The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 21-30

Zhou Chengjun bent over ninety degrees and said, “Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, but I didn’t manage the staff well, so you are disturbed…”

When Shen Wei saw this, the bad premonition in his heart became stronger.

He couldn’t help but said, “Zhou, is there any misunderstanding in this? This young man made trouble in our mall, assaulted the daughter of the chairman of Jiaxing Snack Company, and stole something…”

Shen Wei thought very simple.

Jiaxing Snack Food Co., Ltd. is also a large enterprise cooperating with Yinshan Mall.

Zhou Chengjun will definitely have some scruples.


It’s okay if Shen Wei doesn’t say this. When he mentions this, Zhou Chengjun’s heart burst into flames.

Zhou Chengjun turned around abruptly and said coldly: “Mr. Lin is the largest shareholder of our Yinshan Group! Do you think he will do what you just said?”

As soon as he said this, Shen Wei completely froze in place.

The largest shareholder of Yinshan Group!

He knows exactly what this means!

iron plate, huge iron plate!

The manager of Yinshan Mall, with high income and easy work.

Shen Wei did not brag in front of relatives and friends.

Now, I’m afraid… no more!

Shen Wei’s heart gave birth to endless regrets.


At this time, three investigators came over from a distance.

Among them, the tall and thin chase asked: “Who called the police? What happened here?”

Lin Xiaoyao never expected that things would develop like this.

The general manager of Yinshan Shopping Mall actually respected  Omi  very much, and also said that he is the largest shareholder of Yinshan Group.

So that, Lin Xiaoyao couldn’t answer the question in the first time.

Pan Zhengyang was standing next to him. After seeing Gao Shou, his eyes lit up slightly and excitedly said, “Wang Daming! It’s great that you are here!”

Then, he pointed to  Omi  and said, “This guy beat me for no reason, you quickly get him!”

Pan Zhengyang can see that today, Shen Wei can no longer teach  Omi .

When he was disappointed, he didn’t want to meet Wang Daming, a high school classmate.

This made him see the hope of teaching  Omi  again.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyao also reacted and hurriedly said: “Uncle Chase, I called the police! My brother didn’t beat him for no reason at all!”

“They hit me first. My brother fought back to protect me.”

Wang Daming looked in the direction Pan Zhengyang pointed.

The next moment, his pupils suddenly shrank.

It’s him!

It turned out to be him!

A few days ago, Wang Daming, along with the captain, senior leaders and others, went to the Qing Central Hospital for a visit.

However, a young man suddenly came to the big leader.

Then, the leader gave up the visit directly.

Afterwards, Wang Daming learned from the captain that the young man was very unusual. In order to treat his relatives’ illness, the leader personally asked for help.

Even, the next day, the big leader went to the hospital to visit and accompany his relatives to perform operations.

big shot!

That young man is definitely a big shot!

Wang Daming did not expect that he would see this big man again so soon!

Sun Xiaohong, whose face was swollen like a pig’s head, shouted: “Get him quickly! I am Sun Xiaohong, the daughter of the chairman of Jiaxing Snack Company. What do you think he beats me into?”

“As long as you catch him and teach him a lesson, I will let my dad reward you well!”

Let yourself… catch big people who even big leaders have to treat with care?

Wang Daming’s face sank, he directly took out the handcuffs and locked them in Sun Xiaohong’s hands.

Pan Zhengyang was taken aback, and said, “Wang Daming, you locked the wrong person! Why did you lock your sister-in-law?”

“It was the **** over there that hit us, you should catch that bastard!”


scold that big man… asshole?

How dare he!

Besides, what are you talking about sister-in-law?

Didn’t this make a big man mistakenly think that he has a good relationship with him?

Wang Daming shouted sharply: “Shut up! Pan Zhengyang, what are you talking about?”

“Don’t say, we are just ordinary classmates in high school! Even if you are my brother, I can’t do anything for you!”

“Because, I am an investigator for justice!”

Wang Daming pointed to Lin Xiaoyao and said: “This lady has just said that you hit her first, and her brother shot back! They are legitimate defense!”

Then, Wang Daming solemnly said to Sun Xiaohong: “As for you, you were just suspected of bribing a public official. Now, we are detaining you.”

Sun Xiaohong panicked: “I…I don’t…”

“No? We all have camera law enforcement!” Wang Daming said After saying that, he stopped talking and prepared to walk far away with Sun Xiaohong.

At this time, Zhou Chengjun, who was standing next to him, said: “The investigator, hello, this is Zhou Chengjun, the general manager of Yinshan Shopping Mall. I want to report something.”

While talking, Zhou Chengjun pointed to Shen Wei and said, “He is Shen Wei, the manager of our Yinshan Mall.”

“He took advantage of his position to transfer profits with Jiaxing Snack Food Company, took a lot of bribes, and put many fake and shoddy products of Jiaxing Snack Food Company on our Yinshan Mall for sale.”

“At the same time, he also induced the security of our Yinshan shopping mall to become his personal underground force. Just now, Shen Wei framed the noble Mr. Lin and wanted to use violence and intimidation against him.”

Wang Daming has encountered a lot of corruption and bribery.

However, Shen Wei still wants to perform acts of violence and intimidation against Mr. Lin!

This is definitely… Don’t be merciless!

Wang Daming shouted loudly: “It’s so nasty, get him arrested for me!”


Shen Wei put on handcuffs, his whole body was cold, his legs softened, and he knelt directly on the ground.

He knows… he’s over!

Soon, Shen Wei, Sun Xiaohong, and Zhongbao Safety were all taken away.

Only Pan Zhengyang was left in the whole scene, standing still, for a while.

Although, Pan Zhengyang was not taken away.

However, his panic is no less than anyone else.

Sun Xiaohong and Shen Wei, it can be said that they were taken away because of themselves. If the quality problems of Jiaxing Snack Company’s products are found out for this reason, then their own fate…

Pan Zhengyang shuddered just thinking about it.

PS: Seeking five-star praise!Zhou Chengjun wanted to invite  Omi  to dinner and make amends.

But now,  Omi  just wants to get some medicine and put on Lin Xiaoyao’s face, which is still a little red and swollen.

So, I just refused.

Lamborghini Daniel enters.

Lin Xiaoyao seemed to come back to her senses, and said excitedly: “Brother, when did you learn to fight? The actions you just taught people are so handsome!”

Lin Xiaoyao’s speaking movements were so great that she accidentally pulled her red and swollen face, and she pumped in pain.

 Omi  said: “Stop talking, I’ll buy you some medicine.”

Lin Xiaoyao said: “Where to use what medicine? Just get some ice compresses.”

Finally,  Omi  bought some medicine for Lin Xiaoyao and got an ice pack.

Two-pronged approach, the effect is also excellent.

When they returned to the Qing Central Hospital, the redness and swelling on Lin Xiaoyao’s face had completely disappeared.

At this time,  Omi ‘s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

“Mr. Lin, I’m so sorry today, I will deal with the relevant personnel of Qingshi Yinshan Mall seriously.” Song Zhifeng said cautiously.

 Omi  said: “No, Zhou Chengjun did a good job. But, in the future, I don’t want similar things to happen again.”

“Yes, Mr. Lin, please rest assured!” Song Zhifeng breathed a long sigh of relief.

After hanging up the phone.

Lin Xiaoyao couldn’t help but said: “Brother, are you really the largest shareholder of Yinshan Mall?”

“Yes, so, as long as you like to buy clothes in the future, don’t care about the price, just buy it directly. Your brother and me, it’s not bad for money.”  Omi  said.

Lin Xiaoyao happily kissed  Omi  on the cheek, and said, “Brother is the best!”

When the two came to the VIP ward, Lin Tao was in the ward, walking back and forth.

And Dai Weixue folded all the clothes into the box.

“Dad, Mom, what are you doing?”  Omi  asked.

Lin Tao said: “I have been living in the hospital, so I feel so bored. In the past two days, there have been several regular customers who called and asked when our clothing store opened…We are going to be discharged today.”

“Leave the hospital today?”  Omi  worried, “Dad, you haven’t had the operation for a long time, so let’s stay a few more days.”

Lin Tao said: “What is there to live in? The doctors agreed to be discharged. If I stay in again, this disease is just right, and other diseases will be suppressed.”

 Omi  thinks it makes sense. After thinking about it, he said: “It’s OK to leave the hospital, but the clothing store doesn’t need to be opened. I’m going to buy a villa for you in Qingshi or Jiangbei…”

“Don’t…our house is pretty good now. What kind of villa should we change?” Lin Tao waved his hand again and again, “The clothing store doesn’t take much effort, it’s good to open.”

Dai Weixue said: “Xiao Fan, we know you are promising now, and want to be filial to us.”

“But, your dad and I have lived in Si Tiao Street for a lifetime, and all the acquaintances are there. If we suddenly move to other places, we won’t be used to it at all.”

