The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 266-270


Then, Omi set his sights on the Skill Double Card and Skill Level Up Card.

[Skill Double Card: You can specify to double the ability of a certain skill within 1 hour. Have more powerful skills and show more charming charm. 】

[Skill level promotion card: can promote a skill level. Mastering more esoteric skills is fascinating. 】

Omi is very familiar with these two cards.

Because he has used them all.

Even before Omi opened these 15,721 red envelopes, he already had two skill doubling cards and one level-up card.

The skill double card has timeliness, so Omi hasn’t used it yet.

And the skill level promotion card is because there is only one for the time being. He wants to save it when he needs it, and then choose a skill to upgrade, so as to play a role in preparedness.

Now, you can use one of them.

So Omi turned his attention to the system again.

[Skills: professional car driving skills, charm aura (5% chance to trigger love at first sight, unforgettable), violent aesthetics, drinking gentleman, academician-level mathematical experience, real eyes…]

After thinking for a while, Omi locked in the real eye.

[Whether to raise the real eye level? 】


【Ding! The promotion is successful! Congratulations, get the eyes of true vision. 】

【Eye of True Sight: Have all the power of the True Eye. In addition, the specific origin of the object can be seen. See the origin of the object clearly, master what ordinary people don’t know, and show amazing charm. 】

The Eye of True Seeing?

See the origin of the object?

Omi couldn’t help but wondered, he directly used the Eye of True Vision at the marble table in front of him.

Suddenly, a marble was discovered, processed, polished, carved…all the process was like a movie screen, and all appeared in Omi’s mind very clearly.

See here…

Even Omi couldn’t help showing a touch of surprise.

Then, he used True Sight on the water glass on the table, and then the wall clock on the wall…

Without exception, all the objects you looked at…their origins all appeared in Omi’s mind very clearly.

This feeling… It’s as if these things were all made by Omi himself, it’s incredibly magical.

Omi couldn’t help but exclaimed, “This skill level upgrade card is good!”

Then, he set his sights on expert dancing techniques.

【Expert-level dancing techniques: Master various dancing techniques and show off on stage to show off a fascinating charm. 】


Omi nodded in satisfaction.

[1 yuan crit card, after spending 1 yuan, 100 million yuan will be rewarded. 】

Regarding this, Omi just glanced at random, but didn’t take it seriously.

In general…

This concert allowed Omi to acquire 5% of the shares of Ari Group, a high-end office building worth 5 billion yuan, a large entertainment company, two 10,000 square meters of land coupons, expert dancing skills, and a 1 yuan crit card. …

At the same time, the system level was upgraded to LV7, and Omi’s real eye became the real sight.

In contrast, Omi only spent 149 million yuan to hold this concert!

This is definitely a bumper harvest!

“Ding Dong!”

At this time, a crisp bell rang outside.

A man in a white shirt with a high-end lunch box in his hand is standing outside the door with a smile.

See here…

Omi directly opened the door.

The man respectfully said: “Sir, this is the breakfast you ordered.”

“Okay.” Omi answered.

The man bent over slightly and said, “I wish you a happy meal.”

Both the tone and the service attitude are very good.


Ling Rou seemed to have heard the sound from outside, dragging her somewhat exhausted body, and slowly walked out.

Omi said: “Are you up? Breakfast just arrived, let’s have some together.”

“Okay…” Ling Rou answered.

Then, she and Omi came to the table and sat down together, and opened a high-end lunch box.

After seeing the delicious food in the lunch box, Ling Rou stayed for a while.

Sea urchin egg flower, large scallop, bird’s nest porridge, seafood porridge, truffle tart, caviar cake, wagyu beef…

Ling Rouqing couldn’t help but said, “This…how much is this breakfast?”

“It’s just over 30,000,” Omi answered casually.

More than 30,000… a breakfast! ?

Rao Ling Rou already knew that Omi was rich, and her eyes widened at this time.

To know…

Her monthly food cost is only 3,000 yuan.

In other words, today’s breakfast… almost eaten her meal for a year?

