The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 356-360

As soon as the express car left, a young man with blond hair stepped over.

In the next moment, his eyes couldn’t be moved directly.

Because, he found a brand new supercar parked on the side of the road, his favorite convertible supercar Ferrari 488!

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Son, I have prepared a birthday present for you! Do you like it?”

birthday present? !

Is it this Ferrari 488?


It must be like this!

The young man said excitedly: “I like it, I like it so much! Dad, I know that you love me!”

Then, he didn’t wait for the middle-aged man to answer, he could not wait to come to the Ferrari 488, gently stroked the body of the Ferrari 488 fashion line, through the hood, touched the soft interior… his face was slightly imaginary. ~ ~ is full of enjoyment.

At this time, a tall young woman came over and said in surprise: “Is this your car?”

“Yes! The birthday present my father prepared for me!” said the young man.

“Great! Don’t you want me to be your girlfriend? I agree!” the young woman said.

“Okay! Hahaha!” the young man yelled happily, and then he hugged the young woman in his arms.

When they hugged each other, they didn’t notice that a Chinese man came to the Ferrari 488, slowly opened the door of the car, and sat directly on it.

This person…is exactly Omi.


Omi naturally ignored the two people hugging each other, stepped on the accelerator and galloped away.

The young man seemed to hear the noise, and hurriedly let go of the young woman, staring wide-eyed and shouted: “Hey! My car! My car!”

He shouted while chasing.

But, where can the two legs catch up with the four wheels of the supercar?

The young man had no choice but to return and shouted: “Dad, call the police, call the police! The Ferrari 488 you gave me was stolen!”

The middle-aged man opened his mouth and said, “That…that’s not my birthday gift for you. The real birthday gift is actually this refrigerator.”

“What?” The young man stared directly.

The young woman next to her said: “So you don’t have a sports car, then I’m not your girlfriend.”

Omi had no idea about the misunderstanding between the young man and his father.

He drove a Ferrari 812, galloping on the streets of London.

Some people say that only those who have never seen the world in China will be attracted by those sports cars.

If it is placed abroad, a sports car is just an ordinary means of transportation, and no one will take a second look at it.

In fact?

Omi drove a Ferrari 812, galloping on the streets of Yingguolun City, wherever he went, many people were eye-catching and amazed.

Omi just went on a short day trip in Lun City.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next day.

Today, Chu Yunyue is wearing a white shirt on her upper body, black trousers on her lower body, and a pair of black high heels. She looks very capable.

Under the **** of Yingguo Royal Hotel’s special car, Chu Yunyue, Omi, Guazilian woman, and the staff of Huazhidi soon came to the exhibition center.

Today’s exhibition center is very lively.

Even at the door, you can easily smell the tangy fragrance, which is fascinating.

It seems… and it is precisely because of this that it attracts an endless stream of people, constantly pouring into it.

In front of many booths, a lot of people with different skins came to try, or inquire, or buy…

Except for the stem of the flower.

Seeing that the sky was getting darker, there was no one in front of Huazhidi’s booth to ask questions from beginning to end.

Chu Yunyue and all the employees couldn’t help but secretly anxious.

Although, Huazhidi is very popular in China.

However, there is no reputation abroad.

Therefore, they also know that they probably won’t receive much attention.

It can be said that Chu Yunyue and others have already had some psychological preparations.

However, the current situation is far beyond their psychological preparation.

At this time, a white man in a suit and leather shoes slowly walked over and smiled at Chu Yunyue: “Beautiful lady, hello, my name is Brewerbid. I don’t know what a beautiful lady is called?”

Chu Yunyue replied politely: “My name is Chu Yunyue.”

When Brewerbid heard this, his eyes lit up slightly, and he admired: The voice is very good.

In addition, according to this method of naming, she should be a Chinese.

Brewerbid had cares in his mind, but his face did not change, and continued: “I see your booth as if no one has been patronizing it all the time.”

“How about it. Would you like to drink two glasses at night, let me tell you some ways?”

This Brewerbid is the staff member of the GR perfume booth diagonally across from the flower pedicle booth.

Since Chu Yunyue arrived at the booth, Brewerbid was immediately attracted.

Chu Yunyue has the same full body as the top beauties of the Eagle Country, and at the same time, she also has a delicate facial features that far surpass those of the top beauties of the Eagle Country.

Coupled with the unique exotic temperament.

In Brewerbid’s eyes, Chu Yunyue is simply the most perfect woman in the world.

Therefore, as long as he is free, he will peek at Chu Yunyue.

And when today’s exhibition was about to end, he couldn’t wait to come over.

Brewerbid knows that many yellow-skinned people, especially Chinese, are very fond of foreigners.

Now, I have proposed a way to increase booth visitors.

He believed that Chu Yunyue would definitely agree to herself.

