The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 246-250


One by one, the draft papers filled with many complicated equations and calculations were turned aside by  Omi.

“Da da da!”

 Omi’s writing speed became faster.

These… In the eyes of Teacher Tiantian, it is so charming, in the ears of Teacher Tiantian, it is so sweet.

It seems that this piano piece has ups and downs and climaxes constantly.

Even, Teacher Tiantian’s breathing started to become a little hurried, and the pretty cheeks became ruddy.

“Da da da!”

After writing nearly twenty pages of draft paper,  Omi’s fingers suddenly got stuck.

Then, he replaced the ballpoint pen in Teacher Tiantian’s hand, and wrote the last line of formula: Xs1+1=(3Xs+1)/2^n, so 3n+1 is established!

 Omi smiled and said, “The hail conjecture is resolved.”

As soon as the voice fell, the teacher Tian Tian who was sitting next to him moved his head directly.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


Teacher Tiantian is using her own way to express her excitement at this time.

Love to the depths, hard to control.

After more than an hour, the two people slowly separated.

Teacher Tiantian tidyed up her clothes.

Then, she refocused her gaze on the draft book full of calculation formulas, and exclaimed: ” Omi, you actually proved the hail conjecture!”

After speaking, Teacher Tian Tian couldn’t help herself and looked at  Omi with extremely eager gaze.

” Omi, when did you start studying the hail conjecture?”

 Omi said, “Last time we meet,”

“Yesterday…yesterday?” Teacher Tiantian said.

“Yes.”  Omi nodded.

Suddenly, Teacher Tiantian was completely stunned.

Yesterday morning,  Omi said that he is more interested in opening Didi now.

In the future, you might be interested in the hail conjecture.


One day later, he directly proved the hail conjecture?

To know…

The hail conjecture is a super problem that has stuck the entire world for nearly a hundred years!

As a result, it only took one day for  Omi?

What a genius is this?

At this time, in the eyes of Teacher Tiantian,  Omi seemed to bloom with an extremely dazzling light, which was so fascinating.

Teacher Tiantian whispered: ” Omi.”

“What’s the matter?”  Omi asked in confusion.

Teacher Tian Tian didn’t speak, but just moved his head apart again.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


This time, until a patrolling security appeared outside the corridor, the two slowly separated.

However, the separation is also temporary.

Then,  Omi came to Teacher Tiantian’s home again.

The next day.

Since it was the weekend, neither of them had to go to school.

 Omi and Hu Tian sat together and ate breakfast very leisurely.

” Omi, in which magazine do you want to publish the proof of the hail conjecture?” Hu Tian asked.

 Omi took a sip of noodles and said, “Do you want to publish it? It’s too much trouble, I just proved it because of interest. If you want to publish, just publish it.”

Hu Tianyan heard this, feeling helpless and moved.

If another person solves such a world-class problem, he will definitely be excited and ecstatic.

Then, analyze again and again, which magazine should be submitted to.

But  Omi was so plain that he even handed over the proof process to himself and asked himself to contribute.

If you have some bad thoughts on your own, this huge result will be completely yours.

“Okay, then I’ll help you contribute to the “Annual Journal of Mathematics”.” Hu Tian said.

 Omi nodded indifferently, took the last sip of the noodle soup and drank it clean, and exclaimed: “You are getting more and more delicious!”

Hu Tian happily said, “If you like to eat, eat more.”

Then, after the two chatted for a while,  Omi drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom and headed towards Panlong Villa.

In the past, Panlong Villa Group was the closest to Tianhu Lake and it was a villa with a huge area.

Now it is empty.

See here…

 Omi showed a smile, and said with satisfaction: “Wang Shengli is very efficient, and all the bricks and stones have been taken away, so it is very suitable for growing tea.”

After speaking, he took the **** and shovel he had bought, and sowed the spiritual tea seeds obtained from the golden red packet one after another, and poured an appropriate amount of water.

