The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 151-160

After  Omi and Chu Yunyue stayed warm for a while, they came to Chu He’s private kitchen together.

Perhaps, just after New Year’s Day, there were a few more red lanterns in the shop that hoeed the private kitchen.

Coupled with small bridges and flowing water, green tiles and red bricks, the whole store adds a sense of antique.

The two ordered the food and chatted with each other for a while.

At this moment,  Omi’s cell phone shook slightly.


Red envelopes appear!

【Ding! Congratulations, get 2 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan. 】


【Ding! Congratulations on obtaining Feilong Security Company. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 19,999 yuan. 】


After  Omi received the red envelopes, a series of distinctive delicacies were brought up one after another.

Both of them were very satisfied with this meal.

Then, Chu Yunyue returned to the company to continue to deal with the matter.

And  Omi headed towards Panlong Villa.

“Jingle Bell!”

Just as  Omi walked into the villa, the mobile phone in his pocket rang a brisk ring.

“Is it Mr. Lin?” An unfamiliar voice appeared on the phone.

“It’s me.”  Omi said.

“Mr. Lin, hello, I am Wang Shengli, the general manager of Feilong Security Company. You are welcome to come to Feilong Company to arrange and guide work at any time…” Wang Shengli said respectfully.

Feilong security?

Isn’t this the company you just got from the red envelope?

arrange work?

 Omi’s eyes moved slightly and said, “Does Feilong have a truck?”

“Yes! We have many different types of trucks!” Wang Shengli said.

 Omi said, “Well, let people drive two trucks to Panlong Villa in Jiangbei City. Do you know the location?”

“Know, know! Mr. Lin rest assured, we will rush to Panlong Villa in the shortest time!” Wang Shengli’s voice was powerful and firm.

After  Omi hung up the phone, he bought a lot of large plastic buckets.

Then, at a cost of 50 million yuan, 5000L of beauty lotion was purchased from the system, and they were all put into plastic buckets.

 Omi only waited a while before two trucks drove over from a distance.

A man with a Chinese character face, after getting down from the co-pilot of the truck, walked quickly to  Omi and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Lin! I am Wang Shengli who just talked to you on the phone.”

“Mr. Wang, hello.”  Omi said.

Wang Shengli hurriedly said, “Hey, this can’t be done! Mr. Lin, you can just call me Xiao Wang.”

Wang Shengli’s age is probably over 40.

Xiao Wang?

 Omi really couldn’t say it.

“I’ll call you Brother Wang.”  Omi said.

“Don’t don’t, it’s even more useless.” Wang Shengli shook his head again and again, looking sincere and fearful.

In the end,  Omi chose to call him by name directly, which made Wang Shengli accept it.

“Wang Shengli, you send these solutions to Huazhidi Company in Feiyang Building, do you know the location?”  Omi said.

“Mr. Lin, don’t worry, there is no place in Jiangbei that we are not familiar with! Guarantee to complete the task!” Wang Shengli patted his chest.

With the help of several security personnel, 5000L of beauty lotion was quickly loaded into the truck and galloped outside.

At this moment,  Omi’s cell phone shook slightly.

It turned out that it was his girlfriend Qin Yuxuan who sent the message.

 Omi contacts Qin Yuxuan on WeChat almost every night.

However, she rarely took the initiative to send messages during the day.

Qin Yuxuan:  Omi, I want to discuss something with you.

 Omi: Okay, it just happens that I have nothing to do today, and I will discuss it with you later. It just so happened that we haven’t seen each other for a while.

Qin Yuxuan: Are you coming over? Okay!

Obviously… Qin Yuxuan was very happy.

 Omi is a person who does what he says. He directly bought the latest first-class ticket.

Then, drove the Lamborghini Daniel and galloped towards the airport.

When he arrived at the airport,  Omi’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

“Oh my God!  Omi, you actually sent so many beauty lotions!” As soon as the phone was connected, Chu Yunyue’s excited voice rang.

 Omi said, “Are these enough?”

Chu Yunyue immediately shouted: “Enough! It’s too much! Did you know? We just analyzed the beauty liquid and found that it has more than a thousand times the vitality and beauty effects of all beauty products in the world!”

“A thousand times more! Do you know? My God! I can hardly believe my eyes!”

“That is to say, even if all of these beauty liquids are diluted 100 times, the effect is far from comparable to that of the beauty products on the market!”

“Our beauty lotion can definitely become an instant hit!”

When Chu Yunyue talked about it later, her tone became extremely high, and she couldn’t wait to scream in excitement.

 Omi said, “That’s good. Let me know when the beauty lotion is almost used up, and I’ll send it to you again.”

After the two chatted a few more words, they hung up the phone.

Then,  Omi checked the ticket directly and boarded the plane from the VIP passage.

Jiangbei is only more than an hour away from the magic capital.

 Omi lay on the spacious seat in the first-class cabin, slept very easily, and arrived at the destination directly.

After he got out of the airport, he called a taxi casually.

When  Omi arrived at Magic University, it was only 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

The brilliant sun still hangs above the sky, without the meaning of setting at all.

 Omi took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Qin Yuxuan.

However, Qin Yuxuan may be busy and did not pay attention to the phone.

Therefore, I did not reply in the first time.

 Omi didn’t care too much.

Last time, he came to Magic Capital University to celebrate Qin Yuxuan’s birthday, but he did not visit this university.

Today there is a chance.

Most of Jiangbei University’s buildings are tall and modern, full of modern atmosphere.

The Magic University, there are traces of years, giving people a sense of humanity and history.

 Omi walked and watched. Before he knew it, he arrived at the teaching building. Many students rushed to the front classroom together.

See here…

 Omi couldn’t help thinking of Hu Tian’s class.

Could it be that the teacher in this classroom at Magic University is also a beautiful woman like Hu Tian?

Also… Isn’t it the weekend today?

Why are there classes?

 Omi walked into the classroom with curiosity and sat in one of the few remaining positions in the corner.


After a brisk ringing rang, the whole classroom immediately fell silent.

In the expectation of  Omi and many students, a female professor with short hair, about 40 years old, walked in slowly with a textbook.

 Omi couldn’t help showing a look of doubt on his face.

Why isn’t it a beautiful teacher?

So why are everyone so active?

However, if it comes, it is safe.

Besides,  Omi doesn’t know where to go now.

Therefore, he still sat in the classroom steadily.

Naturally, the female professor ignored  Omi and started her own course.

Her voice is crisp, sweet, and very nice, not at all like someone in her 40s.

Female professors like to combine facts in lectures, and they are logical, which is more attractive.

 Omi could barely listen.

But, soon,  Omi frowned.

Because, at this time, the female professor is using mathematical formulas to explain economic changes.

 Omi doesn’t know much about economics.

However, he is definitely a great expert in mathematical operations.

He could easily tell that the female professor’s formula was wrong.

 Omi listened to the explanation of the wrong calculation, just like mixing a pebble while eating.

Finally,  Omi couldn’t help standing up and said, “Teacher, your calculation is wrong.”

As soon as these words came out, the whole classroom suddenly became quiet.

Everyone… swiftly focused their gazes on  Omi.

You know, the one standing on the podium is a very prestigious professor of economics at Mordu University.

She even occupies a place throughout China.

Does she… use the wrong formula?

What a joke! ?

The female professor was not angry, and asked, “Which formula do the students think is wrong?”

“All.”  Omi said directly.

At this time, the female professor was not calm.

After a while, he said in a somewhat funny tone: “Then tell me, how do you calculate it?”

Since he chose to stand up and correct him,  Omi would not shrink back.

He walked straight to the podium, picked up the writing pen, and quickly wrote the formula according to the data originally given by the female professor.


“Da da da!”

Suddenly, there was a rapid percussion in the entire classroom, like a fierce drum beat, directly hitting people’s hearts.

At the beginning, the female professor was still relaxed and indifferent.

Because she is very confident in the calculations she wrote.