“In addition, your dad and I are not too old now. If we really stay at home and do nothing every day, it would be boring.”

“So, we won’t move, and the clothing store is still open, so let’s pass the time.”

 Omi  said helplessly: “Well then… But you must not be tired, and don’t save food and clothing.”

“Don’t worry.” Dai Weixue smiled.

For the next three days,  Omi  lived with his parents in Four Streets.

For these three days,  Omi  opened all cash red envelopes at 12 noon every day, plus the cash he got from sleeping, breathing, and walking for the three days, and  Omi  added more than 3 million in total.

At this time,  Omi cari’s balance returned to 13.2 million.

Today, at the urging of his parents,  Omi  drove the Lamborghini Daniel and drove on the road back to Jiangbei.

The reasons for Lin Tao and Dai Weixue are very simple.  Omi  has finally been specially recruited to study at Jiangbei University. He must not leave a bad impression on the teacher because he has been absent for too long.

If you are dropped out of school because of this, then you really regret it.

 Omi  can’t help his parents, plus his father’s body, it really doesn’t matter.

Therefore, he had to return to Jiangbei.

When  Omi  came to Qingshi a few days ago, he was very anxious. He drove at the fastest speed throughout the whole journey and arrived at Qingshi in a short time.

Now returning to Jiangbei, he has a constant speed all the way, and it will take a long time to correspond.

Driving a Lamborghini for a short time,  Omi  still doesn’t think much.

However, after driving for a long time, he felt his waist gradually sore.

 Omi  couldn’t help muttering, “When I have time, I must buy a bigger car.”

When  Omi  returned to the Jiangbei Hilton Presidential Suite, the time just reached 12 o’clock.

The phone shook slightly, and a red envelope appeared immediately.

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got the skill True Eye.”

At this time, the time has come to 12:01.

 Omi  said weirdly: “When I was in Qingshi, it was all useless cash. I got skills when I first came to Jiangbei? Is Jiangbei my lucky place?”

While speaking,  Omi  turned his attention to the real eye.

[True Eyes: 1. You can see the true beauty of women (full mark is 100. Note: Appearance is affected by wear, life); 2. It can be seen that women have a good impression of the host (full mark is 100.). Choosing truly beautiful beauties and getting their sincerity is what every beautiful man should do. 】

 Omi  said: “The Eye of Reality? It’s kind of interesting.”

On the other hand, Qiao Shiya spent a lot of effort and finally moved all his brother’s things into Wanjia Washington.

Then, she dragged her tired body back home.

At this time,       mother Chen Minfen walked over happily and said: “Shiya, you should pack up and meet a guy later.”

Qiao Shiya said helplessly: “Mom, have a blind date again?”

Chen Minfen seemed reluctant to see his daughter, and said: “This boy is different from  Omi  last time!  Omi ‘s family is poor, and this boy runs a factory, and he has two Mercedes Benzes!”

When Chen Minfen said this, his whole face was wrinkled with a smile.

Qiao Shiya muttered: ” Omi ‘s family is poor? Then there are no rich people in this world.”

“Rich man? Shiya, what are you talking about? Where is  Omi ‘s rich man?” Chen Minfen said.

So, Qiao Shiya probably said what happened a while ago.

Chen Minfen immediately said: “Shiya, you were deceived by  Omi na! How could he have a luxury car and an entire house in Washington? I know their family too well.”

“Don’t you know,  Omi ‘s father fell ill the other day, and his mother called to borrow money!”

“If  Omi ‘s family really has so much money, how could they even ask me to borrow money?”

Qiao Shiya couldn’t help being a little startled listening to her mother’s words.

After a while, he said in disbelief: “Mother  Omi … really asked you to borrow money?”

“Is there a fake?” Chen Minfen took out his mobile phone and called up the call log while talking.

Sure enough, there was Dai Weixue’s phone number among them.

Qiao Shiya immediately understood.

That Lamborghini bull was indeed rented by  Omi .

In addition,  Omi  does not have a house in Wanjia Washington, he is just asking the employee to help him in acting.

 Omi  is not a godless man at all, but a downright poor-hanging-silk!

He swiped away the text message indifferently, and played with the phone for a while.

Then, I got up slowly and asked the waiter to bring a big meal.

After a full meal, it just happened to be 12:00.

 Omi ‘s phone shook slightly.

The red envelope appears!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3000 yuan.”


“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

So far, 1 minute has passed.

 Omi  received a total of more than 80,000 yuan.

“It’s all cash?”  Omi  curled his lips.

He rested for a while, and then he drove the Lamborghini Daniel to Jiangbei University.

At Jiangbei University, even driving a BMW or Mercedes-Benz car with a value of two to three hundred thousand yuan would be eye-catching.

Besides, it is a tens of millions of Lamborghini.

After a rumbling engine rang on the campus, it immediately attracted the attention of many people.

They took out their phones one after another, took pictures secretly, and uploaded them to the post bar and the class group.

When  Omi  got out of the car, the eyes of several lovely beauties appeared with little stars, and they all exclaimed: “So handsome!”

is handsome and golden, this is simply the perfect male **** in their hearts.

 Omi  didn’t care about this at all.

He took out his cell phone and dialed a series of numbers.

Not long after, he combed his head and was about 30 years old and came over.

He smiled and said hello: “You are  Omi , right?”

“Yes.”  Omi  answered.

“Haha! Among my students, there is another handsome guy! I am your counselor Sun Yaodong, go, I will take you to get the books first, and then go to the classroom.” Sun Yaodong said.

I have to say that there is a big difference between college teachers and high school teachers.

The high school teacher always carries it, always looks stern and solemn, making the students feel that the teacher is the elder of himself.

University teachers bring more ease.

Sun Yaodong introduced the school cafeteria, gymnasium… and even how to find a girlfriend while walking.

This can’t help but make  Omi  wonder whether this is the teacher or his good buddy.

Not long after,  Omi  received the book and came to the classroom.

Sun Yaodong pointed to the three people sitting in the back row and said, ” Omi , these three people are your roommates. You have to get along well. I have something to do, so just leave.”

The three of them are very enthusiastic about  Omi , the new roommate.

“My name is Song Yi. Dude, that’s not bad! Tall and handsome, can you play basketball, right?” the tall and strong man asked.

 Omi  said: “It’s a little bit, but it’s been a long time.”

“It’s okay, you will be familiar with playing! And, I tell you, playing basketball is easy to attract sister paper, maybe someday you will get sister paper to ask for WeChat.” Song Yi laughed.

The fat man said happily: “I thought we had only three people in our 104 bedroom. In that case, it would not be a complete college life at all!”

“Dude, it’s great that you can come!”

“By the way, my name is Zheng Jinbao.”

The man with black-rimmed glasses said, “My name is Ma Zhong.”

The three roommates are very enthusiastic.

After school, they helped  Omi  buy the necessities for daily life, make the bed… It was busy until more than eight o’clock.

Originally,  Omi  wanted to invite them to a big meal.

However, all three of them happily said that they were going to the old place to have a barbecue, so  Omi  didn’t force it.

This is a barbecue stall very close to Jiangbei University. The owner is about 40 years old. He is skillful in his actions. The grilled meat is tender on the outside and tender on the inside. The portion is generous.

Zheng Jinbao threw a skewer of barbecue directly into his mouth, and said happily: “It’s delicious!”

Song Yi raised his glass and said, ” Omi , welcome to join our 104 bedroom. From now on, the four of us will be brothers. Today, we will not be drunk or go home!”

“Yes, you don’t get drunk or go back!” Zheng Jinbao shouted.

” Omi , welcome you.” Ma Zhongdao.

 Omi  picked up the wine glass and said, “Thank you!”

The words fell, and the four drank it together.

Song Yi said, “Hey,  Omi , you have a good drink! Come and have another drink.”

 Omi  did not refuse, and followed by a drink.

Then, the two of you come and go, drinking.

It didn’t take long for Song Yi to hiccup, and his entire face became as red as Guan Gong.

Looking back at  Omi , it was like drinking a few bottles of mineral water without any change at all.

Zheng Jinbao was surprised: ” Omi , you drink so well? I’ll walk with you a few too.”

After a few cups,  Omi  still didn’t respond.

While Zheng Jinbao’s head was already a little groggy, he stabbed Ma Zhong in the stomach and said, “Don’t just eat, drink with  Omi .”

Ma Zhong put down the skewers and said, ” Omi , let’s drink one too.”

Originally,  Omi  wanted to persuade a few people to drink less.

But when they got excited, they couldn’t stop drinking at all.

Therefore,  Omi  stopped persuading him.

After all, everyone is young. After drinking too much, I went back to lie down for the whole night and kept alive the next day.

When Zheng Jinbo, Ma Zhong, and Song Yi were all dizzy and about to fall to the ground,  Omi  still looked as usual, and slapped a piece of skewers into his mouth.

At this time, Qiao Shiya, who had just finished eating with the customer, happened to pass by.