 Omi stayed in Panlong Villa like this, sometimes sowing and sometimes watering… Two days passed very leisurely and comfortably.

After ordinary tea seeds are planted by humans, even if they are carefully taken care of, the best fertilizers are applied to ensure sufficient water…

In just two days, there will be absolutely no change.

But the Lingcha seeds have sprouts.

At this time, standing in the Panlong villa group, looking towards Tianhu, you can also see a green picture, full of vitality.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this moment, the cell phone in  Omi’s pocket rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder, it turned out to be the call from the head of the Penguin Group Xiaoma.

 Omi didn’t hesitate, and directly pressed the answer button.

“Mr. Lin, how did you spend the weekend?” As soon as the phone was connected, Mr. Ma’s gentle voice came.

 Omi said: “It’s easier to grow tea and water at home on weekends.”

Xiao Ma said somewhat unexpectedly: “Unexpectedly, Mr. Lin is still a person who loves pastoral life…”

 Omi smiled and said, “Then what kind of person do you think I should be?”

Xiao Ma always thought about it and said, “Generally speaking, young people like Mr. Lin are more interested in lively parties, exciting sports… or challenging careers… relatively speaking.”

 Omi smiled and said, “In contrast to these, I would rather lie down.”

After the two exchanged greetings for a while, Xiao Ma finally said the purpose of the call.

“By the way, Mr. Lin, our Penguin Group has opened a new company in Jiangbei City. I don’t know if Mr. Lin is free to visit with me tomorrow?”

 Omi thought that he is now the second largest shareholder of the Penguin Group. However, he never visited the Penguin headquarters once.

Of course, UU Reading www. .com  Omi is not willing to go to Yangcheng to see the headquarters of the Penguin Group.

If you don’t go to the headquarters, the branch located in Jiangbei… If you look at it, it seems to be ok.

So  Omi responded, “Okay, then I will go over with you tomorrow and have a look.”

Xiao Ma happily said: “That’s great! To be honest, since the last time I came to Jiangbei, I have been missing the food here. Tomorrow, Mr. Lin will take me to eat again!”

 Omi smiled and said, “Of course no problem!”

After the two chatted for a while, they hung up the phone.

Then,  Omi sent a leave message to the counselor Sun Yaodong.

Regarding this…

Sun Yaodong did not hesitate at all, nor asked any reason, and directly chose to agree.

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The next day, early morning.

A breeze shook the branches gently.

A ray of sunlight passed through the gap between the curtains and fell on the balcony.

 Omi finally opened his eyes.

He glanced at the phone casually, and a text message appeared on the screen early.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remits 3,670,000 yuan.”

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, get the Kyushu bar. 】

 Omi murmured, “Bar? What use is this for me?”

“Forget it, it’s better than 10 million yuan.”

Then,  Omi slowly got up.

After washing for a while, he would have automatically baked bread, sandwiching wagyu beef, Australian lobster, breaded crab, eggs, lettuce and other foods, and slowly chewed.

Although the ingredients are relatively simple, the taste is not bad.

 Omi was satisfied with eating.

After breakfast,  Omi came to Tianhu Lake and poured all the sprouts in the water. Then he drove the Mercedes-Benz Big G towards the Jiangbei Branch of the Penguin Group.

Compared with low-rise sports cars, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom that belongs to the driver…the tough and tall SUV like Mercedes-Benz Grand G is even more popular with  Omi.

Since it was Monday, there were a lot of vehicles on the road, and many road sections were a little congested…  Omi was not in a hurry, and always moved forward at a leisurely pace.

It wasn’t until about 10:30 in the morning that I arrived at the destination.

After  Omi parked the car, he walked in directly.

At this moment, in the beverage room next to the gate, a man in a plaid shirt walked out slowly with coffee.

After he saw  Omi, he shouted in surprise: ” Omi?”

 Omi was also a little surprised: “Shen Liang!”

That’s right!

This man is  Omi’s high school classmate Shen Liang.

After graduation, in a strict sense,  Omi saw him for the third time.

