The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 331-335

Feng Weijian then realized afterwards: “Oh? Liu Yonghao? Which session are you in? Who is the instructor?”

Liu Yonghao honestly said: “I am in the 11th session, and the instructor is Zheng Xianghong.”

“Xiaohong’s student?” Feng Weijian nodded thoughtfully, took out his mobile phone to make a call, and pressed hands-free.

“Hello, President Feng, what’s the matter with you?” A voice full of magnetism came through the phone.

Next to him, Liu Yonghao was in a serious shape. Counselor, this is his counselor Zheng Xianghong!

Feng Weijian said: “Xiaohong, let me ask you something… Among your 11th class, is there a student named Liu Yonghao?”

“Liu Yonghao? Oh, there is such a student.” Zheng Xianghong said after some thoughts.

“Has he been the chairman of the student union in the courtyard before?” Feng Weijian said.

“No!” Zheng Xianghong said straightforwardly.

“Do you remember so clearly?” Feng Weijian said.

Zheng Xianghong explained: “When you said this name, I was just a little impressed…”

“However, after just thinking about it, I remembered that he used to be a disciplinary committee member in the class. As a result, once he had a fight with someone and was punished.”

“After being punished, how can you become the chairman of the student union?”

Feng Weijian said clearly: “It turns out that this is the case, then I know, Xiaohong, thank you.”

Zheng Xianghong said: “This is just a small matter, President Feng, you are too polite.”

After hanging up, Feng Weijian looked at Liu Yonghao with a very indifferent gaze.

He didn’t know that Liu Yonghao was bragging all the time.

If it’s normal, he doesn’t bother to bother.

But now Liu Yonghao offends Omi.

Then, it must be more real!

First, I met Feng Weijian, who made myself acquainted with the lie of the vice president of Jiangbei University, which was instantly shattered.

Then, Feng Weijian called the counselor in public and broke his identity as the chairman of the student union of his college.

The bull that had just been blown out in front of everyone, in a blink of an eye, was directly broken.

At this moment, Liu Yonghao’s entire face flushed, and he couldn’t wait to find a place to get in.

The tall thin nurse, round face doctor and Zhang Zhimin next to him looked at Feng Weijian’s appearance and wanted to laugh for a while.


At this time, a series of brightly colored dishes were brought up one after another.

The ingredients are average, but the taste is not bad.

In addition, people came on stage from time to time and sang songs of howling ghosts and howling as a seasoning… Omi, Chen Xin, Gao Shou Nurse, Zhang Zhimin, and Doctor Yuanlian all ate very happily.

Only Liu Yonghao tastes like chewing wax, like sitting on pins and needles.

Every second, he feels that life is like years.

After 2 hours of eating and chatting, this meal finally came to an end.

Liu Yonghao quickly left the rolling restaurant alone, citing something at home.

Originally, Chen Xin wanted Song Zhang Zhimin and Gao Shou Nurse to go home.

However, they said they could not be light bulbs.

So, after leaving the restaurant, he directly called a taxi.

Soon, Chen Xin and Omi were the only two in the very cute and warm BMW MINI.

Perhaps it is the reason for the confined space.

Both of them felt a little dry and stuffy.

After a while, Chen Xin finally said, “You haven’t told me, when can I start singing such a beautiful song?”

Speaking of singing, Chen Xin’s pretty face has a touch of aftertaste.

She slowly closed her eyes, and she seemed to hear Omi’s singing again.

Omi said: “Probably last year…”

Omi didn’t talk nonsense about this.

Because he got the system last year and got the voice of Tian Lai, so he can sing good songs.

“Last year? Did you sign up for any training class?” Chen Xin asked.

“That’s not the case, it’s probably because of sudden resuscitation…” Omi said.

After all, the system is such a thing.

Even if I say it, no one believes it.

Chen Xin chatted while driving, and laughed from time to time.

For some reason, today, she is full of interest in everything about Omi.

Before long, the two came to a winding street.

This is the road they walked together yesterday.

Yesterday, when the two walked together, it was more like a sense of familiarity between friends who hadn’t seen them for many years.

Today, they have a different kind of closeness.

The two walked slowly, shoulder to shoulder.

At this time, Omi and Chen Xin’s heads lit up with dim lights, and their shadows continued to grow like yesterday.

Today’s shadow, like two people, is closer.

One step, two steps, three steps…

The two kept moving forward, and their shadows kept getting closer and closer…

And gradually intersect each other.

