The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 276-280



To know…

The two things that Chinese people are most concerned about are school district housing and work.

At this time, Zhang Jianbo was able to help everyone solve it easily.

How is this not exciting?

The reason why Zhang Jianbo said this is also his purpose.

Before he wants to come…this is a demonstration of the huge scale and capabilities of his company.

Huang Ling, this beautiful woman, must have admired herself very much now.

When you have a chance to find contact information, you will surely get it soon.

Zhang Jianbo has done similar things many times, and he is quite familiar with it.

Xu Lihua raised her neck, like a proud white swan said: “The Hao Ting Jia Yuan next to the second elementary school, you should have heard of it?”

“This community is sold in hardcover, and the fine decoration inside… is all covered by my husband’s company!”

“My husband and the boss of the Hao Ting Jia Yuan developer are very familiar. If you want a school district room, let my husband talk to you, and you can definitely get the lowest discount!”

As soon as this statement came out, the box became more and more lively.

“I’m just planning to buy a house, Lihua, then I will trouble you.”

“I want to buy too…”

“Hao Ting Jia Yuan, there seem to be thousands of houses in this community…contracting the decoration of all the houses. Isn’t this a project of tens of millions of billions? Lihua, your husband is amazing!”

“Tens of millions? My god!”

Xu Lihua looked at everyone’s admiring eyes, her face was full of triumph.

However, she still had a calm tone on her mouth, and said: “What’s this? Do you know the Haoting Building?”

Zhou Lan immediately said: “Yes, I know, a tall building is right by the river!”

“I also know that I heard that it cost several billions to build it!” someone followed.

Xu Lihua nodded and said, “Yes! The decoration of this building has all been handed over to my husband’s company!”

Everyone screamed again.

“Oh my God! Such a tall building was also renovated by your husband’s company. I am afraid it is another project worth hundreds of millions of dollars!”

“Hundreds of millions? A few hundred million will do!”

“Your husband is too strong!”

“Lihua, you really found a good husband!”

Xu Lihua listened to the enviable voices of everyone, and her whole person almost trembled with joy.

She glanced at Huang Ling, it looked like… it was like saying: What if you find a young and handsome boyfriend? Compared with my husband, it’s far worse!

Xu Lihua said again: “By the way, do you know Happy World Amusement Park?”

“That Happy World Amusement Park in the North District?” Humane asked.

“If this is the case, I have heard that this seems to be the largest amusement park in Central China. I heard… it was built with tens of billions of dollars!”

“Yes, it’s a big amusement park! I also said that I will take my nephew to play in the future.”

Xu Lihua said: “The infrastructure of this Happy World Amusement Park was handed over to my husband’s company to build.”

In an instant, the entire box almost turned overwhelming.

“My God!”

“Your husband, it’s so… so… so amazing!”

First, the fine decoration of Haoting Garden, then Haoting Building, and now… it’s the Happy World Amusement Park again!

Everyone has no idea how to praise Zhang Jianbo.

They looked at Xu Lihua with envy and Zhang Jianbo with admiration.

Omi, who was standing next to him, had a strange look on his face.

Hao Ting Jia Yuan?

Haoting Building?

Happy World Amusement Park?

Aren’t these… all your own industries?

And Zhang Jianbo did not expect Xu Lihua to say this…


His company is indeed preparing to renovate Haoting Jiayuan Community.

However, it is not all at all, but only one of them was decorated.

His company is indeed preparing to renovate the Haoting Building.

However, it is not the whole building at all, but only a few floors.

His company is indeed preparing to build the infrastructure for Happy World Paradise, but it just helped build a few bathrooms.

The sum of all the projects is estimated to be tens of millions.

In Xu Lihua’s mouth… it seems to be a super project of billions or even billions.

Zhang Jianbo quietly glanced at Huang Ling next to her, and found that she seemed to be looking at herself too. He was delighted, and secretly admired: Wife, good assist!

So Zhang Jianbo looked like he didn’t care about it, and said, “Actually, I didn’t care about the project or something. After all, I have made enough money.”