The first time was at a classmate gathering in Jiangbei.

At that time, Shen Liang was regarded as one of the friendliest to  Omi among his classmates.

Later, the head teacher was hospitalized, and Shen Liang was also one of the few people who rushed back to Qingshi deliberately.

In addition, when  Omi and Shen Liang were in high school, the relationship was okay.

In general,  Omi had a good impression of Shen Liang.

Shen Liang asked: ” Omi, why did you come to our company?”

When we met last time, Shen Liang also said that he was doing IT.

 Omi never thought that he was actually doing IT in Penguin.

Doesn’t this mean that Shen Liang is his own employee?

 Omi said, “Isn’t this Penguin Company? I’m here to stroll around.”

Regarding this…

Shen Liang was not too surprised.

Because Penguin Group is a giant company of China, and has established its own network empire.

In the past, many people couldn’t help but rush in to take a look when they were passing by.

Therefore, Shen Liang smiled and said: “Since I come to our company, then I will be your guide!”

“Okay!”  Omi directly agreed.

Although, he has promised to go shopping with Xiao Ma.

But, haven’t you seen Mr. Ma?

Go shopping first… it’s nothing.

Shen Liang asked again: “By the way, would you like a cup of coffee? I think it tastes similar to Starbucks.”

After he finished speaking, he walked into the beverage room first without waiting for  Omi to answer.

As soon as I walked into the beverage room, I was faced with the strong aroma of coffee.

Shen Liang skillfully poured a cup of coffee from the coffee machine and handed it to  Omi.

Then, pointing to the various snacks stacked on the wall cabinet in the distance, he said, “Is there anything I want to eat? You can take it whatever you want, all for free.”

 Omi said, “Then give me a pack of QQ candy.”

“Unexpectedly, you still like this!” Shen Liang smiled.

Then, Shen Liang walked inside with  Omi and said, “This is the design department. A lot of news pictures should come from here.”

“This is the press department. There are many editors here.”

“This is the game department… the people in this department have the highest salary.”

When Shen Liang said this, his face was full of envy.

“Over there is our promotion department.”

Shen Liang introduced as he walked, but  Omi couldn’t help but nodded.

The two talked and laughed, and when they came to the corner, Shen Liang didn’t pay attention and ran into the other person.

When he lifted his head, the whole figure froze completely as if he had been subjected to a fixation technique.

Because, the person he bumped into…has a two-to-eight split head and is wearing a black suit. He is the technical director of the Jiangbei branch of the Penguin Group!

Next to the technical director, there are the general manager, the deputy director, a number of ministers… and the chairman of the Penguin Group, Mr. Ma, who is surrounded by them!

These people… are together!

And he actually bumped into them? !

And… still during work!

Shen Liang only felt his head buzzing, and his entire face began to turn pale.

Penguin Group can be said to be the largest in China’s Internet industry, and at the same time, it is also one of the companies with the best treatment…

Countless people squeezed their heads to enter the penguin.

At the beginning, Shen Liang also spent a lot of effort to get this opportunity.

Now… I’m afraid it will be gone!

At this time, the little horse surrounded by people always smiled and said: “Mr. Lin, when did you come? Why didn’t you tell me? I’ll pick you up at the door!”

While talking, Xiao Ma proactively extended his right hand towards  Omi.

 Omi also stretched out his hand and shook it lightly.

This scene not only left Shen Liang in a daze, but also the general manager, directors, ministers and others around him in a daze.

The general manager, director and others learned from Mr. Ma not long ago that a very important guest will come over later.

They want to come, who can be called a very important guest by Xiao Ma, who is at least 30 or 40 years old, right?

Some people have even begun to speculate whether it will be Mr. Li of Du Niang or Mr. Ari Da Ma.

As a result, it turned out to be a young man who looked only in his twenties?

Since the first two meetings, Shen Liang also knew that  Omi was a very well-connected god.


He never thought that  Omi would even know Mr. Ma!

After all, China has too many gods.

