The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 306-310

【Ding! Complete the task and watch a TV experiment (11). Read “Battery Principles”, “Battery Manual”, “Lithium Ion Battery”, “Polymer Battery”, “Battery Structure and Principle” (55). Obtained the super battery patent, as well as the manufacturing principle and complete thesis. 】

In an instant, in addition to the five books about battery knowledge that Omi had just flipped through, there was more battery knowledge like a sea of ​​tides in Omi’s mind.

Seeing that Omi hadn’t turned the book anymore, Lu Ling next to him couldn’t help asking, “Battery? Have you started to study chemistry now?”

“Yes.” Omi said.

Then, he looked down at the question on Lu Ling’s desk and said, “Is this question no longer?”

Lu Ling opened her mouth. What did she want to say again?

Well, it is indeed again.

She really won’t.

Omi could easily see her thoughts from her expression.

At this time, Omi had just completed the task and was in a good mood.

So I picked up my pen and solved the above question very easily.

After Lu Ling finished reading it, Qiao’s face showed a daze.

Omi smiled lightly, and strode out of the library.

Lu Ling hesitated and said, “Please wait a moment. Thank you for helping me answer several questions. I will invite you to dinner at noon.”

When it comes to eating, Omi’s stomach is indeed a little hungry.

Therefore, he directly responded: “Okay.”

Lu Ling cleared the books on the table, and then went to the canteen with Omi.

Originally, Lu Ling planned to invite Omi to eat more expensive food outside.

But, how expensive can Omi usually eat more expensive?

Omi refused directly.

Every time sea cucumbers, abalones…sometimes they are a bit greasy and crooked.

It is also a good choice to change the taste occasionally and eat some food in the cafeteria.

At this time, it’s time for dinner.

There were a lot of people in the canteen. After Lu Ling and Omi ordered some food, they found no one to sit down.

Lu Ling took a few bites of rice and couldn’t help but said, “Omi, why is your math so good? Is it because of interest?”

Omi said, “I have no interest in mathematics.”

Omi didn’t lie about this sentence.

He entered Jiangbei University as long as he wanted to experience life.

And to answer those difficult questions, it is entirely because of the convenience and some system tasks.

“Huh?” Lu Ling was stunned for a moment, “Then… Then how did you solve so many problems?”

Obviously, after Omi introduced himself last time, Lu Ling already knew his identity.

Omi said, “Those questions? Wouldn’t they be answered by just looking at them?”

Just take a look and answer?

Including Zhou’s conjecture, twin prime conjecture, hail conjecture and Hodge conjecture?

These… are all math puzzles in the world!

Lu Ling was completely stunned.


At this moment, the phone in Omi’s pocket shook slightly.


The red envelope appears.

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 999 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 18888 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, get a super smart watch.”

This time, Omi received a total of 53,211 yuan.

For this amount of money, Omi didn’t even want to look at it.

He focused directly on… the black watch that suddenly appeared on his wrist.

Super smart watch!

“I have almost eaten, and suddenly I remembered something important…I just left.” After Omi finished speaking, he walked directly outside.

Because, UU read  , he wanted to see what this super smart watch was.

Omi has a strong instinct, this is definitely a very good baby!

Lu Ling was left alone, looking blank in the cafeteria.

Omi did not go to the dormitory, but came to the Mercedes-Benz Grand G and headed towards Panlong Villa.

Galloping all the way.

About 20 minutes later, Omi came to the sofa of Panlong Villa and sat down.

Then, he refocused his attention on the super smart watch.

【Super smart watch: AI watch that integrates protection, calculation, tracking and other powerful abilities, is absolutely loyal to the owner, helps the owner to complete things easily, and demonstrates extraordinary power. 】

An AI watch that integrates powerful capabilities such as protection, calculation, tracking, etc.?

For some reason, Omi suddenly thought of Jarvis in “Iron Man”.

Omi’s heart also picked up a few beats, and said, “Super smart watch?”

“I’m here, Master, do you have any instructions?” The watch screen lit up slightly, and there was a very magnetic sound.

Even if Omi had heard a lot of nice voices, at this time, it was a bit crisp.

After a while, Omi said, “Do you have a name?”

