The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 241-245


At this time,  Omi’s mobile phone shook slightly, and another Didi order appeared.

He hit the steering wheel and went straight to the location.

Two young students who looked like students sat up.

“Jiangbei University of Arts and Sciences, thank you.” The boy said.

Then, he whispered again: “In 10 minutes, the door of the dormitory will be closed. We are afraid we will be too late…”

The girl seemed to be a little flustered and said: “Then…what should I do?

The boy said again: “Did you bring your ID card?”

The girl nodded gently.

The boy said: “Then…If it doesn’t work, let’s live outside today.”

The girl did not answer, but lowered her head silently.

At this time,  Omi, who had not spoken, said, “10 minutes? Don’t worry, it will be delivered to you!”

He glanced at the map first, then, slammed on the accelerator, slammed the steering wheel, and drove quickly past the shortcuts.

In just 7 minutes,  Omi arrived at the gate of the dormitory of Jiangbei University of Arts and Sciences.

See here…

The pair of boys and girls got out of the car blankly.

 Omi exclaimed, “There are three minutes left, go back to the dorm!”

After dropping this sentence, he stepped on the accelerator again and galloped away.

 Omi held the steering wheel with one hand, touched his nose with the other, and said with a smile: “They can go back to the dormitory to sleep normally, shouldn’t they thank me very much now?”

Then, he glanced at the mission system casually.

[Task: Complete 5 special Didi orders and reward 5 golden red envelopes. Progress: 4/5. 】

See here…

 Omi showed a strange look on his face, and said, “Another special order has been completed? It seems…they are really grateful to me!”

 Omi glanced at the gradually empty street, took a turn at the intersection in front, and after a while, he came to a gate.

“Ding Dong!”

After the doorbell made a crisp sound, Hu Tian slowly opened the door.

This was the first time  Omi saw her after the Spring Festival.

Compared to before the Spring Festival, Hu Tian is now lighter, her skin is whiter and tenderer, and her figure is fuller (OYO).

At this time, Hu Tian seemed to have just taken a shower, her hair was still a little wet, and she was wearing a thin V-neck shirt outside… Omi was stunned for a while.

Hu Tian seemed to have noticed  Omi’s gaze, and smirked, “Why are you standing stupid? Why don’t you come in soon?”

 Omi reacted and walked in hurriedly.


The door had just been closed, and the two of them were like magnets and wanted to get together.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)

Little don’t win the newlyweds, nothing to say all night.

The next day.

When  Omi woke up, scents of fragrance floated outside.

He slowly got up, and after washing for a while, a rich breakfast of noodles, dumplings, milk, eggs and so on was already placed on the table.

Hu Tian smiled and said, “Should you be hungry? Hurry up and eat something.”

 Omi said, “I’m a little hungry.”

After speaking, he picked up the noodles and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Yeah! It’s delicious!”  Omi exclaimed.

“If it tastes delicious, eat more.” Hu Tian happily said, “By the way, have you asked for leave these days?”

“Yes, I’m driving Didi to experience life.”  Omi said.

“Huh?” Hu Tian was taken aback for a moment.

She didn’t expect… Omi’s request for leave was to go to Didi.

To know…

She has a certain understanding of  Omi. Several luxury cars have won tens of millions of bonuses. In addition, she is Huazhidi’s largest shareholder…

This… still need to open Didi?

 Omi smiled and said, “Open Didi, it’s still very interesting, Teacher Tiantian, would you like to experience it?”

Seeing that  Omi hadn’t read the joke, Hu Tian couldn’t help but shook her head, and said, “I’m studying the hail conjecture recently, I’m afraid I won’t have time.”

At this moment,  Omi suddenly thought of a crisp voice in his mind.

【Ding! Read “Basics of Modern Algebra”, “Abstract Algebra”, “Advanced Algebra”, “Algebraic Equations”, “Algebra and Geometry”. Reward the hail conjecture proof process. 】

 Omiyan heard a strange look on his face.