But, how many people are there who really socialize with Xiao Ma?

However, what is the situation now?

Not only did Xiao Ma know  Omi, he took the initiative to greet him with a handshake, and even went out to meet him in person? !



What is  Omi’s identity?

 Omi smiled and said: “I just met a friend, UU reading www. .com, he took me around first, so I didn’t tell you.”

Xiao Ma always said clearly: “Oh? Mr. Lin’s friend?”

Then, he stretched out his right hand towards Shen Liang and said: “Hello, I am Xiao Ma, I don’t know what you call it?”

Xiao Ma always greets himself, shakes hands, and asks his name?

“Plop! Plop!”

Shen Liang just felt that the whole heart almost jumped out, and said excitedly: “Shen Liang, my name is Shen Liang!”

Then, he extended his hands and held Mr. Ma’s right hand tightly.

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No wonder, Shen Liang would be like this.

To know…

Xiao Ma always uses a small chat software to build a world-famous penguin empire step by step!

In the eyes of countless people, especially IT practitioners, Brother Xiao Ma is definitely a god-like existence!

Now, this **** actually shook hands with himself!

How can this not be exciting?

Xiao Ma always smiled and nodded: “It turns out to be Mr. Shen…Mr. Shen, hello.”

“Hello, hello.” Shen Liang continued.

The two shook hands for a while, and Mr. Ma said to  Omi, “Mr. Lin, shall I show you around?”

“Good!”  Omi nodded.

It was different from the previous Shen Liang taking  Omi around.

At this time, around  Omi stood a large group of people including the general manager, director of Penguin’s Jiangbei branch, and Mr. Ma.

And whenever  Omi walked to an office, there would immediately be a burst of warm applause.

In a blink of an eye, an hour passed.

 Omi, Xiao Ma, Director, Shen Liang and others came to Jiangbei Hotel together.

Obviously, the waiter had a good look. After seeing them from a distance, he immediately notified the manager Zhang Shanfeng.

Zhang Shanfeng hurriedly greeted him and arranged the best boxes and the most delicious food.

Xiao Ma lightly inhaled the aroma that permeated the box, and exclaimed: “Smell the scent of this table, my appetite immediately came up! First of all, thank you Mr. Lin… for allowing us to taste such a sumptuous delicacy! “

After speaking, Xiao Ma always picked up the wine glass.

The surrounding general manager, director… and Shen Liang, who was still in a daze sitting beside  Omi, raised their glasses one after another.

Then, everyone drank the wine in the glass in one go!

 Omi smiled and said, “Mr. Ma, you are too polite.”

While talking, he also drank a drink.

After a glass of wine, the atmosphere in the box immediately became much warmer.

Xiao Ma always asked: “Mr. Lin, what do you think of our Jiangbei branch?”

 Omidao: “The company has a fitness room, a beverage room, a game room, a sky park, a star canteen… so that employees can eat, drink, and play well while working… Overall, it’s very good! “

 Omi didn’t exaggerate this sentence casually.

Generally speaking, many companies try their best to squeeze their employees and do not pay attention to their health.

And it is really rare to be like the Penguin Group.

When Xiao Ma heard this, he couldn’t help showing a smile on his face, saying: “Our company has always made employees work in a healthy and happy way…”

“In fact, the Jiangbei branch is completely laid out in accordance with our Penguin headquarters.”

The crowd drank a few more glasses of wine and then chatted for a while.

Mr. Ma finally spoke out the purpose of arriving in Jiangbei specially today and meeting  Omi for dinner.

“In the past, I always felt that standing at thirty, not confused at forty, at least when people are at this age, they may begin to have certain abilities and achievements!”

“I didn’t realize that I was wrong until I met Mr. Lin!”

“Mr. Lin, thank you for your optimism and support for our Penguin Group! And, increased the shareholding to 10%, thus becoming the second largest shareholder of our Penguin Group!”


The whole box was suddenly silent!

What did they hear?

10% of Penguin Group’s shares!