Empty streets, intersecting figures…

For some reason, Chen Xin suddenly recalled the scene of the same table with Omi, the scene of meeting yesterday, the scene of eating hot pot, and the scene of Omi singing today…

These images, like a movie, constantly rippling and rippling in Chen Xin’s mind.

At the next moment, a clear reminder sounded in Omi’s mind.

[Ding! Charm aura, trigger unforgettable! 】

Omi was slightly stunned.

What’s the situation?

Don’t you just walk?

Can this also trigger unforgettable memories?

Who is this triggered?

Chen Xin?

Thinking of this, Omi couldn’t help but observe with real vision.

[Face value: 96]

[Favorite degree: 95]

It really was her!

At this moment, Chen Xin suddenly stopped, she stood on tiptoe and leaned towards Omi.

Warm and moist!

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“You dare to hit me! Don’t even think about leaving today!”

At this time, two men with short heads came down from the van.

One of the men said coldly: “Don’t want to leave? That’s not yours!”

While they were talking, two short-headed men dragged the young man like **** and threw them aside.

Then they turned around to return to the van.

However, the young man quit.

First it was hit by someone, and then it was thrown aside like garbage…How can this be tolerated?

After he got up from the ground, he stood in the middle of the road, raised his neck, and yelled around: “Come on! Hit someone! Hit someone! Come and help me!”

The two men frowned slightly, and were about to step forward and throw the young man aside again.

At this time, a bearded man walked out of the van.

He stared at the young man with extremely cold eyes.

Then, strode towards the young man.

The next moment, the bearded man suddenly pulled out a fruit knife and stabbed the young man severely.


Blood shot!

The young man’s face was full of disbelief.

He clutched his stomach and kept moving back, yelling in horror: “Come on… come here… help… kill someone…”

After a while, he came to the man with the character head.

These words did not scare the bearded man…On the contrary, they seemed to arouse the bearded man’s hostility.

He strode towards the young man again, and took the fruit knife to continue stabbing the young man.

The character-headed man looked at the young man and then at the bearded man, thinking about his cancer…

Xindao: Before dying, do something good, maybe you can have a good baby in your next life!

Thinking of this, the horoscope-headed man gritted his teeth and quickly took out the brick-like mobile phone and patted the bearded man’s head fiercely.





The phone broke.

The head of the bearded man also flowed blood.

He just felt a flower in front of him, and it fell straight to the ground.

“Boss, Boss!” The two short-sleeved men yelled in horror.

“Woohoo, woohoo!”

At this time, there was a rush of car investigation sound behind him.

Immediately afterwards, a brand-new investigation vehicle hurried over.

See here…

The two short-headed men also ignored the bearded men, turning into birds and fleeing.

However, the two investigators stood in front of them.

In Panlong Villa, Omi was lying on the soft big bed.

He slowly opened his eyes when the little bird outside made a cheerful cry.

Then, he habitually picked up the phone.

At this point, as usual, a text message appeared early on the screen.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remitted 7893200 yuan.”

“Sign in!”

[Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 million yuan. 】

Omi curled his lips and said, “It’s another 10 million…”

This morning, all the students were very active. There were still more than 10 minutes before the class, and all the seats were already occupied.

Because this is teacher Tiantian’s class.

Fortunately, Song Yi, Ma Zhong, and Zheng Jinbao helped Omi to occupy a seat every day, but it was not enough to let him come to the school, but there was no place to sit.

Every time Teacher Tian Tian gave a class, all the students sighed that time flies too fast.

However, time… will never increase or decrease due to personal wishes.

The morning class ended soon.

Omi, Song Yi and others came to the cafeteria as usual.

They lined up to buy the food they wanted to eat, and they just sat down… Omi’s phone shook slightly.


Red envelopes appear!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 111 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 1,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 9,999 yuan.”

Omi clicked the red envelopes casually and got 43,291 yuan in total.

He didn’t care about this, and put the phone back in his pocket directly.

After lunch, Omi came to the dormitory and lay on the bed.

Although, the bed in the dormitory is not as wide and soft as the Panlong Villa.

However, lying on it, thinking back to class with classmates today, eating together, sleeping together… but it made Omi feel sincerely relaxed, with a slight smile on his face.

At this time, Song Yi, who was also lying on the bed, suddenly called out, “This buddy, that’s great!”

Ma Zhong, who was reading in silence, couldn’t help but poke his head out, his face was full of curiosity.

Zheng Jinbao turned his head and asked, “What happened?”

