The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 211-215

What’s more, the teacher took great care of Omi.

Therefore, Omi said happily: “Huang De, are you going to work?”

“Yes! Omi, your school is on holiday now? How about, do you want to go to the place where I work? Then, at noon, take you and your sister-in-law to have a meal.” Huang De said.

Omi remembered Huang De working in the street, and he had never been there.

In addition, Omi was also a little curious about Huang De’s girlfriend.

Plus, it’s really fine later.

So, Ying said: “Okay.”

Then, Omi sat in the public, and the two of them chatted and moved forward, which was also relaxed and cheerful.

It didn’t take long for the two to arrive at Hushui Street.

The office buildings in Hushui Street are relatively old. Fortunately, computers, desks, cabinets, etc. are all available, and they are cleaned and tidy. It is more comfortable here.

Huang De first poured Omi a cup of tea, and then he prepared many newspapers and magazines for him, and said, “Omi, you can sit here for a while. I will go to work first.”

“Okay, you are busy first.” Omi said.

Many people always think that the streets are very leisurely, a pot of tea, a newspaper, sitting for a whole day.

But, in fact?

Except for a few conversations with Omi at the beginning, Huang De has been busy in front of the computer, writing materials, or organizing files…very serious and responsible.

As a result, Huang De’s cup of tea was finished, and there was no time to pour it.

In a blink of an eye, two hours passed.

At this moment, a young woman with a melon seed face, fair skin and a face value of about 80 points came over with a pile of documents.

She first poured a glass of water for Huang De, and then said: “The leader asked you to write a summary of yesterday’s meeting.”

After seeing her, Huang De seemed to have disappeared from his fatigue, and said happily, “Okay, I’ll summarize it later.”

Then, he took the time to introduce: “Omi, this is my girlfriend Wang Xi.”

Omi stood up and said, “My sister-in-law is so beautiful, I am Huang De’s high school classmate.”

Wang Xi was also very happy and said, “Thank you for the compliment. Wait a moment, Huang De and I will invite you to dinner at noon.”

“Okay.” Omi smiled.


At this time, there was a dull sound of footsteps outside the corridor.

Then, Wang Hairui, wearing silver-rimmed glasses, walked over and said in a deep voice: “Wang Xi, there is a problem with the data in the group leader Liu, please go and help deal with it.

When Wang Xi heard this, a look of reluctance appeared on his face, and said, “Dad, can’t you let others deal with it?”

“Then what are you doing? Go there quickly!” Wang Hairui said with a stern face.

“Okay.” Wang Xi said reluctantly.

When Wang Xi walked away, Wang Hairui looked at Huang De with an extremely stern look, and said: “Huang De, I know you like my daughter, but I don’t think…you and her are not suitable.”

Huang De said, “Leader Wang, Xixi and I really love each other.”

Wang Hairui raised his brows, he glanced around, and then whispered: “I really love each other? Can you give her happiness? You are just a small team member now!”

“I…” Huang De opened his mouth, wanting to refute.

However, the voice seemed to be stuck in the throat, and he couldn’t speak at all.


I am just a small team member.

It’s only more than 3,000 yuan per month.

If nothing else, five years, even ten years, I am afraid it will only be like this…

How should I give Wang Xi happiness?


At this time, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside.

Then someone respectfully shouted: “Hello Captain Song!”

When Wang Hairui heard this, he couldn’t help turning around slowly.

When he saw several men wearing white shirts, especially the bald man in the front, his pupils shrank slightly.

Song Wenwu, captain of the Qingshi Finance Team!

This leader has come to his own small street!

Therefore, Wang Hairui said in a very respectful tone: “Hello Captain Song!”

After Song Wenwu heard the sound, he looked over and smiled and said, “Leader Wang, did you disturb your work?”

“Why bother, you can come to our street office to guide the work, UU reading is our honor.” Wang Hairui hurriedly said.

Song Wenwu nodded, just about to speak again.

next moment…

His whole person’s expression is awkward!

Because Song Wenwu suddenly saw Omi!

Then, he hurriedly speeded up and walked forward.

Wang Hairui felt flattered when he saw Song Wenwu walking towards him in person.

However, he didn’t dare to really let Song Wenwu walk in front of him in person.

Therefore, Wang Hairui hurriedly accelerated.


When Wang Hairui stretched out his hand and was about to shake hands with Song Wenwu, Song Wenwu swayed directly beside him.

In the end, Song Wenwu arrived in front of Omi, bent over, proactively stretched out his hands, and said in an extremely excited and respectful tone, “Mr. Lin, hello!”

However, that impression was extremely deep and will never be forgotten.

Because that was the birthday of Grandpa Omi.

Song Wenwu still clearly remembers…

At that time, all the high-levels in Qingshi, all the high-levels in Jiangbei, all the high-levels in Jiang Province…Even Father Qin Weiming personally arrived at the scene…The purpose was to give Grandpa Omi his birthday.

This shows how high Omi’s status is.

Song Wenwu wanted to see Omi again in his dreams, but he couldn’t imagine that he would do so today.

At the beginning, Omi was just in the crowd and glanced at Song Wenwu casually.

However, he was easily remembered.

At this time, Omi saw Song Wenwu put a low gesture to greet him, he also repaid with courtesy, and then extended his right hand, saying, “Captain Song, right? Hello.”