Omi didn’t care about Ling Rou’s surprise. He personally took a bowl of bird’s nest porridge and handed it to Ling Rou, saying, “You are still a little bit empty now, drink something light and warm…”

“Ok…Okay.” Ling Rou squatted.

When drinking the first sip of porridge, Ling Rou couldn’t help but exclaimed, “It’s delicious!”

Omi smiled and said, “If you like to drink, drink more.”

“Hmm!” Ling Juu said.

This breakfast is definitely the one that Ling Rou ate the most.

To know…

Omi ordered this according to the weight of the three men.

As a result, everything was eaten clean in the end.

Ling Roumei called it: Operation CD.

The plate was empty, and Ling Rou’s stomach became chubby.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Ling Rou’s mobile phone rang another brisk ring.

“Ms. Ling, hello, this is Li Xiaofei, the general manager of Dafang Entertainment Company.” On the phone, a middle-aged woman’s voice came.

For similar calls, Ling Rou has already answered several times.

It can be said that there is already a certain amount of experience.

Now that I answer the call again, there is no longer the initial tension, and the whole person seems a lot more relaxed and indifferent.

Ling Judo said: “Hello, Manager Li.”

Li Xiaofei said: “That’s it, our Dafang Entertainment Company is very optimistic about Ms. Ling…”

Like the previous representatives of several companies, she stated a lot of conditions.

Ling Juu said, “Thank you for your optimism, but I want to think about it again.”

Li Xiaofei said: “This really needs to be considered… But, Ms. Ling, our generous entertainment can definitely give you the best resources…”

The two chatted for a while, UU reading then hung up the phone.

Ling Rou opened the memo on her mobile phone and slowly wrote down Dafang Entertainment’s name, approximate treatment and related contacts.

Then, Ling Rou looked at the names and treatments of each company on the memo, her face full of thought.

Omi asked, “Have you not considered which company to choose?”

Ling Rou shook her head and said, “No…”

“What do you think of Xinmei Entertainment Company?” Omi asked.

“Xinmei Entertainment is our top three entertainment company in China! The first-line movie stars and first-line singers that account for almost a quarter of China Xia are a very good company and the company I want to go to most, but they didn’t give me a call. Phone…” Ling Rou said helplessly.

Omi said, “Then go.”


Ling Rou was full of doubts about Omi’s words.

Didn’t I just say that Xinmei Entertainment didn’t call me?

Does Omi know someone from Xinmei Entertainment Company?

It seems… it’s really possible.

At this time, Omi’s mobile phone on the table rang a brisk ring.

Omi glanced at the call alert, but it was an unfamiliar number.

He didn’t hesitate too much, and directly chose to answer.

“Hello?” Omi said.

“Please…Is it Mr. Lin?” A respectful voice rang out on the phone.

Omi said: “It’s me, are you?”

“Hello, Mr. Lin, I am Wang Haohua, the chairman of Xinmei Entertainment.” The voice on the phone became more respectful.

“Oh, Dong Wang, what do you want?” Omi asked.

Wang Haohua said carefully: “I just learned that Mr. Lin acquired our Xinmei Entertainment today… Do you need to hold a meeting between senior executives and artists? Then, guide the company’s future development direction?”

At that time, the general manager of the Emperor Hotel, the chairman of Yinshan Group, the chairman of Xiaowu Wholesale City and others all sent similar invitations to Omi.

But, without exception, Omi rejected them all.

Because he has no interest in similar meetings at all.

This time, there were no accidents either.

“No, the company should develop step by step as usual. I don’t manage it in detail.” Omi said lightly.

Wang Haohua said and heard, the whole person was overjoyed.

He has his own plan for the future development of Xinmei Entertainment.

If the new boss needs to make adjustments, this is definitely not a good thing.

However, Wang Haohua’s tone remained unchanged, but his attitude became more respectful.


At this time, Omi said again: “By the way, Ling Rou, who held a concert at Jiangbei Stadium yesterday, should you know? She wants to enter Xinmei Entertainment. Besides, she is my girlfriend.