Song Yi beckoned and said, “This is what just happened today. It has already been on the news. I will send it to the group to show you.”

“Ding Dong!”

Omi’s cell phone shook slightly, and a news screen soon appeared in the 104 dormitory group.

“This morning, a gangster committed an attack on the street. Fortunately, an enthusiastic citizen passed by. UU read and came to the rescue… Let’s see what happened.”

Then, the man with the horoscope head appeared in the picture.

The reporter asked: “When the gangster takes out a fruit knife and commits an attack, are you not afraid?”

The character-headed man said: “Fear.”

“Then why would you stand up bravely and directly shoot down the gangster? Do you know the injured citizen?” the reporter said.

The character-headed man shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“That comes from your sense of justice?” the reporter asked.

The character-headed man groaned for a while, and then he mustered the courage to say: “Actually, I am a cancer patient. I just want to do more good things before my life ends.”

The reporter’s expression changed greatly, and he was surprised: “Originally, I thought you were just a warrior with a sense of justice. Unexpectedly, you are still a fighter against the disease!”

“Please allow me to pay you the highest respect!”

After speaking, the reporter bowed deeply to the man with a horoscope.

After seeing this news video, Omi was slightly startled.

He has the ability to remember, and he naturally remembers that this man with a horoscope was the one who fainted on the ground the day before yesterday and treated himself with medical water.

After drinking the medical water, the cancer should also be cured, right?

Seeing his appearance, it seems that you still don’t know?

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Today, when Omi just arrived in the classroom, Song Yi who was next to him suddenly exclaimed in excitement: “F*ck, awesome!”

Ma Zhong, who was next to him, asked in confusion: “What’s the matter?”

“A couple of days ago, didn’t I post a video in the group? It was the cancer fighter who saw an uneven road! He won a bonus of 500,000!” Song Yi shouted.

Ma Zhong’s eyes rolled round and shouted: “500,000!”

After speaking, I couldn’t help swallowing.

He seemed to have seen stacks of red bills.

“Let me say that such a warrior and fighter should be rewarded!” Song Yidao.

“Ding Dong!”

Omi’s phone shook slightly.

It turned out that Song Yi posted another news video.

The host said: “After learning about the deeds of the anti-cancer fighter, the Lintian Company of our city was very touched. Therefore, it decided to be responsible for all his follow-up treatment costs, and at the same time, rewarded 500,000 yuan!”

“Now, please come to the stage to give your testimony…”

Immediately afterwards, the character-headed man appeared in the picture.

“First of all, I am very grateful to Lintian Company for helping me. I see many people on the Internet regard me as a hero, but I want to say that I just did what I should do…”

The words of the character-headed man said this very methodically, which touched many people.

When his voice fell, there immediately burst into applause.

See here…

Omi’s entire face has become weird, anti-cancer fighter? medical fee? There are bonuses?

This man with a horoscope head, shouldn’t he make his debut?

Originally, Omi was thinking, should Xiaobai tell the man with the character head that his cancer is all right.

Now it seems that this is completely unnecessary.

“Jingle Bell!”

The course of the day came to an end with a ring of bells.

In the Shi Shang Xuan restaurant, the aroma is tangy and the voice is full of voices.

Omi sat aside, eating delicious food, enjoying himself.

Yesterday, when Omi drove by, he was attracted by the scent here, and after tasting it, he was full of praise.

So, after school today, he rushed over again.

When Omi was full and ready to leave, a familiar figure came into view.

It was the beauty that Omi encountered when he was robbed with a knife to chase Wang Ru.

And Wang Ru also saw Omi.

At this time, the bald man sitting on the table next to Wang Ru finished eating and walked outside.

Wang Ru’s eyes moved slightly, and he took the initiative to walk to Omi and said, “Why are you here? Everyone has been waiting for you for a long time!”

While speaking, she took Omi’s arm and walked outside.

Omi thought for a moment and knew that Wang Ru was handling the case again.

Just as Omi expected, when the two arrived on the Mercedes-Benz Grand G, Wang Ru said: “Quickly keep up with the Volkswagen in front. If possible, try not to be found by it.”

Originally, Wang Ru planned to follow him.

But, once… Wang Ru has been with him for a long time.

If you continue to follow it, it is easy to be discovered by the other party.

Secondly…Wang Ru knows that Omi has very superb driving skills, so please ask Omi for help.

Omi did not refuse Wang Ru’s request.

The world is safe and stable because of these serious and responsible investigations.