She saw  Omi  drinking and eating at the roadside stall, she couldn’t help but stop and mocked: ” Omi , why are you eating at the roadside stall?”

Yesterday, Chen Minfen said that the conditions of  Omi ‘s family were very poor, and Qiao Shiya still had a trace of suspicion in her heart.

At this time, this kind of suspicion was completely forgotten.

If  Omi  really has a Lamborghini big cow, and a whole house in Washington, he would eat a roadside barbecue?

Totally impossible!

The only answer,  Omi  has always been a poor-hanging-silk!

 Omi  frowned and said, “What do I eat, what does it matter to you?”

 Omi  hates this self-righteous and vain woman.

Now, when she speaks to herself in a mocking tone,  Omi  will naturally not give her a good face.

Qiao Shiya sneered and said, “It’s really nothing to do with me. It’s just that I want to tell you a truth. People, as much as possible, should do so much.

“Shooting a swollen face to fill a fat man will only make oneself ugly.”

When Qiao Shiya learned that  Omi  owned a Lamborghini Daniel and a house with Wanjiahua Mansion, her whole body was sore and regretful.

Even, tears flowed from my eyes during sleep for several days.

Now, after Qiao Shiya said these words, she only felt very comfortable and relieved.

She was happy in her heart: Fortunately, she was wise at first and was not deceived by poor-hang-si.

Then, Qiao Shiya raised her neck and strode forward.

 Omi  glanced at her twisting back, curled his lips and said: “There is something wrong.”

Then, I patted the three people who were completely confused and said, “Can I still walk? Let’s go, and go back to the bedroom to rest.”

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The next day.

The sun is shining brightly.

 Omi  was lying on the bed, leisurely playing with his mobile phone, and looking at the little sparrow stomping back and forth by the window from time to time.

At this time, Ma Zhong slowly opened his eyes. He rubbed his dizzy head and said with a hoarse voice, “Brothers, it’s time to get up.”

“Okay.”  Omi  responded and got up directly from the bed.

Zheng Jinbao said: ” Omi , I rarely admire anyone. But, I have to say something to you… admire!”

“Yesterday, we drank two beers, right? You actually drank the three of us, nothing happened to you!”

Two beers,  Omi  will naturally be fine.

Because, he can not get drunk for a thousand cups!

” Omi , aren’t you from the Northeast? Then you can drink.” Song Yi said.

 Omi  smiled and said, “What’s in the northeast? My hometown is Qingshi. Okay, get up quickly.”

A few people burst into ink, and finally got up from the bed.

I have to say, young is good.

When they just woke up, Zheng Jinbao, Ma Zhong and Song Yi were still very dizzy and top-heavy.

But after waking up and eating breakfast, the three of them were alive and kicking again.

The morning is the mathematics theory class explained by the old professor. Zheng Jinbao and Song Yi are drowsy.

Ma Zhong is a good student who listens carefully to class and does not keep taking notes.

 Omi  sometimes listens to classes and sometimes flips through books by himself.

After class bell rang.

Ma Zhongdao: ” Omi , you just came to class. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me at any time.”

He noticed that when  Omi  was in class, he didn’t listen to much, but he kept flipping through the books.

Therefore, he thought  Omi  could not understand.

However, how did Ma Zhong know that the reason why  Omi  didn’t attend the class was not because he didn’t understand, but because he felt it was too simple.

Zheng Jinbao yawned and said, “Yes, Ma Zhong is not good in other aspects, but his studies are pretty good.”

“What’s not good in other aspects?” Ma Zhong protested.

Zheng Jinbao chuckled and said: “Then we go to the club tonight?”

Ma Zhong’s entire face turned red in an instant, but he opened his mouth but never said a word.

“Okay, let’s talk, the cafeteria won’t be able to squeeze in later.” Song Yi interrupted.

I have to say that there is a big difference between the Jiangbei University canteen and  Omi ’s high school canteen.

 Omi ’s high school canteen is similar to a fast food restaurant.

But the canteen of Jiangbei University is completely different.

Crock pot soup, roast goose rice, small stir-fry, grilled meat, ramen, etc. There are so many varieties.

Jiangbei University students also like to eat, there are long queues everywhere.

At this time, it’s 12:00.

 Omi ‘s phone shook slightly, and a red envelope appeared.

 Omi  kept tapping the screen while taking advantage of the free time in the line.

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained professional basketball skills.”

When I clicked on this red envelope, it was already 12:01.

At this time, it was  Omi  and others’ turn to choose dishes.

All four of  Omi  are young guys. They have chosen a lot of meat and there are many kinds of them. They all ate very happily.

Song Yi said: “There is no class this afternoon. I have an appointment with a few friends to play basketball.  Omi , you can come together.”

 Omi  thought that there was nothing wrong in the afternoon, and that he had just acquired professional basketball skills, so he could take this opportunity to try it.

 Omi  thought of this, nodded and said: “Okay.”

Song Yi put it on  Omi ‘s shoulder, and said very happy: “Good brother!”

Then, he seemed to have thought about it. Yesterday  Omi  said that he hadn’t played basketball for a long time.

Then, he said: “Don’t worry, our skills are not very good, just hit it casually.”

After lunch, Zheng Jinbao went back to the bedroom to sleep, and Ma Zhong went to the library.

But Song Yi and  Omi  bought a bottle of Pulse and went directly to the basketball court.

At this time, there are already four men wearing jerseys waiting on the basketball court.

The dark-skinned, tall man greeted from a distance: “Song Yi, you are finally here!”

“Introduce, this is our new brother  Omi  in our dormitory. He hasn’t played basketball for a long time. Don’t play too aggressively later.” Song Yi said.


“no problem!”

The four nodded one after another.

Then, according to the rules of streetball, the people rotated the basketball into two teams.

Soon,  Omi he was relatively thin, and the men wearing No. 1 and No. 3 jerseys were divided into a group.

The two men looked at the well-divided team with bitterness and helplessness on their faces.

They are not very skilled, and they have no advantage in height.

Now, add another  Omi  who hasn’t played for a long time…

The two seemed to have seen…the scene where they were beaten to the ground.

Song Yi, Hei Da, and Gao Zhuang are just the opposite.

The three of them glanced at each other, the whole face almost bloomed without a smile.

“Don’t worry, just have fun.”

Soon, Song Yi kicked off the ball, and then passed it to the tall guy.

The tall and strong one passed it to the **** one.

Then, the black big man quickly drove the ball to the basket.


Basketball hit the net and scored successfully!

In the next game, No. 1 kick-off, he was quickly glued to the tall one.

Helpless, he had to pass the ball to No. 3.

No. 3 dribbled the ball for a while and was directly intercepted by the black man.

Then, the **** dribbled the ball again and made a quick layup.


score another goal!

In the third game, No. 1 kicked off again. He saw that No. 3 was stared to death by the **** man. In desperation, he had to pass the basketball to  Omi .

Song Yi standing not far from  Omi ,       laughed and said: ” Omi , I’m coming to guard you, you have to be careful.”

While speaking, he walked towards  Omi  unhurriedly.


However, before Song Yi approached,  Omi  dribbled the ball quickly past him like a gust of wind.

Tall and strong raised his brows slightly, and hurriedly stopped him.

 Omi  didn’t care at all, as he dangled the ball directly with a fake action.

The black man hurriedly gave up number 3 and came to block it.

But, it’s too late.


 Omi  made a two-step layup and easily entered the basket.


“Good!” No. 1 and No. 3 all exclaimed happily.

Song Yi was a little surprised and said, ” Omi , your technique…not bad!”

“It’s okay.”  Omi  smiled.

Streetball continues.

A tall and strong kick-off, was defended very tightly by No. 1, and had to pass it to Song Yi.

Song Yi smiled and said, ” Omi , you just dribbled the ball very fast. Come and see if you can take my ball.”


 Omi yan heard it, raised his hand and patted the basketball directly into his hand.

Song Yi was stunned for an instant.

That’s right!

I told you to try dodgeball, but I didn’t make you so fast!

But  Omi  didn’t pay attention to so much, turned around and dribbled the ball quickly and went straight to the basket.


score again!

“Good shot!” No. 1 and No. 3 shouted excitedly.

Song Yi said blankly: ” Omi , you haven’t played basketball in a long time?”

 Omi  nodded.

Song Yi:…

If it’s a long time since you haven’t played basketball, then what is it?

Have never played basketball?

was scored two goals in a row, Song Yi, Gao Zhuang, and Hei big three, all showed a touch of anxious look on their faces.

So, when the new round started, the three drove straight in and quickly came to the basket.

They want to get a ball in the shortest time.


Sometimes, things… always go against the wishes.


The basketball spins around the basket, but it rolls out in the end.

The **** face changed slightly, and he hurriedly jumped up, trying to grab a rebound.

But, the speed has been slowed by half a beat.

No. 3 hugged the basketball, and then slammed it at  Omi .