To know…

Penguin Group is a super giant company with a market value of 5 trillion.

10% shares, that is to say… the value of Mr. Lin in front of him is more than 500 billion yuan? !

This… what a terrible number is this? !

Originally, Shen Liang had gradually adapted to the atmosphere in the box.

However, after he heard these words, the whole person once again became dumbfounded.

 Omi also understands Xiao Ma’s mind.

It’s nothing more than…I am worried that I will interfere with Penguin’s work.

After all, the shares he owns now have surpassed Mr. Ma and become the second largest shareholder of the Penguin Group, which has also become an uncertain factor for the company.

 Omi smiled and said: “I am more optimistic about the Penguin company, but rather, I am optimistic about the development of a small chat software into the little horse of the Penguin Empire…”

“So, my shares will not interfere with any of the company’s work… I only pay dividends based on profits.”

Sure enough, Xiao Ma always heard this, with an obvious smile on his face, and said: “Thank you Mr. Lin for your optimism, and at the same time, I won’t let Mr. Lin down!”

Then he raised his glass again and drank it in one fell swoop.

This meal lasted nearly two hours.

After that,  Omi did not go to the Jiangbei branch of the Penguin Group, but went straight to the Panlong Villa, lying on the soft big bed, and slept leisurely.

Lunch break is a necessity for a beautiful man.

Mr. Ma didn’t stay in Jiangbei for a long time. After he personally sent  Omi into the car, he took the nearest flight and headed to Yangcheng.

Xiao Ma, as the leader of a super group with a market value of 5 trillion yuan, can be said to be very busy every day.

As for the Jiangbei branch of the Penguin Group to visit?

To be honest, he has no interest at all.

To know…

Penguin Group has branches in dozens of cities in China.

If, every branch of him has to visit.

Then, after a month, he doesn’t have to do anything.

Just fly everywhere every day.

The real reason is that  Omi, the second largest shareholder, will have an impact on the company’s future.

At this time, Penguin Group Jiangbei Branch.

Shen Liang sat at his desk and looked at the work progress in the morning.

Then, he was ready to continue working.


At this time, a sweet-looking woman walked over slowly.

She whispered: “Mr. Shen, hello, the general manager invites you to visit his office.”

Shen Liang’s heart tightened slightly, and many reasons immediately emerged in his heart.

With an extremely nervous mood, he finally knocked on the door of the general manager’s office.

“Please come in!” In the office, UU Reading www. .com heard the dull voice of the general manager.

When the general manager saw that the person was Shen Liang, he hurriedly got up and smiled heartily: “It turns out that it is Shen Liang, please sit down, please sit down!”

Then, the general manager personally poured him a good cup of Tieguanyin and said, “Come on, have a cup of tea.”

The general manager personally pours tea for himself?

Shen Liang was flattered for a while.

The general manager said: “Shen Liang, do you know? I noticed you very early. After all, there are very few young people who can do so well in promotion.”

“In addition, you also achieved good results in the last basketball game…Basketball is a sport that tests organization and coordination skills extremely. This shows that you have good leadership and overall planning skills.”

“Shen Liang, I am very optimistic about you… been in the small promotion department, which is really a waste.”

“I took a look, the game department still lacks a supervisor, don’t you know if you are interested?”

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Shen Liang was dumbfounded as he listened to the general manager’s words.

Is it good to promote yourself?

Last month, I was criticized by my supervisor for not being able to promote the data.

Can playing basketball also show organizational and coordination skills?

Even if there is… it has nothing to do with yourself, right?

In his basketball game, he only played a few minutes on the court as a substitute, and didn’t get a single point.

That’s… also a good result?

Seeing that Shen Liang hadn’t answered, the general manager couldn’t help but speak again: “Of course, if you don’t like the job of a game manager, you can choose other jobs.”

At this time, Shen Liang finally came back to his senses, and said hurriedly: “I like it, I like the job of a game director!”

To know……

The game department is the most profitable department of the Penguin Group, not one of them!

