The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 201-205

In addition, Omi did not pass the college entrance examination to enter the School of Mathematics, Jiangbei University.

It was specially recruited midway.

Since I can enroll in Jiangbei University, it seems normal to enroll in other schools.

Thinking of this, Hu Chuan’s heart felt tight and said: “Omi is our great hero of Jiangbei University, especially our mathematics college! Now the holiday is coming soon, I think… those of us who are teachers should send our great heroes. What do you think?”

Everyone is smart, so I don’t understand what Hu Chuan thinks.

This is to give Omi a sense of belonging and playing emotional cards… so that he will continue to come to Jiangbei University next year.

“Not bad!”

“I think it must be given to Omi!”

“Omi seems to be from Qingshi? It’s so far, it must be given away!”


In the 104 dormitory, Omi took out his backpack and prepared to pack his clothes and go! “

At this time, there was a burst of brisk footsteps in the corridor outside.

The dean of the School of Mathematics, the dean of grades, the dean of teaching, and others all walked in.

“Student Omi, are packing up, come, let’s help you.” Hu Chuan smiled heartily.

Then, the dean, grade director, teaching director and others all came forward and followed to help folding clothes, folding quilts, and wiping shoes…

See here…

Song Yi, Ma Zhong, Zheng Jinbao and others all opened their mouths wide and almost didn’t let their chins fall to the ground.

The dean, as well as a group of leaders and professors, come to help a student pack up clothes and fold the quilt?



This is completely beyond their imagination and gives them a feeling of dreaming.

Although, the dean, director and others are not flexible.

However, the victory lies in their large number of people.

Soon, all the clothes and quilts were neatly folded, and the shoes were wiped extremely clean.

Omi was also taken aback for a while, and said, “Dean Hu, what are you…what are you doing?”

Hu Chuan lightly coughed: “We learned that you are going to have a holiday. As a teacher, of course we will come to see you off.”

The professors, directors and others standing nearby immediately followed suit.

“Omi, your home is in Qingshi? So far, it’s not safe to go home alone.”

“We have prepared the vehicle.”

“Omi, are these to be taken home?”

Then, the dean, director, professor and others helped with their schoolbags and walked outside with Omi.

Only Zheng Jinbao, Song Yi and Ma Zhong were left in the dormitory, looking blank.

The dean knew that Omi was going to take a holiday, so they came to send Omi?

Because Omi lives in Qingshi, too far away? Afraid of being insecure? So, to send Omi home?

Then we are on holiday too, teacher, why didn’t you come to see me off?

In addition, Omi lives in Qingshi, which is far away? Only 100 kilometers!

We all live in other provinces, hundreds of kilometers away! Not alone? Why are you not afraid that we are not safe? Don’t send us home?

Of course, these words…Zheng Jinbao, Song Yi, and Ma Zhong only talked in their hearts.

In the end, they could only sigh.


At this time, Omi got on a luxury bus surrounded by the dean and the directors.

In the car, the dean and directors can be said to have taken every care of Omi.

In about an hour and a half, the luxury bus arrived at Si Tiao Street in Qingshi.

When they saw Lin Tao and Dai Weixue, they hurriedly took out the gifts they had prepared, and walked up with a smile on their faces.

“Are you Omi’s parents? I’m Hu Chuan, the dean of the School of Mathematics of Jiangbei University. We were worried that it would be unsafe for Omi to come back alone, so we sent him back. By the way, this is a little gift. I wish you an early year and wish you a happy new year.”

“I am Ma Zhicheng, the grade director of the School of Mathematics, Jiangbei University. This is a little gift. I wish you happiness and health.”

“I am Qin Jia, the dean of the School of Mathematics, Jiangbei University. I wish my early years and a happy new year.


Lin Tao and Dai Weixue listened to the people’s words, looked at the gifts in their hands, their entire faces smiled into a ball, and said, “Thank you, thank you… everyone, please come in and sit down for tea.”