Wang Haohua’s heart beat.

He finally understood…why the publicity of the Jiangbei Gymnasium concert was so strong.

Why is the layout of the concert so luxurious!


All of this… is because of Omi, his new boss!

Let the Penguin Group, Ari Group and Letter Jump Group all vigorously promote…

Spend hundreds of millions to decorate the concert scene…

The energy of my own boss is bigger than I imagined!

After a while, Wang Haohua said: “I know, I know… I will definitely satisfy Ms. Ling.”

“Okay, so be it.” Omi said.

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

At this time, Ling Rou, who was sitting next to her, was completely stunned.

Because all the voices on the phone were completely heard by her.

It’s not that she deliberately overheared.

Rather, she and Omi are sitting too close, and there is no other sound in the whole villa. In this case, it is difficult not to hear it.

Omi acquired Xinmei Entertainment Company today? !

He first helped him hold a concert at any cost.

Immediately afterwards, in order to allow myself to enter the entertainment circle, he directly acquired China’s top three entertainment companies…

Ling Rou looked at Omi who was sitting in front of her, her beautiful eyes gradually filled with mist, and a drop of crystal clear tears rolled down.

These are tears of moving, tears of happiness!

In this life, no one has treated her so kindly.

Omi reached out and wiped her tears gently, and asked, “Why are you crying?”

Ling Rou didn’t speak, she directly answered Omi in the most primitive and instinctive way.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


About two hours later, Omi and Ling Rou slowly separated.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Ling Rou’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

Ling Rou adjusted her clothes and then connected to the phone.

“Hello, is it Ms. Ling Rouling?” There was a slightly familiar voice on the phone.

Ling Ju said: “I am Ling Rou… may you be?”

As soon as he said this, the voice on the phone became more respectful.

“Ms. Ling, hello! I am Wang Haohua, the chairman of Xinmei Entertainment Company. I called Mr. Lin before…”

“We have prepared the best agents, makeup artists, costume artists, as well as many movies, TV series, shows…”

“I don’t know, when do you have time, can you come to the company to pick it?”

Ling Rou then understood why she felt a little familiar in her voice.

It turned out to be the chairman of Xinmei Entertainment Company!

Agents, make-up artists, costume artists, as well as movies, TV series, shows…all let them choose!


What kind of treatment is this!

Ling Rou suppressed the excitement in her heart and said, “I can go there anytime!”

Wang Haohua thought for a while and said, “Then…tomorrow, would you like it?”

Ling Judo: “Of course you can!”

As soon as she hung up the phone, Ling Rou’s cell phone rang again.

This time, it was my mother’s call.

Don’t look at Ling Rou in the bar every day.

But, in fact, their housekeeping is very strict.

I didn’t go home yesterday, my parents have been worried all night.

Therefore, after receiving this call, Ling Rou chose to go home in response.

Regarding this…

Omi also expressed support.

After the two stayed warm for a while, Omi drove the Mercedes Benz G and drove Ling Rou back.

And Omi didn’t stay outside too much, and went straight back to Panlong Villa, lying on the soft sofa, playing with the phone comfortably.


US, Preston University.

These days, Jeffrey has given up all activities, courses…The whole person has been soaking in the Institute of Advanced Mathematics almost all the time, checking the calculations of complicated hail conjectures in detail.

Until today, he checked the calculations to complete the content of the paper and sent the results to the “Annual Journal of Mathematics”.

If you are an average person, after a long period of hard work, your face will definitely be exhausted.

However, at this time, Geoffrey’s face was full of excitement.

“Hey! Professor why haven’t seen you for many days?” said Professor Eddie with a beard.

Jeffrey said: “Because, I am witnessing a big event!”

“Witness a big event?” Eddie asked puzzled.

“Hail conjecture! Someone has answered the hail conjecture!” Jeffrey said excitedly.

“What? Who is it? The answering process?” Eddie said anxiously.

