The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 386-390

For these…

 Omi didn’t care.

The next day, the sky was clear.

He drove Curryland on a straight road.

I don’t know what happened before, and the whole road is very congested.

Looking at the densely packed vehicles,  Omi couldn’t help but think of the non-stop sounds of all the classmates chatting around him yesterday.

For some reason,  Omi suddenly thought of Su Ning’s.

Thinking of the empty scene in the mountain village, thinking of Su Ning’s gentle appearance.

So  Omi took out his mobile phone and sent a message to counselor Sun Yaodong about asking for leave.

Then, he turned the steering wheel and galloped towards Wanjia Washington.

After  Omi took Su Ningjing and his family from the mountain village, they all arranged to live in Wanjiahua Mansion.

Because the surrounding environment of Wanjiahua Mansion is good, surrounded by parks, and plenty of business.

At the same time, it is also the best school district room in Jiangbei, which can facilitate A-mei to go to school.


It didn’t take long before  Omi parked the car steadily downstairs in Wanjiahua Mansion.

When  Omi took the elevator and came upstairs, he found that the door was half open.

So  Omi walked in slowly.

At this moment, grandma just walked out.

 Omi exclaimed: “Hello Grandma.”

The grandmother smiled kindly: “So it’s you, Ah Jing just went out to feed the stray dogs in the alley, and will be back later.”

 Omi nodded and said, “Tranquility seems to like dogs very much?”

Grandma thought for a while and said, “It should be Aiwu and Wu.”

Then, she pointed to the big yellow dog standing next to her, and said: “The big yellow was left by Ajing’s parents before they died. Ajing always treats it like her own relatives.”

“Rhubarb is also very good. One time when Ah Jing fainted in the field due to heatstroke, it was the rhubarb who called me over and brought me back to Ah Jing…”

When Grandma said this, the wrinkled old face was full of sighs.

And  Omi’s gaze at the big yellow dog was completely different.

“Almost forgot, there is still egg noodles in the pot.”

After the grandmother finished speaking, she was going to the kitchen.

 Omi said, “Grandma, I’ll help you prosper.”

He took the lead to walk into the kitchen and asked, “Grandma, which bowl should I use?”

Granny said: “Just the silver iron bowl on the counter.”

 Omi couldn’t help but stunned.

There is indeed a silver vessel on the counter.

However, in  Omi’s view, this is not an iron bowl at all, but a silver iron basin!

This… grandma wants to eat so much?

With a hint of doubt,  Omi poured the egg noodles in.

I have to say that this iron basin is quite the right size, and it just happens to contain all the egg noodles in the pot.

Then,  Omi brought the egg noodles to the dining table in the living room.

The grandmother couldn’t help but smiled and said, “You put it in the wrong place.”

“Huh?”  Omi was puzzled.

The grandmother continued: “This bowl of noodles is made for rhubarb. Today is the birthday of rhubarb, so I made a bowl of longevity noodles for it.”

 Omi then showed a sense of sorrow.

No wonder, such a big iron basin is used to hold the noodles.

“Haw, haw!”

As soon as  Omi put the noodles in front of the rhubarb, it leaned forward and ate it with big mouthfuls, very hearty.


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside.

” Omi!” Su Ningjing exclaimed in surprise.

At the same time, there seemed to be stars shining in her beautiful eyes, which were extremely brilliant.

 Omi looked at her happy appearance, and his mood became more relaxed.

Su Ning’s three steps and two steps, said: ” Omi, when did you come?”

“I just arrived.”  Omi said.

Then, the two told some trivial things.

For example, have you eaten breakfast, are there traffic jams on the road, are you suitable for the life here, etc.?

However, the two seemed to be talking about very interesting topics, with a sweet smile on their faces.

At this time,  Omi said, “It’s been a long time to go shopping together, shall we go for a walk together?”

Su Ning’s didn’t hesitate at all, and directly nodded and said, “Okay!”

Then, she shook her hand at Rhubarb and said, “Rhubarb, happy birthday!”

 Omi and Su Ningjing walked downstairs together.

When passing an alley, several dogs wagging their tails and rubbing against Su Ning’s feet, very affectionate.

Su Ningjing bent over and stroked the dog’s head, and said, “Everyone, I will come back later…Hurry up.”

Obviously, these are the stray dogs she feeds.

 Omi looked at these dogs, thought of the rhubarb upstairs, moved his heart slightly, took out his mobile phone and sent a text message.

Today,  Omi did not take Su Ningjing to the mall for shopping.

But on the narrow sidewalks, secluded parks, clear lakes…holding hands, strolling forward, telling the love words in my heart.

Before you know it…

The sun slowly set.

At this moment, the distant sky seemed to be full of bright red flowers, very gorgeous.

The two cuddled each other, and time seemed to stop there.


At this time, a breeze blew from far away.

 Omi said: “Quiet, go, I will take you to a place.”

In Su Ning’s heart, as long as she is with  Omi, no matter where she goes, she is willing, nodding gently and saying, “Okay.”