What’s more, Omi had a very good impression of Wang Ru.


Omi stepped on the accelerator and galloped forward, always following the Volkswagen steadily.

When driving through a forked road, Omi suddenly turned the steering wheel.

Wang Ru said: “You seem to have gone wrong.”

“Don’t worry, just cross the road ahead.” Omi smiled.

Sure enough, as Omi said, the Volkswagen appeared in front again after driving out of the road.

And similar things happened several times in a row.

It is precisely these actions that make Volkswagen never find the Mercedes-Benz big G behind it from beginning to end.

See here…

Wang Ru couldn’t help looking at Omi’s gaze, full of surprise.

“You remember all the routes in this area?” Wang Ru couldn’t help but said.

Omi said, “It’s pretty simple.”

This is really simple for Omi.

He just glanced at the electronic map when he was bored, and he could remember all the routes clearly.

To know…

Even if it is a book of several hundred pages, Omi can easily recite it backwards.

What’s more, just a one-page map?

After all, Omi is someone who has the ability to scan.

But, hearing this to Wang Ru’s ears, it was a bit unpleasant.

As a detective, she knew very well that it was very important to be familiar with the city streets.

Because this can be a great help in catching criminals.

For this reason, Wang Ru did not spend less time memorizing the streets.

However… the effect is extremely unsatisfactory.

Omi smiled and said, “How do I feel that you are arresting people every time I see you? Are you so busy with investigations?”

“Since you were robbed with a knife that day, we have become more busy.” Wang Ru said.

Omi was slightly stunned.

Then, he suddenly remembered that Deng Jihu, the leader of the Jiangbei City Investigation Brigade at the time, seemed to say that he was going to fight hard.

So, are you still fighting hard now?

Omi said, “I’ll talk to Captain Deng Jihu later.”

Wang Ru waved his hand again and again: “Don’t! I think this is good. UU Reading can continue to bring those hidden bad guys to justice.”

After a pause, he said: “Like today, if it were not for the severe crackdown during this period, it would be difficult for us to know that we in Jiangbei have hidden a dark and evil force that smuggles organs.”

“Is the Volkswagen in front?” Omi asked.

Wang Ru said: “Yes. I don’t know how many people they killed. I hope they can find their nest today!”

When she said this, she couldn’t help but clenched her fist.


Mercedes-Benz Big G followed behind and drove through the roads full of potholes, rugged mountain roads…

Finally, a dilapidated factory building appeared in front.

The Volkswagen stopped here.

After the bald man got out of the car, he looked around for a while before he walked into the factory.

Wang Ru pondered for a moment, and said, “You wait here for a while, I want to go in and see if this is the base camp of those smuggling forces.”

Omi said, “I’ll go with you.”

“No! It’s dangerous inside!” Wang Ru directly denied.

Omi smiled and said, “Do you think I will be in danger? Besides, do you know how many people are in it? I might be able to help if I go in.”


At this time, a stern cry suddenly sounded inside.

Wang Ru didn’t care too much, and said hurriedly: “You have to be careful later, if you encounter danger, don’t hesitate, and go quickly!”

Omi said: “Okay.”

Wang Ru took out his mobile phone, quickly sent two messages to his colleagues, and walked towards the dilapidated factory.

The cry just now made her realize that someone inside was in danger.

However, Wang Ru didn’t rush inside in a hurry, she was always very careful and cautious.

Because she understands a truth.

It is important to save people, but without knowing the enemy, he rushed in…

Not only can’t save people.

On the contrary, it will harm the other party, and at the same time, it will harm yourself.

After Wang Ru and Omi walked into the dilapidated factory, they moved forward slowly with the help of faint lights.

At this time, there was a sharp shout in the distance.

“Call! Call again!”

“Labor and capital tell you, this is a disused factory and wasteland is all around! You just broke your throat, and no one can save you!”

“Well! I want to run after collecting labor and capital? No one has ever dared to be so bold!”

“You are the first! There is a kind!”


Then there was a burst of clear applause.

Then, there was a pleading sound.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry… please, don’t fight anymore…”

“Please, forgive me…”

Omi heard this voice, but for some reason, he vaguely felt a little familiar.

In the next moment, a large group of vicious figures and a person who was almost tied into a zongzi appeared in the vision of Omi and Wang Ru.

After seeing the person tied into a zongzi, Omi showed a strange look on his face.

Because this person turned out to be an anti-cancer fighter who had seen him during the day.

Didn’t he get a bonus of 500,000 yuan, and is about to make his debut?