However, in line with the principle of not destroying the students’ spirit of exploration, the female professor let  Omi write new formulas on the blackboard.


As time went by, the female professor’s calm face gradually revealed a touch of strange color.

Then, it became solemn.

In the end, it turned into excitement.

Because  Omi has a lot of calculations.

After a while, the few blank spaces left on the blackboard were all cleaned up.

The female professor didn’t hesitate at all. Like the most industrious assistant, she quickly wiped out all the calculations she had written.

So  Omi continued to calculate again.




Gradually, the entire blackboard was almost finished by  Omi.

However, he still didn’t mean to stop.


Do not!

Not only did it not stop.

 Omi can write faster.

Moreover, the written formula is no longer just what the female professor wrote on the blackboard.

Instead, more and more complex expansion, analysis, and induction have been carried out…

Even, it is a summary!

See here…

The female professor’s heart beats faster.

To the students sitting in the first row, she said: “Go to the office and move a few dollars… No! Bring ten small blackboards! Come on!”

The female professor’s tone was full of eagerness.

Because she understands that many people rely on a breath of inspiration when calculating!

If this tone continues, then the calculation is likely to succeed in the end.

But once it broke.

Then, maybe… it’s hard to succeed anymore.

And what  Omi writes and summarizes now, if it succeeds… it will definitely make a sensation in the entire economics circle!

Just thinking about it, the female professor’s heart can’t help but speed up again.

The students sitting in the first row could no longer understand what  Omi was writing.

However, they could hear the eager and stern tone of the female professor.

Therefore, they did not dare to hesitate at all and ran towards the office quickly.

After a while, 10 small blackboards were brought over.

“Da da da!”

At this time,  Omi had already devoted himself to the calculation.

After taking over the small blackboard, I continued to write without stopping at all.

【Ding! Absolutely focus, trigger a flash of inspiration! 】

“Da da da!”

 Omi’s writing speed is getting faster and faster…

Seeing that all the formulas will be summarized and deduced into a complex formula.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this moment, the cell phone in  Omi’s pocket rang a brisk ring.

 Omi couldn’t help putting down the writing pen in his hand and started answering the phone.

“Okay, I’ll come here.”

After  Omi hung up the phone, he turned to walk outside the classroom.

The female professor said anxiously: “Classmate, where are you going?”

She saw that the formula was about to succeed, but at this time, the derivation stopped.

It was like many ants crawling in her heart, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

“Oh, my girlfriend is waiting for me… I’m going to find her.”  Omi said, “By the way, I’m not your student.”

The female professor did not pay attention to  Omi’s words at all, and hurriedly said: “Classmate, do you know what you were writing just now?”

“If you continue to derive and verify that it is correct, it can become an economic theorem! Even, maybe you can win the Nobel Prize in Economics!”

When the female professor said this, her voice could not help becoming louder.

Excited, excited!

The Nobel Prize is definitely the most extravagant honor for all educational and scientific researchers.

Now, it is actually possible to appear in front of oneself!

 Omi said, “Is it.”

After speaking, he continued to walk towards the outside of the classroom.

Facing the chance to win the Nobel Prize.

Directly… gone?

The female professor never expected such a thing to happen.

She was stunned for a moment.

Then, he hurried to catch up and shouted: “Classmate, classmate!”


At this time,  Omi had completely gone far.

Nobel Prize?

For many people, this is indeed very attractive.

Because it represents honor, fame, and money!

However,  Omi is not very cold about honor.

As for fame?

That is something he doesn’t want.

Once you become famous, your normal life will be completely affected.

And money?

 Omi is not lacking at all.

Therefore, this is really not attractive to  Omi.

Relatively speaking, it is more important to see Qin Yuxuan At this time, Qin Yuxuan is waiting at the school gate.

Today’s Qin Yuxuan is wearing a white lace dress, with a perfect figure and snow-white skin… The whole person is shining brightly under the rays of the setting sun, like a fairy in the mortal world, beautiful to the extreme.

Everyone who passes by, whether male or female… can’t help but look sideways.

Women are jealous.

But for men, it is longing.

When  Omi walked over from a distance, Qin Yuxuan’s pretty face was as bright as the spring breeze.

Then, Qin Yuxuan threw directly into  Omi’s arms.

This pounce, like a heavy hammer, hit the chest of the boys passing by.



In their minds, there seemed to be a sound of broken mirrors.

No see in one day, like every three autumns!

 Omi and Qin Yuxuan have not seen each other for a month or two, which makes them look like lovers who have not seen each other for many years and now finally meet.

The two embraced for a long time, but they didn’t want to separate.


At this time, Qin Yuxuan’s stomach suddenly made a low noise.

Her cheeks blushed involuntarily, under the shining of the setting sun, like translucent blood jade, very beautiful.

 Omi smiled and said, “Are you hungry? Go, let’s eat first.”

Qin Yuxuan nodded.

Located on the shore of the Moto Bund, JE restaurant is one of the most luxurious western restaurants in Moto.

The environment is elegant and tranquil.

The decoration is luxurious and heavy.

Sitting in the dining room, you can have a panoramic view of the Bund by raising your eyes.

While tasting the food, admiring the scenery… Coupled with the elegant and luxurious environment, the whole gives people the ultimate enjoyment.

 Omi and Qin Yuxuan sat looking at each other, with sweet smiles on their faces.

With the sound of soft music in the JE restaurant, top-quality pan-fried foie gras, top snails, black truffles, high-grade black caviar… many delicacies were brought up one after another.

 Omi poured Lafite 1982 into a high-heeled glass, then lifted the glass with Qin Yuxuan and touched it lightly.

Wine enters the throat, gourmet food is accompanied by lovers.

Everything…is so beautiful.


Shangri-La Hotel, Presidential Suite.

Maybe it was the reason for drinking.

Qin Yuxuan kept her head down, her pretty face was always flushed.

 Omi looked at her shyly, like a cute little rabbit, and his heart was full of compassion.

“Are you sleepy? Go and take a bath.”


Suddenly, the sound of Shangri-La’s water continued throughout the night.


The next day.

When the sun is shining brightly, a huge plane flies across from a distance.

Qin Yuxuan slowly opened her eyes.

 Omi stroked her soft hair and said, “Wake up? I had a hard time yesterday. Eat something to replenish your strength.”

Qin Yuxuan said that a red glow appeared on her snow-white pretty face, which seemed to be Lafite last night, which made her a little bit on top.

After washing for a while, Qin Yuxuan ate a large bowl of seafood noodles and drank a cup of soy milk, showing a touch of satisfaction on Qiao’s face.

After eating, she habitually took out her mobile phone and flipped through the messages for a while.

Qin Yuxuan suddenly discovered that the instructor had sent a lot of news in the group yesterday.

Kong Ling: Classmates, do you know? Just now, our economics almost appeared a theorem formula in our school! You should understand what this means?

Kong Ling: This means that our school is likely to produce a Nobel Prize in Economics!

Kong Ling: I have never seen a boy with such a talent for mathematics!

Kong Ling: However, the boy gave up the derivation because of his girlfriend’s phone call!

Kong Ling: It’s… really mad at me! No wonder so many people say that women harm the country and the people! This is a living example! Students, be vigilant!


Qin Yuxuan saw this and was surprised: “Because of her girlfriend’s phone call, she gave up deriving the economic theorem formula? How could he do this!”

When  Omiyan heard this, he suddenly felt that this sentence seemed a bit familiar.

Unable to crane her neck, she glanced at Qin Yuxuan’s mobile phone screen.

Qin Yuxuan continued: “His girlfriend is really a disaster for the country and the people!”

Qin Yuxuan is a graduate student in economics and is also a student of Kong Ling, who has been greatly influenced by Kong Ling.

She is very clear about the meaning of economic theorem formulas.

If there are theorems and formulas, many problems will be easily solved.

And the Nobel Prize represents the supreme honor!

“Cough cough cough!”

 Omi coughed vigorously.

Disaster for the country and the people?

