The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 136-140

In a dimly rented house.

Seeing this, Chen Zhong with a beard and beard immediately sensed the business opportunity of traffic.

So he logged on to the Weibo big V named “Sunshine Scholar”.

Chen Hao first chewed the betel nut hard, then took another big puff of cigarette.

Then, try to search for relevant information about  OMI of Jiangbei University.

Finally, an article was sent out.

[Scientific research genius, do you deserve it?

The following are from what I have seen, heard, felt, and sighed as a scholar!

Today, I learned from a friend that the people in Phu City are carrying large bags and small bags on their backs. They are in a hurry, cars are swarming, car accidents continue, all roads are extremely congested, and there are even frequent trampling incidents.

Among them, some successfully left Phu City, and some people stayed in Phu City forever, and even the bodies were not cleaned up and piled up like a mountain!

Car accident.jpg!

Step on .jpg!


Seeing these photos, my heart is very sad!

I screamed, why did the bustling and prosperous Fu City become like this!

So, I was busy asking a lot of friends, but found that not only Fu City, but also Sichuan and Han cities similar things happened!

The reason is that they all come from a student from Jiangbei University- OMI!

That’s right!

It was  OMI who sent out the earthquake news in the group ‘Love each other’!

Earthquakes are the most terrifying and mysterious disasters, none of them!

All well-known experts, professors, and scientists from all over the world, including island countries, the United States, Germany, and Faguo, have dedicated their lives to studying earthquakes!

Could it be that they did not produce results?

Do not! They worked it out!

As far as I know, Professor Yamamoto Cong of the island country has studied the fluctuation of earthquakes very early. Professor Hallend of the United States and Professor Manhattans of the United States have also made huge discoveries in the direction of earthquakes…

However, none of them dared to say that even a few hours later, there would be an earthquake somewhere!

Because the earthquake happened tens of kilometers underground, there-unpredictable!

It’s like human beings simply cannot predict whether they will fall a few hours later!

This is just an emergency!

What so many famous foreign scientists can’t do.

Now, was it done by a student from Jiangbei University?

Is he the legendary ‘scientific genius’?

So, with deep curiosity, I spent a lot of effort in geography and physics and other related fields to search for the materials of this ‘scientific research genius’.

Finally, in the corner of the latest issue of “PNAS” magazine, I saw his name.

In the “PNAS” thesis on the wave frequency of H particles during earthquakes,  OMI took the name of the second author.

What does the second author mean?

Generally speaking, it is someone who helps the paper a little bit.

However, this Jiangbei University student  OMI thought that with a little help on the “wave frequency of H particles during earthquakes”, he used some special methods, let alone invented earthquake predictors, but he did not care about the crowds. Tragic death!

I now want to say something: scientific research genius, are you worthy? 】

This article by “Sunshine Scholar” was quickly noticed by Li Jing and others.

As a result, they guided a large number of naval forces and fans to post, and Li Jing even liked the article.

Suddenly, the heat soared.

(The frog is lonely and widowed: It’s too miserable! So many people died!)

(Member: I saw in the photo, an old man was trampled to death!)

(Truth: I was wondering before that so many big cows in the U.S. and Germany have not invented an earthquake predictor. We don’t know how a person from China invented an earthquake predictor.)

(An unknown person: We in China will always make some falsehoods like this. When will we be able to make some facts like the United States and Germany? How many big cows?)

(Motorala: Huaxia University has long been stinking, and I am not surprised at all when this happens.)

(Treasure: Jingjing still has those victims, it’s really miserable!)


Not long after, Sunshine Scholar was on the Weibo hot search list.

Looking at the increasing number of readers and fans in the background, Chen Zhong almost didn’t laugh.

At this time, his mobile phone shook slightly.

[U.S. Gold Master: Today’s article is good, continue to guide the contradiction, first give you a 1 million bonus. 】

Immediately afterwards, Chen Zhong’s cell phone was shocked again.

[HSBC Bank, remit 1,000,000 yuan. 】

See here…

Chen Zhong jumped up happily.

Then, he put his hands on the keyboard and started typing quickly, ready to continue publishing.


