The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 221-225

Saturday was supposed to be the day when the students went to bed and woke up naturally.

However, just before dawn today, a large group of students walked out of the school gate with their schoolbags on their backs.

They didn’t show any reluctance because of getting up so early.

On the contrary… everyone’s faces are still full of excitement.

Because today is a day to travel.

Moreover, still go to the beautiful Lishi of Southern Province.


At this time, a luxury bus steadily stopped in front of the students.

Song Yi took the roster and said, ” Omi drove to the airport by himself. I’ll give you a name first.”

“Ma Zhong!”



“Zheng Jinbao!”

“At this!”


Every time Song Yi said a name, he tick the back.

Sun Yaodong did not participate in the spring outing.

Then, the call should be left to  Omi.

However,  Omi went to Yike City last night.

So, Song Yi did the work.

After a while, everyone finished naming their names.

Song Yi asked, “Are Gong Leqi and Chen Lijian here?”

Soon, someone started to answer.

“Gong Leqi went home. He said he would go to the airport today.”

“Chen Lijian went on a date with his girlfriend yesterday, and said that he would go to the airport today.”

Song Yi said: “Okay, let’s get in the car!”

Suddenly, everyone was extremely excited and filed into the luxury bus.

After sitting down, the classmates chatted in excitement.

As it was early Saturday morning, the road was very empty.

In just half an hour, the luxury bus arrived at the airport.

At this time,  Omi also happened to drive Pagani Fengshen to the parking lot.

After he saw the classmates, he smiled and said hello: “Good morning everyone! Are you all here?”

“Gong Leqi and Chen Lijian, come by yourself later.” Song Yi said.

 Omi nodded and said, “Okay, let’s sit inside and rest for a while.”

Then,  Omi led everyone to the green channel and directly into the VIP lounge.


Except for a few people such as Song Jiaxin, most of them have never been to the VIP lounge.

There are even some people who have never been on a plane.

At this time, they looked at the high-end decoration in the VIP lounge, and they were amazed.

 Omi said, “You probably haven’t eaten breakfast yet? You can eat whatever you like here.”

In fact, someone has already noticed the exquisite food and high-end drinks in the VIP lounge… and swallowed silently.

At this moment, after hearing  Omi’s words, they could no longer sit still, took the tray and brought over the food.

Everyone eats a mouthful of fat and oil, which is extremely satisfying.

“too delicious!”

“This is the first time I have such a delicious buffet!”

“me too!”

In a burst of admiration, their stomachs also began to round up.

“Why haven’t Gong Leqi and Chen Lijian come here? Isn’t it the 9:30 flight? It’s almost time!”


“Let’s call for a reminder, otherwise, this tour of our class will be incomplete.”

Someone took out his mobile phone and dialed out.

After Gong Leqi answered the phone, he said that he had arrived at the airport and would come right away.

Sure enough, after a while, Gong Leqi also came to the VIP lounge.

However, Chen Lijian never answered the phone.

Seeing that it was getting closer and closer to 9:30, all the students couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

 Omi said lightly, “It’s okay, just let the plane wait.”

“Will the plane wait for us?” a classmate wondered.

“Should it? After all, there are so many of us.” The student next to him said.

At this time, several men wearing sunglasses and a woman wearing a hat walked into the VIP lounge.

Among them, a thin-looking man said: “Are you all students traveling together? Tell you a common sense, the plane will not be delayed or waited for by one person or a group of people.”

“So, let that classmate take another flight, and you should hurry up to board the plane. Don’t waste too many tickets at once.”

Obviously, he heard the conversation of his classmates.

Therefore, I kindly reminded.

He was also a student before, and he knew very well how rare it is to gather so many classmates to play together.

The students must be in a good mood.

And if all the air tickets are wasted, everyone’s mood will definitely become very bad immediately.

Even this tour may not be able to continue.

At this time, a classmate suddenly cried out in surprise: “You are… Teacher He?”

Seeing that he was recognized, Mr. He did not continue to cover up, and slowly took off his sunglasses.

“Ah! It’s really Teacher He!”

“Teacher He, I like your “Longing for Life” the most!”

Then, another classmate looked at the middle-aged man next to Teacher He.

“Are you… Teacher Huang?”

“It’s me.” Teacher Huang took off his sunglasses.