 Omi was wondering whether she should tell Qin Yuxuan that this woman who has brought harm to the country and the people is herself.

I don’t know… what will she look like.

Qin Yuxuan patted  Omi on the back and said, ” Omi, are you okay?”

“No… it’s okay.”  Omi waved his hand and said.

After a pause, he said: “By the way, you said yesterday, what are you going to discuss with me?”

Speaking of this, Qin Yuxuan couldn’t help but straightened up and said, “It’s like this… Originally, I wanted to go back to Jiangbei after graduation.”

“In this way, I can always be with you.”

“But, a few days ago, my two senior sisters invited me to start an investment company in Magic City together… and the mentor was more supportive of this matter.”

“So, I want to ask your opinion.”

Qin Yuxuan is not a vase, she likes to struggle constantly.

this point……

It can be seen from her continuous study until she becomes the master of economics today.

 Omi said, “Jiangbei is not far from the Devil Capital. If I want to see you, just like yesterday, I can come over at any time.”

“You can do what you want to do.”

Qin Yuxuan threw directly into  Omi’s arms and said, ” Omi, thank you.”

“Fool, supporting your career is something I should do.”  Omi smiled, “By the way, where are you going to start a company?”

Qin Yuxuan said: “My two senior sisters have made an appointment to investigate around today before they can be sure.”

 Omi nodded and said, “Okay, then I will accompany you to take a look.”

“Hmm!” Qin Yuxuan said happily.

Then,  Omi and Qin Yuxuan came to the agreed Starbucks coffee shop.

It is often said that things are gathered together and people are divided into groups. This is very reasonable.

At this time, two women with pretty facial features and full bodies in white shirts were holding coffee and looking through documents.

They… are Qin Yuxuan’s two senior sisters.

Although, the figure and appearance of these two people still have some gaps with Qin Yuxuan.

However, the face value can definitely get 85 points or more… This may not be a big beauty, but it is also very rare.

“Yuxuan, are you here?”

“Have you had your breakfast?”

The two greeted each other one after another.

Qin Yuxuan said, “I have already eaten breakfast…this is my boyfriend Then, from left to right, she introduced, “This is Sister Lu and Sister Fan. “

 Omi said, “Hello.”

Senior Sister Lu ridiculed: ” Omi, your abilities are pretty good. You even chased such an excellent girl like Yu Xuan.”

“This is mainly due to my handsome face.”  Omi said.

“Puff!” Senior Sister Lu almost didn’t smile. “His face is handsome, but he is also very thick.”

Sister Fan, who was next to her, never interrupted.

She flipped through the files in her hand for a while and said: “Let’s go, let’s take the time to look at the nearby office buildings, and then discuss where to rent.”

Senior Sister Lu and Qin Yuxuan nodded, after all, this was their purpose of going out today.

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A group of four came from the east of the magic city to the west, and inspected more than a dozen office buildings.

Every time they came out of an office building, they took notes and wrote good reviews.

After all, this is related to their future career development, and they are all very cautious.

Of course, except for  Omi.

He should go shopping with Qin Yuxuan.

When they came out of an office building again, a few people came to the drink shop next to them and sat down.

Sister Fan took out a bunch of materials, wrote a few pens, and analyzed: “The location of the Nursing Office Building and the Xinmei Building is relatively poor, so put it aside.”

“The Tianpu Building is in a good location, but there is no small area, so we can’t use it…”

“The Triumph Building is a bit old…”

“The gorgeous hotel is also relatively old…”

Senior Sister Lu next to her looked at the office building that was constantly being PASSed, and sighed, “If you have money, it would be best to open an investment company directly in the Global Financial Building in front of you!”

“The location and environment are all top-notch! At the same time, you can also show your strength! Investing in the future will definitely get twice the result with half the effort!”

When Senior Sister Lu mentioned the Global Financial Building, her eyes seemed to flicker, and her tone became high.

 Omi said, “Oh? Then go directly to the World Financial Building.”

Senior Sister Fan pushed the glasses on the bridge of her nose and said, “Don’t even think about it. The price is several times that of other places. A small office may cost millions of dollars a year.”

 Omi said, “Let’s take a look first.”

When the words were over, she took Qin Yuxuan’s hand and walked outside.

Senior Sister Lu and Senior Sister Fan thought that  Omi wanted to go shopping, but they didn’t continue to object, and walked over.

After all, the World Financial Building is also a good attraction for people from outside.

After  Omi walked into the Global Financial Building, he went directly to the marketing center.

After he briefly explained the situation, the salesman brought everyone to the 78th floor.

This is a 500-square-meter large office. Through the translucent floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the Pujiang River, which is shining like a Milky Way in the sun, the undulating skyscrapers, and crowds the size of ants…

It can be said that the beauty of the entire Magic City is all in sight.

Here, if you are tired from work or encounter something unsatisfactory, take a look at the distance, I’m afraid all the fatigue and troubles will disappear, right?

This is a treat!

It makes people feel relaxed and happy, and the ultimate enjoyment of relaxation!

The eyes of Sister Lu, Sister Fan and Qin Yuxuan were all shining brightly by the distant sunlight, and their faces were full of longing.

See here…

 Omi said to the salesman next to him: “We bought this office.”

“Huh?” The salesman was taken aback for a moment.

Sister Lu and Sister Fan still didn’t understand.

Qin Yuxuan wanted to stop  Omi.

Seeing that the clerk did not reply,  Omi couldn’t help but speak again: “Why, can’t you sell it?”

“Yes, can…” After hearing  Omi’s reaffirmation, the salesman reacted.

Then, he looked at  Omi carefully from top to bottom again.

This is not his snobbery.

On the contrary, the price of the Global Financial Building is too expensive.

Being able to rent an office here is already considered to have a lot of strength.

As for buying?

That would be too difficult.

The salesman said: “The average price of this office is 185,000 yuan, a total of 500 square meters, and the total price is…92.5 million yuan.”

 Omi directly took out his bank card and said, “Okay, swipe the card.”

“Ah…Ah…Guest…Guests, please go with me to the marketing center below. We will draw up a contract for you, and then…determine the specific price.” Mr. Salesman stammered for a while, and then slowly said Steps to purchase.

He didn’t prepare the purchase contract at all in advance.

Even, let alone the purchase contract, even the lease contract, he did not prepare.

Because too many people come to visit the office every day.

However, there are very few people who really successfully lease.

In fact, the rent of the Global Financial Building is too expensive.

Buy an office directly?

That’s a small probability event that can’t happen several times a year.

Soon, everyone returned to the marketing center.

And the contract was quickly printed out.

 Omi glanced at each page, flipping through the contract quickly.

In just ten seconds, he signed his name directly in the lower right corner of the contract.

This can not help but make the salesman dumbfounded for a while.

Is he not afraid of problems with the contract?

This is a transaction involving nearly 100 million yuan!

However, he didn’t know that  Omi had the ability to scan, and he could not only read all the contents of this page at a glance.

You can even recite it verbatim.


With  Omi’s bank card, swipe gently on the POS machine.

The bill slowly appeared, and the transaction was officially successful!

Sister Lu and Sister Fan next to them looked at the contract in  Omi’s hand, and they were still in a daze.

what’s the situation?

Where am I?

What am i doing?

From  Omi walking into the World Financial Center, to signing a contract and paying…

How long in total?

Counting the time to take the elevator, I’m afraid it’s not more than 10 minutes, right?

Within 10 minutes, bought an office worth nearly 100 million yuan?

Sister Fan and Sister Lu felt that everything was so unreal, as if they were in a dream.

 Omi ignored that much.

【Ding! Whether to use the 10 times consumption rebate card. 】


Not long after,  Omi’s phone shook slightly.

“Remitted by China Merchants Bank, 925 million yuan.”

It cost 92.5 million to buy an office.

Then, made 925 million yuan? !

So far,  Omi’s cash reserves have reached 1.285 billion yuan!