Beijing, Zhou’s house.

Zhou Guotao carefully looked at the information in front of him.

After a while, he said: “So,  OMI invented an earthquake forecaster that can predict 5 days, and it has also passed the review of all the experts of the Academy of Sciences…”

“Then, now being attacked on the Internet by an actor and some little people?”

Zhou Guotao’s tone was calmer.

However, Zhou Shihong, who was standing next to him, understood that the old man was really angry.

Zhou Guotao was able to rely on his own power to turn the Zhou family into one of the four top families.

On the one hand, it is because of his superior ability.

On the other hand, it is because he is patriotic and loyal to the country!

Therefore, Huaxia dared to let him continue to grow bigger.

Today, Zhou Guotao heard someone discredit a scientist, especially this scientist… or  OMI!

You know,  OMI saved his life!

You can imagine the anger in Zhou Guotao’s heart.

After a long time, Zhou Guotao said solemnly: “The entertainment circle should be reorganized!”


Capital, Qin’s house.

After Grandpa  OMI passed his birthday, Qin Weiming returned to the capital with his grandson.

At this time, Qin Weiming was sitting leisurely on the Grand Master’s chair, shaking his body gently.


At this moment, a man carrying a wheat ear badge on his shoulder walked straight over his waist.

Qin Weiming raised his eyelids and said, “Xiao Xu, what’s the matter?”

“Old leader,  OMI has developed an earthquake predictor that can predict the next five days.” Xiao Xu said.

“Oh? This  OMI is really amazing! He knows mathematics and medicine, and now he invented an earthquake predictor! Good, good, good!”

As Qin Weiming spoke, his muddy eyes faintly shone, and the whole person stood up directly.

Obviously, he was very happy when he heard the news.

Back then, Qin Weiming rose up to resist because he didn’t want the people to suffer.

He can drive away the invaders.

However, natural disasters such as earthquakes cannot be driven away at all.

Therefore, Qin Weiming is heartbroken every time an earthquake occurs.

Nowadays, I heard someone invented an earthquake predictor, and it is still an earthquake predictor that predicts the next 5 days…

This can definitely greatly reduce the suffering of the people!

How can this not make him happy?

Qin Weiming was pleased, but found that Xiao Xu seemed to be a little bit hesitant, and couldn’t help asking, “Why, there are other things?”

“In addition,  OMI is now being attacked on the Internet.” Xiao Xu said.

Qin Wei frowned when he heard this clearly.

Then, Xiao Xu took out a bunch of materials.


Qin Weiming looked quickly…


The next moment, he slapped his palm on the chair, and the back of the chair broke.

It can be seen how angry Qin Weiming was after reading the information.

“Good good! A actor, a Han female cadre blatantly slandering a scientist for the country and the people? What a courage!”


In a dimly rented house.

Chen Zhong opened the backstage again, glanced at the reading data and the number of fans that were still rising rapidly, and couldn’t help standing up and constantly twisting his hips.

Laughed and said, “I got rich, this time I really got rich!”

“Boom boom boom!”

At this moment, a dull knock on the door suddenly sounded outside.

Chen Zhong frowned and said, “Who?”

“express delivery!”

Chen Zhong murmured: “Express? I don’t seem to buy anything.”

Although puzzled, but still opened the door.


In the next instant, a large group of investigators rushed in and shouted, “Keep down!”

“Hold your head!”

Chen Zhong was shocked, and he had no time to react.


The investigation saw that he was not moving, and he went forward and fell over his shoulders, and directly put him on the ground.


Sichuan City Hospital.

Li Jing was lying on the hospital bed with a smile on her face.

Because of this car accident, not only did she not lose her popularity.

On the contrary, it also made her popular.

Li Jing seemed to have seen countless resources in the future and was constantly flying towards her own scene.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this moment, the cell phone placed next to her pillow rang a rapid ringtone.

Li Jing glanced at the call reminder, and the smile on her face became even stronger.

Because this is a call from the boss of the company that I signed.

The boss must have come to congratulate him on the rise in popularity!

However, as soon as Li Jing answered the phone, there was a roar inside.

“Li Jing, what did you do?”