This…is the task triggered again?

Hu Tian seemed to have thought of something. In an expectant tone, he said, “How is it? Are you interested in the hail conjecture? Do you want to study it together?”

 Omi lightly coughed and said, “For the time being, I’m still more interested in Didi, and later…maybe I will be interested in the hail conjecture.”

Hu Tian smiled and said, “Then I remember your words.”

Because Hu Tian still has class this afternoon.

Therefore, after  Omi and Hu Tian had lunch, Hu Tian went to Jiangbei University.

However,  Omi continued to rest for a while before reopening Didi’s journey.

Today, it’s not as lucky as yesterday. A few drops in a row, either sending people home or sending people to the hotel…very plain.

Until the evening,  Omi failed to pick up a special Didi.

“Isn’t it suitable to complete the task today?”  Omi muttered.


At this time, his mobile phone shook slightly, and another Didi order appeared.

 Omi hit the steering wheel and quickly reached the anchor point.

This is under the dimly lit tree.

After seeing the car, an inch-headed man hugged his arms and quickly got into the car.

And he didn’t pay attention…

Not far away, an exquisite female suspect in plain clothes happened to see his appearance.

For some reason, the female seizure found that the short-headed man was a bit familiar.

Out of professional sense, when the inch-headed man got in the car, the female investigator hurriedly drove her private car and quietly followed.

“Mafeng Forest Park.” The Cuntou man lowered his voice after getting in the car.

 Omi didn’t care either, UU reading www. .com, as usual, stepped on the accelerator and galloped forward.

Mafeng Forest Park, located in the suburbs of Jiangbei…

After approaching the destination, the surroundings were very deserted, even with some dark lights.

After turning a corner, the inchtou man suddenly grinned and shouted, “Stop!”

 Omi Yiyan stepped on the brake.


At this moment, the inchtou man suddenly took out a switchblade, and sternly shouted: “Give me all the money!”

See here…

Not only was  Omi not afraid, on the contrary, there was a smile on his face.

Encountered a robbery?

This…should be considered a special order, right?

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The appearance of the inch-headed man was a bit fierce at first, but under the dim light, he looked even more hideous.

Holding the switchblade in one hand, he rummaged in the car with the other.

However, let alone money in the car, there is not even a piece of paper.

Isn’t it… I’m going to get nothing today?

In fact, this is also normal.

After all,  Omi’s Santana was presented to him by the Volkswagen Group not long ago.

 Omi didn’t store any money in it at all.

Then, the inch-headed man cast his gaze on the car key, his eyes moved slightly, and he held the switchblade and shouted, “Get off!”

Where can  Omi not see his plan?

 Omi drove the car for a long time, which happened to be a little bored, so he did what he wanted, opened the door and walked down.

When the inch-headed man walked out holding a switchblade…


At this time, a Volkswagen galloped over from a distance, and the dazzling high beams directly made the innocent man unable to open his eyes.

Amidst the thunder, a beautiful figure quickly ran out of the Volkswagen, grabbed it with a backhand, and directly pressed him to the ground.

Then, that Qianying was very adept, took out the handcuffs around his waist, and handcuffed the hands of the man with a small head.

Her movements were smooth and smooth, and she was very agile in one go.

This scene……

It was all in  Omi’s eyes.

The woman is tall, plump, strong and powerful, with delicate and exquisite features, and she has long black and beautiful hair, **** high and fluttering in the wind.

She is different from the tenderness of ordinary women, on the contrary, she also has a touch of heroic beauty.

The high beams next to her were all concentrated on her body… it made her faintly burst into a brilliant light.

this moment……

 Omi had a strange feeling in his heart, as if… she was not a mortal woman, but a goddess of war descended from the sky!

Heroic appearance and infinite charm!

 Omiqing did not disable the real eye to observe and investigate the beauty.

