The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 161-170

With this calculation, if 100 stocks are purchased separately, there should be no problem with less than 10 billion.

Not more than 10 billion?

These words… shocked everyone on the scene.

Although, everyone present has assets of more than tens of billions.

However, most of them are just fixed assets.

Ten billion funds?

Even if you sell them, you may not be able to get them.

Sun Luguo said: “Brother Fan, want to play a big one?”

“Not necessarily, it depends on you.”  Omi said relaxedly.

Today’s game made  Omi and everyone more familiar.

 Omi thinks they are pretty good, plus the reason for the system task.

Therefore, he would want to take everyone to make some money together.

However, if everyone doesn’t believe in themselves,  Omi doesn’t care.

Losing a mission is nothing more than nothing.

Liu Yuhang stroked his chin and said, “Isn’t it more than 10 billion? I have to go home and discuss with the father and the others… By the way, Brother Fan, when will you start the operation?”

“I also have to discuss with the old man.” Sun Luguo said.

They all have to go home to discuss with the old man?

Obviously, this is going to be a big one.

They just believe that  Omi really has inside information about listed companies?

Isn’t this kind of talk usually a lie?

Everyone looked at  Omi’s eyes, full of surprise.

Song Jiaxin next to him said: “Since  Omi is going to make a move, of course I can’t miss it. I will let the family put out 500 million… As for more, it depends on how much I can collect in a short time.

Directly promise to give at least 500 million yuan to  Omi for investment!

Everyone present opened their mouths wide.

500 million!

This is definitely not a small number.

Everyone present at home may also be able to spend 500 million.

However, once all the money was lost, it was even swept away by  Omi.

Then, their family’s capital chain may be completely broken.

It’s not impossible that a carelessness will fall into the middle of the family!

Song Jiaxin believes in  Omi like this?

She… really believed in  Omi.

First, I believe in him.

Secondly, he believed in  Omi’s ability.

Because Song Jiaxin knew that  Omi had solved the Zhou’s conjecture, the twin prime conjecture, and invented an earthquake predictor!

This is an absolute great scientist!

Such big scientists are not sure that they will invest casually?

As for taking away the money?

Then there is no need.

Because this kind of big scientist is afraid that he doesn’t want money.

If needed, I don’t know how many people or even the country will rush to give him money!

“The day after tomorrow, if you want to vote together, then tell me, if you don’t want to vote, it doesn’t matter.”  Omi said.

Duan Qiandao: “There is still one day… OK, I’ll go back and get together, but I don’t know if I can persuade the old man.”

“I want to go back and prepare.”

“I have to discuss it too.”


Originally, everyone didn’t pay too much attention to investment or something.

However, seeing Liu Yuhang, Sun Luguo and Song Jiaxin all take it so seriously.

Even hundreds of millions of funds have to be spent.

They also took heart one after another.

Today’s game ended early because of investment.

In the evening, everyone returned to their homes.


At this time, except for  Omi, they were all pulled into a group called’Jiangbei Finance’ by Song Jiaxin.

Song Jiaxin:  Omi said that within 3 days, you can get at least 20% of the income, but I believe you are not stupid. High returns have always represented high risks, and no one can fully predict the future.

Song Jiaxin: So, even if you didn’t get 20% of the income in the end, or even suffered a loss, I hope you don’t jump out and blame anyone.

Song Jiaxin: If you have made such preparations then you can give the money to  Omi to operate together, if not, then don’t give it to him! At that time, no one will say anything.

Liu Yuhangdao: Sister Jiaxin is right, everyone is an adult, responsible for their own decisions! However, I believe in Brother Fan!

Sun Luguo: I just communicated with the old man, and I will transfer 400 million to Brother Fan tomorrow.

Liu Yuhang: Okay! unfortunately! I am going to transfer 500 million yuan for Brother Fan to help with the operation.

Duan Qian: Brother Fan is also to help us make money… Even if we lose money, then we will never say anything. The only pity is that my old man is still angry… I don’t know how much money I can pay tomorrow.

Tan Shengyu: Today is a bit late, and I am going to discuss it with the old man tomorrow… However, I have already planned to hand over all my savings over the years to Brother Fan for operation. Brother Fan, go!

Xu Songquan: I won’t be able to discuss it with my family until tomorrow.

Zhang Bin: Me too…

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

 Omi had no idea what happened in the ‘future’ group.

At this time, he came to the 25th floor of Yike City.

After Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian saw  Omi, their two pretty faces immediately filled with smiles.

They have not seen  Omi for 2 days since  Omi bought the entire building in Yike City.

Little don’t win newlyweds…

See you again, happier.

It was night, and the whole building belonged to them.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)



The incense burner in Rizhao produces purple smoke, and you can see the waterfall Hanging Qianchuan in the distance.

Flying straight down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls for nine days!


The next day.

When  Omi opened his eyes, there was already a message on the phone.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remits, 3670100 yuan.”

Waking up every day is more than three million yuan in income.

Then, after washing and eating breakfast,  Omi came to the school slowly and started a leisurely student life again.

In a blink of an eye, it was 12:00 noon.

Red envelopes appear!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 yuan.”


“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Let me know you and get 19,999 yuan.”

A while ago, it seemed that he had exhausted his good fortune.

Today’s punctual red envelope,  Omi only received 42,119 yuan.

In the afternoon,  Omi sat in his seat, flipping through his mobile phone at random, yawning from time to time.

At this time, Song Jiaxin walked over slowly.

” Omi, my family prepared 700 million yuan, Liu Yuhang and Sun Luguo each prepared 600 million yuan, Tan Shengyu’s 100 million yuan, Zhang Bin’s 100 million yuan, Duan Qian’s 4 million yuan…Which account should all be transferred to?”

Yesterday, Song Jiaxin said 500 million, Sun Luguo said 400 million, and Liu Yuhang said 500 million.

Today, the amount has all gone up a bit.

Obviously, they trust  Omi very much.

 Omi said, “My investment account.”

Then,  Omi wrote out his card number.

“Okay.” Song Jiaxin nodded.

When Song Jiaxin left, Song Yi next to him couldn’t help but said: “Fan… Brother Fan, did you just say 700 million? 600 million? Is it… what is it?”

Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhong pricked their ears, obviously, they were also very curious.

“Oh… money.”  Omi said relaxedly.


Suddenly there was silence around.

They heard very clearly just now.

One is 700 million, two is 600 million, two is 100 million, and one is 4 million!

In other words,  Omi has to receive 2,104 million in total!

What a terrifying number is this?

Astronomical figures that they have never seen in their entire lives, okay?

Even, let alone 2,104 million, the 4 million in the back, they have never seen it!

 Omi looked at them dumbfounded and couldn’t help but smiled, “They let me invest in these money.”

This… I don’t know if they heard it.

Because they are always in a daze, and they haven’t recovered for a long time.

At this moment,  Omi’s cell phone shook slightly.

“China Merchants Bank remitted 2,104 million yuan.”

Seeing this,  Omi directly sent a message to Song Jiaxin: I have received it.

On the other hand, the future group.

Xu Songquan and others took the initiative to withdraw from the group.

After all, this is the group established for  Omi to help invest.

They didn’t invest, and they didn’t have the face to stay any longer.

Today, they talked to their elders about investment.

Some people can’t make any money because of the recent shortage of funds in the family.

Some people do not trust.

At first,  Omi was too young.