“If I can, I would rather not accept so many projects and have a little more free time for fun.”

“However, the people in charge of these projects are all my friends, and they insist on letting me do it. I can’t help it.”

After speaking, he did not forget to glance at Huang Ling again.

It looks like it’s like saying: Beauty, follow me, I am rich!

Zhang Jianbo’s careful thinking and Xu Lihua’s hostility towards Huang Ling could not escape Omi’s eyes.

He asked, “What is your name?”

“Zhang Jianbo.” Zhang Jianbo slowly turned sideways, but the answer was toward Huang Ling, as if he was introducing himself.

Omi said lightly: “Zhang Jianbo, right? Since you don’t want to do these projects, then I will help you push them.”

After speaking, he picked up his cell phone and directly dialed the number of Zhang Kai, the general manager of Haoting Jiayuan.

When Omi obtained the Hao Ting Jia Yuan, the other party made a phone call on the grounds of reporting work.

Naturally, Omi didn’t listen carefully, so he sent a few casual sentences.

“Mr. Lin, hello.” At this moment, as soon as the phone was connected, Zhang Kai’s very respectful voice rang.

Omi said, “Did you hand over all the decoration to Zhang Jianbo?”

Zhang Kai said: “Our community has been handed over to multiple companies for renovation…”

While he was speaking, he was flipping through the information quickly.

Soon, he continued: “We renovated one of Zhang Jianbo’s buildings, which is a 9-story bungalow, Mr. Lin, we…”

Omi didn’t wait for Zhang Kai to finish speaking, but said straightforwardly: “Resolve the contract with him.”

Zhang Kai did not hesitate at all, UU reading repeatedly said: “Yes!”

After Omi hung up, Xu Lihua next to him couldn’t help asking: “Huang Ling, your boyfriend, who did you call this?”

“The general manager of Haoting Jiayuan… Didn’t your husband say that he doesn’t want to do so many projects? I will help him reduce a little.” Omi said.

Xu Lihua said weirdly: “You call the general manager of Hao Ting Jia Yuan? Wouldn’t you say that you are the son of the owner of Hao Ting Jia Yuan?”

Omi shook his head and said, “That’s not… I am the boss of Hao Ting Jia Yuan.”

Xu Lihua finally couldn’t help laughing after hearing this.

“Hey! Huang Ling, your boyfriend is so funny! Did you hear that? He actually said to call the general manager of Haoting Jiayuan and ask him to cancel the cooperation with my husband…”

“Furthermore, saying that he is the owner of Hao Ting Jia Yuan, it’s… really funny.”

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If Omi said he was the son of the boss of Hao Ting Jia Yuan, Xu Lihua would hesitate and believe a little bit.

However, Omi actually said that he is the owner of Hao Ting Jia Yuan…

In Xu Lihua’s view, this is simply a joke!

What a joke!

To know…

Haoting Garden is the school district room of the second elementary school in the city center.

And Omi is just a student.

Student… will be the boss of Hao Ting Jia Yuan?

This is simply impossible!

Omi ignored Xu Lihua, and made another call.

This time, he called the general manager of Haoting Building.

“Hello, Mr. Lin, do you have any instructions?”

As soon as the phone was connected, the general manager’s respectful voice rang.

Omi said straightforwardly: “Immediately cancel all cooperation with Zhang Jianbo!”

The general manager doesn’t know who Zhang Jianbo is, but he still said without hesitation: “Yes!”

After Omi hung up, Xu Lihua asked again: “Who are you calling again?”

“The general manager of Haoting Building.” Omi said.

Xu Lihua suppressed a smile and said, “Don’t you say, are you still the boss of Haoting Building?”

Omi nodded and said, “Yes.”


Xu Lihua leaned forward with a smile, and couldn’t do it by herself.

Zhang Jianbo, who was next to him, shook his head lightly like an elder, and said, “I may need to remind…Although Haoting Garden and Haoting Building have similar names, the community and the building are not built by the same company.

