The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 236-240

The next moment, his eyes fell on the middle-aged man in a black suit in the hall.

“Dad!” Zou Zheng exclaimed in surprise.

Now, what he most wanted to do was to go home and ask his dad what thigh his Datong company had on earth, but he didn’t expect to meet his dad before he got home.

When Zou Daqiang saw his son appear here, there was an unexpected look on his face.

To know……

This is the Emperor Hotel, and the consumption is very high.

Even Zou Daqiang… only for some important business entertainment, would choose the Emperor Hotel.

“Why are you here?” Zou Daqiang asked.

Zou Zhengdao: “Invite a few friends to dinner… Dad, I have something to ask you, is there any big company our family is going to cooperate with?”

Zou Daqiang thought of the person invited for today’s dinner, nodded slowly, and said, “It is possible.”

“Hahaha! Really?!” Zou Zheng exclaimed excitedly, “Ari, Penguin, or the letter beating?”

Du Shao, Pang Shao, Manager Li and others who were standing nearby also showed a touch of excitement, all of them pricked their ears.

However, Zou Daqiang frowned and said, “What are the beating letters, Ahri, Penguin? Our home is not an Internet company!”

He still didn’t say a word in his heart, how can these giant companies cooperate with our small company?

When Zou Zhengyan heard this, he couldn’t help but stunned.

Isn’t it?

The general manager of the Emperor Hotel, why would he personally serve himself?

Why did the chairman of those Internet companies come over to toast themselves?

“Brother Fan!”

At this time, a surprised identity suddenly sounded in the distance.

Then, a group of men and women in suits and leather shoes, all exuding a good atmosphere, walked quickly from a distance.

Liu Yuhang, a young master of Liu’s medicine, Zhang Zhou, chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City, Manager Li, and Song Pingchang, chairman of An Xuan’s company, are all among them.

This surprised voice came from Liu Yuhang’s mouth.

“Shao Liu, Dong Zhang…Hello!” Zou Daqiang said hurriedly and respectfully.

“Song Dong is good.” Manager Li and An Xuan said hurriedly.

After Song Ping often saw the two, he couldn’t help showing an unexpected look.

However, the two of them were ignored either.

Because he still has more important things.

That is to accompany these people around you.

This is very important to your company!

Liu Yuhang didn’t even look at Zou Daqiang. He went straight to  Omi and said happily, “Why don’t we say that our buddies are predestined?”

“I only met in Qingshi a while ago, but now I met again in Jiangbei! Hahaha!”

While speaking, Liu Yuhang directly put his hand on  Omi’s shoulder.

Zhang Zhou, the chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City next to him, respectfully said: “Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Suddenly, everyone on the scene turned their attention to  Omi.

Zou Zheng, Pang Shao, Du Shao, Li Manager and others had a faint premonition in their hearts.

“You…who are you?” Zou Zheng couldn’t help but ask.

 Omi said: “Zou Shao, you are really an honorable person who forgets things. Am I just a Didi driver? Oh, forget, I’m still the person who you and Manager Li agree is the most suitable person to be a security guard.”

All the people present are human spirits, why can’t I hear what  Omi meant?

Suddenly, Zhang Zhou, Liu Yuhang, Zou Daqiang, Song Pingchang and others all cast their eyes on Zou Zheng and Manager Li.

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly became extremely dull.

Liu Yuhang said coldly: “In Brother Fan’s hotel, said that Brother Fan is the most suitable security guard? Brother Fan, are you afraid that you have never experienced such a thing?”

As soon as this statement came out, Zou Daqiang, Song Pingchang, Zou Zheng, Pang Shao, Du Shao and others suddenly had a sudden heartbeat.

At Fan’s hotel?

In other words…

The Emperor Hotel… is  Omi’s?

As if to verify everyone’s guess, Wang Fengyi, general manager of the Imperial Hotel, walked over from a distance and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Lin.”


It was at this time that the elevator doors opened.

The chairman of the network Jiang Cheng, the chairman of Qingzhou Information, Zheng Wenxiang, and other people who had previously toasted in the VIP 8 box, strolled out.

When they saw  Omi in the distance they quickened their pace.

Then, they respectfully said together: “Hello, Mr. Lin.”


Zou Zheng, Manager Li, Pang Shao, Du Shao and others finally all understood.

They understand why the general manager of the Imperial Hotel should personally serve everyone, because  Omi is the owner of the Imperial Hotel!

They also understand why a group of chairmen came to the box to toast, because  Omi has an extraordinary identity!

But it was not the Datong company of Zou Zheng’s family at all.