“Just now, film, TV, advertising…all media industries completely cut off cooperation with us!”

“Labor-capital company TV dramas, movies, cartoons… now all are waste paper!”


“What are you going to explain to labor and management!”

Li Jing was and didn’t know how to explain it at all.


At this time, a large group of investigations suddenly rushed into the door.

“Li Jing, you have been arrested!”


At the same time, all the information on the Internet about slandering and insulting  OMI suddenly disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

When many people were puzzled, the National Daily issued a message.

[Congratulations to  OMI of Jiangbei University for inventing an earthquake predictor that can predict earthquakes in the next 5 days! This research will greatly reduce the disasters caused by the earthquake and save countless lives and property. Let us sincerely say to  OMI:  OMI, you have worked hard, thank you! 】

PS: Seeing that there are many people who don’t like this kind of plot, they will pass it soon.

Everyone knew that they had been deceived earlier.

(Fruit glutinous rice balls:  OMI, you have worked hard, thank you!)

(Strawberry:  OMI, you have worked hard, thank you!)

(Faithful:  OMI, you have worked hard, thank you!)

(Legacy: Sunshine scholars are really unpredictable! They also said that the corpses piled up in Fucheng, I checked, that photo of the corpse turned out to be a screenshot from the movie “War of Resistance”! If you don’t believe it, you can go and see it! People” TV series, and the crowded photo is not the rich city at all!)

(Wish: Oh my God! It turned out to be like this! We were all deceived by Sunshine Scholars!)

(Everyone for me: I was wondering at the time. I was in Phu City. Why didn’t I see any trampling or dead bodies…)

(Fragrant leaves to Fanghua: Sunshine Scholar? Is he worthy to be called a Scholar? Still Sunshine? I yuck!)

(Wang’s woman: I said early on that there was a problem with Sunshine Scholars. Why can’t foreigners invent it? We Chinese must not invent it? The knees are so soft?!)

Among the people’s discussions, the investigation issued evidence that the “Sunshine Scholars” charged fees from foreign organizations and caused conflicts, as well as the video of Li Jing drinking from a bar that day and crashing into an Audi car, as well as Li Jing’s tax evasion and tax evasion. evidence of.

Suddenly, the entire network was boiling again.

(Give it away: Damn it! I’ll just say why the Sunshine Scholar publishes that kind of article, he turned out to be a dog man!)

(To the Lord Moruo: I must have been blind before, and I would actually like Li Jing!)

(Naturally: an actor unexpectedly touched a porcelain scientist! Never let it go!)

(Treasure: there are still dog men and women, please shoot them directly!)

In the heated discussion, the time finally came to 15:30 on January 2.


The whole rich city shook for a while, several old houses that had been in disrepair for a long time and no one inhabited crashed to the ground, and on a dilapidated road full of mud, a ditch several centimeters wide appeared.

Phu, there is an earthquake!

Fortunately, everyone in Fu City received the notice long ago and came to the empty site in advance, plus the earthquake level was not big.

Therefore, no casualties were caused!

Immediately afterwards, at 21:30 on January 2, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred in Sichuan.

At 9:20 on January 3, a 3.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Han City.

Every earthquake was predicted accurately, and the earthquake predictor was successfully developed, and it was accurate!

The whole country is boiling!

For these,  OMI did not know.

At this moment, he was lying alone in the Panlong Villa and fell asleep deeply.

For the past three days, he has been with Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling.

Even if  OMI possesses the skills of violent aesthetics, which enhances his physical fitness.

However, for three consecutive days, it still made him a little tired.

And because it’s New Year’s Day, it is inevitable that there will be some noise in the dormitory.

Therefore, he chose to rest in Panlong Villa.

At this time, a clear reminder sounded in  OMI’s mind.

【Ding! Complete the hidden task, praised by all, and get 5 silver red envelopes. 】

Hearing this voice,  OMI, who had been asleep for a long time, slowly opened his eyes, with a look of doubt on his face.

“Many praises? What is this?”

These days, he only cares about staying with Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling, and he really doesn’t know what happened.

 OMI touched his nose and murmured: “Forget it, no matter what, let’s see what can be drawn first.”