What he meant was obviously saying that the bosses of these two buildings are not the same person at all, so don’t say you are their boss anymore.

Xu Lihua sneered: “Maybe…Huang Ling’s boyfriend bought both companies? Hahaha!”

Immediately afterwards, she saw that Omi was still holding a mobile phone, as if she wanted to continue calling, she couldn’t help but speak again: “Are you trying to say that you are still the owner of Happy World Amusement Park?”

Omi said lightly: “I am indeed the owner of Happy World Amusement Park.”

When Xu Lihua heard this, her body trembled with a smile, cracks appeared on her face covered with heavy makeup, and the thick foundation, like snowflakes, fell on her clothes one after another.

“Really? Then…then you call, let Happy World Amusement Park, and also terminate the contract with my husband, so… so that my husband can relax, hahaha!”

Omi said directly: “As you wish.”

At the end of the conversation, he dialed out a call again.

“Mr. Lin, hello.” On the phone, a flattering voice soon came.

Omi said directly: “Cancel the contract with Zhang Jianbo.”


This is the end of the call.

When Xu Lihua saw that Omi had really gone to call, tears flowed from her smile.

“Huang…Huang Ling, I now finally understand why you would find him as a boyfriend… He must always tell you which company’s boss he is?”

“Your boyfriend…really…really handsome and so golden! Hahaha!”

After uttering the last sentence, Xu Lihua’s laughter grew a little bit louder.

Originally, Zhou Lan and others had a good impression of Omi.

At this time, he could not help but shook his head secretly.

They don’t like bragging people.

And what about Omi?

But it’s bragging over and over again.

Xu Lihua’s husband just said that he has a cooperative relationship with Haoting Jiayuan, Haoting Building, and Happy World Amusement Park.

Then, Omi happened to be the boss of these three companies?

Is there such a coincidence?

Is he playing himself like a monkey?

Zhou Lan finally couldn’t help but said, “Omi, don’t just talk about this kind of joke.”

Everyone took Omi’s words as a joke.

Except… Huang Ling.

She looked at Omi with a look of surprise.

Those buildings are indeed very famous, but as long as Omi said it, it must be true!

She has unconditional trust in Omi!

“Jingle Bell!”

At this moment, Zhang Jianbo’s cell phone rang a rapid ringtone.

He glanced at the call notification, his eyes lit up slightly, and smiled: “What a coincidence! We just talked about Hao Ting Jia Yuan, and now… the director of Hao Ting Jia Yuan called me!”

“Please be quiet, everyone!”

While talking, Zhang Jianbo deliberately raised the phone in Yang’s hand, first glanced at Omi with a mocking light, and then turned his gaze on Huang Ling.

It looks like… It’s like saying to Huang Ling: Your boyfriend can only brag, I am the real rich man!

Soon, the whole box was completely quiet.

Following this, Zhang Jianbo pressed the answer button and turned on the hands-free.

And the next moment, there was a roar on the phone.

“Zhang Jianbo! What are you doing?”

“Labor and management have kindly handed you a small bungalow in Hao Ting Garden for decoration. How do you repay your labor and management like this?!”

Zhang Jianbo trembled with fright, and said: “Wang…Mr. Wang, is there any misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding? My misunderstanding when I went to Nima? Our boss in Hao Ting Jia Yuan personally called the general manager and called out to terminate the contract with you! What else can you misunderstand?!”

“Well! If it punishes labor and management, labor and management will definitely not make you feel better!”

After speaking, Mr. Wang directly hung up the phone.


There was only a rush of busy sound, which kept rippling in the box.

Zhang Jianbo, Xu Lihua, Zhou Lan and others did not move as if they had been subjected to a fixation technique.

The boss personally called the general manager and cancelled the cooperation with Zhang Jianbo.

It sounds to everyone that these words… are so familiar.

Zhang Jianbo squirmed his throat, as if he wanted to say something.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, his cell phone rang another hurried ring.

The call reminder shows: Director Liu of Haoting Building.

Zhang Jianbo hurriedly connected the phone as before.

