The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 391-395

One is the ocean-going lavie in the capital, the second is the hilltop villa on Hong Kong Island, and the third is the Dan Palace in the magic capital.

At this time, in the hilltop villa on Hong Kong Island.

Many people gathered together, and their faces were full of sorrow.

They… are mostly from the Tang family.

Some people say that Li Chaoren is the richest person on Hong Kong Island.

In fact, this statement is not accurate. At best, Li Chaoren can only be regarded as the richest person on Hong Kong Island.

Secretly, there is another rich man, that is Tang Mingyuan.

Tang Mingyuan is very low-key.

However, he has no less power and funds than Li Chaoren.

Today, this old man with endless wealth has suddenly fallen ill! The situation is very crisis.

“I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I hope the old man is okay.”



In the hall, the sounds of discussions and sighs were endless.


At this time, there was a rush of footsteps outside.

Two men strode in.

After seeing them, everyone present respectfully cried out, “Hello, Master Zhou.”

“I have seen Mr. Zhou.”

This old man was Zhou Guotao, the elder of the Zhou family in the capital.

The middle-aged man next to him is Zhou Shihong, the second son of the Zhou family.

Elder Zhou didn’t pay attention to the greetings from everyone, and asked straightforwardly: “How is Lao Tang’s health?”

A man named Tang Hua, wearing a white shirt, sighed and said: “After 2 o’clock in the morning, he became seriously ill and he never woke up again. The doctor is still trying to rescue him.”

Elder Zhou stared at the ward in front of him like this, and didn’t say much.

However, his whole person is very worried.

Otherwise, in his capacity, he would not travel all the way to Hong Kong Island deliberately.

After about half an hour, the wards opened slowly.

The three doctors walked out tiredly.

The people waiting in the hall hurriedly gathered around.

Tang Hua asked anxiously: “How is the old man?”

The three doctors looked at each other, but all were afraid to speak.

Tang Hua said again: “Say it!”

The doctor standing in the middle finally said: “My father’s situation…is terrible. You must be mentally prepared at any time.”

As soon as this statement was made, there was a wailing sound at the scene.


“Do not!”

Father Zhou Guotao’s old eyes are also slightly red.

Someone shouted: “There must be other ways, there must be more!”


“I have hired a famous American doctor~ ~ when he comes to Hong Kong Island, he will definitely be able to save the father.”


As a result, Tang Mingyuan was very kind to the Tang family, and they were reluctant to bear it.

Secondly, to the Tang family, Tang Mingyuan was just a needle of Dinghai. If he were to be lost, the entire Tang family might face a terrible crisis.

Zhou Guotao didn’t have so many ideas.

He was really reluctant to leave this old friend.

See a doctor?

Zhou Guotao’s eyes moved slightly.

After a while…

Zhou Guotao finally took out his mobile phone and found  Omi’s name.

He first opened his mouth and shouted: “Be quiet, I’ll contact the genius doctor to see if he has time to come over!”

Because the person who said this was Zhou Guotao, the elder of the Zhou family.

Since he said to find a genius doctor.

Then it must be a very amazing doctor!

Perhaps, the other party might really save the old man!

Thinking of this, everyone looked forward to Zhou Guotao with extremely expectant eyes.

And Zhou Guotao finally made a call.

After a while, the phone was connected, and  Omi’s clear voice came from inside.

“Master Zhou, why did you think about calling me today?”

Zhou Guotao didn’t have any unnecessary nonsense, and said: ” Omi, don’t you know if you have time to come to Hong Kong Island to rescue someone?”

 Omi said weirdly: “Go to Hong Kong Island?”

Zhou Guotao said: “I know, this request is a bit embarrassing.”

“But, I can’t help it.”

“He is a very good old friend of mine. In addition, the reason why Hong Kong Island was able to return smoothly in the first place was also due to him.”

“I really don’t want him to leave like this.”

 Omi said, “Master, you have misunderstood. I’ll come over now, where are you guys?”

 Omi is a person who must repay his kindness, and Zhou Guotao has helped him several times.

Now that Zhou Guotao has something to ask for,  Omi will naturally not refuse.

What’s more, the person to be saved also has credit to China!

Zhou Guotao could not help showing a touch of joy when he heard this.

 Omi is willing to come over!

Old Tang is saved!