As long as we drink together, then I have a chance!

Brewerbid’s heart has begun to cheer and jump for joy.


Chu Yunyue said, “No need.”

Naturally, Chu Yunyue was not a fool to start the huge Huazhidi Company.

At a glance, she saw some of the little things in Brewerbid’s heart.

Then, Chu Yunyue stopped paying attention to Brewerbid, and said, “Today’s exhibition is about to end. Please pack your things and prepare to go back to rest.”

After speaking, she took Omi’s arm and walked outside together.

See here…

Brewerbid’s body stiffened slightly, and his entire face looked a little unpleasant.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next morning.

Although, the Huazhidi booth was frustrated yesterday.

But today, the mental state of Chu Yunyue, Guazilian woman, and Zhonghuazhidi employees are still very full.

They expect that today will be different.

However, things…sometimes go against one’s wishes.

One morning has passed, and the Huazhidi booth is still unattended.

During the lunch break, Brewerbid came to Chu Yunyue again and said, “Beautiful Ms. Chu, do you really want to have more guests in the booth?”

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that my uncle is Alan Peter, the director of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation. I think…you should understand…I have the ability to make your booth more guests?”

“Otherwise, have a meal together at noon and discuss it carefully?”

Although, yesterday Brewerbid saw that Chu Yunyue seemed to have a boyfriend.

However, this is nothing to him at all.

Don’t say you already have a boyfriend, even if you are married… then there is no problem.

After Brewbed finished speaking, he couldn’t help but straighten his chest and made a gesture that he thought was handsome.

When he wanted to come, Chu Yunyue saw how handsome she was, and then heard that she had an uncle who is the director of Yingguo Petroleum Company, and she was sure to be impressed by her charm immediately.


As a result, it was still different from what he thought.

Chu Yunyue said: “My boyfriend and I are going out for dinner, UU reading   don’t get in the way!”

She is an entrepreneur, and at the same time, she can also be said to be a businessman.

Businessmen, follow and do not easily engage in evil with others.

Therefore, even the disgusting person should be relatively tactful and polite on the surface.

But Chu Yunyue… had no euphemism at all for Brewerbid, who was suspected of having a big background.

After speaking, Chu Yunyue once again took Omi’s arm and walked outside.

Seeing this, Brewerbid’s mouth twitched slightly, and his face became a little ugly.

Omi looked at Brewerbid with a slightly weird expression. There is an uncle of Eagle National Oil Company director?


When Omi and Chu Yunyue had just finished their lunch and returned to the Convention and Exhibition Center, the mobile phones in their pockets rang briskly.

He glanced at the call alert, it was an unfamiliar number.

Omi didn’t hesitate too much, and directly pressed the answer button.

Soon, a slightly dull, and somewhat crappy Chinese language sounded inside.

“Mr. Lin, hello.”

Omi said, “Hello, who are you?”

Then, on the phone… it was replaced by a very clear and sweet voice.

“Hello, Mr. Lin, I am an interpreter for Eagle National Petroleum Corporation Chairman Jules Grant. The person who spoke with you just now is Chairman Jules Grant. He asked me to convey his greetings to you again. “

  ” “.

Omi has answered similar calls several times.


This time, he was not too surprised, and said calmly: “Mr. Jules Grant, so are you.”

Then, there was a fluent English conversation on the phone.

Although, Omi heard all these English conversations clearly.

However, he didn’t break it either.

At this time, the interpreter said again: “Mr. Jules Grant said, thank you Mr. Lin for his trust in Eagle National Petroleum Corporation and become our company’s second largest shareholder…”

Generally speaking, the tone of the translator should always be consistent.

However, when she said this sentence, there was obviously a slight change.

To know…

Eagle National Petroleum Corporation…but a super company with a market value of more than one trillion yuan.

And the man on the opposite side became the second largest shareholder in one fell swoop!

Big shot, this is definitely a big shot!

After a pause, the interpreter continued: “Mr. Lin, I don’t know where you are now. Would it be convenient to make an appointment?”

Omidao: “I’m in Eagle Country now. As for the appointment…I’m at the Lun City Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the International Perfume Exhibition. I’m afraid I don’t have much time for the time being.”

The voice on the phone was interrupted.

Obviously, Omi’s answer surprised Jules Grant very much.

After a while, the interpreter said, “It turns out that Mr. Lin is in London, that’s great! I’ll come to visit him personally later.”

Omi talked for a while, then hung up the phone.

As the translator just said, Jules Grant is indeed going to come to visit.

However, he just got in the car, and the phone in his pocket rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder, looked slightly solemn, hurriedly connected to the phone, and respectfully said: “Dear Queen Yibai, hello.”


Jules Grant called twice, but no one responded on the phone.

