The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 226-230

Teacher He smiled and said, “Little sister, weren’t there many people here yesterday? How about them?”

“Just went back!” A Mei said.

“Back… back?” Teacher He was taken aback for a moment.

Brother Chang took out his cell phone and said, “What about this person?”

“Oh, you mean Brother? He also went back together!” Amei said.

In fact, this is also normal.

After all,  Omi and the others still have classes on Monday and must return today.

When Teacher He, Teacher Huang and others heard it, they showed a touch of helplessness.

The director’s task cannot be completed.


[Qiaodu: Are you going back now? It’s a pity that I can’t see the handsome guy planting the tree! 】

[Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing: However, this little girl is so cute, she turned out to be the younger sister of the handsome boy Zhishu! 】

[Little Wenzi: It’s a pity. 】

Brother Chang just put away the phone when he suddenly saw a watch in front of him, he bent over and picked it up.

He looked at the cool appearance of the watch and couldn’t help but admire: “What a great watch!”

Teacher He, Sister Feng and Teacher Huang also followed.

“It looks so good!” Sister Feng said.

Teacher He nodded and said, “It looks really good.”

At this time, Mr. Huang, who was next to him, twisted his brows slightly and said, “Hey, this watch… show me?”

Then, he took his watch and looked carefully.

After a while, he said: “This watch…how does it seem to be the limited edition 5002P of Patek Philippe?”

I have to say that Teacher Huang deserves to be a jack of all trades.

Even a limited edition watch knows one or two.

“A Patek Philippe limited edition? That must be expensive, right?” Brother Chang said.

Teacher Huang said: “More than 17 million.”


Brother Chang, sister Feng, and Teacher He all took a breath.

Although, they are all popular stars.

However, more than 17 million watches are enough to shock them.

At this time, the sister next to her said: “This is my brother’s watch!”


[Zheng Xuhao: More than 17 million watches? Don’t tell me, is this true? 】

[The other party is typing: Should… shouldn’t it be true? Otherwise, if you lose such an expensive watch, you will find it soon, right? 】

[I love watches: I am the shop manager of Patek Philippe. I just studied it very carefully. It is indeed a genuine platinum product of Patek Philippe 5002P! The market price is now 17.6 million yuan! 】

[Treasure: So… the handsome tree planting guy, not only handsome, but also a super hero? 】

[Explanation: really* tall, rich and handsome! 】

[Huahua: This kind of tall, rich and handsome, why don’t you even have a chance to take a positive look? 】


 Omi sneezed suddenly.

Ma Zhong next to him asked, “Brother Fan, are you okay?”

 Omi rubbed his nose and said, “It’s okay.”

Then, there was a slight smile on his face.

Because, in  Omi’s mind, a clear reminder sounded.

【Ding! Complete hidden tasks, organize a perfect spring outing, and get 5 silver red envelopes. 】

Just came out to play for two days, and then completed a task and got 5 silver red envelopes.

For him, this is definitely a surprise.

Then, just like when he came,  Omi first took everyone into the VIP lounge and rested for a while.

Then, they boarded the plane together.

Perhaps, it is the reason why I have experienced it once.

Or maybe, it was a little tired from playing these two days.

This time, many students fell asleep lying on the seats of the plane.

About two hours later, when the plane landed, they were awakened by their classmates next to them and boarded the limousine bus that had been waiting at the airport.

At this moment, a classmate suddenly realized something and said: “We have been flying back and forth in the past two days, so why haven’t we seen other passengers?”

“Hey, it seems to be the case.”

“When you say that, I seem to have discovered it too!”

“Strange, just after the Spring Festival, there should be a lot of people flying by plane.”

“Moreover, I feel… we have been on the same plane these two days, even the flight attendants on the plane are exactly the same.”

 Omi listened to everyone’s discussion and replied casually: “Because I packed that plane.”

His voice is very flat.

However, it was like thunder in the ears of the classmates.

Pack that plane!

Charter the plane?