Seeing Omi shook hands with him, Song Wenwu was very excited, and said hurriedly, “Mr. Lin can call me Xiao Song, and Xiao Song will do.”

Their conversations were all heard in the ears of everyone present, and everyone’s faces were full of puzzlement and horror.

To know……

Song Wenwu is the captain of the finance team. How prominent is his identity?

Has anyone ever seen him treat someone so respectfully and flatteringly?

Moreover, the other party is still a young man who looks only in his twenties!


Omi smiled and said, “You are about the same age as my dad, I’d better call you Lao Song.”

“Good.” Song Wenwu said happily.

Then, Omi pointed to Huang De and said, “This is my good friend Huang De. He works in this Hushui street. He has good abilities.”

Song Wenwu hurriedly said: “Huang De is a diligent man. I have heard of him a long time ago. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a good friend of Mr. Lin.”

I have to say that Song Wenwu’s speaking skills are really good.


Song Wenwu did meet Huang De before, but he didn’t even know his name.

Omi didn’t break it, and continued: “Huang Degang told me that there are too few enterprises in Qingshi, which leads to poor living standards…”

“I think what he said is very reasonable, so I promised Huang De to help find a group of companies to invest.”

Then, he glanced at the phone again and said, “It’s not too early now, Lao Song, you can help invite Mr. Zhao Jiaqi, and I will invite Liu Qingping, chairman of Liu Medicine, and Li, chairman of Qingkun Group. Wannian, Zhang Zhou, chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City, Wang Fengyi, general manager of Emperor Hotel, and others, have a light meal together at noon. What do you think?”

Liu’s Medicine, Qingkun Group, Xiaowu Wholesale City, Dizun Hotel…These are all large companies and enterprises with tens of billions of dollars!

If the CEOs of these companies are invited to have dinner together and make a little investment, it will be a large investment of hundreds of millions, billions, or even billions!

How many people’s work will this solve?

Just thinking about it, Song Wenwu felt his throat dry.

He hurriedly said, “Yes, I will contact the leader of Zhao Da.”

After speaking, Song Wenwu hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed Zhao Jiaqi’s call.

Although Omi hasn’t called yet, he just talked about it.

However, Song Wenwu already believed that he could call these people over.

Because he is Omi!

Even… even though, in the end, Omi failed to call these big entrepreneurs over.

That doesn’t matter.

Because Song Wenwu believes that as long as it is said that Omi wants to eat together.

The leader of Zhao Da, will also gladly accept it.

After a while, the call was connected.

“Hello?” There was a majestic voice on the phone.

“Good leader, I’m Song Wenwu.” Song Wenwu said.

“Captain Song, what’s the matter with you?” Zhao Jiaqi’s tone of voice after answering the phone eased slightly.

Song Wenwu said: “Mr. Omilin asked me to say that I would like to invite Liu Qingping, chairman of Liu’s Pharmaceutical, Li Wannian, chairman of Qingkun Group, Zhang Zhou, chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City, and Wang Fengyi, general manager of Emperor Hotel. People, have a meal with you, don’t you know if you are free at noon?”

“Oh?” Zhao Jiaqi’s tone immediately became extremely high, and said: “Please tell Mr. Lin, I am free, and if the hotel has not been decided, I will arrange to the Qingshi Hotel.”

In many big cities, restaurants named after their cities are among the top batch of cities in terms of taste, scale, or grade.

Obviously, the Green City Hotel is one of them.

Then, Song Wenwu put the phone aside and said in a low voice: “Mr. Lin, the leader asked you if you have a hotel reservation? If it is not, he will arrange to go to the Qingshi Hotel.”

Omi said: “Okay, then I will trouble the leader of Zhao Da.”

So Song Wenwu relayed Omi’s words to the leader of Zhao Da.

At this point, the phone hangs up.

When it was over here, Omi also took out his cell phone, and first dialed Liu Yuhang’s number.

“Yuhang, are you and your dad still in Qingshi?” Omi asked.

“It’s still there now, we are going to return to Jiangbei this afternoon. What’s wrong with Brother Fan?”

Liu Yuhang seemed to have heard a trace of seriousness in Omi’s tone, so when he spoke, he didn’t seem to jump off as usual.

Omi said: “That’s right, I want to invite you to have a meal together at noon…”

“Okay! My dad and I must be there on time.” Liu Yuhang said.

In fact, they also made an appointment to have a meal with a medicinal material dealer in Qingshi at noon.

Therefore, I would like to return to Jiangbei in the afternoon.

But how can a small medicinal material supplier compare to Omi?

He didn’t even think about it, and directly agreed to Omi.

Then, Omi dialed Li Wannian, chairman of Qingkun Group, Zhang Zhou, chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City, and Wang Fengyi, general manager of Emperor Hotel.

The three of them, like Liu Yuhang, agreed directly without any hesitation.

After all, Omi is their real boss.

The boss invites you to dinner, even if it is a knife from the sky, you must go to the appointment.

Then, Omi said: “Okay, all appointments have been made.”

Four phone calls made it easy to reach four CEOs of tens of billions of companies!

It’s almost…like these four little soldiers who are on demand.

Suddenly, Omi’s position in Song Wenwu’s heart was invisibly elevated.

Omi ignored that much, and said, “Time is almost up, Lao Song, let’s go.”

“… past.” Song Wenwu squatted.

Omi just walked forward two steps, only to find that Huang De did not keep up with him, so he couldn’t help stopping and said, “Huang De, why don’t you go?”