“Super smart watch.”

“This name…is not good, you have to change it to something nicer. You’re all black, then you will be called…Xiaobai from now on.” Omi said.

“Ding! The modification is successful, Xiaobai will serve you.”


Is this really a super smart watch?

Instead of a super mentally retarded watch?

Am I expecting too much from it?

PS: Welcome to read my book ” “.


Omi sighed helplessly: “I mean, change your name to Xiaobai instead of Xiaobai.”

The screen of the super smart watch flickered, which made a crisp sound.

“Ding! The modification is successful! Xiaobai, not Xiaobai, serve you.”

When Omi heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Mentally retarded!

This is definitely a super mentally retarded watch!

Omi was patient and talked a few times with the super smart watch.

This changed the name to “Xiao Bai”.

Omi went to the bathroom, and when he returned and passed the study, he accidentally saw a stack of papers on the table.

Under curiosity, he glanced at random.

“Super Battery Patent”.

Omi murmured: “Has the task rewards been delivered directly to the house? It’s quite convenient.”

Then, he looked at the computer next to him, and said, “It’s okay anyway, let’s write the paper on this super battery first.”

Most people, if they want to write an essay, they absolutely have to think twice, which is extremely difficult.

After spending a lot of time to write, it has to go through complicated and meticulous revisions.

However, Omi is different. This paper was awarded to him by the system.

It can be said that it was directly engraved into his mind, without any thinking or modification at all, and it was extremely perfect.

only saw……

Omi put his finger on the keyboard and jumped quickly like a phantom.

Just over an hour…

A logically meticulous and extremely complex paper appeared in the WORD document.

After Omi pondered slightly, he wrote his name in the first position, and Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa in the second position.

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa are the two professors who let students do battery experiments for him.

Omi is a person who knows how to repay.

Since others have helped yourself, it is reasonable to give them a small return.

Small return?

This is a paper for super batteries!

If Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa knew about it, they would not be surprised what they would look like.

Of course, these…

Omi didn’t care.

He sent the paper to the editorial department of Science.

When he was about to leave the study, he accidentally saw the super smart watch on his wrist.

So Omi said, “Xiaobai, can you get my paper to be reviewed in the shortest possible time?”

As one of the most authoritative scientific research magazines in the world, “Science” is the holy place in the hearts of all scientific researchers, receiving countless emails every day.

For most scholars, successfully publishing a paper in “Science” is a matter of great pride, and it can even take off immediately.

Therefore, the editor’s mailbox of “Science” contains a lot of unfinished manuscripts all the year round.

Omi just sent the manuscript, and according to normal circumstances, it would take at least one or two weeks before it could be reviewed.

That’s why he asked the super smart watch out loud.

“No problem, Master!”

The screen of the super smart watch flickered slightly, and there was a clear and pleasant sound.



At this time, it was early morning.

“Science” editor Howard Hughes, lying on the soft big bed, with a slight smile on his face, obviously, he is experiencing a good dream.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the phone on his bedside suddenly rang a harsh ring.

However, this sound did not wake Howard Seuss who fell asleep.

The next moment, the TV in his room suddenly turned on automatically, and turned on the stereo that hadn’t been used for a long time.


Howardsius was so frightened that he jumped out of the bed.

“What happened? What happened?”

When he saw the sound from the TV, he couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief.

Just murmured: “I remember it was closed before going to bed? Did I remember wrong?”

Howardsius shook his head, but didn’t care too much.

He picked up the remote control beside the bed and pressed the shutdown button, and then lay on the bed again.


However, when he lay down for a while, the TV and stereo turned on again, and there was a burst of ear-popping sound.

Howardsius jumped up again, and he shouted: ” F*ck! Is this TV convulsive? I will throw it in the trash tomorrow!”

After speaking, Howardsius got up in anger and unplugged the power cord severely.

Two consecutive noises made Howard Seuss feel a little thirsty.

He got up and went to the kitchen, poured a glass of ice water, and gulped down his stomach with a few sips.

Then, he would return to the room to continue sleeping.

At this moment…

The oven that originally needed to bake food to make a ‘ding dong’ crisp sound suddenly made a ‘ding dong’ sound.

