his footsteps slightly stagnated.

Thinking of a possibility, he slowly turned around and looked at Chu Yunyue with real eyes.

[Face value: 98]

[Favorite degree: 95]

Sure enough, it was Chu Yunyue!

At this moment, Chu Yunyue was still in a daze, and didn’t notice that   Omi stopped at all, and ran into   Omi’s arms.


Lips touched.

Time…At this moment, it stopped for 10 minutes.

Then,   Omi followed to Chu Yunyue’s home.

Her home is near Feiyang Building.

The decoration style of the home is warm, simple and elegant, and very comfortable.

When   Omi walked in, a sense of familiarity immediately came into his heart…Teacher Tian!

Teacher Tiantian’s home seems to be in this style.

While   Omi was still looking around, Chu Yunyue had already plunged into his arms.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


In the daytime, the Yellow River flows into the sea!

If you want to be a thousand miles away, go to the next level!

This night, a rare earthquake occurred in Chu Yunyue’s home.

The table, bed, and cabinet all shook violently.

The two stayed sleepless all night!

The next day.

Although, Chu Yunyue did not sleep all night.

However, she went to Huazhidi’s company early in the morning.

After all, it was only yesterday that the information on Rainbow Perfume was distributed to factories, networks and TV platforms…

There will definitely be many things to deal with today.

  Omi went straight to Jiangbei University.

When arriving at the parking lot,   Omi did not come out directly, but focused on the system.

[Whether to open 5 silver red envelopes? 】

These 5 silver red envelopes are for helping Grandpa spend his birthday.

Yesterday,   Omi didn’t have time to open it, but now, he has free time.

“Yes!”   Omi said silently.

【Ding! Congratulations, get a 10 times rebate card. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 200,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get the skill double card. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 500,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 300,000 yuan. 】

  Omi nodded slightly, quite satisfied.

  Omi didn’t care too much about the money and the 10 times rebate.

However, the skill double card is extremely useful.

Because   Omi has already used it several times.

Then,   Omi strolled to the classroom.

This class was an old professor’s class, and   Omi fell asleep without hearing a few words.

It took Chu Yunyue a long time to finally finish processing the things on hand.

She poured a cup of coffee and took a sip. The mellow coffee scented between her lips and teeth, and her beautiful eyes looked at the distant scenery.

After a long time, Chu Yunyue took out her mobile phone and opened her address book for a while.

In the end, she set her gaze on ‘Sweet Baby’.

After hesitating for a while, Chu Yunyue pressed the dial button.

After a while, the call was slowly connected.

Chu Yunyue said, “Tiantian, since you said that you have a man you like, I have devoted all my energy to Huazhidi.”

“I want to keep myself busy, so that I can realize my ideals quickly…”

“But the reality is cruel.”

“Our flower pedicle perfume has been questioned, and even a traitor has appeared within the company…”

A clear voice came from the phone, saying: “Yunyue, are you okay now?”

If   Omi heard this voice, he would definitely be surprised and shout: Teacher Tiantian!

Chu Yunyue smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine…On the contrary, I am surprisingly good now!”

“Yunyue, where are you? I’ll come here.” Hu Tian said.

Hu Tian thought that Chu Yunyue had been hit too hard, that’s why there was a major abnormality in her speech.

No wonder she thought so.

After all, Hu Tian first showed that she had a man she liked, which made Chu Yunyue lose her love.

Now, Chu Yunyue Company has undergone such a big change.

It can be said that love and career have all suffered a big setback.

Chu Yunyue also heard Hu Tian’s worry, and smiled: “Don’t worry, I haven’t finished talking yet.”

“Fortunately, at this time, a man appeared. He helped find the traitor of the company, and even helped invent a perfume that far surpasses the top international brands!”

“Perhaps, it won’t be long before you can see Huazhidi becoming the first international first-line Chinese perfume brand!”

When Chu Yunyue said this, her whole voice couldn’t help becoming a little high.

Obviously, she was really happy.