How much does it cost? !

The students have also seen it in movies, novels and other places.

But in reality… they really have never heard of it.

Now, it happened to yourself?

Their faces were filled with shock and disbelief.

At this time, many students remembered that  Omi took himself on the plane, and it seemed that he had never checked the ticket.

It turned out that  Omi had packaged the plane!

this moment…

All the students looked at  Omi, full of admiration.

In order for everyone to have a happy spring outing,  Omi even directly chartered the plane!

In fact, most people…even chartered flights are definitely not as convenient as  Omi.

The real reason, UU reading www. .com is because  Omi is the largest shareholder of Xia Guo Airlines.

About this,  Omi didn’t bother to say…

After returning to school,  Omi did not go to the dormitory, but drove Pagani Fengshen to Panlong Villa.

Then, he directly focused his attention on the five silver red envelopes.

Muttered: “See what you can get.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1 million yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 500,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, for acquiring 5% of the Volkswagen Group.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 200,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 500,000 yuan.”

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Since  Omi is the largest shareholder of Xia Guo Airlines, the charter flights and cars are all provided by Xia Guo Airlines free of charge.

For this spring outing, he just prepared tents, ingredients, chefs in advance…a total of only a few hundred thousand dollars.

However,  Omi completed the hidden task and obtained 5 silver red envelopes, which resulted in 2.2 million yuan and a 5% stake in the Volkswagen Group.

This is definitely a bumper harvest!

To know…

Volkswagen Group is not only Volkswagen, it also includes a large number of automobile companies such as Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, etc., with a total market value of more than 1,000 billion yuan.

5% of the shares are worth more than 50 billion.

In other words,  Omi invested hundreds of thousands in this spring outing and earned at least 50 billion yuan!

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 million yuan. 】

Regarding this…

 Omi didn’t pay any attention. He played with the phone for a while, then lay on the soft big bed and fell asleep deeply.

In the past two days, he was flying again, climbing mountains, and transplanting plants…He was also a little tired.

The next day, the sky was clear.

After a few small sparrows made a few crisp sounds outside the window,  Omi slowly opened his eyes.

He glanced at the phone habitually first, and a text message appeared on the screen early as usual.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remits, 3,670,000 yuan.”

Regarding this, he didn’t care at all, and instead turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 million yuan. 】

“Why is it 10 million again?”  Omi curled his lips.

Then, he didn’t rush to get up and wash.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the mobile phone in his pocket rang a brisk ring.

 Omi glanced at the call reminder, but it was an unfamiliar number. After a little hesitation, he still chose to connect.

“Excuse me, Mr. Lin?” There was a slightly low voice on the phone.

“It’s me, are you?”  Omi asked.

“Hello, Mr. Lin, I’m Hou Jiarun, manager of Fengrao Logistics… We have a batch of your cars here. I don’t know where they should be sent?” The voice on the phone said respectfully.

A batch of cars?

During this time, it seems that I haven’t ordered a car.

 Omi was stunned for a moment, and then asked, “Are you sure it’s mine? But, I haven’t booked a car during this time.”

“Excuse me, you are  Omi, Mr. Lin?” Hou Jiarun hesitated for a moment before asking again.

“It’s me.”  Omi said.

“That’s right, these cars were sent to me by the Volkswagen Group.” Hou Jiarun said.

When  Omi heard this, his face finally showed a daze.

If it is the Volkswagen Group, it makes sense.

After all,  Omi had a similar experience when he acquired LV and shares.

 Omi said, “Then you send it to Panlong Villa in Jiangbei, do you know the location?”

“I know, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes, okay?” Hou Jiarun asked.

 Omi answered: “Yes.”

After hanging up the phone,  Omi took out the bread from the refrigerator and bake it in the bread machine for a while. Then it was served with high-grade butter, wagyu beef slices, Australian lobster meat, organic vegetables, etc., and a glass of high-end ranch milk. …

In this way, it can be regarded as a simple breakfast homemade.