When he didn’t know what to do, a slightly hoarse voice finally rang on the phone.

“Huh? I seem to dial out by accident?”

“Little Grant, how are you!”

Little Grant?

You know, Jules Grant is 61 years old!

Plus… his status as the chairman of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation, how many people in this world can call him Little Grant?

Queen Yibai is obviously among these people!

Because she is the Queen of Eagle Country, and her age… is as high as 91 years old!

Jules Grant said hurriedly: “Queen Ibai is good.”

“Your oil company…how is the situation lately?” Queen Yibai asked.

“Recently, the development has been stable and the overall situation is improving.” Jules Grant said.

Queen Yibai nodded and said, “That’s not bad…Today is a working day, are you still busy at the company?”

Jules Grant said truthfully: “I’m on my way to the convention center.”

“Convention Center?” Queen Yibai wondered.

“Yes, because today there seems to be an international perfume exhibition, and the second shareholder of our company is exhibiting there.” Jules Grant said.

“Perfume!” Queen Yibai sighed.

Then, she seemed to fall asleep.

For a long time, there was no more sound on the phone.

Jules Grant didn’t dare to bother, just silently holding the phone.

At this time, Queen Yibai spoke again: “It’s a really nostalgic day.”

“Little Grant, let me go to the perfume fair with you.”

“Huh?” Jules Grant was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect the queen to make such a request.

Queen Yibai didn’t give him much time to react, and said: “Just so, you come to the palace first.”

After hanging up, Queen Yibai made two more calls.

Immediately afterwards, the luxury convoy, the escort, etc., all moved quickly.

The queen is noble and must demonstrate the royal majesty and ensure safety!

The movement in the palace was quickly noticed by a little girl with pale skin and thin body.

When the little girl came to the main hall, Queen Yibai asked: “My lovely little Ruili, why are you here? How are you feeling?”

The little girl was named Yibai Ruili, the 15th great-granddaughter of Queen Yibai.

At the same time, she is also Queen Yibai’s most beloved great-granddaughter.

It is a pity that not long after Yibai Ruili was born, she suddenly suffered from a very strange illness, loss of appetite, frequent vomiting, fainting…

The doctors have performed various examinations, but they are still unable to determine the symptoms…

Yibai Ruili said: “Ruili feels that her body is already very good.”

“Okay, it’s fine if Xiao Ruili’s body is fine.” Queen Yibai smiled kindly.

“You seem to have been sleeping late recently, so you should also pay attention to your body.” Yibai Ruili said.

Queen Yibai said happily: “Okay! My little Ruili is so good, she already knows to care about me!”

Old and young, chatting in the main hall, the topic is very relaxed, and there is a burst of laughter from time to time.

At this time, Yibai Ruili finally said: “I heard that you seem to be going to the exhibition center…to participate in the perfume exhibition, can you take me with me?”

When Yibai Ruili said this, a pair of big eyes flickered faintly.

Obviously, she is looking forward to it very much.

Queen Yibai opened her mouth, but did not agree to it in the first place.

Because she knew that Yibai Ruili’s physical condition was actually very bad.

Even some doctors say that accidents may occur at any time.

With this physical condition, go to the perfume exhibition…there are many people with mixed eyes, UU reading   in case…

Intellectually, Queen Yibai didn’t want her great-granddaughter to go to the perfume exhibition site.

However, she looked at Yibai Ruili’s expectant eyes, and her heart felt soft.

Since learning that Yibai Ruili had a strange and serious illness, she has stayed in the palace almost every day, like a canary in a cage, very pitiful.

Perfume, like flowers, has a charming charm.

The perfume exhibition, like a hundred flowers in full bloom, attracts all women.

Today, I happened to encounter a perfume exhibition…

If Yibai Ruili missed it, will she have another next time?

Thinking of this, Queen Yibai finally spoke: “Okay, then I will take Xiao Ruili to the perfume exhibition.”

“Really?” Yibrili exclaimed excitedly.

When Queen Yibai saw her so happy, she also showed a smile and said, “Of course it’s true.”

“Great!” Yibai Ruili couldn’t help but hugged Queen Yibai’s arm.


At this time, a brisk footstep sounded outside.

Soon, a middle-aged man wearing the clothes of a European nobleman walked in slowly.

He bent down slightly, and said in a very respectful tone: “Dear Queen, Mr. Jules Grant, please.”

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The Eagle Congress Exhibition Center in the afternoon was as lively as the morning.

As for the Huazhidi booth, just like the morning, no one cares about it at all.

Although, Chu Yunyue had very clearly rejected Brewerbid twice in a row.

However, after having some free time, he still came to Chu Yunyue.

“Beautiful Ms. Chu, it seems that your booth is still not being patronized. How about having a few drinks together in the evening and discussing it?”