[Face value: 96]

[Favorite degree: 35]

At this moment, the beautiful woman Jicha slowly turned sideways, looked at  Omi with a scrutiny gaze, and asked: “I am the Jicha from Jiangbei City. Who are you? Why did you come here with him? Why did he use it? The switchblade is facing you?”

 Omi said truthfully: “I opened Didi, received an order and sent him here, and then he was robbed.”

The beauty investigation nodded noncommitantly, and said: “I already know what happened. But now, I can trouble you to go to the investigation team with me to investigate. Please cooperate.”

Obviously, she made this arrangement just to be on the safe side.

Investigation… Never believe it because of one-sided words, and must go through a rigorous review to determine the facts.

 Omi also understood their process, nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Woohoo, woohoo!”

After a while, an investigation vehicle drove over from a distance and brought the bald head on it.

 Omi got into the car of the beauty investigation, and his Santana was driven away by another male investigation.

After all, for now,  Omi is a victim, and it is not suitable to look after him as a prisoner.

As for…

If  Omi is a bad person, the beauty investigation believes that as long as he has evil intentions, she can easily subdue him.

Of course, this is just the beauty of her own confidence.

 Omi was sitting in the car that the beauty was investigating and couldn’t help but look around.

The interior of the car is spotless, very clean and tidy.

This point…it is very similar to the serious and serious character of the beauty investigation.

When  Omi set his gaze on the car seat with a meticulous expression on the ID photo, he couldn’t help but admire to himself: She deserves to be a 96-point beauty, and the ID photo is so beautiful, Wang Ru? The name is also good.

At this moment, Wang Ru said: “You didn’t seem to be scared at all just now?”

 Omi said, “After all, it’s just a robber with a knife.”

Wang Ru glanced at  Omi deeply and didn’t say much.


Following the sound of a brake,  Omi, Wang Ru, Cuntou Man and others walked towards the investigation team one after another.

The inch-headed man looked panicked,  Omi was very relaxed…

At this time, Deng Jihu, the burly leader of the investigation team, just happened to walk out from the inside.

Wang Ru and several investigators, standing in a serious shape, shouted, “Hello Captain!”

Deng Jihu nodded and prepared to continue walking forward.

next moment……

His body suddenly stagnated, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

Because he actually saw  Omi.

Deng Jihu said excitedly: “Mr. Lin!”

 Omi said: “Captain Deng.”

“This…what happened to this?” Deng Jihu asked.

“It’s nothing big, I was bored and went out to play Didi, and then I was robbed with a knife by this inch…”  Omi replied.

His tone was very plain, as if he was telling a trivial matter.

However, in Deng Jihu’s ears, it was like the sound of thunder.

Who is  Omi?

Old man Qin Weiming is very fond of!

Even the leaders of Jiangxi Provincial University and Jiangbei University did not dare to neglect him at all!

Now… he was robbed with a knife? !

What a bad thing is this?

Deng Jihu said in horror: “Mr. Lin, are you not hurt?”

 Omi shook his head and said, “No, it happened that Wang Ru Jicha passed by and directly subdued the man with a short head.”

Deng Jihu said, the whole person heaved a sigh of relief and said: “It’s fine if it’s all right, it’s fine if it’s all right.”

Then he said to Wang Ru: “Good job!”

Finally, staring at the innocent man with a pair of tiger eyes, he sternly shouted: “Bring him in and interrogate him strictly. I want him to account for all the bad things he has done in his life!”

“Yes!” The investigators standing next to each other shouted in unison.

As soon as he said this, the man with an inch was so scared that he almost didn’t fall to the ground.

 Omi asked: “Then do I have to go in and cooperate with the investigation?”

“No, no need… It’s so late now. Just go home and take a good rest.” Deng Jihu said hurriedly.

 Omi nodded, without any pretense, and went straight back.

When he arrived in the Santana car  Omi suddenly heard a clear reminder sound in his mind.