“Zhang Jianbo!  F*ck you uncle! How dare you offend the big boss of our Haoting Building!” Director Liu shouted angrily.

Zhang Jianbo’s body trembled again, and a layer of fine sweat oozes from UU reading’s forehead, stammering: “Liu…Director Liu…I…I don’t…”

“No Nima! The big boss just called the general manager! Labor and management were killed by you this time! Labor and management told you that if you can’t satisfy the big boss, labor and management will definitely make you regret it!” Director Liu screamed. road.

Immediately afterwards, the other side hung up the phone again.


There was another rush of busy sound, which kept rippling in the box.

The boss called the general manager again.

Zhang Jianbo, Xu Lihua, Zhou Lan and others couldn’t help but think of Omi and what he said.

Everyone turned around slowly like puppets, and their gazes fell on Omi together.

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“Jingle Bell!”

A rush of bells broke the silent box.

Zhang Jianbo looked at the call reminder on the screen, and it was Mr. Zhao at Happy World Amusement Park.

There was a bad feeling in his heart instantly.

The bell rang in the box for a long time…

Finally, Zhang Jianbo stretched out his trembling fingers and pressed the answer button.

Suddenly, another familiar roar resounded throughout the box.

“Zhang Jianbo!  F*ck grandma!”

“Labor and capital see you are pitiful. That’s why I renovated the restrooms in Happy World Amusement Park. What have you done?!”

Zhang Jianbo said in a panic: “I…I…”

Hearing his voice, Mr. Zhao burst into flames, and shouted: “I… your uncle! You are so courageous! You dare to provoke the big boss of Happy World Amusement Park and ask him to call the general manager in person Cancel all cooperation with you!”

“Do you think it will be okay to cancel the cooperation? Labor and management tell you that this is not over!”


A familiar busy tone kept rippling in the box.

At this moment, even if everyone is stupid…

He also understands that Zhang Jianbo did not contract the decoration of all the houses in Haoting Jiayuan, nor did he contract the decoration of all floors of the Haoting Building, and the construction of all the infrastructure of Happy World.

He has always been bragging.

And Omi has never been joking.

He is really the owner of Haoting Garden, Haoting Building, and Happy World Amusement Park.

Zhang Jianbo recalled the words of the three directors. His whole body was completely wet with sweat. He was busy bending towards Omi and apologized: “Yes… I’m sorry… I beg you, my lord, don’t remember the villain, forgive me this time. …”

Although, his company only took over the decoration of a bungalow in Haoting Jiayuan, the decoration of several floors of Haoting Building, and the construction of several toilets in Happy World Amusement Park.

The total amount of all projects is only tens of millions.

However, this is already a very big project for his company.

To this end, Zhang Jianbo gave a large number of gifts.

Two days ago, he also recruited a group of employees and purchased a large number of materials.

If Haoting Jiayuan, Haoting Building and Happy World Amusement Park all terminate their cooperation relationship with him…

Then, Zhang Jianbo will lose a lot of money directly.

These… have already made Zhang Jianbo unbearable.

In addition, the directors of these three companies still have trouble finding him.

These three directors are definitely big figures in the industry, and Zhang Jianbo can’t get up if they are alone.

Now, three people shot at the same time?

The consequences…

Just thinking about it, Zhang Jianbo trembled.

Xu Lihua did not expect that Omi turned out to be the owner of Haoting Garden, Haoting Building and Happy World Amusement Park.

Angrily roared in her heart: Why? Why is Huang Ling’s boyfriend young and handsome…Moreover, he is still a super hero? ! God, are you blind? !

However, Xu Lihua followed, “Lin…Omi, we were just joking, why are you taking it seriously?”

When Xu Lihua’s expression changed, how could he escape Omi’s eyes?

He said lightly: “What’s serious? I just let you and your husband do what they want. Don’t worry, I will let him rest.”

Then, Omi said to Huang Ling: “I never seem to go shopping and eat alone with you, or… try it today?”

Huang Lingyan heard that, a pair of beautiful eyes immediately lighted up, and nodded again and again: “Okay!”