“Yesterday, I may not have expressed it clearly. In fact, it will not be long before I will join Eagle National Petroleum Company and become its management. Therefore, you can absolutely trust my strength.”

When he said this, he straightened his chest again.

Eagle Country Oil Company is definitely one of the best-paid companies in Eagle Country.

Yesterday, he was showing his background.

Now, he shows his future again.

He believed that Chu Yunyue would definitely be attracted by herself.


The continuous harassment made Chu Yunyue completely disgusted.

She frowned and was just about to speak.

At this time, the already lively Convention and Exhibition Center suddenly became extremely noisy, and there was a burst of exclamation from time to time.

“Queen, Queen Yibai is here!”

“Queen Yibai has come to the Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the International Perfume Exhibition!”

“Oh my God!”


As everyone said, Queen Yibai is indeed here!

At this time, Queen Yibai, Jules Grant, great-granddaughter Yibai Ruili, and a group of nobles were slowly moving forward in the exhibition center.

Queen Yibai did not change much on the surface, but she was full of nostalgia in her heart.

Yibrili seldom walks out of the palace due to physical reasons, and has never participated in a perfume exhibition.

At this time, she looked at the booths with different shapes, smelling the rich fragrance in the air, and the whole thin face was full of excitement.

At this time, Queen Yibai seemed to have thought of something, and said: “Little Grant, did you just say that your company’s second shareholder?”

“His name is Omi, but I haven’t seen him yet. If the queen wants to see him, I will let him come.” Jules Grant said truthfully.

“Good.” Queen Yibai nodded.

Even Queen Yibai cannot directly ignore Eagle Oil Company.

Jules Grant first dialed Omi’s call, but unfortunately, no one answered it.

I just told the queen to find the second shareholder.

In a blink of an eye, he said that he couldn’t find it again?

What would the queen think of herself?

Jules Grant was helpless and had to walk away quickly, since the phone could not get through.

Then, look for it yourself.

Jules Grant walked forward quickly and kept searching for Omi in the crowded crowd.

Fortunately, Jules Grant knew that Omi was a yellow-skinned Chinese, and he could be considered prominent among the many white-skinned and dark-skinned eagle countries.

Even so, Jules Grant also searched for nearly half an hour before he saw Huazhidi’s booth and fixed his gaze on a tall, handsome yellow-skinned man.

“Mr. Lin!” Jules Grant exclaimed excitedly.

After screaming, he hurried to the Huazhidi booth.

Omi couldn’t help turning around slowly when he heard someone calling himself.

Although, this is a strange foreigner with a beard.

However, Omi relied on his super memory to easily distinguish his identity from his voice.

Jules Grant just ran over, before he could continue speaking, Brewerbid, who was standing next to him, took the lead in a very respectful and excited tone, saying: “Good Mr. Grant.”

Because, Brewerbid’s uncle is the director of Eagle Oil Company, and he has always wanted to enter Eagle Oil Company.

Therefore, he pays more attention to the news and senior executives of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation than the average person.

Brewerbid didn’t expect to meet the chairman of Eagle National Petroleum Company at the perfume exhibition today.

In his opinion, this is definitely a good opportunity of a lifetime.

If, I can leave a little impression in front of the chairman.

So, after some time, I successfully entered the Eagle National Petroleum Company, wouldn’t it be possible to get promoted and make a fortune immediately?

Thinking of this, Brewerbid was thrilled.

I don’t know how many people will say hello to Jules Grant every day.

Generally, Jules Grant just nodded in response.

Or, just pretend not to hear.

Because if you all respond one by one, it will be too tiring.

However, Jules Grant saw Brewerbid standing with Omi and thought he was Omi’s friend.

So, he nodded and said: “Hello, hello.”

Say hello!

The chairman of Eagle National Petroleum Company greeted himself!

Although it was just a simple response.

But, listening to Brewerbid’s ears, it was like the sound of heaven, and the whole person was overflowing with endless joy.

Jules Grant ignored Brewer Beater.

Instead, in a more respectful tone, he said to Omi in English: “Mr. Lin, you are here.”

The translator next to him directly translated the words.

Omi said, “I am the majority shareholder of Huazhidi Perfume, of course I am here.”

Jules Grant said suddenly: “That’s it, by the way, our Queen Ibe wants to see you.”

“Why did Queen Yibai see me?” Omi wondered~ ~ In fact, it wasn’t just Omi who was confused, but Chu Yunyue and others next to her were also puzzled.

However, before Jules Grant could answer, there was another noise not far away.

“Queen Yibai is good!”

“I have seen Queen Yibai!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound.

I saw…

A large group of luxuriously dressed men and women are walking towards this side.

The person walking in the forefront, full of flowers and peaceful faces, is the Queen Yibai who often appears on TV and the news.