[Whether to open 5 silver red envelopes? 】


【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 500,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got a Bugatti Veyron. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have got 1 Koenigsegg CCR. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 300,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get a 10 times booster potion*3. 】

 OMI looked at the four silver red envelopes in front, frowned slightly, and his face was full of disappointment.

If someone else knows it, I don’t know what it will look like.

You know, Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCR are all supercars with more than 20 million yuan.

As a result,  OMI is still disappointed?

Then,  OMI directly fixed his gaze on the 10-fold enhancement potion.

【10-fold enhancement potion: Special potion, after drinking, it can enhance 10 times the spirit, response, speed, strength and other aspects, the effect is 24 hours. Stronger and faster, so as to show a more charming charm. 】

When  OMI saw this, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

This is simply to make yourself 10 times stronger immediately, which is definitely a good potion.

 OMI slowly raised his head, and there were two sets of cool keys in front of him. When he walked to the window, besides the Mercedes-Benz G, there were two more super sports cars outside the door.

However,  OMI didn’t mean to go downstairs to appreciate it.

Instead, he picked up the phone slowly.

[Do you receive 255 red envelopes? 】

This is mainly the red envelopes produced by helping Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling to buy things on New Year’s Day.


【Ding! Congratulations, get 3 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 1999 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get the skill double card. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 199 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get 1 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get the skill level promotion card. 】

For 255 red envelopes,  OMI received a total of 352,211 yuan.

Of course, money is not important.

Crucially,  OMI also got the skill double card, and the skill level upgrade card he always wanted to get!

In  OMI’s view, these two things alone are worth more than five silver red envelopes.

Does this mean that quantity wins quality?

【Level: LV5】

[LV5 reward: get 20 yuan for every breath; get 20 yuan for every 1 second of sleep; get 20 yuan for every step you take. Rewards will be credited to the account at 24 o’clock every day. 】

[Upgrade consumption amount: 1 million (gifts, gambling, etc. are not included. In addition, all items obtained from the system are prohibited from trading)]

[Skills: professional car driving skills, charm aura (5% chance to trigger love at first sight, unforgettable), violent aesthetics, drinking gentleman, absolute concentration (10% chance to trigger a flash of light), academician-level mathematical experience, real eyes…professional level English experience, professor-level chemistry experience, scanning]

[Capital: 221 million yuan]

 OMI touched his chin, UU reading www. .com hesitated about what skill level to upgrade.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  OMI’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

It turned out to be Lin Xiaoyao’s call.

“Brother, I heard that  OMI of Jiangbei University invented an earthquake predictor…that person…isn’t it you?” Lin Xiaoyao asked directly as soon as he answered the phone.

 OMI was taken aback for a moment, and said, “How do you know?”

“f*ck, it’s you! Amazing!” Lin Xiaoyao exclaimed excitedly.

PS: Welcome to read my book ” “.

After  OMI hung up the phone, he started searching the Internet for related news.

It turned out that the Earthquake Center had already issued an earthquake prediction message, and the Minzu Daily praised itself by name.

However,  OMI’s photo was not published online.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyao called to ask.

 OMI touched his slumped belly, and went straight to the Bugatti Veyron, and sat directly on it.


He did not observe the new car’s thoughts at all, stepped on the accelerator and rushed outside.

 OMI ate something and went straight to Jiangbei University.

At this time, bright banners were hung up in front of the gate of Jiangbei University.

“Congratulations to  OMI of our school for inventing the earthquake predictor”!

Last time, when Zhou’s conjecture and the twin prime conjecture were solved,  OMI had an experience.

Therefore, he didn’t care too much.

104 dormitory.

Zheng Jinbao was so focused on playing the game that  OMI didn’t notice when he entered the door.


Not long after, Ma Zhong walked in with a few books.

After he saw  OMI, he couldn’t help saying: “Brother Fan, are you back? That earthquake…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Zheng Jinbao, who was still concentrating on playing games, jumped up and said, “Brother Fan, did you invent the earthquake predictor?”

 OMI looked at his excited appearance and couldn’t help being amused, and said, “Who else can it be besides me?”