“Oh my God!” the classmate yelled immediately.

“Are you sister Feng?” A classmate looked at the thinner woman.

“Yes.” Sister Feng took off her hat.

“Then you are Brother Chang?” A classmate looked at the last man wearing sunglasses.

“Right.” Brother Chang also took off his sunglasses.

Suddenly, the entire VIP lounge screamed very warmly.

“Ah! What a lucky day today!”

“Teacher He, please give me a signature.”

“Teacher Huang, can I take a photo with you?”

“Sister Feng, ask for an autograph!”

“Brother Chang, please autograph!”

The classmates surrounded Teacher He and the others one after another.

Teacher He and others are very amiable, otherwise, they would not be so popular.

When they faced the requests of their classmates, as long as they were not excessive, they all agreed.


At this time, there was a rush of footsteps outside.

Then, Chen Lijian ran over in sweat and asked, “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

After all the students saw him, they recovered from the excitement of meeting Teacher He and others.

A few students hurriedly took out their mobile and said anxiously: “It’s over, it’s over! It’s already nine to forty! The plane is gone!”

“Ah? What shall we do?”

“We can’t go to Lishi?”

If you say, how excited the students were when they started from school.

At this time, they are just as disappointed.

 Omi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the plane hasn’t left yet, it’s been waiting for us!”

“Classmates, it’s impossible for the plane to wait for you. Taking advantage of the plane’s departure, you should go to the counter to see if you can change to another flight.” Teacher He reminded.


At this time, two flight attendants came over.

Among them, the taller flight attendant said in a sweet voice: “Mr. Lin, are your classmates all here?”

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This…what’s the situation?

The plane is really waiting for them?

 Omi’s expression was consistent, nodded and said, “Yes, it’s all here.”

The stewardess smiled and said, “Then do I need to take a break, or should I board the plane now?”

“Now board the plane.”  Omi said.

“Okay, please here.” The flight attendant bent down slightly and made a request.

 Omi nodded and turned to the classmates: “Go, let’s board the plane.”


Although there were some doubts, but they also followed forward.

After  Omi and the others walked away completely, Teacher He said in a daze, “They…go away?”

“Obviously, yes.” Teacher Huang said.

“But, didn’t they just say that the plane is 9:30? The plane can really wait for people?” Teacher He said.

Teacher Huang shrugged, indicating that he didn’t know either.

At this time, there was a crisp sound from the broadcast in the VIP lounge.

“Passengers of flight C1118, please note that the plane bound for Lishi has arrived, please go to gate b25 to board…”

Teacher Huang said: “Our plane is here, let’s go, board the plane.”

Teacher He bowed his head and walked forward with full of doubts.

When meeting a flight attendant, Teacher He couldn’t help speeding up, and hurriedly asked: “Hello, flight attendant, can I wait for someone after the plane arrives?”

Teacher He has a habit of solving problems as soon as possible if they encounter problems.

Otherwise, it is like a thorn stuck in the throat, which is very uncomfortable.

The stewardess glanced at Teacher He weirdly.

It stands to reason that people like Mr. He should take the plane often, right?

Why would he ask such low-level questions?

However, the stewardess is a professionally trained person. After a short period of weirdness, she still professionally smiled and said: “The take-off time of our plane is strictly controlled, and we can’t stay and wait for someone.”

“If your relatives and friends have not arrived at the airport, please ask them to come as soon as possible.”

Why can’t Teacher He see the change in the expression of the stewardess?

However, he didn’t care at all, and said: “But, it seems that a group of students just made the plane wait?”

The flight attendant showed a sense of sorrow, and said: “Oh, you are talking about Mr. Lin, right? He has underwritten a large passenger plane of Xia Guo Airlines.

Teacher He, Teacher Huang, Sister Feng, Brother Chang…Half opened his mouth, dumbfounded on the spot.

At this time,  Omi and others had already arrived on the plane, and each chose their preferred position to sit down.

It was the first time for some classmates to take a plane, and they were very excited. They would look at here for a while, then there for a while… and take pictures without staying.

At this moment, the flight attendant slowly walked over and smiled and said, “Mr. Lin, are your classmates here?”

 Omi nodded and said, “It’s all here.”

“Excuse me…is the plane ready to take off?” the flight attendant asked again.

“Yes.”  Omi said.

The flight attendant said: “Okay.”