Jeffrey smiled and said, “Hey, don’t be so excited, my friend! I don’t know what anyone is saying. As for the content… then you can wait and wait for the next issue of the Annals of Mathematics. .”

Although, there is still a specific answering process in his mailbox.

However, if you show it to others, it is a bit of a violation.

Of course, more importantly, if I showed it to Eddie, how could I have (pretended)?

PS: Welcome to read my book ” “.

Naturally, Omi didn’t know that the hail conjecture solved by himself had passed the verification and was about to be published in the Annals of Mathematics.

Of course, even if you know it, you won’t be surprised.

Because this is the answer given by the system, how could it be wrong?

As for… the “Annual Journal of Mathematics”?

Omi didn’t care at all.

A day’s leisurely life is fleeting in a blink of an eye.

The next day, Omi didn’t ask for a meal.

Instead, he drove a Mercedes-Benz big G to a restaurant a few kilometers away.

After all, sometimes lying down is a very tiring thing.

As soon as Omi had eaten enough, the mobile phone in his pocket rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call to remind him that it was the call from the chairman of Ari Group Malaysia.

Therefore, Omi did not hesitate, and directly pressed the answer button.

“Mr. Lin, good morning!” Malaysian President smiled heartily.

Omi said, “Mr. Malaysia too, good morning.”

After a pause, he asked, “Why did the Malaysian president think about calling me today?”

Malaysia always smiled and said, “Can’t you call Mr. Lin if you have nothing to do?”

Then, he said again: “However, this call, there is indeed something wrong…”

“Mr. Lin, you should also know that our country is now vigorously developing Central China.”

“And Jiangbei is the most central part of China, and it is also the focus of future development. Those of us who run enterprises, of course, must closely follow the pace of the country…”

“So, in addition to establishing a branch in Jiangbei two years ago, we are also preparing to invest and acquire a number of companies…”

“Recently, the person in charge in Jiangbei told me that he had inspected a group of companies with more development potential and asked me to come over and decide whether to invest or acquire.”

“For this, I rushed to Jiangbei early this morning…”

“Mr. Lin, will you be free later? Would you like to come over to give advice, and then have a meal together? I miss Jiangbei’s special cuisine too much!”

I have to say that the Malaysian president deserves to be the capable man who created the Ari Group.

Speaking of it, it’s really a set.

From the general direction of the country, it gradually involves suggestions and meals.

And in fact?

Yesterday, the Malaysian President suddenly learned that Omi had added another 5% of the shares of Ari Group.

As a result, Omi owns a total of 10% of the shares of Ari Group, becoming a major shareholder far surpassing Malaysia’s total!

Malaysia always doesn’t worry about it… he doesn’t know why Omi will increase his shareholding, so he rushed to Jiangbei early this morning.

Purpose…I just want to meet Omi and have a face-to-face chat with him.

Regarding this…

Omi also felt like a mirror, and said, “I won’t mention any opinions…but, it’s okay to eat.”

The Malaysian president smiled heartily: “Haha! Okay, then we have an appointment!”

The two chatted a few more words before they hung up the phone.

When Omi walked out of the restaurant, a graceful figure appeared in front.

“Han Tian!” Omi shouted.

Han Tian turned around slowly, a hint of surprise appeared on her pretty face, and shouted, “Omi!”

Today’s Han Tian, ​​wearing a patterned skirt with shredded edges, her long black hair hangs naturally like a waterfall and swings with the wind, and her whole body is filled with a faint fragrance…very charming.

Omi asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“Not going to work today, I am going to go shopping.” Han Tian said.


Omi couldn’t help but remember that he just gave her two bags at first…

Then, nothing was given to her again.

In addition, the time I spend with her is the least.

So Omi said: “Then I will go shopping with you.”


Han Tian’s beautiful eyes instantly turned into a meniscus shape, with faint starlight gleaming, they were extremely beautiful.

Omi smiled and said, “Of course it’s true. Let’s go shopping!”

Then, Omi drove a Mercedes-Benz big G and drove Han Tian towards the shopping mall.

They first walked into the Chanel clothing store.