To know……

Zhou Guotao himself was rescued by  Omi.

Even, not only was he saved, but  Omi’s other problems were also cured.

Over the past few months, he even felt that his whole person was several years younger.

Otherwise, even if the relationship between Zhou Guotao and Tang Mingyuan is good, it is impossible for him to travel all the way because he is seriously ill.

Zhou Guotao can say… he has personally experienced  Omi’s magical medical skills.

In addition, Zhou Guotao was one of the few people in China who knew of  Omi’s other identities.

The leader of the 10th team of the Dragon Group, solved several mathematical problems, saved the life of Qin Weiming’s grandson, and invented an earthquake predictor.

All of this shows that  Omi is very good.

It is precisely because of this that Zhou Guotao would speak so politely to  Omi.

Zhou Guotao hurriedly said, “I’ll let someone order a ticket for you, and then I will pick you up at the airport.”

 Omi said, “No, I’m on Hong Kong Island. If you tell me the location, I can just come over directly.”

Zhou Guotao was stunned for a moment.

Soon, he was overjoyed and said: “Great! We are in a villa on the top of the mountain!”

In fact, when  Omi agreed to come, Zhou Guotao still had some worries in his heart.

Of course, he didn’t doubt  Omi’s medical skills.

But he was worried that Tang Mingyuan was already dead when  Omi arrived.

After all, Jiangbei is still a certain distance from Hong Kong Island.

However, Zhou Guotao did not expect  Omi to be on Hong Kong Island.

This is definitely good news, great news!

After hanging up the phone,  Omi said to Ling Juu: “A friend is seriously ill, I need to go and see…”

Ling Rou hurriedly said, “Then you go quickly.”

Then, she hesitated again: “Can I go there together?”

Because Ling Rou knows that  Omiqi is a woman.

What if this friend knew another woman?

Therefore, Ling Rou seemed a little cautious.

 Omi smiled and said, “Of course!”

Then, he called the driver of the Peninsula Hotel.

After a while, the Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of him smoothly.

 Omi put all the big and small bags he had bought in the trunk.

Then, said to the driver: “1 Hilltop Villa.”

The driver was stunned.

Many ordinary people just take the hilltop villa as a landscape, stand in the distance and take a few glances, and exude a moment of admiration.

However, the driver knew that the people living in the villa on the top of the mountain were all great people.

Especially Villa No. 1 is the residence of the Tang family, one of the two superpowers on Hong Kong Island.

Now, where is this guest going?

The driver repeated: “1 Hilltop Villa?”

“Yes.”  Omi said.

After the driver got  Omi’s affirmation, he couldn’t help being more respectful to him.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom started slowly, like a boat in the water, very smoothly.

About half an hour later, a very elegant villa on the top of the mountain appeared in front.

At this moment, two physically strong security guards strode over and asked vigilantly: “Excuse me, who are you? Is there anything going on here?”

If it is a security guard in another place, seeing the other person walking out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, he will definitely be very polite, even, it can be said that he is trying his best to please.

However, in Hilltop Villa No. 1, Rolls-Royce Phantom is nothing at all.

Security guards will only be wary of each other before confirming their identity.

Just as  Omi was about to answer, a large group of people came not far away.

The leader is Zhou Guotao, the old man of the Zhou family.

” Omi, I didn’t expect you to come here so soon. Old Tang can be saved now!” Zhou Guotao said happily.

Everyone in the Tang family who stood behind heard the words, and was slightly stunned.

Because they could easily understand from Zhou Guotao’s words that this young man was the genius doctor in Zhou Guotao’s mouth.

Such a young genius doctor?

This is also Zhou Guotao’s recommendation. If another person recommends it, everyone in the Tang family will definitely yell at the other person to mess around.

Zhou Guotao ignored that much, and said directly: ” Omi, time is urgent, so I’m not polite, let’s go in quickly.”

 Omi said: “Okay.”

Soon, everyone came to the hall.

 Omi said to Ling Juu: “I will go first to see the patient. You and Mr. Zhou will wait outside for a while.”

Ling Rou nodded and said: “Okay.”

A tall and thin middle-aged man named Tang Kai was about to walk into the ward when he saw  Omi, he couldn’t help but said, “Mr. Lin, we also have some doctors here. Do you need them to follow up and help?”