At the same time, it is also the department Shen Liang wants to enter the most.

Now… Not only can I go to the game department, but I can also become the supervisor directly!

If all this is refused, Shen Liang feels that he has to take regret medicine as a meal in the future.

“That’s great. Tomorrow, you can report directly to the game department.” The general manager said.

Shen Liang nodded happily, but silently thanked  Omi in his heart.

He understood that all of this… was all  Omi’s reason.


On the other hand, it took Hu Tian two days to finally make the proof process of the hail conjecture written by  Omi into a thesis.

Then, in the name of  Omi, it was sent to the Annals of Mathematics, one of the top four mathematics journals.


At this time, it was in the early morning of the United States.

Feld, the editor of the Annals of Mathematics, was lying on the bed tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep at all. He couldn’t help but complained: “In the future, if someone invites me to drink coffee at night, I must say f*ck to that person!”

Feld tried to sleep for a long time, but he never succeeded.

In desperation, he finally got up and sighed: “What should I do now? Play games for a while? Forget it, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep all night of excitement.”

“Watching a movie for a while? It should be a good thing to be with a beautiful woman.”

After thinking about it for a moment, Feld said, “Perhaps, I should check the mailbox… Maybe there will be some boring manuscripts. That stuff is a good thing for hypnosis.”

While talking, he had already walked to the table and turned on the computer.

He also murmured: “Get up to work in the middle of the night… Is there anyone in the world who loves work more than me? Editor-in-Chief Ryan should really give me more bonuses.”

“Ding Dong!”

As soon as Feld logged into his mailbox, an email appeared in the lower right corner of the screen.

“The hail conjecture proof process? Someone has sent this kind of manuscript. I can almost imagine the boring content… But this is just what I want!”

As Feld spoke, he opened the email smoothly.

At first, he just glanced at random.

But, gradually, he began to frown…

As the editor of the Annals of Mathematics, Feld doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know anything about mathematics.

On the contrary, his mathematics ability and vision are even better than those of general mathematics professors.

Feld murmured: “This manuscript doesn’t seem to be so boring… and, it seems there is some truth…”

Then, he slowly fixed his gaze on the author’s name in the lower right corner.

“Huaxia Jiangbei University,  Omi?”

Seeing this… Feld seemed to have thought of something, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

” Omi? That  Omi who solved Zhou’s conjecture and the twin prime number conjecture?”

Nowadays, ordinary foreigners, perhaps, don’t even know  Omi.

However,  Omi’s name can be said to be famous in mathematics.

Feld said: “If it were him…this should not be a manuscript that I can review, and transfer it to the editor-in-chief of Ryan. In this way, he can see at a glance what I am still working hard at in the middle of the night.”

Having said that, Feld forwarded the email directly.


The next day, early morning.

Editor-in-Chief Ryan has a habit of spending an hour every morning looking through all the emails.

After a while, he noticed the email forwarded by Feld.

When Ryan saw the subject of the email, he frowned and said: “This fellow Feld, why are you throwing all the manuscripts at me! Or transferred it in the middle of the night? Did he have a high fever in the middle of the night?”

In his opinion, as an editor of a top mathematics journal, he should have the most basic judgment.

It is one of the most basic judgments to solve the Hail conjecture, Riemann conjecture, Goldbach conjecture and other papers without hesitation and throw them into the trash can.

Ryan didn’t read the content of the paper, but habitually glanced at the author’s name.

The next moment, like Feld, his pupils suddenly shrank.

” Omi?!”

After that, Ryan looked at him with a solemn expression, and with extremely focused eyes, he carefully flipped through the paper.

After a long time, he rubbed his somewhat sour eyebrows and said: “It’s an incredible calculation, but whether the calculation is correct or not has to be reviewed by a professor at the level of a cow.”

Ryan murmured: “Professor Jeffrey of Preston is an expert in abstract algebra. Let him examine it.”