Seeing his son provoke such a terrible big man, Zou Daqiang’s entire popularity trembled. He raised his hand and slapped Zou Zheng’s face with a slap, and shouted, “Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Lin!”

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It was a bit late to queue up for the second vaccine today.


This slap was very loud, rippling back and forth in the lobby of the Emperor Hotel.

The left half of Zou Zheng’s face quickly became red and swollen.

It was this slap that made Zou Zheng understand that he really provoked someone who shouldn’t be provoked.

So Zou Zheng said in a panic: “Yes… I’m sorry… Lin… Mr. Lin.”

Standing next to him, Song Pingchang, who had not spoken, followed in a low voice and shouted, “Li Xiong! Quickly apologize to Mr. Lin!”

At this time, how much Song Ping hoped that Li Xiong was his son?

Because, if that’s the case, he could slap Li Xiong’s face severely to vent his anger at this time.

Manager Li shivered with fright, a layer of cold sweat oozes out of his forehead, and he stammered: “Lin…Mr. Lin, I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”

At this moment, in addition to panic, Manager Li also had endless regrets.

I clearly noticed that Jiang Cheng was toasting to  Omi, why…why did you even laugh at  Omi?

 Omi didn’t care about the thoughts in their hearts.

He said relaxedly: “You still have to eat? I have finished eating, so let’s go first.”

Then, he turned around and said to An Xuan, who was completely stunned next to him, “Let’s go.”

“Ah…ah…” An Xuan mune responded, and then, like a puppet, followed  Omi swayingly towards the outside.

After  Omi left, the atmosphere in the lobby of the Emperor Hotel became even more dull.

Zou Daqiang squirmed his throat, and finally said, “I…Should we go to the box to eat first?”

“Eating? Huh!” Liu Yuhang sneered, then turned and walked outside.

Zhang Zhou, chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City, and a large group of people followed closely behind him.

Song Ping often looked at the backs of everyone leaving, and his entire popularity trembled.

My company is now at an important stage. How much effort has it taken to have today’s meal? So that the company has a chance?

As a result… As a result, it is all gone now!

He shouted sharply: “Li Xiong, from now on, you are no longer the manager of our company, you have been fired!”

Li Xiong’s face instantly turned white.

He stayed in the company for many years before he got his current position.

It is also this job that Li Xiong can support mortgage and car loans.

Now… is going to be gone?

Li Xiong said anxiously: “Dong… Chairman, please… please, give me another chance.”

However, Song Ping usually ignored him at all and walked outside.

Zou Daqiang coldly glanced at Zou Zheng, whose eyes were drooping.

If he could, how much he wanted to be like Song Ping, so he didn’t want Zou Zheng.


No way!

Because Zou is his own son!

The only son!

Zou Daqiang took a deep breath and said, “I only know the things that are causing trouble, so why not get out of me?”

Zou Zhengying said: “Okay, Dad.”

Then, the father and son are also preparing to leave the Emperor Hotel.

At this time, Wang Fengyi suddenly said, “I’m sorry, you can’t leave now.”

“Oh?” Zou Daqiang couldn’t help but wonder.

Wang Fengyi said, “Your son hasn’t paid the bill yet.”

Zou Zheng whispered: “How much is it?”

While talking, he would take out his cell phone.

Wang Fengyi said: “A total of 2,352,168 yuan.”

“More…how much?” Zou Zheng asked with a slight tremor.

Wang Fengyi took out the bill and said: “Australian lobster is 3888 yuan, and ice and snow bird’s nest is 488 yuan… Drinks are 2216880 yuan.”

“Why is the drink so expensive? I just drank a few bottles of Moutai and two bottles of red wine.” Zou Zheng exclaimed.

“Because, you ordered two bottles of the best 1945 Margaux dry red wine from our Imperial Hotel.” Wang Fengyi said.

“Prodigal stuff!” Zou Daqiang shouted loudly, and then, he raised his hand again and slapped Zou Zheng’s face fiercely.


Suddenly, Zou Zheng’s right half of his face also became red and swollen.


 Omi naturally did not know what happened next at the Emperor Hotel.

He drove Santana all the way, and it didn’t take long before he came to a dilapidated community.

 Omi looked at the familiar buildings in the community with a strange look on his face.

Because  Omi lived here before he got the system.

He still clearly remembered how annoying the landlady Wang Siqin was.

An Xuan seems to have recovered from the affairs of the Emperor Hotel at this time, and said softly, “Thank you for today…”

 Omi said casually: “You’re welcome, it’s just a small matter.”

An Xuan opened her small cherry-like mouth again, as if she wanted to say something.

But in the end, he couldn’t say it, and he walked towards the dilapidated building.

 Omi didn’t care too much, as if he felt a little bored in the car.