While speaking, he pointed to the three doctors next to him.

Although ~ ~  Omi is the genius doctor called by Zhou Guotao, the elder of the Zhou family.

He also knew that Zhou Guotao would never harm his father.

However,  Omi is too young.

He was worried that  Omi would go in and treat the old man, but he would make the old man even more dangerous.

If a doctor followed up, obviously, the risk would be much reduced.

Why doesn’t  Omi understand his thoughts?

Calmly said: “No, I treat the disease, and don’t like others to be around. I’m alone, that’s enough.”

Tang Kai seemed to want to say something more, but was stopped by Tang Hua, the contemporary Patriarch of the Tang family.

Then, Tang Hua bent down slightly and said in an imploring tone: “Mr. Lin, my father is pleased to you.”

His tone was very sincere,  Omi nodded slightly and said, “Don’t worry.”

After speaking, under the gaze of everyone in the hall, he strolled towards the ward.


With a soft noise, the door of the ward was firmly shut.


The people in the hall were still staring at the door closely, as if in this way they could see the situation in the ward clearly through the door.


This ward is about 100 square meters and is extremely spacious.

There was a smell of potion in the air.

On the soft big bed lay an old man with a thin, sallow face.

Obviously, he is Tang Mingyuan.

Tang Mingyuan was wearing an oxygen mask on his nose, and the electrocardiogram beside him was slowly fluctuating.

All of it showed that Tang Mingyuan’s situation was very bad.

 Omi observed in silence for a while, then put his finger on Tang Mingyuan’s skinny wrist.

About a minute later,  Omi retracted his finger.

Muttered: “With normal treatment, it will take at least two months to get better.”

You know,  Omi has the experience of Medicine King Sun Simiao.

Even so, it will take two months to get better. It is not an exaggeration to say that Tang Mingyuan is dying.

 Omi said again: “That’s too much trouble, so let’s use medical water.”

After that,  Omi directly spent 10 million yuan to purchase a bottle of medical water from the system.

Then, he took off Tang Mingyuan’s oxygen mask and poured medical water into his mouth.

After medical treatment…

It turned out that the ECG, which was still very faintly fluctuating, began to increase and increase in amplitude.

Then, there was a touch of blood on Tang Mingyuan’s sallow face.

Immediately afterwards, the motionless body twitched slightly.

Finally, Tang Mingyuan slowly opened his slightly cloudy eyes.

He looked at the ceiling first.

Then, his gaze fell on  Omi.

“Are you?” Tang Mingyuan asked in a hoarse voice.

“My name is  Omi, and the old man of the Zhou family asked me to save you.”  Omi said.

“Lao Zhou is really interested, thank you for saving me.” Tang Mingyuan said in a radiant manner.

“You’re welcome, the people outside should be waiting anxiously, I’ll let them in first.”  Omi said.

When the words fell, he turned around and opened the door of the room.


Seeing that the door was opened, everyone couldn’t help looking into the ward.

Zhou Guotao asked: “How is Lao Tang?”

 Omi said: “It’s okay, I’m already awake, you can go in and see him.”

never mind?

Already awake?

In fact, it took only a few minutes since  Omi entered the ward until now…

Can a seriously ill person be cured in just a few minutes?

How can this be? !

The faces of many people present were full of suspicion.

Then, walked slowly inside.

When they saw Tang Mingyuan who was lying on the bed, his complexion improved, and he was sober, they all became extremely excited.

Woke up!

Really woke up!

“Father, it’s great for you to wake up!”

“Very good!”



Tang Hua hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Dad, do you feel uncomfortable in any way?”

Tang Mingyuan shook his head and said, “I feel pretty good.”

Clear thoughts, steady and powerful voice!

Tang Kai said to the doctor next to him: “Hurry up and check my father’s physical condition.”

The three doctors responded, and stepped forward to listen to the sound, take the pulse, look at the pupils, check the tongue coating…

Soon, their eyes widened, and their faces were full of incredible color.

Tang Kai asked anxiously, “How is the old man? Talk to you!”

Only then did the bald doctor react and squatted: “The condition… is in good condition! But, most… it’s best to do a more detailed examination…”

With the doctor’s affirmation, everyone in the Tang family became more happy.

At the same time, everyone looked at  Omi’s gaze, becoming more surprised.