“Ah? I… Am I going to come too?” Huang De asked somewhat indifferently.

He was already shocked by what was in front of him.

“These big entrepreneurs are all because of your proposal, so they got together, who are you not going to?” Omi smiled.

As soon as this statement came out, everyone, including Song Wenwu, looked at Huang De with envy.

They understood that Omi wanted to give all the credit to Huang De.

If, in the next meal, an investment of hundreds of millions, or even more than a billion, has been achieved…

Then, Huang De has completely taken off!

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Qingshi Hotel, located in the downtown area of ​​Qingcheng, is very good in terms of decoration, dishes, and services.

Therefore, it is also loved by many people in Qingshi.

If you want to eat at the Green City Hotel, you generally need to book in advance.

Otherwise, it may take a while.

Today, the Green City Hotel is as usual, crowded and extremely lively.


At this time, the A00001 vehicle drove over slowly.

The waiter standing at the door has good eyesight and hurriedly greeted him.

“Leader Zhao, welcome, welcome!” the waiter respectfully said.

Zhao Jiaqi said, “Let your manager help arrange a better box. I want to receive distinguished guests.”

“Yes, I’ll let our manager come over.” The waiter hurriedly said.

After a while, Zhao Jiaqi was taken by the manager to Box 666 on the top floor of the Qingshi Hotel.

This is a private room reserved by the Qingshi Hotel, which is generally not open to the public, and will only be used when you meet some big people.

Obviously, Zhao Jiaqi belongs to such a big man.

After a while, Omi, Huang De, Song Wenwu, Liu Qingping, Liu Yuhang, Li Wannian, Zhang Zhou, Wang Fengyi and others also walked into the box.

“Brother Lin, it’s been a long time!” Zhao Jiaqi smiled heartily, and came to a bear hug with Omi.

See here…

All the people present were slightly surprised.

Although they are all big entrepreneurs, they have also met many leaders.

However, most of the leaders are very serious and put on their feet.

Have you ever seen a big leader so close to people?

Moreover, he is still a young man in his twenties.

Omi…It’s even more amazing than he thought!

Omi smiled and said, “Yes, Brother Zhao, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

Then, Zhao Jiaqi said again: “Welcome all big entrepreneurs to our Qingcheng as a guest. If there are places that are not well received, please Haihan!”

“Where, where…”

“It is an honor for me to have dinner with the leader of Zhao Da.”

Liu Qingping, Zhang Zhou, Wang Fengyi and others answered one after another.

Li Wannian smiled and said, “Leader Zhao Da, I am not a guest in Qingshi, but in my own home.”

Zhao Jiaqi said: “Yes, yes! Then we two should greet these guests today!”

“No problem!” Li Wannian said.

Everyone was able to speak well, and soon opened the chat box, and the whole box gave out hearty laughs from time to time.

After chatting for a while, Omi finally said the purpose of bringing everyone together.

“General Manager Wang, you are an expert in hotels. What do you think of building a high-end hotel with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan in my hometown of Qingshi?” Omi asked.

As soon as these words came out, everyone immediately understood the purpose of Omi’s invitation to come here.

Wang Fengyi said: “Qing City has a large population, a beautiful environment, and there is no shortage of middle-class…Although, there are mid-range hotels such as Qingkun Hotel and Wanghao Hotel.”

“However, there is a lack of a high-end, landmark hotel. I think that building a high-end hotel with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan in Qingshi has great prospects…”

“If Qing City can provide a suitable location, I am willing to apply with the company to build a landmark hotel in Qing City, based on the Emperor Hotel in Jiangbei!”

Song Wenwu, who was sitting next to him, immediately showed a touch of excitement.

This is just the beginning, and it has attracted more than 1 billion investment?

This…this is too fast, right?

Zhao Jiaqi was also very happy, and said: “We have a few excellent vacancies in the center of Qingcheng, which are ready to be auctioned for a while, but as long as Mr. Wang is willing to build a landmark hotel, Mr. Wang can go and choose at any time!”

Wang Fengyi smiled and said, “That’s great, I am here, thank you for the leadership of Zhao Da!”

While talking, he raised his glass and drank it in one go.

Zhao Jiaqi said: “Where, where, I should thank Mr. Wang, thank you for your contribution to the construction of Qingshi!”

So, he followed and drank a full glass of wine.

Then, Omi said again: “Dong Zhang, I remember that Xiaowu Wholesale City has not yet established a storage center in the central region, right? What do you think of Qingshi?”

This is the first request made by Omi as the largest shareholder. How could Zhang Zhou refuse it?

What’s more, Xiaowu Wholesale City really needs a warehousing hub.

Therefore, Zhang Zhou said: “Qing City is less than 100 kilometers away from Jiangbei, and the transportation is convenient. If there is a large area of ​​vacant land, it is definitely a very good choice to build a storage center in the middle.”

Xiaowu Wholesale City is a large company with a market value of tens of billions, and it sends hundreds of millions of express delivery every year.

The importance of the warehousing hub can be imagined, and its investment is probably at least one billion yuan!

Another billion-level investment!

Zhao Jiaqi happily said: “Zhang Dong, we have a large number of industrial land in the east of Qingshi, and it is closer to Jiangbei, with a two-way four-lane first-class highway, which is definitely an excellent place to build a logistics hub.