After the flight attendant left, Zheng Jinbao next to him exclaimed, “The stewardess is so beautiful!”

Song Yi agreed: “Yes!”

After a roar of the plane, the speed increased sharply, passing through the thick clouds in an instant, and flying under the blue sky.

This scene aroused all the students in amazement.

After more than an hour, the plane finally landed slowly.

The classmates walked outside one by one after being sent off by the flight attendants.

“Is this the Lishi? The air is so good!”

“The sky is blue!”

When  Omi and his classmates walked off the plane, Teacher He, Teacher Huang, sister Feng and Brother Chang waited until the passengers got off the plane, wearing sunglasses and hats, and quietly walked down.

Brother Chang sighed and said: “Being a star is just the trouble. The next plane must be quiet. When will we be able to get off the plane freely?”

Sister Feng said: “You probably have no chance.”

Teacher Huang said: “Yes, it’s very simple.”

“Really?” Brother Chang and sister Feng both looked over with curious eyes.

Teacher Huang said: “Let Teacher He mention it to the program team and pack a plane like the group of students just now. Let alone get off the plane generously, it doesn’t matter if you just jump on the plane.”

As a result, Brother Chang and Sister Feng both looked at Teacher He with extremely longing eyes.

Teacher He couldn’t help but coughed, and said: “This charter plane may not work for the time being… But it is still possible to charter a luxury car!”

Then, he pointed to a GL8 coming not far away and said: “Look, our luxury car is here!”

At this moment, a high-end Mercedes-Benz bus also drove over from a distance.

Finally, he stopped steadily in front of  Omi and his classmates who had just got off from another plane.

Then,  Omi and others got on the high-end Mercedes-Benz bus together.

See here…

Teacher Huang, Brother Chang, and Sister Feng all looked at Teacher He with very strange gazes, and then at the GL8 in front of them.

That looks like…

It’s like saying: Teacher He, this is the luxury car you are talking about?

Teacher He opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

I have to say that young people have good energy.

Even if I get up early in the morning, I can’t be excited even on the plane…

At this moment, sitting on the Mercedes-Benz bus, they were still looking around, barabara talking non-stop.

About two hours later, the bus drove through the winding mountain road and finally arrived at the destination.

When  Omi and the other classmates got out of the bus, Su Ning’s stood in front early.

Today’s Su Ning… wears a long blue dress. Her white skin and exquisite facial features become crystal clear under the sun, like a beautiful jade, and her pure black eyes bloom like gems. The dazzling light.

When a breeze blew across, her beautiful waterfall-like hair also swayed gently.

See here…

Everyone, including  Omi, was a little dumbfounded.

At this time, if someone says that there are fairies in this world, they will nod and believe without hesitation.

Because the fairy really appeared in front of him.

At this time, Su Ningjing also saw  Omi.

Her pretty face showed a natural smile without any modification…

this moment…

Everyone seemed to be baked by the sun, and the whole heart instantly melted.

Under everyone’s gaze, Su Ningjing walked to  Omi and said sweetly: “Brother Fan, you are here.”


As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s hearts seemed to be severely beaten with a hammer, and they all shattered.

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At this time, a loud cry came from a distance.

Then, A-mei, who was also wearing a cyan skirt, ran past Lai again and again.

Her skin is not as fair as Su Ning’s. Living in the mountains of Lishi all the year round makes Amei’s skin glowing with a healthy, barley color.

Her eyes, like Su Jing’an, are as bright as gems, with exquisite features, as if they were carefully carved by God…

If you say, Su Ningjing is a fairy descending to the world!

Then, Amei is the elf in the mountain!

Under everyone’s gaze, A-mei fell into  Omi’s arms.

 Omi smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you in a month, Amei, I’m taller again.”

“Hee hee.” Amei’s pretty face immediately became extremely brilliant.

“Welcome to you…” The grandmother with her head full of hair slowly walked over and said.

“Grandma, how is your health?”  Omi asked.

“Okay, very good!” Grandma said happily.

 Omi nodded and felt a little relieved.

In fact, grandma is too old, and  Omi doesn’t know how effective the medical water will be on her.

At this moment, a man in a white shirt walked over slowly.

He bent over and said in a very respectful tone, “Mr. Lin, it’s almost time for dinner. Do you need to cook now?”