How did the force suspected of organ smuggling got here?

The character-headed man cried and said, “I didn’t escape, I really didn’t escape…Refund, can I return the money to you?”

“Return to me?” Brother Zhang raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, I don’t want to walk the cornea…I…I was misdiagnosed, I don’t have cancer, so I don’t want to walk the cornea…” the character-headed man said.

“Don’t want to leave? You said you didn’t want to leave, so you didn’t want to leave?! Are you a monkey as a laborer? You can just play around?” Zhang Ge yelled.

Then, he raised his hand again, and pulled it toward the face of the man with a horoscope.


There was another resounding slap, rippling back and forth in the dilapidated factory.

Upon hearing this, Omi finally understood what happened.

The character-headed man learned that he had slowed down his cancer, so he found organs and wanted to change some money.

As a result, because the cancer fainted and drank his own medical water, the cancer was cured.

So, I don’t want to take the organs anymore.

This…it’s a coincidence.

Should he say he is lucky now, or is he unlucky?

Zhang Ge said coldly: “Really? You don’t have cancer? That’s right, labor and management will take all your organs off!”

Beside, a group of fierce men heard the words, put on gloves one after another, picked up the cold scalpel, and walked slowly towards the man with the horoscope.

The man with the horoscope turned pale in fright and shouted: “No…no…I will give you money, I have 500,000, and I will give you all…I also have a house, and I will give it to you, and I will give it all to you…”

Brother Zhang sneered: “500,000? House? Who do you think labor and capital are? Labor and capital are organs, not robbery or blackmail!”

Kind of professional ethics.

The group of fierce and wicked men continued to gather towards the horoscope-headed man.

See here…

Wang Ru was very anxious.

She didn’t want innocent people to die in front of herself.


It was she who was anxious and accidentally stepped on the can bottle next to her.

Brother Zhang looked terrified, turned around abruptly and shouted, “Who!”

Those fierce men also looked towards Wang Ru’s location.

Brother Zhang raised his hand and motioned to the round-faced man next to him to take a look.

The round-faced man nodded, holding a scalpel and walked forward very carefully.

Wang Ru knew that he could no longer hide.

So she whispered to Omi, “You go out first!”

Then, Wang Ru looked at the opportunity and shot suddenly.


Kicked the knife in the round-faced man’s hand with one kick, then subdued him to the ground with one foot, and handcuffed his hands with handcuffs.

Then, she shouted: “Seize! Do not move all of them!”

Brother Zhang and the fierce men, their faces changed slightly.

However, they didn’t have any fear, and they didn’t listen to not move.

The two men ran to the window and looked out with binoculars.

Soon, he said: “Brother Zhang, there is only one car outside.”

Zhang Gesen said: “There is only one investigation and did her! We have one more complete organ!”


The men rushed towards Wang Ru with knives.




All attacked Wang Ru.

While dodging, Wang Ru punched and kicked from time to time, knocking one man after another to the ground.

Although, Wang Ru’s personal combat power is indeed good.

However, two fists are hard to beat four hands.

What’s more, there are more than four hands, and each hand holds a sharp knife.

Gradually, Wang Ru began to show signs of decline.

A man seized the opportunity and stabbed Wang Ru fiercely.

At this moment, a black shadow jumped out and kicked the man out.

It is Omi!

After Omi joined, the situation began to change.

Soon, one man after another fell to the ground.

Ge Zhang in the distance narrowed his eyes slightly, and he knew that he couldn’t delay any longer.

They must be resolved quickly!

So, Zhang Ge quietly took out a black hole pistol from the drawer behind him, and slammed the trigger toward Wang Ru, who was unobstructed.


A bullet spewed out like a fire snake.

Omi responded extremely quickly and threw Wang Ru to the ground.

In the TV series, this situation should have avoided the bullet.

But, in fact?

Where is the speed of people faster than bullets?

Even if Omi has the ability to fight one hundred against one hundred, it won’t work!

When Omi first came to Wang Ru, the bullet had already fired.


At this time, a cover invisible to the naked eye suddenly appeared around Omi, and the bullet was firmly blocked outside.

It is the energy shield that Omi once obtained.

See here…

Omi couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Then, he got up and constantly shot, knocking all the men in front of him to the ground in the shortest time.

Then, like a cheetah, he rushed towards Zhang Ge.

Brother Zhang’s face changed drastically, he picked up the pistol again, and kept pulling the trigger.

Omi dodged left and dodged right.