 Omi ‘s strength has already won his recognition.

He wants  Omi  to lead the team and score another goal.

However, No. 3 seemed to be too agitated. If he accidentally got too strong, the direction of the ball was also deviated.

Even  Omi  couldn’t catch the basketball for the first time, so he could only let it fly off the court.

At this time, the girl in the blue and red dress happened to come over.

They saw that the basketball was about to hit themselves, but it was too late to hide.

The pretty faces of the two girls turned pale and exuded a layer of fine sweat.

At this time, a tall figure suddenly appeared in front of them and steadily caught the basketball.

He…is exactly  Omi .

 Omi  turned around and said, “Are you all right.”

Bright and energetic eyes, tall nose, thin lips…

At this moment, the two girls seemed to see the heroes of the world descending from the sky under the colorful auspicious clouds. Suddenly, they were completely stunned.

【Ding! Charm aura, trigger love at first sight! 】

【Ding! Charm aura, trigger love at first sight! 】

 Omi  was taken aback as he listened to the prompt in his mind.

He couldn’t help but carefully looked at the two girls in front of him.

It was only then that they discovered that except for the color of their clothes, everything else was almost the same.

is the same as the face of a porcelain doll, the same white skin, the same developed body (oYo)!

They turned out to be twins!

Then,  Omi  did not disable the real eye to watch the two.

Blue skirt girl.

[face value: 95]

【Favorite rating: 99】

Red skirt girl.

[face value: 95]

【Favorite rating: 99】

Both of them have 95 points, and their favorability has reached 99!

You should know that the perfect score for appearance and favorability is only 100!

Big beauty, this is definitely a big beauty!

Besides, she still loves her desperately twins!

This… because I helped them stop the basketball?

Seeing that  Omi  had been staring at her, the two twin beauties blushed like ripe tomatoes.

At this moment, Song Yi in the distance asked, ” Omi , are you okay?”

 Omi  said: “It’s okay!”

“That’s good, let’s drink some water first!” Song Yi threw the pulse over as he spoke.

 Omi  did feel a little thirsty. He unscrewed the bottle and poured half of it vigorously.

Then, he threw the ball to Song Yi.

streetball game, start again!

is different from the previous game.

At this time, on the empty basketball court, there were more spectators of beautiful twins.

They watched  Omi  dribbling the ball, defending, extraordinary…

After  Omi  shot the goal, the two hearts jumped frantically.

When  Omi  had just finished his last sip of Pulsation, the twin beauties appeared in front of  Omi  holding a bottle of Pulsation.

 Omi  asked: “Give it to me?”

The twin beauties nodded again and again at the same time.

 Omi  is also welcome, took the pulse, opened one of the bottles and took a sip.

The beauty in a blue dress showed a smile on her pretty face like a porcelain doll, and a small tiger tooth was looming on her small cherry mouth.

The beauty in the red dress, with beautiful eyes like gems, is full of expectation.

 Omi  hesitated, then opened the second bottle of Pulse, and took a sip.

Suddenly, the beauty in the red skirt also showed a sweet smile.

Song Yi in the distance, looked at his empty pulsation bottle, then looked at the two pulsation bottles in  Omi ‘s hand, and couldn’t help swallowing.

The game continues.

 Omi  has professional basketball skills, coupled with a physique far beyond ordinary people, and absolute dedicated assistance, as well as a steady stream of pulses.

With so many advantages, how can it be possible to lose?

This street basketball played more than two hours.

In the end, Song Yi’s team ended in a fiasco.

Song Yi lay on the ground like a dead dog and said, ” Omi , you haven’t played basketball in a long time?”

“Yes.”  Omi  replied casually.

Song Yiyan heard that a drop of hot sweat happened to flow into his eyes.

Suddenly, muddy tears rolled from the corners of his eyes.

 Omi  didn’t pay attention to so much, and went straight to the twin beauties, saying, “Thank you for your pulse.”

The twin beauties shook their heads together, expressing your welcome.

Then, they took out their mobile phones at the same time and looked at  Omi  with extremely expectant eyes.

 Omi  asked: “You… do you want to add my WeChat?”

The twin beauties nodded together.

 Omi  said: “Okay.”

While talking, opened the WeChat add friend interface.

The twin beauties saw this, the jewel-like beautiful eyes faintly bloomed with stars, and they rushed to add friends.

Then, the two of them held the phone firmly in their arms, it looked like they were holding a peerless treasure, for fear of losing it.

 Omi  said: “I’m going back to the bedroom first, and you guys should also go back earlier. It’s quite hot outside.”

Twin beauties, nodding repeatedly.


After Zheng Jinbao played a game, looking at  Omi  and Song Yi’s sweaty appearance, UU Read    laughed and asked: ” Omi , you haven’t played basketball for a long time, how about it? Right?”

“Don’t tell me that I haven’t played basketball for a long time!” Song Yi shouted.

Now that he heard these words, he felt heartbroken.

“Don’t you know,  Omi  only needs to get the ball, one shot is accurate, one shot is accurate! We played for more than two hours, 2 goals, our team only scored 2 goals!”

Song Yi spoke too much, a drop of sweat on his forehead rolled into his eyes again.

Suddenly, hot tears rolled out of the eyes.

Zheng Jinbao laughed and said, “Isn’t it just playing basketball? Why are you crying?”

Song Yi retorted: “I didn’t cry!”

However, the tears in his eyes were unsatisfactory and rolled out again.

Zheng Jinbao looked at his funny appearance and laughed louder.

Song Yi aggrieved: “What are we playing basketball for? Isn’t it just to attract sister paper?”

“I play basketball at school almost every day. However, no sister has ever asked me for WeChat!”

“As a result, when  Omi  played basketball at school for the first time, there were twins who took the initiative to buy drinks and ask for WeChat!”

As soon as he said this, Zheng Jinbao stopped smiling and hurriedly said: “What? Twins? Are they beautiful?”

Dead fat house or something, there is almost no resistance to the twins.

Song Yidao: “Perfect body, baby face, don’t you think it is beautiful?!”

“Oh my God!”

Zheng Jinbao yelled up to the sky, and the fat all over his body trembled.

He pressed his chest firmly, as if he had been stabbed severely.

PS: Seeking five-star praise! Friends of Shuhuang,   ” “!

 Omi  couldn’t help but want to laugh at the funny appearance of the two.


At this time, Ma Zhong walked in slowly holding a few books.

After putting down the book, he flipped through his phone at random.

The next moment, he was surprised: “Our school actually has a Lamborghini Bull!”

“Lamborghini Bull!?” Song Yiyan heard that, immediately energetic, and said excitedly, “Really a Lamborghini Bull? Did you read that right?”

Song Yi likes researching cars very much, especially super sports cars.

And Lamborghini Daniel is also a top nobleman in supercars.

No wonder, he was so excited.

Ma Zhongdao: “Photos posted by others on the post bar…”

“Quickly, show it to me!” Song Yi couldn’t wait to say.

Zheng Jinbao also moved his head over.

“It’s really a Lamborghini bull! Oh my God!” Song Yi exclaimed excitedly.

“I don’t know which Shenhao owns it. If I have this car, maybe I can find twins?” Zheng Jinbao yearned, “Hey, there are photos of Shenhao below, let’s see if there is me. Handsome.”

The next moment, Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao, and Ma Zhong all froze.

Because the picture of Shenhao is really  Omi !

Song Yidao: “Lin… Omi , this Lamborghini bull…”

 Omi  smiled and said, “It’s mine.”

“Oh my God! Let people live? It’s all about winning, and the twins took the initiative to buy you drinks, asking for WeChat… Now, you still have the Lamborghini bull that a man dreams of!  Omi , no… Brother Fan, I will kneel for you!” Song Yi shouted.

Zheng Jinbao exclaimed, “Beauty, sports car! My fragile heart has been seriously injured, Brother Fan, now, only a big meal can heal my wounded heart.”

 Omi  smiled and said, “I said yesterday that I invited you to a big meal. If you insist, you will go to the barbecue.”

Zheng Jinbao smiled embarrassedly: “Don’t you have to eat some barbecue mat to cushion your belly?”

Yesterday,  Omi  did say that he would invite three people to have a good meal.

However, Zheng Jinbao worried that  Omi  would spend money.

Therefore, I insisted on going to the barbecue stall.

 Omi  smiled and said, “I just want to buy a car…Let’s buy a car first, and then have a big meal together!”

Song Yi asked: “Don’t you have a Lamborghini? Why buy a car?”

“That car, it’s too expensive!”  Omi  said, “I have to buy a bigger car.”

“Then what car do you want to buy?” Song Yi asked again.

 Omi  said: “Big G.”

“Kneel to Brother Fan.” Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhong said in unison.


Lamborghini Daniel has only two seats, and the dormitory has a total of 4 people.

So,  Omi  chose to take a taxi to the Mercedes-Benz 4S store.