“f*ck!” Zheng Jinbao shouted.

“f*ck!” Ma Zhong also shouted.

Although, when they learned that the earthquake predictor was invented by  OMI of Jiangbei University, even if they did not see the photo, they suspected it was their roommate.

However, after being admitted by  OMI, they were still very surprised.

You know, that’s an earthquake predictor!

No one in the world has invented a high-tech product.

As a result, he was invented by his roommate!

At this time, there was another sound of footsteps outside.

Before Song Yiren arrived, his voice had arrived, “What are you calling?”

When he saw that it was  OMI, he shouted, “Brother Fan, you invented the earthquake predictor, right?”

Then, Song Yi strode forward, opening his arms to embrace  OMI.

 OMI stepped away and stepped aside, nodded and said, “I invented it, but don’t get excited, I don’t have any special hobbies.”

Song Yi touched the back of his head and said, “Brother Fan, can you tell us what the earthquake predictor looks like?”

Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhongyan heard this and pricked their ears.

Obviously, they are also very interested in it.

 OMI said, “You have all seen it.”

“Huh?” The three of them all showed a hint of confusion.

“A few days ago, wasn’t a black box placed here?”  OMI said.

The three nodded repeatedly.

 OMI said, “That’s an earthquake predictor.”

“f*ck!” Zheng Jinbao, Ma Zhong and Song Yi all stared and howled loudly.

At this time,  OMI’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder. It was a call from Chi Zengyi, a good friend of Shanwu Village.

 OMI and Chi Zengyi exchanged contact information when they returned to Shanwu Village to celebrate their grandfather’s birthday last time.

“Xiaoyi, have you also heard of earthquake predictors?”  OMI asked with a smile.

“What earthquake predictor?” Chi Zengyi asked rhetorically.

 OMI was taken aback for a moment and said, “Ah…ah…nothing, by the way, why did you call me today?”

“Oh, that’s it. I set up a barbecue restaurant in Jiangbei. It officially opened today. Come and try it if you have time!” Chi Zengyi said.

Some people often follow online news because they have free time.

Some people devote all their time to hard work.

 OMI smiled and said: “Really? Then I must pass! Where is the position? You send it to me.”

“Okay.” Chi Zengyi said.

After hanging up the phone,  OMI chatted with a few roommates for a while, and then went to the place Chi Zengyi said.

When  OMI passed the flower shop, he bought a flower basket for opening.

“Jingle Bell!”

When I came to a traffic light not far away, the phone rang again.

 OMI murmured, “There are so many calls today.”

“Brother Lin, you are so amazing! Not only did you solve two major mathematical problems, you also invented the earthquake predictor, a great artifact that benefits the country and the people!”

On the phone, the voice of Jiangbei City Leader Jiao Yang.

Last time Jiao Yang went to Jiangbei University, although he didn’t chat with  OMI.

However, the contact information is still left for each other.

 OMI said, “That’s just a small invention. Brother Jiao has praised him. How can this be considered a magical tool?”

Jiao Yang quit immediately.

“Isn’t this an artifact?”

“Let’s start with the recent one. During the New Year’s Day, without Brother Lin’s earthquake forecaster, three consecutive earthquakes would definitely cause many people to be injured, directly or indirectly, and countless property losses!”

“Furthermore, no one is sure in the future. When a major earthquake will occur, the earthquake predictor will play a role in saving countless people!”

When Jiao Yang said this, his tone became unpopular.

It looks like it is praising the great savior.


Perhaps, the earthquake predictor can really be called the savior at some point!

After a pause, Jiao Yang said again: “In addition, now only my country has mastered the earthquake predictor and technology, using it can greatly improve the international status!”

” OMI, you are our hero of China!”

When he said this, Jiao Yang’s tone became eager again.

If he invented the earthquake predictor, Jiao Yang felt that his future would be absolutely bright.

Unfortunately, it is not.

If this is the case, then you must make good friends with  OMI.

Although, Jiao Yang had already prepared for this a long time ago.

 OMI was constantly praised in this way, he couldn’t help but smiled and touched his nose, and said, “Brother Jiao called me to praise me specially?”