“Welcome to Chanel.” The dignified female clerk hurriedly greeted her and said, “What can I do for help?”

Omi said, “I’ll help my girlfriend buy some clothes. Do you have any recommendations?”

The female clerk first secretly looked at Han Tian next to her.

Then, he exclaimed: “Your girlfriend is so beautiful! I rarely see a woman like her with fair skin and such a good figure!”

I have to say that the clerk’s ability is really good.

Just a few words, invisibly, brought a few people closer together.

Han Tianqiao’s face blushed slightly, and said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

“This is no compliment, this is a fact…” said the female clerk.

Then, she pointed to a few clothes not far away and said: “I personally think that these two white dresses, as well as those pink and light-colored clothes, are more suitable for you to wear…”

While talking, the female clerk took out two of the white skirts and said: “Moreover, these clothes are 100% cotton, which will be very comfortable to wear.”

When Han Tian changed into the clothes recommended by the female clerk, she made her perfect figure (OYO) even more prominent.

Omi asked, “Do you like it? Is it comfortable to wear?”

Han Tian nodded repeatedly.

Then, Omi handed out two more clothes of his own choosing, and said, “Try these two again.”

“Okay.” Han Tian answered.

After a while, Han Tian walked out wearing the clothes selected by Omi.

Han Tian’s figure is so good, every piece of clothing makes people shine.

Omi seemed to realize this, so he asked, “Do you want to try other clothes?”

“No need.” Han Tian said.

Omi said, “Well, wrap up all your clothes.”

The female clerk standing beside heard this, feeling excited, and hurriedly asked: “Are all three pieces of clothes wrapped?”

To know…

This is a Chanel store, and the price of three pieces of clothing is directly tens of thousands of yuan.

For her, it can be regarded as a fortune.

Omi shook his head and said: “No… plus the clothes you just pointed to, UU reading should have a total of 8 pieces.”

The female clerk was obviously taken aback, and couldn’t help saying: “You… are you sure?”

“Is there a problem?” Omi asked rhetorically.

“No problem, no problem.”

The female clerk’s hands and feet were very flexible. She quickly folded all 8 pieces of clothes and said, “A total of 137,899 yuan.”


Omi took out his bank card on the POS machine, and the bill appeared immediately.

See here…

The female clerk quickened her heart for half a beat, and then bent down and said, “Welcome to visit you next time.”

After Omi and Han Tian walked away completely, the female shop assistant murmured, “Is this Shenhao?”

Immediately afterwards, she showed a look of regret again, and said: “I knew…I just pointed to a few more clothes.”

After Omi and Han Tian walked out of the Chanel store, they walked into the bright and fashionable Cartier jewelry store.

“Welcome to Cartier.” The shopping guide standing at the door smiled and said, “Is there anything I can help?”

Omi said straightforwardly: “I want to buy some jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets…all these for my girlfriend.”

The smile on the face of the shopping guide was even worse.

She quietly took a look at Han Tian’s facial features and figure, and exclaimed: “This lady has exquisite features and a great body! She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

After a pause, he said: “It just so happened that Cartier came to me two days ago…The most beautiful jewelry I think is called Yinhe.”

“The Milky Way was designed by the famous designer of Country F, Mr. Hunter Leib, and a complete set includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces… Not long ago, Mr. Hunter Leb won the grand prize at the International Jewelry Conference for the Milky Way.”

“At the moment… throughout China, only our store owns Galaxy, which can be said to be a unique set of jewelry.”

“Are you going to visit the VIP room with me?”

Like thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of cheap jewelry, Cartier will put them on the counter outside for people to choose and buy.

If you want to buy millions or even millions of expensive jewelry, you need to go to the VIP room to purchase.

As a result, this can highlight the mystery and preciousness of jewelry, so as to better serve customers.

Secondly, it can also protect the safety of jewelry.

In general, shopping guides will not let customers go to the VIP room easily, and some shops even have to conduct capital verification.