Some of the bullets were successfully avoided.

Some bullets were successfully blocked by the energy shield.

Soon, Omi came to Zhang Ge and kicked out abruptly.


This foot, without leaving a hand, directly kicked Brother Zhang out of two meters away, his teeth mixed with blood, and he kept pouring out of his mouth, and the whole person never got up again.

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The whole abandoned factory has also become extremely quiet.

Omi turned to Wang Ru and said, “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay… how about you? Are you injured?” Wang Ru was extremely worried.

She saw it very clearly, and Zhang Ge fired several shots at Omi.

Reality… is not a drama.

Bullets are definitely not so easy to dodge. A little carelessness can be extremely dangerous.

Omi said, “No injury.”

However, Wang Ru didn’t just listen to what Omi said, but carefully looked at Omi from head to toe, and he was relieved to see that there was really no injury on his body.

“Woohoo, woohoo!”

At this time, there was a roar of scout cars outside.

Omi said, “Your colleagues seem to be here.”

Wang Ru nodded and said, “Yes.”

While talking, the two walked outside.

The horoscope-headed man who was beaten to the ground like a pig couldn’t help but said: “Ji…comrade Chai, can you help me untie the rope first?”

Omiyan heard that he flicked the scalpel he had taken during the previous fight.


A cold light flashed across, and the rope on the man with the character head broke.

[Skill: Hidden weapon 100%! 】


Previously, when Zhang Ge kept beating the character-headed man, he was not scared to pee.

When a group of fierce men took scalpels to rip the man with a horoscope, he did not frighten him to pee.

at this time……

The legs of the man with the character head were soft, and his trousers became warmer.


In fact, Omi’s cut was too sudden and too terrifying.

Omi obviously noticed this and couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile.


As soon as Omi and Wang Ru walked out of the dilapidated factory, a large group of investigators rushed over.

Among them, one of the investigators asked, “Wang Ru, how is the situation?”

“The organs and tissues are inside, and they have all been subdued. In addition, there is a victim.” Wang Ru said.

All subdued?

The investigation was stunned for a moment.

Xindao: Maybe, the number of people is very small?

The investigators nodded their heads, and then ran quickly inside.

In a short while, the public investigators carried a large group of wounded men and walked over slowly.

How did so many criminals get it?

Zhong Jicha was full of doubts.

However, they also understood that it was not the time to ask these things, so they all escorted these men into the chariot.

Wang Ru looked at the investigation vehicle that was completely full, and then asked, “Omi, can you send me to the investigation brigade?”

“No problem.” Omi said.


After returning to the Mercedes-Benz Big G, Omi stepped on the accelerator and kept moving forward along the way he came.

When I arrived, the atmosphere in the car was extremely tense.

At this time, it is very relaxing.

Wang Ru looked at the dim yellow lights on both sides of the road, the rustling green plants, and it was quiet and peaceful.

Before long, a majestic building appeared in front.

It is the investigation brigade!

Omi said, “I won’t go in and make transcripts, see you next time!”

If another person makes such a request, Wang Ru will definitely refuse it!

But Omi is different, he has such power.

“Okay, see you next time!” Wang Ru said.

Then, Omi stepped on the accelerator again and went straight back to Panlong Villa.

He first sat on the soft sofa, sipping the fragrant spiritual tea, and playing with his mobile phone, which was extremely relaxing and comfortable.

After washing, he lay down on the spacious bed again, enjoying himself very much.


While Omi was enjoying it, Wang Ru had already made a transcript and returned home.

She stood on the balcony, looking at the night scene in the distance, letting the breeze blow across her face, but in her mind she couldn’t help but recall the serious expression of Omi when he was driving, the brave figure that Omi knocked down the criminal, and Omi’s Protect yourself, throw yourself to the ground…

At this moment, Wang Ru didn’t know what he was thinking of, and the whole pretty face suddenly blushed.


Today, Chen Xin ushered in a rare day off.

When she came to the living room sleepily, her mother Li Rong brought out the noodles and steamed dumplings.

Dad Chen Dayong was sitting on the sofa looking at the magazine.

The family sits together, eats breakfast, and talks about home-cooking, which is very warm.

At this time, my mother Li Rong suddenly sighed: “In a blink of an eye, our family Xinxin has already started working and has become an adult. After a while, maybe we will be married.”

“Mom…” Chen Xin said a little embarrassed.

Li Rong continued: “Don’t be embarrassed, you are also at the age of falling in love.”