“Jingle Bell!”

Just after  Omi had eaten breakfast, the mobile phone in his pocket rang another brisk ring.

“Mr. Lin, I’m here…” Hou Jiarun’s voice came through the phone.

 Omi heard this and looked out the window.

Sure enough, two super-long trailers measuring 20 to 30 meters appeared in the field of vision.

Each trailer is divided into three floors, and each floor is full of vehicles including Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, and Porsche.

Rao  Omi has guessed that the number of cars sent by the Volkswagen Group should not be small.

However, after seeing this scene, I was still surprised.

These cars…

Is it all his own?

This number… I’m afraid there are dozens of them, right?

 Omi slowly walked out with a trace of doubt.

The round-faced man in the trailer quickly saw  Omi. He hurried down and said respectfully: “Mr. Lin, hello, this is Hou Jiarun who just called you.”

“Manager Hou, hello.”  Omi said, “Are these cars all mine?”

“Yes, where do you think I put these cars?” Hou Jiarun asked.

“Ah…just stop along the road ahead.”  Omi said.

The road that  Omi pointed to was the public road in the Panlong Villas.

Generally speaking, parking is not allowed on this road.

However, the entire Panlong villa group belonged to  Omi alone, so this rule naturally didn’t apply.

With the help of a few workers, all the vehicles finally stopped on the road for about half an hour.

“Then… Mr. Lin, if there is nothing wrong, we will leave first.” Hou Jiarun said.

From seeing  Omi to leaving now, Hou Jiarun has always maintained a very respectful attitude.

No wonder…

Because he knew that the president of the Volkswagen Group personally arranged the delivery of these cars.

The identity of  Omi, who is so important to the president of Volkswagen Group, is…you can imagine how remarkable it is.

“Okay.”  Omi said.

“Jingle Bell!”

Just after the two trailers left,  Omi’s mobile phone rang another brisk ring.

This time, it was an unfamiliar number from abroad.

“Mr. Lin, hello.” A very bad Chinese language came through the phone.

“Hello.”  Omi said, and at the same time, he had guessed the identity of the other party in his heart.

Immediately afterwards, there was another clear voice on the phone.

“Mr. Lin, I am the secretary of the President of Volkswagen Group, William Hull. Mr. William Hull asked me to greet you on his behalf. He expressed his gratitude to you for your support and letter to Volkswagen Group…”

“In addition, Mr. William Hull asked Mr. Lin, you should have received the batch of vehicles from the Volkswagen Group? Are you satisfied?”

 Omi said: “You tell William Hull, I am very satisfied.”

So, there was a burst of English on the phone.

Immediately afterwards, the secretary said: “Mr. William Hull said that Mr. Lin likes it. In the future, the new cars of the Volkswagen Group will continue to be given to you.”

 Omi has professional-level English proficiency. UU read www. .com he heard what William Hull said clearly.

Even fluent conversations can be carried out in English.

However, he did not raise it, let alone speak in English.

Because I am from Huaxia!

 Omi said, “Help me say thank you to him.”

After a short greeting,  Omi finally hung up the phone.

Then, he glanced at the long lines of Volkswagen and Audi cars on the road, with a strange look on his face.

“With so many cars, you can change one every day for a month, so you don’t need to change the same… If you use it to drive Didi, I’m afraid you can drive it for a lifetime.”

As soon as these words fell,  Omi’s mind suddenly sounded a clear and uplifting sound.

【Ding! Trigger the task, complete 5 special Didi orders, and reward 5 golden red envelopes. 】

The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving   !

 Omi was stunned for a while listening to the prompt sound in his mind.

5 special Didi orders, reward 5 golden red envelopes?

Golden red envelope!

 Omi’s eyes moved slightly, he had never received a golden red envelope.

This can’t help but make him interested.

 Omi glanced at the time and murmured: “It’s too late to go to school now, so let’s not go today…”

Then,  Omi took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Sun Jiao who asked for leave.