This can’t help making Song Yi look like a child who was forcibly taken away by an adult while passing by a toy store. His face was full of dismay.

Because, he originally wanted to take this opportunity to experience the Lamborghini.

Until  Omi  said that he could drive the Lamborghini Daniel off in the future, Song Yi immediately opened his eyes and laughed.

When  Omi  and others walked into the brightly decorated and luxurious Mercedes-Benz 4S store, a salesperson immediately greeted them.

Mercedes-Benz, as the leader of BBA, its price is extremely high for ordinary people.

However, the salesperson didn’t mean to be negligent because  Omi  and others looked like students.

He smiled and said, “Benz, welcome.”

“Is there anything I can help?”

Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhong walked into the 4S shop and looked around.

Especially Song Yi, he ran directly to the cool and atmospheric Mercedes-Benz in front and stroked it lightly.

the salesperson introduced: “This is the latest Mercedes-Benz E350, with 299 horsepower, and its appearance is stable but vigorous. It is very suitable for young people like you.”

“Of course, if you don’t have too much horsepower requirements, I recommend you to consider the E260, the appearance is exactly the same as the E350.”

“And the E260 has 184 horsepower, regardless of speed, comfort, it is also very good… its price/performance ratio is much higher than that of the E350.”

The general salesperson is anxious to let customers buy high-priced goods.

However, this salesperson took the initiative to analyze and consider for the customer, as if he had known each other for a long time.

Song Yi touched the back of his head embarrassedly, and said, “Sorry, I let you introduce it for nothing. I just took a casual look. He came to buy a car.”

As he spoke, he pointed to  Omi .

The salesperson didn’t feel any irritation, and said, “This is not a white introduction. Now that you know about our Mercedes-Benz, you might just buy it right now.”

Then, smiling at  Omi , “Do you have a favorite vehicle? I can introduce it to you.”

 Omi  said: “Big G.”

“Our shop happens to have an existing car, please come here.” The salesman said.

Soon, a few people came to the other side of the 4S shop.

At this time, a **** G with a rough and tall appearance, like a big beast, was parked in the middle.

“Wow! So handsome!”

“This is the car a man should drive!”

Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhong were amazed again and again.

They have seen photos of Big G from magazines and computers, and they think Big G is very handsome.

But, after seeing it at this time, I was still amazed by it.

The salesperson said: “This is a Mercedes-Benz G500, V8, 4.0, with a maximum power of 421 horsepower, a maximum torque of 610, plus a mature 9AT gearbox…Who can imagine that such a big guy can complete it in 5.9 seconds? Accelerate by 100 kilometers!”

The salesperson exclaimed.

 Omi  said: “Does it have a lot of space to ride?”

“It’s very big! Not to mention it is in the same level, even in the higher level SUV, there are few rivals!”

 Omi  nodded and said, “Okay, that’s it.”

After speaking,  Omi  handed out the bank card directly.

See here…

The salesperson couldn’t help being a little…what’s the situation?

It seems that I haven’t introduced you much yet, right?

Besides, it doesn’t seem to say the price, right?

He…Is he going to buy it now?

Do not discuss the price?

Don’t talk about gifts?

After a while, the salesperson reacted and said: “This…I just forgot to tell you that this is the G500 Dark Night Special Edition. On the basis of G500, a sports appearance suit, geometric multi-beam light and adaptive far and near light are added. , The price is 230,000 more expensive than ordinary G500.”

“If you are willing to wait a few days, we will have the regular version back soon.”

 Omi  waved his hand and said, “No, just this one.”

“Okay, okay!” The salesman answered again and again, “This car includes insurance, purchase tax and other expenses, totaling 2.18 million, do you want to install or pay for it in full?”

“Full payment.”  Omi  said, “When can I take the car away?”

The salesperson said, “Tomorrow morning, you can go to the vehicle management office to get the license plate with us.”

“Apply the card?”  Omi  thought for a while, “Well, let me give you 2.2 million, you help me put the card, and then send it to our school, how about it?”

It’s already a lot of trouble to buy a car once.

 Omi  didn’t want to run again.

The salesperson was taken aback for a moment, and then excitedly said: “Okay, please leave it to me!”

You know, this car only reached 2.18 million.

Now, the other party directly gave 2.2 million!

In other words, you can get a tip of 20,000 yuan just by running a leg!

Happiness… It was so sudden!

PS: Seeking five-star praise.   ” “.


The bank card swiped lightly on the POS machine, making a pleasant sound.

When this voice sounded, Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhong all recovered.

a car…

A Mercedes-Benz big G worth more than 2 million, just bought it like this?

From entering the store to paying, is there three minutes?

I’m afraid it’s not so fast to buy a hundred yuan of clothes by myself?

The gazes of the three of them looking at  Omi  were full of admiration.

God- Omi -How!

Song Yi sighed deeply, his face full of hesitation.

 Omi  wondered: “Song Yi, what’s wrong with you?”

“I just want to say that I can do it too.” Song Yi said.

He didn’t talk nonsense about this sentence.

He has always liked cars.

During the summer vacation, he also worked in a 4S shop.

It’s not difficult for him to get a card or something.

 Omi  smiled and said, “How can you do this little thing? You will do big things in the future.”

trivial matter?

If you apply for a license plate once, you can get 20,000 yuan, which is called a trivial matter.

Song Yi said that he wants to do such a small thing for a lifetime!

Then,  Omi  got into the special car at the salesperson’s greeting.

Not long after, they came to Penglai Xiange.

Penglai Fresh Pavilion is a famous seafood restaurant in Jiangbei. The shape of the entire restaurant is a huge octopus.

The air in the shop is filled with the salty fragrance of the sea.

Ma Zhong pointed to the bread crab not far away and said, “What a big crab!”

“It’s just waiting for us to eat.” Zheng Jinbao swallowed.

“Okay, let’s have 4 breaded crabs, then 4 Australian dragons, 4 catties of skin shrimps, 4 catties of large oysters… As for the method, you see how delicious it is and how to make it.”  Omi  said.

Although,  Omi  and his roommates only got along for two days.

But, after all, meeting is fate.

Moreover,  Omi  also felt that they were good people.

Therefore, I would like to invite them to eat something good.

Of course, this is nothing to  Omi .

The waiter next to   , write them down one by one.

Then,  Omi  and others were arranged to sit down in the spacious box.

Penglai Xiange’s cooking is very fast. In just ten minutes, a delicious seafood meal was served.

Zheng Jinbao, Song Yi and Ma Zhong couldn’t help swallowing while looking at the food.

 Omi  smiled and said, “Let’s eat.”

The three of them smiled and said, “Then we are welcome.”

While talking, Zheng Jinbao directly stuffed a large oyster into his mouth and exclaimed: “It’s delicious!”

Song Yi picked up a slapped Pippi shrimp, turned on his phone, and said, “My friends of Weishi, hello! I will show you a show now, one bite of Pippi shrimp! Please remember to give me a thumbs up. !”

After    finished speaking, he quickly shelled the slapped Pippi shrimp, and then stuffed it directly into his mouth.

Ma Zhong picked up the face-like bread crab and gnawed wildly.

Jiangbei University, Room 502, female dormitory.

The twin beauties lay on the bed, looked at each other while holding their phones, and then turned on the phones to send out messages.

Hong: Mom, are you there?

Lan: Mom, are you there?

Pretty girl Yan: How many times did I talk to you? I want to call my sister!

Red (blue): We have a boy we like.

Pretty girl Yan: What? Do you have a boy you like? Did he kiss you? Did you sleep with you? Don’t you already have it?

Red (blue): If you say that again, we won’t tell you.

Pretty Girl Yan: Okay, you guys quickly tell me who it is that attracted my two good sisters.

There is no need for the twin beauties to explain, she already knows that they are absolutely fond of the same person.

Because, since childhood, their hobbies are exactly the same.

Red (blue): We don’t know who he is?

Pretty girl Yan: What? Then why do you like him?

Hong: He is tall, handsome, and a hero!

Lan: Besides, he can play basketball and he saved us.

Beautiful girl Yan: Playing basketball? Very high? Handsome? That is indeed more attractive, by the way, did he confess it to you?

红: I don’t know whether he likes me or not.

Lan: But, we added him on WeChat.

Pretty girl Yan: Then there must be no problem! By the way, tweet his WeChat to me.

However, after a long time, no one answered at all, and no one tweeted her on WeChat.

Pretty girl Yan: Hello, how about you guys? What about WeChat?

The twin beauties didn’t even bother with “Pretty Girl Yan”, they first stared at  Omi ‘s dialog.

After a long time, I clicked on the dialog box to quickly edit the message.

Hong: Hello, are you asleep? Thank you for stopping the basketball and saving me…

Lan: Hello, are you asleep? Thank you for stopping the basketball and saving me…

The two wrote a long text, but when the slender finger got closer and closer to the transmission, they couldn’t press it anyway.

It looks like an invisible wall between the finger and the screen.