Even if  Omi received so much cash at once, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

At this time, a clear reminder sounded in  Omi’s mind.

【Ding! Complete the hidden mission, over 1 billion funds, and get 10 silver red envelopes. 】

【Ding! System upgrade, LV6! 】

[LV6 Reward: Every breath, UU reading www. .com gets 50 yuan; every 1 second of sleep, 50 yuan; every step, 50 yuan. Rewards will be credited to the account at 24 o’clock every day. 】

At LV5, you can get 1.4 million yuan every day.

Today, the money earned per second has doubled by 2.5 times!

In other words, now you can get 3.5 million yuan every day guaranteed!

You can earn 1 small goal every month!

[Upgrade consumption amount: 5280 million / 100 million (gifts, gambling, etc. are not included. In addition, all items obtained from the system are prohibited from trading)]

【Ding! Turn on the sign-in system. Note: You can sign in once a day, and you will get different rewards for signing in. 】

 Omi’s smile grew a little more as he listened to the reminder sounds in his mind.

It costs 92.5 million to buy an office, which is worth it!

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Then,  Omi, Qin Yuxuan, Sister Fan and Sister Lu returned to the 78th floor.

 Omi took Qin Yuxuan’s hand and walked slowly to the huge transparent French window, looking down towards the distance.

Smiling and asked: “Yu Xuan, this office is given to you to start a company, do you like it?”


Two lines of tears rolled directly from Qin Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes.

 Omi was taken aback for a moment and said, “Yu Xuan, why are you crying?”


Qin Yuxuan did not explain at all, she directly put a pair of hot lips together.

The silence speaks!

This kiss is her answer!

Her whole person has been moved, happy and happy, completely wrapped up!

If there is a boyfriend like this, what does the husband want?

Even Qin Yuxuan had forgotten that there were Sister Fan and Sister Lu in the empty office.

It’s really hard to help it!

Of course, Sister Fan and Sister Lu at this time did not notice their actions.

Because they are still in a sluggish state.

This spacious and luxurious office that overlooks the entire capital city will become your own workplace in the future?

They are still a little unbelievable.

After a long time, Qin Yuxuan blushed and separated from  Omi.

 Omi casually wiped off the lipstick from the corner of his mouth, and asked, “Now that the company’s position has been found, you probably haven’t prepared the start-up capital and have not attracted investment customers?”

Speaking of work, Qin Yuxuan immediately walked out of her shy state, as if she had turned into a professional white-collar worker, and she was full of energy.

“We are going to borrow 500,000 yuan per person from colleges and universities for entrepreneurship loans, for a total of 1.5 million yuan.”

“As for customers, we have obtained some intentional customers before, and we will have in-depth contact and cooperation after the company opens.”

“In addition, my mentor is also willing to help act as an introducer and introduce some customers to come…”

 Omiyan heard it, nodded thoughtfully, and said: “Well, let me first take out 200 million, part of it as start-up capital, and part of it as the company’s first customer. Look at the investment operation.”


The whole empty office was silent.

Sister Lu and Sister Fan directly opened their mouths and turned into O shapes.

What did they hear?

First take out 200 million! ?

His tone is so plain.

It’s almost…like saying it was 200 yuan!

Do you want to be so arrogant? !

200 million funds! It is entirely possible to become a key customer of any large investment company, thereby obtaining a guaranteed high return on investment.

At this time, it was directly given to a newly established…or even a small company that might go bankrupt at any time.

And once it goes bankrupt, 200 million will be lost!

Spend 200 million to train your girlfriend?

It turns out that there is such selfless love in the world!

” Omi…”

Qin Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes had just recovered, and they became misty again.

Then, once again ignoring Sister Lu and Sister Fan next to him, he threw directly into  Omi’s arms.

After a long time, they separated again.

 Omi said, “It’s getting late, how about we go to eat first?”

“Okay.” Qin Yuxuan answered softly.

After a pause, he said: “I want to call my mentor over, she has helped me a lot…”

In  Omi’s mind, he couldn’t help thinking of the female professor with short hair who kept calling herself back to continue deriving the formula.

“No problem at all.”

At this time, Senior Sister Lu next to him said, “I finally understand why  Omi can chase Yuxuan. This kind of offensive can’t be stopped by the gods!”

 Omi said, “Heaven? That can’t be compared to my Yuxuan.” As he spoke, he stroked Qin Yuxuan’s hair.

Senior Sister Lu said: “This wave of dog food…I don’t think I need to eat anymore.”

Then he asked: “By the way,  Omi, do you still have an older brother or younger brother?”

“There is a younger sister.”  Omi said.

“Hey!” Senior Sister Lu sighed, looking like she had missed several hundred million.

Several people said as they walked, they came to the Lijiacai restaurant in a short time.

The outside of the Lijiacai restaurant is more ordinary.

In the restaurant, the main body is decorated in black, giving people a sense of weight, grandeur, and luxury.

Senior Sister Lu said excitedly: “When I first came to the magic city to study, I saw a lot of legends about Li Jiacai on the Internet…”

“I heard that the founder of Li Jiacai used to be a second-grade high-ranking official!”

“Moreover, it’s the kind of official who specializes in tasting the royal banquet of the palace!”

“Li Jiacai’s dishes are the ones he made according to the royal banquet after he retired!”

“In other words, the dishes here are all what the emperor ate before!”

“I don’t know how many times I have passed this store by road, but I have never walked in once…it is true that my purse is not allowed.”

“Today, in the light of  Omi and Yuxuan, I finally have a chance! I have to taste it!”

The more Sister Lu talked, the more excited she got.

Although the dishes hadn’t come up yet, she seemed to have smelled the scent and couldn’t help swallowing her saliva.

Sister Fan, who was next to her, corrected: “The owner of Li Jiacai is not retired, but the Qing Dynasty has died. However, this shop is indeed very famous, and Mr. Jin and Jackie Chan have all come here specially.”

Senior Sister Lu exclaimed, “Yes, it must be delicious!”


At this time there was a low sound of footsteps outside.

Then, the female professor with short hair wandered in.

Senior Sister Fan and Qin Yuxuan, as well as Senior Sister Lu who had been squeezing greatly, all stood up and respectfully said: “Hello Professor Feng!”

Professor Feng nodded, just about to speak…

The next moment, her not too big eyes suddenly rounded.

Then, Da Ma strode quickly and quickly walked in front of  Omi, hugged his arm, and exclaimed excitedly: “I finally found you, I won’t let you go anymore!”

It looked like  Omi was the one who stole her wallet, for fear that he would run away.

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The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

See here…

Senior Sister Lu, Senior Sister Fan, and Qin Yuxuan all showed a hint of doubt.

Qin Yuxuan couldn’t help but said, “Professor Feng, is there any misunderstanding in this? Have you admitted the wrong person?”

In fact, Professor Feng’s movements were too big.

It was as if  Omi was the one who did something bad.

However, Qin Yuxuan believed in  Omi’s character.

Senior Sister Lu on the side followed: “Professor Feng, you must have misunderstood.”

After all,  Omi can spend nearly 100 million yuan to buy an office person in less than 10 minutes.

The real peace of mind.

How could he do bad things?

Sister Fan also said, “Professor Feng, let’s sit down and speak slowly.”

Professor Feng exclaimed: “Where is there any misunderstanding!? Yesterday, he summarized and summarized the economic formula in front of me!”

“It’s just a little bit…A formula and theorem of economics can be formed!”

“Never let him go!”

Qin Yuxuan, Senior Sister Lu, and Senior Sister Fan were all stunned.

They all saw the news from Professor Feng.

A super genius has appeared in Mordu University!

With one person, in the classroom, almost deduced and summarized the formula that is enough to make economics take a big step forward!

Although, they did not see this person with their own eyes.

However, they are also full of admiration for this person.


This person turned out to be  Omi? !

 Omi not only counts billions of nearby people, but also has a lot of wealth and billions! ?


What kind of fairy man is this?

Then, Qin Yuxuan’s pretty face blushed.