“Well, let’s cook.”  Omi nodded.

“Yes!” answered the man in the white shirt.


Several men wearing high-top white chef hats have been parked in a truck far away and brought out stoves, stoves, tables, as well as M5 Wagyu beef, Australian lobster, hairy crabs, etc., all kinds of high-end ingredients.


After the sound of cooking, a tangy aroma continued to spread.

on the other hand.

Teacher He, Teacher Huang, Brother Chang, and Sister Feng finally arrived in the small mountain village after a while on the GL8.


As soon as Brother Chang got out of the car, his stomach screamed.

He couldn’t help complaining: “Why don’t we come back after dinner in Las Vegas?”


Sister Feng’s belly also screamed.

With a bitter face, he said, “Yes, it will take a long time for Teacher Huang to cook, right?”

“No, am I going to cook now?” Teacher Huang said with a tired face.

Teacher He smiled and said, “We haven’t started work yet. Where do we need Teacher Huang to cook? Don’t worry, our program team has prepared a luxurious meal for you!

Then, Mr. He opened the GL8 trunk and took out a box of lunch from it.


“Come on!”

Teacher He brought his own voice-over, and handed a portion of the box lunch to everyone.

At the same time, he also opened a box lunch, pointed to the braised fish, green pepper lean meat, tomato and egg and other dishes on it, and said: “Unexpectedly? In a small mountain village, you can also eat such a luxurious box lunch!”


At this moment, wisps of fragrant smell drifted from a distance.

Brother Chang sucked his nose vigorously, and said, “Hey, what does it taste? It smells so good!”

“Yes! Good fragrance!” Sister Feng followed in admiration, “It seems to be over there!”

Then, holding the box of lunch, following the direction of the fragrance, she ran over.

Brother Chang and Teacher Huang also followed closely behind them.

Teacher He sees everyone is running away, how can he be alone?

Before long, they saw several men wearing high-top chef hats, demonstrating superb cooking skills, and bringing exquisite dishes to the table.

A large group of students sat around three tables, holding hairy crabs in one hand and Australian lobsters in the other.

See here…

Brother Chang, sister Feng, Teacher Huang… all swallowed.

Then they looked at the hairy crabs and Australian lobsters in the distance…

He also looked at the tomato, egg and green pepper shredded pork in his box lunch.

Then Qi Qi set his sights on Teacher He.

It looks like… it’s like saying: Teacher He, this is the luxurious meal in the small mountain village you are talking about?

Teacher He can only cough for a while.

After eating and drinking, the faces of all the students were filled with satisfaction.

They met together, along the winding mountain roads and gurgling creeks, constantly moving forward.

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“Moreover, it’s so sweet!”

“Wow… That mountain is so beautiful!”

“Go! Go up and see!”

When they saw the distant sky at sunset, it was dyed a fiery red, all of them opened their mouths in awe.

After coming down from the mountain, a warm bonfire party is waiting for them.

The crowd just gathered around the campfire to eat barbecue and sing pop songs.

On this day, the whole hill was filled with the play and laughter of the classmates.

In the evening, the students got into the tent that  Omi had already prepared.

They lay in the tent, looking at the bright stars in the night sky, chatting quietly, quietly, beautifully, and extremely enjoy!

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The next day, a breeze blew across the treetops.

Last night, Song Yi might have caught a cold. He poked his head out of the tent, ready to find a place to solve his physical problems.

At this time, the yolk-like sun slowly poked out his head from the sacred mountain in the east.

this moment…

The sun, mountains, and sky seemed to be connected together, and Song Yi couldn’t help but look a little bit stunned.

He shouted: “Little Tadashi, Jinbao! Get up and watch the sunrise!”

Ma Zhong and Zheng Jinbao responded and climbed out of the tent.

Then, other classmates also followed up and poked their heads.

The morning sun is different from the setting sun. At first, the sun was obscured by the fog in the mountains and forests, and it seemed a little hazy.

Then, the sun slowly rose and broke through the fog, forming a brilliant light.

See here…

All the classmates opened their mouths wide, obsessed.

Even Song Jiaxin has a touch of glamour in her beautiful eyes.

However, in her eyes, the morning sun in the distance didn’t seem to be the flaming sun, and in a vague way, it turned into a smiling  Omi.