So he walked out of the cab and took two light breaths.

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the task system.

Task: Complete 5 special Didi orders and reward 5 golden red envelopes. Progress: 25.

See here…

 Omi couldn’t help but twitched slightly, and murmured in his heart: Sure enough… the order just now is also a special order!

“Huh! Isn’t this  Omi?” At this moment, a harsh voice rang behind him.

Even if  Omi hadn’t turned around, he knew that the owner of this voice… was his former landlady Wang Siqin.

Wang Siqin sneered: “A while ago, didn’t you drive tens of millions of cars? How do you change to Santana now?”

“By the way, why did you come to our community? Why, want to rent a house again? Our family still has an empty house, but, the price is 100 a month more than before!”

At this time, Wang Siqin was very cheerful.

When Wang Siqin saw  Omi driving a tens of millions of sports cars and a large number of real estate certificates, he would be so envious and jealous that he couldn’t sleep.

Today, she saw  Omi drive Santana to the gate of the community again. The former envy and jealousy disappeared like a cloud of smoke.

Instead, it’s gloating, it’s invigorating!


Before  Omi spoke, a siren suddenly sounded not far away.

Then, a BMW 530li stopped steadily next to it.

Han Tian walked over with slender white legs and said happily: “I thought I was wrong, it turned out to be you,  Omi!”

When she called out the name  Omi, her voice became sweet after a pause, and then said: “Originally, I was planning to find you tomorrow. Unexpectedly, I met today. “

“Look for me?”  Omi asked in confusion.

Han Tian said: “Yes, you have all received the rent for the 132 house in Wanjia Huafu and the 1058 house in Zhenhu Yuting that you put in our Lianjia Real Estate for rent… I will make the specific details. If there is no problem, I can ask Finance to transfer the money to you.”

As soon as this remark comes out…

Standing next to him, Wang Siqin immediately opened his mouth and froze in a daze.

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132 houses in Wanjia Huafu?

You know, Wanjia Huafu is the best school district room in Jiangbei. The house price is 50,000 per square meter and there are 132 houses. How much does it cost?

Collecting rent alone is definitely a lot of money!

And Zhenhu Yuting is a famous mansion in Jiangbei, each of which is at least more than 5 million, 1058? How much does this cost?

How much can I get from rent collection?

Wang Siqin’s entire head was completely down.

As if to answer Wang Siqin’s doubts, Han Tian continued: “The three-month rent in Wanjiahua Mansion is 1,298,800 yuan in total.”

“Zhenhu Yuting’s three-month rent is 10,212,880 yuan in total.”

While talking, Han Tian took out a stack of documents from the car.

Upon hearing this, Wang Siqin only felt that breathing had become difficult.

1.29 million, 10.21 million!

She has never seen so much money in her life, and this… is just  Omi’s rent for three months?

 Omi didn’t look at the document, and said, “Between us, why are you still looking at this? It’s too early. How about going for a late night snack?”

 Omi didn’t care about this money anymore.

After all, the money he gets when he wakes up every day is more than the rent for these three months.

Seeing that  Omi believed in herself so much, Han Tian smiled and said, “Okay.”

Then, the two of them didn’t even bother standing by, just like Wang Siqin of Petrochemical, they got into their respective cars, kicked the accelerator, and galloped away.

The two did not choose a high-end restaurant for supper, but at the invitation of Han Tian, ​​they came to her home.

Han Tian’s house is very clean and tidy. The white latex painted walls and the black painted door frames make the whole house full of modern and simple style.

After she got home, she personally gave  Omi food.

Then, another plate of fresh fruit was prepared.

 Omi played with water-stained grapes and said, “Have you ever eaten imported fruits?”

“Imported fruits?” Han Tian was taken aback for a while, she didn’t understand why  Omi asked this.

 Omi smiled and said, “I have a chance to taste it today.”

After speaking, he put the grapes in his innermost place, and then moved towards Han Tian.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


The rain is gurgling outside the curtain, and spring is waning.

Flowing water and flowers are going to spring, heaven and earth.

One night without sleep.

The next day.

 Omi ate breakfast slowly, then came downstairs and began a relaxed life in Didi.

He only drove it for a while before he received the order.

This is an ordinary office worker, but after talking about the location when getting in the car, he silently played with his mobile phone.

As  Omi expected, this was not a special order in the task.

Then,  Omi drove leisurely on the spacious road.


At this time, his mobile phone shook slightly, and another Didi order appeared.

 Omi turned the steering wheel and quickly came to the location.

At this time, two men were waiting nearby.

When  Omi saw them, he was slightly stunned.