Zhang Zhou smiled and said, “Thank you, Leader Zhao, for providing such a generous position. I toast you!”

When the words fell, he drank a glass of wine directly.

Zhao Jiaqi also drank a drink.

Omi set his gaze on Liu Qingping again, and said, “How does Dong Liu feel about the cultivation of Chinese medicine?”

Liu Qingping said: “Traditional Chinese medicine has the effect of strengthening the body and nourishing the body and mind. Modern people are also paying more and more attention to the conditioning of Chinese medicine…In fact, we at Liu’s medicine have always been interested in Chinese medicine.”

“And Qingshi is located in a plain, and there is plenty of sunshine and rain. Part of the reason why I came to Qingshi this time is to contract a batch of land to form a Chinese medicine planting base.”

“It’s just… I don’t know if Qingshi agrees…”

Zhao Jiaqi said excitedly: “Our Qingshi is absolutely welcome, warm welcome!”

Liu Qingping smiled and said: “Since this is the case, then we at Liu’s Pharmaceutical are willing to contract 10,000 mu of land for Chinese medicine planting.”

10,000 mu of land?

If each mu of land is calculated based on the income of 100,000 yuan…

10,000 mu, that means the annual income is more than 1 billion!

Another big investment of more than 1 billion!

Zhao Jiaqi hurriedly picked up the wine glass and said, “Thank Liu Dong for his optimism and support to Qingshi, thank you! In addition, I believe that Qingshi will never let Dong Liu down!”

Then, Zhao Jiaqi picked up the wine glass and drank it directly.

Liu Qingping also drank a drink.

Li Wannian smiled and said: “Every boss has made such a great contribution to the development of our Qingshi city. Of course, my host cannot be left behind!”

“Our Qingshi has always lacked a place for people to read and study… I decided to build a large library with an investment of no less than 500 million yuan!”

“Good! Haha! Thank you Li Dong!” Zhao Jiaqi exclaimed, overjoyed.

High-end hotels with more than 1 billion, storage hubs with more than 1 billion, Chinese medicine planting bases with more than 1 billion, and libraries with more than 500 million!

Just a meal, it directly determined a huge investment of up to 3.5 billion!


“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the cell phone in Omi’s pocket rang a brisk ring.

At this time, Omi was eating shrimp, and it was not convenient to answer the phone.

He glanced at the call reminder, it was an unfamiliar number.

So, I directly pressed the hands-free button.

“Hey, is it Mr. Lin?” There was a somewhat respectful voice on the phone.

Omi answered casually: “It’s me, who are you?”

“Mr. Lin, hello, I am Wang Xiaodong, the chairman of Shun Shun Express Company.” Wang Xiaodong said more respectfully.

Omi was not too surprised when he heard this.

After all, I have obtained 51% of Shun Shun Express today. It is normal for the chairman to call.

Omi said, “Oh, Dong Wang, what’s the matter with you?”

“That’s it. In recent years, our Shun Shun Express has developed relatively rapidly, but we also face many problems…”

“In order to better serve the public and gain more market share, after many internal discussions and analysis, Shun Shun Express agreed to invest 50 billion yuan to build an international logistics airport in Central China. Mr. Lin, what do you think How?” Wang Xiaodong said cautiously.

After all, Omi is the company’s largest shareholder, and he must obtain his consent for such important matters.

But Wang Xiaodong didn’t know Omi, so he seemed quite nervous.

Omi’s eyes moved slightly and said, “Your ideas are very good! By the way, have you decided to build the location of the airport?”

When Wang Xiaodong heard this, he was a little relieved.

The majority shareholder agrees to it, this is good news!

Wang Xiaodong said: “It is still under investigation for the time being.”

After a pause, he said: “Mr. Lin, do you have any recommendations?”

Omi said, “Green City in Jiang Province!”

“Qingshi is located in the middle of the city. Regardless of location, price, or transportation…all have good advantages, and it’s my hometown, what do you think?”

The largest shareholder has already spoken about this.

How could Wang Xiaodong say no?

What’s more, he has indeed considered Qingshi.

It is indeed a nice place there.

Therefore, Wang Xiaodong immediately said: “Mr. Lin is right! Qingshi is very suitable for building an international logistics airport! Then we will set the airport in Qingshi!”


The whole box is silent!


Moreover, it is still an international logistics airport with an investment of 50 billion yuan, which is so determined?


This…this is like a dream!

“Mr. Lin, I will contact the leaders of Qingshi later.” Wang Weidong said again.

Omi said, “No, the leader Zhao Da of Qingshi is right next to me. You can talk to him directly.”

At this time, Zhao Jiaqi finally reacted, and he said in a somewhat excited voice that could not be restrained: “Wang…Wang Dong, I am Zhao Jiaqi, the leader of Qingshi.”

“Here, on behalf of Qingshi, I can assure you that our Qingshi will definitely use the utmost sincerity and best conditions to let the international logistics airport of Shunshun Express land in our Qingshi!”

Wang Xiaodong was also taken aback.

He didn’t expect the Qingshi leader to be beside him.

However, Wang Xiaodong felt relieved when he thought of Omi’s easy acquisition of 51% of his company’s shares.

After all, a person of such strength, even if he often brags to big leaders, that is completely normal.

Wang Xiaodong said: “Then I would like to thank Zhao Da for the first time. For specific matters, I will bring a professional team to Qingshi for investigation and formulation.”