Most people ask for leave before school starts, and the counselor will definitely give him a bad meal and ask the other party to come to class immediately.

However,  Omi was different.

The school leaders have given notice long ago to give the greatest freedom.

Therefore, Sun Yaodong directly replied to the news of agreement.

See here…

 Omi opened a Santana next to it and downloaded Didi to register quickly.

Then, he stepped on the accelerator and galloped outside.

Santana is not like a supercar, and it has five or six hundred horsepower.

Santana has only 119 horsepower.

But, just like this,  Omi has a kind of slow and relaxed feeling.

“Ding Dong!”

Not long after,  Omi received a Didi, only 2 kilometers away from him.

This is a middle-aged man wearing a designer shirt and gold glasses.

After he got in the car, he first glanced at  Omi faintly.

Then, in a slightly arrogant tone, he said, “Did you buy this car?”

“Oh, no…I didn’t buy the car.”  Omi replied casually.

The arrogant look on the face of the middle-aged man even worsened.

Before he wanted to come, since the car was not bought by himself.

So, parents must have helped buy it.

A man in his twenties can’t even afford a Santana. He only knows that relying on his parents is really a waste.

However, how did he know…

This Santana was indeed not bought by  Omi, but given by the president of the Volkswagen Group.

Then, the middle-aged man said again: “Young man, it should be easy to drive Didi, right?”

 Omi was single holding the steering wheel and said casually: “Yes, it’s very easy.”

Suddenly, the middle-aged man looked at  Omi, showing a touch of regret and hatred for iron and steel.

Sighed and said, “Do you know? When I was your age, I had nothing, very poor…”

“However, I never reached out to my parents, nor did I find an easy job. Instead, I kept gritting my teeth, working hard, and fighting hard!”

“Finally! Huangtian pays off. After years of hard work, I finally have my own Porsche, my own villa, and several houses… Moreover, there is also a company with a market value of tens of millions! “

“Do you know the Jiaye Building? It is a high-end office building in the center of our Jiangbei city. My company is in the Jiaye Building!”

When the middle-aged man said this, his face showed unconcealable pride.

 Omi couldn’t help becoming very weird looking at his appearance.

Is he pretending to be forced in front of him in a different way?

However, Jia Yip Building? Isn’t that your own building?

In fact,  Omi was right.

When middle-aged men see some young people who have been bitter, but honest, they like to use the appearance of a successful person and pretend to be forceful in front of them.

Then, those young people will show their longing for the future and admire themselves immensely.

Middle-aged men like this feeling very much.

“Ahem!” The middle-aged man seemed to feel that his performance was a little too obvious, so he coughed lightly and said with earnest heart, “Young man, work hard, you can be like me in the future.”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

 Omi directly pressed the car phone.

Suddenly, there was a very respectful voice in the car stereo.

“Hello, Mr. Lin, this is Xiao Wang, the property manager of Qiankun Building. The rent for the building has been collected this year. The total amount is 76 million yuan… Is it directly transferred to the bank card you left last time? “

Most people, if they suddenly hear that they are about to receive 76 million yuan, they will definitely be ecstatic.

However,  Omi’s performance was very flat.

Just casually said: “Yes, just turn around.”

No wonder, he would be like this.

Because  Omi now earns more than 13 million yuan every day for signing in, breathing, walking, and sleeping.

76 million yuan was earned after 6 days of lying down.

 Omi didn’t care anymore.

However, the middle-aged man sitting in the Santana car opened his mouth wide and his entire face was full of incredible color.

76 million yuan!

Adding up all his assets, I am afraid that he does not have so much money.

This young man who opened Didi directly received a rent of 76 million yuan?

He owns the entire Qiankun Building?

Do not!

This is absolutely impossible!

It must be the person on the phone, coaxing himself, joking!

That’s right!

It must be so!

Otherwise, this young man would not be able to open Didi here!

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man’s face became relaxed again.

“Okay, I’ll order Finance… Then I won’t disturb you, Mr. Lin, goodbye.” Xiao Wang said.