Tang Mingyuan said, “Lao Zhou, you rushed over from the capital specially for my old bones. It really makes me feel bad.”

Zhou Guotao said, “What are you doing so politely among us?”

“That’s right…” Tang Mingyuan nodded.

The crowd did not stay in the ward for a long time.

As a result, the doctor also needed to conduct further examinations on Tang Mingyuan.

Secondly, Tang Mingyuan just woke up and needed a rest.

That night……

 Omi, Ling Rou, Zhou Guotao and others, at the invitation of the Tang family, lived in the villa on the top of the mountain.

It’s not like the Peninsula Hotel in the middle of the city, which is extremely noisy.

The hilltop villa is located on the top of a secluded hill, and you can see the dazzling stars when you look up.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next day.

When  Omi and Ling Rou went downstairs, the two old men, Tang Mingyuan and Zhou Guotao, were sitting in the yard, chatting funny things, and laughed from time to time.

After seeing  Omi, Tang Mingyuan asked with concern: “Is you still used to sleeping?”

 Omi said, “The air is fresh, the scenery is good, and it’s very comfortable. The old man is very good at choosing a place.”

“Really? Since you like it, there is another one on the opposite mountain, so I will give it to you.” Tang Mingyuan said.

Get it… directly give a hilltop villa!

You know, the price of a hilltop villa is several billion yuan!

Even, there is still a price but no market!

This is not something you can buy if you have money.

 Omi waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I rarely come to Hong Kong Island.”

“I rarely come, I will come! It’s better than putting it in my hands and staying empty.” Tang Mingyuan said.

Zhou Guotao next to him smiled and said, ” Omi, just accept it. It’s just a villa. It doesn’t matter to Old Tang or to you.”

When  Omi heard this, he didn’t refuse it anymore.

Because it was really comfortable to fall asleep yesterday.

In addition, Ling Rou seems to like it very much.

“Okay, then it’s better for me to respect my fate.”  Omi said.

Suddenly, the atmosphere on the scene became more relaxed.


Tang Hua walked over slowly with a graceful figure who looked very dignified and beautiful.

Tang Mingyuan said: “Tang Hua, you came just right, and I will be anxious to transfer Villa 6 to  Omi later.”

“Okay.” Tang Hua said.

Although, Villa No. 6 is very valuable.

However, compared with Tang Mingyuan’s fate, it is completely insignificant.

You know, Tang Mingyuan’s inspection report has come out.

His body fully recovered.

Even ~ ~ the body value is better than before the illness!

These… are all  Omi’s reasons!

Therefore, Tang Hua did not hesitate.

“Are you Sister Ni Min?” Ling Rou, who had not spoken while standing next to her, suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

The dignified and beautiful woman smiled and said, “It’s me.”

Ling Rou heard this and said excitedly: “It turned out to be Sister Ni Min, I am your fan! I like your “Spring” and “Four Seasons” albums the most!”

This sentence is definitely from Ling Rou’s heart.

Even, a large part of the reason why she wanted to become a singer in the bar was because she was influenced by Ni Min.

She is eager to sing wantonly in a grand concert like Ni Min, and win the applause of countless people.

Later, Ni Min suddenly withdrew from the entertainment circle, and there were rumors that she joined the rich.

It now appears that he was married into the Tang family.

Ling Rou instantly turned into Xiao Mimei, and her words became excited.

Then, she was a little embarrassed and said, “Sister Ni Min, can you sign me?”

Ni Min smiled and said, “Of course it can.”

Ling Rou said that she wanted to find a pen and paper, but found that she didn’t bring it at all.

Zhou Guotao, who was sitting next to him, said, “I have paper and pen here.”

While speaking, he handed out a Parker pen and small notebook.

Ling Juu said, “Thank you, old man.”


Ni Min picked up the pen and signed quickly, handwriting is free and easy!

Ling Rou held the signature book tightly in her hand like a baby.

 Omi smiled and said, “Have you fulfilled your wish now?”

Ling Rou nodded vigorously and said, “Hmm!”

With this episode of fan chasing stars.

The atmosphere on site is more relaxed.

“Did you deliberately bring Ling Rou to Hong Kong Island this time?” Zhou Guotao asked.

 Omi said: “Ling and Sister Ni Min are just as singers. This time she was nominated for the Golden Melody Award and the Golden Melody Best Newcomer Award. I came here with her.”