To know……

Jiangbei University is Xia Guo’s key university. Those people who serve as deans and directors at Jiangbei University are probably all big professors!

Usually, they see one or two professors on TV and the news.

Today, I saw so many real people all at once.

Moreover, they all gave themselves gifts and worshiped their early years.

This is simply…unbelievable.

No wonder they are so excited.

“You take a break first, I’ll go cooking now.” Dai Weixue said excitedly.


Make such a freshman table meal?

Isn’t it tiring for a long time?

Omi said, “Mom, you don’t need to cook. The dean and director just sent me back. They will leave soon.”

Then he said again: “Dean, Director, don’t worry, I will go to school on time next year.”

Omi is not a fool, on the contrary, he is very smart.

Why don’t you understand why the dean and directors brought them home in person, gave gifts, and paid New Year’s greetings in advance?

They are just worried that they will not go to Jiangbei University next year.

In fact, even if they did not, Omi would go to Jiangbei University.

Because, in the past few months at Jiangbei University, Omi felt unrestrained and very relaxed.

He has not experienced enough college life.

Sure enough, after hearing this, the dean, director and others all showed joy.

“Right, right, Omi is right, we are leaving now.”

“No need to cook.”

“Do not bother.”

Obviously, they also heard Omi’s tone that he didn’t want to leave himself to eat.

They really didn’t care about whether to eat or not.

However, as long as Omi is willing to go to Jiangbei University next year, it will be enough.

In case I stayed for dinner, and it made Omi unhappy, wouldn’t it be too late to regret it?

Thought of here…

The dean, director and others waved goodbye one after another, and then quickly got into the car and fleeed away.

Dai Weixue blamed, “Xiao Fan, why did you let the Dean and them go?”

“They still have things…Isn’t it better for us to eat together as a family? Mom, I haven’t eaten your glutinous fish for a long time. Did you make it today?” Omi asked.

Dai Weixue smiled and said, “Don’t worry, your dad bought the fish back early in the morning, and it will be ready soon.”


With the sound of washing vegetables in the kitchen, oil fume began to rise.

After a while, delicious foods were served up one after another.

The family eats together, it is very warm and relaxed.

This meal…

Omi was very satisfied with his food. He lay on the soft sofa and played with his mobile phone leisurely.

At this moment, he suddenly discovered that the group of high school classmates who had been silent for a long time since the last class reunion suddenly appeared today.

Huang De: Do you know? Our head teacher Li Yong has a tumor and is now hospitalized in Qing Central Hospital.

Shen Liang: What? The head teacher has a tumor?

Yin Zike: I hope the head teacher is okay.

Geng Xue: The head teacher is so good, how could he suddenly get a tumor?

Li Dasong: Are there any classmates in Qingshi? How about going to see the head teacher together?

Huang De: I was just about to say to see the teacher in charge!

Shen Liang: Count me, let’s go see it together! By the way, what time is an appointment?

Li Dasong: It’s better to hit the sun if you choose a day, just today.

Wang Haoqi: Although I am in Jiangbei, the head teacher is sick! I must also come back to see him, you guys wait a while, I’ll be back now!

Geng Xue: Unfortunately, I am in another province…

Li Dasong: It doesn’t matter, it’s okay to have us as the representative.


After Omi saw these news the head teacher Li Yong reverberated in his mind.

When I was in high school, I bought breakfast on the side of the road, and whenever I met Li Yong, he would help pay for it.

Omi still remembered that when it rained suddenly, Li Yong directly gave the umbrella to himself.


Although, most of them are small things.

But, very heartwarming.

The head teacher is sick and must visit!

Omi got up and walked outside.

At this time, he remembered that he had been brought back by the dean and the others in a bus, and there was no car at all.

So, he beckoned, called a taxi, and headed straight to the Qing Central Hospital.

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Usually…the pedestrians in Qingshi and the vehicles on the road are all very sparse.

But now it is the end of the year, and everything has become bustling.