After a pause, he said: “Last time, after you said you found a man you like, I was very surprised. Because, for a long time, we both hate men very much.”

“But now, I really understand how you feel.”

When Hu Tian heard this, she was sure that Chu Yunyue was not shocked, but really happy.

Hu Tian couldn’t help feeling sincerely happy for Chu Yunyue, and said: “It seems that you like this man who helped you find the company traitor and invented the super international first-line brand perfume?”

“Yes.” Chu Yunyue said.

“Congratulations, I found my true love. By the way, have I met him before?” Hu Tian asked.

“No…” Chu Yunyue said, “However, he is a student of your Jiangbei University!”

“Really?” Hu Tian was a little surprised.

You know, according to Chu Yunyue, this person must have a deep understanding of perfume.

Otherwise, it is impossible to invent a perfume that exceeds the international first-line brand.

It stands to reason that this perfume expert is at least 30 years old.

How old are Jiangbei University students?

“Yeah! I was also surprised at that time that he was still in school. By the way, his name is   Omi.” Chu Yunyue said.

”  Omi?” Hu Tian shouted.

Because there is no class this afternoon.

Therefore, after   Omi had lunch in the cafeteria, he went straight to Yike City.


  Omi pushed open the door of 2501 and found that the atmosphere inside seemed a bit weird.

Fix your eyes on…

Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian are sitting on the sofa in the living room, and there are two middle-aged people sitting beside them.

  Omi couldn’t help asking: “These two are…”

Huang Ling stood up hurriedly, ready to say something.

Wearing a plaid shirt with white hair, a middle-aged man named Huang Yipeng, UU Reading www. .com, preemptively shouted: “We are Huang Ling’s parents!”

After a pause, he said: “You should be   Omi, right?”

“It’s me… good uncle and auntie.”   Omi said.

Huang Yipeng said: “Huang Ling is so old, and she is in love, we have no objection. But, shouldn’t you be sneaking?”

  Omi blinked, then turned to look at Huang Ling, as if asking what was going on.

Next to him, a middle-aged woman named Li Min in purple clothes said, “Yes! If we weren’t from the spoon of her Moments photos and saw the photos of you two, we would all be kept in the dark. It.”

While talking, Li Min took out his phone and opened a photo.

That was the last time   Omi took Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian to the Star restaurant for dinner in order to complete the task of five light food and color.

At that time, Huang Ling felt that the Star restaurant environment and dishes were very good, so he took several photos and sent them to friends.

Among them, one photo was taken by   Omishi.

However, the spoon of this photo reflects this scene.

Huang Ling looked at the way his parents questioned   Omi, blushing like a ripe tomato, and he couldn’t wait to find a place to sew in.

If   Omi and himself are real boy and girl friends, of course there is no problem.

But, the question…No!

After   Omi saw the photo, his heart suddenly became clear.

So, he opened his mouth and said: “Uncle and Auntie, this is my fault. I should go to the house with Huang Ling as soon as possible to visit your two elders.”

When Huang Lingyan heard this, tears flickered in his whole body.

Huang Yipeng and Li Min nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s pretty much the same.”

  Omi also understands why Huang Yipeng and Li Min are so excited.

After all, children are the hearts of parents.

Therefore, he did not feel any unhappiness.

Huang Yipeng asked, ”  Omi, what do you do now?”

  Omi said, “I am studying at Jiangbei University.”

Both Huang Yipeng and Li Min frowned upon hearing this.

Originally, they wanted to ask   Omi if he had bought a house and what his salary was.

But when he heard that   Omi was still studying, he had to press these words in his heart.

After all, a person who has not yet entered the society, how can he talk about house and salary?

At this time, Huang Ling finally seized the opportunity to speak: “Dad and Mom, is there anything wrong with you coming to Jiangbei this time?”

Huang Yipeng glanced at   Omi lightly.

It seems to be saying, see what kind of boyfriend you have found!

Then, he said: “The contract of our store is about to expire. This time I come to Jiangbei to sign it again.”