Secondly, they are not familiar with  Omi.

Out of prudent considerations, everyone chose to give up investment.

Xu Songquan and the others have a little money in their hands, but it is only a small amount of tens of millions of dollars.

They have to spend money, and also feel that it is a shame to take out the small money.

So, in the end, no investment was made.

However, they don’t know how big the loss they have not made the investment.

Liu Zhenyu: Duan Qian, not bad! You can get 4 million!

Duan Qian: I have pledged all the gifts I bought before, as well as the old man, the gifts my parents gave before, and I only got 4 million.

Liu Zhenyu: Damn it! Awesome!

Duan Qian: It’s a must! I’m now waiting for Brother Fan to help me appreciate it!

Liu Zhenyu: If you lose, don’t cry.

Duan Qian: It doesn’t matter, those things are useless to me anyway.

Sun Luguo: Tan Shengyu and Zhang Bin, have you made the situation clear with your elders? All profits and losses need to be conceited.

Tan Shengyu: No problem!

Zhang Bin: I’m fine too!

Obviously, Liu Yuhang and Sun Luguo were vaccinating  Omi.


After school,  Omi went straight to Panlong Villa.

Then, he turned his attention to the system.

[Do you sign in? 】


【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained a Jiaye Building. 】

Jiaye Office Building is a high-end office building in the center of Jiangbei City. It is located near the Baijia Building that  Omi acquired last time. According to the market price, it is over 1 billion.

 Omi murmured, “Is there another office building? It’s okay.”

He lay on the soft sofa and swiped his phone at random.

Time is like water, constantly flowing.

In a blink of an eye, it got dark.

 Omi stretched his waist and said, “It’s a bit boring…Forget it, let’s start managing finances today.”

[Whether to use 100 stock trend cards in the next three days? 】

Suddenly,  Omi had a three-day chart of 100 stocks in his mind.

Among them, including 40 China stocks and 60 M country stocks.

If you are an ordinary person, even if you know the trend chart of these stocks.

I am afraid, it is also difficult to maximize profits.

But  Omi is different…

He has academician-level mathematics experience, and the calculation of these graphs is as simple as eating for him.

He easily knows how to get the most benefit.

 Omi quickly logged in to the registered country M stock account, and transferred his 1052 million, as well as Song Jiaxin, Sun Luguo, Liu Yuhang, Tan Shengyu, Zhang Bin, and Duan Qian’s 2.14 billion, into the stock account.

Then, at the right time, buy several stocks that have fallen to the lowest point in batches.

Because of the implementation of the T+0 mechanism in country M stocks.

Therefore,  Omi was able to sell these stocks near the highest point, and wait until the lowest point to buy again…

So repeatedly…

In just one hour,  Omi’s funds rose by 7 percent.

 Omi hadn’t shown much interest in money for a long time.

However, looking at the ever-increasing numbers, I still felt a bit of interest.

Therefore,  Omi kept operating all night.

When the day started to light up, the stock market in country M was over.

 Omi’s operation also stopped.

In just one night,  Omi’s income reached 50%!

In the stock account, there were originally only 3.156 billion.

After one night has passed, it has become 4.734 billion!


The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

The next day,  Omi went to school, listened to classes, and slept as usual.

He didn’t buy China stocks anymore.

As a result, China Stocks implements the T+1 system and has a 10% daily limit. Even if the rare “earth and sky board” is purchased, the daily income is only 20%.

What’s more, the 40 Chinese stocks that  Omi acquired did not appear to be “earth and sky board.”

Secondly, cut the leeks from country M, which is more fragrant!

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

In the past two days, perhaps because he trusted  Omi, perhaps because he didn’t want to put pressure on  Omi.

Song Jiaxin, Liu Yuhang, Sun Luguo and others did not come to ask any questions.

 Omi was also happy to speak easily.

And in these three days of buying stocks.

On the first day,  Omi received 50% of the income.

The next day,  Omi received nearly 70% of the income.

On the third day,  Omi received nearly 60% of the income.

These benefits are not simply 50%+70%+60%=180%.

It is the income accumulated and superimposed each time, namely: 1.5X1.7X1.6=4.08!

In other words, in just three days, the yield is close to 408%!

At this time, the balance of  Omi’s account is 12.876 million yuan!


This day happens to be Saturday.

After  Omi slept all morning, he sent all the investment transactions of the three days to Song Jiaxin.

 Omi: The investment is over. Screenshot.jpg, screenshot.jpg, screenshot.jpg…

“Jingle Bell!”

After a while, his cell phone rang a brisk ring.

As soon as  Omi answered the phone, Song Jiaxin’s hastily voice came from inside.

” Omi, what did you just send me?”

 Omi wondered: “Huh? Didn’t I say? Three days ago, didn’t you transfer me 2.114 billion? Adding my own 1.052 million, a total of 3.156 million investment records.”

“Then how did it become 12.876 million yuan now?” Song Jiaxin asked hurriedly.

“Investment and earning.”  Omi took it for granted.

As soon as he said this, there was no voice on the phone.

After Song Jiaxin got  Omi’s affirmation, she was completely stunned.

She was born in the Song family, a wealthy family. She has seen a lot of money and has seen many cases of investment profit.

However, she was still surprised by  Omi’s operation.

Three days?

Do not!

In two and a half days, it directly turned 3.1 billion into 12.8 billion! Turned a full 4 times!

What an amazing gain is this?

Robbery is not so fast, okay?

If this incident were to be spoken out, it would definitely shock a lot of people’s jaws.

What analysts, what senior managers…all stand aside!

In fact…

Three days ago, when asked to give  Omi the money and ask him to help with the investment, Song Jiaxin also felt that she would not lose.

However, she has never been able to obtain such a high income!

 Omi saw that there was no sound on the phone for a while, so he coughed slightly and said, “Jiaxin, are you still listening?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Song Jiaxin reacted and said hurriedly.

 Omi said: “I accounted for one-third of the funds, that is, I took 4.249 billion yuan, and where should I go to the remaining 8.27 billion yuan? Should I go back the same way?”

I have to say that Song Jiaxin is worthy of being the daughter of the Song family. After a brief shock, she quickly recovered.

“The remaining funds can be returned to the same way.” Song Jiaxin said.

“Okay.”  Omi answered, operating quickly.

It didn’t take long for Song Jiaxin’s bank card to receive a reminder.

Then, she sent a message in the future group.

Song Jiaxin:  Omi’s investment is over, and all the principal and income of the investment have been returned to the bank card.

Song Jiaxin: The total amount is 8.627 billion.

Song Jiaxin: You are right, it is 8.627 billion!

Liu Yuhang: Damn it!

Sun Luguo: Damn it!

Tan Shengyu: Damn it!

Zhang Bin: Damn it!

Duan Qian: f*ck!

The entire group was swiped in an instant.

Sun Luguo: Three days? Do not! In two and a half days, our rate of return has reached more than 400%?

Sun Luguo: Didn’t I dream?

Liu Yuhang: Want to know if you have a dream? simple! I’ll just slap you!

If it was before, Sun Luguo would definitely argue with Liu Yuhang.

But now, he doesn’t have this extra thought.

Sun Luguo: How did Brother Fan get such a high income in such a short time?

Song Jiaxin: Investment!

Then, she put all the screenshots  Omi sent to herself in the group.

Sun Luguo: This…this…it’s…unbelievable!