Female dormitory, room 606.

Sitting by the window, wearing a white long dress, is a quiet and beautiful girl like a fairy, looking at the economics book seriously.

After a long time, she put down the book, then picked up the phone and flipped through it at will.

At this time, someone in the campus group was sending out photos of Lamborghini Daniel and the male ****  Omi .

see here…

The pretty face of Gujing Wubo, the beautiful woman in white skirt, moved slightly, and said softly: “Uh ALF666,  Omi ? I didn’t expect to meet it so soon.”

After finishing speaking, the willow-like corners of the beautiful woman in the white dress raised slightly, and she looked at the bright starry sky through the window with her bright black eyes.

For these,  Omi  has no way of knowing.

After spending more than 20,000 yuan in Penglai Xiange, he returned to the bedroom.

Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao, and Ma Zhong all had their chubby bellies, lying on the bed and groaning, they didn’t want to move at all.    www.   .com

It’s really too much to eat.

 Omi  looked at their painful and enjoyable expressions, and couldn’t laugh or cry for a while.

Then, he took out his phone, looked at the gorgeous red envelopes on the screen, and muttered in his heart: “222 red envelopes, see what you can get.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, get the medical water illustration card.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 30,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you have acquired pianist playing skills.”

222 red envelopes,  Omi  received a total of 550,000 yuan.

 Omi  didn’t care too much about this.

He directly turned his attention to the medical water illustration card, and the pianist’s playing technique.

【Pianist’s performance technique: Playing beautiful music can add charm invisibly! 】

【Medical water illustration card. Collect century-old ginseng and Breitling branches to obtain permission to purchase medical water. Medical water, an artifact potion that can repair all human wounds. 】

 Omi  saw this, his eyes lit up instantly.

The feeling of letting your hands fly freely on the black and white keys is definitely very good.

The medical water illustration card allows you to purchase medical water that can repair all human wounds!

You know, Lin Tao’s operation was very successful.

However, his body still suffered a lot of trauma.

If you have medical water, you can completely repair Lin Tao’s body!

Get it!

must get it!

PS: Seeking five-star praise!   ” “.

[Name:  Omi ]

[Level: LV4]

【LV4 reward: get 10 yuan for every breath; get 10 yuan for every second of sleep; get 10 yuan for every step you take. Rewards will be credited to the account at 24 o’clock every day. 】

[Upgrade consumption amount: 2.97 million / 10 million (gifts, gambling, etc. are not included. In addition, all items obtained from the system are prohibited from trading)]

[Skills: professional car driving skills, charm halo (5% chance to trigger love at first sight, unforgettable), violent aesthetics, drinking gentleman, absolute concentration (5% chance to trigger a flash of light), professor-level mathematics experience, real eye, professional level Basketball skills, pianist playing skills. 】

[Capital: 11.5 million]

 Omi  glanced at the system list, closed his eyes, and fell asleep deeply.


The next day, a ray of warm sunrise lightly spilled into the 104 dormitory through the window.

“Jingle Bell!”

At almost the same time, three different bells rang in the bedroom.

Then, Ma Zhong, Song Yi, and Zheng Jinbao, who had been asleep, sat up from the bed together and quickly dressed.

 Omi  couldn’t help but wonder: “What’s wrong with you?”

Yesterday, they had been chirping for a long time before they got up reluctantly.

Today, it’s just like two people.

“Teacher Tiantian’s class is teacher Tiantian’s class!” Zheng Jinbao exclaimed.

 Omi  is still puzzled, but he still dresses and washes.

Walking on the way to the classroom,  Omi  watched the anxious steps of the three and asked, “Is this teacher Tiantian’s class important?”

“Important! Too important! If I don’t see Teacher Tiantian for a day, I feel uncomfortable!” Zheng Jinbao said.

Song Yi said: “Brother Fan, hurry up! Otherwise, there will be no seats later.”

No seats?

University classrooms are very wide.

 Omi  has been in class for the past two days, and there have been many seats in the classroom.

Today, will there be no seats?

 Omi  finally came to the classroom with full of doubts.

It was only then that he didn’t understand why Song Yi and others said that.

There are still more than ten minutes before class.

But, the classroom is already covered in black, and it’s all people.

Zheng Jinbao pointed to the last row and said excitedly: “There are four seats left. Let’s go over there quickly. Don’t be occupied.”

When  Omi  and others sat down, all the seats were filled.

And those who entered the classroom again, after seeing the seating situation, had no choice but to sigh and leave.

 Omi  asked, “Why are there so many people in this teacher’s class?”

“You’ll find out later.” Song Yi said excitedly.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the class bell rang.

In an instant, the classroom that was originally noisy, instantly calmed down like a needle.


A burst of crisp footsteps, from far to near.

Soon, a superb beauty came to the podium.

She has a handful of beautiful hair like a waterfall, a pretty face that can be broken by blowing, with the willow eyebrows, red phoenix eyes, little Qiong nose, and a smart little cherry mouth carefully portrayed by God.

A white dress outlines her perfect figure (oYo).

Plus, there is a special charm that she exudes…As long as people take a look, they can’t move their heads at all.

 Omi  did not disable the real eye and started to observe.

Value: 98

Favorability: 60

98’s face value!

Nearly full marks!

Shen Yu Luo Yan, closed moon and shame flowers. Perhaps it means she is.

It’s no wonder that the classmates are so anxious to come to her class.

Favorability, 60? Reached the 60-point pass line! She seems to have a good impression of herself?

Is this a teacher who treats every student as a friend?

At this time, Hu Tian, ​​standing on the podium, said: “Today, we will continue to explain higher algebra…”

Her voice is the same as her name, very sweet and full of magnetism, so people don’t want to miss even a word.

After a while, Hu Tian wrote a question on the blackboard: Find all prime numbers p, q, r, and make p^q+p^r a perfect square number.

“Everyone can try to answer it.” Hu Tian said.

All the students immediately picked up their pens and continued to write on the draft paper.

They thought of using the shortest time to solve the problem, and thus got Hu Tian’s attention.

However, soon, all the students scratched their heads.

Because they don’t know how to answer.

Zheng Jinbao said anxiously: “Ma Zhong, haven’t you answered it yet? It’s been so long!”

Ma Zhongdao: “Don’t worry!”

“Don’t be preempted! If Ma Zhong can’t answer, then I hope everyone won’t answer!” Song Yi prayed silently.

Hu Tian, ​​with bright eyes like water, glanced around the classroom, seeming to be looking for someone who can answer the question.

Unfortunately, no one raised their hands to answer the question.

So Hu Tian said, ” Omi , can you come up and answer it?”

 Omi  slowly stood up.

Suddenly, the eyes of all the students fell on  Omi .

That is envy, jealousy!

 Omi  didn’t understand why this Hu Tian would suddenly call her own name.

I didn’t seem to raise my hand either?

 Omi  first glanced at the title on the blackboard and thought about it for a while, then walked to the podium and picked up the chalk to quickly write.

If q=r, then p^q+p^r=2p^q, so p=2, q is a prime number.

Therefore (2, q, q) is a ternary prime array that satisfies the conditions…


In summary:

(2, 2, 5), (2, 5, 2);

(3, 2, 3), (3, 3, 2);

(2, q, q), (q》=3)

Soon, a lot of calculations were written on the blackboard, and finally the answer was reached.

Hu Tiantian said: “The answer is very correct, and it is easier than the calculation method I thought”

 Omi  said: “However, this is still not the easiest way to solve problems.”

“Oh?” Hu Tian immediately became interested.

Then, under Hu Tian’s expectant gaze,  Omi  wrote a nearly half-simplified problem-solving step.

After seeing Hu Tian, ​​her beautiful eyes lit up, and she exclaimed: “I can’t imagine that prime numbers can be calculated like this…”

After pondering a little, Hu Tian said again: “If you use this method, maybe…”

Hu Tianqing couldn’t help writing on the blackboard quickly.




Not long after, Hu Tian stopped the chalk in her hand.

Then, looking for help, he looked at  Omi .

 Omi  said: “Twin prime number conjecture?”

Since he got professor-level mathematics experience, he has read a lot of mathematics-related materials, and of course he knows the world-class problem-the twin prime conjecture.

Hu Dessert nodded and said: “Yes.”

 Omi  picked up the chalk and put it under Hu Tian, ​​and quickly started writing.

However, even if  Omi  has professor-level mathematics experience, coupled with absolute concentration, if he fails to trigger a flash of 5% aura, he will not be able to solve the twin prime conjecture.

After a while,  Omi  also stopped.

Hu Tian said: “The above calculation, if replaced by p^q+xb=3m+2…what do you think?”

 Omi  thought for a while, shook his head and said: “No, it’s 5p5m+p^q…”

While discussing, the two of them wrote the steps to solve the problem.

Soon, the whole blackboard was filled with dense calculations.