Then, Huang Yipeng glanced at the phone and said, “Time is almost up, Huang Ling, you and   Omi will accompany us on the journey.”

  Omi smiled easily: “No problem.”

Li Min asked, “Zixian, do you want to go shopping with you? Then, let’s have a meal together in the evening.”

“Auntie, I’m sorry, I have something to deal with later, so I can’t go out with you.” Qiu Ziqian apologized.

Li Min didn’t insist anymore, saying: “Well then…”

Then, a group of people strolled towards the outside.

Huang Ling finally went out and couldn’t help but glance at Qiu Ziqian.

Qiu Ziqian smiled slightly, as if saying: Come on!

Soon, the group came to the underground parking lot.

Originally,   Omi was going to drive his Mercedes-Benz Big G.

However, Huang Yipeng took the lead in taking out the car key, and pressing it towards the Toyota Corolla not far away, the car lights came on with a soft sound.

“Let’s go, my car is here.”

As he spoke, he strode up.

  Omi had no choice but to follow.

Huang Yipeng is a veteran driver who has been driving for several years, and he drove very smoothly along the way.

When waiting for the traffic lights, Huang Yipeng asked, ”  Omi, what do your parents do?”

As soon as he said this, even Huang Ling could not help but **** up his ears.

She was also somewhat curious about this matter.

  Omi said truthfully: “They run a clothing store in Qingshi.”

“Selling clothes?” Huang Yipeng thought for a while, “I know some wholesale clothing factories, and I can give your parents a little discount in the future.”

Huang Ling directly regarded the clothing store as a clothing company.

She thought to herself: No wonder   Omi wears clothes so tangibly.

  Omi said, “Then I’ll be my parents, thank you uncle first.”

“Although you are still studying now, you are already an adult… Have you considered your future development? Do you want to stay in Jiangbei?” Huang Yipeng asked.

  Omi pondered: “For the time being, I might stay in Jiangbei.”

He really didn’t think about the future too far.

Li Min said: “Then you have to make preparations for buying a house in advance. Now the house is rising all the time. If you wait for you to graduate, you don’t know how much money you will get.”

  Omi said, “As for the house, I already have it.”

“Oh? Really? Then wait a moment, you have to take us to see!” Huang Yipeng was a little surprised, but there was still some disapproval on his face.

Because,   Omi just said, his parents have a clothing store in Qingshi.

In Huang Yipeng’s view,   Omi’s parents must have bought this house.

And how much money can a clothing store owner in Qingshi have to buy a house?

It must be a small house!

Several people were talking and chatting in the car, and it didn’t take long before they arrived in front of a large modern building.

In front of the building, there are five big characters ‘Xiaowu Wholesale City’.

See here…

  Omi showed a strange look.

Xiaowu Wholesale City?

Huang Ling’s parents are going to sign a contract here?

If I remember correctly, when I opened 1050 red envelopes a few days ago, I seemed to have acquired 51% of the shares in Xiaowu Wholesale City.

In other words, Huang Ling’s parents are going to sign a contract with his company?

Huang Yipeng frowned when he saw   Omi standing in a daze at the door.

Xin said: My daughter, the boyfriend, really came from that small place in Qingshi. I really haven’t seen anything in the world.

At this time, Li Min said: “My stomach hurts a little, Xiao Ling, you can go to the bathroom with me.”

“Okay.” Huang Ling answered.

It has to be said that the flow of people in Xiaowu Wholesale City is indeed very large, even if it is to go to the bathroom, it is necessary to queue.

It took about ten minutes before Li Min walked out of the bathroom and said, “Xiao Ling, why would you ask   Omi to be your boyfriend?”

Huang Ling opened his mouth, not knowing how to answer.

Could it be that   Omi is not his boyfriend at all, but a special relationship?

I’m afraid you will be beaten when you speak, right?

Li Min continued: “Mortal Lin is very young and handsome!”

“But, can he be young and handsome for a lifetime?”

“People, you should think more about your future life!”

Huang Ling opened his mouth again.