Emperor Hotel.

General Manager Wang Fengyi spends most of the time in the office to deal with matters.

Today, all afternoon, he has been standing in the hall.


As the day gradually darkened, there was a crisp sound of footsteps outside.

Immediately after…

A tall, handsome man, holding a woman with a graceful figure, slowly walked over.

It was  Omi and Su Ning.

After seeing the two, Wang Fengyi hurriedly greeted him and said respectfully: “Good Mr. Lin, good Ms. Su.”

 Omi nodded and said, “Take us over.”

“Yes, please here.” Wang Fengyi said.

After a while,  Omi and Su Ningjing came to the grand banquet hall on the 78th floor.


As soon as the door of the banquet hall was opened, there was a loud and noisy dog ​​barking inside.

Su Ningjing took a closer look and found that the rhubarb and the stray dogs in the alley were all inside.

Not only that, but there are many photos of dogs hanging on the walls of the banquet hall.

In the middle of the banquet hall, there is a photo of a huge rhubarb birthday cake.

A large group of dogs, when they saw Su Ning’s, all ran over with their tails wagging, and they kept rubbing Su Ning’s feet.


At this moment, two rows of men in small suits walked in slowly with Xiao Li.

They walked while playing a happy birthday song.

At the same time, a waiter pushed a big cake made of M9 beef and followed them.

 Omi inserted two gold-bottomed candles on the M9 beef and lit the candles with a lighter.

These… are all for Rhubarb’s birthday.

If seen by outsiders, I don’t know what it would look like.

To know……

Such a large piece of M9 beef costs tens of thousands of yuan, and a candle with a pure gold bottom costs thousands of yuan.

To book a luxurious banquet hall, you need more than 50,000 yuan!

In other words, the total cost of spending on a dog’s birthday is close to 100,000 yuan!

Most people celebrate their birthdays, and I am afraid they won’t be able to spend so much money!

Really…people are not as good as dogs!

“Rhubarb doesn’t know how to blow candles, it’s quiet, let you help it.”  Omi said.

Su Ningjing also understood that these arrangements…  Omi specially used for Rhubarb’s birthday.

In Su Ning’s heart, rhubarb is his family.

And these behaviors of  Omi, obviously, also regarded rhubarb as relatives.

Su Ning’s heart couldn’t help being touched, and he nodded vigorously, “Hmm!”

Blow out the candles, rhubarb and a large group of stray dogs, divided the M9 beef cake into food, feasted, and was very satisfied.

Su Ningjing watched the dogs eating so happy, and also very happy.

She nestled in  Omi’s arms, extremely happy.

This birthday party lasted until 9 o’clock in the evening, and finally ended slowly.

Su Ning and  Omi looked at the rhubarb and the stray dogs. They were picked up by the professional breeder, and then they left the Emperor Hotel with  Omi.

When the two came to the courtyard of an old western-style house covering an area of ​​nearly two thousand square meters, not far from Wanjiahua Mansion, they couldn’t help but stop.

“Let’s go inside and take a look.”

As  Omi spoke, he pushed open the courtyard gate.

I saw…

A group of stray dogs rushed over happily, wagging their tails, rubbing back and forth around Su Ningjing.

Su Ningjing couldn’t help being a little dazed, and said, “Why are they… here?”

 Omi said, “That alley is a bit small and can’t have too many stray dogs. In the future, you can adopt stray dogs here.”

After Su Ning’s words, his heart trembled slightly.

She understood that  Omi bought this large western-style house directly in order to be able to raise more dogs.

At this moment, Su Ning’s whole heart seemed to melt completely.

” Omi.”

She called out softly, ignoring that the courtyard gate hadn’t been closed yet, nor did she bother, there were many dogs beside her… Gently padded her toes, and leaned toward  Omi’s head.

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


Warm and moist.


After several minutes, Su Ning’s heels landed slowly.

At this moment, a clear reminder sounded in  Omi’s mind.

【Ding! Complete hidden tasks, love animals, and acquire skills: animal communication. 】

what is this?

With a hint of doubt,  Omi focused on animal communication.

[Animal communication: can understand the language of animals, and have the ability to communicate with animals. 】

See here…

 Omi’s eyes moved slightly.

It seems to be a very interesting ability to communicate with animals!

At this time, a slightly dull voice rang in his ears.

“Today’s stuff is really delicious.”

 Omi looked in the direction of the voice, only to see a dog with spots on his body, lowering his head and humming.

Obviously, this sentence is what it says.

“Yeah, I have never eaten something so delicious.” The black dog next to him said.

“Before, I couldn’t eat enough every day, and I was often beaten… Ever since I met the hostess, I never got hungry. Today I ate such delicious food… From now on, I must protect myself. Mistress.” Bai Gouzi said.



“Protect the hostess well!”

Bai Gouzi’s words won the unanimous approval of all the dogs.

At this time, Hei Gouzi said, “You said, is the man next to the hostess the host? It was delicious today, as if he made it.”

Dalmatian said: “It should be the male owner…”

Bai Gouzi said, “Since he is the male owner, then I must protect him.”