Looking around, there are crowds and rows of vehicles on the way.

It took Omi over half an hour in the taxi to reach the Qing Central Hospital with difficulty.

Just after Omi got out of the taxi, a Toyota Corolla drove over.

“Are you… Omi?” said Li Dasong, who was wearing black-rimmed glasses, when Corolla put down the window in the driver’s seat.

“Li Dasong!” Omi smiled.

“Haha! It’s really you!” Li Dasong said happily.

Omi and Li Dasong used to be front and back tables, and the relationship is considered good.

When they met many years later, both of them were very happy.

“Di! Di!”

At this time, the vehicle behind honked a whistle.

Li Dasong said: “Omi, would you like to go ahead and wait for me? I’ll park the car first.”

Omi answered: “Okay!”

Not long after, Li Dasong walked over.

There were two more people beside him, Wang Haoqi and Shen Liang.

“Today is a coincidence. As soon as I arrived at the parking lot, I happened to meet Wang Haoqi and Shen Liang!” Li Dasong said happily.

Omi nodded lightly, saying hello.

Wang Haoqi’s expression was a little unnatural.

Because, he has been at odds with Omi.

At the last meeting, when Wang Haoqi learned that Omi only had a few thousand dollars a month, he was very happy and couldn’t help but ridicule.

However, it turned out that Omi actually had a Lamborghini and was wearing a Vacheron Constantin Tourdel’Ile!

This made Wang Haoqi very jealous and upset.

Li Dasong didn’t know this at all, and said, “Omi, you also came after seeing the news in the group, right?”

“Yes.” Omi said.

Li Dasong put a hand on Omi’s shoulder and said, “You said you, since you are going to see the head teacher, why don’t you tell me in the group? What kind of taxi was wasted money? I just took you over!

Take a taxi?

Wang Haoqi was taken aback for a moment.

Where is Omi’s Lamborghini?

How could he take a taxi?

Omi said relaxedly: “Qingshi is just this big, and it’s convenient to take a taxi.”

Shen Liang next to him asked, “Where is Qin Yuxuan? Didn’t you come here with you?”

Omi shook his head and said, “No.”

Qin Yuxuan was not with Omi?

Wang Haoqi was even more puzzled.

Last time, didn’t Omi drive a Lamborghini Daniel to send Qin Yuxuan home?

That kind of situation, such a good opportunity… Omi should be able to catch up with Qin Yuxuan easily.

Lamborghini Daniel?

Take a taxi?

Qin Yuxuan didn’t come?

These three things, like three dots, were connected one by one by Wang Haoqi.

He hurriedly looked down at Omi’s wrist, but he didn’t see Vacheron Constantin Tourdel’Ile at all!

Suddenly, Wang Haoqi had a guess…

Could it be that Omi has always had no money?

Lamborghini Daniel and Vacheron Constantin Tourdel’Ile are actually not his?

That day, after he sent Qin Yuxuan home, Qin Yuxuan found out about it… So, Omi couldn’t catch her?


It must be so!

When he was in high school, Omi’s family was not rich.

Even Omi had to drop out of school to work and give up the college entrance examination because of his sister’s illness and hospitalization.

Then how could he have tens of millions of sports cars and watches?

The more he thinks this way, Wang Haoqi feels that the greater the possibility is, and the whole person’s mood becomes better.


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps not far away.

The tall and thin Huang De walked over quickly. When he saw the crowd, he said hello: “Classmates, long time no see!”

After seeing Omi, Huang De’s tone became even higher.

“Omi! You are here too!”

Then he said again: “Unexpectedly, you turned out to be the rich second generation hidden in our class! I heard that you have a Lamborghini bull! Quickly show me a little bit!”

“What? Omi has a Lamborghini?” Li Dasong asked in surprise.

“Isn’t it? Zhao Hao sent me photos last time! Don’t say so much, Omi, take me to see it!” Huang De excitedly said.

When Wang Hao heard this strangely, he couldn’t help but **** up his ears.