【Ding! Complete the task, complete 5 special Didi orders, and get 5 golden red envelopes. Progress 5/5. 】

 Omiyan heard that, a pair of eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raise a smile.

The task is finally completed!

5 golden red envelopes, what exactly will you get?

There was a rare excitement in  Omi’s heart.

Therefore, he did not stop at the gate of the investigation brigade, stepped on the accelerator, and hurried forward facing the dim road.

After  Omi’s Santana completely disappeared at the end of the road, Deng Jihu looked back.

He was not going home either, his face was cold, and he strode towards the investigation team.

Today, he must let those who rob  Omi with a knife get the lesson they deserve!

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 Omi has no idea about Deng Jihu’s thoughts.

At this moment, he was heading towards Panlong Villa at the fastest speed.

The security guards at the door, after seeing  Omi, stood straight like a soldier as usual, and shouted respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Lin!”

 Omi just nodded at random, and then quickly walked into the villa.

Then, he put all his attention on the system.

 Omi looked at the red envelopes with dazzling golden light in the system, and said excitedly: “Five golden red envelopes, let me see what can be drawn out!”


【Ding! Congratulations, you have gotten a share double coupon. You can double the shares you own. More shares, more assets, showing a more charming charm. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get 10 Rolls-Royce Phantoms. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get 1 bag of Lingcha seeds. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 5 million yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 5 million yuan. 】

 Omi directly ignored the two 5 million yuan.

10 Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

To know…

The price of each Rolls-Royce Phantom is more than 10 million, and 10 is 100 million!

Stock double coupon.

 Omi now owns 51% of the shares of Yinshan Group, Qingkun Group, Xiaowu Wholesale City and other companies, all of which have a market value of more than tens of billions.

Once the stock double coupon is used for one of the companies,  Omi will immediately control the company 100%.

His assets will grow by tens, hundreds, or even tens of billions!

However,  Omi does not intend to use these companies, because he also owns 5% of shares in super companies such as lv, volkswagen group, li, penguin and so on.

The market value of these companies is all close to one trillion or more than one trillion.

Especially Ali and Penguin are super giants with a market value of 5 trillion!

If you use a stock double coupon for one of the companies, then  Omi will own 10% of the corresponding company’s shares, and his assets will instantly increase by hundreds of billions!

This is definitely a very scary number.

 Omi first excluded lv and the public group.

Firstly, because their market value is relatively low, using share doubling coupons is not very cost-effective.

Secondly, these three companies are companies dealing with clothes, bags and cars… For these things,  Omi doesn’t lack at all, and he doesn’t catch a cold.

Thirdly,  Omi knew that Ali and Penguin belonged to China’s Big Mac company.

However, a large part of their shares are all in the hands of foreigners…

 Omi has a vision, if he gets a few more shares doubling coupons.

So, soon these two giants of China will be their own and will return to China.

Thought of here…

After  Omi pondered a little, he finally had a choice.

【Ding! Do you use stock double coupons for Penguin Group? 】


【Ding! Successfully used, a total of 10% of the shares of Penguin Group are owned. 】

 Omi’s worth has increased by 250 billion yuan again!

See here…

 Omi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Then, he turned his attention to the spiritual tea seeds.

【Lingcha Seed: It can quickly grow fresh and natural tea leaves. Its tea has the functions of expelling toxins from the body, refreshing people, and prolonging life. 】

See here…

 Omi’s eyes immediately lit up.

Expelling toxins from the body, refreshing the spirit, and prolonging life… the name of the spirit tea is definitely appropriate!

When  Omi raised his head, a bag of seeds appeared in front of him.

Obviously… this is the Lingcha seed.

And outside the window in the distance, there is a wide row of Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 million yuan. 】

Tonight,  Omi slept very easily and comfortably.

The next day, after the sun rose slowly, there was a rumbling sound outside.

A large group of construction workers came to the door of Panlong Villa Group.