“Yes, yes!” All the dogs said one after another.

So, in addition to rubbing against Su Ning’s feet, the dogs rubbed against  Omi’s feet.

 Omiyan couldn’t help but smile upon hearing this.

These dogs will also know the gratitude report, not bad!

Hei Gouzi rubbed  Omi’s feet and slowly raised the dog’s head.

Then, in a hesitant tone, he said, “I don’t know why, how do I feel… I feel like the host… seems to understand me.”

The Dalmatian next to him couldn’t help asking: “Understand what you are saying?”

“Is it impossible?” Bai Gouzi said.

Then, all the dogs raised their heads…

“I seem to… also feel this way.”

“Me too……”

At this time ~ ~ Hei Gouzi said: “You said… Isn’t the male owner also a dog?”

The dogs were lost in thought.

When  Omi heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

He suddenly felt that these dogs… are real dogs!


At this time, a cool breeze came across from the outside of the compound, and the huge temperature difference between day and night made Su Tingjing shiver.

 Omi was also aware of this and took Su Ningjing in his arms, and said softly: “It’s getting late, I’ll send you back to rest first.”

Su Ningjing nodded and gave a light ‘um’.

Then, waved to the stray dogs.

This was when  Omi walked outside.

PS: This is a two-in-one chapter.

Jiangbei University, female dormitory.

Zhao Ni and Liu Yunzhu came in while chatting.

After dinner, Xia Bing and Xia Xue were reading.

At this time, they are still reading.

Liu Yunzhu couldn’t help but sighed, “You guys are really working hard.”

When noticing the content of Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s reading, Zhao Ni said: “Finally started reading computer books again… I have always said that you are computer geniuses and you should concentrate on studying computers!”

Xia Bing and Xia Xue nodded noncommittal.

After Zhao Ni and Liu Yunzhu left, Xia Bing and Xia Xue slowly raised their heads, and set their sights on the next “Science” magazine-the principle and application of carbon-based lithography machine, first author  Omi !

The beautiful eyes of Xia Bing and Xia Xue were a little intoxicated at first.

After that, he became determined and read computer books more seriously.


the following few days.

 Omi maintains a life of eating, going to school, and sleeping, which is extremely relaxed and comfortable.

In a blink of an eye, it was the weekend.

A ray of sunlight passed through the curtains and gently scattered on the balcony.

 Omi, who was still asleep, heard a chattering sound.

“Fortunately, I got up early, but I caught another bug today.”

“I caught two.”

“Are you so lucky today?”

“Yeah! I also found a fruit!”


 Omi slowly opened his eyes and glanced at the curtains being moved by the wind and the little sparrow on the treetops.

Only then did I understand that these sounds were made by Little Sparrow, and a different smile appeared on his face.

In the first few days,  Omi still felt very strange listening to the animals’ conversation.

Now, it has gradually become accustomed to it.

He habitually picked up the phone, and a text message appeared on the screen early.

“At 0:00, China Merchants Bank remitted 7893600 yuan.”

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, for getting a building of Edinburgh International School. 】

If it is said that the school next to Wanjia Washington, it is the best public primary and secondary school in Jiangbei.

Then, Edinburgh International School is the most luxurious private school in Jiangbei.

Edinburgh International School is located in the center of Jiangbei City, covering an area of ​​1 million square meters. It was built by the famous designer Justin for 5 years and spent 2 billion yuan to build a towering, castle-like school.

Here…not only to teach children cultural knowledge such as language, mathematics, and English.

In addition, students should be taught piano, violin, football, basketball, golf, horse riding, archery, etiquette, sociology, island language, frontal language, speech… so that children can develop in an all-round way.

If it is said that Jiangbei ordinary primary and secondary schools can allow children to go to prestigious universities in China.

Then, Edinburgh International School can allow children to go to international prestigious universities.

The tuition fee of Edinburgh International School is 500,000 yuan per year.

Even so, there are still many parents scrambling to send their children in.

But even if these parents are willing to pay, their children don’t just want to enter.

Because both parents and children must pass strict written examinations and interviews before they can be eligible for admission.

 Omi touched his chin, curled his lips and said, “Edinburgh International School? School? What’s the use of this?”

After a pause, he said: “Forget it, it’s better than 10 million yuan.”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, his mobile phone rang a crisp ring.

Seeing that it was an unfamiliar number,  Omi directly pressed the answer button.


“This is the loan company, I’m Manager Han. Do you have any funding needs? The operation is very simple, you can make loans within three days…”

There was a dull voice on the phone.

Originally,  Omi thought that this was a call from the principal or some manager of the Edinburgh School, but he did not expect it to be a loan promotion call.

He asked casually, “Really? How much can I borrow?”

The voice on the phone became apparently high, saying: “After providing the ID card, you can borrow up to 500,000 yuan! Similarly, you can make a loan within three days.”

 Omi curled his lips and said, “500,000? That’s too little, right.”

Too little?

That’s right!