Because the younger one was actually  Omi’s acquaintance, and he was a high school classmate he hadn’t seen for a long time… Liu Gonglu.

In high school,  Omi and Liu Gonglu even spent a short time at the same table.

“Liu Gonglu.”  Omi shouted.

Liu Gonglu didn’t notice  Omi at all at first.

At this time… after hearing the sound, he also cried out in surprise: ” Omi, haha! Why are you? We haven’t seen each other for a long time!”

 Omi said, “Yes, I haven’t seen each other since I graduated from high school.”

“By the way, didn’t I hear that you were studying at Jiangbei University? Why did you start Didi?” Liu Gonglu asked.

 Omi said, “Just drive and play.”

 Omi didn’t talk nonsense about this.

On the one hand, he really did it to accomplish the task.

On the other hand, he really did it for fun.

Especially,  Omi found it even more interesting after experiencing the incident of pretending to be a boyfriend yesterday.

However, what  Omi said… to Liu Gonglu’s ears, it has another meaning.

Not long ago, Liu Gonglu saw a classmate who said that  Omi is the richest second generation in the class, and he is still studying at Jiangbei University.

Now it seems that this matter is not true.

No wonder Liu Gonglu thinks so.

After all, which college student will come out to open Didi?

Moreover, it is still during class.

As for… the rich second generation? It’s even more impossible.


There are indeed some rich second generations who are opening Didi, saying that they are experiencing life.

But, in fact?

They usually drive luxury cars such as Porsches and Bentleys. Where is the experience of life? It’s simply to show off, to pick up girls!

How can a rich second generation drive a Santana?

However, Liu Gonglu didn’t get too entangled in this matter, and said: “During the Chinese New Year, I saw the group said that the head teacher was hospitalized, but unfortunately, I was still working in another place… I don’t know if the head teacher is better. “

“Don’t worry, the head teacher is okay, he has been discharged from the hospital a while ago.”  Omi said.

Long Liu Gonglu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “That would be great.”

At this time, the man in the black suit who was also sitting in the car frowned and said, “Okay, you guys will talk later. Let’s drive now.”

“In a moment, we still have important things to do!”

Liu Gonglu’s figure was awkward, when he remembered that the leader was sitting next to him, and said hurriedly: “Yes, Manager Zhao.”

 Omi didn’t say much any more, stepped on the accelerator and galloped forward.

Along the way, brisk and steady.

Before long, a towering building appeared in front.

 Omi is extremely familiar with this building.

Because this is the Feiyang Building where Huazhidi is located.

After seeing the Feiyang Building, Manager Zhao and Liu Gonglu straightened their clothes one after another, and their expressions became extremely solemn.

When the two were about to get off the car,  Omi asked: “Liu Gonglu, why are you going to Feiyang Building?”

“We are here to strive for cooperation with Huazhidi Company…” Liu Gongdao said.

 Omi couldn’t help showing a strange look on his face, striving for the cooperation of Huazhidi Company?

To know…

Today,  Omi is the largest shareholder of Huazhidi.

Isn’t this just cooperating with your own company?

So, UU read www. .com  Omi said: “If you can’t get it, you just say you know me.”

After all, Liu Gonglu is a close classmate before.

And from the chat just now, I found that he is still the same as before, and he is good.

So, a little help is fine.

Liu Gonglu froze for a moment.

If you can’t win the cooperation of Huazhidi, you know  Omi?

Why do you say this?

At this time, Manager Zhao, who was walking in front, said angrily: “Liu Gonglu, what are you still standing there for? It’s almost the appointed time. Do you still want to do business?!”

Liu Gonglu’s heart tightened and he nodded towards  Omi, and then hurriedly followed in Manager Zhao’s footsteps.

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Liu Gonglu and Manager Zhao… almost jogged all the way into the Feiyang Building.

Then, he quickly got on the elevator and went straight to the front door of Huazhidi Company.

The beauty sitting at the front desk smiled and said, “Is there anything wrong with you?”

Manager Zhao hurriedly said: “Hello, we are Zhao Haibo of Qingkong Company. Today, I had an appointment with Director Qu of your company to discuss about the Huazhidi channel.”

The beauty at the front desk glanced at the records on the computer and said: “Mr. Zhao, our director Qu has arranged for you No. 2 meeting room, please here.”

After speaking, she walked in front, leading Manager Zhao and Liu Gonglu towards the inside.

Zhao Haibo said: “Thank you.”


When the door of the conference room was opened, there was already a person sitting inside.

The beauty at the front desk said: “Mr. Zhao, please wait a while, Director Qu will be here soon.”

“Okay.” Zhao Haibo said.