 Omi just hung up the phone, but shortly afterwards, the phone rang another brisk ring.

“Hello, Mr. Lin, this is Xiaoqin, the property manager of Baijia Building. The rent for the building has been collected in accordance with the contract this year. The total amount is 85 million yuan… Is it transferred to your China Merchants Bank?” Xiao Qin said .

“Yes.”  Omi said.

“Okay, I’ll let people turn over… then I won’t bother Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, goodbye.” Xiao Qin said.

85 million yuan?

Baijia Building also belongs to this young man?

How can it be!

When he heard the first call, the middle-aged man still had a trace of doubt in his heart…

What if, what if Qiankun Mansion really belongs to this young man?

At this time, he completely forgot this doubt.


There is a building, it is already very remarkable.

Two buildings?

That is absolutely impossible!

This young man, I am afraid that when he was not paying attention, he secretly sent a message to someone to brag about him.

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man looked at  Omi with mocking expressions.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang again.

“Hello, Mr. Lin, I am Lu Weili, the property manager of the Magic Capital Global Financial Building. The rent for the building has been collected this year. The total amount is 1.591 billion yuan… Now transfer it to your China Merchants Bank card, do you think you can? “Lv Weili said.

1.591 million?

 Omi’s tone also showed a touch of joy, and said: “Yes, just turn around.”

“Okay, then I won’t bother Mr. Lin for now.” Lu Weili said.

The middle-aged man sitting next to almost didn’t laugh.

Also 1.591 billion yuan?

He had completely regarded  Omi’s words as a lie.

It’s really laughable to let people act without thinking about the actual situation!

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang again.

“Mr. Lin, hello! I am Xiao Zhang, the property manager of Jiaye Building…”

After hearing this voice, the smile on the middle-aged man’s face stopped slightly.

Because he is very familiar with this voice…

The owner of this voice seems to be the property manager of Jiaye Building who he personally visited yesterday and gave a gift… Zhang Wenzhong!

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Why… why is it so like Zhang Wenzhong’s voice?

The middle-aged man looked up at Santana’s car navigation system with full of doubts.

only saw…

There are three big characters on the car navigation: Zhang Wenzhong!

See here…

The middle-aged man trembled slightly.

Say… Maybe it’s the same name!


It must be so!

Then, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and compared the stored Zhang Wenzhong number with the number on the car navigation system.


It’s exactly the same!

The caller turned out to be Zhang Wenzhong, the property manager of Jiaye Building!

In the past, wherever Zhang Wenzhong walked, he was always arrogant and treated respectfully by many people.

When… heard him use such a respectful tone to others?

Even claiming to be Xiao Zhang?

Xiao Zhang?


This… simply unimaginable!

At this time, Zhang Wenzhong’s respectful voice sounded in the car audio: “Mr. Lin, all the rents for all office buildings in Jiaye Building this year have been collected. The total is 83 million yuan. May I transfer to your China Merchants Bank Card? Inside?”

As soon as he said this, the middle-aged man froze completely.

The rent of the office building of Jiaye Building is all transferred to the card of the young man in front of him.

Then, Jiaye Building… must belong to him!

It turns out that he has never acted!

Qiankun Building belongs to him, Baijia Building belongs to him, and the World Financial Building in Magic Capital… also belongs to him!

Qiankun Building, Baijia Building and Jiaye Building are all high-end office buildings in Jiangbei. The market prices are all over 1 billion, totaling over 3 billion!

The World Financial Building in the magic city is even more of a famous high-end office building in China, with a value of more than tens of billions!

The young man in front of him…what kind of supernatural being?

The middle-aged man couldn’t help half opening his mouth, completely dumbfounded.

 Omi didn’t pay attention to what he meant, and said lightly to the phone: “Yes, just transfer it to my China Merchants Bank card.”

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

Then,  Omi sighed at the middle-aged man and said, “Hey, I thought about it… I still can’t work hard like you did when you were young.”