Queen Yibai waved her hand gently in response to the greetings of people around her.

When she turned her head, she happened to see Jules Grant standing in front of the flower pedicle booth, and couldn’t help but walk slowly toward the front.

“Little Grant, are you here?” Queen Yibai said.

“Yes…” Jules Grant respectfully said, “This is Mr. Lin.”

When Queen Yibai heard this, she couldn’t help but glanced up and down at Omi, revealing an unexpected look on her kind face.

When Jules Grant introduced Omi’s name, she had already guessed that the other party was a Chinese.

However, she did not expect Omi to be so young.

After a while, Queen Yibai said, “Mr. Lin, hello.”

Omi responded: “Queen Yibai, hello.”

When he said this, his eyes fell on Yibai Ruili who was standing next to Queen Yibai unintentionally, and his brows wrinkled slightly.


Looking, smelling, asking, and cutting are the diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine.

Some savvy Chinese medicine practitioners can judge a person’s physical condition with just a glance.

Omi gained the experience of Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, and he naturally belongs to a skilled Chinese medicine practitioner.

At a glance, he could see that Yibai Ruili had a physical problem.

Moreover, the problem is still very big!

Queen Yibai saw that Omi had been staring at Yibai Ruili, and couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Lin, this is my great-granddaughter Yibai Ruili, what’s the matter?”

Even staring at an ordinary girl is not a very polite thing.

What’s more, he is his great-granddaughter.

Omi said: “In one minute, maybe one minute or so, she will faint and be critically ill!”

Chu Yunyue, Guazilian woman, and the staff of Huazhidi…

Originally, they were also excited by the arrival of Queen Yibai.

However, after hearing Omi’s words, everyone’s bodies became stiff.

What does Omi mean?

You know, Queen Yibai has just said that Yibai Ruili is her great-granddaughter, the princess of Eagle Country!

As a result, Omi said that she had one minute to faint and was critically ill!

what is this?


Cursing the princess of Eagle Country?

If Queen Yibai blames it…

The air at the scene became a little dull because of Omi’s words.


At this moment, Yibai Ruili, who was still looking around with curious eyes, suddenly rolled her eyelids and fell straight to the ground.

Queen Yibai’s heart was tight, and she hurriedly said: “Doctor!”

The nobles nearby also yelled.

“The doctor is coming!”

“Princess Yibai fainted!”

The queen travels and follows the doctor with her.

He ran over quickly.

The doctor first rolled Yibai Ruili’s eyelids, and then listened to heart sounds.

Then, he took out the syringe and shot Yibai Ruili Xuebai’s arm.

Obviously, this doctor has a very deep understanding of Yibai Ruili’s condition.

After finishing this, the doctor breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Your Royal Highness, I should wake up soon.”

In the past, doctors have always treated Yibai Ruili in this way.

The effect is also very good.


After his voice fell this time, Yibai Ruili suddenly started to vomit foam at the corner of her mouth, and her eyes kept turning upwards.

See here…

The doctor’s heart tightened, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He hurriedly bent over and began to give emergency treatment to Yibrili, but it was of no use at all.

Queen Yibai said anxiously: “Doctor, how is it?”

The doctor hurriedly said: “But…maybe the medicine is not enough, I will give the princess another injection.”

After speaking, he took out a syringe again, and was about to continue injecting into Yibrili’s arm.

At this time, Omi suddenly shouted: “Don’t inject! Do you want her to die?”

Omi is not a Virgin.

But when he saw Yibai Ruili fell ill in front of him.

For some reason, Omi suddenly thought of the scene of his sister falling ill.

While talking, he overthrew the doctor to the ground.

The guards thought that Omi was a dangerous man, and he had to step forward to stop him.

At this time, Omi said again: “I can save her!”

Every sentence of Omi is synchronized by the translator.

When Queen Yibai heard this, she suddenly thought of what Omi said earlier.

“One minute, maybe one minute or so, she will faint and be critically ill!”

So, Queen Yibai hurriedly said: “Everyone, step back!”

Don’t dare not follow the Queen’s order!

The guards retreated one after another.

Suddenly, Queen Yibai, Jules Grant, Chu Yunyue… and everyone on the scene all focused their attention on Omi.

I saw…

Omi opened a bottle of flower pedicle perfume and placed it next to Yi Bai Ruili’s Qiong nose.

After about half a minute, Yibai Ruili stopped foaming.

Obviously, her condition has been alleviated.

Omi thought for a while and spent 10 million yuan to purchase a bottle of medical water from the system and poured it into Yibrili’s mouth.

In fact…

With Omi’s current medical skills, even without the use of medical water, Ibrili can be completely cured.

However, if Omi took the treatment, it would be too troublesome to prescribe prescriptions, grab medicine, and so on.

And Omi hates trouble.