He also wanted to hear how Omi should answer.

Omi said, “I’m afraid it won’t work. My car is parked in Jiangbei… Today, the dean, director and others of our school suddenly sent me back in a bus.”

These are all the truth, but to Wang Haoqi’s ears, they seem to be the funniest jokes in the world.

If Omi said that the car was being repaired or maintained, Wang Haoqi might still believe it a little bit.

But, what car parked in Jiangbei?

The dean and director personally took you back by bus?

who do you think You Are?

What a joke!

Wang Haoqi almost didn’t laugh.

Shen Liang wondered: “Your school? Omi, are you still studying?”

“Yes, I am studying at Jiangbei University. By the way, the principal of our school is the same name as you.” Omi said.

“Really?” Shen Liang said in surprise.

When Omi learned the name of the president of Jiangbei University, he was also very surprised.

Li Dasong admired: “Jiangbei University? That is our key university in China! Omi, awesome!”

Several people are old classmates…

Although, I haven’t seen each other for a long time.

However, there is no barrier between the conversation, it is very easy.

At this time, Li Dasong asked: “Huang De, how is the head teacher now?”

As soon as he said this, the relaxed atmosphere immediately became heavy.

Huang De said: “I am not very clear… It is said that it is quite serious… However, don’t let your head down. Let the class teacher be optimistic and keep a good mood so that you can recover faster.”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded.

Finally, everyone walked into the ward.

At this time, a haggard middle-aged woman and a girl with a beautiful face were carefully wiping with a towel while lying on the hospital bed. UU reading wore an oxygen tube and described a haggard middle-aged man…he, it is. Class teacher Li Yong.

When the middle-aged women and girls saw so many people coming in all of a sudden, they couldn’t help showing a hint of confusion.

Huang De took the initiative: “Hello, mother, we are the students of Teacher Li.”

After that, Huang De, Omi and others put aside the fruits and milk they bought.

Li Yongyan, who was lying on the hospital bed, raised his head with difficulty and smiled: “It’s Huang De, Omi, Wang Haoqi, Li Dasong, Shen Liang!”

I have to say that Li Yong’s memory is very good.

Even after so many years, he called everyone by name.

In the past, many people felt that the head teacher should not know themselves, at least, they should not be able to name themselves.

But now, he can still be called out by name, which is definitely something to be happy about.

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The middle-aged woman Yang Wei couldn’t help feeling warm when she heard that she was a student of her husband.

With so many students coming to visit her husband together, it is not in vain that he has been conscientious in teaching and educating people.

Yang Weilue blamed him a little: “You can just come to see your teacher. Why did you bring so many things? It’s so polite.”

Huang De said: “It’s just a bit of fruit and milk, it’s nothing.”

Li Yong saw so many of his former students, a rosy color gradually appeared on his pale face.

“Are you all working in Qingshi?” Li Yong asked with a hoarse voice.

Huang De said, “I work at Hushui Street Office, Qingshi.”

“I’m doing sales.” Li Dasong said.

“I do IT in Jiangbei.” Shen Liang said.

Wang Haoqi cleared his throat and said in an extremely proud tone: “I am the director of Jiaye Group, a listed company in Jiangbei.”

“I am studying at Jiangbei University.” Omi said.

Li Yongyan, who was lying on the hospital bed, heard that his pale face was even more ruddy. He said happily: “Good, good! Jiangbei University is good!”

At the beginning, Omi performed very well in the class and his grades were also very good.

As a result, I chose to drop out of school due to family reasons, and failed to take the college entrance examination and go to university.

This incident can be said to be a regret in Li Yong’s heart.

Now, he learned that Omi had successfully attended the university and that it was still the best Jiangbei University in Jiang Province. Li Yong was sincerely happy.

When Wang Haoqi saw that Li Yong was paying such attention to Omi, an unpleasant expression flashed across his face.

“Cough cough cough!”