 Omi  looked at the blackboard where there was nowhere to write, put down the chalk in his hand, and said, “The conjecture of twin primes is a huge project, which requires careful study and discussion.”

“Today, come here first.”

Hu Tian nodded in agreement, and said: “Can you exchange contact information? It’s convenient for us to discuss at any time.”

 Omi  said: “Of course you can.”

Then, the two took out their phones and added WeChat and phone numbers to each other.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the bell rang after class.

Hu Tian slowly left the classroom.

The eyes of all the students stayed on the podium all the time, focusing on  Omi .

Their eyes are a little red.

One lesson, a whole lesson!

Hu Tian has been standing with  Omi  to discuss issues.

Finally, we added WeChat and mobile phone numbers to each other.

That’s Hu Tian’s WeChat and mobile number!


If the eyes can kill people, at this time,  Omi  would have already pierced his heart with a thousand arrows, and would have slashed a thousand swords!

 Omi  touched his nose and returned to his seat.

“Teacher Tiantian…Teacher Tiantian took the initiative to add Brother Fan’s WeChat, my God!” Song Yi shouted.

“I know I have no chance to add Teacher Tiantian’s WeChat, but I beg Fan Fan to show me the friend circle of Teacher Tiantian. My wish in this life will be fulfilled!” After Zheng Jinbao finished speaking, he hugged  Omi  directly. thigh.

 Omi  looked at the weird appearance of the two, a little bit dumbfounded.

“Brother Fan, can you teach me how to calculate here?” Ma Zhong couldn’t help blushing after saying this.

Yesterday, I told him that if you have any questions you don’t understand, you can ask yourself at any time.

As a result, in a blink of an eye, I had to ask  Omi  instead.

About this…

 Omi  didn’t care too much.

He easily answered Ma Zhong’s question, and then sent away Zheng Jinbao and Song Yi.

At this point, my ears finally regained their purity.

At this time, a faint fragrance floated over.

Then, a beautiful shadow appeared next to him.

Her facial features are sweet, her skin looks like fat, and a handful of jet-black hair hangs naturally on her slender fragrant shoulders.

The whole person is tender, quiet and elegant.

” Omi , we meet again, my name is Song Jiaxin.”

Song Jiaxin took the initiative to stretch out a slender hand while speaking.

meet again?

 Omi  quietly observed Song Jiaxin with the real eye.

Face value: 95

Favorability: 60

is another big beauty!

In addition, the favorability score reached 60, this Song Jiaxin seems to have a good impression of herself?

But, I don’t even know her.

Although he was puzzled,  Omi  still extended his hand and said, “Hello…Where have we seen it?”

“A few days ago, you drove a Lamborghini Bull on the highway, but easily surpassed my Ferrari.” Song Jiaxin said.

 Omi yan heard that, then I remembered, and suddenly said: “So it’s you.”

That day…

After  Omi  learned that his father Lin Tao was seriously ill, he wanted to return to Qingshi in the shortest possible time.

So, always drive at the fastest speed along the way.

On the road, I did see a Ferrari driving fast.

But at that time,  Omi  did not pay attention to the Ferrari driver.

Song Jiaxin said: “You finally remembered. I have rarely seen peers with such good skills. Is it convenient to add a WeChat?”

“Of course.”  Omi  said.


With a soft sound, the two successfully added friends.

Song Jiaxin said: “Okay, talk again when you have time.”

After    finished speaking, Song Jiaxin turned around and left slowly.

Next to   , Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao, and Ma Zhong, whose mouths had already opened into an “O” shape, slowly closed their mouths.

“Fan… Brother Fan, can you show me Song Jiaxin’s circle of friends again?” Zheng Jinbao said blankly.

Song Yi yelled to the sky: “Oh my God! First, the twin beauties took the initiative to add Brother Fan’s WeChat, then Teacher Tiantian took the initiative to add Brother Fan’s WeChat, and now… even the iceberg beauty Song Jiaxin has added Brother Fan’s WeChat! “

“Brother Fan, you are my own brother! Since you are born, how can you be easy?!”

Ma Zhong stunned and said: “Brother Fan, you are really amazing.”

 Omi  just laughed at the sighs of several people.

502 rooms in the female dormitory.

Twin beauties, with beautiful black eyes, staring at  Omi ‘s WeChat dialog box unblinkingly.

After a long time, they clicked the dialog box.

and continue to enter the text below the message edited yesterday.

Hong: Hello, are you asleep? Thank you for stopping the basketball and saving me… The moon is so round today, did you see it? Today, you don’t seem to play basketball, will you go tomorrow…

Lan: Hello, are you asleep? Thank you for stopping the basketball and saving me… The moon is so round today, did you see it? Today, you don’t seem to play basketball, will you go tomorrow…

Then, the two of them stretched out slender fingers again, wanting to click to send.

But when I was about to touch the screen, I stopped at the same time and couldn’t press it.


 Omi  spent the next two days very relaxed and comfortable.

The red envelopes at 12 noon every day are all cash, plus cash from walking, sleeping, and breathing.

Today,  Omi ‘s funds have reached 15 million.

On this day,  Omi  had just finished class and was walking on the way back to the bedroom.

“Ding Dong!”

The phone in his pocket shook slightly.

 Omi  glanced at the phone casually, it turned out to be a WeChat message sent by Song Jiaxin.

Song Jiaxin: There is a racing car tonight, are you interested in going to play together?

 Omi  thought that there would be nothing to do at night anyway.

Then, I thought of the good feeling of racing.

So, he replied to the message.

 Omi : Good.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, the night is as dark as ink, and there is only a small boat-like crescent moon, hanging alone in the sky.

Song Jiaxin was sitting in the co-pilot of the Lamborghini Daniel, wondering: “Your car does not seem to have undergone any modifications?”

 Omi  nodded and said: “Yes.”

“Then how did you run so fast the other day?” Song Jiaxin said.

“Maybe… it has 700 horsepower?”  Omi  said.

Song Jiaxin was choked directly.

Of course, I know that the Lamborghini Daniel has 700 horsepower, but if you don’t modify the rear wing, wheel hub, engine tuning, etc., its speed is just that.

At this time, at the foot of the winding mountain road to the east,       gathered a dozen cool sports cars.

Nearly twenty young and beautiful handsome guys and beauties gathered together.

They are all the famous rich second generation in Jiangbei.


Finally,  Omi ’s Lamborghini Daniel stopped behind.

Someone greeted Song Jiaxin after they saw Song Jiaxin.

“It’s sister Jiaxin!”

“Sister Jiaxin, have you changed cars?”

Song Jiaxin shook his head and said, “No, this is my friend  Omi ‘s car.”

” Omi ?”

Then everyone began to look at  Omi .

The man wearing an Anima shirt said, “Sister Jiaxin, shouldn’t he be your boyfriend?”

Song Jiaxin said: “Classmates.”



At this time, there was a roar like a beast in the distance.

Then, a black Lamborghini Daniel and a royal blue McLaren P1 almost went hand in hand.

In the end, he stopped firmly in front of everyone.

“It’s Liu Yuhang and Sun Luguo’s car!”

“Both of them have been fighting for several years? Unexpectedly, the smell of gunpowder is so strong.”

“After all, their family Liu’s medicine and Sun’s medicine have been fighting for decades. This is already a feud.”

Everyone was whispering and talking constantly.

 Omi yan heard, his expression moved slightly.

These days,  Omi  tried his best, but he still couldn’t buy Centennial Ginseng and Centennial Lingzhi.

And Liu’s Medicine and Sun’s Medicine are all well-known pharmaceutical companies in Jiang Province.

Through them…maybe, there is some hope.

PS: Seeking five-star praise!   ” “.Soon, two young men of medium stature walked out of Lamborghini Daniel and McLaren P1.

The two of them stared at each other in the air, and there were faint electric sparks flickering, and each other was full of provocations.

After a while, Sun Luguo wearing a white shirt said: “Sister Jiaxin, I didn’t expect you to come too.”

Song Jiaxin said: “It’s rare to be so lively, of course you can’t miss it. What game is today?”

“The guy Sun Luguo insisted to give me a P1. Although it looks a bit ugly, I can barely accept it.” Liu Yuhang, wearing a plaid shirt, said quietly.

Sun Luguo snorted, “Bullish!”

Then, he said: “Sister Jiaxin, I raced with Liu Yuhang and ran a lap along the Donglai Panshan Highway. The bet is my McLaren P1 and his Lamborghini.”

Liu Yuhang immediately shouted: “All the brothers and sisters present can also participate in this game! If you win, McLaren P1 and Lamborghini are all yours!”

Sun Lu frowned slightly after hearing this, but didn’t say anything.

After hearing Liu Yuhang’s words, there was a burst of cheers on the scene.

Even though, all the household assets of everyone present are at least over 100 million yuan.

But, McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Daniels are not something they can buy at hand.

You know, the McLaren P1 is a super sports car worth 14 million.