The washing machine that needs to wash the clothes before the soft music appears, and the soft music is constantly played.

Only when the refrigerator door has not been closed for a long time, will there be a ‘didi’ sound, followed by a rapid ‘didi’ sound…

All electrical appliances that can make a sound rang at this moment.

Very noisy and rush!

Howard Seuss held his head and shouted: “what-is- F*ck! What’s wrong with this?!”

Then, he quickly unplugged all the electrical appliances.

Just when Howardsius breathed a sigh of relief, there was another loud music from the notebook in the study He walked into the study quickly and raised his hand to turn off the laptop.

However, Howardsius quickly discovered that he could not control the mouse at all.

Even if the power is unplugged, there is a reserve power supply in the laptop.

Howard Seuss exclaimed angrily: “If you let me know who is playing the prank, I promise to make him look good, definitely!”

At this time, the music in the notebook suddenly stopped.

At the same time, an email popped up on the screen.

“Principle and Application of Super Battery”.

Howardsius, who was in a state of irritation, just glanced randomly at first.

But, soon, his eyes could not be removed completely.

“This…this…can a battery of such a small size continue to release so much power?”

“If this paper is true…”

“Super battery…”

“Super batteries will definitely change the entire mobile electronics industry immediately!”

“Whose article is this? Omi of Huaxia Jiangbei University? The mathematician and the genius who invented the earthquake predictor?”

“Oh my God!”

Today, Omi’s name is definitely well-known in the scientific research community.

At this moment, Howardsius had completely forgotten the unpleasantness just now, and the whole person looked extremely excited.

If it is Omi, the value of this paper has risen to a new level.

“You must ask the editor-in-chief, and then look for a peer reviewer…”

Then, Howardsius did not continue to care about the abnormality of the electrical appliances at home just now, nor did he pay attention to the sky that had not been completely brightened, and directly took out the phone to broadcast the editor-in-chief’s call.



The whole person is like a lion in a state of rage.

His voice was low and terrible.

After seeing the paper “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries”, the whole person immediately became extremely excited and immediately praised Howardsius.

As the editor-in-chief of “Science”, he knows exactly what this paper represents.

Some people feel immensely proud of their papers being published in Science.

For some papers, it was chosen to be published in Science, which made Science feel much honored.

“Principles and Applications of Super Batteries” is the latter.

To know…

In this world, there is not only “Science” a top journal.

If it is not possible to review and reply in the first time.

just in case…

The other party felt that he had neglected him, so he switched to other journals, or directly chose their old rival “Nature.”

At that time… it was definitely beyond regret.

Therefore, the editor-in-chief immediately forwarded the “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries” to Professor Stephen Genie of MIT.

The next day, the MIT Chemistry Laboratory was very lively.

Regarding these, Omi had no idea.

In the past few days, Omi goes to school, sleeps, eats every day…experienced the leisurely student life, which is very relaxing and cozy.

He is relaxed and cozy, but Professor Stephen Jenny is completely the opposite.

In the past few days, Professor Stephen Jenny has been experimenting and checking calculations in accordance with “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries” almost day and night.

Today, the results of the experiment finally appeared, and they were in full agreement with the data in the paper.

The paper… correct!

When the editorial department of “Nature” got feedback, it did not hesitate to publish the paper directly, and added a prominent headline on the cover.

If it is said that the mobile phone electronics industry is a peaceful lake.

Then, with the appearance of this paper, it was like dropping a terrifying underwater bomb on this lake… The entire mobile phone electronics industry was completely boiling.

At this time, the United States, the headquarters of the fruit company.

The technical director hurried to the office of President Kaku with a pile of documents.

Kaku wondered: “What’s the matter?”

“Super battery! Just look at it.” The technical director said.

Don’t think that the president doesn’t understand anything, he can only command blindly.

On the contrary, they understand much more than ordinary people.

Kaku flipped through the information quickly, and after a while, his face gradually showed a touch of horror and solemnity.

“According to what the paper says, then the battery volume of today’s mobile phones can be reduced by at least half, but the capacity can be increased several times! How true is this paper?”