Li Yong’s health was not good, but suddenly he was so happy, and he didn’t pay attention. He coughed violently, and his heartbeat and blood pressure began to change drastically.


A rapid siren sounded from the monitor next to it.

“Doctor, doctor!” Yang Wei yelled anxiously.

Soon, a nurse and a bald doctor walked in quickly.

They quickly checked Li Yong’s body and injected a few potions. Li Yong’s body finally recovered.

Li Dasong couldn’t help but said, “Doctor, how is our teacher’s health?”

The bald doctor said: “The tumor in the patient’s body is now in a very dangerous state. I suggest that you have to operate as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous.”

Wait until the bald doctor and nurse have gone away.

Li Dasong asked, “Mother, because of funding problems, you haven’t operated on the head teacher for the time being?”

Yang Wei said: “Your head teacher is an in-service employee and has employee insurance. In addition, we have some savings over the years, and surgery is still enough.”

“However, this operation has a very high risk factor, and it must be done by an expert…”

Li Xinyue, a beautiful girl next to her, said: “We asked some doctors and said that it is safest for experts who are proficient in’Flying Knife Flow’ to perform the operation.”

“Flying knife flow” expert?

Omi’s expression moved slightly.

He remembered very clearly that his father’s operation was done by the leader of Qingshi City, who was an expert who mastered the flow of flying knives.

Originally, Omi was still considering whether he needed to directly let the head teacher take medical water.

It’s not that Omi felt sorry for 10 million.

But many people know that there is a tumor in the head teacher, if they drink medical water and heal immediately, it will be more troublesome to explain.

Nowadays, if it can be treated by normal medical treatment, afterwards, it is obviously the best choice to use medical water for recuperation and recovery.

Huang De nodded and said: “It is indeed necessary to let the expert perform the operation, it is safer…”

Then, he turned sideways to Omi and others, “Do you know any experts?”

Wang Haoqi, who had not spoken all the time, couldn’t help but coughed, and said: “Flying knife flow, you may not know it well. It is a fast, accurate, and precise surgical technique that can achieve the highest surgery at the cost of the least trauma. Success rate!”

Wang Haoqi slapped his back and talked freely, just like a learned professor.

These… he heard from his cousin not long ago.

Unexpectedly, there is a place for it today.

His words quickly attracted everyone’s attention.

Wang Haoqi looked at everyone’s unblinking gazes, and a smug look appeared on his face.

Then, he continued: “At present, the most famous flying knife flow doctor in our country is Director Li Quan of the Beijing Association.”

Li Xinyue hurriedly said, “Yes! Other doctors also said that Director Li Quan is very good. Could you ask Director Li Quan to perform the operation for my dad?”

Director Li Quan, please?

How is that possible!

Wang Haoqi coughed awkwardly, and said, “Director Li Quan is the director of the Beijing Association of Hospitals. He has rarely performed operations on people…”

When Li Xinyue heard this, she couldn’t help showing a touch of disappointment.

Wang Haoqi said again: “Although I can’t let Director Li Quan help with the operation, his proud disciple, Dr. Fan Mingzhi, is a classmate of my cousin. I can invite him over.”

“You may not know that Dr. Fan Mingzhi has mastered Director Li Quan’s 70% to 80% of the surge of flying knives!”

Yang Wei said excitedly: “Really? That’s great! Student Wang Haoqi, then I will trouble you.”

Wang Haoqi said with a big hand: “It’s just a small matter, Master, you don’t need to be so polite.”

After speaking, he did not forget to cast a triumphant look at Omi.

It looks like: Omi, aren’t you very good? Why not find an expert?

Then, Wang Haoqi dialed Fan Mingzhi’s call under the gaze of everyone.

Not long ago, after his cousin used Fan Mingzhi to brag, Wang Haoqi saved the phone call.


After a while, the call was connected.

“Hello, who?” There was a dull voice on the phone.

Wang Haoqi hurriedly said, “Is this Dr. Fan Mingzhifan? This is Zhao Feidi’s cousin Wang Haoqi.”