After the beauty at the front desk left, the middle-aged man sitting in the room early said with a chuckle: “Oh, isn’t this Manager Zhao from Qingkong? You just came here after I finished talking with Director Qu? The time card is pretty accurate. .”

As soon as he said this, Zhao Haibo’s face became a little ugly, and said, “Have you talked with Director Qu?”

The middle-aged man’s name is Chen Meng and he is the department manager of Runfeng Company.

Runfeng Company and Qingkong Company have always had a strong competitive relationship.

The purpose of Chen Meng’s visit to Huazhidi Company today is obviously self-evident.

Chen Meng smiled triumphantly: “Of course I have talked about it, and Director Qu is very satisfied with our Runfeng company.”

Suddenly, Zhao Haibo’s expression became even more ugly.


At this time, the door of meeting room No. 2 was slowly opened, and a middle-aged man of medium build strode in.

Zhao Haibo, Chen Meng and Liu Gonglu’s hearts suddenly tightened, and they said in unison: “Director Qu, hello.”

If it is placed a year ago, no, it doesn’t take a year, if it is three months ago…

When they saw this Director Qu, they would only meet in the same generation at most. How could they respect and please them like they are now?

On the contrary, Director Qu has to turn back to please them.

Because the scale of Runfeng Company and Clear Sky Company where they work is a bit bigger than Huazhidi.

In addition, Runfeng Company and Qingkong Company are the reasons for the channel and promotion. Director Qu will also work hard to build a good relationship with Zhao Haibo, Chen Meng and others.


In just three months, the status of Huazhidi Company has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Huazhidi’s perfumes, essences…especially the essences, there is no need to worry about selling them, as soon as they enter the market, they will be sold out instantly.

As a result, the scale of Huazhidi has rapidly expanded, and channel vendors are vying to reach cooperation with Huazhidi.

Because, to have a flower pedicle is to have popularity and wealth.

Director Qu nodded and said, “Hello.”

Then, Director Qu glanced at his watch and said: “I will have a meeting in about 10 minutes. If possible, Manager Zhao should tell me the specific details of your company’s cooperation within 10 minutes. “

Zhao Haibo hurriedly said: “Okay.”

Then, Zhao Haibo took out a pile of materials and quickly described it.

About 10 minutes later…

Director Qu said: “Manager Zhao, I have to say one thing first…Before you come, I have reached an initial verbal cooperation intention with Runfeng Company.”

“Your company’s conditions are not bad. However, they have not reached the point where I can tear up my initial cooperation intention. So, I can only say sorry.”

After Director Qu finished speaking, he got up and walked outside.

When Zhao Haibo heard this, his face paled slightly.

Huazhidi chose the rival Runfeng Company!

This… This is definitely the worst news for their Clear Sky Company.

Chen Meng on the side laughed relaxedly: “Hey, it seems that our Runfeng company is lucky.”

Then he stepped out and walked outside.

Zhao Haibo refused to give up easily, and hurried to catch up, saying: “Director Qu, Director Qu…”

However, Director Qu did not pay attention to him at all.

Liu Gonglu cautiously said: “Zhao…Manager Zhao…what should we do now?”

“What to do? What do you say? I told you a long time ago that today’s meeting is very important, so you must be prepared!” Zhao Haibo shouted, “But, what about you?! You kept chatting in the car !”

Liu Gonglu knew that Manager Zhao was getting angry now, not to mention that he was indeed at fault.

Therefore, he had to keep his head down and dare not speak at all.

At this moment, Chen Meng walked out of the office with a pile of documents and a smile on his face.

“Manager Zhao, I have already got this year’s contract, and now I take it back to let the company stamp and sign, and our Haifeng can get a lot of flower essence essence.” Chen Meng smiled triumphantly, “Manager Zhao, your business The ability is very good, how about it, do you want to consider coming to work with Runfeng?”

Zhao Haibo snorted: “We can’t cooperate with Huazhidi this year, but next year…that’s not necessarily the case!”

“Next year? Haha! Manager Zhao, do you think you can get the contract at that time? Don’t deceive yourself!” Chen Meng sneered.

In fact, Zhao Haibo himself did not believe the last sentence.

In other words, it can only be regarded as an angry sentence.

However, Zhao Haibo’s words suddenly reminded Liu Gonglu.

this moment……

 Omi’s words suddenly kept rippling in Liu Gonglu’s mind: If you can’t win, you just say you know me.

At the same time, Liu Gonglu thought of learning from his classmates that  Omi is a deeply hidden rich second generation.

Finally, Liu Gonglu held the attitude of giving it a try, boldly said in a louder voice: “I know  Omi!”

When Zhao Haibo heard Liu Gonglu’s words, he quickly thought of the young man who drove Didi not long ago and the conversation between the two.