Zhao Jiaqi said happily: “Okay! I look forward to the arrival of Dong Wang and experts!”

After hanging up, Zhao Jiaqi’s face was completely red.

It looks like he has just drunk a large bottle of liquor.

No wonder Zhao Jiaqi would be like this.

Qingshi is only a four-tier small city, and there are not a few large projects worth more than one billion yuan in the whole city.

As a result, what about today?

Today, we have one 500 million-level and three 1 billion-level projects, and even a 50 billion-level international logistics airport!

How much economic benefit does this have to bring to Qingshi?

How many job opportunities does this have to solve?

In fact, not only Zhao Jiaqi is happy, but Liu Qingping, Zhang Zhou, Li Wannian, Wang Fengyi and others are all very happy.

Because Shun Shun Express’s international logistics airport landed in Qingshi, which also helped them to some extent.

At the same time, they had a deeper understanding of Omi’s power.

One word for the airport!

I’m afraid, Shun Shun Express is also one of Omi’s industries!

Omi said, “By the way, Brother Zhao, let me introduce to you. This is my good friend Huang De. He works in Hushui Street.”

“Today, the reason why so many big companies have decided to invest in Qingshi City is all his credit!”

“Brother Zhao, don’t forget to reward your merits when you arrive!”

Zhao Jiaqi didn’t understand why Omi was not in the system, and he didn’t need these credits.

Now, this is to give all the credit to Huang De.

So, he smiled heartily: “We will never forget anyone who has made merit!”

“Huang De, you are very good! We have won so many big projects for our Qingshi. Afterwards, I will report to you and let the whole city learn from you.”

Then, he said: “You work in the street, you are really overkill. Huang De, get ready…Next, your courage will become very heavy!”

Song Wenwu, the leader of the finance team next to him, looked at Huang De, full of envy.

Although, at first, Song Wenwu guessed that this dinner might get hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions of large projects.

However, he never thought it would be a library with more than 500 million yuan, a hotel with more than one billion yuan, a storage hub with more than one billion yuan, a Chinese medicine planting base with more than one billion yuan, and an international logistics airport with more than 50 billion yuan!

These…Even if it is any one of them, it is enough to be called a great achievement!

All together, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a great success!

These…all belong to Huang De!

Huang De’s future is absolutely right and limitless!

The reason for this is because Huang De has a good friend…Omi!

Then, Zhao Jiaqi picked up the glass and said: “Huang De, I toast you a glass.”

When the words fell, he drank it straight away. UU reading

Huang De was also shocked that Omi and Zhao Jiaqi could not extricate themselves from the matter of giving credit to themselves.

As a result, Zhao Jiaqi gave him a toast, but he didn’t react for a while.

Omi couldn’t help but patted Huang De’s shoulder with a smile, and said, “Brother Zhao is toasting you, why are you standing stupidly?”

“Ah…ah…thank you…thank you, Leader Zhao…” Huang De only reacted, picking up the bottle with excitement, poured himself a full glass of wine, and then poured it directly into his mouth.

“Good! Hahaha!” Zhao Jiaqi said happily.

This meal lasted for nearly three hours before it slowly came to an end.

Everyone, including Zhao Jiaqi, was full of alcohol, shaking, almost falling to the ground.

Of course, except for Omi, who has the skills of a drinking gentleman, after he sent everyone into the car, he walked leisurely on the winding road alone.

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Regarding Huangde’s investment in attracting several large projects, the total investment of more than 53.5 billion yuan quickly spread to Hushui Street.

After hearing this, Wang Hairui opened his mouth in shock.

Then, he hurriedly put down everything in his hands, hurriedly came to his daughter Wang Xi, and asked: “Xixi, are you already Huang De’s girlfriend?”

Wang Xi knew that his father was very opposed to being together with Huang De, but he always wanted to match himself with the group leader Liu.

Before, she would coax her dad.

But today, she finally summoned the courage to say: “Yes! I’m already in love with Huang De!”

“Dad, you are all in free love now, and you are the happiest being with the person you like, you just…”

Wang Xi had already prepared a lot of words. She wanted to persuade her father with reason to let him understand how indestructible her relationship with Huang De was.

However, before she finished speaking, Wang Hairui yelled happily.

“Okay, hahaha! Great!”

“Gah?” Wang Xi was suddenly interrupted by her father, her voice stopped.

She looked at the old face of her father who was almost smiling, and she couldn’t help showing a full of incomprehension.


Wh… what’s the situation?

Could it be… Dad was mad because he was with Huang De?

Thinking of this, Wang Xi was a little worried and said: “Dad, are you okay?”

Wang Hairui happily said: “Don’t worry, I’m very good! Haha!”

Wang Xi said in his heart: Normally, Dad should be fine, but why is he so happy?

Wang Hairui seemed to understand what his daughter was thinking, and continued: “Daughter, do you know? Huang De has attracted several billion-plus investment projects today, and there is even an international logistics airport with a value of over 50 billion yuan!”

Having said this, Wang Hairui’s tone couldn’t help but become elevated.

When Wang Xi heard this, his eyes widened and his face was full of surprise.

Although, Wang Xi was just an ordinary team member in Hushui Street.

However, she knows very well what it means to attract investment from so many large projects, especially the international logistics airport with more than 50 billion yuan.

This is absolutely… a credit that can completely change a person’s life.