Then, after covering up the author’s name of the paper, he forwarded it to Professor Eddie.

Then, Ryan sent a message to Feld: I can see all of your efforts, this month…Your bonus will be doubled.

Feld: Thank you, Editor-in-Chief Ryan!


Preston, Advanced Institute of Mathematics.

After a young man finished his work, he glanced at Professor Jeffrey, who almost buried himself in a sea of ​​books, and asked: “Professor, you seem to have a lot of work to do? Need to help you get a share. Sandwiches?”

Jeffrey slowly raised his head and said with a smile: “Work is never finished, but you must eat rice. I will eat with you.”

“Ding Dong!”

At this time, an email popped up from the computer in front of Jeffrey.

He clicked the mouse easily.

In the next moment, Jeffrey was cast as if he was fixed on his body. The whole person stopped moving for an instant, only a pair of eyes were always staring at the screen, a series of complicated calculations.

The young man couldn’t help but call out: “Professor? Professor?”

Jeffrey then reacted and said, “Oh, oh…you should bring me a sandwich. I still have work to deal with.”

The young people complained in their hearts: Didn’t you just say that work can never be finished, but meals are absolutely necessary to eat? How did it change in a blink of an eye?

Of course, he only dared to complain in his heart.

And Jeffrey didn’t answer his meaning at all, always staring at the screen, his face was full of excitement.

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For  Omi, the answer to the hail conjecture was just a task completed at hand.

He didn’t care at all, and naturally he didn’t pay attention to other people’s reactions.

When  Omi woke up, it was already 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang a hurried ring.

He glanced at the call notification, which turned out to be the call from Deng Jihu, Captain of the Jiangbei Investigation Brigade.

 Omi didn’t hesitate too much, and directly pressed the answer button.

“Mr. Lin, did you bother you?” Deng Jihu asked carefully.

 Omi said, “No, I just woke up for a while, what’s the matter with you?”

Deng Jihu said, “The person who took you to Didi with a knife last time to rob has already accounted for all the bad things, and we handed him over to the court. If there is no accident, he will be sentenced to more than 10 years.”

“In addition, we Jiangbei will carry out a month-long crackdown in the city regarding this knife robbery…”

“We will strictly investigate and punish all those who engage in criminal activities… What do you think of this treatment?”

The dignified captain of the investigation team in Jiangbei City used such a respectful attitude to call a young man who was only in his 20s.

If it is known by others, it will definitely shock a bunch of people’s jaws.

 Omi said, “You handled it very well.”

Deng Jihu said and heard that he was very happy.

Then, after a few more chats on the topic, he slowly hung up the phone.

 Omi lay on the bed and played with his mobile phone casually.


Before long, there was a soft cry in his stomach.

Therefore,  Omi drove a Mercedes-Benz Big G and found a restaurant with a better environment, and ordered black truffle tart, seafood treasure curry, caviar chocolate… a total of 24,899 yuan, a simple dinner, this was only a leisurely time. Go outside.

At this time, the sky was already dark.

 Omi raised his eyes and saw not far away… the ‘Jiuzhou Bar’ with dazzling neon lights.

See here…

 Omi was slightly stunned.

Kyushu bar?

Isn’t this the bar I got today?

He touched his somewhat chubby belly, thinking that there was nothing wrong with him anyway. A visit to his bar was also considered a digestion.

Although the distance was not far,  Omi started the Mercedes-Benz Grand G and drove over.

At this time, many vehicles, like crucian carp crossing the river, gathered in the parking lot of Kyushu Bar.

Many beautiful women and handsome guys stood at the door one after another, as if waiting for someone.

When they saw a handsome man and woman walking out of cars such as Porsches and Ferraris, they seemed to have finally waited for someone and quickly greeted them.

 Omi drove nearly two million Mercedes-Benz G, coupled with the tall and handsome appearance, and soon attracted a woman with heavy makeup and revealing clothes.

The woman struck up a conversation: “Handsome guy, let’s have a drink together?”

 Omi glanced casually with the real eye.