 Omi also heard the sound and slowly opened his eyes.

He glanced at the phone casually, and a text message appeared on the screen early as usual.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remits, 3,650,000 yuan.”

When he opened the door, two security guards just came over.

“Mr. Lin, a group of construction workers came outside. He said you let them come?” the security guard said.

 Omi nodded and said, “Yes, let them in…”

“Okay.” The security guard didn’t dare to ask more, turned around and let a dozen construction workers walk in.

among them…

The person at the forefront was Wang Shengli, manager of  Omi’s Feilong Security Company.

“Mr. Lin is good.” Wang Shengli said respectfully, “These people are all good hands among construction workers, building walls, tiling tiles, and making furniture, nothing they don’t know…”

 Omi said, “Will they demolish the house?”

“Yes!” Wang Shengli said without hesitation.

“Well, you can demolish the last villa for me.”  Omi pointed to the distance.

As soon as this statement came out, Wang Shengli, the construction workers, and the security guards standing not far away were all a little stunned.

Demolish the villa?

Demolish a villa like a palace?

 Omi didn’t reply when he saw Wang Shengli and the workers, and he could not help but frown slightly and said, “Why? I won’t demolish it?”

Wang Shengli was the first to react and said, “Of course it will be demolished, buddy, go!”

“Remember to take away all the bricks, cement, marble, furniture, etc., that have been demolished, leaving only an empty space.”  Omi said.

Wang Shengli patted his chest and said, “Mr. Lin, please rest assured, it will be completely removed for you!”

The security guards looked at the mighty backs of a large group of workers, only to feel that their throats were a little dry.

Finally, a security guard couldn’t help asking: “Lin…Mr. Lin, you demolished that villa, do you want to…”

“Oh, I want to plant a tea tree there. It should be pretty good to plant tea by the lake.”  Omi smiled.

When the security guards heard and said, they were stunned for an instant.

To know…

That is the Panlong Villa by the Tianhu Lake, a building worth at least two to three billion!

Demolish a villa worth at least two to three billion yuan… grow tea?



Is this the rich world?

 Omi naturally ignored the dazed security guard, UU reading www. . Com, he got into the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which he had only obtained last night, lightly stepped on the accelerator, and galloped into the distance.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is very wide and large, and looks very bulky.

However, it has a 6.7l, v12 engine that can burst out 571 horsepower, making its acceleration and response not slow at all.

 Omi ordered truffle egg tarts, shrimp pancakes, black pudding, skimmed milk at a two-star Michelin restaurant a few kilometers away.

He shared 2780 yuan, and after a simple breakfast, he continued to drive the Rolls-Royce Phantom towards Jiangbei University, which he hadn’t visited for a few days.

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lthough, Jiangbei morning on weekdays is very congested.

However,  Omi successfully arrived at Jiangbei University in just half an hour.

Because, where he passed, the surrounding vehicles pulled away from him as much as possible, for fear of accidentally rubbing them.

After  Omi parked the Rolls-Royce Phantom, he couldn’t help muttering to himself: “There is power, but sitting in the back will feel more comfortable…This car is really more suitable for the driver to drive.”

Then,  Omi strolled towards the classroom.

However, he found that there was no one in the classroom.

 Omi took out his mobile phone and sent a message in the dormitory group.

 Omi: Why is there no one in the classroom?

Song Yi: Brother Fan, have you come to school? There is no class this morning.


Seeing this,  Omi showed a look of helplessness on his face.

After the Spring Festival, I finally came to school once, but there was still no class?

 Omi had to turn around and leave the classroom. He raised his eyes and saw the library not far away. After hesitating a little, he strode over.

Because, he remembered that he still had a task to complete.

Anyway… There is nothing wrong now, so I can solve it easily.

The library of Jiangbei University is always overcrowded.

Looking at it, besides the rows of bookshelves, there are the surging figures of students.