However, Omi carried 8 Chanel clothes bags in his hands.

of course……

If this is the case, the shopping guide will not directly let customers go to the VIP room, let alone recommend Yinhe.

The most important reason is that the shopping guide accidentally saw Omi wearing a watch on his wrist carrying the bag-Vacheron Constantin Tourdel\’Ile!

As a luxury shop assistant like Cartier, the most important ability of a shopping guide is to have a pair of eyes that can easily recognize all kinds of luxury goods.

Obviously, this tour guide did it!

She recognized Vacheron Constantin Tourdel\’Ile at a glance, even if she faced countless luxury items every day, her heart couldn’t help but a little jump.

To know……

Vacheron Constantin Tourdel\’Ile, but the top luxury watch worth tens of millions!

This is definitely a very distinguished and high-quality customer!

Omi didn’t hesitate at all, and directly responded, “Okay.”

Then, under the guidance of the shopping guide, Omi and Han Tian walked to the VIP room inside.

It is very spacious and bright, with European-style decoration as a whole. The air is filled with a light fragrance, giving people the feeling of being in a European castle, full of aristocratic atmosphere.

After the shopping guide asked Omi and Han Tian to sit down, they first brought a nice refreshment.

Then, holding a diamond-encrusted sheepskin box, she cautiously walked over.

Even the box exudes a luxurious atmosphere, which is full of expectations.

When she came to Omi and Han Tian, ​​she first put on a pair of white gloves, and then slowly opened the diamond-encrusted sheepskin box.

Crescent-like earrings, water-wave-like bracelets, crown-like necklaces… suddenly appeared in front of Omi and Han Tian.

Under the shining of the light, these three pieces of jewelry are all blooming with dazzling light, gorgeous, dazzling, and winding, like a flowing galaxy, very beautiful!

This is simply… it’s a box of treasures!

Although, the shopping guide has seen “Galaxy” several times.

However, now that I saw it again, I was still fascinated.

As a result, she failed to give a more specific introduction in the first time.

After a while, the shopping guide slowed down and said in a yearning tone: “This set of galaxy earrings consist of a pair of two-carat diamonds and 8 small diamonds, symbolizing the sun, the moon, and 8 planets. That is our entire solar system…”

“The bracelet is made of platinum and 365 diamonds, representing the edge of the Milky Way.”

“The necklace consists of a ruby ​​and countless diamonds, representing the center of the Milky Way and countless stars…”

Omi glanced at Han Tian, ​​who had already been attracted by “Yinhe” next to him, and said directly: “Okay, I’ll buy it.”


The shopping guide was stunned for a moment. She seemed to be a little bit unbelievable in her ears. She squirmed her throat slightly and said, “You… what do you mean?”

“Swipe the card.” Omi took out the bank card directly.


Really want to buy it!

The shopping guide almost jumped up happily.

However, she still forced herself to calm down and reminded: “First… Sir, the price of this Galaxy is 4888888 yuan…”

“Since…because it is a new product, it does not have any discount for the time being, but I can apply for a small gift for you.”

Omi’s expression remained unchanged, and he nodded easily: “Okay.”

The shopping guide swallowed his saliva, which calmed himself a little, and turned around to get the POS machine.


With a soft sound from the POS machine, a bill of 4888888 yuan appeared.

Get 1 red envelope for every 10,000 yuan spent.

At the same time, there were 488 red envelopes in Omi’s phone.

It was this soft sound that brought Han Tian back to reality in a daze.

Omi picked up the earrings, bracelets and necklaces and helped Han Tian put them on in turn.

Han Tian looked at herself shining in the mirror as if surrounded by stars, her beautiful eyes became blurred involuntarily.

Then, ignoring that the shopping guide was still there, she plunged directly into Omi’s arms, and said excitedly, “Omi, thank you.”

In fact, the tour guide at this time had no intention of seeing her at all.

Because, the mood of the tour guide is also extremely excited.

4,888,888 yuan of jewelry, I sold it directly! ?

What a commission this can get! ?

Omi patted Han Tian on the back and smiled: “Fool, what do we say thank you? What’s more, this is just a gadget.”