Because, she suddenly thought that Professor Feng said yesterday that the male student stopped the deduction after receiving a call from his girlfriend, and then left directly.

Therefore, Professor Feng called that woman a disaster for the country and the people.

Do not!

It’s not just Professor Feng that thinks so.

I seem to think so too.


Is he the woman who has harmed the country and the people?

 Omi lightly coughed and said, “Professor Feng, don’t worry, I won’t leave.”

However, Professor Feng had no intention of letting go.

Yesterday, she regretted the whole night because she didn’t stop  Omi.

Today, it was hard to meet again, she would never let such a thing happen again!

“Professor Feng, otherwise, shall we sit down first?”  Omi pointed to Qin Yuxuan, “Look…my girlfriend is here, I won’t leave again.”

“What? You are the woman who has brought harm to the country and the people?” Professor Feng called.

Qin Yuxuan’s pretty face blushed instantly, and she lowered her head silently.

So far…

Professor Feng slowly lowered  Omi’s arm and asked, “What is your name?”

“My name is  Omi.”  Omi answered truthfully.

Yesterday,  Omi was not too polite to her.

After all, it was just an unknown passerby.

But today is different.

Today,  Omi learned that she is a mentor who takes care of Qin Yuxuan very much.

Then, it must be respected.

” Omi, it’s a pity that you left yesterday…”

“If you continue to deduct it, it will probably become an economic formula or theorem! Next time, I am afraid I won’t know when it will be completed.” Professor Feng sighed, his entire face filled with regret.

“It’s okay anytime.”  Omi said relaxedly.

He really didn’t talk nonsense about this.

Because the specific derivation formula was already printed in his mind when he triggered a flash of light, it was impossible to forget it.

“Really?” Professor Feng exclaimed excitedly.

 Omi nodded.

See here…

Professor Feng hurriedly pulled out a notebook and a ballpoint pen from his bag.

And in an expectant tone, he said: ” Omi, you quickly write the derivation and the final formula for me to see.”

 Omi thought, the food hadn’t been served yet, and there was nothing to do anyway.

So I took the pen and paper and wrote quickly.

“Da da da!”

Suddenly, there was a brisk tap of a ballpoint pen jumping on the notebook.

At the same time, a series of elegant and flowing characters quickly appeared on the notebook.

Qin Yuxuan, who was sitting next to her, looked at  Omi’s serious expressions, and was fascinated for a while.

Before, when he was in high school,  Omi studied very hard and earnestly.

The reason why Qin Yuxuan likes  Omi…

On the one hand,  Omi is indeed handsome, on the other hand, it is his seriousness.

Because a serious man can exude a unique charm.

At this time, in Qin Yuxuan’s eyes,  Omi exuded this charm to the extreme, causing her heartbeat to continue to accelerate.

If it weren’t for Professor Feng and others nearby, Qin Yuxuan couldn’t help but want to plunge into  Omi’s arms.

“Da da!”

 Omi writes very fast. In just a few minutes, two pages full of books are full of neat calculations.

Soon, the third page of the book was completely finished.

 Omi put down the pen and paper.

Because the derivation is over, the theorems and formulas of economics-appear!

“Good! Great!” Professor Feng exclaimed excitedly, his entire face filled with smiles.

Then, like a treasure, he hugged the book tightly in his arms.

Xuejie Fan next to him couldn’t help asking: “Professor Feng, is the formula correct?”

She is doing well in her studies.

However, the formulas written by  Omi were too complicated, and she didn’t understand them at all.

Professor Feng said: “This requires detailed calculations! However, even if the conclusion is wrong, it will definitely promote the development of economics!”

“And if it’s correct…”

Speaking of this, the excitement on Professor Feng’s face became even more intense.

She seemed to have seen the grand scene after the formula was correct.

Then, Professor Feng hurriedly said: ” Omi, you spend more time to write a completed economics paper on the derivation process of the formula, I will help you revise it at that time, and then submit it to “ECTA”.”

 Omi waved his hand and said, “Let Yuxuan write it, and I will tell her the derivation process in more detail.”

Professor Feng glanced at  Omi deeply, with a look of surprise on his face that could not be concealed.

Writing the paper by her person is equivalent to giving away half of the results for free.

You know, this can make the entire economics take a big step forward. It may win the Nobel Prize in Economics, or even half of the achievements in history!

Even a husband and wife would never be so generous.

What’s more, they are just boyfriend and girlfriend friends!

” Omi, it’s up to you to write, I haven’t participated in this derivation process.” Qin Yuxuan said.

Obviously, she also understands what it means to let herself write a paper.

 Omi said, “I haven’t studied economics, or even wrote a thesis at all. Where would I write these things? Yuxuan, don’t refuse.”

“This… okay.” Qin Yuxuan hesitated for a while, still replied.

However, she has decided, even if she writes the thesis herself.

In the end, all the honors must be left to  Omi.

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

At this time, the delicacies were slowly brought up.

Shrimp and Celery Heart, Phoenix Dry Chicken, Amber Peaches, Fried Red Fruit, Yellow Braised Shark’s Fin, White Braised Abalone, Soft Fried Fresh Shellfish, Bird Fish Egg Chicken Soup…

Each dish is bright in color, beautiful in shape and diffused in aroma.

Today, economic formulas have been successfully derived.

Everyone was in a good mood and had great appetites, and it was a good time to eat.

Everyone ate very happily, even after drinking a little alcohol, their faces became a little red.

Originally,  Omi was going to treat him.

However, Professor Feng said that she has witnessed the emergence of economic formulas and must be requested by her.

Seeing her persistence,  Omi just let it go.

Because tomorrow is Monday.

In addition, Qin Yuxuan’s matter has already been dealt with.

Therefore,  Omi didn’t stay in the magic city any longer. He bought a first-class ticket for the afternoon and headed towards Jiangbei.

Xuejie Fan sincerely praised: “Yu Xuan really found a good boyfriend.”

Senior Sister Lu said, “More than just a good boyfriend? It’s a perfect male god!”

“The shot was more than 90 million, and I bought a large office in the World Financial Building… Then, another 200 million was given to our new company as start-up capital and investment!”

The more Sister Lu talked, the more excited she became, and her whole body started dancing.

Professor Feng, who was standing next to him, said in surprise: “He still took out so much money?”

Professor Feng is a financial expert and often deals with very large sums of money.

However, a lot of money is not owned by individuals, but by companies.

Get close to 300 million at a time?

I am afraid that a very large person worth more than tens of billions can’t get it out in a short time.

But  Omi did it.

So, how rich is  Omi?


Professor Feng patted Qin Yuxuan on the shoulder and said, “It’s hard to control such a man.”

Qin Yuxuan’s body trembled slightly.

But, soon, her beautiful eyes became firm again.

Yesterday,  Omi was tired all night.

So, as soon as he lay down on the spacious first-class seat, he soon fell asleep.

When  Omi opened his eyes, he had already arrived in Jiangbei.

 Omi directly drove the Lamborghini, which was in the parking lot yesterday, towards Panlong Villa.

The security guards standing at the entrance of Panlong Villa, after seeing  Omi, stood straight and took the initiative to say hello.

 Omi followed and said hello, and entered the villa near Tianhu.

Then he turned his attention to the system.

[Do you want to sign in? 】

Sign in, this is the new system capacity acquired after purchasing the Global Financial Building today at a cost of 92.5 million yuan.

 Omi wanted to try it a long time ago.

At this time, without any hesitation, he said directly: “Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained one of the Magic Capital Global Financial Building. 】

See here…

 Omi was taken aback for a moment.

Wh… what’s the situation?

In other words, I bought an office and not only made 900 million yuan.

Now, gave away the whole building?

This is the World Financial Building!

An office is close to 100 million.

So, how much does the whole building cost?

30000000000? 50 billion?

 Omi’s face was full of weird colors.

This trip to the magic city was really good.

[Do you open 10 silver red envelopes? 】

This is the reward for completing hidden tasks when the funds exceed 1 billion.