Because he compared the nodes of each transaction and found that  Omi bought at the lowest point and sold at the highest point almost every time…

With such intensive operation, no one missed it!

It’s… it’s just… as if you can predict the future!

However, Sun Luguo understands that in this world, it is impossible for anyone to predict the future!

The only thing that can be explained is that  Omi really has inside information about these listed companies, as well as excellent trading capabilities!

However, he didn’t know that  Omi had a system and he could really predict the future!

Song Jiaxin: Yes, incredible!

Song Jiaxin: Originally,  Omi could enjoy this wealth by himself, but he took great risks and shared it with us! This is gracious! It’s love! It’s righteousness!

Song Jiaxin: I don’t want to happen in the future that not only does not remember this kindness and friendship, but on the contrary, it will be kind and revenge!

Sun Luguo: If something like this happens, I will be the first to let him go!

Tan Shengyu: I am the second one!

Liu Yuhang: Huh? Then I am the third one?

Tan Shengyu: Then…that’s the third one.

Liu Yuhang: Not bad, not bad! Then I am the second one!

Zhang Bin: We will never do such a thing.

Duan Qian: That’s right!

Duan Qian: Hey! So, I can get 16 million? I seem to have seen Daniel beckoning to me! Hahaha!

Naturally,  Omi didn’t know anything about the future group.

At this time, a clear reminder sounded in his mind.

【Ding! Complete the task: get rich together! Lead at least 3 people and earn a total of more than 100 million yuan. Get 5 silver red envelopes. 】

 Omiyan heard this and couldn’t help sitting up straight, and said, “Have you finally completed the task? Okay, let’s see what we can get.”

“Open 5 silver red envelopes!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 1 million yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you got the food crit card. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 300,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 400,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, UU Reading www. . com received 700,000 yuan. 】

 Omi directly focused on the diet crit card.

[Diet crit card. After eating, you can randomly get 100 to 10,000 times cash back rewards. 】

See here…

 Omi curled his lips and said, “These few silver red envelopes are useless.”

It’s no use?

If it is heard by others, I don’t know what it will be.

Five silver red envelopes received a total of 2.4 million yuan.

And the food crit card, after eating, can get 100 to 10,000 times the cash back reward.

If you find an expensive restaurant, spend hundreds of thousands, and get thousands of times rebates… then you can directly earn hundreds of millions!

It’s not that good?

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Signed in successfully and won 10 million yuan. 】

 Omi sighed, and said, “Today is 10 million again? Shouldn’t luck be memorized like this?”

In the past few days,  Omi’s daily income from signing in was 10 million yuan.

Plus more than 3 million from breathing, walking, and sleeping.

That is… his daily guaranteed income is more than 13 million.

At this time,  Omi’s working capital has reached 4.312 billion yuan!

This is personal working capital!

If he is known by others, he will definitely stare in surprise.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder and found that it was an unfamiliar number from the discount market.


I don’t seem to know anyone there, right?

 Omi was slightly puzzled, and slowly pressed the answer button.

“Hello, is it Mr. Lin?” There was a somewhat low voice on the phone.

“It’s me, are you?”  Omi asked.

“Oh, I’m Ali’s Malaysia.” Malaysia smiled easily, as if he hadn’t seen a friend for many years.

Ari has only one big horse, and that is the chairman of Ari!

He can definitely be called a legendary figure.

If another person suddenly receives a call from Malaysia, I am afraid I will be surprised and incoherent.

However,  Omi received a call from the presidents of LV and CUGGI not long ago, and he can be considered to have some experience in dialogue with people at the chairman level.

So, I was not too surprised.

“It turned out to be the Malaysian president, hello.”  Omi said.

“I only came back from a business trip a few days ago and learned that Mr. Lin bought 5% of our Ari Group, so that I did not contact Mr. Lin as soon as possible. This is my fault. It is a bit rude… Apologies.” Malaysia said.

 Omi smiled and said, “Malaysian always don’t mind, this is just a small matter.”

“Haha! Mr. Lin is really a big-bellied person! I’m relieved if you say that!” Malaysia said happily.

Then, the two continued to exchange a few words.

Malaysia finally said the real purpose of this call.

“By the way, Mr. Lin, the Internet conference to be held in Jiangbei tomorrow morning will be attended by many large domestic Internet companies, and I am going to go there tomorrow…”

“I don’t know if Mr. Lin is free to attend tomorrow? At that time, if it is convenient, you can have a casual meal together. What do you think?”

Internet conference?

When going out these days,  Omi often saw relevant news at bus stops, urban LED display screens and other places.

He was already a little curious.

Therefore,  Omi replied: “I will pass tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow,” Malaysia said happily.

Not long after  Omi hung up, the phone rang again.

This time, it was an unfamiliar number from Shenzhen.

“Mr. Lin is good.” The voice on the phone was very gentle, giving people a refined feeling.

 Omi said: “Hello.”

“I am the little horse of Penguin. Thank you for your recognition of Penguin and acquired 5% of the shares.” Xiao Ma said.

As soon as Malaysia finished the call, Xiao Ma followed?

 Omi was taken aback for a moment before he said, “My little horse is always polite.”

Xiao Ma said: “That’s right. I am going to participate in the Jiangbei Internet Conference tomorrow. I wonder if Mr. Lin will come over and have a look? At that time, how does Mr. Lin feel about having a meal together by the way?”

 Omi said directly: “No problem.”

After all, he has just agreed to the Malaysian president.

Now, if I promise Mr. Ma, it’s okay, right?

and many more……

Promised the Malaysian president?

 Omi seemed to have thought of something, and just about to speak, he heard a noisy voice on the phone.

Then, Xiao Ma hurriedly said, “Thank you, Mr. Lin, for your face. I still have something to deal with, then we will see you tomorrow.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Only  Omi hesitated in place for a while.

I just promised the Malaysian president to eat, and now I promised the little Ma?

Forget it, let’s eat together.

Thinking of this,  Omi didn’t think about it anymore.

He looked around and frowned slightly.

In the past few days,  Omi has been living in this villa for stock trading.

And he has never been a person who pays much attention to cleanliness, so that the whole villa has become a little messy.

The area of ​​each Panlong villa is more than 800 square meters.

Let  Omi clean it by himself?

Wouldn’t it be exhausting?

So  Omi took out his cell phone, searched for a better-rated housekeeping company, and dialed out.

“Hello, Al Housekeeping is at your service.” A crisp and sweet voice came on the phone.

After talking for a while,  Omi hung up the phone.

“Ding Dong!”

After about half an hour, a doorbell rang outside.

After  Omi opened the door, a beautiful woman with peachy eyes, willow leaf eyebrows, cherry mouth, fair skin, full figure, a pair of slender hands and a plastic basket in her arms, walked in slowly.

“Al Housekeeping, to serve you.” The beauty whispered.

Her voice is like spring water dingdong, clear and sweet, very nice.

 Omi couldn’t help but stunned, and couldn’t help but check the opponent with real eyes.

[Face value: 95]

[Favorite value: 40]

95’s face value? !

Are you looking for such high-value people in housekeeping now?

Is this preparing to do housekeeping?

What should I do?

Seeing that  Omi had been staring at her, the beautiful lady’s delicate face blushed slightly, and she slowly lowered her head.

Then he asked, “Is it Mr. Lin?”

“Ah… it’s me, Al housekeeping, right? Then come in and clean.”  Omi said.