To know……

 Omi’s daily income from breathing, sleeping, and walking is more than 7 million.

500000? Can you earn it by breathing for an hour or two?

As a result, the loan company had to wait three days.

The voice on the phone is not only not frustrating.

On the contrary, I got even more excited.

Too little money, this proves that the other party is short of money!

“If you have a house and a car, you can provide relevant documents. Our loan company can borrow up to 5 million yuan!”

 Omi said: “I only provided so many things to loan 5 million?”

Among other things, the price of Panlong Villa where  Omi lives now is more than 5 million!

Manager Han hurriedly said: “5 million is just an estimate… We can also lend money based on the actual price of the real estate and vehicles.”

“Of course, you can rest assured that our loan amount will definitely be higher and faster than that of the bank! Because we are a professional loan company with strong strength!”

After a pause, Manager Han said again: “Where is your house? How big is it? I can now give you a loan amount.”

 Omi said: “Really? I have 132 houses in Wanjiahua Mansion, I seem to have more than 1,000 houses in Zhenhu Yuting Community, and 10 villas in Panlong Villa…”

“By the way, are office buildings also counted as real estate? Qiankun Building, Baijia Building, Global Finance Building, Zhenghua Building, Jiaye Building… and… these are all mine… you count them first.”


However, in response to  Omi, there was only a busy tone.


In a dim office building.

Manager Han tweeted and said, “You still have 10 Panlong Villas. Why don’t you say that the entire Panlong Villa is all yours? 132 sets of Wanjia Washington House, Qiankun Building, Global Financial Building… I’m bragging! Don’t write drafts!”

It’s no wonder that Han Biao felt this way.

The price of each Panlong villa is several hundred million yuan.

The price of each set of Wanjia Washington is several million yuan~ ~ As for the Qiankun Building, the Global Financial Building… they are all buildings of tens or tens of billions.

These… are all alone?

Isn’t that an international joke?


 Omi glanced at the hung up cell phone and muttered, “Am I being treated as a liar?”

“Why don’t you be believed when you tell the truth these days?”

 Omi recalled the salesman’s surname, and Manager Han…can’t help but think of Han Tian, ​​who also had the same surname Han.

 Omi said to himself: “I haven’t seen her for a while, and there is nothing wrong with it today, just go find her.”

When the words were over,  Omi rinsed quickly, and then strode outside.

Opened the Cullinan door, stepped on the accelerator, and galloped toward the distance.

Since it is the weekend, the road is very smooth.

Not long after,  Omi came to Lianjia Real Estate Store.

At this time, Han Tian was looking at something at the computer, very focused.

 Omi didn’t bother, but looked at her quietly.

Han Tian, ​​as usual, wears a small black suit at work.

Because she was too full (()Y()), she could barely buckle the third button.

Even when she was sitting, there was no trace of fat on her abdomen, which was extremely smooth.

The whole looks like a placed vase.

At this time, Han Tian slowly raised her head.

The next moment, her beautiful eyes lit up, and she said excitedly: ” Omi! When did you come?”

Han Tian’s voice is full of magnetism, as if tapping her body like a vase with a metal vessel, it sounds very nice.

 Omi said, “I’ve only been there for a while.”

Then, he slowly stepped forward, grabbed Han Tian’s slender waist, and said, “What are you up to?”

“I’m looking at the rental and sales of houses in the area.” Han Tian said.

“Will it bother you?”  Omi asked again.

“How come? Actually, I have already kept these data in my mind, but I just habitually check every day to see if there is any change.” Han Tian said.


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside.

A man in a suit, holding a bunch of keys and a document, walked in slowly.

When he saw  Omi put Han Tian in his arms, he was slightly taken aback.

However, he still opened his mouth and said, “Good manager Han, good Mr. Lin.”

His name is Wang Qi, and he is an ordinary employee of Lianjia Real Estate.

Although,  Omi has only been to Lianjia Real Estate Store twice.

However, both times stunned everyone in the store.

For the first time,  Omi brought the keys and real estate certificates of an entire house in Wanjiahua Mansion.

For the second time,  Omi brought the real estate certificate and keys of the entire Zhenhu Yuting community.

Both times, Wang Qiquan was on the scene and was very impressed with  Omi.

Recently, some colleagues said that Han Tian and  Omi were walking together.

However, many people say that this is just a rumor.

Now, it has been confirmed.


When Han Tian heard Wang Qi’s greeting, her pretty face turned red and nodded lightly.

After all, she has always acted like a strong woman in the store.

Now, she was nestling in  Omi’s arms as a little woman, and she was really not used to it.

 Omi was very relaxed and said, “Your name is Wang Qi, right?”

“Yes.” Wang Qi said hurriedly.

“How’s your business going?”  Omi asked.

Wang Qi said, “Thanks to Mr. Lin, business has been pretty good recently.”

This sentence, Wang Qi absolutely did not compliment.

Because  Omi directly leased a Wanjiahua Mansion and the entire Zhenhu Yuting Community to them.