In the same configuration…

Today’s mobile phones have always been lighter and thinner.

And the super battery can undoubtedly achieve the ultimate in this aspect, even, it can be said to be subversive.

No wonder Kaku would show this expression.

The technical director said: “This paper was reviewed by Professor Steven Jenny of MIT. He is an authority on batteries. In addition, last night, I also conducted urgent experiments according to the paper several times, all of which were inconsistent with the paper. The data mentioned is generally the same.”

“Therefore, there is no doubt about the authenticity.”

Hearing this, Kaku made a few laps on the spot before he picked up the phone on the desk and said, “Mr. Wilson, I need you to get the “Science” thesis “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries” in the shortest possible time. Fan’s contact information! The shortest time! Fast!”

“Yes!” Wilson heard a serious voice on the phone.

Stick country, four-star group.

Chairman Li Kangxi listened to the report of the director in front of him and frowned, “Super battery? Also, it is a super battery developed by Huaxia People? You know, I hate these two terms!”

After a while, Li Kangxi continued: “Now, we must prepare with both hands.”

“First, in the shortest time possible, get in touch with Huaxia, a person named Omi, and strive to purchase the patent for the super battery.”

“Second, check to see if this Huaxia Omi is a member of our stick country.”

“Yes!” the director respectfully said.

China, Dahua Mobile Group.

Chairman Ran Fei has a habit of spending at least one hour per day looking through the most cutting-edge scientific research reports.

Because he knows very well that technology is the only driving force for progress.

When he picked up the latest issue of “Science” on the table, he was soon attracted by the title of the thesis on the cover-“The Principles and Applications of Super Batteries”.

Then, Ran Fei almost completely buried his entire head in the journal.

After a long time, he was excited to mutter to himself: “The battery capacity can be increased so much, it can be increased so much…”

Ran Fei quickly dialed the phone and said, “Director Liu, have you read the latest issue of “Science”?”

“You are talking about “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries”? I am preparing to report this to you.” Director Liu said.

“Oh? What do you think of the content of the paper? Is it possible?” Ran Fei asked.

“The basic logic is that there is no problem. UU read  , but the specific data needs to be verified by personal experiments.” Director Liu said.

Ran Fei said: “Now you put aside everything and appoint a scientific research team of 20 to 50 people to verify the experiment in the shortest time!”

“Okay!” Director Liu answered immediately.

Then, Ran Fei dialed the number of the Director of Human Resources and said: “Help me find the contact information of Omi of Jiangbei University as soon as possible.”

“Yes!” said the human resources director.

Ran Fei kept pacing in the office. After thinking for a while, he dialed another phone call and said, “Help me book a ticket to Jiangbei, the sooner the better!”

Many mobile phone industry giants have all noticed the “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries”.

They asked HR to help find Omi’s contact information, but at most they found Omi’s submission mailbox.

As for the phone number and the specific address of the family, it has never been known.

In fact, this is also normal.

After all, Omi is a member of the Dragon Group and his identity is encrypted.

In addition, Omi once invented an earthquake predictor, solved many mathematical problems, and stated that he would not accept any interviews.

The official also understood that Omi didn’t want to be disturbed in any way.

Naturally… this information will not be known to others.

No cell phone number, no specific address…

In desperation, the senior management of the mobile phone company had to keep sending emails to Omi’s mailbox.

But, as a young man in the 21st century, where would he go to check his mailbox?

These emails are destined to fall apart.

PS: Welcome to read my book ” “.


That night, Omi came to Yike City.

Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling stayed up all night happily.

Lonely pity on the edge of Youcaojian, there is a deep tree screaming yellow oriole.

The spring tide brings rain late and rushes, and the unmanned boat on the wild ferry is arrogant.

The next day, Omi dragged his tired body into the classroom.

At this time, there were still a few minutes to go to class, and the students around were chatting about games and TV dramas, relaxed and unrestrained.

“Jingle Bell!”

After a brisk bell rang, the old professor walked in.

He cleared his throat and began to lecture again like a lullaby.

Omi just felt his eyelids sink and fell asleep directly.

“Jingle Bell!”

When a brisk get out of class bell rang on the campus, the old professor stopped the lecture.