 Omi walked through the engineering bookshelf, the material chemistry bookshelf, the electric power bookshelf… and went straight to the math bookshelf.

“Basics of Modern Algebra”, “Abstract Algebra”, “Advanced Algebra”, “Algebraic Equations”, “Algebra and Geometry”.

About 5 minutes later,  Omi found out all the books needed for the task.

Then, holding five thick books, he looked towards the seat in the distance, but he could only see a black head.

All seats are almost empty.

The few unoccupied vacancies are also full of books and materials, like a bright banner, swearing the territory.

 Omi muttered in his heart: It seems…you can only stand and read.

At this moment, a very magnetic voice suddenly sounded next to him: “That… do you need a seat?”

 Omi couldn’t help but turn around slowly.

only saw……

A girl with a height of about 167, with a handful of jet-black hair, wearing black-rimmed glasses, and a full body (oYo), is holding a copy of “Theory of Numbers” and standing behind  Omi.

For some reason,  Omi vaguely felt that she was a little familiar, and he couldn’t help but observe with the real eye.

[Face value: 94]

[Favorite degree: 65]

When  Omi saw her for the first time, he guessed that her appearance was above 90 points.

Therefore, there are no surprises for the 94-point appearance.

The favorability reached 65, far above the pass line.

Obviously, this girl has a good opinion of herself.

Could it be…Do you really know her?

 Omi nodded softly with a trace of doubt in his heart, and said, “I need a seat.”

“I… there is a chair next to me.” The girl said.

After speaking, she took the lead to walk forward.

After a while, the two came to an empty space where two stacks of materials were stacked.

 Omi was not polite, sat down straight, and opened the top “Basics of Modern Algebra”, and quickly flipped through it.

Skill: Scan!


One page, two pages, three pages, four pages…

Suddenly, there was a rush of flipping books around.

In about 2 minutes, a book of “Basics of Modern Algebra” with hundreds of pages was completely read.

Then, “Abstract Algebra”, “Advanced Algebra”, “Algebraic Equations”, “Algebra and Geometry”…

Five heavy and obscure books were read in less than 10 minutes.

At the same time, a clear reminder sounded in  Omi’s mind.

【Ding! After the task is completed, read “Basics of Modern Algebra”, “Abstract Algebra”, “Advanced Algebra”, “Algebraic Equations”, “Algebra and Geometry”. Obtain the hail conjecture proof process. 】

Suddenly, many complicated calculations and formulas kept rippling in  Omi’s mind like the tide.

After a while, there was a touch of comprehension on his face.

Muttered in his heart: The hail conjecture was proved in this way.

When  Omi turned his head, he found that the girl wearing black-rimmed glasses was lowering her head and thinking about a math problem.

See here…

 Omi just remembered why she felt a little familiar to herself, and why did she have a good opinion of up to 65 for herself.


In order to obtain an earthquake predictor and its manufacturing principle,  Omi once came to the library to read 10 books on earthquakes and physics.

At that time, this girl… just sitting next to her.

Before leaving,  Omi was in a good mood.

So, I also helped her answer a question.

Recalling what happened at that time,  Omi couldn’t help but touched his nose, and muttered in his heart: I will help her solve the problem, and she will give me a seat. Is this a good person to be rewarded?

Then,  Omi set his sights on the subject again.

In almost an instant, he knew how to answer the question.

However,  Omi did not write the answer directly, but suggested: “If you want to answer this question, you can first think about the basic structure of number theory.”

After all, it is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish.

The girl slowly raised her head and asked in confusion: “Basic composition?”

“Da da da!”

 Omi picked up the pen and paper and quickly wrote down a line of formulas.

Seeing this, the girl’s beautiful eyes lit up immediately, and she suddenly said, “Thank you, I see.”

 Omi smiled and nodded, and said, “You are a math major? You should know my name, right?”

No wonder he thought so.