After the medical treatment, Yibai Ruili slowly opened her eyes soon.

Yibai Ruili saw herself lying on the ground, while Queen Yibai and everyone around them all looked at her, a little timidly said: “I… am I sick again?”

See here…

Jules Grant couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

When Omi pushed the doctor away, and then said that he could save Yibai Ruili, his whole heart could be said to be directly in his throat.

You know, Omi is the second shareholder of Eagle Oil Company.

At the same time, he introduced himself to Queen Yibai.

If something happens.

Then, I can never escape the relationship!

The consequences are absolutely terrible!

Queen Yibai said happily: “Okay, okay, it will be fine if Xiao Ruili wakes up!”

After a pause, he said, “Thank you, Mr. Lin, he is the one who saved you.”

Yibai Ruili said timidly: “Thank you…Mr. Lin.”

Omi said, “You’re welcome.”

Queen Yibai asked: “I don’t know what Mr. Lin used to rescue my little Ruili?”

As she spoke, her somewhat muddy eyes fell on the flower pedicle perfume in Omi’s hand.

Omi didn’t hesitate, UU read   and handed it over, saying, “A bottle of perfume.”

Queen Yibai was taken aback for a moment.

A bottle of perfume?

Wake up your great-granddaughter with perfume?

With the doubt in her heart, Queen Yibai slowly took the perfume, put it on her nose and sniffed it lightly, and nodded slightly.

Although, it was far away just now.

However, Queen Yibai still smelled the scent when Omi opened the flower pedicle perfume bottle.

At this time, after smelling it again, he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “It’s a really good smell, with distinct layers. I like it very much.”

After a pause, he said again: “Mr. Lin, I don’t know… If Xiao Ruili gets sick in the future, can she just smell this perfume? Is there a way to cure her?”

When she said this, Queen Yibai had always seen Gu Jing Wubo’s face with an obvious look of expectation.

She loves Yibai Ruili very much and feels very uncomfortable every time she sees her sick.

Unfortunately, no doctor can cure her.

Today, Queen Yibai saw a glimmer of hope.

Omi said calmly: “Don’t worry, she won’t get sick again in the future.”

After Queen Yibai heard this, even her voice couldn’t help becoming excited.

“Really? She is completely cured?”

Omi said: “Yes.”

“That’s great!” Queen Yibai exclaimed excitedly.

  ” “.


As Queen Yibai spoke, she couldn’t help but cast her gaze on Yibai Ruili.

I saw…

Originally, Yibai Ruili, who was pale, now has a healthy ruddy color on her small face.

All right!

Yibai Ruili is really good!

Queen Yibai thought for a while and said, “Mr. Lin, don’t you know if you can buy a batch of this perfume?”

Her idea is simple.

It doesn’t matter if Yibrili is completely cured.

However, one thing is certain.

This perfume will definitely help Yibai Ruili’s condition.

Smelling perfume is more suitable than getting injections. Obviously, smelling perfume is more suitable!

In addition, Queen Yibai also likes the smell of flower base perfume very much.

When Chu Yunyue, the woman with Guazi face, and the staff of Huazhidi heard this, their faces all showed excitement that could not be concealed.

Finally, someone finally wants to purchase Huazhidi’s perfume.


This person is still the Queen of Eagle Country!

good news!

This is definitely great news!

Compared to the excitement of Chu Yunyue and the others, Omi seemed much calmer.

He said relaxedly: “Yes! The name of this perfume is called Flower Stalk. In fact, the Queen, you have only one of Flower Stalks. We have many different perfumes for Flower Stalks.”

While talking, Omi put different kinds of perfumes on the table in turn.

Queen Yibai sniffed all the perfumes, nodded slowly and said: “The taste is very good. I purchase 100 bottles of each perfume.”

Omi said: “Okay.”

At this time, a lady whispered something in Queen Yibai’s ear.

Queen Yibai gave a faint expression, and then said, “Mr. Lin, thank you for saving Xiao Ruili. Now there is something in the palace that needs to be dealt with. After two days, I will host a banquet and thank you very much.”

“The queen is welcome.” Omi said.

The two said a few more words, and Queen Yibai turned and left.

Although, Queen Yibai left.

However, all the people who had been watching before, still focused their attention on the Huazhidi booth.

Jules Grant, chairman of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation, looked at Omi, full of admiration and envy.

“Mr. Lin, you are amazing! You even used perfume to wake up our Princess Ruili! In the future, your perfume will be famous all over the world!”

Omi said: “Famous around the world? That’s probably difficult!”

Then, he pointed to Brewerbid, and said: “This uncle of Mr. Brewerbid, but Alan Peter, director of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation.”

“And he himself is about to become the management of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation… He has repeatedly used these identities to ask my girlfriend to date him as a condition to help us attract customers. Woolen cloth.”