“Otherwise, when you are your age, there are only tens of millions of assets left, that would be too miserable…”

When the middle-aged man heard this, his entire face immediately turned red. He did not expect that a young man who opened Didi would be such a legendary super hero.

Is it true that the real rich people are so low-key?

At this time, he could not wait to pull out the three rooms and one hall with his feet.

As soon as he arrived at his destination, the middle-aged man ran out of the car as if fled.

 Omi couldn’t help but smiled and touched his nose, then focused his attention on the system task.

[Task: Complete 5 special Didi orders and reward 5 golden red envelopes. Progress: 1/5. 】

See here…

 Omi’s eyes lit up slightly.

This…even if you complete a special Didi order?

Is it that every order received is a special order?

It’s too easy, right?

Thinking of this,  Omi couldn’t help showing a relaxed smile.


At this time, his mobile phone shook slightly, and a new Didi order appeared, only 1 kilometer away.

 Omi stepped on the accelerator and moved forward quickly.

This single is a woman who is peaceful along the way.

After  Omi sent her to the destination, he took a look at the task, but there was no movement in the progress.

Immediately afterwards,  Omi took two more orders.

However, the task progress remains unchanged.

 Omi murmured, “Sure enough, special Didi orders are not so easy to appear!”

However,  Omi was not too bored either.

Because, driving slowly, he is also very relaxed and at ease.

When  Omi arrived at a red light at an intersection.

At this moment,  Omi’s cell phone shook slightly.


Red envelopes appear!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 333 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 99 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 19,999 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan.”

This time,  Omi received a total of 42,312 yuan.

Seeing this…  Omi curled his lips involuntarily and threw the phone aside.

Then, at a nearby restaurant with two Michelin stars, I ordered 880 yuan for one case of matsutake, 2,000 yuan for a small yellow croaker, 2,000 yuan for an organic tomato beef pot, 500 yuan for a case of pigeon soup…

 Omi’s lunch was solved simply.

Hungry and sleepy.

After  Omi had eaten, he began to yawn, and he did not return to Panlong Villa.

But at the nearby Hilton Hotel, he spent 10,000 yuan to open a presidential suite and fell asleep.

After all, it takes dozens of minutes to return to Panlong Villa, which is too much trouble.

As for the Didi mission?

He is not in a hurry either.

In fact,  Omi chose to complete this task.

First, it was out of curiosity about the golden red envelopes.

Secondly, I want to experience Didi’s life.

Otherwise… If it is a task that is very hard and tiring to complete,  Omi probably won’t bother at all.

This time,  Omi slept very comfortably.

When he opened his eyes, it was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Then, after  Omi asked the waiter to deliver a high-end dessert and fruit, he returned to Santana and started the experience life of Didi again.

Soon,  Omi completed three Didi orders, however, the task progress remained unchanged.

When the sky is getting darker…


His phone shook slightly, and a new order appeared.

However, this time, there was a red envelope of 300 yuan under the order, and a message: After arriving, please pretend to be my boyfriend to help me out. The red envelope is a thank you gift, trouble! By the way, my name is Xiaoxuan.

The driver of Didi… will encounter this kind of thing?

Is this a special order?

 Omi quickly arrived at his destination with a trace of doubt.

Not far away, standing a woman with delicate facial features, wearing a light-colored windbreaker outside, a white shirt and black gauze skirt inside, a slender, plump (oYo) woman.

Next to her… is standing a man in a plaid shirt, talking to her.

The woman frowns slightly, UU reading www. . Com Qiao’s face is faintly bored and helpless.

At this time, the woman happened to see Santana coming by, turning sideways.

She quietly took out her phone and looked at the license plate number.

Then, with a nervous mind, she walked two steps forward and waved again and again.

Obviously, this is the customer of Didi’s order: Xiaoxuan.

 Omi also noticed her, and first quietly used True Eye on her.