【Ding! Congratulations, you got 1 million yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 300,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 500,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got the Patek Philippe 5002P. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained 5% shares of Ari Group. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 100,000 yuan. 】

For 10 silver red envelopes,  Omi received a total of 2.9 million yuan, Patek Philippe 5002P and 5% shares of Ari Group!

See here…

Even  Omi couldn’t help but show a smile on his face.

Ari Group, this is a super Internet company comparable to Penguin, with a market value of close to 5 trillion!

5% of the shares, in other words, are also worth almost 250 billion yuan!

What a terrifying number is this?

Then,  Omi took out his phone again.

[Whether to open 9300 red envelopes? 】

This one…

It is this trip to the magic city and a total of 93 million yuan in income in recent times.

“9300 red envelopes? Let me see what I can get.”  Omi expected.

【Ding! Congratulations, get 5 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 1999 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, for obtaining the “Spring Tree and Autumn Frost Picture”. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 144 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have got 100 stock trend cards for the next three days. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 5% stock. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get 1 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 19,999 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get the MEGA4 watch. 】

For 9,300 red envelopes,  Omi received a total of 2521151 yuan.

For this little money, he didn’t care about it at all.

After all,  Omi can now earn 3.5 million yuan every day.

[100 stock trend cards in the next three days. After use, you can randomly get the trend chart of 100 stocks in the next three days, and you can determine the future with one word and show the supreme charm. Note: When buying stocks, the purchase amount of a single stock should be less than 1% of the stock’s market value. 】

Isn’t this the way you can increase your money quickly?

 Omi skipped it directly.

5% of stocks?

It is a world-renowned bag and clothing luxury company with a market value of about 500 billion yuan.

5% of stocks?

That is 25 billion.

This is not bad.

When  Omi raised his eyelids, there were two fashionable and cool watches in front of him.

Obviously, this is the MEGA4 and Patek Philippe 5002P that have just been opened from the silver red envelopes and ordinary red envelopes.

Under the two watches, there is an ancient painting with exquisite workmanship.

In the painting, the spring mountains are spitting with greenery and the flowing springs are splashing.

See here…

 Omi directly threw the two watches aside, UU read the book www. .com and then picked up the painting and carefully appreciated it.

He couldn’t help but nodded, and said, “Is this Tang Bohu’s “Spring Tree and Autumn Frost Picture”? It is really good! No wonder Tang Bohu can chase Qiuxiang back then.

If this scene is seen by someone who loves watches, I don’t know what the pain is.

To know…

The two watches that  Omi threw away are Patek Philippe 5002P and MEGA4!

The Patek Philippe 5002P is an ultra-complex functional watch, limited to no more than 10 pieces worldwide! Each price is above 15 million!

And MEGA4 is recognized as the most complicated watch in the world, the price is also more than 15 million!

These two watches are all treasures with no market price!

As a result, it was just thrown out like this?

In case of a knock, it is definitely a loss for the watch industry!

The next day.

When a ray of morning sun slowly rose,  Omi got up from the big bed of Panlong Villa.

“Jingle Bell!”

There was a brisk ring on his cell phone.

 Omi glanced at the call reminder, it was an unfamiliar number that was somewhat familiar.


“Hello, Mr. Lin, I belong to the transportation company. Here are some of your items. Will they still be sent to Yike City?” A dull voice came from the phone.

 Omi immediately thought of the other party.

A few days ago, he was the one who gave away a truckload of LV bags and clothes.

 Omi said, “Send it to Panlong Villa, do you know the place?”

“Is it the Panlong Villa by the Tianhu Lake?” the driver asked.

“Yes.”  Omi said.

“Okay, please wait a while, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes,” the driver said.

 Omi was not in a hurry, he walked to the bathroom and washed for a while.

When I came to the living room to take a break, the phone rang again.

“Mr. Lin, we have arrived.” On the phone, the driver’s voice came.

 Omi looked out the window…

Sure enough, a tall truck had stopped at the door.

After seeing  Omi walk out, the driver said in a very respectful tone: “Good Mr. Lin.”

No wonder, the driver will be like this.

Because he had delivered two express delivery to  Omi in total.

Every time a gift is given, it is a whole car of high-value luxury goods.

The energy of such a person is simply unimaginable.

After that, the driver opened the compartment, revealing a car full of clothes and bags…

Then, he said: “Mr. Lin, are we putting these things in this villa?”

Although,  Omi was already mentally prepared.

However, seeing so many clothes and bags again makes me stunned.

After a while, he nodded and said, “Yes, just put it in the living room.”


The driver responded, and then, together with the two porters, kept moving the clothes and bags inside.

 Omi thought for a while, took some bags and put them into the Mercedes-Benz G.

After a while, the entire hall was completely filled.

After the driver left,  Omi didn’t want to rest anymore. He turned and drove the Mercedes-Benz G and headed towards Jiangbei University.

On Monday morning, it seemed to be more congested than other times.

Looking forward, there are densely packed vehicles.

 Omi was bored sitting in the car and couldn’t help but focus on the sign-in system.

[Do you sign in? 】


【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained all the property rights of Zhenhu Yuting Community. 】

Zhenhu Yuting is a well-known mansion in the center of Jiangbei. The community environment is excellent and the surrounding industries are rich. It is an ideal residence for many high-rise companies.

There are more than a thousand houses in the whole community!

If it is calculated according to 8 million per house.

The total value is around 8 billion!

After a little calculation,  Omi nodded slightly, barely okay.

When he turned his head, he only saw that the co-pilot was already piled up with real estate certificates and a few large sets of keys.

 Omi opened several real estate certificates at will.

“Zhenhu Yuting Building A 201, with an area of ​​125 square meters, the property owner  Omi.”

“Zhenhu Yuting Building A 202, with an area of ​​109 square meters, the property owner  Omi.”


Then,  Omi looked at the congested road ahead, and after a little hesitation, finally turned the front of the car and headed towards the Lianjia real estate not far away.

At this time, Han Tian was sitting at the desk, looking through the information carefully.

When she inadvertently raised her head, her entire pretty face was full of surprises, and she shouted, “Mr. Lin?”

Then he hurriedly said: “Mr. Lin, please sit down, I will pour you a cup of coffee first.”

When the words were over, she quickly got up and took out a box of beautifully packaged coffee from the cabinet.

After the meticulous brewing, he cautiously brought it to  Omi.

For  Omi, Han Tian is full of special feelings.

Rich, handsome, low-key, high-quality.

The only pity is that he already has a girlfriend.

 Omi didn’t understand coffee, just took a sip at random.

However, I couldn’t help but nodded secretly, it was sweet and delicious, and it tasted really good.

Han Tian said: “Mr. Lin, it’s a coincidence that you are here. I’m also going to send you the rental situation of Wanjiahua Mansion last month later.”

While speaking, he handed out a stack of materials under the table.

“The total rent is 800,000 yuan. If there is no problem, I can arrange for the finance to pass the money in the afternoon.”

Although  Omi has the ability to scan, no matter how much data, he can read it all at a glance.

However, he still did not receive the information.

“I don’t read the information, I believe you!”

When Han Tianyan heard this, her heart was full of touch.

This involved nearly a million funds, so he believed in himself so much.

 Omi said again: “I’m here this time to let you rent out Zhenhu Yuting’s house again.”

“Okay, we have even built many Zhenhu Yuting houses.” Han Tian said.

 Omi nodded, then put a big bag on the table.

And inside the bag is full of real estate certificates and keys.

See here…

Han Tian couldn’t help but froze, saying: “Lin…Mr. Lin, this is…”

“Oh, I have taken down the entire Zhenhu Yuting. It contains the real estate certificate and keys. From now on, I will ask you to rent it out.”  Omi said.

His tone is so plain.

However, in Han Tian’s ears, it was buzzing like thunder.

The whole Zhenhu Yuting under the plate?

The average price there is around 40,000!