Chen Dayong said: “When you fall in love, you have to keep your eyes open… By the way, the son of the chairman of Dadi, who has a good relationship with our company, is very good. Would you like me to come over for contact information?”

When Chen Xin heard this, she finally understood the purpose of her parents suddenly talking about love and marriage.

Co-author…Is this to introduce yourself to someone?

Chen Xin said, “Dad and Mom, in fact, I already have a boyfriend.”

When she said this, she couldn’t help but recalled eating hot pot with Omi, listening to Omi singing, shopping with him, hugging and…

Thinking of these pictures, Chen Xinqiao couldn’t help showing a sweet smile on her face.

“Ah? Yes… Have a boyfriend?” Li Rong was taken aback for a moment.

Chen Dayong was also taken aback.

Obviously, he didn’t expect his daughter to have a boyfriend either.

A long time~   ~ Li Rongcai said: “Who is it? Is your hospital a doctor?”

Chen Xin said: “He… is my high school classmate, you have seen him before.”

“Have we met?” Li Rong and Chen Dayong looked at each other.

Li Rong said, “Could it be…Xiong Peng? That kid, it seems to be good…”

Chen Xin said, “No, he is a high school classmate from Jiang Province, Omi, and I am at the same table in the first year of high school.”

“Omi?” Li Dayong said after hesitating for a while, “I seem to be a little affected, I’m tall, and I seem to have pretty good grades.”

Chen Xin was happier when she heard her father praise Omi than she praised herself.

Sweetly said: “Yes, it’s him.”

Li Rong asked, “When did you and Omi get together?”

“Just… just recently.” Chen Xin said shyly.

Li Rong said, “You kid, don’t tell me if you fall in love… By the way, does Omi work in Jiangbei now?”

“He is studying at Jiangbei University.” Chen Xin said truthfully.

“Yes! Jiangbei University is a key university!” Chen Dayong nodded and said, “By the way, I have an appointment with the president of Tiantian Bank Jiangbei Sub-branch today for dinner, Xinxin, or you call Omi out and join us I’ll go to have a meal so I can see him.”

Chen Xin hesitated and said, “Ah? One…to eat together?”

“Why, you don’t want us to meet him?” Chen Dayong smiled.

“I… I will first ask him if he has a class.” Chen Xin said.

After Chen Xin finished speaking, she took her mobile phone and walked to her room.


As the door closed, Li Rong whispered, “Didn’t you say that our Huanhai company’s funds are in trouble. If Dadi doesn’t come to help… it’s likely to be annexed by Swift?”

Speaking of this matter, Chen Dayong’s previously indifferent appearance disappeared without a trace.

Instead, there was a sad face.

He sighed for a long time and said, “But no matter how embarrassed the company is, it can’t be wronged by Xinxin.”

Then, Chen Dayong showed a smile again and said, “Besides, hasn’t it been an appointment with the president of Tiantian Bank’s Jiangbei branch today? As long as the negotiation is completed, our company’s funds will no longer be a problem.”

Li Rong said, “Well…for such an important banquet today, would it not be too good to ask Omi to come over?”

“I think it’s very good. You can talk about business and inspect your future son-in-law. You can kill two birds with one stone!” Chen Dayong laughed.

Panlong Villa.

Omi had just eaten breakfast, and the phone in his pocket shook slightly.

Chen Xin: Omi, are you free today? My parents want to invite you to dinner together.

Omi was stunned when he saw this news.

Is this a meeting with the parents again?


That’s right!

That’s it again!

Because Omi has already met Qiu Ziqian’s parents, Huang Ling’s parents, Hu Tian’s parents…

It can be said that Omi is quite experienced in meeting his parents.

After a while, Omi raised his finger and jumped quickly on the screen.

Omi: Of course there is time! I’ll be here soon.

The two exchanged messages and chatted for a while…

At this time, Omi’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call to remind him that it was Huang Jiayi, chairman of Tiantian Bank.

“Mr. Lin, hello.” Huang Jiayi said in an extremely respectful tone.

Omi said, “It’s okay with you, what’s the matter?”

Huang Jiayi hurriedly said: “Our Central China District of Tiantian Bank will hold a quarterly meeting in Jiangbei, don’t you know if you are coming over?”

“Meeting? I have no interest in this kind of stuff…” Omi said straightforwardly.

“Yes…” Huang Jiayi was worried that Omi would be upset, so she didn’t dare to say anything more.

Then the two chatted a few more words and then hung up the phone.