Wang Hairui smiled heartily: “Huang De, this kid is good! Very good! Daughter, you have found a good boyfriend! Good vision!”

Wang Xi’s pretty face couldn’t help showing a smug smile.

It looks like: Your daughter’s vision has always been very good.

At this time, Wang Hairui looked around and whispered: “Daughter, have you ever seen that between you and Huang De…”

Wang Xi is not a little girl who knows nothing about world affairs. She naturally understands what Dad is talking about, her pretty face can’t help being blushed, and her head lowered and whispered: “Dad…”

Wang Hairui coughed lightly and said, “Well, let Huang De go to the house for dinner in the evening. Our father and I will have a few drinks.”

“Hmm…” Wang Xi made a sound like a mosquito.


Omi had no way of knowing this.

At this time, he was still walking along the winding road at will.

When turning the intersection, a group of students came over in the distance.

Among them, there is a slim girl with a youthful smile on her face.

“Xiao Yao?” Omi asked.

“Brother!” Lin Xiaoyao exclaimed happily.

Then, she introduced to the three men and two women next to her, “Introduce, this is my brother.”

“Brother, they are all my classmates!”

“I’m also a member of the 6-member team of our struggle! The 6 of us have bet that whoever has the final score at the end, please sing together…”

“It just happened that there was no late self-study today. Zuo Jun is planning to invite us to sing. Brother, you should go together too!”


With my sister, and her classmates?

Omi has no interest at all.

So, shook his head and said: “It’s better for you to go with your classmates, I won’t go.”

Lin Xiaoyao hugged Omi’s arm and said coquettishly: “Brother, let’s go together! It’s so late now, you are not afraid of your lovely sister, are you in danger?”

Omi squeezed Lin Xiaoyao’s face and said, “Your face is so hiccup now, don’t worry, you won’t be in danger.”

“Brother!” Lin Xiaoyao shouted in protest.

Omi smiled and said, “Okay, OK, I’ll go with you.”

“Yeah!” Lin Xiaoyao cheered.

As a result, the original 6-person team now has one more Omi.

Before long, a very fashionable and high-end building shining with colorful neon lights appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Omi couldn’t help showing a strange look on his face as he looked at the big characters with ‘brilliant’ written directly above.


Isn’t this the shop I got yesterday?

Sing in your own shop?

Seeing Omi standing still, Lin Xiaoyao thought he was shocked by the magnificent atmosphere, and couldn’t help but proudly said, “Brother, how about it? Isn’t this house inferior to Jiangbei?”

Is this complimenting yourself?

Omi nodded with a smile, and said, “It’s not bad.”

Lin Xiaoyao couldn’t help happier after hearing this.

When a group of people walked into Brilliant, there was a tangy fragrance, which made people relaxed and comfortable.

Zuo Jun, wearing black-rimmed glasses, said boldly: “Today, it’s me who treats you! Later, you must be welcome!”

Omi said, “You don’t need to pay today.”

After all, where do you need any money for your own singing?

However, Zuo Jun thought that Omi felt that he was still studying, so he refused to let himself pay.

So, he opened his mouth and said: “Brother Lin, my exam is bad this time. It’s okay to treat me, so don’t fight with me.”

Omi smiled without speaking.

Soon, a waiter greeted us.

“Welcome to Brilliant, is there a reserved box?”

Zuo Jundao: “We don’t have a reservation, just open a parcel for us.”

The waiter apologized: “Sorry, our packet is full.”

“What about the middle bag?” Zuo Jun asked there is another middle bag. “The waiter replied.

Zuo Jun said: “Okay, then we need a middle package.”

I have to say, Brilliant is worthy of being the best in Qingshi.

Even the ordinary middle bag, the soft sofa, and the interior decoration are very good, and the overall feeling is very good.

Omi couldn’t help but nodded to himself.

The waiter said: “If you buy more than 400 yuan in our in-house supermarket, you can sing in the middle for 3 hours for free.”

Originally, the room cost would cost one or two hundred, and singing really needed food and drink.

Nowadays, you can sing for free just by buying something, which is very attractive.

So, Zuo Jun immediately said: “Let’s go to the supermarket to choose something, and take whatever you want to eat!”

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A splendid internal supermarket with a large layout and a rich variety, including snacks, snacks, drinks, beverages, fruits…everything!

Omi, Lin Xiaoyao and others, holding a small cart, were very happy to choose.

At this time, a girl with a ponytail pointed to a bottle of Louis XIII and said: “Look at this bottle of wine, the packaging is so special!”

“Wow! My idol drank this kind of wine in a TV series!” Another short-haired girl excitedly said.

While talking, she couldn’t help reaching out and taking Louis XIII from the shelf.

However, one accidentally dropped the wine to the ground.


Suddenly, the clear liquor flowed arbitrarily all over the place, and the rich aroma of liquor continued to spread in the supermarket.

When a young woman in white clothes saw it, she looked good at the scene and said: “Break the wine, this bottle of wine does not look cheap! I have to pay for it!”

“This is Louis XIII. I am afraid that this bottle will cost at least 20,000 to 30,000.” The man next to him gloated.

The girl with short hair heard the words, and the whole face turned pale immediately.

Twenty to thirty thousand?

Originally, she accidentally broke the wine, and she was already very flustered.

After hearing the conversation between the two, he was even more panicked.

Where can I have so much money to lose?


At this time, a waiter also heard the noise and walked over quickly.