The beauty heard this and walked in, and put on shoe covers and aprons.

Originally,  Omi thought that for a beauty of this level, cleaning should be just a ‘look-and-see’, and didn’t have very good cleaning abilities.

However,  Omi observed quietly for a while before realizing that he was wrong.

Whether it’s cleaning the table, mopping the floor, or tidying up clothes…the beauties are all meticulous and methodical.

After a while, the table and the floor became as if they could be used as mirrors.

The clothes are folded like looks very seductive.

In about 3 hours, the whole villa became completely new, as if no one had ever lived in it.

See here…

A look of satisfaction appeared on  Omi’s face.

Living in a brand new house is simply a treat.

The beauty asked: “Mr. Lin, do you see where else needs to be cleaned?”

 Omi shook his head and said, “No, you cleaned very well.”

“Thank you Mr. Lin for your compliment.” The beautiful woman said, after she finished speaking, she was about to untie her apron and leave.

At this time,  Omi said again: “Don’t leave in a hurry, can you cook?”

“Huh?” The beauty was shocked.

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The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

These days, because  Omi has been trading stocks in the villa.

For a moment, he suddenly had the urge to cook and eat in the villa.

So, I bought a lot of vegetables back.

When I bought it, I made a vow.

However, after cooking a dish, I completely gave up the idea of ​​cooking.

As a result, there is still a lot of food stored in his large double-door refrigerator.

 Omi was a little dazed to see the beauty, and then said, “How about charging twice the housekeeping standard for cooking time?”

The beauty hesitated and said, “This…good…good.”


With the sound of water coming from the kitchen, high-quality cabbage, fine lean meat, farm chicken, fresh shrimp, spare ribs… many dishes were all cleaned by the beauties.

Then, the oily smoke appeared, and the aroma was permeated.

Brightly colored dishes were served one after another.

 Omi picked up a spare rib and put it in his mouth.

It is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Then, he tasted the cabbage, shredded pork with green pepper, and served a bowl of soup…

The taste of each dish is very good, even, let  Omi vaguely feel a taste of grandma.

The smell of grandma?

That’s right!

Because  Omi always lived with his grandparents in the countryside when he was a child.

When he was a child, all he remembered was the taste of grandma’s food.

At that time, the family was very poor.

However, grandparents are willing to endure hardships by themselves, and often make various meats for  Omi to eat.

While tasting the food in front of him, the voice of grandparents and grandparents even murmured in  Omi’s ears.

“Xiao Fan, you are growing your body now, come, eat more meat.”

“Xiao Fan, try this spare ribs again.”

Thinking about it,  Omi couldn’t help feeling a little sour.

The beauty was in a daze when  Omi was eating the dishes she cooked, and her eyes were a little red.

Can’t help asking: “Is… is the oily smoke too much?”

 Omi shook his head and said, “It’s so delicious.”

After a pause, he said: “By the way, I have forgotten to ask, what is your name.”

“My name is Su Ning’s.” The beauty said softly.

Su Ning?

Quiet and quiet, as the name suggests.

 Omi said: “Su Ningjing, I wonder if you are interested in coming to my side to do the full-time job of housekeeping and cooking? For salary, 15,000 yuan per month.”

“In addition, you don’t have to come to work every day. Because, I don’t live here every day.”

“It’s just… when I come to live, you can help with cleaning and cooking.”

“Of course, you can stay here forever and help manage the villa.”

Salary is 15,000?

Su Ningjing was completely stunned.

To know……

Su Ning’s current job only has a monthly salary of 5,000, which is directly tripled!

Moreover, doesn’t the other party need to be cleaned every day?

Or even live in a villa?

This is almost…like a huge pie hitting his head.

Let Su Ning’s feel unreal.

Seeing that Su Ningjing did not answer,  Omi said, “Su Ningjing, what do you think?”

Su Ningjing said: “I…I’m actually not Al’s housekeeper.”

“Huh?”  Omi showed a look of doubt on his face.

“I’m the liaison officer for Aier Housekeeping…because we Aier Housekeeping stipulates that we must come to serve you within one hour, but today is too busy, so… I came out to help temporarily.” Su Ningjing replied.

 Omi said weirdly: “But, you seem to be very skilled in cleaning up? You have also been trained?”

“I’m used to doing it at home.” Su Ningjing said.

 Omi nodded clearly and said, “Then what do you think of my proposal just now?”

Su Ning’s raised his head and quietly observed  Omi.

In fact, this is not the first time she has observed  Omi.

From the moment she walked in, she was very vigilant.

Because Su Ningjing understands that he is very beautiful and is prone to encounter bad people.

This is not her boasting, but a similar thing, which has happened many times.

Some people even directly proposed 50,000 bao per month to support her.

Su Ning’s family conditions are not good, but she is a very self-respecting and self-loving person. In the face of such bad people, she has always kept a distance.

And since coming to Panlong Villa, she noticed that  Omi was a little surprised except when she first saw her.

After that, it has been normal.

Today,  Omi’s tone of speech is even more plain, without any other desires.

In addition, the price of 15,000 yuan can be considered within a relatively reasonable range.

If  Omi spoke directly and said that he would give a price of 50,000 or 100,000, Su Ning’s might have denied it directly.

Overall,  Omi should really want to let himself help with housekeeping and cooking.

However, Su Ning’s still hesitated, and said, “May I…can I think about it?”

If Su Ningjing knew that  Omi met with people who did not lose to her appearance every day, or even surpassed her appearance, then he would probably not consider it again.

“Of course you can. But, it’s better not to be too long.”  Omi said.

Faced with a beauty who cleans carefully, carefully, cooks deliciously, and is seductive for a long time,  Omi is willing to wait for a certain amount of time.

“Thanks…thank you.” Su Ningjing said.

Then,  Omi picked up another chopsticks dish and put it in his mouth, nodding his head.

 Omi said, “What are you doing standing up? With so many dishes, let’s sit down and eat together. When you finish eating, you can pack your dishes and you can get off work again. Don’t worry, during this period, everything is calculated at twice the housekeeping salary.

“I… I’ll eat later.” Su Ning squeezed his fingers and said.

After a pause, he hurriedly said, “The time I wait is not counted as housekeeping time.”

 Omi was suddenly amused by Su Ning’s serious appearance, and said, “It’s okay, sit down and eat together.”

Su Ningjing stood by the side all the time, with his head lowered, without any movement at all.

 Omi understood that this was a stubborn girl, so she had no choice but to stop reluctantly.

For this meal,  Omi ate two bowls of rice, drank two bowls of soup, and ate a lot of dishes… Then he walked to the sofa and sat down contentedly.

Seeing Su Ning…

Then I picked up the bowl and, lowered his head, and ate silently.

In order to save money, Su Ning’s eats noodles and steamed buns with pickles every day.

So, even if there is only a little warmth left in the current meals, she is very happy to eat.

In the end, all the remaining meals were cleaned by her.

At the same time, her originally flat belly was completely bulging, and she couldn’t help but belch.


With the sound of water, all the dishes and chopsticks and the kitchen were quickly cleaned up, without a trace of oily smoke.

Describing her with ingenuity, it couldn’t be more appropriate.

 Omi glanced at the completely dark sky and said, “It’s getting late, I’ll send you back.”

“No…no, I can go back by myself,” Su Ning said.

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

Su Ningjing walked out of Panlong Villa and came to the nearby bus station, only to find that the bus had been stopped.