To know……

Wanjia Huafu is the best school district housing in Jiangbei, so there is no need to worry about rent at all.

Zhenhu Yuting is a house in the city center, surrounded by many high-end office buildings, which are also easy to rent.

These… will bring Wang Qi a considerable income every month.

 Omi chatted for a few more words, and then walked outside with Han Tian.

They walked on a quiet path, looking at the green grass, very comfortable.

At this time,  Omi asked: “You seem to be a little troubled? Is there any trouble in your work?”

When  Omi walked into the Lianjia property, he could easily see that Han Tian seemed a little unhappy.

It wasn’t until she saw herself that Han Tian had a smile on her face.

Seeing  Omi caring about herself so much, Han Tian felt warm in her heart.

However, she thought of something, then sighed slightly, and said: “It’s not a work thing…”

“It’s my dad…”

“My dad is a teacher in a private elementary school.”

“A while ago, a boy bullied a girl. My dad stepped forward to stop it and reprimanded the boy.”

“Where did you know that this boy’s father was a member of the school board, and it didn’t take long before my father was fired from the school.”

“My dad likes the profession of a teacher very much, but he is now 50 years old, plus he offended the school manager, no school is willing to accept him…”

“During this period, my dad was interviewing everywhere every day, but he was ruthlessly rejected… I felt a little uncomfortable.”

“I want him to give up being a teacher and retire early, but he doesn’t want to.”

No wonder, Han Tian will be uncomfortable.

If his father is just a young man and he is rejected, it would be fine.

However, the problem is that at that old age… If you continue to be rejected, you will definitely endure immense pain in your heart.

 Omi patted Han Tian on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, let me handle this matter…”


Han Zhengzhong with white temples, wearing a white shirt and carrying a briefcase, walked out of an elementary school slowly.

When he stepped out of the school gate, his whole body trembled slightly.


The interview failed again!

Just as Han Tian said, Han Zhengzhong faced repeated failures, and his whole person was extremely painful.

“Could it be that I really can’t do it?”


With full of self-denial, he walked slowly on the street like a walking dead.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the mobile phone in his pocket rang a brisk ring.

After a while, Han Zhengzhong slowly answered the phone.

“Hello, is it Mr. Han Zhengzhong?”

There was a very respectful voice on the phone.

Han Zhengzhong said: “It’s me, are you?”

“Hello, Mr. Han! I am Cai Xiaojun, the manager of the Human Resources Department of Edinburgh International School. We have received your resume. Now, I sincerely invite you to come to Edinburgh International School for an interview. Do you have time?”

Han Zhengzhong was taken aback for a moment.

Edinburgh International School?

Isn’t this the most luxurious school in Jiangbei?

The tuition fee for each student is 500,000 yuan.

The teacher’s treatment is several times that of the outside!


Did you submit the interview for this school?

Although thinking this way, Han Zhengzhong still said: “I have time! I will go by now, can I?”

Now ~ ~ as long as a school invites him for an interview.

He will try it!

After all, there is no chance if you don’t have an interview, but there is an opportunity for an interview.

Even though, this opportunity may not even exist for one in ten thousand.

In addition, Han Zhengzhong wanted to go to Edinburgh International School for a long time.

However, Edinburgh International School has always been closed, and ordinary people cannot enter it at all.

Now, there is an opportunity.

Cai Xiaojun said: “Of course you can. Where are you? I am now letting someone drive over to pick you up…”

Han Zhengzhong said hurriedly: “No, no, I know the place, so I can just take a car.”

Cai Xiaojun hesitated for a moment before he said, “Okay, we are at Edinburgh International School and look forward to your visit.”

PS:  “.

Han Zhengzhong stood on the side of the road, called a taxi, and galloped forward.

Before long, a tall, majestic building, like a giant castle, appeared in front of you.

This…is the Edinburgh International School!

Before, Han Zhengzhong had seen this school from afar.

But, mostly a quick glance.

Now, Han Zhengzhong stopped to take a closer look, and his heart was inexplicably shocked.

Admired: “It is indeed the most luxurious school in Jiangbei!”


A tall security guard saw Han Zhengzhong standing at the door and couldn’t help but walked over and asked, “Hello, what can I do?”

There was a hint of alertness in his tone.

To know……

In the news, however, there are often some perversions that retaliate against society.

The students in Edinburgh International School are all rich or expensive, and the security guards absolutely do not allow this to happen.

As for whether Han Zhengzhong might be the one picking up the child from school, he was directly left behind by the security guard.

Because people who pick up children here, even babysitters will drive over in luxury cars.

And Han Zhengzhong just came by taxi.

After Han Zhengzhong heard what the security guard said, he reacted and said, “Ah…I…I’m here for an interview.”


The vigilant color on the security’s face grew stronger.

In fact, Han Zhengzhong is too old.

At Edinburgh International School, even the garbage sweepers are all young people in their 20s and 30s.

When asked by the security guard, Han Zhengzhong was also a little guilty.

In case, the previous call was a fraudulent call.

But, it’s all here, you can’t just leave without saying anything, right?