[Face value: 70]

[Favorite degree: 50]

To know……

 Omi’s women, such as Qin Yuxuan, Han Tian, ​​Qiu Ziqian, Huang Ling…Which one is not a big beauty with a score of 90 or more?

If you are used to eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, where is the rotten vegetable leaf?

So  Omi said, “Not interested.”

After speaking, he walked in directly.

The heavy makeup stomped femininely: “What are you pulling?! Isn’t it just a big g? Maybe it’s rented!”

Then she stood back to her previous position.

When  Omi walked into the bar, a burst of loud music kept rippling in his ears.

Many people gathered in front of the small deck, chatting, drinking, and having fun.

At this time, a waiter came over and asked: “Sir, do you have a seat reservation?”

Obviously, this ordinary waiter had no idea that  Omi was his boss now.

 Omi said: “No, if there is a vacancy, help me arrange a better one.”

The waiter said: “Okay, please here.”

Soon,  Omi was arranged to the front deck in the middle, which was indeed a better position as he said.

 Omi nodded in satisfaction, and said casually: “Then help me get two more bottles of golden aces of spades, and some fruits and snacks.”

The waiter said that he was very excited.

To know……

The gold version of the aces of spades, one bottle is nearly 4,000 yuan, two bottles…that is nearly 8,000 yuan, plus some fruits and snacks, it is directly 10,000 yuan!

For him, this has been regarded as a good performance.

“Okay, wait a minute.”

After the waiter finished speaking, he hurried to bring the wine and snacks.

 Omi poured a cup of aces of spades, took a sip, nodded and said, “Not bad, it’s a genuine wine.”

At this time, a surprised voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Brother Fan?!”

 Omi slowly turned his head and said, “Tan Shengyu.”

“Hahaha! Brother Fan, it’s really you!” Tan Shengyu strode over and exclaimed happily.

The net red-faced woman next to Tan Shengyu asked, “Brother Yu, who is he?”

Tan Shengyu said: “This is Brother Fan, the boss of our Jiangbei rich and young circle!”

“Boss? Better than you?” the net red-faced woman asked.

“How can I compare with Fan Ge!” Tan Shengyu said.

The red-faced woman on the net heard this and looked at  Omi’s gaze, which couldn’t help but shine a little more.

 Omi smiled and said, “Don’t blow it to me.”

Tan Shengyu said: “Where is this blowing? This is a fact!”

After a pause, Tan Shengyu said again: “Brother Fan, you also came for Ling Rou, right?”

“Ling Rou?”  Omi asked in confusion.

“Why, Brother Fan, you didn’t come to the Kyushu Bar for her?” Tan Shengyu asked.

 Omi shook his head and said, “I haven’t heard the name before you said it.”

Tan Shengyu said, “It turned out to be like this. But, Brother Fan, you are here at the right time. I have news that Ling Rou will come over to sing today.”

“This Ling Rou not only sings nicely, but she is also very beautiful!”

The net red-faced woman next to her tasted: “Very beautiful? Is it beautiful for me?”

Tan Shengyu coughed lightly and said, “You and her are not the same beauty.”

The net red-faced woman hummed, still a little unhappy on Qiao’s face.

“Hey Hey hey!”

At this time, the dj standing in the middle of the stage of the Kyushu bar suddenly picked up the microphone and said: “Next…I invite our singer Ling Rou to come on stage!”


Suddenly there was a burst of warm applause from the bar in Kyushu.

Then, a woman with exquisite features and exquisite features, her hair like a waterfall, and a round and full body (oyo) walked slowly onto the stage.

Her skin is very white and tender, and under the light of the bar, it is even more transparent, as if it can be broken by a bomb.

See here…

Even  Omi, who had seen countless beauties, was a little dazed.

Then,  Omi couldn’t help but use the real eye on her.

[Face value: 96]

[Favorite degree: 30]

The value of 96!

As Tan Shengyu said, Ling Rou is indeed a big beauty!

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