In desperation, she had to move on.

On the road, vehicles pass by from time to time.

However, Su Ningjing didn’t seem to see it, just buried his head and kept moving forward.


At this moment, a dazzling light suddenly appeared behind her, and a whistle sounded.

Su Ningjing couldn’t help but slowly turned around.

I saw…

A cool super sports car is parked behind him.

The supercar lowered the window, revealing  Omi sitting in the car.

“The buses are all out of service, why don’t you take a taxi?”  Omi asked.

“I… not far from where I live.” Su Ning said with his head lowered.

“It’s not safe to walk alone at night. Get in the car and I’ll take you back.”  Omi said.

When Su Ning heard this, he immediately thought of the terrible news that some girls encountered gangsters when they were walking at night.

So he nodded and said, “Thank you.”

After speaking, he sat up.


As  Omi stepped on the accelerator, the whole car galloped away immediately.

It was obviously the first time for Su Ning to take a supercar. He kept holding on to the handrails, and there was a layer of sweat on Qiao’s face.

It looks like… as if a vehicle could fly into the sky at any time.

About twenty minutes later,  Omi finally stopped downstairs in an old resident.

“Is this how far you said to live?”  Omi asked.

To know……

There is no traffic jam at night.

Even  Omi didn’t wait for any traffic lights at all.

Rao was so, and also drove for nearly 20 minutes.

If Su Ning’s walked on two legs, it would probably take at least 2 hours!

Su Ningjing was stared at by  Omi, and she couldn’t help lowering her head, her pretty face blushing.

Seeing this,  Omi said helplessly: “Okay, go up early.”

“Thanks…Thank you.” Su Ningjing said softly.


At this time,  Omi’s location was not too far away from Teacher Tiantian’s home.

Therefore, he didn’t return to Panlong Villa, and went straight to Teacher Hu Tian’s house.

“Ding Dong!”

The doorbell rang, and Teacher Tiantian walked out in her fluffy pajamas.

Her hair is still a little wet and exudes a delicate fragrance.

Apparently, she had just finished taking a shower.

“Are you here?” Hu Tian said happily, and then plunged into  Omi’s arms.

Outside, she is a serious teacher.

But at home, she is a woman waiting for her lover.

Since today is Saturday, there will be no class tomorrow.

Teacher Tiantian is harder and more proactive than usual.

(づ ̄3 ̄)づ? (°‵?′?)







It was night, and the two applauded for love and felt comfortable all night.


The next day, a warm sun shone on the windowsill.

 Omi finally opened his eyes.

At this time, a very exquisite breakfast has been placed on the dining table in the living room.

“Yeah! The taste is still the same!”  Omi exclaimed.

“If it’s delicious, eat more.” Hu Tian smiled.

 Omi nodded repeatedly, stuffed a large bite of noodles into his mouth, and then asked, “By the way, I’m going to participate in the Internet conference later, do you want to go and have a look together?”

“My understanding of the Internet is limited to simple operations such as PPT and chat, so I won’t join in the fun.” Hu Tian shook his head, “I’ll stay at home honestly and make up for the rest.”

While talking, Hu Tian couldn’t help but yawn.

 Omi agreed: “You were a little tired last night… OK, then you can take a good rest at home.”

Soon, a big bowl of noodles, two glutinous rice cakes, a cup of soy milk…all  Omi ate cleanly.

Then, driving the Lamborghini Daniel that drove over last night, he galloped towards the Internet conference scene.


This Internet Conference is located in the Convention and Exhibition Center of Jiangbei City.

At this time, the entire convention and exhibition center has long been full of flowers and colorful flags.

Groups of men and women in suits and leather shoes walked on the gorgeous stalls and kept walking inward, making noises from time to time.

“Ms. Zhang, it’s been a long time since I saw you!”

“Hello, Mr. Liu!”

“Mr. Huang, haha! Your app is really good! The future is great!”

“You really praised it!”


Among these people, there are bigwigs in the Internet industry, who come here with the purpose of exchanging experiences and discovering projects.

There are also strugglers and entrepreneurs on the Internet, who hope to meet the bigwigs here, and at the same time, seek the bigwigs’ attention to their projects.

If you provoke one or two bigwigs, your company will take off instantly!

Among them, Qiao Shiya, who had been on a blind date with  Omi, was included.

Today’s Qiao Shiya, wearing a white shirt on top and a pair of black trousers underneath, looks very capable.

She looked at the Internet tycoons who often appeared on TV and the Internet in the distance, her face flushed with excitement.

The bald male voice next to him: “Shiya, do you remember all the content of our products? Today’s Internet conference is very grand, but we finally got the time to promote it!”

“Even the President of Malaysia and President Ma will come in person, if they get their appreciation…then our company can take off!”

“Do you understand the importance of this promotion?”

During this time, Qiao Shiya paid for her brother’s school expenses.

Therefore, I worked very hard in the company.

All these… are seen in the eyes of the leaders.

In addition, Qiao Shiya looks good, and the leaders feel that this should be considered a bonus item at the promotion meeting.

That’s why I chose her.

Qiao Shiya solemnly said: “Please rest assured, the leader, I will definitely complete the promotion task perfectly!”

The bald man nodded in satisfaction.

Because this Internet conference involves a lot of bigwigs.

In order to prevent accidents, security gates are also set up at the gate.

Many people stood in front of the security gate and were checked.


When Qiao Shiya walked into the security gate, like many people, there was a soft noise.

Then, under the instructions of the security inspector, he took out his mobile phone, wallet and other items.

When she was being examined, she unexpectedly found a familiar figure in the distance, walking straight through the VIP channel.

” Omi?” Qiao Shiya said softly.

At this time, the security inspector said: “Okay, you can go in.”

“Ah…Okay.” Qiao Shiya answered.

The bald man behind him seemed to notice that Qiao Shiya was a little distracted, and couldn’t help asking: “See an acquaintance?”

Qiao Shiya shook her head and said: “Maybe I am a little dazzled.”


That’s right!

This is Qiao Shiya’s inner thoughts.

To know……

Only a few Internet tycoons are eligible to travel with VIP channels.

And what about  Omi?

It’s just a real estate agency.

He takes the VIP channel?

That is simply a fantasy!

PS: The second one is here, there is another one in the evening!

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veryone walked and talked, and they didn’t want to miss any chance to make friends with others.

After all, such an opportunity is really rare.

After a while, everyone found their seats and sat down.


At this time, a man in a suit of medium build with brightly combed hair walked slowly onto the stage.

“Welcome everyone from all over the country, traveling far and wide, to come and participate in this Internet conference…”

The man in a suit first gave an opening remark on the stage.

He also seemed to see that everyone was not very interested in what he said.

So, quickly entered the topic.

“Maybe, some people are not very clear… More than a decade ago, the Malaysian head of the Ali Group and the head Ma of the Penguin Group also participated in the Internet conference. And at that time they also chatted together on the stage for a long time .”

“Today, we are fortunate to invite President Malaysia and President Pony again. I don’t know what they will say today? Please come on stage.”


Suddenly, the whole venue burst into extremely warm applause.

It can be said that both Malaysia and Xiaoma are legendary people.

Many people here choose the Internet industry because they admire them.

Now that idols are going to be on stage, they are naturally very welcome.

More people want to be favored by Malaysia and Xiaoma, and want them to invest in their own companies.

Applause may be able to deepen the impression, of course, the harder you shoot, the better.