[Face value: 92]

[Favorite degree: 50]

 Omi secretly said: “At 92, it’s no wonder that people will be chased after him.”

Then,  Omi directly parked the car in front of him, then walked out of the cab, smiled and said, “Xiao Xuan, have you been waiting for a long time?”

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 The fastest update of the Luckiest man in the world : the latest chapter from receiving   !

 Omi’s attitude is to do his job and love his job.

Now that the Didi order is accepted, it must follow the rules.

not to mention……

Xiaoxuan also has a good appearance with 92 points.

Therefore,  Omi didn’t mind pretending Xiaoxuan’s boyfriend.

In fact…

Xiaoxuan asked Didi’s driver to pretend to be her boyfriend. She was both worried and helpless.

Because she really can’t help being harassed.

At the same time, Xiaoxuan didn’t know what kind of person a Didi driver would be.

In case… it’s a wretched greasy uncle.

What should I do?

At this time, Xiaoxuan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief after seeing  Omi’s sunny and handsome appearance.

There was even a touch of joy in my heart.

She smiled and said: “I didn’t wait a while, I just came here.”

At this moment, the man who had been standing next to Xiao Xuan before accosted, his eyes were cold, and he said solemnly, “Xiao Xuan, who is he?”

Xiaoxuan opened her small cherry mouth and squatted: “He…he is…”

After all,  Omi was just the Didi driver he had called.

She was so embarrassed to say that it was her boyfriend.

 Omi said straightforwardly: “I am Xiao Xuan’s boyfriend,  Omi. Who are you?”


The man’s face sank suddenly.

He also heard Xiaoxuan say that he has a boyfriend.

However, the man has always thought that this is the reason for Xiao Xuan to talk.

After all, none of Xiaoxuan’s colleagues had ever seen her boyfriend.

Now, is it true?

Xiaoxuan, such a beautiful woman, has a boyfriend?

The man glanced at Santana next to him, and a look of disdain flashed across his face.

A man who drives Santana, even if he is Xiaoxuan’s boyfriend now.

But, soon, I will let you know that you are not worthy!

Thinking of this, the man said in a lofty tone: “This is Zou Zheng, you should have heard of Datong Company? That is our company.”

 Omi said in a slightly surprised tone: “Does Datong Company belong to your family?”

“Yes!” Zou Zheng said proudly.

He seemed to have seen  Omi nodding and bowing to himself, constantly pleasing him.

There was a nervous look on Qiao’s face on Xiaoxuan next to her.

Could it be that…  Omi happened to have a cooperative relationship with Datong Company?

Or even the employees of Datong Company directly?

He says later that he is not his boyfriend, what should he do?

At this time,  Omi shook his head and said, “I haven’t heard of it.”

Xiaoxuan snorted and laughed directly.

In fact,  Omi reversed too much.

And Zou Zheng almost didn’t choke, his brows jumped wildly, and he grinned, “You’re fine!”

 Omi said relaxedly: “Yeah, I have always been fine.”

Although  Omi taught Zou Zheng to make Xiaoxuan very happy.

However, she felt the atmosphere full of gunpowder at the scene, and couldn’t help but panic said: ” Omi, it’s too early, let’s go back first.”

Because she knows exactly how powerful Zou Zheng’s family is.

However,  Omi is just a Didi driver.

If you trouble Zou Zheng afterwards because you provoke him, you will really feel sorry.

 Omi also saw Xiaoxuan’s thoughts and couldn’t help but nodded inwardly.

Zou Zheng said: “Don’t worry about leaving! I’ll set up a game, let’s go have a drink together.”

“Sorry, I don’t like drinking.” Xiaoxuan answered casually, and then turned around to walk towards Santana.


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps behind him.

Then, a middle-aged man in a white shirt strode over.

After he saw Zou Zheng, the silver-rimmed glasses faintly reflected the light of excitement, and he flattered: “Zou Shao, why are you under our company? Why don’t you go there for a cup of coffee?”