It was also at this time that there were rapid footsteps outside the corridor.

“Omi… is Omi here?”

The old professor and all the classmates all followed the voice and looked towards the door.

It was Professor Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa who had some intersection with Omi not long ago.

The old professor obviously knew them, and couldn’t help but wonder: “Professor Zhao, Professor Li, don’t you know what’s the matter with Omi?”

No wonder the old professor would ask.

If it is a mathematics college, or a teacher or professor in the physics college, look for Omi.

That’s easier to understand.

After all, Omi is a genius at the Mathematics Academy.

Regardless of mathematics or physics, there are some complicated calculation problems involved.

But the question, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa are professors at the School of Chemistry!

Chemistry doesn’t seem to require particularly complicated calculations, right?

Li Rong said: “The super battery paper published by Omi has been published in the latest “Science”!”

After he said this, his voice trembled with excitement.

Li Rongfa is a professor of chemistry and has a deep research on batteries.

He knew very well what the super battery that Omi studied really represented.

And Omi even added the names of him and Zhao Xueqin to the paper, even though it was only a second work.

But that is also a great honor!

After Li Rong’s voice fell, the whole classroom fell silent instantly.

“Nature” and “Science” are known as the crowns of scientific research.

All people engaged in scientific research dream of one day being able to publish papers on it.

Omi is a genius.

But, he is a mathematics genius!

How come there are papers published in “Science”?

And, is it a battery paper? Chemistry direction?


When did Omi start to study chemistry again?


When the class suddenly fell silent, Omi’s snoring sound became particularly abrupt.

The old professor, all the classmates, as well as Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa who were standing at the door, followed the grunting sound, and focused their eyes on Omi.

The same thought came into everyone’s mind: Yesterday, he must have struggled for another night! Excellent people work harder than themselves!


At this time, Omi slowly woke up from his deep sleep.

He looked up at everyone’s gaze, and for a while, he was a little at a loss.

Muttered in his heart: Wasn’t it okay to sleep before? what is it today? What is everyone looking at me?

The old professor praised sincerely: “Student Omi, you are a good one! You are an example for everyone to learn from!”

” F*ck!”

The old professor applauded first.

Immediately after…

All the students in the class applauded.

Omi was dazed again, what’s wrong?


What to learn?

Learning to sleep?

Is it ironic?

But, it’s a bit different.

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa hurriedly walked over.

“Student Omi, your “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries” was published on “Science”! Moreover, it also appeared on the cover!”

Li Rongfa hurriedly took out “Science” as he spoke.

The horror on the face of the old professor and all the classmates was even worse.


It is extremely rare to be able to publish a paper on “Science”.

Omi actually appeared on the cover!



Compared to everyone’s surprise.

Omi’s face showed a dazed look.

How smart is he?

It was indeed a compliment to instantly understand what the old professor said just now.

Omi glanced at the super smart watch on his wrist and quietly gave it a thumbs up.

Within a few days, the paper passed the review and was successfully published.

Xiaobai’s ability is still good!

Li Rongfa continued: “Professor Zhao and I didn’t help you at all. As a result, you wrote us on the second book. This… we are ashamed.”

When Li Rongfa said this, he became excited again.

The old professor standing on the podium showed a touch of envy.

The cover of “Science”, even if it is a second work, is a very serious thing.

Omi said flatly: “You showed me the battery experiment and you also helped me, so there is no problem writing it on the second book.”

After watching the battery experiment, I got the second cover of “Science”?

The old professor said: I can do this too!


At this time, there was another sound of footsteps outside the corridor.

Then, Feng Weijian, vice president of Jiangbei University, walked in with a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face.

Feng Weijian smiled and said, “Professor Zhao, Professor Li, Professor Wang, you are all here too.”

Then, he set his gaze on Omi, UU read   and pointed to the man with the Chinese character face next to him, and said, “Student Lin, this is Mr. Ran Fei, Chairman of Dahua Group. He said something I want to discuss it with you.”

Ran Fei hurriedly said, “Mr. Lin, hello.”

Omi said: “Hello Ran Dong, don’t you know what Ran Dong is asking for me?”