She wanted to say: Mom,   Omi can definitely give me the life I want most!

At this time, Huang Yipeng came over and said, “Why is it so slow?”

Li Min said: “There are too many people.”

Then, a group of four people headed towards the office area on the third floor. UU reading www. . com

Room 307 has only two tables, a sofa and a coffee table, the display is very simple.

A round-faced man is working seriously at the computer.

Huang Yipeng knocked on the door first and said, “Is Manager Xiong here?”

The round-faced man said: “I am, come in.”

So Huang Yipeng and others walked in slowly.

When Huang Yipeng and Li Min saw the face of Manager Xiong, they all froze for a while.

How could it be him? !

Huang Yipeng lives in Room 305, Xinhua Community, Da City.

The manager Xiong in front of him used to live in Room 304 of Xinhua District. The two families were neighbors who looked up and saw their heads down.

This bear manager likes to raise dogs and raise big dogs!

And, every day I take the big dog out for a walk.

However, Manager Bear never tied the rope to the dog.

When Huang Yipeng’s family goes out, they are often frightened by his big dog.

So, Manager Bear was asked to tie up the dog.

However, Manager Xiong didn’t listen at all.

Huang Yipeng had to ask the community security to help mediate, but Manager Xiong still refused to listen.

Finally, Huang Yipeng directly called the police to deal with it.

This incident can be said to make Manager Xiong completely hate Huang Yipeng’s family.

Later, Manager Xiong moved, and Huang Yipeng’s family never saw him again.

Unexpectedly, we will meet here today!

Manager Xiong sneered, “Is it Manager Huang?”

Huang Yipeng just reacted and said, “Yes… Yes, I am here today to sign the distribution contract for next year. I told you yesterday.”

Although, the two have a grudge.

However, for the sake of life, I had to temporarily put it aside.

“Oh, I have prepared the new contract. You can take a look first.” Manager Xiong dropped the contract on the table as he spoke.

He picked up the contract and looked through it carefully.

However, after a while, Huang Yipeng asked, “Mr. Xiong, weren’t we a level 2 dealership last year? Why is this contract a level 3 dealership? Is it a mistake?”

Manager Xiong took a sip of tea first, then cleared his throat.

This was not anxious and said: “Nothing is wrong!”

“Manager Huang, you have been in business for several years, why haven’t you figured out the rules?”

“The dealership level is based on sales. Your store’s sales were too low last year, so this year you can only get the contract of the third-level dealership.”

His tone was very relaxed, but Huang Yipeng was anxious.

“Mr. Xiong, the price of many things in the Level 3 dealership has increased by 5% compared to Level 2. We simply can’t afford it!”

Don’t look at it as a mere 5%, but how much profit is a product in total?

As Huang Yipeng said, they simply can’t afford it.

Li Min couldn’t help but shouted, “Mr. Xiong, you can’t deliberately embarrass us just because we had conflicts before!”

Manager Xiong’s face was dark and he shouted: “You can’t talk nonsense about this!”

“You should know the sales of your store! You can look at the dealer rules of our Xiaowu Wholesale City!”

“I do everything according to the rules!”

While speaking, he threw a stack of documents on the table.

Huang Yipeng understands the truth that forms are better than people.

So, he was busy apologizing: “Manager Xiong, I’m sorry, my wife didn’t mean that.”

“It’s just that, with a 5% price increase this time, our store has no profit at all, so it is difficult to open it!”

Manager Xiong did not change because of Huang Yipeng’s apology.

“I just said, this is the rule of Xiaowu Wholesale City!”

“Your sales last year were too low, so you can only sign a contract with a level 3 dealer this year!”

“If you want to upgrade, it’s very simple! If you increase your sales this year, you can naturally sign a higher-level contract next year.”

That’s how it is said, but in fact?

The price was low last year and it failed to increase sales.

The price is high this year, how can it increase sales?

Huang Yipeng understood this very well, with a bitter expression on his face, and said, “Manager Xiong, can you think of a solution?”