Zhou Guotao showed a daze.

Ni Min next to him, his eyes lit up slightly, and said, “I was still thinking that the name Ling Rou is a bit familiar. It turns out that you are the singer of “Galaxy”.”

“The song “Star River” is light-paced and very nice. I have been listening to this song a while ago.”

When Ling Rou heard this, she became even more happy.

After all, being able to make your idol like your work is definitely something to be very proud of.

“Thank you Ni Min for the compliment. This song was composed by  Omi, and he sings much better than me.” Ling Judo said.

“Really?” Ni Min immediately became interested.

She likes music very much.

If  Omi was not the one who saved Tang Mingyuan, and Tang Mingyuan was beside him.

She even… wanted to ask  Omi to sing it to her.

 Omi smiled and said, “Ling Rou, you are too humble, you already sing very well.”

Ni Min said: “It is indeed very good, at least, in my opinion, in the past two years, there has been no better singing than you.”

When Ling Rou heard this, her pretty face immediately burst into laughter: “Really?”

“Yes.” Ni Min said.

Tang Hua next to him smiled and said: “Ni Min rarely praises people like this. It seems that this year’s Golden Melody Award and Newcomer Award are all yours.”

“By the way, Ling Rou, you may not know yet, Ni Min is the guest of honor this year.”

Ni Min glanced at Tang Hua calmly.

In fact, the Golden Melody Awards did invite Ni Min to be the guest of honor this year.

In other words, not just this year, but almost every year.

However, every year Ni Min directly refused.

This year is no exception.

However, since Tang Hua said so, then Ling Rou’s award and Ni Min’s award-giving guests are naturally not a problem.

Ni Min nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Great!” Ling Rou said happily.

After eating lunch, Ling and  Omi left the mountain villa.

Because, the evening is the Golden Melody Awards ceremony.

She needs to get makeup early and make some preparations.

When they arrived at the Peninsula Hotel, Li Fei, the agent, was already in a hurry.

After seeing Ling Rou, she hurriedly asked the makeup artist to do her styling.

This is a few hours.

However, I have to say that the effect is also very good.

Ling Rou’s black hair was curled up high, and she wore a dazzling diamond necklace under her snow-white neck. She was wearing a white glass dress and a pair of exquisite crystal shoes.

The whole thing gives people a feeling of a fairy falling from the sky, it is so dazzling!

“You are so beautiful.”  Omi couldn’t help but said.

Ling Rou’s words were as sweet as if she had eaten honey.

This year’s Golden Melody Awards ceremony was chosen to be held in Time Hotel.

At this time, a fiery red carpet was spread in front of the entrance of Times Hotel.

A woman with a hot body and a gray dress slowly stepped onto the carpet.

The reporters who were stopped in the distance yelled one after another.

“It’s Dai Jiexi!”

“What a nice view!”

Then, the reporters picked up the camera and pressed the shutter continuously, flashing continuously.

Dai Jiexi really enjoyed this feeling of being watched and being photographed, and deliberately slowed down her steps.


At this time, a Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of the Times Hotel.

Then Ling Rou walked down slowly.

In an instant, the reporters uttered bursts of uncontrollable screams.

“Oh my God! This is too beautiful, isn’t it?”

“This is definitely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

“Woman? No! This is a fairy!”

“Take a picture!”

Suddenly, the shots that originally focused on Dai Jiexi fell on Ling Rou.

“Crack, click!”

The flash will illuminate Ling Rou’s entire pretty face, as bright as a beautiful jade.

Ling Rou felt that it was too harsh, so she couldn’t help speeding up on the red carpet, and soon passed by Dai Jiexi.

Dai Jiexi’s face was slightly cold, but to outsiders, she kept smiling all the time.

And when she signed her name on the signature board and strolled to the backstage, the smile on her face disappeared instantly.

Instead, there is endless coolness.

Dai Jiexi directly fixed her gaze on Ling Rou, then walked quickly towards her and slammed into her.


Ling Rou accidentally fell to the ground.

Dai Jiexi said in an afterthought, “Sorry, I accidentally bumped into you. I’ll help you up.”

While talking, she stretched out her hand to pull Ling Rou.

However, only halfway through, Dai Jiexi deliberately let go of her hand.