The translator next to him quickly translated all Omi’s words.

Use your identity to invite Mr. Lin’s girlfriend on a date?

A nephew of a director, a man who is about to become management?

How dare you?

How dare he?

Not to mention, Omi is the second largest shareholder of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation.

The fact that Omi just saved Yibai Ruili is not something he can offend!

Jules Grant finally shouted: “What a courage! I tell you, if Alan Peter is really your uncle, he will be punished as he deserves. Besides, you don’t want to enter Eagle Oil Company in your life! “


Brewerbid’s entire face was instantly whitened.

Eagle Country Oil Company is one of the best-paid companies in Eagle Country.

In order to be able to enter it, he did not know how much effort it took.

there’s no more?

In addition, his uncle will be punished because of himself?

Uncle will kill himself.

Most definitely!

Thinking of this, Brewerbid yelled in horror: “No…no…Dong…Mr. Chairman, please, let me go…”

However, Jules Grant seemed to have not heard it, and didn’t mean to pay any attention at all.

Then, Brewerbid pleaded to Omi again: “Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, I am shameless, I am despicable… Please, the adults don’t remember the villain’s fault, please…”

“Get out!” Omi spit out a word coldly.

Although, there is only one word.

But, also scared Brewerbid’s heart trembled.

When he gritted his teeth and wanted to beg again, Jules Grant said directly: “Didn’t you hear it? Mr. Lin told him to get out!”

The two black men with strong physique next to him, like two beasts, directly stepped forward and drove Brewerbid and headed out.

The whole world fell silent immediately.

Jules Grant apologized: “Mr. Lin, sorry, such an unpleasant thing happened…”

Omi said lightly: “Every company will have some moths, but it still needs more management.”

“Yes…Mr. Lin rest assured, I will definitely demand more of the staff.” Jules Grant said hurriedly.

Then, he continued: “I don’t know if Mr. Lin is free now? I will give you a brief report on the situation of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation last year and the development direction of the next year… If you have other suggestions , You can also bring it up…”

Omi waved his hand and said, “No, I’m not interested in this. Professionals, do professional things… Everything is done in the direction you set.”

Jules Grant was slightly relieved when he heard this.

Omi is too young ~ ~ but has too many shares in the company.

In case he arbitrarily directs certain strategies of the company, it is definitely a very troublesome thing.

According to the way Omi said, it couldn’t be better.

Jules Grant thought this in his heart, but said: “Is that so? Okay… If you have any suggestions for the company in the future, you can always tell me.”

When the two were chatting, Huazhidi’s booth was already full of people.

“Hello, I want to order perfume.”

“I want 100 bottles!”

“I want 200 bottles!”


The sky is getting dark.

Chu Yunyue, Omi, and the staff of Huazhidi finally returned to Yingguo Royal Hotel.

Everyone was very busy this afternoon.

However, their faces were all filled with smiles.

Guazilian woman excitedly said: “Today, it can be compared with the popularity of our country!”

“Yeah! If it weren’t for closing, those people wouldn’t want to leave at all.” Another humanity said.

“Before, people said that foreigners are of good quality and never jump in the queue. In the afternoon, I saw several foreigners jump in the queue to buy our Huazhidi perfume.” The man in the white shirt said.

Guazi face woman said: “Then did you stop it?”

“Of course!” said the shirt man, “I just let them queue up again, otherwise, I won’t sell it to him!”

“Good job!” Guazi face woman cried.

Everyone in Huazhidi talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was extremely hot.

Even Chu Yunyue couldn’t help but raise her mouth slightly.

It has always been Chu Yunyue’s dream to make Huazhidi the world’s top perfume brand.

What happened this afternoon made her a big step forward from this dream!

At this time, Chu Yunyue asked: “How many orders have we received in total?”

“108,900 bottles!” Guazi face woman said.

“Not bad!” Chu Yunyue nodded in satisfaction.

Then, she looked at Omi with a very curious look, and couldn’t help asking: “Omi, why can the perfume of our flower pedicle heal the princess Yibrili?”

After saying this, everyone in Huazhidi pricked their ears.

Obviously, they are also very curious about this matter.

They had seen with their own eyes…Ibrili’s pitiful appearance at the time.

His face was pale, fainted and foamed…

Even the doctor seems to have no idea what to do.

As a result, Omi took out the flower pedicle perfume and put it next to Yibai Ruili’s nose for half a minute. She immediately stopped the foaming and her complexion improved a lot.

After drinking a certain liquid for Yibai Ruili, she immediately became sober.

In the eyes of everyone, this is simply incredible.

Omi said, “Iberuili should be a dystocia. She is relatively weak and can easily catch colds and get sick.”

“So, the Eagle Kingdom imperial family kept her in a confined space for a long time and gave her a lot of supplements.”