And Liu Yuhang’s Lamborghini Daniel has been modified at a high price, and its price is probably not under 14 million.

In other words, once you win the race, you can immediately get a sports car worth at least 28 million.

How about it, don’t make them excited? !

Liu Yuhang was in a good mood to see everyone so happy.

then asked: “Sister Jiaxin, it seems that you didn’t drive the Ferrari SF90 here today?”

“I came here by my friend Daniel.” Song Jiaxin turned her head and said, ” Omi , do you want to participate in the competition?”

 Omi  said: “Since it’s here, let’s run and play.”

Song Jiaxin smiled and asked, “Do you mind if I be your pilot?”

“I can’t ask for it.”  Omi  said.

Liu Yuhang couldn’t help but look at  Omi  secretly. It is not simple to be able to get closer to Song Jiaxin.

“Brother Lin, it turns out that you like Daniel too! We are fellow men! However, I think you are an original player?” Liu Yuhang asked with a smile.

“Yes, in fact, I only drove for a few days.”  Omi  said.

Liu Yuhang nodded and said, “It turns out that this is the case. Brother Lin, I have some experience in refitting Daniel. If you want to refit in the future, you can contact me at any time and keep it to your satisfaction!”

 Omi  said: “If you need to modify, I will definitely contact you.”

Liu Yuhang sighed again: “Unfortunately, Brother Lin didn’t meet me before. Otherwise, we might be able to compete today.”

Obviously, he meant that  Omi ‘s car had not been modified, its performance could not keep up with his own big cow, and he could not outperform him.

 Omi  said: “You can compete today as well.”

“Brother Lin, I am very confident! I just like you! Okay, hahaha!” Liu Yuhang laughed.

On the surface, Liu Yuhang looked extremely rough.

However, the mind is very delicate, and a few words at random will bring people closer and establish a connection.

I have to say, none of these rich second generations is simple.

Then, Liu Yuhang shouted: “The time is almost up, brothers and sisters who are going to participate in the competition, please be prepared!”

Those who wanted to participate in the race heard that they got on the sports car one after another.

In the end, a total of 8 cars participated in the race.

The remaining people, although they also want to win McLaren P1 and Lamborghini.

However, they know very well that regardless of their vehicle skills or the performance of their vehicles, they cannot win at all.

In that case, there is no need to participate.

save face.

Song Jiaxin, who was sitting in the co-pilot, asked, “Have you ever ran the Donglai Panshan Highway before?”

 Omi  shook his head and said, “No.”

Song Jiaxin couldn’t help tightening the handrails, and said: “After a while, you can run slowly. This road is relatively narrow. Moreover, there are many sharp bends, and safety is the most important thing.”

Obviously, Song Jiaxin had no hope at all, and  Omi  would be able to win.

Although, she has already seen  Omi ‘s excellent driving skills.

But, unfamiliar roads, coupled with ordinary performance vehicles… these innate deficiencies, driving skills can not be overcome at all.

 Omi  nodded and said, “Okay.”

At this time, the referee standing in front of the cars suddenly waved the red flag in his hand.


Suddenly, there was a deafening rumbling sound at the foot of the mountain.

Then, eight super sports cars, like beasts, rushed towards the front.

In these 8 cars,  Omi ’s Lamborghini Daniel has only average performance.

However, relying on professional driving skills, he surpassed 3 cars directly after the start and easily ranked fourth.

Song Jiaxin looked at  Omi ‘s skillful shifting movements, nodded secretly, and said, “1 km ahead, there is an S-shaped continuous curve.”

 Omi  answered: “Okay.”

The words fell, he stared at the front with a pair of bright black eyes.

Focus and calm!

But the accelerator under his feet has not slowed down.

On the contrary, he has been accelerating, accelerating!

200 miles!

210 miles!

Song Jiaxin saw that it was getting closer and closer to the curve, her heart beating frantically, and she couldn’t help saying again: “Lin… Omi , there is an S-shaped curve ahead.”

No wonder Song Jiaxin is so nervous.

You know, this is a winding road!

hit the railing at a speed of more than 200 miles, and it was a car crash and death. There was absolutely no fluke!

Finally, Lamborghini Daniel came to the corner.

And  Omi  still did not slow down!

Song Jiaxin’s pretty face was pale, and her forehead and palms were instantly covered with sweat.

Just when Song Jiaxin thought he was going to hit the railing,  Omi  finally moved.


 Omi  slammed the steering wheel, the whole car was like a smart fish, a beautiful drift, passing through the S-shaped curve.

the foot of the mountain.

Zhongfu II stared at the display and let out a cry of exclamation.

“Fuck! This drift is simply too much!”

“I just thought I was going to hit it!”

“Big guy, this is definitely a big guy!”

After passing the S-shaped curve, there is a straight road ahead.

Song Jiaxin took a long sigh of relief and said, “Lin… Omi , safety is the most important thing.”

“Okay.”  Omi  answered.

Then, he stepped on the accelerator more heavily.

The speed of the car soared again.

240 miles!

250 miles!


Song Jiaxin only heard a whistling sound in her ears, and the scenery outside the window retreated rapidly.

Song Jiaxin stunned slightly, then hurriedly glanced at the map and said, ” Omi , 1 kilometer ahead, there is a sharp 90-degree turn!”

“Okay.”  Omi  answered.

Then, his speed increased again!

260 miles!


Safety is the most important thing, so even if there is a sharp 90-degree turn ahead, continue to accelerate?

the first time…

For the first time, Song Jiaxin was terrified and regretful because of riding in a car.Finally,  Omi ’s Lamborghini Daniel arrived in front of the curve.

At this time,  Omi  moved!

He slammed the steering wheel again, a beautiful flick, and successfully passed the 90-degree sharp turn.

However, the speed of the Lamborghini Daniel did not slow down at all, thus easily surpassing the Porsche 918, which was just out of the corner and ranked third.

At this time, Song Jiaxin was holding the jade hand holding the handle, already a little slippery due to sweat.

She couldn’t help but reminded again: “Lin… Omi , you still have to pay attention to safety. This is a winding road.”

“Okay.”  Omi  said.

So, he slammed on the gas pedal to make the speed soar again.

See here…

Song Jiaxin opened her mouth, but didn’t speak any more.

She was worried that she would continue to talk, but she would be more dangerous.


the foot of the mountain.

The rich second generation stared at the screen and yelled again.

“Fuck, this drift, absolutely!”

“Is this big guy a professional racer, right?”

“Too awesome!”

“If only I had this half of the technology!”


At this time, the McLaren P1 driven by Sun Luguo and Liu Yuhang’s modified Lamborghini Daniel are almost on par.

Sun Luguo glanced at Liu Yuhang with the remaining light, and said coldly, “I will leave you at the next corner!”

“I’ll let you eat fart later!” Liu Yuhang snorted.


At this time, the two heard a beast-like roar from behind at the same time.

They understand the vehicles and technology of everyone in the circle. Logically speaking, they have already thrown off a lot, so no one should be able to catch up.

Sun Luguo and Liu Yuhang looked at the rearview mirror with doubts in their hearts.

The next moment, both of them were taken aback.

Lamborghini Daniel, it’s him,  Omi !

Especially Liu Yuhang was the most shocked.

Because he is a Lamborghini expert.

is very aware of the difference in performance between the unmodified Daniel and his own.

Even so, he still caught up?

How did  Omi  do it?

Although, I was surprised and puzzled.

However, the speed of Liu Yuhang and Sun Luguo’s drag racing did not slow down a bit.

Even, faintly faster.

Originally, it was just the two of them competing, but now, there is one more competitor.

This invisibly puts pressure on them.

Song Jiaxin, who was sitting in the co-driver of the Lamborghini Daniel, saw the two cars in front of him, and a touch of joy appeared in his heart.

At first, Song Jiaxin didn’t think about winning the game.

Now, she sees a glimmer of hope.

Soon, Song Jiaxin found that she was too happy too soon.


The Lamborghini Bull made a wild roar.

260 yards!

265 yards!

The speed soared again!

Song Jiaxin hurriedly said, ” Omi , there is a sharp V-shape 1 km ahead!”


The Lamborghini Bull roared again.

270 yards!

Speed ​​continues to increase!

Don’t you understand enough?

1 kilometer is a sharp V-shape!

In addition, there are McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Daniel facelifts ahead!

Shouldn’t you slow down this time?

Why is he speeding up?


Sun Luguo driving the McLaren P1, and Liu Yuhang, who is changing the model of the Lamborghini Daniel, are very clear about the route of the Donglai Panshan Highway, knowing that there is a V-shaped curve ahead.

The two had already planned to slow down.

But when they saw the Lamborghini Bull who was approaching in the rearview mirror, their expressions all changed slightly.

If you slow down immediately, you will definitely be overtaken by  Omi .

So, neither of them slowed down for the first time.

waited until they were very close to the V-turn, and the two slowly stepped on the brakes.


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