Although, the gathering between her and her high school classmates has not yet begun.

But how can a trivial party compare with Omi’s shopping and eating?

Therefore, Omi embraced Huang Ling’s slender waist and prepared to walk outside.

Xu Lihua couldn’t help feeling a little anxious, and shouted: “Huang…Huang Ling, our party hasn’t started yet…”

“You and I are high school classmates, you have to help me persuade your boyfriend…”

However, Huang Ling didn’t pay attention to her at all, and walked outside unhurriedly with Omi.

In fact, Huang Ling didn’t pay much attention to this gathering.

After all, when you were in high school, the relationship was not particularly good.

What’s more, after so many years, he has almost become a stranger.

As for, help persuade Omi?

It was even more impossible for Huang Ling to speak.

Because, as long as it was something that Omi decided, she would not refute it.

What’s more, Xu Lihua had previously mocked Omi.

Taunting Omi? !

Then the price must be paid!

Omi and Huang Ling quickly walked out of the box and completely disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Zhang Jianbo’s cell phone rang a hurried ring again.

“Boss, it’s not good, all the construction sites that we had cooperated with in the past have driven us out. In addition, the owners of bricks, cement, sand, etc., all the materials, all came to the door to ask for debt…”


Zhang Jianbo’s body softened, his phone fell directly to the ground, and he was paralyzed on the chair, his face was pale, and he said dejectedly: “It’s over…”


Regarding the latter matter, neither Omi nor Huang Ling paid any attention.

When Omi just sat on the Mercedes-Benz G, the phone in his pocket shook slightly.


Red envelopes appear!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1999 yuan.”


“Ding! Congratulations, you got 55 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 18888 yuan.”

Omi clicked the red envelope a few times at random and got 51,331 yuan in total.

Then, he put the phone directly in his pocket, and then moved toward the shopping plaza with a kick.

Today, Omi helped Huang Ling buy a bunch of clothes, shoes, cosmetics…for a total of 1398,000 yuan.

When passing by the MINI4S shop, Omi spent another 470,000 yuan to help Huang Ling buy a MINI car.

Before, Omi planned to buy a car for Huang Ling.

However, at that time, Huang Ling said that he had been with Qiu Ziqian and that one car was enough for two.

However, it is very inconvenient to encounter Qiu Ziqian going out on business like today, and Huang Ling easily has no car available.

In the evening Omi and Huang Ling were alone at the two-star Michelin star restaurant in F, and ordered a premium foie gras, M5 wagyu, caviar tart, cheese snails… and a bottle of Romani Conti.

Although this dinner only costs 43320 yuan.

However, the two of them were eating, listening to the faintness in the restaurant, and admiring the night view outside the French windows…it was very relaxing and cozy.

That night, Omi and Huang Ling came to Yike City.

Perhaps it was the moonlight shining on Huang Ling’s body. Gradually, it made her feel extremely hot.

Huang Ling’s body began to become hot, and her pretty face gradually became hot and hot!

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)





The next two days…

Omi went to school in the morning, listening to classes, sleeping, eating…very plain and laid-back.

After school today, Omi returned to Panlong Villa.

He first sat on the sofa and played with his phone for a while, as if thinking of something, he couldn’t help muttering: “It seems…I haven’t watered the Spirit Tea Tree for a while.”

When the words were over, he got up and walked towards the edge of the Tianhu Lake where the Spirit Tea Tree was planted.

next moment……

Omi couldn’t help being stunned.

Because he had only planted the Spirit Tea Tree for two weeks. Now, most of them are as tall as a person. Looking at them, they are all green.

This is like adding a green ocean to the boundless sky lake.

When the breeze blew from far away, a ray of fragrance wafted, making Omi’s whole person refreshed and extremely relaxed.

The taste alone is so good, how good is the tea after boiling water?

Thinking of this, Omi hurriedly picked a batch of tea leaves, washed and fried tea quickly…

His movements are extremely quick, skilled, standard, and smooth.