“However, the child’s body simply cannot absorb so many supplements, and the long-term lack of air circulation…makes her respiratory system, digestive system, etc., all have problems.”

“And Yibai Ruili was in the same closed today, and she was still walking for a long time in the convention and exhibition center filled with many different fragrances, which increased the load on the respiratory system and eventually caused her to fall ill.”

Chu Yunyue asked again: “Since this is the case, why did she get better after smelling the perfume of our flower base?”

Omi said, “Because, I took the Flower Style Series.”

“The wind series added mint.”

“Menthol has the effects of clearing the boss and relieving the pharynx, thereby reducing the load on the respiratory system, or in other words, making the respiratory system think that it is out of the open…”

Omi is a perfume expert and knows all kinds of perfumes well. Coupled with his experience in medicine king Sun Simiao, he can easily come up with a simple treatment plan.

After Omi explained this way, everyone showed a new look.

At this time, Chu Yunyue seemed to have thought of something again, and asked, “By the way, why did the chairman of Yingguo Oil Company know you and treat you so respectfully?”

“Are you the owner of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation, or the largest shareholder?”

The Guazilian woman, and the Huazhidi employees present, pricked their ears again.

They are equally concerned about this.

Omi said: “That’s not the case.”

When Chu Yunyue and everyone heard this, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Omi is already the owner of Eagle Country Royal Hotel and the largest shareholder of Xia Guo Airlines.

If, again, the owner of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation, or the largest shareholder.

This makes their little heart unacceptable.

At this time, Omi continued: “I only have 10% of Eagle National Petroleum Corporation’s shares, so I can be regarded as their second largest shareholder.”


The whole scene was silent!

Chu Yunyue, the Guazilian woman, and the staff of Huazhidi were all dumbfounded on the spot.

With only 10% of Eagle Oil Company’s shares, is it the second largest shareholder?

Good one only!

To know…

Eagle National Petroleum Corporation, but a super company with a market value of more than one trillion!

10% of the shares, that is, the market value exceeds 100 billion!

Well, you are indeed not the largest shareholder, nor the boss!

However, 10% of the shares are also a lot, okay? !

Seeing everyone in the same place, Omi couldn’t help but said, “What’s the matter with you? Hurry up, the food should be ready.”

“Ah…good, good.” Chu Yunyue replied.

Then, the group continued to walk forward.

As Omi said, the food is indeed ready.

When they opened the VIP box, a series of very exquisite and hearty dishes were all neatly placed on the table.

Today, everyone is very busy, and indeed a little hungry.

After they saw these delicacies, they all feasted on them.

When Omi and Chu Yunyue returned to the luxurious suite, it was already an hour later.

Sitting in front of the tall floor-to-ceiling windows, they looked at the busy road outside and the dark river in the distance. They felt extremely relaxed and lonely.

This feeling is as if not in Yingguolun City, but returning to Huaxia Jiangbei’s home.


When Chu Yunyue thought of this term, her heart felt soft.

She couldn’t help but slowly tilted her head and turned her gaze on Omi’s body, a pair of jewel-like beautiful eyes faintly flickering.

At this moment, Chu Yunyue couldn’t help thinking of Omi’s use of perfume knowledge far beyond ordinary people to make fascinating perfumes.

I thought of Omi picking up the microphone and singing a natural song.

I thought of Omi’s use of perfume to save people, and it made the flowery pedicle perfume that no one cared about became extremely popular…

These things, like movie screens, kept rippling in Chu Yunyue’s mind.

Gradually, Chu Yunyue’s beautiful eyes changed from shining to a little blurred.

Then, she couldn’t help but keep approaching Omi, approaching…

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)

There was a strong wind blowing outside the window, and the river couldn’t help beating against the dam, and there were bursts of crisp sounds.

The next day.

It’s dawn.

Omi slowly opened his eyes, the whole suite was empty, and there was a note on the table.

[Today is the last day of the perfume exhibition, I will go to the exhibition center first, remember to have breakfast later! kisses! Chu Yunyue. 】

After Omi saw the note, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and she could almost imagine Chu Yunyue’s sweet smile when she wrote the note.

Then he glanced at the phone habitually.

A text message appeared on the screen early.

“At 0:00, China Merchants Bank remitted 7493100 yuan.”

“Look at what you can sign in today.” Omi murmured.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 million yuan. 】

Omi curled his lips and said, “It’s bad luck.”

Then, he picked up the phone on the table again and said, “Bring some breakfast up.”

The luxurious suite where Omi lives has long been requested for the best service.

After a while, slices of truffled meat, toast, ham, M5 beef, black tea, etc., an exquisite breakfast was served.

Omi was eating breakfast and playing with his mobile phone. It was very relaxing and cozy.


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