That’s right!

To Omi, a thing worth more than 4 million is really nothing.

You know, even if he only counts the income from breathing, sleeping, and walking, he has 7 million yuan a day guaranteed.

After a while, the two people slowly separated.

The shopping guide gradually came back to her senses. She pointed to some small items on the counter that were priced below 5,000 yuan and said: “You can choose something you like as a gift from our store.”

Finally Han Tian took a cute hairpin.

After Omi and Han Tian left Cartier, several shopping guides quickly gathered around.

“Xiaojuan, you are amazing!”

“Xiaojuan, congratulations, we sold the Galaxy in our store!”

“You must have a treat.”



Naturally, Omi wouldn’t care about the lively situation in Cartier’s store.

Then, he accompanied Han Tian to buy two pairs of shoes and some skin care products…

This shopping trip cost a total of 5,688,993 yuan.

Correspondingly, Omi received 568 red envelopes.

PS: Welcome to read my book ” “.


When Han Tian went to the bathroom, Omi was bored and chose to receive all of the 568 red envelopes.

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1999 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, get a happy world amusement park.”

“Ding! Congratulations, get a 1 yuan crit card.”

With 568 red envelopes, Omi received a total of 432,113 yuan, a happy world amusement park and a 1 yuan crit card.

See here…

Omi couldn’t help showing a strange look on his face.

430,000 yuan, naturally you don’t have to worry about it.

Happy World Amusement Park?

Isn’t this the largest amusement park in Central China that has been propagated in recent years and claimed to have spent tens of billions of dollars?

Now… become your own?

1 yuan crit card, spend 1 yuan, you can get 100 million yuan.

In other words, I just bought so many things for Han Tian, ​​but as a result, I made a lot of money?


At this time, Han Tian walked over happily.

She seemed to notice the change in Omi’s expression, and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong with you?”

Omi cleared his throat and said with a smile: “Encountered something interesting…”

Then, he glanced at the watch on his wrist and said, “It’s almost time, let’s go to dinner. Later, we may have to eat with some people.”

“Okay.” Han Tian said.

So, Omi drove a Mercedes-Benz Big G and headed towards the Emperor Hotel.

The Chairman of the Ari Group, the general manager of Malaysia, made an appointment with him to eat here.

Omi parked the car and just walked to the gate of the Emperor Hotel.

A man in a suit and leather shoes came out to face him, and he shouted in surprise, “Han Tian?!”

“Wang Zihao?” Han Tian said.

Looking at Han Tian’s beautiful face, Wang Zihao showed a fiery look on his face.

However, he quickly pressed it down again and turned to smile: “Haha! Han Tian, ​​it’s you! Unexpectedly, we met here today! We haven’t seen each other for several years since graduating from university, right? ?”

“You haven’t changed at all!”

“No! Become younger and more beautiful than before!”

Han Tian said, “You are too exaggerated.”

“Where is the exaggeration? This is a fact!” Wang Zihao said seriously.

Wang Zihao seemed to have only seen Omi standing next to him, and couldn’t help asking: “Right, this one is?”

Omi said, “I’m Omi, Han Tian’s boyfriend.”

Wang Zihao’s face sank slightly, and he said, “Unexpectedly…our school has a boyfriend already. By the way, where is Mr. Lin now?”

“I am studying at Jiangbei University.” Omi said.

When Wang Zihao heard this, a look of contempt flashed across his face.

In the eyes of some ordinary people, college students are very remarkable.

However, in Wang Zihao’s eyes, college students are nothing at all.

However, he said: “It turns out to be a student of Jiangbei University! Speaking of students, I can’t help but remember the scene when Han Tian managed the student union at school.”

“At that time, I was thinking, why is there such a perfect person like Han Tian in this world, not only beautiful, but also so capable!”

“By the way, I started an Internet company after graduation, and now I lack a vice president, Han Tian, ​​would you like to come over?”