Seeing so many students, Song Yi was all surprised by the beauty he discovered, and couldn’t help but proudly said, “How about it, isn’t it good?”

“Good-looking!” Ma Zhong nodded seriously.

Zheng Jinbao said: “Song Yi, you played so well yesterday, it’s really rare for you to wake up so early today!”

“That’s because…” Song Yi was halfway through, suddenly covering his stomach, and hurriedly said, “Toilet, toilet, where is the toilet?!”

Immediately afterwards, a disgusting smell wafted to the students who admired the morning sun.

For breakfast, it was also a man wearing a high-top chef’s hat, cooking delicacies, such as Australian prawn pasta, fried egg dumplings, wagyu fried rice, fresh meat wontons and so on.

Everyone was very satisfied.

Yesterday, all the students were familiar with the surrounding environment.

Next, they choose where they want to go and go to free activities.

 Omi picked some fruits and returned early. He raised his eyes and looked into the distance. He happened to see the coffee seeds he had planted.

At this time, all the coffee seeds have grown up and bloomed with snow-white flowers, as if on a hillside, with a long white fur stall spread over it, very beautiful.

 Omi exclaimed in his heart: “As expected, I got the best coffee in the system. It has grown so big in just one month.”

He couldn’t help but walked towards the hillside, and soon noticed that some coffee trees had become crooked due to rain and strong winds, and because the surrounding coffee trees blocked the sun, they grew relatively short.

So  Omi turned and walked towards Su Ning’s house, ready to bring a shovel and a **** to transplant and trim the coffee tree.

On the other hand, in a mushroom house in a small mountain village.

Brother Chang was still lying on the bed and slumbering.

Sister Feng is playing with her mobile phone on her stomach, and also doesn’t want to move.

In fact, I drove a day’s journey yesterday, and then followed to clean up the mushroom house, which exhausted them.

And above their heads, there are two drones with high-definition cameras hovering constantly.

Obviously, the “Longing for Life” program has already begun.


[Tan Wuxin: Brother Chang’s sleeping posture is really ugly, no wonder I can’t find a girlfriend. 】

[Zheng Xuhao: Yes! In real life, it is estimated that he can’t find a girlfriend. It depends on whether he can make a girlfriend in the show when he picks up TV and movies. 】

[FIY: I guess… Even in the show, Brother Chang has at most a younger sister. 】

[Wuying: Sister Feng is dazed, just playing on her mobile phone, she’s so cute! 】

[Explanation: If my mother sees me playing with a mobile phone like this, I will take away the phone tomorrow…]


When there were dense barrage in the live broadcast room, Teacher He walked in with a smile on his face.

He smiled and said: “Xiao Chang, Xiao Feng, it’s time to get up. Teacher Huang made us delicious fried dumplings and hot dry noodles!”

“Okay.” Sister Feng said weakly.

Then he got up with great difficulty, brushed his teeth and washed his face.

This was still a little sleepy and came to the table.

“The delicious fried dumplings are here!”

“The delicious hot dry noodles are here!”

As Teacher He shouted twice in a row, breakfast was brought to the dining table.


Sister Feng had just eaten two mouthfuls. Teacher He took another bottle of milk and said, “How can you miss Derensu for breakfast?”

“Deren Su, always insists on innovation, and uses high-quality milk source from exclusive ranch, which can supplement the nutrition needed by the human body in time!”


[Bei Gu Xiao Sheng: Here comes, here comes! Advertisements that are as smooth as silk are coming! 】

【. . . : Looking at the appearance of Sister Feng drinking milk, I suddenly thought of the scene of my mother staring at me drinking milk. 】

[Treasure: However, the dumplings made by Mr. Huang looked pretty good. 】

At this time, Brother Chang also walked out sleepy.

Sister Feng directly slammed a bottle of milk in front of him.

Brother Chang said dazedly: “Give it to me?”

Sister Feng said: “Derensu always insists on innovation and uses high-quality milk source from the exclusive ranch, which can supplement the nutrition needed by the human body in time!”


[Ai: Hahaha! My sister’s move made me laugh to death. 】

[Stone: This placement advertisement is too funny! 】

[Juvenile spirit: Sister, it’s so funny. 】

After a full meal, Teacher He said: “Do you know? Now that there is more and more carbon dioxide on our planet, the weather has also become worse.”