My heart immediately stopped fighting: In the past I still thought Liu Gonglu was smart and capable.

It seems that he is a fool at all! Did he really think that by mentioning  Omi, Huazhidi could work with them instead? What a joke!

If this makes Huazhidi feel that he is making a loud noise, and directly kicks himself out, what should he do?

Thinking of this, Zhao Haibo was ready to open his mouth to scold Liu Gonglu.


However, before he could speak, there was a sound of brisk footsteps in the distance, and an elegant fragrance wafted.

Then, a pleasant voice rang from the side, “Do you know  Omi?”

Zhao Haibo, Liu Gonglu, and Chen Meng turned around to look around.

next moment……

All three were stunned.

Because the person who said this was not someone else…It was Chu Yunyue, the chairman of Huazhidi!

Yunyue as close as they are today.

Because Chu Yunyue is a well-known beauty president in the cosmetics industry.

Since the Huazhidi Company became popular in Jiangbei, and even in Jiangbei and even the whole country, it has been more difficult for Zhao Haibo and others to get in touch with Chu Yunyue.

Unexpectedly, she was so close to herself today.

Chu Yunyue glanced at the three people in a daze. Finally, she set her gaze on Liu Gonglu and said again: “Do you know  Omi?”

At this time, Liu Gonglu slowly recovered, and he squatted: “Yes…yes, he is my classmate.”

Chu Yunyue nodded, her eyes on Liu Gonglu softened a lot, and said, “What’s the matter with you when you came to our company today?”

Liu Gonglu hesitated and said: “I…I am Liu Gonglu of Qingkong. Our company wants to cooperate with Huazhidi in channel…”

“Good.” Chu Yunyue opened her apricot petal small mouth and said.

This sudden word made the air at the scene suddenly dull.

At the same time, Liu Gonglu was at a loss for a while.

He stammered: “Chu…Chu Dong…you mean…”

“Didn’t you just say that Qingkong wants to cooperate with our Huazhidi channel? I agree! I remember that in addition to Jiangbei, your Qingkong company mainly conducts channels in the Xia Nan area, right? In this way, our Huazhidi and Qingkong signed What do you think of the general agent in Xia Nan area?”

General agent?

In other words…

In the entire Xia Nan area, only Qingkong Company can get Huazhidi’s perfume, essence and other products for channel sales.

If other companies want to sell Huazhidi’s products, they must purchase from Clear Sky and become its secondary distributor? !

Chu Yunyue saw that Liu Gonglu had been silent, she couldn’t help but frown and said, “I don’t want to?”

Before Liu Gonglu responded, Zhao Haibo next to him hurriedly said, “Yes, our Sunny Sky Company is willing!”


More than willing, it is too willing!

This is simply a pie in the sky.

In fact, Zhao Haibo came over today, just wanting to get an ordinary sales channel.

As for the general agent of a certain area, he didn’t even think about it.

Now, I have directly got the general agent of Xia Nan area!

Xia Nan area, that is the base camp of Qingkong Company, with a vast territory and unlimited market potential!

At this time, Chen Meng, who had been in a sluggish state, said: “This…this…Chu Dong, Director Qu and I have reached a channel sales agreement between Runfeng Company and Huazhirun in Xia Nan.”

As Chen Meng spoke, he took out the contract he had only received not long ago.

Chu Yunyue frowned slightly, and said, “Have the two sides stamped and signed?”

“Wait…When I take the contract back, I can stamp and sign it.” Chen Meng said.

“That’s not there yet.” Chu Yunyue said, “You don’t need to sign a contract with us. In the future, if you want to conduct channel sales, you can sign a contract with Clear Sky.”

Sign a contract with Clear Sky?

Hasn’t this become a secondary channel of Clear Sky?

Chen Meng’s eyes widened, his face was filled with disbelief, and he said, “This…why?”

Chu Yunyue obviously didn’t answer his meaning, and turned to Director Qu, who had just walked out of the office, and said: “Director Qu, the specific contract agreement, you and Qingkong’s Liu…Liu Gonglu will make an agreement.”

Director Qu hurriedly said: “Yes, Dong Chu!”

Similar contracts…

Both Qingkong and Huazhidi have their own templates.

Now we only need to discuss the specific details a little bit.

After a while, the general agency contract for the Xia Nan area was awarded to Clear Sky.

After Zhao Haibo walked out of the Feiyang Building, his face was full of smiles.

At this time, how did he see Liu Gonglu pleasing to the eye.

Zhao Haibo patted Liu Gonglu on the shoulder, and said, “I always thought you were a smart and capable person! You didn’t disappoint me!”