If there are people who stir tea here, they will open their mouths in surprise.

Because fried tea is a technology.

But Omi has brought this technique into full play.

Even a master who has been professionally roasting tea for more than a decade, he can’t let it go.

However, Omi is only in his twenties!

Could it be that he started to fry tea from the beginning of walking?

It’s… incredible!

In fact, it is normal for Omi to have such a superb tea-frying technique.

After all, he has expert tea ceremony experience, so it’s not a problem to stir-fried tea.

About an hour later, the curled tea leaves were piled up in front of Omi.

Next, Omi selected an appropriate amount of tea leaves for brewing.

Suddenly, a refreshing tea fragrance continued to rippling throughout the villa.

Therefore, Omi couldn’t wait to iron the cup and warm pot, Ma Long entered the palace, and washed tea…

He couldn’t wait to pour into his mouth.

Fresh, fragrant and refreshing!

Endless aftertaste!

Following the tea, Omi felt that his whole soul was washed away, and all the fatigue and discomfort on his body were wiped out.

Even Omi couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Good tea!”

Then, he couldn’t help drinking a few large glasses.

“This tea… can definitely extend your life!”

So Omi picked a large batch of tea and continued to stir-fry at home.

Ordinary tea, if you drink it at night, it is easy to fall asleep.

However, Ling Cha was completely the opposite, it made Omi sleep more comfortable than usual.

The next day, after Omi had lunch, he took a large box of tea leaves that had been fried last night, drove the Mercedes-Benz G, and headed for the city.

Good things…Naturally give them to parents as soon as possible.

Omi galloped along the highway for a while, and he arrived at the door of his house in about an hour.

As soon as Omi got out of the car, there was a cry of surprise in the distance.

“Brother, why are you back?”

Even if Omi hadn’t seen anyone, he knew that it was his sister Lin Xiaoyao when he heard the voice.

“Yeah, bring something back…You just came here, come and help move it.”

As Omi spoke, he pointed to the big trunk in the trunk.

Lin Xiaoyao protested: “Brother, I am your sister, a girl! Do you have the heart to let me move something that big?”

“Have a heart!” Omi said affirmatively, “Furthermore…This is for your own good, look at you… Your face is getting sharper and sharper, so move something and exercise, so that it can be round and round, how good is it? “

After Omi finished speaking, he didn’t forget to squeeze Lin Xiaoyao’s face, and shook his head and said, “It’s really getting more and more hiccups.”

Lin Xiaoyao protested again: “Brother!”

Although she screamed, she still carried the big box according to Omi’s words.

“Hey, it doesn’t seem to be very heavy…” Lin Xiaoyao asked, “Brother, what’s in it? Is it a mask?”

Speaking of this, Lin Xiaoyao’s eyes faintly gleamed.

Just as Omi wanted to answer, Dai Weixue’s happy voice sounded in front of him: “Xiao Fan, are you back?”

“Yes.” Omi smiled.

Next to him, Lin Xiaoyao, who was holding a big box, said, “Mom, there is me.”

Lin Tao in the bedroom heard the sound and walked out, “Xiao Yao, why did you hold such a big box?”

Then, in a reproachful tone, he said, “Xiao Fan, don’t you help Xiao Yao take it? You are your brother!”

While talking, he wanted to step forward to help Lin Xiaoyao take the box.

However, Omi took the lead and took the box from Lin Xiaoyao.

Being the son of man…Naturally, parents can’t work hard.

Lin Xiaoyao couldn’t help but raised her white and tender chin, and smiled triumphantly at Omi. It looked…like a victorious little swan.

Dai Weixue asked, “What’s in such a big box?”

Lin Xiaoyao couldn’t help but pricked up her ears.

Obviously, she is also very curious.

Omi replied, “There is tea inside, which tastes very good.”

Lin Xiaoyao couldn’t help showing a look of disappointment when she heard the words, curled her lips and said, “What’s so good about tea?”

Lin Tao’s eyes lit up slightly and said, “Really? Then I have to taste it!”

While talking, he directly opened the box.