Ling Rou fell to the ground again.

Dai Jiexi slowly bent over and said coldly in Ling Rou’s ear: “Next time, remember not to surpass the predecessors casually.”

Then, Dai Jiexi straightened up and said, “Oh, I am so weak that I can’t pull you up…”

While she was speaking, she shook her arm and looked a little weak.

I have to say that Dai Jiexi really has some acting skills.

This scene, even if it is seen, I am afraid it is difficult to say anything.

After falling twice in a row ~ ~ Ling Rou’s body was very painful, her aggrieved eyes were a little red, and crystal tears fell.

It took her a lot of effort to slowly get up from the ground.


At this time,  Omi and Li Fei came over from a distance.

They are not nominated persons and are not allowed to walk on the red carpet.

However, as Ling Rou’s agent and boss, it is natural to come backstage.

 Omi soon noticed that Ling Rou’s eyes were a little red, and asked, “Ling Rou, what’s the matter with you?”

The grievance in Ling Rou’s heart broke out again, and her whole person directly fell into  Omi’s embrace, tears constantly rolling down like raindrops.

 Omi’s heart ached, so he lightly patted Ling Rou’s shoulder and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here…”

After he was comforted,  Omi said again: “Ling Rou, what happened on earth? Did someone bully you?”

Ling Rou hugged  Omi, feeling his warm and broad chest, very at ease.

So, I told the general story again.

 Omi’s entire face sank immediately, and a pair of eyes burst out with two cold glows, like a sharp blade, shooting towards Dai Jiexi who was not far away.

Dai Jiexi’s heart trembled inexplicably, and she couldn’t help taking two steps back.


This is just in vain.

 Omi strode forward, raising his hand to take away Dai Jiexi’s face covered with heavy makeup.



Two sounds like whiplashes rippling back and forth on the scene.

Two bright slap prints appeared on Dai Jiexi’s face, and it gradually swelled up.

 Omi said indifferently, “Go and apologize to Ling Rou.”

These two slaps directly blinded Dai Jiexi.

Now after hearing what  Omi said, she finally reacted and yelled: “You dare to hit me!”

When the words fell, she stretched out her palms like nine-yin white claws, and was about to grab  Omi’s face.

 Omi sternly said: “It seems you didn’t understand what I said!”

While speaking, he once again raised his hand to draw Dai Jiexi’s face.



Come later!

Dai Jiexi’s red and swollen face gradually developed in the direction of the pig’s head, but tears involuntarily flowed down, looking at  Omi, full of horror.

She was scared of being beaten!


At this time, a man in a white shirt walked over quickly.

He asked, “Jiexi, what’s wrong with you?”

After seeing the person, Dai Jiexi seemed to have found a savior, and said in a panic: “Zheng Lei, you are finally here, he…Look at him, what he has beaten me into, you should give me revenge.”

Zheng Lei is Dai Jiexi’s agent, and like  Omi and Li Fei, he cannot walk on the red carpet.

So, only come here now.

At this time, Zheng Lei saw Dai Jiexi’s face, red and swollen like a pig’s head, and his heart was very angry.

Because Dai Jiexi was able to become popular, a large part of the reason was to rely on her face.

Nowadays, being beaten like this by people definitely affects popularity.

Influencing popularity means that it affects his income.

Zheng Lei just started to shout.


At this time, there was another sound of footsteps not far away.

It is Wang Haohua, chairman of Xinmei Entertainment.

Although, the Golden Melody Award is a larger award.

However, generally speaking, a chairman like Wang Haohua would not come in person.

However, this time is different…

This time it’s the boss’s woman… Ling Rou was nominated for the first time, and maybe she will win the prize again.

In addition, he got news that the boss  Omi had also come in person.

Then, Wang Haohua will naturally not be absent.

After seeing  Omi and Ling Rou from a distance, he hurried over in three steps in two steps, bent over slightly, and respectfully said, “Mr. Lin is good, Ms. Ling is good.”

 Omi just glanced at him lightly, and didn’t say much.

However, Zheng Lei, who was about to scold him, closed his mouth alive.

To know……

New American Entertainment is the top three giants in the entertainment industry.

As a result, even Wang Haohua, chairman of Xinmei Entertainment, must be so respectful to the young man in front of him.

Then, the identity of this young man is worth thinking about.