Han Tian shook her head and said, “Sorry, I have been working in a real estate company since I graduated, and I don’t know anything about Internet companies. I’m afraid I won’t be your vice president.”

Wang Zihao said: “It doesn’t matter. In fact, most of my Internet companies are outsourcing companies. We are just a shell.”

“The job of your vice president…you only need to assign tasks to the outsourcing companies. With your original management ability at the university, there is absolutely no problem!”

Then he said to Omi: “You should have given Han Tian the jewelry, right? I know, you want to dress Han Tian beautifully and make her the most eye-catching woman in the crowd.”

“But, do you know that Han Tian wearing these glass jewelry will not make her beautiful at all, on the contrary, it will only make her laugh.”

“She can only be amazed if she wears a one-carat diamond!”

Obviously, Wang Zihao thinks that the necklace, bracelet and earrings worn by Han Tian are all glass products.

No wonder he thinks like this…

After all, Han Tian just said that she works in a real estate company.

How much money can a real estate company get to work?

How can it be possible to afford full diamond jewelry?

And Omi is only a student, so it is even more impossible to afford all-diamond jewelry. Even if he is a rich second generation, that won’t work!

Because Wang Zihao knows very well that the rich second-generation family is very strict, and it is impossible to give him a lot of money to buy expensive jewelry at once.

Then, the answer is obvious.

Wang Zihao said again: “Sorry, maybe I was a bit too straight. But this is really true. Without a career as the foundation, how can love last? Omi, you are a college student and you should understand this truth.”

“If you really like Han Tian and want her to be happy all the time, I think you should also persuade Han Tian to come to our company as the vice president. After you graduate, you can also come to work in our company. In this way, I I believe you can make love last!”

“As for the scale and strength of our company, as well as your treatment… all don’t have to doubt. You may not know yet, I just got the investment of Ari Group! In the future, even A-share listing, it is possible! At that time, you will all be shareholders of the company, realize the freedom of wealth, and be able to be happy forever!”

First, Wang Zihao used an elder, in a general tone, combined with painting pie, etc., intertwined and kept talking.

He believed that Omi would definitely help persuade Han Tian to join his company as he said later.

Because Wang Zihao used similar methods to successfully PUA several women.

In the end, even if they abandoned them, they never blamed themselves.

On the contrary, I often feel distressed and regret for certain things.

Even the delicate woman can do this.

Besides, is it an ordinary male college student?

And now…

Omi’s face was full of weird colors.

Is the jewellery that Han Tian wears now being laughed at?

Do you have to wear a 1 carat diamond to surprise others?

If I remember correctly, UU Reading www. Even if .com excludes necklaces and bracelets…Han Tian’s earrings are made of a pair of two-carat diamonds, right?

Big diamond was mocked?

But the small diamond was amazing?

What is the reason for this?

Then, he wants to let himself and Han Tianquan go to work in his company? Don’t worry about treatment?

Is he going to give himself 1 million a month, or 5 million?

But even 10 million is nothing!

At last…

His company has received investment from Ari Group?

He owns 10% of the shares of Ari Group and is also the second largest shareholder of Ari Group!

In other words, is his company investing in him?

Seeing that Omi and Han Tian didn’t speak, Wang Zihao couldn’t help but sneer, thinking they were thinking about their own words.

Instead, continue: “My Internet company is just short of people, this is definitely a very good opportunity for you, no need to think about it.”

At this time, a lady wearing a Chanel skirt with a face value of about 80 points suddenly let out an exclamation sound.

“Wow! Galaxy! This is Cartier’s Galaxy, right? I just saw it in a magazine! Unexpectedly, I saw the real product so soon, it’s too beautiful!”

The lady continued: “Excuse me, can you tell me where I bought it?”

Han Tian replied: “Of course! This was bought at Cartier’s flagship store in Xinglong Shopping Mall, but they only have this set in their store.”

The lady was disappointed and said, “Is there only one set?”

Then he said: “I really like the Galaxy, can you sell it to me? 5 million, how about it?”

Obviously, this lady does have a certain understanding of the Milky Way.


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