It takes at least several billions to take down the entire community!

After it’s set down… let yourself help rent out?

Even if 100 million yuan of rent can be collected every year, it will take decades to pay back.

This is absolutely uneconomical.

Then why did he do this?

 Omi ignored Han Tian’s thoughts and asked directly: “Should we sign a commission contract?”

“Ah…ah… OK, sign.” Han Tian said.

After the printer squeaked, a warm contract appeared in  Omi’s hands.

 Omi glanced around at random, and finally signed his name directly.

Then,  Omi handed out two exquisite bags and said, “These two bags are for you.”

Then, he glanced at the watch on his wrist and said, “It’s getting late, I’ll leave first.”

After that, I turned around and sat on the Mercedes-Benz Big G, and headed to Jiangbei University again ~ Only Han Tian was left, standing still looking at the Mercedes-Benz Big G who was going away in a daze.

In her mind, she couldn’t help but think of the little things that had happened with  Omi.

 Omi specially invited himself to eat at Star Restaurant… in order to let himself taste the food.

 Omi rented out the entire Zhenhu Yuting to himself… in order to make his work smooth.

 Omi gave two limited edition bags… in order to let himself enjoy the famous brand.

Moved, happy, happy, all kinds of emotions, continue to sit in my heart.

The heartbeat began to accelerate, and a red glow appeared on her pretty face.

At the same time,  Omi, who was driving a Mercedes-Benz Grand G, heard a clear reminder in his mind.

【Ding! Charm aura, trigger unforgettable! 】

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

at this time……

 Omi, who was waiting for the traffic light, showed a look of doubt on his face after hearing the voice in his head.

“Trigged unforgettable?”

Then, he couldn’t help looking around, but he didn’t find anyone watching him nearby.

So what is the situation?

Suddenly triggered the charm aura?

 Omi shook his head and had to put the matter aside for the time being.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the mobile phone next to the seat rang a brisk ring.

 Omi casually pressed the car phone.

“You… hello, Mr. Lin.”

On the phone, blunt Chinese words came.

 Omi said: “Hello.”

After hearing  Omi’s answer, the person on the phone paused for a while.

After a while, he continued the difficult words: “Lin…Mr. Lin, I am the chairman of the board, Oram, welcome Mr. Lin to become a shareholder…”

“I don’t know… Mr. Lin… Do you like the gift I gave?”

For this call, when  Omi received his bag and clothes, he was mentally prepared.

So, it was not too unexpected.

After all, after acquiring 5% of LV shares, he has already had similar experience.

“I like your gift, thank you.”  Omi said.

The other party also kindly gave gifts.

The minimum etiquette is still to be given.

Oram happily said: “Mr. Lin, you…you are too polite…in the future, I will give it to you.”

Obviously, his Chinese language is really average.

Then, after a few more difficult conversations, Oram hung up the phone.

At this time,  Omi finally arrived at Jiangbei University.

He sits in the classroom, sometimes looking at his laughing classmates, sometimes listening to the teacher’s lecture, sometimes sleeping…

 Omi felt relaxed and comfortable to the extreme.

When eating at noon,  Omi received 32,102 yuan from the red envelope at 12:00.

In a blink of an eye, the day’s course is over.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this moment, the cell phone in  Omi’s pocket rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call to remind him that it was a call from Tan Shengyu, who had been with some friends at the Ferrari auto show not long ago.

“Brother Fan, are you free tonight? I made a game and want to invite you and Jiaxin to gather together.” Tan Shengyu said straightforwardly.

At the station, Tan Shengyu helped  Omi.

Although it was only a brief contact,  Omi felt that others were pretty good.

In addition, I really have nothing to do at night.

So, Ying said: “Okay.”

Then,  Omi looked at Song Jiaxin, who was not far away, who was packing up his textbooks, and said, “By the way, did you invite Jiaxin?”

“Not yet, I am the first to call you.” Tan Shengyu said.

“Okay, you don’t need to call Jiaxin, I just go and talk to her.”  Omi said.

“Okay, thank you Brother Fan,” Tan Shengyu said happily.

Song Jiaxin is a big sister-level figure in the circle, and Tan Shengyu is just a little transparent, contacting directly…It’s really a little frustrating.

Now, with  Omi’s help, it couldn’t be better.

After hanging up the phone,  Omi stepped forward to Song Jiaxin.

“Our great scientist, why did you come to me today?” Song Jiaxin smiled.

The students sitting next to him all showed a strange color on their faces.

To know……

Song Jiaxin doesn’t usually smile, and is called an iceberg beauty by many people.

As a result, now he actually joked to  Omi.

It’s… incredible.

 Omi said helplessly: “Don’t tease me. Tan Shengyu said that he had set up a game tonight and wanted everyone to gather together. Do you want to go there together at night?”

“Huh? Tan Shengyu is still organizing the game? If there is a lot of fun, how can I not go?” Song Jiaxin said.

These words…

If someone in the circle knows Song Jiaxin, I’m afraid, he will open his mouth in surprise.

Because Song Jiaxin will not only participate in some racing activities.

For other games, but rarely show up.

Now, he said he was going to join in the fun?

 Omi nodded and said, “Then let’s go over.”

Then the two walked shoulder to shoulder towards the parking lot.

Song Jiaxin looked at the Pagani Fengshen, Koenigsegg CCR and other cars in the parking lot, jokingly said: “This is about to become your exclusive parking lot?”

is not that right?

Since  Omi parked the sports car here, few people have parked nearby.

Because they were all afraid of getting into  Omi’s car accidentally.

At that time… I’m afraid I can’t afford to sell myself.

 Omi touched his nose again, opened Pagani Fengshen’s gull wing door, and sat straight on.


After Song Jiaxin sat down,  Omi stepped on the accelerator.

Then, the whole car, like a beast, flew forward.


At this time, Sun Luguo was sitting in the study, holding a thick economics book, studying silently, and taking some notes from time to time.

Most people always think that the rich second generation should always be eating, drinking and having fun.

actually not……

They tend to learn more and are more diligent than ordinary people.

Because most of them are very strong, and they don’t want to just inherit the family business of their elders, but to let the family business develop better and better in their own hands!

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Sun Luguo’s mobile phone rang out with a deep voice.

He didn’t like being disturbed while reading, so he frowned.

Sun Luguo glanced at the call notification, but still answered the call.

“Shengyu, what’s the matter?”

Tan Shengyu seemed to have heard some unpleasantness in Sun Luguo’s tone.

So he cautiously said: “Shao Sun, that… I have formed a game today and want to invite everyone to gather together. I wonder if you will be free later?”

Sun Luguo frowned when he heard this, and said: “I have something to do at night…”

“Ah…ok, Sun Shao’s matter is important, then I will go with Brother Fan and the others first.” Tan Shengyu said.

“Huh? Brother Fan? Which Brother Fan are you talking about?” Sun Luguo asked hurriedly.

Tan Shengyu replied: ” Omi and Brother Fan, who were racing together on the Donglai Panshan Highway last time.”

After Sun Luguo heard this, he put the book directly on the table.

Then he asked: “Where are you going to meet?”

“Four Seasons World!” Tan Shengyu hurriedly said.

“Okay, I’ll be there later.” Sun Luguo said.

After hanging up…

Tan Shengyu couldn’t help muttering: “Brother Fan’s face is really great, so Sun Shao directly changed his mind.”

After having experience in this matter, he called Liu Yuhang again.

“Shao Liu, I organized a round in Four Seasons World today. Would you like to come and gather together? By the way,  Omi, Brother Fan has already agreed to come.” Tan Shengyu said.

Inside the phone, Liu Yuhang’s hearty laughter rang immediately.

“Damn, do you have to ask? Don’t you know what I like most? Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon!”

Tan Shengyu happily said: “Okay, then I will wait for Liu Shao.”

owever, he is not going to get together for any excitement.

Tan Shengyu understood that the reason for agreeing… is definitely  Omi’s reason.