“I’m here to congratulate you! Will you be free later? I am going to organize Jiangbei’s leaders to hold a celebration banquet for you together! After all, you are a student of Jiangbei University, and we Jiangbei has gotten you again this time. Light!” Jiao Yang said with a hearty  OMI said: “Will it be a while? I’m afraid that won’t work. My good friend opened a store and is about to go over to cheer him up.”

Jiao Yang said that he was not disappointed.

On the contrary, his eyes still light up slightly.

“Really? Anyway, it’s time to get off work. Let’s go and cheer together.” Jiao Yang said.

In fact, when Jiao Yang saw  OMI sitting next to Qin Weiming for dinner, he wanted to make good friends with  OMI.

Later, at the scene of Grandpa  OMI’s birthday, Jiao Yang strengthened this idea, but unfortunately, he did not find any suitable opportunities.

Now that  OMI invented the earthquake predictor, Jiao Yang was more anxious to make friends with  OMI, and at the same time, he found an opportunity.

Therefore, Jiao Yang waited until the end of New Year’s Day and immediately dialed the call.

 OMI groaned: “Okay, then I will send you the address later.”

After arriving at the location,  OMI looked around and finally saw a remote place with a barbecue restaurant.

Chi Zengyi was standing in front of the barbecue restaurant, carefully placing a few small tables.

Barbecue shop?

Or, it should be said that it is a barbecue stall.

 OMI parked the Bugatti Veyron in a public parking space not far away, took the flower basket, and strode over.

“Xiaoyi, congratulations on the opening of the new store!”  OMI said with a basket of flowers.

Chi Zengyi blamed it a little: “Look at you, why did you bring something here!”

Then, he wiped the table again, and said, “Sit down, sit down! I’ll clean up again, and let you **** craft!”

 OMI was not polite, and said with a smile: “Can you bake it yourself? Yes! I have never eaten something you make. I seem to have a good taste today!”

Chi Zengyi was praised by  OMI and touched the back of his head a little embarrassed.

At this moment, a woman with a round face and an apron around her waist slowly walked over with a pot of meat skewers.

Chi Zengyi hurriedly introduced: “This is my girlfriend Tang Li.”

“Lili, this is  OMI from our village!” Chi Zengyi said again, “He also brought a flower basket!”

When Tang Li heard this, she also appeared very happy, showing her white teeth, and said, “Thank you for coming over to join us! You will sit down for a while, and I will pack up.”

“Do you need my help?”  OMI asked.

“No, just something.” Tang Li said.

 OMI looked at Tang Hui’s industrious figure and said, “Zeng Yi, when did you find such a good girlfriend? When are you going to get married?”

Chi Zengyi said: “Lili, people are very nice! We plan to get married next year.”

“Well, then you have to call me!”  OMI said.

After the two chatted for a while, the preparations for the barbecue booth were almost done.


After a burst of oil fume rose, the rich aroma of meat slowly drifted over.

Then, portions of chicken feet, pork skewers, crispy bones… were brought to  OMI’s table.

Chi Zengyi asked: “How does it taste?”

 OMI gave a thumbs up and said, “It’s delicious!”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  OMI’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

It turned out to be a call from Jiao Yang, the leader of Jiangbei City.

“Brother Lin, I have reached the place you mentioned, but I don’t seem to see any new stores?” Jiao Yang asked.

When  OMI heard this, he turned and looked towards the road.

Soon, I saw several Audi cars.

So  OMI got up and beckoned, and said, “I’m at the barbecue restaurant here. You can park your car in the public parking lot in front.”

At this time, Jiao Yang sitting in the Audi car also saw  OMI.

He was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that the restaurant run by a good friend of  OMI would turn out to be a barbecue stall.

However, Jiao Yang quickly recovered his normal heart.

No matter what the store, as long as the relationship with  OMI can be closer, that’s fine.

So Jiao Yang Yiyan parked the car in the public parking lot.

Then brought the investigation team leader, the business team leader and others, holding a flower basket to the barbecue booth.

Suddenly, the barbecue stall that was originally filled with meat and oily smoke had a lot of fragrance of flowers.