Zheng Lei said: “It turned out to be Dong Wang, what happened just now, there should be some misunderstanding…”

After speaking, he took Dai Jiexi and prepared to leave.

Dai Jiexi was very upset in her heart.

However, she was not stupid either, she had to pouting her lips and following to leave.

 Omi said abruptly, “I haven’t apologized yet, who allowed you to go?”

Dai Jiexi felt uncomfortable. Hearing  Omi’s words like this, he saw that many people had gradually surrounded him.

She also got bolder and shouted: “I’ll leave, if you have the ability, you continue to beat me!”

After speaking, Dai Jiexi continued to walk forward.

 Omi stepped forward and raised his hand again.



Two slaps hit Dai Jiexi’s face again.

Suddenly, a stream of bright red blood slowly flowed from the corner of her mouth.

Not only did  Omi take a shot, but he was even more vigorous than before!

Dai Jiexi’s face was completely filled with horror and disbelief.

With so many people standing around, she never thought that  Omi would dare to beat herself.

Zheng Lei opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

However, seeing  Omi’s cold eyes, he held the words back into his stomach.

“Apologize, I don’t want to say it again.”  Omi said indifferently.

Dai Jiexi’s body trembled, her mouth seemed to be out of control, and she squatted: “Yes… I’m sorry…”

 Omi said coldly: “It’s not to me, I’m sorry to Ling Rou!”

Dai Jiexi said again: “I’m sorry…”

Then, ran forward as if fleeing.

See here…

The crowd onlookers also dispersed.

They understand that some things are not necessarily good if they know too much.

 Omi gently embraced Ling Rou’s waist and said, “Is it better now?”

“Yeah!” Ling Rou nodded vigorously, her heart sweet.

And Li Fei and Wang Haohua next to them, a look of worry flashed across their faces.


In the dressing room.

Dai Jiexi put ice cubes on her red and swollen face and shouted, “I was beaten just now, what are you doing there? You don’t let a fart, are you still a man after all!”

Zheng Lei looked for a reason and said: “I…I am also worried, the more you speak, the worse it will be for you…”

“Don’t you see that even the chairman of Xinmei Entertainment, Wang Haohua… is so respectful to that young man? He is definitely a great man!”

In fact, this is only one reason.

The more important reason is that he is afraid.

He was frightened by  Omi’s tall figure and strong power.

What if you were beaten if you spoke up?

Dai Jiexi thinks what Zheng Lei said has some truth~ ~ But she still angrily said: “Then you can’t just say nothing, just stand on the side!”

Zheng Lei said, “If I don’t speak, I can completely paralyze him, making him feel that we are confessing. But we can make trouble for him afterwards!”

After a pause, Zheng Lei said again: “Jiexi, aren’t you familiar with Sister Ni Min? I just got the news that this time the award-giving guest has changed to Sister Ni Min.”

“She will come here later, and later, you just have to talk to Sister Ni Min, do you think Sister Ni Min will make them have good fruit?”

“No matter how big his background is, is it comparable to Sister Ni Min? Is it comparable to the Tang family?”

When Dai Jiexi heard this, a pair of eyes lit up immediately, and said, “Really? Sister Ni Min is the guest of honor?”

“That’s still fake? I heard it from the chief director.” Zheng Lei said.

“Okay! I will meet Sister Ni Min later, I see how arrogant he and the **** Lingrou!” Dai Jiexi grinned.

It looked like he had already seen the scene where  Omi and Ling Rou were ravaged by himself.

What happened in the background was just a few whispered discussions in a small area.

After all, this matter involves the popular star Dai Jiexi and the mysterious young man…

Obviously, these two are not easy to mess with.

Everyone didn’t dare to chew their tongues.


Dressing room.

Ling Rou was sitting in front of the mirror, applying final touch-ups.

In fact, this party is too important.


The door of the dressing room was slowly opened.

Dai Jiexi, whose entire face was still red and swollen, walked in and sneered: “I’m still applying makeup.”

Ling Rou stood up in a panic after seeing her.

Men are not allowed in the women’s dressing room.

Therefore,  Omi is not around.

Dai Jiexi continued: “Don’t you think you can get any prizes? It’s ridiculous!”

“I tell you, in this life, you don’t want to win any prizes on this stage!”