“So, planting trees becomes especially important.”

“Today, let’s go planting trees!”

Then, Teacher He, Teacher Huang, Sister Feng, and Brother Chang walked outside with hoes, shovels, and saplings.

After a while, they came to a clearing.

Teacher He, sister Feng, and brother Chang are obviously not good at planting trees.

After digging for a long time, it failed to plant trees.

Teacher Huang couldn’t help but proudly said: “Planting trees is also skillful…”

“Look, use a **** to plan, and then use a shovel…”

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[KK: As expected to be an almighty teacher Huang, even so good at planting trees. 】

[Vegetable Salad: Is there anything in this world that Teacher Huang doesn’t know? 】

[Single bed: Do you think Sister Feng and Brother Chang look like two primary school students who are listening carefully? 】

[Flower language: Teacher Huang’s tree-planting action is so handsome! 】

After Mr. Huang and others planted a few trees in this field, they walked forward again.

After a while, they came to the other side of the clearing.

So, Teacher Huang and others took up the **** again, ready to start new tree planting.

However, this time, the drone accidentally photographed a coffee tree not far away.

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The flowers of the coffee tree are so conspicuous.

Soon, it attracted the attention of everyone in the live broadcast room.

[Xiao Ye: What a big flower! 】

[The so-called indifferent: What a beautiful flower! 】

[Some come and go: This is just the beginning of spring, right? It’s really rare to have such a big flower! 】

[00887755: Huh! Have you seen it? Someone seems to be transplanting those flowers and trees. His actions are so handsome! 】

[The little man in the painting: First of all, I want to remind that this is not a flower tree, but a coffee tree. It is very rare to grow such a good coffee tree, and the coffee beans should taste good in the future. In addition, I also want to say that the man’s actions are so handsome! 】

[Moonshangzhitou: How do I feel that he doesn’t seem to be transplanting, but dancing in the sea of ​​flowers, it’s really… so charming! 】

[Flower language: I even said that Mr. Huang’s tree-planting moves are handsome. Although the man in the sea of ​​flowers can only see his back, I have to say that he is really handsome! 】

The audience sent the barrage, and quickly shared the live room to the WeChat group, the circle of friends… and marked them as the most handsome tree planter.

Suddenly, the popularity of the live broadcast room began to soar.

In fact, it is normal for this to happen.

After all,  Omi possesses expert planting techniques and can show supreme charm.

For these…

Teacher Huang, Teacher He, sister Feng, brother Chang and others are temporarily unknown.

At this time, they were still planting trees earnestly, sweating like rain.

With the unremitting efforts of several people, all the saplings were finally planted.

So the four of them dragged their tired bodies and walked towards the mushroom house.

The first thing they did when they returned to the mushroom house was to drink the iced plum soup that had been prepared.

Suddenly, a sense of relaxation that I haven’t experienced in a long time came to my heart.

This feeling… it’s as if the whole person is floating a little.

Teacher Huang rested for a while before he got up and said, “I got some mushrooms, bamboo shoots and wild vegetables nearby this morning, and now I’ll make some game for you.”

Then, he went to the kitchen and quickly washed and cut the prepared dishes…

With a burst of oily smoke rising, a delicious dish was brought to the table.

In the past, the live broadcast room would definitely be amazed again and again.

However, today’s painting style is completely different.

[Stone: Why did you start cooking again? Continue to shoot that handsome guy transplanting coffee trees! 】

[Carefree: Yes! I came here to see the handsome guy transplanting coffee trees, and I just watched it for a while. 】

[FLY: Wall cracked request, continue to shoot handsome guys transplanting coffee trees! 】

[Ordinary people in black and white: Wall crack requires +1, otherwise, I will quit! 】

[Me in the wind: Also, remember to shoot the front of the handsome guy! 】

Generally speaking, after the live broadcast of “Longing for Life”, the program team will not actively intervene.

But today, too many people have made requests.

So, when Teacher Huang, Teacher He, sister Feng, brother Chang and others, after eating.

In the mushroom house, a bell rang unexpectedly.

Teacher Huang used a toothpick to shave his teeth, and said, “Is it a visitor? Xiao Chang, you can answer the phone.”

“Oh.” Brother Chang reluctantly got up and picked up the phone.

“I am the director of the program group. Now, please go to the place where you planted the trees before.” A slightly hoarse voice came through the phone.