“Thank you, thank you for joining us…” Tang Li thanked him repeatedly and took the initiative to put the two tables together.

Although Chi Zengyi, who was grilling skewers, had attended Grandpa  OMI’s birthday banquet, he had also seen a large group of people including Jiao Yang.

However, there were too many people here, and Chi Zengyi couldn’t remember clearly.

Therefore, at this time, he did not recognize Jiao Yang.

 OMI smiled and said, “Brother Jiao, sit down and have a bite. The barbecue my good friend made is delicious!”

Jiao Yang said: “Haha! Then I have a good food!”

Jiao Yang and a large group of Jiangbei leaders sat around a small table on the side of the road.

I have to say that they are indeed a group of capable people.

As Jiao Yang and others, it has been a long time since he had eaten at a roadside stall.

However, they did not show any disgust at all.

On the contrary, it is very free and easy and natural.

From time to time, make some comments and praises for some skewers.

Jiao Yang said: “Well! The taste is really good, especially this chicken feet, soft and waxy, and moderately spicy, delicious!”

The business captain next to him said: “I like lamb skewers, fat but not greasy!”

“The brittle bones are good, chewy!” The investigation captain smiled heartily.


If anyone knows, a group of leaders in Jiangbei City would have such a high evaluation of a barbecue stall, and they don’t know what their expressions are.

 OMI smiled and said, “If it tastes delicious, eat more! In the future, take care of the business here.”

“it is good!”

“for sure!”

Everyone answered.

Jiao Yang said, “Thank you very much for  OMI’s great contribution. Here, we toast together and respect  OMI!”

After that, Jiao Yang, the captain of the investigation group, the captain of the business group, etc., all raised their glasses.

Then, drank it all in one go.

“You are too polite.”  OMI followed and drank a glass of wine.

While drinking and eating barbecue, the atmosphere on site is very harmonious.

The sky is getting dark.

Some other guests came to the barbecue stall.

At first, Tang Li and Chi Zengyi would come over and chat with them.

As time went on, they gradually got busy, with a few drops of sweat oozing on their foreheads.

However, instead of shouting tired, they were filled with satisfied smiles on their faces.

At this time, the four men with tattoos sitting behind Jiao Yang finished the barbecue on the table.

They looked at each other, and there was a fierce look on their faces.


The bald man among them patted abruptly and exclaimed, “What the f*ck!”

The surrounding guests, as well as Tang Li and Chi Zengyi who were clearing the table, were all taken aback.

Tang Li almost didn’t drop the bowls and chopsticks on the ground, and Chi Zengyi almost didn’t get burned.

Tang Li walked over hurriedly, looking at the fierce appearances of the four people, she was a little scared and said, “Please…may I ask these guests, what’s the matter?”

“Labor and management are eating barbecue here, but they lost their wallet. There is a total of 10,000 yuan in it! Did you say something is wrong?” the bald man shouted.

Lost your wallet?

Besides, there are still ten thousand yuan in it?

This is obviously impossible.

Ten thousand yuan, that’s a lot.

Ordinary wallets can’t fit What’s more, now is the era of digital currency, who would bring so much cash with them?

Obviously, this bald head is talking nonsense.

Tang Li said in a panic: “This… this guest, if you look for it carefully, it should be nearby.”

“Find? How to find?! You have finished packing up the wine bottles next to the labor and management, and the wallet is gone!”

“Labor and capital see that you stole it! Hurry up and hand over your wallet to labor and capital!” The bald head shouted sharply.

Then, a group of four took a big step towards Tang Li in a fan shape.

It looked like… as if Tang Li didn’t hand over her wallet, she would fight in the next moment.

Tang Li was so scared that she took several steps back, and almost fell to the ground without being scared.

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Standing not far from the skewers, Chi Zengyi hurried over.

Although, he was also very scared.

However, Chi Zengyi still blocked Tang Li behind him.

“Guests, there must be some misunderstandings in this. We are all honest people and will never steal your wallet…”

After a pause, he said: “Look… Do you want to look for it carefully, maybe it’s lost somewhere else.”

“In addition, all of your consumption today is free of charge. What do you think?”