Then, he took an appropriate amount of tea and put it in the kettle, and filled it with boiling water.


Suddenly, the strong fragrance of tea filled the room immediately.

Even Lin Xiaoyao, who doesn’t have a cold with tea, couldn’t help but sucked his nose hard and swallowed quietly.

Lin Tao couldn’t wait to pour a glass.


Tea water came into my throat, and an unprecedented sense of relaxation came to my mind.

At this moment, Lin Tao seemed to be younger than a teenager in an instant, and came to the overlapped mountains and forests, watching the stream flowing, the buds forming patches, and the breeze.

Everything…is so fresh and natural.

Omi poured a cup of tea for his mother, and said: “ can taste this tea too.”

Dai Weixue was also attracted by the fragrance of tea a long time ago, took the teacup, and took a sip, a touch of enjoyment that could not be concealed immediately appeared on her face.

Lin Xiaoyao next to him, seeing that both his father and mother were so intoxicated, she hurriedly found a cup and said, “Brother, give me a cup, I want to drink too.”

Omi smiled and said, “Aren’t you not drinking tea?”

Lin Xiaoyao said softly: “Brother, what do I want!”

Omi smiled and shook his head, then poured her a cup of tea, and said: “Be careful, don’t burn it.”

“Guru, Guru!”

Lin Xiaoyao ignored that much and poured the tea into her mouth. Soon, she exclaimed excitedly: “It’s so delicious!”

Then, she stretched out the cup and shouted, “Brother, I want more!”

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The family drinks tea and chats at home, very relaxed and warm.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyao seemed to have thought of something and asked, “By the way, brother, did you answer the hail conjecture?”

This incident is still the news she saw when she swiped her phone today.

However, only the school and the name were mentioned in the news, and there was no photo at all.

Originally, Lin Xiaoyao planned to call Omi today.

Now, you can ask in person.

Omi answered: “Yes.”

Lin Xiaoyao’s eyes rolled round immediately, and shouted: ” F*ck! Great!”

Dai Weixue blamed: “Xiao Yao, from a girl’s family, she doesn’t pay attention to her words.”

Lin Xiaoyao said: “Mom, that’s a hail conjecture! Unsolved problems in the world!”

“Then you should pay attention to speaking…Do you want to marry in the future?” Dai Weixue said.

Lin Xiaoyao didn’t care: “Why do you marry? I’m married. My brother has so much money, who should I spend it for?”

The time at home, like running water, flies quickly.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next day.

At the urging of his parents, Omi drove the Mercedes-Benz G and headed towards Jiangbei after lunch.

As soon as he arrived at Panlong Villa, the cell phone in Omi’s pocket rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder, with an unexpected look on his face.

Because the caller is Mr. Qin Weiming.

Omi still has a good impression of this old man.

Boldness and kindness must be reported.

And more importantly… if there weren’t for the group of people like Mr. Qin Weiming who threw their heads and sprinkled their blood back then, there would be no happy life today.

Omi didn’t hesitate at all, and directly pressed the answer button.

“Old Qin, hello.”

On the phone, Qin Weiming’s hearty voice said: “Omi, you are fine too!”

After a pause, Qin Weiming said again: “I came to Jiangbei with an old friend. He is not in good health. If you are free, can you come and have a look?”

His character is like this, he has something to say, he doesn’t like turning and polite.

Not only is Omi not disgusted with this.

On the contrary… he also likes this way of communication very much.

Old man Qin Weiming’s friend is probably also an old hero.

So Omi responded: “Okay, I’ll come here.”

After hanging up the phone, Omi packed two more bags of tea, and then he drove the Mercedes-Benz Big G and galloped away.

It didn’t take long before Omi arrived at the manor he had visited before…Just like that time, there was a sentry at the door.

Obviously, they had received the order long ago, and hadn’t stopped Omi’s vehicle at all, so they let it go.

At this time, Qin Weiming, Yue Zixiao, who carried the wheat ear badge on his shoulders, and Jiang Provincial Leader Hong Hanlin and others, were sitting in the courtyard, playing chess, drinking tea, and chatting for a while.