Brother Chang was taken aback for a moment. He glanced at the phone in his hand and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Why are you going again?”

“Because, when you just planted the tree, the drone accidentally captured a sea of ​​white coffee trees and a man who planted a coffee tree…”

“Now, everyone in the live broadcast room is asking you to shoot him again…”

After Brother Chang hung up the phone, a strange look appeared on his face.

Teacher Huang asked: “What’s the matter? Who is calling?”

Brother Chang hesitated for a while, and said: “The weather is so good today, let’s go out together.”

Teacher Huang, Teacher He, and sister Feng looked at the hot sun outside together.

Then, he looked at Brother Chang again.

That looks like…

It’s like saying, this is indeed good weather!

Brother Chang couldn’t help coughing, he secretly glanced at the drone that followed him.

A moment of helplessness.

What can I say?

Can’t you just say that the director just called?

Wouldn’t it be a dressing?

At this moment, the phone in his pocket suddenly shook slightly.

It turned out that an advertisement popped up.

See here…

Brother Chang had an inspiration and tapped all the words the director had just said on the phone.

Then he smiled and said, “I use it every day to read novels. There are many types and good interfaces… Come and see.”

A perfect ad placement.

Then, Brother Chang couldn’t help but handed the phone to Teacher Huang, Teacher He and Sister Feng.

After seeing the words on the screen, the three of them froze for a moment.

Then, Teacher He suddenly said, “Yes, reading novels is really interesting!”

“I was full just now. Let’s go for a walk at the coffee tree to digest food.”

“Walk a hundred steps after a meal and live to ninety-nine! Get up!” Teacher Huang responded.

Then, Teacher He, Teacher Huang, Sister Feng and Brother Chang, a group of four people took a brisk pace and walked outside.

Before long, they came to the hillside.

They looked at the mountains and wild coffee trees full of white flowers, and all of them were a little stunned for a while.

“So beautiful!” Sister Feng said sincerely.

In fact, not only Feng Sister sighed, but everyone in the live broadcast room was the same.

[L: Oh my god! This is too beautiful! 】

[True color: I will also plant coffee trees in the future! 】

[Si Yang: What about the handsome guy before? Where’s the handsome guy? 】

[Black-and-white cats: please shoot and transplant handsome guys! 】

Countless barrage appeared immediately throughout the live broadcast room.


Brother Chang, who was silently admiring the coffee flowers, his cell phone was shocked again.

It turned out that the director sent a message: to find the handsome guy who planted a coffee tree, UU read www.ukaká handsome guy’s back view.jpg.

See here…

Brother Chang was taken aback for a while.

Because, he remembers this back…

Isn’t this the young man I met in the VIP lounge yesterday?

It seems that he has also booked a plane!

Is he the one who transplanted the coffee tree?

After a while, Brother Chang picked up the phone again, coughed lightly, and said: “Every time I see this beautiful scenery, I like to use my OPPO phone to take pictures!”

Another smooth ad placement.


“Teacher Huang, Teacher He, Sister Feng, what do you think of my photo?”

Then, Brother Chang directly showed the news and photos sent by the director in front of everyone.

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Teacher He, Teacher Huang, and Sister Feng stunned after seeing the news and photos.

Especially Sister Feng, her beautiful eyes shrank slightly.

Obviously, they all recognized  Omi’s back.

I have to say that they deserve to be professional actors.

Soon, the surprise was taken back to the bottom of my heart.

Then, they all admired.

“It’s an OPPO phone, the camera is so clear!” Teacher He said.

“With the OPPO mobile phone, there is no need to bring a camera in the future.” Teacher Huang said.

“That’s right!” Sister Feng said.

After a series of unmarked placements of advertisements, they began to follow the director’s instructions, turning around and looking for the handsome guy who transplanted the coffee tree.

Along the way, they walked and talked…

It didn’t take long before he came to Su Ning’s home.

Because they remember very clearly, they saw  Omi and his classmates here yesterday, holding Australian lobsters in one hand and hairy crabs in the other, gnawing contented fat.

As if thinking of that scene again, Brother Chang and Sister Feng couldn’t help swallowing.

At this time, A-mei came over again and again and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

“What a lovely girl!” Sister Feng said in surprise, her eyes instantly turning into crescent moons.


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