Amidst everyone’s welcome, Da Ma and Xiao Ma finally stepped onto the stage.

Da Ma said: “What the host just said was right. Mr. Ma and I did stand on the stage together more than ten years ago. It is also fate to be able to come up again today.”

After a pause, he smiled and said, “However, there is one thing that is not quite right. Back then, Xiao Ma and I were just newcomers in the Internet world. We didn’t chat on the stage for a long time. We only said a few words. I was driven aside.”

The scene immediately roared with laughter.

It has to be said that Malaysia is indeed capable of becoming a bigwig in the Internet industry today.

Just a few words made the originally serious Internet conference scene a lot easier.

Xiao Ma said: “Malaysia is always right. If I remember correctly, it should be four sentences. After speaking, we will go down and show our faces.”

“We showed our face, and then, it took more than ten years to reach where we are now… So, the Internet Conference is a very good platform.”

“Today, if you have a chance, come to show your face and say a few more words…it will definitely be better than us in the future…”

The two chatted for a while on the stage, and then they were ready to go down.


At this time, there was a brisk footstep in the distance.

 Omi slowly walked in from outside.

See here…

The eyes of the big horse and the little horse light up slightly.

They have always been very curious about this person who bought 5% of their company’s shares.

I wanted to see you a long time ago.

Then, Da Ma and Xiao Ma walked up together, and took the initiative to stretch out their hands, smiled and said, “Hello, Mr. Lin.”

This scene……

It was all in the eyes of everyone at the venue.

Everyone was surprised, and secretly guessed  Omi’s identity.

He was greeted by two Internet tycoons at the same time, and he looked so young?

It’s just… unimaginable.

In fact, this is also normal.

After all, President Xiao Ma also holds 8% of his company’s shares, and  Omi has 5%, and he has directly become the third largest shareholder!

The Malaysian President only holds 4.8% of his company’s shares, while  Omi still holds 5%. From this point of view,  Omi even holds more shares than the Malaysian President and is the company’s second largest shareholder.

The principle that  Omi has always adhered to is that he responds to how others treat him.

Now, President Malaysia and President Pony both greet themselves, and take the initiative to shake hands with themselves.

Then, I must not be rude.

Therefore,  Omi stretched out his left and right hands at the same time, and held hands with President Malaysia and President Xiao Ma.

Qiao Shiya, who was sitting in the back position, walked Mr. Ma and Mr. Ma off the stage. Until this time,  Omi shook hands with the two of them.

A pair of eyes were round, like seeing a ghost.

What is the identity of Malaysia Sum and Pony?

That’s the undoubted leader in China’s network industry, and a super-rich worth hundreds of billions of dollars!

They would take the initiative to meet  Omi, and then shook hands with him?

what’s the problem?

Then, Qiao Shiya suddenly thought of the scene of the blind date when they first met.  Omi drove a Lamborghini bull.  Omi stated that it was his car, and he felt that it was rented.

When we met for the second time, Lianjia Real Estate.  Omi took a bunch of real estate certificates from Wanjiahua Mansion.  Omi said it was his house, but he felt that he was a real estate agent.

Later, in front of Panlong Villa,  Omi said that Panlong Villa belonged to him… and he felt he was bragging.

But, now the President of Malaysia and President Ma, both treat him with courtesy…

Maybe, maybe… What  Omi said is true?

In an instant…


Boundless regret!

Like the tide, madness flooded Qiao Shiya’s heart.


Endless sadness spread throughout the body.

If, at the time of the blind date, I didn’t dislike  Omi, where would I need so much hard work during this period of time?

Even now, I should have driven a luxury car, lived in a villa, and greeted and shook hands with President Malaysia and President Xiao Ma.

“Shiya, you’re the next one, get ready.” The bald man next to him reminded in a low voice.

However, at this time, Qiao Shiya was filled with regret and sadness in her heart, and she did not hear the words of the bald man.

At this time, the round-faced man standing on the stage said: “Thank you everyone.”


Suddenly, there was a burst of loud applause.

Seeing that Qiao Shiya was still in the seat, the bald man couldn’t help but push her, and said, “Why are you still sitting? It’s you, go up.”

Qiao Shiya only reacted, but her expression was still a little dull, and she didn’t have the full energy at the beginning.

The host said: “Next, please come to the stage, Qiao Shiya, a spokesperson for Camosoft.”

Qiao Shiya, like a walking dead, spent a lot of effort and finally walked onto the stage with difficulty.

She looked down, but easily saw  Omi who was sitting next to the first row of Ma Ma and Xiao Ma.

Suddenly, the sorrow and regret in my heart became more and more intense immediately.

Qiao Shiya had something in her heart, so she had no intention of recommending it.

Her promotion effect is self-evident.

He stubbornly, even, often said the wrong data.

When she stepped down, if it wasn’t for some politeness, there was a burst of applause.

Otherwise, her recommendation would be ignored at all.

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The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

After Qiao Shiya walked back to her seat, the bald man immediately yelled.

“Qiao Shiya, how do you guarantee in the company?”

“That’s how you completed the promotion meeting perfectly?”

“I’m telling you, your bonus and work are all gone!”


The bald man snorted and walked directly outside.

Originally, the company participated in the Internet conference to make friends, and the promotion on the stage was to give the company a face.

What now?

Now it is completely counterproductive!

What a shame!

The bald man didn’t have any thoughts at all to stay any longer.

After Qiao Shiya heard what the bald man said, she came back to her senses.

Bonuses, work gone?

My brother is still renting a house for 30,000 yuan a month!

What should I do?

Thinking of this, Qiao Shiya hurriedly said: “Manager, manager… please wait…”

However, the bald man didn’t seem to hear it at all, and continued to stride away.


 Omi did not pay any attention to Qiao Shiya’s affairs.

At this time, he was sitting in the first row, quietly listening to an Internet person speaking on stage.

I have to say that those who can come to power do have some abilities.

When they took the stage to promote their company, they also talked about a lot of network knowledge.

 Omi has professional-level hacking skills, which can naturally be understood and listened with great gusto.

A day’s meeting is fleeting.

The sun is setting.

President Malaysia and President Xiao Ma almost said in unison: “Mr. Lin, let’s go to dinner together.”

The two looked at each other, their faces all as usual.

However, there was some vigilance and tension in my heart.

To know……

Penguin and Ali… can be said to be the only two Internet giants in China.

But, correspondingly, there is no room for two tigers!

Both of them have maintained a high degree of competition at all times.

Today,  Omi has acquired 5% of each of Penguin and Ari, which is obviously extremely powerful.

In this way,  Omi’s attitude is very important.

In case…  Omi is biased towards each other.

So, it is definitely not good news for Malaysia and Xiaoma!

 Omi seemed to feel the smell of gunpowder between the two.

He touched his nose and said, “I have been in Jiangbei, and I can be regarded as the host here. Today, I will arrange for you to have a meal together. How about?”

Da Ma and Xiao Ma looked at each other, then nodded together and said: “Then trouble Mr. Lin.”

Then, a large group of people strolled to the parking lot.

 Omi sat straight on his Lamborghini bull.

Malaysia, Xiaoma, and many Internet company bigwigs who followed them all got on Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and other cars.

Then,  Omi took the lead and walked in the forefront.

This scene……

It just so happened that they were all seen in the eyes of Qiao Shiya who was desperate in the distance.