Zou Zheng glanced at him, his eyes moved slightly, and said: “I won’t drink the coffee. Originally, I was planning to make appointments with the young bosses of Fujia Company and Fengyuan Company to have dinner together.”

“As a result, An Xuan of your company refused to go there. Forget it, then I will leave.”

The middle-aged man couldn’t help feeling a little anxious.

To know……

Fujia Company, Fengyuan Company, and Zou Zhengjia’s Datong Company are all major customers that their company must win.

But, for a long time, he has no good solutions.

Nowadays, Zou Zheng wants to organize the bureau to have dinner with the young masters of Fujia Company and Fengyuan Company. What a good opportunity is this?

Absolutely… definitely not to be missed!

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man turned around and said: “An Xuan, now I give you a task to go to the dinner with Shao Zou!”

An Xuan said, “But, manager, I have promised to go to dinner with my boyfriend.”

Manager Li sternly said: “When can I not eat with my boyfriend? This task is very important and involves a major company contract. Therefore, it will be linked to your salary and year-end bonus!”

An Xuan said that her body could not help but stagnate.

She has to send a sum of money home every month, plus her own expenses…Bonus and salary are too important to her.

She bit her red lip and whispered: “Okay, I’ll go to the dinner.”

 Omi next to him whispered: “Don’t worry, I will accompany you over.”

Then, he glanced at Manager Li and Zou Zheng next to him, and said indifferently: “I am worried about the safety of my girlfriend. I will accompany it with him. Isn’t it any problem?”

“If this can’t be agreed, then I can only suspect that you are plotting wrong with my girlfriend, and then I will let her leave the job tomorrow.”

Manager Li couldn’t help looking at Zou Zheng.

Zou Zheng sneered: “If you want to come, come on.”

In fact, he didn’t intend to take advantage of An Xuan at all today.

After all, it is a society ruled by law today.

As long as you do something out of the ordinary, you will definitely lose yourself.

The gain is not worth the loss.

Zou Zheng’s purpose is to show An Xuan how extravagant her life is.

At the same time, it also made  Omi understand how far he is from himself!

Manager Li heard this, hesitated for a moment, and asked: “Then…may I go there together?”

In fact, today’s meal is too important for the company.

He was worried that An Xuan, a female employee, could not take care of the overall situation.

Zou Zhengying said: “Yes.”

After all,  Omi is here now, and it doesn’t matter if one more person is added.

What’s more, this manager Li can also restrain An Xuan.

Manager Li happily said, “Thank you Shao Zou!”

After a asked again: “By the way, Shao Zou, do we have a place for today’s dinner?”

“Emperor Hotel.” Zou Zhengdao.

Manager Li immediately gave a thumbs up and admired: “The Emperor Hotel is the facade of our Jiangbei, and it is also the most high-end restaurant. I have never been willing to go in for a meal… As expected, Shao Zou!”

When Zou Zhengyan heard this, he couldn’t help showing a smug smile.

Xindao: Let this manager Li follow, sure enough!

Then, he did not forget to cast a proud look at  Omi.

It looks like it’s like saying: boy, today I will let you know how big the gap between us is!

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After  Omi heard Zou Zheng’s words, he showed a strange look.

Eating at the Emperor Hotel?

Isn’t that your own hotel?

Zou is going to organize a meal in his hotel?

Manager Li didn’t notice the change in  Omi’s expression at all. He flattered and said: “Zou Shao, my car is in front. Do I need me to drive you to the Emperor Hotel?”

“No.” Zou Zheng waved his hand, and then he took out the car key and pressed it lightly.

Suddenly, the red Porsche 911 in the distance, the rear lights of the car immediately lit up, and a whistle sounded.

Manager Li admired again: “Porsche 911! F*ck, Shao Zou, awesome!”

Zou Zheng couldn’t help showing a smug smile again, and then said to An Xuan: “It’s too early now, Xiao Xuan, you should be very hungry? My Porsche 911 is faster and safer…I Let’s drive you to the Emperor Hotel.”


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