Because  Omi met her twice in total, each time… she was solving math problems.

And  Omi solved the Zhou’s conjecture and the twin prime number conjecture, two unsolved problems in mathematics.

He believes that if you are a math major, you should know yourself.

This is not  Omi boasting, but fact.


The girl shook her head and said, “I don’t know…”

These words almost didn’t make  Omi choke.

The girl said again: “I am a physics major, and my name is Lu Ling.”

 Omi just slowed down major…it’s no wonder.

He cleared his throat and said, “My name is  Omi.”

After naming each other, the two became more familiar.

Lu Ling asked, “I think you often turn through a lot of books. Are you looking for something?”

“Right.”  Omi said.

What can he say?

Are you just reading a book normally?

I’m afraid, Lu Ling will ask again, then why do you watch so fast?

Could it be that…  Omi wanted to say that not only did he finish reading it, but he could also memorize it verbatim?

If this were explained, it would be a little troublesome.

 Omi hates trouble, so there is not much explanation.

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 Omi and Lu Ling chatted casually, and then strolled back to the dormitory.

“Brother Fan, you are finally here, you want to kill me!” Song Yi exclaimed first.

After speaking, he opened his arms as if he wanted to hug  Omi.

 Omi waved his hand again and again and said, “Just hug, I only hold beautiful women.”

Zheng Jinbao, who was sitting in front of the computer, heard the word “beauty”, his eyes lightened a little, and he laughed: “Brother Fan, which beauty did you go out with these days?”

 Omi looked bitter and said, “I am driving Didi to make money. There is no way, life is not easy!”

Zheng Jinbao directly filtered the words life is not easy.

He widened his eyes and asked excitedly: “f*ck, awesome! Brother Fan, just talk about it, how many appointments have you made?”

Obviously, he felt that  Omi had used his super to run away from Didi.

Where can ordinary beauties withstand the temptation of supercars?

 Omi saw Zheng Jinbao’s thoughts at a glance, and said, “What are you thinking about? I didn’t use super running away from Didi.”

“It’s useless?” Zheng Jinbao looked puzzled.


At this time, a brisk footstep sounded outside.

Ma Zhong held a stack of books and walked in slowly.

“Brother Fan, you are back!” Ma Zhong said happily.

 Omi nodded and said, “Yes.”

Then, Ma Zhong took out his phone again and said, “By the way, when I just passed the parking lot, I saw that our school actually parked a Rolls Royce!”

Cars are almost all men’s favorites.

And Rolls Royce is the emperor in the car.

After Song Yi and Zheng Jinbao heard, they moved their heads together.

“It’s a Rolls-Royce Phantom!” Song Yi shouted.

“Yes, it’s a phantom! This appearance… really magnificent!” Zheng Jinbao exclaimed, “I don’t know what it looks like inside…”

 Omi smiled relaxedly: “If you want to see, just go up and have a look yourself.”

While talking, he put the Rolls-Royce Phantom Key in his pocket on the table.


I am most afraid of the sudden silence of the air.

After a while, Song Yicai squatted: “Fan… Brother Fan, is this Rolls-Royce Phantom also yours?”

“Yes.”  Omi said.

After  Omi owns several supercars, another Les Royce Phantom?

Zheng Jinbao, Song Yi, and Ma Zhong shouted in unison: “Brother Fan, awesome!”

At this moment, Zheng Jinbao seemed to have thought of something, and asked: “Brother Fan, are you the one who drove the Phantom Didi?”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help thinking of the stunned scene when the passengers were sitting in the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

“I ran Didi with Santana… However, this Rolls-Royce Phantom was earned by me running Didi.”  Omi said.

“Brother Fan, do you think I’m stupid?” Zheng Jinbao said.

is not that right?

A Rolls-Royce Phantom will cost 10 million to land.

Run Didi?

Even if you run to death, you will never make any money.

 Omi smiled and shook his head.