His tone was so categorical, as if he had completely forgotten the thing that he had scolded Liu Gonglu as an idiot before.

It was the first time that Liu Gonglu was praised this way, and he touched the back of his head a little embarrassed.

Zhao Haibo said again: “By the way, who exactly is  Omi?”

After speaking, he looked at Liu Gonglu with extremely expectant eyes.

Just mentioning the name, Clear Sky has such a good contract.

It’s just…unimaginable.

” Omi is a classmate of mine, who used to be quite ordinary in our class… No matter how specific the situation is, I don’t know.” Liu Gongdao said.

Zhao Haibo thought for a while and said, “Anyway,  Omi has helped our Sunny Sky Company a lot. Please call and thank you first. It’s best to invite him to dinner.”

Liu Gonglu nodded again and again, took out his mobile phone, and made a call.

After  Omi returned to the Santana car, he did not continue to take orders, but instead focused on the mission system.

[Task: Complete 5 special Didi orders and reward 5 golden red envelopes. Progress: 3/5. 】

See here…

 Omi twitched the corner of his mouth slightly and said with a smile: “Unexpectedly, I gave it to my old classmate and completed a special order. If you order two more, you can get the golden red envelope.”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

” Omi, will you be free later? Can we have lunch together?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Liu Gonglu’s voice came from inside.

 Omi answered: “Okay!”

After all, everyone is classmates, and eating a meal together is nothing.

What’s more, Liu Gonglu just helped him.

“Then we make an appointment at the Emperor Hotel, how about it?” Liu Gongdao said.

 Omiyan could not help showing a strange look on his face.

Yesterday, he went to Dizun Hotel for dinner.

Today is going to pass again?

Do you want to use the Emperor Hotel as a dining hall?

But, thinking about the food in the Imperial Hotel,  Omi said again: “Yes, UU read www. .com, then see you at the Imperial Hotel.”

After hanging up the phone,  Omi turned the front of the car, so he could move forward freely.

When  Omi came to the Emperor Hotel, Liu Gonglu and Zhao Haibo were already waiting in the lobby.

Zhao Haibo said in a very enthusiastic tone: “Mr. Lin, hello.”

 Omi said casually: “Hello.”

“Mr. Lin, please here, we have already booked the location.” Zhao Haibo said, and brought  Omi to the lobby on the first floor, near the window.

This location is obviously not comparable to yesterday’s VIP8 box.

However,  Omi didn’t care about where to eat.

Therefore, he directly followed and sat down.

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Welcome to read my book ” “.

Zhao Haibo ordered the dishes early in the morning, and after  Omi sat down, one after another fragrant dishes were served.

Although, the dishes in front of them are not as rich as they were yesterday.

However, the overall look is still very delicate,  Omi gently inhaled the aroma, and the taste buds also mobilized.

At this time, Zhao Haibo said: “Liu Gonglu often mentioned Mr. Lin in front of me, but unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to see…”

“In the morning, because I was rushing to negotiate with Huazhidi, I didn’t have time to chat with Mr. Lin… It really made me a little regretful.”

“Now, I finally have a chance!”

 Omi glanced at Liu Gonglu with his head down, and knew in his heart that Zhao Haibo was saying some beautiful things, or rather, he was trying to please himself.

And he probably guessed… the reason why the other party would be like this.

However,  Omi didn’t break it, and said with a smile: “Manager Zhao is too polite.”

“This is not polite, but from the heart!” Zhao Haibo raised his glass while talking, “Here, I will offer Mr. Lin a glass first!”

Then, he directly drank the wine in the glass.

 Omi and Liu Gonglu also had a drink.

When Zhao Haibo saw this, he became more and more happy, saying: “Speaking of the flower pedicle negotiation, it is really thanks to Mr. Lin! Originally, our Qingkong company might have certain difficulties if we want to obtain the channel sales right this time… “

“But, Mr. Lin, you let us get the general agent for the entire Xia Nan area! Thank you, thank you so much!”

When Zhao Haibo talked about this, his entire face became ruddy.

With the popularity of Huazhidi’s perfumes and essences, he can already imagine the huge profits that Qingkong Company will obtain after becoming the general agent of Xia Nan, and the scene where the company praises himself and Liu Gongdao.

Thinking of this, Zhao Haibo raised his glass again and said, “Mr. Lin, I will toast you again!”

After speaking, a glass of wine was poured into the stomach again.

Then, the three continued to drink, eat, and chat, very relaxed.

At this time, Liu Gonglu suddenly said: ” Omi, do you know the chairman of Huazhidi Company? When I say your name, she directly makes our company the general agent of Xia Nan area…”

When Zhao Haibo heard this, his figure was slightly straight, and his ears couldn’t help but **** up.