She sighed: “It turns out that he really didn’t rent that Lamborghini.”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Qiao Shiya’s cell phone rang a dull bell.

“Shiya, how did you perform at that conference today? Is your company going to give you a big bonus soon?”

As soon as the phone was connected, the excited voice of her mother, Chen Minfen, came from inside.

How was the conference?


These words pierced Qiao Shiya’s heart like a steel pin.

Finally, hot tears kept surging out of his eyes.


Chen Minfen heard this and said hurriedly: “Shiya, why are you crying? Did someone bully you? Tell your mother!”

Qiao Shiya said: “Mom, I was fired and all my bonuses are gone.”

“What?” Chen Minfen yelled, “How could this happen? The bonus is gone, the job is gone… Then what should your brother do when he studies?!”


Qiao Shiya heard it and cried even more uncomfortable.


For these…

 Omi didn’t know it at all.

At this time, the luxury car team led by him formed a beautiful landscape on the roads of Jiangbei.

Everywhere he went, he looked sideways and admired.

Before long, they arrived at Jiangbei Hotel.

Even the Jiangbei Hotel was shocked after seeing so many luxury cars from a distance.

The waiters hurriedly reported the situation to the manager Zhang Shanfeng.

Zhang Shanfeng’s eyesight is much higher than that of ordinary people.

He recognized a group of people walking out of the luxury car at a glance.

Group buy chairman, hungry chairman, meager chairman, UB browser chairman, penguin browser chairman, Jindong chairman…

There are also President Malaysia and President Pony!

What a powerful group of people is this?

Today, he suddenly came to his Jiangbei Hotel? !

Fortunately… Zhang Shanfeng is also a person who has seen many big scenes. He quickly reacted and greeted him quickly.

At this time, he discovered that  Omi was also among these chairman.

At this time,  Omi also saw Zhang Shanfeng and said with a smile: “Manager Zhang, are you here? We want a bigger box, right?”

Jiangbei Hotel is hot all year round. Generally speaking, the boxes must be booked in advance.

What’s more, it’s a big box!

However,  Omi is obviously not an ordinary person.

Zhang Shanfeng hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, we have the best boxes in Jiangbei Hotel!”

Then, under the leadership of Zhang Shanfeng, the group strolled to Box 888 on the top floor of Jiangbei Hotel.

Last time,  Omi, the leaders of Jiangbei University and others ate in this box.

Even if the box is crowded and the business outside is hot, this box will generally not be open.

Because this is a luxurious box reserved for distinguished guests.

 Omi, Malaysia, Xiao Ma, and many chairman of the board are obviously distinguished guests.

As everyone walked and chatted, Zhang Shanfeng noticed that  Omi, President Malaysia and President Xiao Ma had a very happy conversation.

Even in the words, President Malaysia and President Xiao Ma were quite kind to  Omi.

Moreover, the reason why they came to Jiangbei Hotel today was actually arranged by  Omi.

This can’t help but…makes Zhang Shanfeng’s heart even more, Mr. Qin Weiming, the leaders of Jiang Province, the leaders of Jiangbei University, etc., are all very polite to  Omi, and also personally participated in Grandpa  Omi’s Birthday feast.

This is already very impressive.

Now, in the private business community,  Omi actually has such a big face!

To know……

These business tycoons, many big leaders come to their company to inspect, and they may not be able to see them!

Now, so much has been gathered at once!

Especially among them, Malaysia and Xiaoma, these are the absolute giants in China!

They are tit-for-tat two people, today, can they get together on the same table?

This is simply… it is unimaginable, incredible!

And all this is because of  Omi!

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving 7 billion red envelopes!

Box 888.

Under the unanimous request of the Malaysian President and Xiao Ma President,  Omi finally sat on the top of the innermost position.

Their reason is simple.

 Omi is the host here.

The big horse and the little horse are sitting on the left and right.

In the future, there will be Chairman Jindong, Chairman Meager, Chairman of Group Buy, Chairman of Hungry, Chairman of UB Browser, Chairman of Penguin Browser…

A whole table was filled with seats.

In normal times, these people can be said to regard each other as a thorn in the flesh.

Who can imagine being able to sit together today?

Even with Zhang Shanfeng, the manager who is used to big scenes, he can’t help but feel a bit dry in his throat.

Before long, a series of exquisite dishes were served by Zhang Shanfeng himself.

Mr. Malaysia first sniffed, then, after a bite of the dish, he immediately exclaimed: “Yeah! It tastes really good!”

Xiao Ma always said at the right time: “It’s delicious!”

Chairman Jindong and others heard the words and moved their chopsticks, then nodded one after another.

Obviously, they are also very satisfied.

Seeing this,  Omi said happily, “Everyone likes it!”

The general manager of Malaysia said: “Of course I like it! I used to hear people say that the dishes are boiled, rotten, fresh, fragrant, tender, and full of beauty. However, I have never tasted such beauty…”

“Until today, until this table banquet… I don’t understand why I haven’t eaten it before. Because those are not authentic!”

“Thank you Mr. Lin for letting me eat authentic dishes! I toast you a glass!”

While speaking, the Malaysian President personally raised the glass and drank it in one go.

I have to say that it is definitely not accidental that Malaysia can always succeed.

Take a glimpse and know the whole thing!

This talkative mouth alone is enough to outperform countless people!

 Omi said, “Malaysia is always polite.”

The pony next to him couldn’t help it, and said, “Mr. Lin, thank you for your trust in our Penguin Group. I also toast you a glass of wine.”

After that, Xiao Ma also drank a glass of wine.

Although, the pony is always not as good as Malaysia.

However, his technical level is far from what Malaysia can always compare.

After the two big men drank, the scene immediately became enthusiastic.

Today’s meal was eaten until 10:30 in the evening before it slowly ended.

At this time, everyone’s faces were red, and their mouths were a little big.

Of course, except for  Omi.

His face was always the same, even a little bit of alcohol on his body.

This is also normal…

You know,  Omi has the skills of a drinking gentleman, and he is not drunk in a thousand cups!

Almost immediately after drinking the wine in my stomach, it was completely absorbed.

What’s more, today he is the Lord! Who dares to pour his wine?

When  Omi walked out of the Jiangbei Hotel, a clear reminder sounded in his mind.

【Ding! Complete hidden missions, get trillions of parties, and get 5 silver red envelopes. 】

Words and words…

 Omi was slightly stunned.

This is it by myself… Suddenly completed another task?

Trillion party?

 Omi thought about it for a moment and knew what he was referring to.

The president of Malaysia, the president of Xiaoma, the president of Jindong, the meager chairman, the group buying chairman, and the hungry chairman…the total value of these people is definitely more than one trillion.

Isn’t this just a trillion party?

Eating a meal casually, completed a task.

Well, not bad.

It’s relatively late now, so  Omi didn’t go to Teacher Tiantian’s house or Yike City, but went straight to Panlong Villa.

Then, he turned his attention to the silver red envelope.

“Start 5 silver red envelopes.”

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 500,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get 100 million Shark Coins. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 800,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 100,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained a 20-carat natural diamond. 】

 Omi curled his lips and said, “Why are these useless things?”

Useless things?

If  Omi is known to others, I don’t know what he thinks.

With 1.4 million in cash, many people have not made it for several years.

100 million shark coins, according to the market value is 10 million yuan.

The lowest price for a 20-carat natural diamond is more than ten million.