“Zhao Feidi’s cousin? Is there anything wrong with you?” Fan Mingzhi asked in confusion.

“ this is the case, my high school head teacher has a tumor, can I trouble you to come to Qingcheng Central Hospital for an operation?” Wang Haoqi said straightforwardly.

Fan Mingzhi said, “That’s right, but I don’t have time recently, so let’s not talk about it. I still have things to work on here.”

Then, I heard an uncomfortable voice on the phone.

“What are the real cats and dogs calling for surgery now?”


Immediately afterwards, there was a busy tone on the phone.

As everyone was attentively waiting for Dr. Wang Haoqi about Fan Mingzhi, the whole ward was always very quiet.

This made all Fan Mingzhi’s words listen to everyone’s ears.

Wang Haoqi held the phone and looked at everyone’s weird eyes, completely froze.

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Wang Haoqi originally wanted to perform well in front of everyone.

As a result, what now?

“What are the real cats and dogs calling for surgery now?”

Fan Mingzhi’s words just kept echoing in his mind.


What a shame!

When Wang Haoqi looked up, he happened to see Omi slowly shaking his head.

It looks like it’s like saying: Wang Haoqi, you can’t do it!

It’s okay for others to laugh!

But, Omi, no!

Wang Haoqi was very angry, and his eyes turned.

After a while, he sighed and said: “I just remembered that my cousin and Dr. Fan Mingzhi had a conflict a while ago. It seems… there is no way to invite him over for the time being.”

“Mother, I’m sorry, I can’t help you for the time being.”

I have to say that Wang Haoqi still has some adaptability.

In such a short period of time, a good reason was fabricated.

After he said this, the atmosphere in the ward improved a lot.

Yang Wei said, “It doesn’t matter, you have tried your best.”

Wang Haoqi continued: “Omi, I think you were shaking your head just now. Could it be… you are a familiar expert?”

“Yes! That must be the case? You are the rich second generation who has been hidden for many years in our class!”

“Since you have an expert, you must ask him to help the class teacher!”

“Rich second generation?” Yang Wei wondered.

Although Yang Wei had never seen Omi.

However, she had heard Omi’s name from Li Yong many times.

Yang Wei knew that Omi dropped out of school and went to work because of family reasons.

to this end……

Li Yong often regrets at home.

This… is the rich second generation?

Wang Haoqi said: “Yes! Madam, you may not know that Omi had a sports car and famous watch at the last party! However, this time because the deans and directors of Jiangbei University sent him back to Qingshi in person, there was no Bring the sports car over.”

Obviously, Wang Haoqi has confirmed that Omi is not a rich second generation at all, and the sports cars and famous watches last time do not belong to him at all.

So now it’s a mockery to speak out.

I just lost such a big face, so let Omi lose a bigger face!

Wang Haoqi said again: “Omi, you should call an expert you know. The condition of the head teacher is not to be delayed.”

Supercars can be said to be placed in Jiangbei, how about looking for an expert? How should Omi find a reason?

Wang Haoqi looked at Omi quietly with his gaze watching the show.

Although, Yang Wei wanted to let his husband get expert treatment early.

However, she vaguely felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong.

So he opened his mouth and said: “It’s okay if you don’t know…”

Omi said, “Mother, you have misunderstood. I know an expert who knows how to fly a knife. Moreover, it is the Director Li Quan you just mentioned. I should be able to invite him over by calling.”

“Really?” Yang Wei said in surprise.

When Wang Hao heard this strangely, the corners of his mouth twitched and he almost didn’t laugh.

Omi…Do you want to brag like that?

Li Quan, that’s the chief director of the Beijing Institute of Association!

Don’t say you are not a rich second generation at all.

Even if you are a rich second generation, it is impossible to call and ask him over!

To know……

When a doctor at the level of Li Quan is no longer money, it can be solved!