Obviously, he is also very curious about this issue.

It’s really… this thing is incredible.

 Omi said very easily: “Yes, I know her.”

“And the reason why she directly let your company become the regional general agent of Xia Nan, probably…because I am the largest shareholder of Huazhidi.”

As soon as this remark came out, Zhao Haibo and Liu Gonglu suddenly both opened their mouths wide and froze in place.

Flower Di… the largest shareholder?

If it were the former major shareholder of Huazhidi, that’s all, but for the current shareholder of Huazhidi, that would be incredible!

The largest shareholder?

How high is that worth? !

 Omi ignored the surprised two. He touched his chubby belly and said, “I’ll leave if I’m full.”

After speaking, he got up and walked out of the hall.

At this time, Zhao Haibo and Liu Gonglu came back to their senses.

They looked at  Omi, who had gone completely away, and then walked towards the cashier.

“Hello, we are here to pay the bill.” Zhao Haibo said.

The waiter smiled and said: “Sir, you and our boss have dinner together, you don’t need to pay the bill.”

“Your boss?” Zhao Haibo frowned slightly. The next moment, his pupils suddenly shrank and said, “You mean… Mr. Lin?”

“Yes.” The waiter said.

Suddenly, Zhao Haibo and Liu Gonglu were dumbfounded again.

Huazhidi’s largest shareholder!

The owner of the Emperor Hotel!


This… any one of these identities is enough to make people look up to.

At this time, it was concentrated on a young man who was only in his twenties!


It is simply unimaginable!

However, what they didn’t know was that this was only a small part of  Omi’s many assets.

If you know all the assets, you don’t know what their expressions will be.

After a while, Zhao Haibo asked with difficulty: “Gong… highway, what is Mr. Lin…”

“I… I don’t know…” Liu Gonglu said blankly.


In fact,  Omi did not leave the Emperor Hotel.

Instead, he came to the top floor of the Emperor Hotel, in the presidential suite specially prepared for him.

After eating and drinking,  Omi lay on the soft big bed, feeling extremely cozy and enjoyable.


At this time, his mobile phone shook slightly.


Red envelopes appear!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 999 yuan.”


“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

 Omi clicked the screen at will and got 40,211 yuan in total.

As soon as he was about to put down his phone, a brisk ringing rang immediately.

It turned out to be the call from Chu Yunyue.

“Are you free to have a meal together at noon?” Chu Yunyue asked.

“You said it was late, I just finished eating with high school classmate Liu Gonglu.”  Omi said.

Chu Yunyue said: “Well, I’ve been busy recently, and I may not be able to accompany you.”

 Omi said, “It’s okay, but don’t be too tired. Your body is the most important thing.”

After a pause, he said: “By the way, you give all the channel sales in the Xia Nan area to my classmates and their company, is it okay?”

Because  Omi knows that Chu Yunyue is a very ambitious person.

Always want to create international top perfumes and cosmetics.

 Omi didn’t want to interfere with Chu Yunyue’s career because of his own face.

After all, the classmate is definitely more important than the lover.

Chu Yunyue smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I originally planned to get a few regional general agents, and the scattered channels are too messy and messy.”

“Qingkong has a very good influence and scale in Xia Nan area. It is beneficial for us to let them be the general agent…”

“Did you know? Our Huazhidi products have caused quite a stir throughout the country and continue to develop… Becoming the world’s top brand is definitely not a luxury…”

Whenever mentioning the company’s affairs, Chu Yunyue began to talk endlessly, and her tone became very excited.

Seeing this,  Omi also showed a smile on his face.

The two chatted for a and then hung up the phone.


When  Omi picked up the phone again, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

This time, he slept very comfortably.

 Omi didn’t continue running Didi directly, but continued to lie on the bed and played with his mobile phone at random.

When he was hungry, he picked up the phone by the bed and asked the waiter to deliver a hearty meal.

Then, rest for a while.

Seeing…after the sky was completely dark.

 Omi went downstairs and drove Santana, facing the feasting streets, moving forward leisurely, taking orders from Didi from time to time.

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There will be updates later!

Before, when  Omi was an ordinary employee in the company, as long as he got off work, he would just lie on the bed and didn’t want to move.

and so…

Even though he has been in Jiangbei for a few years, he hasn’t visited Jiangbei well.

However, opening Didi today made him feel the unique beauty of the city of Jiangbei.

Spacious, clean roads, neon flashing shops, and laughing pedestrians…

All of  Omi’s face was relaxed and comfortable.

At this time, saying that  Omi was driving Didi on a mission, it would be better to say that he was traveling by car in Jiangbei.


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