If the color is good, hundreds of millions are also normal.

The diamonds that  Omi obtained were translucent in color, and obviously they were of excellent color.

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Signed in successfully and won 10 million yuan. 】

“Sure enough, has all the good luck of the previous period been used up?”  Omi sighed.

At this time, Su Ning’s, who had been busy all day, finally finished washing his clothes.

Although she was tired, she never cried tired or complained.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the phone she put on the bed rang with a rapid ringing.

Su Ningjing glanced at the call to remind him that it was from the old lady in the mountains.

It’s so late, grandma should have fallen asleep long ago.

Why are you still calling?

Su Ningjing pressed the answer button with a hint of doubt.

“Sister, it’s not good! Grandma is ill!”


These words, like a thunderbolt, bombarded Su Ning’s heart.

Su Ningjing and her younger sister were raised by her grandma since they were young, and they have a very good relationship with her grandma.

Now, grandma suddenly falls ill, how can she not be sad?

Su Ningjing hurriedly said, “How’s grandma? Did you go to the hospital?”

“I’m already in the hospital! However, the doctor said that it would take 80,000 yuan to perform the operation. The money you sent home before, there is a total of 40,000 yuan left…” My sister said with a cry in her voice.

Su Ningjing said: “I have 10,000 yuan here. I will send it to you now. The rest… the rest, you wait first.”

After hanging up, she quickly transferred 10,000 yuan to her sister using her mobile phone.

Then, Su Ning’s anxiously kept spinning around the place.


For many people, 30,000 yuan is nothing at all.

However, for Su Ningjing, this was a huge sum of money, a huge sum that was enough to overwhelm her.

Many figures appeared in Su Ning’s mind.

In the end, he suddenly froze on  Omi who sent him back yesterday.

After hesitating for a long time, UU read www.  .com Su Ningjing finally made the call.

After a while, the call was connected.

“Hello?”  Omi asked in confusion.

“Lin…Mr. Lin, hello.” Su Ning said nervously.

Although across the phone.

However,  Omi still easily recognized the identity of the other party.

“Oh, Su Ning’s, right? Do you want to be a full-time housekeeper with me, and do you cook?”  Omi asked.

Su Ning said: “Yes…yes.”

“That’s fine, come over tomorrow morning.”  Omi said.

Su Ningjing said nervously, “Um…Mr. Lin, can I pay two months’ salary in advance?”

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But in the contact between him and Su Ningjing, it was easy to find that the other party was a kind and simple girl.

 Omi believed that she would not lie to her own 30,000 yuan.

Let’s just keep it simple.

If Su Ning’s character is really problematic, spending 30,000 yuan to see her clearly is better than letting her stay in her own villa.

Su Ningjing didn’t expect  Omi would directly agree.

Less than a minute after she hung up the phone, her cell phone shook slightly.

“Remitted by China Merchants Bank, 30,000 yuan.”

See here…

Su Ningjing hurriedly sent a message to  Omi: Thank you.

Then, he seized the time to transfer the 30,000 yuan he had just gotten to his sister.


That night.

It is rare for  Omi to sleep alone.

Stable and deep.

The next day, the sun was high, and the birds made a pleasant cry by the window.

 Omi finally slowly opened his eyes.

Last night, he really slept too well.

He picked up the phone casually, and a text message appeared on the screen early.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remits 1,350000 yuan.”

Then,  Omi focused on the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! The sign-in is successful. Congratulations, you have got 10 million yuan. 】

 Omi yawned and sighed: “It’s another 10 million…”

After he finished washing, he wandered and opened the door of the villa.

At this moment, a beautiful figure was standing at the door…it was Su Ningjing.

Today Su Ning’s is wearing an apron. Her delicate facial features are as clear as beautiful jade under the sunlight in the distance.

The delicate figure does not appear bloated due to the loose apron, on the contrary, it appears full and perfect!

A long, jet-black hair is fluttering along with the slight mat.

The fairy welcomes the door, maybe that’s it.

 Omi was taken aback for a moment, then looked at the fine sweat on her snow-white pretty face, and asked, “You won’t wait at the door all the time?”

Su Ning did not speak, but lowered his head silently.

 Omi said helplessly: “Next time remember to press the doorbell directly…”

He told Su Ningjing the lock code of the villa, and set aside 50,000 yuan as the cost of buying vegetables.

Then, driving the Lamborghini Daniel to Jiangbei University.

As soon as I entered the gate, a large bright banner appeared in front of my eyes.

“Congratulations to  Omi of our school for deducing economic formulas and theorems! 》

 Omi thought for a while and realized that it was Qin Yuxuan who wrote the last formula into a paper and successfully published it on “ECTA”.

Regarding this…

He didn’t have too many accidents.

Because he believes in the content of his derivation, and also believes in Qin Yuxuan’s thesis ability.

After parking the car, I ran into counselor Sun Yaodong.

“Student  Omi, that’s great, haha! You are so good for our class, our school has a long face!” Sun Yaodong put it on  Omi’s shoulder and exclaimed excitedly.

 Omi is completely immune to Sun Jiao Ren’s words.

However,  Omi’s face still showed a strange color.


Every time I get any awards or what achievements I have achieved, when I come to school, I am the first to meet Sun Guidance.

Is it such a coincidence?

Sun Yaodong ignored that much, and walked towards the classroom with a smile on  Omi’s shoulders.

At this time, the classroom was full of people and it was very lively.

Because this morning is teacher Tiantian’s class.


Sun Yaodong walked to the podium and coughed slightly.

The students calmed down, but their faces slowly became confused.

what happened?

Isn’t it teacher Tiantian’s class in the morning?

Why did counseling Sun come here?

Isn’t it a class adjustment?


It was hard for me to occupy a good position.

Sun Yaodong said: “Tell everyone the good news,  Omi in our class has successfully deduced economic formulas and theorems! This result may make our class a winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics! “



The whole classroom is silent!

Everyone’s faces are full of incredible colors.

Although they are students in the Department of Mathematics, they still don’t know much about economic formulas and theorems.

However, for the Nobel Prize in Economics, it can be said to be quite impressive!

Or, to put it more bluntly, any award with the word Nobel represents the highest, and they need to look up!

Now, the classmates in my class… somebody is going to be a Nobel Prize winner?

How can this not surprise them?

“Everyone applaud and congratulate!” Sun Yaodong exclaimed heartily.


It was almost a conditioned reflex, and all the students applauded.

Thunderous applause rang out from the entire classroom.

See here…

Sun Yaodong nodded in satisfaction, then turned and walked outside.

Not long after he left, Teacher Tiantian came.

In the past, once Teacher Tiantian walked into the classroom, everyone’s attention would definitely be on her.

But today is different.

The thoughts of all the students are still stuck in the matter of  Omi about to win the Nobel Prize in Economics, unable to extricate themselves.

Teacher Tiantian’s teaching method is the same as usual, relaxed and cheerful.

The time for a class is fleeting.

After class, Song Yi next to him couldn’t help saying: “Brother Fan, have you really derived economic formulas and theorems? Are you going to win the Nobel Prize?”

Ma Zhong, Zheng Jinbao, and the students sitting around, all pricked their ears.

Obviously, they are also very concerned.

 Omi couldn’t help being amused looking at the way they cared.

“I don’t know if I will win the Nobel Prize, but I did derive economic formulas and theorems.”  Omidao.


Although, Sun Guidance has already said it.


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