Thinking of this, Han Zhengzhong said: “It was Human Resources Manager Cai Xiaojun who just called me to come for an interview. By the way, my name is Han Zhengzhong.”


At this time, the security captain, who was not far away, walked over quickly.

“Mr. Han, hello, Manager Cai is waiting for you in No. 501 meeting room of No. 2 Teaching Building.”

When Han Zhengzhong heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief.

In this way, the call just now is not a liar.

I… indeed got an interview invitation from Edinburgh International School.

After a while, Han Zhengzhong said, “Okay.”

Looking at the Edinburgh International School outside, Han Zhengzhong already felt very tall and magnificent.

Walking inside, looking at the green grass, the brand-new rubber track, the exquisite statue… it gave him the illusion of being in Century Park.

After a while, Han Zhengzhong arrived at the No. 2 teaching building and got on the KONE luxury elevator. There was almost no sense of weightlessness. He only heard a ‘ding’ and he reached the 5th floor.

“Boom boom boom!”

Han Zhengzhong straightened his clothes and knocked on the door of 501 conference room lightly.

“Come in!”

At this moment, three people are sitting in the conference room.

“Hello, I am Han Zhengzhong.”

After the three of them heard, a pleasing look flashed across their faces.

The round-faced man said: “Mr. Han, hello, this is Cai Xiaojun who just called you.”

“Hello, Manager Cai.” Han Zhengzhong said hurriedly.

Cai Xiaojun nodded and said, “Mr. Han, can you introduce yourself?”


Therefore, Han Zhengzhong recounted his work history.

Cai Xiaojun smiled and said: “Okay! Judging from your resume, you have more than 20 years of teaching experience!”

“In addition, you have been a class teacher for several years. It can be said that you have a wealth of experience in teaching and management!”

“Our Edinburgh International School is missing a teacher like you!”

“On behalf of Edinburgh International School, you are welcome to join!”

“Huh?” Han Zhengzhong was slightly taken aback.

What does Cai Xiaojun mean?

This is… to admit yourself?

But, I just introduced myself briefly?

That’s…very good?

After a while, Han Zhengzhong said: “Actually, my last job was because I criticized a boy who bullied a girl, and that boy’s father happened to be a member of the school board. Therefore, I was fired.”

Cai Xiaojun smiled and said: “You are not afraid of power and treat all the people equally. This is a very good quality.”

Han Zhengzhong said again: “I may retire after a few years of work.”

“I just said it. This shows that you have a wealth of teaching and management experience. Even if you retire after only a few years, it is very rare!” Cai Xiaojun said.

Seeing that Han Zhengzhong was about to say something, Cai Xiaojun spoke again: “In addition, I noticed that when you walked into our meeting room, you still took the lead with your right leg.”

“The right leg is the leg of hope, which shows that you will bring unlimited hope to our Edinburgh International School!”

Han Zhengzhong couldn’t help lowering his head.

Is it an advantage to take the right leg first?

Cai Xiaojun ignored that much, and continued: “I think you are very suitable for the post of dean of our Edinburgh International School, with a monthly salary of 100,000, six insurances and one housing fund, plus a high end-of-year bonus as well as parking, gas, and meal expenses. What do you think of the benefits waiting for full reimbursement?”

When Han Zhengzhong heard this, he was stunned.

A monthly salary of 100,000, six insurances and one housing fund, and a high end-of-year bonus, reimbursement for all expenses?

Others say that teachers at Edinburgh International School are paid several times higher than teachers at other schools.

How many times is this?

It’s more than 10 times!

You know ~ ~ Han Zhengzhong used to have a salary of seven or eight thousand, and there were no benefits at all.

Seeing Han Zhengzhong’s delay in answering, Cai Xiaojun couldn’t help but say: “Of course, if you are not satisfied, we can continue to discuss…”

“We at Edinburgh International School are really looking forward to your visit.”

Only then did Han Zhengzhong react and said, “No, no, I’m very satisfied.”

Cai Xiaojun breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s great, Edinburgh International School, you are welcome to join.”

While speaking, he took the initiative to stretch out his right hand.

Han Zhengzhong extended his slightly trembling right hand and shook it lightly.


 Omi and Han Tian are walking in the secluded park.


At this moment, the mobile phone in  Omi’s pocket sounded a crisp tone.

 Omi raised his phone and said, “Your father’s job has been implemented. All interviews, contracts, and employment are in accordance with the process…”

Han Tianyan heard that tears flickered in her beautiful eyes.

When  Omi did this, he gave his father a chance to work.

Secondly, I also took care of my dad’s face.

This is too much for my own sake.

Han Tian said softly: ” Omi, you are so kind to me.”

Then, she couldn’t help but snuggled into  Omi’s arms, as if she was about to turn into water, completely melted into  Omi’s body.

 Omi smiled and said, “Are you my girlfriend.”

Han Tian is as sweet as she ate honey.

The time at school seems to pass by like running water every day.

In a blink of an eye, a few days passed.