Office of the President of Jiangbei Sub-branch of Tiantian Bank.

The bald man said: “President Yuan, it took a lot of effort for our Xunjie Company to push Huanhai Company to where it is today…”

“You can’t let my efforts be completely in vain.”

President Yuan said: “Don’t worry, how can this happen based on your relationship with me?”

“Today’s dinner, I will make Chen Dayong come happily and return disappointed.”

The bald man smiled heartily: “Hahaha! That’s great. By the way, I brought a batch of good tea leaves a while ago. You can taste it later!”

While talking, he took out a big iron box from his handbag.

President Yuan smiled heartily: “Hahaha! Then I’m not welcome!”

As a landmark building in Jiangbei, the Emperor Hotel, as usual, men and women in gorgeous clothes and suits are coming in and out, and business is very good.

Chen Dayong came to the front desk and said anxiously: “There are no more boxes?”

The waiter said: “Yes.”

When Chen Dayong heard this, his face became ugly.

To know…

Today, he invited the head of the branch of Tiantian Bank.

Entertain him in the lobby?

What is that like? !

In case the other party is angry because of this, what should I do with the funds of Huanhai Company?

Now talk to President Yuan, change the place to eat?

I’m afraid, the other party won’t be happy either!

Just when Chen Dayong was at a loss, Chen Xin next to him happily said, “Omi, you are here!”

Then, she took Omi’s arm and said, “Parents, this is Omi.”

Omi said: “Hello, uncle and auntie.”

Li Rong quietly looked at Omi.

She looked at Omi’s tall figure and well-defined features, and said with satisfaction: “Omi, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

Chen Dayong was a little upset because there was no box.

Therefore, he just nodded towards Omi.

Then, to the front desk clerk: “Could it be that there is no more box?”

The waiter said: “Yes.”

“Then if you wait, how long will it take?” Chen Dayong asked.

“For this…for the time being, we don’t know the specific time here, because we have to have guests leave, and our hotel does not limit the consumption time of guests in the box.” The waiter replied.

Some hotels, in order to make more money, may limit guests’ dining time.

In this way, they can allow more new customers to come into the store to spend.

However, the Emperor Hotel, as a landmark building in Jiangbei, naturally does not have such a requirement.

Because this will greatly reduce the customer’s experience.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Omi immediately understood that his Uncle Chen wanted to book a box.


At this time, a rush of footsteps sounded not far away.

The waiters around each greeted respectfully.

“Hello, general manager.”

The visitor was Wang Fengyi, general manager of the Imperial Hotel.

Wang Fengyi is not a person who likes to put on airs.

In the past, he would return one by one.

However, at this time, he was non-stop, UU reading speeded up and walked towards the front desk.

Because Wang Fengyi saw Omi!

Omi also noticed Wang Fengyi, his eyes turned slightly, and he said, “I heard that the Emperor Hotel can use the VIP rooms for free in a lottery draw, isn’t it true?”

Originally, Wang Fengyi was about to say hello to Omi. After hearing his words, he quietly took a look at Chen Xin and others next to him. After thinking about it for a while, there was some speculation.

So, he cleared his throat and said: “Of course the lucky draw at our Emperor Hotel is real. Does this guest need to participate? Just pay attention to this.”

While talking, Wang Fengyi took out his mobile phone and opened a QR code.

Omi took out his mobile phone and swiped the QR code.


After a soft sound, focus on success.

Wang Fengyi said to the front desk clerk: “Go and get the lucky draw box from our hotel.”

“Huh?” The front desk clerk was a little dazed.

She didn’t know at all, when did the Emperor Hotel have a lucky draw using VIP boxes, let alone the lucky draw box.

Wang Fengyi frowned and said, “It’s the lottery box you used last night.”

“Ah…ok…ok.” The front desk clerk was completely dumbfounded.

She naturally knew the lottery box used yesterday.

But… isn’t that a bonus draw for employees?

Although, the front desk clerk was full of doubts.

However, she still walked towards the staff lounge.

While chatting and waiting…

The front desk clerk was holding a lottery box and walked over very nervously.

Because she didn’t know whether the lottery box the general manager was referring to was this.

At this time, Wang Fengyi beckoned and said, “Finally, I got it!”

The front desk clerk was slightly relieved when he heard this, and it seemed that he had made no mistake.

Wang Fengyi first put his hand into the lottery box and stirred.

Then, to Omi: “Please draw a lottery.”

Omi nodded and took out a lottery ticket.


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