When he saw the broken bottle and liquor on the ground, he immediately stared at the short-haired girl, as if he was afraid of her running away.

Then, he pointed to the sign standing next to him, ‘damage things, pay the price’.

Then he said, “This is Louis XIII. The price is 28888 yuan.”

After hearing this, the short-haired girl’s face became paler, and the whole person trembled.

28888 yuan?

I can’t afford it at all!

After seeing this scene, the men and women not far away showed joking expressions on their faces.

“This girl should still be a student, there is a good show to watch now.” The woman sneered.

The waiter seemed to see the girl’s identity, and said: “Hurry up and ask your parents to bring money!”

Call a parent?

This is 28888 yuan!

Mom and Dad would definitely kill themselves.

The tears of the girl with short hair started to roll.


At this time, there was another sound of footsteps outside.

Xu Song, the manager in a suit and tie, also heard the noise and strode over.

Waiters passing by, one after another respectfully shouted: “Hello, Manager Xu.”

Xu Song just nodded lightly, saying hello.

The waiter in the internal supermarket said: “Manager Xu, this girl broke our Louis XIII and is now asking her for compensation.”

Xu Song nodded again, the next moment…

His pupils shrank suddenly.

Because, he suddenly saw Omi actually standing next to the girl.

Yesterday, Xu Song learned that Brilliance had been transferred to a person named Omi.

That night, Xu Song didn’t fall asleep all night.

Because he doesn’t know what kind of person the new boss is, and whether he can get along well.

Will the new boss fire himself suddenly?

Therefore, Xu Song has been thinking about how to meet the new boss and please him.

Xu Song did not expect to see the new boss directly today.

Xu Song took three steps and did two steps, hurriedly came to Omi, bent over, and said in a very respectful tone: “Good Mr. Lin.”

Omi answered, “Mr. Xu, right? Hello.”

After a pause, he pointed to the girl with short hair and said, “This is my sister’s classmate, who accidentally smashed a bottle of wine in the store.”

Smashed a bottle of wine in the store?

The boss did not say that we are in the shop.

It seems… the boss doesn’t want to expose himself yet.

Xu Song’s eyes rolled slightly, and then he looked at the scared look of the short-haired girl.

Then, in a concerned tone, he said: “Classmate, are you okay?”

“This is just a fake bottle of wine in our store. It is not a real Louis XIII. It is worthless and there is no need to lose money.”

“Are you not hurt by the shards of the wine bottle?”

While Xu Song was talking, his eyes were secretly looking at Omi. When he saw Omi nodding slightly, Xu Song couldn’t help but feel happy.

My own handling is indeed right!

When the short-haired girl heard Xu Song’s words, the worry and fear on her face disappeared immediately.

However, he was still a little nervous and said, “Really…Is there really no need to pay?”

While talking, she also looked at the waiter cautiously.

At this time, the waiter was also a little confused by Xu Song’s words.

A fake tasting of Louis XIII?

how can that be? !

At the beginning, I personally drove back to the Louis XIII store with another waiter!

But why does the manager say this?

Xu Song didn’t pay attention to the doubts in his heart at all, and said with a stern expression: “This is a fake wine tasting, right?”

The waiter was so scared that he hurriedly said, “Yes, you don’t have to pay.”

Then, Xu Song said to the short-haired girl in a very calm tone: “Have you heard?”

The short-haired girl nodded repeatedly, and the whole person gradually became more relaxed.

The young woman in white clothes next to her pouted her lips and said, “What! It turned out to be a fake wine tasting!”

“Hey, no good show.” The man also said.

After the two of them finished speaking, they took the snacks they bought and walked outside in disappointment.

Zuo Jun, the girl with two pony tails, Lin Xiaoyao and others also breathed a sigh of relief.

When they returned to the box, they began to talk.

“I was really scared to death just now.” The girl with two pony tails said.

“Me too!” said a boy.

“A bottle of wine is 28888 yuan? My God! Sell me.” Zuo Jun said.

“Fortunately, it’s just a fake tasting. Otherwise, I really don’t know what to do today.” The short-haired girl said.

“However, this manager is pretty good. If you change someone with a bad heart, maybe you just insist that it’s a real drink.” The girl with two pony tails said.

“Yes, in the future, if we want to sing, we will come back to glory!” a boy suggested.

Lin Xiaoyao said roundly, “It’s OK, just pay more attention next time. Let’s sing, now it’s time to count.”

So Lin Xiaoyao took the lead to click a song and sang loudly with the girl with short hair.

Omi frowned slightly listening to their songs.

If you insist on commenting.

That might be howling ghosts and But, I have to say that after a burst of howling ghosts and wolves, everyone’s mood is much more relaxed, as if all the unhappiness was immediately forgotten.

The atmosphere of the whole box is extremely warm.

Everyone ran to the screen, began to choose their favorite songs, and prepared to shout.

“Boom boom boom!”

At this time, there was a brisk knock on the door.

After a while, Xu Song slowly opened the box door.

When the girl with double pony tail and short hair waited, when he saw him again, his heart felt tight again.

Mind: Could it be that this manager repented and said that it was not a fake bar that broke?

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Music, stop temporarily…

With a few people extremely nervous, Xu Song walked in slowly.

Xu Song apologized: “I’m sorry, I disturbed everyone to sing.”

“In order to express the shock and harm that Louis XIII broke the bottle just now, we have prepared something brilliant as compensation. I hope you will not dislike it.”