Chi Zengyi knew that these people were definitely not easy to mess with, so he directly chose to give in.

However, the bald man stared.

He shouted: “If I stole the wallet of labor and capital, I thought it would be okay to avoid the bill?!”

“What do you think of labor and capital?”

“Hurry up and hand over your wallet to labor and capital!”


When the words fell, the bald male player Chi Zengyi gave a sharp push.


Chi Zengyi retreated several steps and fell directly onto a table not far away.

See here…

The people eating skewers around were afraid that the pond fish would leave.

Originally, the mood was in the refreshing Jiao Yang, and his face sank slightly.

He didn’t understand why this bald head didn’t lose his wallet at all.

The bald head is only deliberately looking for the fault, the purpose is only to want 10,000 yuan!

Today, I finally made an appointment with  OMI and had a meal at his friend’s barbecue stall.

As a result, evil incidents appeared.

Where do you put the face of this big leader?

Jiao Yang slowly got up and said coldly: “You said you lost your wallet? Okay! Then tell me, what color is the wallet? What else is there besides 10,000 yuan?”

In fact, just as Jiao Yang expected.

The bald man and others just want 10,000 yuan.

The bald man didn’t expect that someone would dare to stand up and shouted, “Well! Labor and management lost their wallets, I’m going to take care of you! Do you eat too much?”

Jiao Yang’s expression became even more ugly, and he said in a deep voice, “I am the leader of Jiangbei University. I can take care of everything that happens in Jiangbei! Besides, keep your mouth clean!”

The bald man and others were not scared, but seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world.

“You are the leader of Jiangbei University, and labor is the leader of the country! Go to Nima!” The bald sneered, and he hit Jiao Yang’s face with a punch.


Two strands of blood flowed down from Jiao Yang’s nostrils, and the pain in his heart made the corners of his eyes moist.


“Big Leader!”

“Big Leader, are you okay?”

The leader of the organization squadron, the business squadron, and others screamed in horror.

The leader of Jiangbei University was beaten!

The captain of the investigation squad sternly shouted: “Presumptuous!”

When the words fell, he fisted, threw a leg, threw a shoulder, and grabbed the hand, easily bringing down the bald head and the short man.

I have to say that someone who can become the captain of the investigation team does have a certain skill.

The remaining two people were very skilled at seeing the captain of the investigation squadron, and there were still several people in their group.

The two realized that they were not opponents at all, so they took two steps back.

The bald man lay on the ground, endured the pain and dialed out his cell phone, and said, “Brother Hao, our newly opened barbecue restaurant on the east side of Luo Street was beaten…”

The captain of the investigation squad made another capture and slammed the bald man to the ground.

At this time, Jiao Yang had stopped the nosebleed and said, “Call? Okay, I want to see how many people can be arrested today!”

The captain of the investigation squad heard this and hurriedly took out his mobile phone and said, “Team 1, Team 2, Team 3…all bring the guys, and come to the east of Luo Street as fast as possible! Quick!”

The bald-headed man and the others heard it, and a strong sense of anxiety suddenly engendered in his heart.


Before long, nearly thirty men holding steel pipes, machetes, or dyed hair of various colors, or wearing ear studs…have gathered in the distance.

When the bald man and others saw these people, their worries disappeared instantly.

Walking in the forefront, the man with a big back and a long beard, shouted: “I want to see who is the one who doesn’t have long eyes, who dares to hit me!”

The bald men and others pointed at the investigation team leader and shouted wantonly.

“Hello Brother Ha!”

“Brother Hao, this guy!”

“Hello Brother Ha!”

The man with the big back head looked in the direction pointed by several people, his half-squinted eyes were instantly rounded.

The bald men and others are just the little people at the bottom. Where do they know the captain of the investigation team?

However, Da Back Tou has seen the world.

Just a glance, he recognized the identity of the other party.

Da Beitou hurriedly speeded up his pace and came to the head of the investigation squadron.

The bald man thought that “Brother Hao” was going to help himself teach others.

So, arrogantly shouted at the investigation team leader: “Old man, weren’t you arrogant just now? Go on!”

old man?

In public insulting the elder of the squad leader?


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