After hearing the sound, Qin Weiming slowly turned around and smiled heartily: “Omi, you are here at a high time, we just talked about you!”

Suddenly, everyone present…all their gazes fell on Omi.

To know……

All the people present were in high positions, and a strong aura filled the whole body.

Ordinary people, even when facing the gaze of any one of them, I am afraid they will tremble with fear, sweat, and dare not step forward.

However, Omi was always indifferent.

He smiled and said, “I don’t know what Qin Lao is talking about?”

Seeing this, everyone nodded secretly.

Qin Weiming said, “I said you have good chess skills, this old man still doesn’t believe it!” While speaking, he pointed to the old man sitting next to him in a wheelchair.

Omi couldn’t help but quietly looked at the old man.

Although, the old man is skinny and wrinkled.

However, his muddy eyes are like an eagle soaring for nine days, very energetic, giving people a feeling of not being angry or prestigious.

The old man said: “Old man, my name is Zhang Jian. Brother Lin, just now Old Qin said that you are so amazing…”

“But, I have always believed that seeing is believing, not to mention, Lao Qin always likes to shoot guns everywhere.”

“So, Brother Lin, can you play two rounds with this bad old man?”

Qin Weiming immediately blew his beard and stared: “The surname is Zhang, when do employees like to shoot guns everywhere?”

Zhang Jian smiled and said: “Why… expose your old bottom in front of so many people, afraid of being laughed at? Turned into anger from embarrassment?”

In fact, who would dare to laugh at everyone present?

Qin Weiming was anxious and jumped his feet, saying: “Okay! Omi, you quickly get rid of the piece of armor he killed! Don’t be polite!”

Omi glanced at the chess table next to him, and the boiling water was gradually boiling, and said: “When I came, I brought some good tea, so let me make some tea for everyone first.”

“Then, we played chess while drinking tea, what did Lao Zhang think?”

Standing behind Zhang Jian, the middle-aged man with the wheat ear badge on his shoulders took a step forward, opening his mouth to say something.

To know……

Old leaders such as Zhang Jian and Qin Weiming can’t eat any kind of food.

Even if it’s just tea, it won’t work.

However, Qin Weiming was one step ahead and said, “Okay! Then make tea first!”

Then, he said to Zhang Jian: “I just forgot to say that Omi’s tea art is also a master!”

Zhang Jian said unexpectedly: “Really?”

At this time, Omi had already walked over with two big bags of tea leaves.

He put the tea directly into the teapot, then poured a full pot of boiling water, and finally, poured it into the cup.

Then he said, “Lao Qin, Lao Zhang, and everyone… please have tea.”

See here…

Zhang Jian couldn’t help but glanced at Qin Weiming weirdly.

It looks like it’s saying… Is this a master tea art?

Qin Weiming’s old face blushed slightly and shouted, “Omi, you didn’t make tea like this last time!”

After all, he just played a wave of Omi’s tea art.

It’s just… just slap in the face in a blink of an eye.

Omi said: “Last time it was too wasteful.”

Qin Weiming seemed to want to say something, Zhang Jian smiled and said, “Yes! It’s easy to drink tea like without wasting, I think it’s good!”

While speaking, he took the lead in holding up the teacup and pouring it into his mouth.


After the tea was in the water, Zhang Jian seemed to have been subjected to a hold technique, and his whole body was completely frozen.

At this moment, Zhang Jian seemed to have returned to the age of strong body and prosperous years.

He no longer needs a wheelchair, he can carry a spear, hold a machete, and run **** the ground, knocking down one enemy after another…

Everything is so hearty, so easy!

Standing behind him, the middle-aged man with a wheat ear badge on his shoulders saw Zhang Jian holding a teacup. He hadn’t moved for a long time. His heart suddenly tightened. He asked anxiously: “Old leader, what’s wrong with you?”

This shout finally brought Zhang Jian back to reality. He exclaimed from the bottom of his heart: “Good tea!”

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