Ran Fei hesitated and said, “I want to start some cooperation with Mr. Lin on the super battery.”


The whole classroom fell into silence again.

Previously, all the students only felt that Omi was able to publish a paper in Science, which was a very remarkable thing, and it was more of an admiration.

At this time, he was full of envy, and even, it could be said that he was jealous.

To know…

Dahua Group is the leading company in the entire China Communications Industry.

Dahua Group is not listed, but according to outside estimates, its market value is at least 2 trillion yuan.

Because of Omi’s super battery, the chairman of such a large enterprise came to talk about cooperation in person.

How much cooperation should it be?


300 million?

Or more?

When all the students thought of this, they only felt that their throats were dry.

Regarding this…

Omi said very plainly, “Cooperate, OK.”

In fact, he can also choose to establish his own company and factory.

However, Omi found it troublesome to think about it.

In addition, Dahua has always had a good reputation, but it is worthy of cooperation.

Ran Fei happily said: “Then we should talk to another place? After all, I have to let the company use a fax machine to send the corresponding documents and contracts.”

Omi nodded and said, “Okay.”


Under the envy of the classmates, Omi and Ran Fei walked outside together.

After a while, they arrived at the office of Feng Weijian, vice president of Jiangbei University.

Ran Fei has also come into contact with many young geniuses.

However, even if these young people are genius, they will always be somewhat restrained in the face of themselves.

Ran Fei believes that there are two reasons for this.

The first is the gap between wealth.

The second is the gap between social status.

After seeing Omi for the first time in the classroom, Ran Fei has been quietly observing Omi.

Ran Fei found that Omi’s expression was always extremely relaxed and plain.

He couldn’t help but praised in his heart: As expected, he is a genius who has solved several mathematical problems and invented an earthquake predictor and a super battery. It really is different.

In fact…

It is extremely normal for Omi to have this kind of performance.

Speaking of wealth…

Omi has far more wealth than Ran Fei.

Speaking of social status…

Omi is the second largest shareholder of Penguin Group and Ari Group, the largest shareholder of Emperor Hotel, Yinshan Group, Xiaowu Wholesale City, etc., the leader of the Dragon Group…

In addition, Omi also made friends with Qin Weiming, Zhou Guotao and other elders.

This kind of social status is not comparable to Ran Fei.

This is equivalent to an upper person and a lower person walking together. How could it be possible to be nervous?

After sitting down, Ran Fei said: “Mr. Lin, you should also know that Dahua Group is divided into two major business segments, the first is communication equipment, the second is smart phones…”

Seeing that Ran Fei seemed to want to talk about it, Omi couldn’t help but interrupt: “President Ran, you just said that you want to cooperate with my super battery, so let’s just talk about the specific cooperation content.”

Ran Fei immediately understood that Omi didn’t like to talk about circles.

So he opened his mouth and said: “I know the super battery, you must have spent a lot of energy to invent it, so we don’t plan to buy out the patent directly.”

Omi wanted to say that it took a lot of energy?

No, you think too much.

It took almost an hour to watch a battery experiment and then just a few battery books.

Ran Fei continued: “I have temporarily prepared two ways of cooperation. Mr. Lin can listen first. Of course, you can also make your request.”

“In the first type, Dahua Group has allocated 500 million yuan to obtain the right to use the super battery for 10 years. You can continue to sign corresponding cooperation agreements with other companies.”

“Second, our Dahua Group has spent 1.5 billion yuan to obtain the 10-year general agency rights for super batteries. If other companies want to use super batteries, they need to sign a contract with our Dahua Group. Five points.”


Sitting next to him, Feng Weijian, the vice-principal who has not spoken, shook his hand with the water glass, and almost didn’t burn himself.

500 million!

1.5 billion!

Feng Weijian can also be considered to have seen many great worlds.

However, he was still surprised by such a large number.

Omi’s expression was always incomparable, and he said directly, “The second one.”

It’s not that Omi felt that it was more than 1.5 billion, so he chose it.

To know…

1.5 billion is just the price of a high-end office building.

Omi has several such office buildings.

In addition, in Omi’s own account, there are also several billion yuan.

The real reason was that Omi felt that it was too troublesome to sign contracts with different companies frequently.