Manager Xiong said: “What I just said is the only way! If you don’t believe me, you can find other business managers in our Xiaowu Wholesale City.”

After speaking, Manager Xiong ignored Huang Yipeng and others, and directly focused on the computer screen, looking very busy.

Seeing this, Huang Yipeng was filled with helplessness and had to continue to look through the contract.

Go to other managers in Xiaowu Wholesale City?

Is it really useful?

As Manager Xiong said, this is the rule of Xiaowu Wholesale City.

As a member of Xiaowu Wholesale City, Mr. Xiong definitely has his own contacts. I am afraid that with just one sentence, he can make other managers all’do things in accordance with the rules.’

  Omi frowned slightly, just about to say something.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, his mobile phone rang a brisk ring.

  Omi glanced at the call reminder, but it was an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, is it Mr. Lin?” As soon as   Omi pressed the answer button, a pleasing voice came from inside.

  Omi said, “It’s me, who are you?”

“Hello, Mr. Lin, this is Zhang Zhou, the chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City.” The voice on the phone became more respectful.

When   Omiyan heard it, his brows stretched slightly, and a strange look appeared on his face.

As soon as I arrived at Xiaowu Wholesale City, their chairman called?

In fact, Zhang Zhou wanted to make this call a long time ago.

After all,   Omi is the largest shareholder of his company.

Even if   Omi wanted to, he could easily remove his chairmanship.

Therefore, Zhang Zhou wanted to call after the company had good news, so as to make a good impression in   Omi’s heart.

After a while,   Omi said, “Oh, it’s you, what’s the matter?”

“Mr. Lin, this is the case. We calculated the third quarter financial statements of Xiaowu Wholesale City. The third quarter’s net profit increased by 120% year-on-year! A total of 120 million dividends were generated, and your 51% share dividend was 61 million. , Excuse me, which account did you transfer to?” Zhang Zhou said.

When   Omiyan heard it, the corners of his mouth ticked slightly.

Although, he doesn’t care much about money now.

However, he is still a little happy to be able to make another 61 million.

  Omi said, “I’m in Room 307 of your Xiaowu Wholesale City. Let’s come over first.”

Zhang Zhou was stunned for a moment, and then hurriedly said: “Yes, I will come here!”

After hanging up, Zhang Zhou became very busy and anxious.

“Secretary, let all the executives gather soon!”


At this time, Room 307.

Huang Yipeng finally finished reviewing all the contracts slowly, and his brow furrowed even more severely.

“Manager Xiong, if we follow the price on this contract, our store will not be able to open at Xiong said: “Manager Huang, what do you mean by that? Our Xiaowu Wholesale City has signed a lot of contracts for Level 3 dealerships. How can others continue to open it? “

“Actually, we have basically given the cost price to the third-tier dealers, and the second-tier dealers are even more subsidized!”

“If you want to get a subsidy, of course you have to have performance!”

After a pause, Manager Xiong said again: “If you really feel that the price is high and the store can’t go on, we won’t force it. After all, our Xiaowu Wholesale City has always been free to come and go.”

After speaking, Manager Xiong picked up the water cup again and drank tea leisurely.

Come and go free?

This sentence is simple, but is it really so?

You know, Huang Yipeng spent a total of two to three hundred thousand yuan for the decoration, deposit, inventory, etc., to open this store.

If you really give up on this, all the previous investments will be in vain.

Huang Yipeng’s face was so ugly, he opened his mouth, wanting to say something more.


At this moment, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside the corridor.

Then, a large group of men and women in formal attire walked in quickly.

After seeing them, Manager Xiong, who was drinking tea, almost didn’t get scalded. He stood up hurriedly and said, “Dong Zhang, General Manager Chen, Director Wang, Director Li, Director Hu…Hello.”

However, these people seemed to have not heard what Mr. Xiong said.

Chairman Zhang Zhou went straight to   Omi and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Then, a large group of people behind him respectfully said: “Hello, Mr. Lin!”


Then, the entire 307 office fell into a short silence!


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