Wang Haoqi looked at Omi with a more expectant look.

He wanted to see what kind of funny scenes Omi would make later.

“Since this is the case, Omi, then you can call quickly.” Wang Haoqi urged.

Obviously, he wanted Omi to make a call on the spot to prevent him from making any tricks.

Omi glanced at Wang Haoqi lightly, where he didn’t understand his thoughts.

However, he didn’t care too much, nodded, and dialed Li Quan’s call.

When Li Quan operated on Omi’s father, Lin Tao, the two exchanged contact information.

At this point, it is convenient to connect.


After a while, the call was connected.

“Is it Director Li Quan?” Omi asked.

“It’s me! Mr. Lin, what’s the matter?” Li Quan’s slightly brisk voice came over the phone.

After hearing Li Quan’s answer, Yang Wei, Li Xinyue, Li Dasong, Huang De, Shen Liang and others all showed a touch of joy.

Omi, really know Li Quan!

On the contrary, the smile on Wang Haoqi’s face was stiff.

Omi…Why did you really know Li Quan!

“That’s the case. My high school head teacher has a tumor. Could you please come to Qing Central Hospital for an operation?” Omi asked.

Li Quan said, “Of course there is no problem! However, I am in Qing Province now, and I may not be able to come here tomorrow to help check my body and arrange surgery.”


Director Li Quan agreed!

The smiles on the faces of Yang Wei, Li Xinyue, Li Dasong and others became even worse.

And Wang Haoqi’s expression became even more ugly.

It’s exactly the same!

Omi actually said exactly the same thing as himself!

I was directly rejected by Director Li Quan’s student Fan Mingzhi. He even said that all cats and dogs called for surgery…

As a result, after Omi told Director Li Quan, the other party agreed!

Without comparison, there is no harm!

Omi said: “Okay, then we will see you tomorrow.”

After hanging up…

Yang Wei said happily: “Omi, thank you, thank you!”

Li Xinyue hugged Omi even more, and said excitedly: “Brother Lin, you are great!”

Although, Li Xinyue is only seventeen or eighteen years old.

However, girls develop quickly.

At this time, her figure had begun to take shape, and she was suddenly hugged…

Omi only felt a little fever in his lower abdomen, and coughed dryly, “This is just a small matter.”

Li Dasong admired: “Even Director Li Quan can make an appointment, Omi, awesome! I didn’t even notice it before!”

“It’s amazing!” Huang De said with a thumbs up.

“Awesome!” Shen Liang said.

Everyone surrounded Omi and praised him constantly.

These words heard in Wang Haoqi’s ears, like the sound of scratching glass, extremely harsh.

He couldn’t help but said: “Omi, you just called, is it Director Li Quan of the Beijing Association of Hospitals?”

Obviously, he was questioning the identity of the caller just now.

After hearing Wang Haoqi’s words, everyone couldn’t help calming down. Is that the director Li Quan of the Beijing Association?

Li Quan is a famous doctor.

Just let him over as soon as a phone call?

Should it be that simple?

In addition, the person on the phone just now seemed to say that he was in Qing Province? Not the capital!


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside.

Several doctors walked over, and the leader was Huang Dean of the Qing Central Hospital.

After seeing Omi, Dean Huang couldn’t help speeding up his pace and said excitedly: “Mr. Lin, why are you here?”

When the words fell, he hurriedly reached out his right hand and was about to hold Omi.

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Dean Huang likes to watch costume dramas. He found that the emperor inside was above the court and had no way of knowing the lives of the people below.

Only after a few emperors’ microservices went on tour, could they slowly discover and solve problems.


Dean Huang has something to learn. Whenever he has his spare time after dealing with his work, he will wander around the ward to see what aspects of the hospital have not done well and what needs to be changed.

Today, he did not expect to meet Omi in the ward.

For Omi, Dean Huang can be said to be deeply impressed.

He still clearly remembered how polite the Qingshi leader Zhao Jiaqi was to Omi, and even visited Omi’s father several times in succession.