Feng Weijian, who was sitting next to him, couldn’t help swallowing.

1.5 billion!

Ran Fei took a deep breath and said, “Okay, let me send someone the contract.”

Although, the technical director has done several experiments to prove that there is no problem with the paper data.

However, the 1.5 billion patent agency contract is still a big bet for Ran Fei!

If in recent years, no one can invent a better battery.

If someone invents a better battery soon, it will definitely be a blow to Dahua Group.

“Crack, creak!”

After a crisp sound from the fax machine, three contracts still exuding warmth appeared in Ran Fei’s hands.

Ran Fei first spent about 20 minutes. After checking the contract carefully, he handed the contract to Omi and said, “Mr. Lin, please look over.”

Compared with Ran Fei’s carefulness, Omi seemed much more casual.

I saw…

Omi quickly flipped through the contract and made a “clap” sound. After only a few tens of seconds, he stopped and said, “Okay, the contract is okay. Can you sign it directly?”

Ran Fei was taken aback for a moment.

That’s… no problem?

Don’t look at it anymore?

Is it so casual?

This is a 1.5 billion contract!

Where did Ran Fei know that Omi had the ability to scan.

Although it took a short time to watch, the level of understanding of the content of the contract far exceeded that of Ran Fei himself.

Even at this time, even if Omi was asked to recite the contents of the contract, there was no problem.

Seeing that Ran Fei didn’t answer, Omi couldn’t help but speak again: “Is there anything else I need to wait for?”

“No…no, you can sign.” Ran Fei replied.

Omi nodded, picked up the writing pen on the table, and quickly signed his name. UU reading  

Ran Fei also signed his name and stamped the official seal that he carried with him.

Feng Zijian, who was sitting next to him, swallowed again.

A 1.5 billion astronomical contract, just like this, simply completed in front of oneself?

He felt so unreal.

Ran Fei said: “Mr. Lin, I have asked Finance to transfer the account to you, and it should be received soon.”

Omi nodded casually without paying too much attention.

Sure enough, after a while, the phone in his pocket shook slightly.

“China Merchants Bank, remit 1,500,000,000 yuan.”

Omi shook his phone and said, “It’s paid.”

Ran Fei took the initiative to stretch out his hand and said, “Mr. Lin, happy cooperation.”

At this time, Omi followed and said, “Happy cooperation.”

The fact that Dahua Group spent 1.5 billion yuan as a general agent for super battery patents was quickly spread.

This time, not only the mobile electronics industry was shaken, but the entire network was shaken.


[Love in a lifetime: 1.5 billion? Oh my! My goodness! Can patents be so valuable? 】

[Fat Monkey King: I finally understand why the ancients said that the book has its own golden house, and the book has its own golden house. From now on, I will study hard! The beauty asked me to chat, and I kicked her away because I want to study hard! The beauty asked me to drink milk tea, but I directly refused, because I want to study hard! The beauty asked me to watch a movie, so I just tore off the movie ticket, because I want to study hard! Women will only affect my study! 】

[You, me, him: Upstairs… Are you thinking about fart, the beauty will look for you? 】


[Wuying: 1.5 billion! When can I earn a fraction of it? 】

[Happy and happy: Have you noticed who signed the super battery patent contract with Dahua Group? It’s Omi! Omi who solved Zhou’s conjecture, twin prime conjecture, hail conjecture and Hall conjecture a while ago! 】

[Golden Gold Goldfish:  F*ck! 】

[Like Chuzheng:  F*ck! 】

[Love for life:  F*ck! 】

[It has come and gone: I have solved several unsolved mathematics problems, invented an earthquake predictor, and now researched a super battery, and obtained a 1.5 billion patent authorization… Reality is always reminding me that I am just coming The world makes up! 】


Omi is completely ignorant of online discussions.

After signing a contract with Ran Fei, chairman of Dahua Group, he drove a Mercedes-Benz G to the airport.

Then, boarded the latest flight to Lishi.

Because, just now… Su Ningjing sent a message, saying that some people from Quejia Company came and said that they wanted to buy their coffee beans.

Although, Quejia Company is the world’s largest coffee company.


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