On this day,  Omi got up, just finished eating crab burgers, M5 steak, and drank a glass of orange juice…

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the mobile phone on the table rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder, it turned out that it was Ling Rou’s call.

 Omi didn’t hesitate at all, and directly pressed the answer button.

“Good morning.”

As soon as the phone was connected, Ling Rou’s very pleasant voice came.

Hearing this voice,  Omi couldn’t help but think of the scene where she was standing on the stage, singing like a fairy.

Thinking of this,  Omi couldn’t help showing a smile on his face.

“You too, good morning!”  Omi smiled.

Then, the two of them were on the phone, chatting occasionally, sometimes talking about love, very relaxed.

After a while…

Ling Rou asked: ” Omi, do you have time these days? I was nominated for the Hong Kong Island Golden Melody Award and the Golden Melody Best Newcomer Award. I may go to Hong Kong Island in the afternoon.”

“Unexpectedly, our family Lingrou is about to win the prize so soon. Don’t say I have time, even if I don’t have time, I have to squeeze out to witness your winning moment.”  Omi said.

Ling Rou said, her pretty face was full of smiles.

However, she still opened her mouth and said: “Just a nomination may not necessarily win an award.”

“You sing so well, the judges will definitely award you.”  Omi said.

Originally, Ling Rou didn’t have much confidence.

However, after hearing  Omi say this, for some reason, she immediately became full of confidence and nodded vigorously: “Hmm!”



 Omi drove Cullinan straight to the airport.

At this moment, a woman wearing a big round edge, a mask and sunglasses is standing in the distance.

Even though, she was very tightly wrapped.

However, just from her snow-white skin and perfect figure (OYO), it is not difficult to see that she is definitely an extremely beautiful beauty.

She… is Ling Rou!

After all, Ling Rou can be said to be a popular singer.

If someone recognizes it, it will be very troublesome.

Especially in Jiangbei, the probability of being recognized is the greatest.

Because Ling Rou started to flourish from Jiangbei.

The fans here are the most.

However,  Omi recognized her at a glance, stepped forward and gently embraced her slender waist.

Ling Rou directly hugged  Omi and said with joy: ” Omi, you are here!”

Generally speaking, agents do not want female artists to have too much intimate contact with men.

Especially, it is still a public place.

If it is photographed, it will greatly affect the popularity.

But Li Fei, the agent standing next to him, didn’t seem to see the two embracing each other.

Because the person embracing Ling Rou is  Omi!

The real boss of Xinmei Entertainment!

 Omi said distressedly: “It’s too uncomfortable for you to wear these, let’s go on the plane first.”

You still have to wear it when you go to the plane?

After all, getting too many people to notice on an airplane can easily cause unnecessary trouble.

Although Ling Rou thought so.

However, she nodded vigorously and said: “Hmm!”

Originally, Ling and Li Fei had already booked the ticket.

 Omi told them to retreat.

He said it was arranged by him in the afternoon.

Although Ling and Li Fei were a little puzzled.

To know……

They are first class.

Isn’t  Omi’s arrangement also first class?

However, their decision to  Omi, especially Ling Rou’s decision to  Omi, can be said to be unconditional obedience.

So, I did it directly.

Then,  Omi and Ling Rou held hands together and walked towards the Xia Guo Airlines service counter.

Several beautiful flight attendants with exquisite appearances greeted them one after another after seeing them from a distance.

Among them, the beautiful stewardess walking in the front, in the sweetest tone, said: “Mr. Lin, hello.”

See here…

Ling Rou didn’t respond.

Because, at this time, her thoughts were all on  Omi.

Li Fei, who was next to her, showed an unexpected look on her face.

She has taken a plane many times, and never once has a group of flight attendants waited in advance.

 Omi ignored the thoughts in Li Fei’s mind. He nodded and said, “Take us on the plane.”

“Okay, please here.” The beautiful stewardess said.

Before long,  Omi, Ling and Li Fei came to the ferry station and got on the Mercedes-Benz minibus that had stopped here early.

Immediately afterwards, two rows of beautiful flight attendants and a luxury airliner appeared in front of them.

When  Omi and the others got out of the Mercedes-Benz minibus, the two rows of beautiful stewardesses stooped and said respectfully: “Welcome Mr. Lin to take this plane. We will serve you wholeheartedly.”

Not long ago, when he went to Eagle Country,  Omi had already seen such a formation.

So, at this time, he didn’t care too much.

In Ling Rou’s heart, as long as it happened to  Omi, no matter what happened, there was no need to be surprised.

Therefore, she did not respond.

Li Fei next to her was a little stunned.

When did the flight attendants provide this kind of welcome ceremony?

 Omi took Ling Rou’s jade hand and said, “Let’s go up.”

Ling Rou felt the warmth in her hands, her heart happier, nodded and said, “Hmm!”

Li Fei followed closely behind her.

After waiting for a few people to sit down ~ ~ only to see the whole plane empty, there was not a single passenger.

 Omi said, “Ling Rou, you can take off your hat, sunglasses, and mask.”