He couldn’t help raising  Omi’s status a lot in his heart.


Four Seasons World is a famous bar in Jiangbei.

At this time, many civilian luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and so on were parked in front of Siji Tiandi.

Also parked a lot of high-class luxury cars such as Porsche and Maserati, as well as super sports cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini…

Many hot beauties wander around Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super sports cars, like beasts looking for prey.


After a roar sounded in the distance, these beauties seemed to have heard the sound of their prey, and looked forward at the same time.

I saw…

A cool-looking Pagani Fengshen rushed from a distance.

In the end, it stopped steadily.

The hearts of the beauties seemed to resonate with the rumbling of Pagani Fengshen, and they beat quickly, as if attracted, slowly approaching.


The next moment, they all stopped.

Because, Pagani Fengshen walked down inside, a man and a woman.

Obviously, this means that they are not their prey.

Song Jiaxin saw all this in his eyes and smiled: ” Omi, how about it, do you regret driving me here with you?”

 Omi asked, “Why do you regret it?”

“If you didn’t bring me…At this time, you might have been surrounded by many beautiful women.” Song Jiaxin said.

“So, have you become my shield?”  Omi smiled.


Song Jiaxin laughed sweetly.

She often hears this word.

However, it was the first time it was used on myself.

At this time, Tan Shengyu, who was standing at the gate of Siji Tiandi, walked over quickly.

“Sister Jiaxin, Brother Fan, are you here?” Tan Shengyu said.

“Yes, are the others here?” Song Jiaxin nodded and asked.

“Shao Liu, Shao Duan, Shao Huang and the others are here, and Shao Sun and the others said they will be there soon.” Tan Shengyu said.

The three of them walked and talked…

When I walked into the Four Seasons World, my ears were full of rumbling music, bright lights in front of my eyes, and many men and women swaying wildly on the dance floor in the distance.

Several people continued to move forward and came to a large deck.

At this time, Liu Yuhang and others were sitting here drinking whiskey, shaking their bodies with the music from time to time.

After they saw  Omi and Song Jiaxin, they stood up one after another.

“Brother Fan, I saw you again! I really want to kill me!” Liu Yuhang exclaimed happily.

At the same time, with open arms, he was about to hug  Omi.

However,  Omi dodged aside and said, “I only hug beautiful women. Whatever you say… forget it.”

After speaking,  Omi stroked his arm gently.

That looks like…

It seems to be to smooth the goose bumps.

See here…

Everyone laughed.

At this time, Sun Luguo and two men of medium build walked in.

When they saw  Omi and the others, they couldn’t help but say: “Everyone is so fast!”

“You are too slow.” Liu Yuhang said.

“Oh, it turns out that being fast is also an advantage.” Sun Luguo said.

Liu Yuhang frowned, as if he wanted to refute again.

The Sun family and the Liu family can be said to be feuds.

As a result, Sun Luguo and Liu Yuhang would fight whenever they met.

Whether playing chess, drag racing, or drinking… the two will step on each other.

 Omi said, “It should be almost there, right? Sit down first and relax.”

When everyone heard and heard, they all sat down.

Then, Tan Shengyu beckoned to the distance.

Soon, Manager Ma, wearing a small suit with his big back, walked over with a smile on his face.

He respectfully said: “Tan Shao, do you have any instructions?”

Obviously, Tan Shengyu is a frequent visitor here, and Manager Ma recognized him at a glance.

“Steak, snacks, fruit plate, look at it! Then, two big dragons!” Tan Shengyu said.

When Manager Ma heard this, his face was immediately covered with a smile.

To know……

The big dragon is a big set with 6 ace of spades and a total cost of 100,000 yuan!

Two big dragons, even if steaks, fruit plates, snacks are not included… the cost will cost 200,000 yuan!

This is definitely a big deal!

Liu Yuhang exclaimed: “Two great dragons? Shengyu, how proud!”

Although, they are all son brothers in the same circle.

However, their money is not unlimited.

Generally speaking, it is only 10 million pocket money every year.

Some people, even fewer.

It costs more than 200,000 yuan to set up a game in a bar, which is indeed arrogant.

At this time, a group of beauties with hot bodies and delicate features, each holding a bottle of ace of spades, came over with a smile like a flower.

From a distance, it seemed like a beautiful dragon.

At the same time, the DJ standing on the stage shouted: “Warm congratulations on the two big dragons in deck 6! Let us cheer loudly for the VIPs in deck 6!”

Suddenly, the whole Four Seasons World immediately rang out more enthusiastic music.

Everyone screamed and shook violently.

Liu Yuhang opened a bottle of ace of spades and shouted, “Come on, drink together!”

I have to say that the bar is a very influential place.

Everyone was drinking, listening to music, shaking their bodies…

At this moment, it seems that all of them have forgotten their troubles and everything…

Only happiness and invigoration are left in my heart!

When a bottle of wine was down, everyone jumped and screamed tired… and finally stopped slowly.

The crowd sat on the deck, chatting with each other, and it was relaxed and at ease.

“Have fun this time! Next time, we will have another racing game!” Liu Yuhang said heartily.

Sitting on the opposite side, the thinner man named Duan Qian had a frustrated expression on his face.

Liu Yuhang cried, “Duan Qian, what? Still haven’t saved enough money to buy a supercar?”

Duan Qian nodded It stands to reason that the people who can sit together are all wealthy young masters of the same identity. It should be no problem to buy a supercar for a little bit of money.

But Duan Qian is different…

He is a very good car. He used to drag racing a lot, and even put all his energy on the car.

As a result, when his father passed his birthday, Duan Qian forgot to play a car.

This made the old man so angry that he confiscated his car and deducted 90% of his pocket money.

Nowadays, Duan Qian only has 100,000 spending every month, so he can barely live his life.

Liu Yuhang put his hand on  Omi’s shoulder and said, “If you want money to buy a car, you have to ask our brother Fan! Brother Fan, do you have any good projects, can you take us to make some money and spend it? “

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This sentence, Liu Yuhang has a basis.

Because he also has a certain understanding of  Omi, there are several super sports cars.

In addition,  Omi is also closely related to the Zhou family in the capital…

Having a little money-making doorway is definitely very easy.

Other people at the scene focused their attention on  Omi.

From the beginning of the gathering, Liu Yuhang, Sun Luguo, Song Jiaxin and Tan Shengyu all surrounded  Omi.

You know… the first three are all very important people in the circle.

It is definitely not easy to be able to treat them like this.

And Tan Shengyu… is always to please  Omi.

 Omi thought for a while, just about to speak.

【Ding! Mission: Get rich together! Lead at least 3 people and earn a total of more than 100 million yuan. Reward 5 silver red envelopes. 】

 Omiyan heard it, his eyes moved slightly.

After a while, he said, “Actually, I really have some options when it comes to making money.”

“Haha, I knew it!” Liu Yuhang said happily, “Brother Fan, hurry up and ask for advice!”

The other people at the scene were all interested.

 Omi said: “I got inside information about a batch of listed companies… If you believe me, you can hand over the money to me to operate for three days. I dare not say that more than 20% of the profit is still guaranteed.”

Obviously,  Omi is planning to use the 100 stock chart in the next three days.

As for 20%, it is a very conservative statement.

“I believe it, I believe it too much!” Liu Yuhang said excitedly.

In his opinion, the inside information of these listed companies should have been provided by the Zhou family.

What is the Zhou family?

One of the top families in China!

The information they provided is still false?

This is the best opportunity to make money. If you miss it, you will definitely regret it for a lifetime!

“Brother Fan, is there an upper limit on the amount of investment?” Sun Luguo asked.

Obviously, he also believed  Omi’s words very much.

You know,  Omi is someone who even Qin Weiming and Qin Lao have saved.

How could he not believe what he said?

 Omi thought for a while and said, “It’s better not to exceed 10 billion.”

He also remembered that after using the stock chart for the next 3 days, the purchase amount of a single stock should be less than 1% of the stock’s market value.


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