In fact…

 Omi is more than just running Didi to earn a Rolls-Royce Phantom? He made 10 cars!

In addition, there are 10 million in cash and 5% of Penguin Group’s shares!

Sometimes, telling the truth is unbelievable.

When a group of young people are together, time seems to slip away like sand in their palms.

Soon, the class bell rang.

 Omi, Zheng Jinbao, Ma Zhong, Song Yi and others rushed to the classroom early.

And they are not special cases, there are many people who have similar behaviors with them.

There are no seats available in the entire classroom.

Because this is teacher Tiantian’s class.

“Boom boom boom!”

With the sound of crisp footsteps, Teacher Tian Tian, ​​wearing a pure white short skirt and a light gray windbreaker outside, walked to the podium.

Immediately, the whole classroom fell silent.

Teacher Tian Tian first glanced at the students in the classroom, and when she saw  Omi, a shallow smile appeared on Qiao’s face.

This laugh…

Like the sun suddenly rising in the cold winter, everyone’s hearts almost melted.

Then, Teacher Tian Tian started today’s course.

Normally teachers give lectures, and most of the classmates are drowsy and can’t wait to dismiss the get out of class in a second.

However, teacher Tiantian’s class is completely opposite.

“Jingle Bell!”

After a brisk ringing rang, many students complained one after another.

“Why did get out of class end so soon?”


However, no matter how they complain…

There will be no change in the time of get out of class.

When Teacher Tiantian was about to walk out of the classroom, she suddenly stopped and said, ” Omi, come to my office after school later.”

After speaking, he continued to walk outside.

Suddenly, all the students in the classroom looked at  Omi with extremely envious eyes.

Teacher Tiantian’s invitation!

Moreover, this is not the first time!

Song Yi, Ma Zhong and Zheng Jinbao even shouted in unison: “Brother Fan, I’m kneeling for you!”

After speaking, they really bent their knees slightly, as if they were about to kneel.

 Omi looked at their weird appearance and wanted to laugh for a while.

 Omi has been to Teacher Tiantian’s office several times, and now he is quite familiar with it.

At this time, there is only Teacher Tiantian in the office.

The quiet office and the sweet teacher who writes at the desk set off each other, forming a beautiful picture.

After hearing the footsteps, Teacher Tiantian slowly raised her head. When she saw that it was  Omi, she couldn’t help but smiled and said, “Would you like something to drink?”

“Really a little thirsty.”  Omi said.

After speaking, he didn’t take himself as an outsider, and directly picked up the cup that Teacher Tiantian had just drunk, and drank it himself.

After all, the relationship between the two does not need to be polite at all.

After  Omi drank the water, he glanced at the calculation written on Teacher Tiantian’s desk, and said, “Are you still studying the hail conjecture? Huh? There seems to be something wrong here.”

“Where?” Teacher Tiantian asked.

 Omi pointed to a formula, then picked up the pen and paper to quickly write.

2^m-3^(n+1)>1m>n, 2^m>3^(m+1)…

X1=3, X2=(3×1+1) 2^2=1…

“Da da da!”

 Omi’s writing speed was very fast, without a trace of thinking at all, causing the pen tip and the draft paper to collide with each other, making a brisk and hurried sound.

At the beginning, UU reading www. .com Tiantian teacher was still looking down at  Omi’s writing.

But over time…

Gradually, even if you look at it, Teacher Tiantian can’t keep up.

Then, Teacher Tian Tian couldn’t help but turn his gaze from the draft book and slowly moved to  Omi.

She watched  Omi’s quick calculations, her focused expression…

this moment…

In the eyes of Teacher Tiantian, it seems that  Omi is not writing a formula at all, but sitting on a gorgeous stage, gathering dazzling stage lights, and playing a beautiful movement.

Teacher Tiantian’s heartbeat keeps accelerating and accelerating with the ups and downs of the movement rhythm…

She was sinking into the bottom, drunk.

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