Ling Rou replied and took them all off.

At this moment, a flight attendant came over and asked softly: “Mr. Lin, can I take off now?”

 Omi said: “Yes.”

“Okay.” The stewardess answered and walked slowly towards the cab.


After a while, the whole plane made a loud noise, accelerating and accelerating on the ground…

Finally, he rushed into the air.

Soon, it rushed to the dense clouds, like a flat boat in the sky, constantly driving forward.

Then, a group of flight attendants pushed a small cart with sea cucumbers, bird’s nest, top beef, Australian porpoise, caviar, X0, Romani Conti, etc., all kinds of luxurious food and drinks, and slowly walked over.

 Omi first tasted the sea urchin eggs, nodded and said, “This is not bad, Ling Rou, you can try it too.”

Ling Rou took a bite, it melted in the mouth, it was really delicious, and her pretty face was full of enjoyment.

Li Fei next to her, looking at the luxurious food, wine, and empty airplane in front of her.

Also, the flight attendants who always provide the best service to the three of them can’t help but sigh: “It turns out that this is the enjoyment of charter flights.”

 Omi smiled and said, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to enjoy this charter flight. We are a special plane, because I am the largest shareholder of Xia Guo Airlines.”

Li Fei was directly on the spot in a daze.

PS:  “.

To know……

Xia Guo Airlines is the largest private airline, with nearly a thousand space shuttles of its own, and its total market value is close to 100 billion!

The largest shareholder, probably owns tens of billions of them, right?

In addition,  Omi is also the owner of Xinmei Entertainment.

And Xinmei Entertainment has a market value of 20 billion!

 Omi…how much money does he have? !

Where does Li Fei know.

These… are just a small asset for  Omi.

Compared with Li Fei’s surprise and dazedness.

Ling Rou seemed much calmer.

Because, she will never forget the scene where  Omi made Ari, penguin, and letters jump in order to hold a concert for herself, all overwhelmingly advertising herself.

And the stage effect that cost hundreds of millions of yuan to build.

Even if  Omi now says that she is the richest man in the country, she will accept it directly.

Because, in Ling Rou’s heart,  Omi was already as bright as the sun, and it was normal to add any halo to his body.

Before long, the special plane landed slowly.

Hong Kong Island is different from Jiangbei. The entertainment industry here is very developed. It can be said that you can meet celebrities everywhere.

This makes Hong Kong Islanders a little surprised when they see the stars, and they are not so crazy.

After all, if I see more, I get used to it.

In addition, Ling Rou has no reputation on Hong Kong Island.

Therefore, when she stepped off the plane, she did not wrap her whole person tightly as she did in Jiangbei.

 Omi, Ling and Li Fei walked out of the airport, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom was waiting early.

As the Rolls-Royce Phantom progressed steadily, about twenty minutes later, the largest and magnificent Peninsula Hotel on Hong Kong Island appeared in front of you.

Under the guidance of the waiter, Li Fei lived in the No. 2 Presidential Suite.

She looked at the spacious, luxurious room, feeling a little at a loss.

She was very happy to be able to stay in the Peninsula Hotel, but she never thought that she was staying in the presidential suite.

You know, the daily room rate for such a suite is 100,000 yuan!

 Omi didn’t pay attention to Li Fei’s thoughts. He and Ling Rou had already arrived at the No. 1 Presidential Suite.

He naturally wanted to live in the best place with Ling Rou.

And Li Fei is Ling Rou’s agent, and the two of them might have some work to discuss and deal with these days.

Living next door is obviously more convenient than living downstairs.

As for the room charge of 100,000 per night? This is already very affordable.

The decoration of the Presidential Suite No. 1 of the Peninsula Hotel can be said to be the most luxurious suite in the entire Peninsula Hotel.

The sofas, tables and chairs of Italian CS, plus the panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass, you can see the scenery of Hong Kong Island at a glance, giving people a relaxed, warm, and home-like feeling.


Ling Rou thought of this word and couldn’t help but slowly approach  Omi, approaching…

o( ̄ε ̄*)

(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)


Xiaobiesheng was newly married, making the two of them become like magnets, tightly bonded together.


In a blink of an eye, three hours passed.

At this time, the sky was already dark.

 Omi and Ling Rou took a bath, changed their clothes, and ate something at the Peninsula Hotel.

Then, I wandered around on Hong Kong Island.

I have to say that Hong Kong Island deserves to be called a shopping paradise.

Jiangbei is the capital city of Jiangbei, and there are also many large shopping malls.

However, compared with Hong Kong Island, it is still a little insignificant.

On Hong Kong Island, there are large shopping malls on almost every street, and you can see LV and other luxury goods everywhere.

Shopping and shopping seem to be a woman’s nature.

Even Ling Rou is no exception.

She walked into each store, tried on, matched, and inquired constantly, her pretty face was full of smiles.

As long as Ling Rou liked things,  Omi didn’t hesitate to buy them all!

Even so, after an hour of shopping, it only cost 2 million yuan.


Some people say that China has three luxury houses.


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