Dean Huang is a sensible person, knowing that Omi absolutely possesses an extraordinary identity.

Omi has a principle that when others respect themselves, he respects others.

He saw Dean Huang proactively stretched out his hand, and he also stretched out his hand: “Dean Huang, it’s been a long time.”

Dean Huang?


As soon as he said this, everyone around him showed a touch of surprise.

Then, Omi introduced: “This is the head teacher of my high school, waiting for treatment in your hospital…”

“What? He is Mr. Lin’s head teacher?” Dean Huang said to the doctor next to him. “We will arrange this patient to the VIP ward later. In addition, call his attending doctor over.”

“Yes.” The doctor next to him hurriedly responded.

After a while, two doctors hurried over.

One of them was a bald doctor not long ago, and the other was wearing silver-rimmed glasses.

“Good dean.” The two said in unison.

Dean Huang said, “Tell me about the patient’s condition in detail.”

“The patient has a tumor in his liver, which is close to the liver and arteries… We suggest that it is best to have surgery as soon as possible to avoid accidents.”

“This kind of surgery is more difficult, so it is best to use an expert surgeon with flying knife flow.”

“However, our hospital does not yet have a flying knife flow expert…”

The bald doctor took CT photos and related case data and explained in a very gentle tone. Compared with the previous attitude, it was simply a heaven and a low.

At this time, Omi said, “As for the flying knife flow expert, I have already contacted Director Li Quan, and he can come over tomorrow.”

Dean Huang said: “Director Li Quan is everyone from Flying Daggers! Mr. Lin invited him over, so there is no problem at all!”

“Tomorrow, we will reserve the best surgical environment!”

Omi and Dean Huang chatted for a while, and then they personally arranged Li Yong with the doctors and nurses in the VIP ward with good conditions, and then left due to circumstances.

At this moment, Yang Wei, Li Xinyue, Huang De, Li Dasong, Shen Liang and others all focused on Omi.

They still don’t understand that Omi was definitely Director Li Quan of the Beijing City Association before.

Because the dean and the whole hospital’s careful treatment is the best proof!

Yang Wei said sincerely again: “Omi…thank you, thank you!”

“Now, the head teacher’s body will definitely recover soon!” Li Dasong said.

Shen Liang said: “Yes!”

Huang De said, “Omi, what you have hidden is too deep!”

Li Xinyue said softly: “Thank you Brother Lin.”

Li Yong lying on the hospital bed, seeing Omi’s current ability, the vicissitudes of life was filled with relief and joy, and said in a hoarse voice: “Omi, trouble you.”

Omi said: “Compared to the things I troubled the teacher, this is nothing at all.”

Everyone praised Omi constantly, and the atmosphere in the entire ward was extremely warm and relaxed.

And Wang Haoqi, who was standing on the side, looked ashamed.

Originally, he wanted to ask Dr. Fei Daoliu to show his abilities. As a result, he was called a cat and a dog.

Originally, he wanted to make Omi a bigger joke, but as a result, Omi became the object of praise from everyone.

In contrast, Wang Haoqi has become the biggest joke!


It’s all this Omi!

Wang Haoqi was extremely angry, but he was helpless.

That night, Omi slept beautifully at the house he hadn’t lived in for a long time.

The next day…

When Omi woke up, as usual, there was an SMS message on the phone screen early on.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remits, 3640,000 yuan.”

Omi lay on the bed and swiped his phone for a while, muttering, “Let’s see what can be signed in today.”

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained 51% of the shares of Qingkun Group. 】

Qingkun Group is a large local company in Qingshi.

Qingkun Huafu, Qingkun Central, Qingkun City, Qingkun Hotel, Qingkun Supermarket, etc. in Qing City are all industries of Qingkun Group… which has solved the employment of thousands of people in Qing City.

In order to commend Qingkun Group for its contributions, Qingshi named one of the main roads in the city as Qingkun Avenue.


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