Then, two waiters walked in with two large carts of food.

Among them, there are fresh fruits, good snacks, delicious drinks, drinks…

Soon, the table in the box was completely filled with food.

Xu Song said: “I hope everyone can have fun in Brilliant. In addition, if you have any other needs, you can tell us at any time.”

After speaking, he and the two waiters slowly withdrew from the box.

The people in the box first glanced at the snacks on the table, and then at each other.

The next moment, there was a burst of enthusiastic cheers.

“Oh my God!”

“A lot of snacks!”

“A lot of fruit!”

“Look, there are cherries! It’s so sweet!”

“Beef jerky, this tastes too good!”

“and also!”

“That bottle is worth it, it’s worth it!”

“Go drop another bottle!”


Everyone yelled excitedly while eating snacks and fruits, and the atmosphere in the whole box was extremely warm.

In order to celebrate the acquisition of these delicious foods, they sang loudly with a louder voice.

The howling of ghosts and wolves is deafening.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyao found that Omi hadn’t sang and couldn’t help but urged: “Brother, you come and sing too!”

“Isn’t it because you’re worried about singing badly, so you’re shy?”

Omi gave her a white look and said, “I’m afraid…After I sing, you don’t have the idea of ​​singing.”

After all, Omi is a man with a voice of heaven.

His singing is so good that it can definitely be in sharp contrast with everyone present. Let them sing again, I am afraid they will doubt life.

“Don’t worry, the ears of a few of us can bear it! Howl casually!” Lin Xiaoyao smiled.

Obviously, she thought that Omi said that she sang too badly.

Therefore, it will affect everyone’s ears.

Omi smiled and shook his head.

At this time, the music sounded, and the prelude to “Summer Wind” rippled back and forth in the box.

Lin Xiaoyao took the microphone and handed it to Omi, saying, “Brother, you can definitely sing this song.”

As Lin Xiaoyao said, Omi can indeed sing.

Omi looked at Lin Xiaoyao’s firm eyes, smiled and took the microphone.

Then, slowly opened his mouth.

“The wind in July is lazy, and even the clouds are getting hot.”

“Soon the day after tomorrow is boring, after a cloud of rain, it has rained…”

Omi’s voice is low and soft…

Originally, the few people who were still eating snacks, drinking drinks, laughing and chatting all stopped their movements and focused on Omi with extremely obsessive eyes.

The continuous class makes them feel heavy and exhausted. The tall campus walls are like prison cages, imprisoning their bodies and souls.

However, after hearing Omi’s singing, let them have a refreshing breeze, it was more like putting a pair of white wings on everyone, letting the body and soul soar freely under the blue sky.

This is a kind of relaxation and invigoration that has never been seen before, a kind of enjoyment from the soul!

“The summer wind is blowing through, passing through the hair and through the ears.”

“You and my summer, the wind said softly.”

Finally, the song is over.

The whole box was quiet at first, and then there was a sudden burst of warm cheers.

“sounds amazing!”

“Brother Lin, are you too good at singing?”

“This voice is simply amazing!”

There were waves of praise, one after another.

“Brother, when did you sing so good?” Lin Xiaoyao asked excitedly.

Omi said, “I have been singing very well, but you didn’t notice it.”

Lin Xiaoyao was a little confused: “Really?”

At this time, the prelude to the next song rippled in the box.

“It’s “Fairy Tale”! My favorite “Fairy Tale”, brother, hurry up and sing this song.” Lin Xiaoyao shouted.

Others echoed loudly.

“Brother Lin, you must sing this song very well.”

“Pray for Brother Lin to sing “Fairy Tale.”

Omi couldn’t refuse to see so many requests.

“Forget how long it was, never hear you again, tell me your favorite story.”

“I thought for a long time, and I started to panic. Did I do something wrong again…”

Originally, there were still some noisy voices, but after Omi spoke, it quieted down instantly.

Only Omi’s crisp singing voice kept rippling in the box.

At the same time, everyone’s bodies were constantly shaking in accordance with the rhythm of the song.

In the eyes of everyone, it seemed that he was not in the box at all, but in a grand opera house.

Omi didn’t sit on the sofa to sing at all. Instead, he was wearing a black suit and sitting on a high-end stage playing beautiful piano music.

A flaunting stage light shot straight down and landed tightly on Omi, causing him to burst into dazzling light.

At this moment, Omi seemed to be the only light in the world!

So fascinating.

“You have to believe, believe that we will be like in a fairy tale, happiness and happiness are the ending, write our ending together.”

After the song, everyone was stunned.

The girls with double ponytails and girls with short hair looked at Omi’s eyes, and they were faintly blooming with gorgeous light.

Lin Xiaoyao yelled first.

“Brother, I love you so much!”

When the words fell, she threw directly into Omi’s arms.

Omi reminded: “We are brothers and sisters!”

While talking, Lin Xiaoyao must be pushed aside.

However, Lin Xiaoyao was like a gooey candy, always hugging Omi tightly, unable to push away at all.

“Go on, brother, keep on singing!” Lin Xiaoyao shouted.

Omi said, “I have sung two songs in a row, now it’s up to you and your classmates.”

If Omi didn’t sing, they could still howl casually.

But, after listening to Omi’s heavenly singing, how could they be embarrassed to howl?

“Brother Lin, please keep singing.”

“One more song!”


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