She said these words very firmly.

Because Dai Jiexi knows very well how much influence the Tang family has in the Golden Melody Awards.

As long as you meet Ni Min later, talk about the matter.

Not to mention the Golden Melody Awards, the entire entertainment industry has no place for Lingrou!

“Ling Rou, are you ready?”

Li Fei’s crisp voice sounded outside, and while she was talking, she slowly pushed open the door of the dressing room.

When she saw Dai Jiexi, Li Fei’s expression changed, and she asked, “Ling Rou, are you okay? Would you like to call Mr. Lin over?”

When Dai Jiexi heard Mr. Lin’s three words, her face paled in fright, and she didn’t dare to stop at all, turning around and walking away quickly.

After coming to the backstage, it was only a sigh of relief.

At this time, a rush of footsteps sounded not far away.

Zheng Lei ran over quickly and shouted: “Jiexi, get ready, Sister Ni Min and Mr. Tang Hua Tang are coming over soon!”

As Zheng Lei’s voice fell.

A luxuriously dressed and refined lady, holding a suit and leather shoes, a middle-aged man with extraordinary momentum, slowly walked over.

They are not others, but Ni Min and Tang Hua!


It’s really coming!

Dai Jiexi ignored Zheng Lei at all, so excited, she ran all the way and shouted, “Sister Ni Min!”

After Ni Min heard the sound, he turned and looked over.

Although, Ni Min and Dai Jiexi are cousins.

But, in fact, is a cousin who is very far away.

Even before Ni Min became a star, the two hadn’t met each other.

After becoming a star, I have only seen it a few times.

Today, Dai Jiexi’s face is still red and swollen.

Ni Min couldn’t recognize it at all for a while.

Seeing Ni Min’s doubts, Dai Jiexi spoke again, “Sister Ni Min, it’s me, I’m my cousin Jiexi!”

She deliberately said the title of cousin, thus further closer the relationship between the two.

Sure enough, after Ni Min heard this, he immediately remembered and asked: “Jiexi, what’s wrong with your face? Is it bullied?”

Dai Jiexi was overjoyed.

Ni Min really cares about himself.

Ling Rou,  Omi, you will have something nice later!

Dai Jiexi deliberately sobbed a few times and said, “I…I accidentally bumped into a newcomer when I was backstage.”

“As a result, she felt that I was deliberate, and then let her boyfriend hit me…”

At this point, Dai Jiexi squeezed out a few tears.

Then, he hurriedly said: “I saw that the chairman of Xinmei Entertainment was very friendly to her boyfriend… Anyway, the matter has passed, she can just calm down.”

I have to say that Dai Jiexi really has some acting skills.

Just a few words, both true and false, easily disguised himself as a sheep-like little pitiful.

At the same time, Ling and  Omi turned into a brutal and vicious wolf.

Ni Min hates this kind of unreasonable and bullying people.

Because, when she was a singer, she also experienced this kind of pitiful and helpless time.

Immediately empathetic said: “I can’t just leave it like this!”

Tang Hua followed: “Jiexi, don’t be afraid, we will call the shots for you.”

Dai Jiexi bit her lip lightly, and she seemed to be struggling fiercely in her heart.

In fact?

She was dancing with joy in her heart.

Ni Min and Tang Hua have all spoken!

 Omi, Ling Rou, soon… soon, you’re done!

At this time,  Omi, Ling Rou, Li Fei and Wang Haohua just came out.

Dai Jiexi’s expression moved slightly, making a look of horror, pointing at  Omi and Ling Juu and said, “They…they are them!”

Tang Hua and Ni Min looked in the direction that Dai Jiexi pointed.

next moment……

The expressions of the two of them all changed.

Suddenly, they looked at Dai Jiexi’s gaze, and there was no trace of pity anymore, and it turned directly into disgust, deep disgust!

To know……

 Omi was the one who saved the life of the Tang family.

In addition, they also learned something about  Omi from Mr. Zhou Guotao, solved several unanswered questions in mathematics, and invented earthquake predictors, insulin rehabilitation medicines, super batteries, and so on.

This is definitely a great scientist, a national treasure class figure!

Could such a character be a tyrannical and reckless person?

What a joke!

Is this playing like a monkey?

When Tang Hua and Ni Min saw  Omi,  Omi also noticed them.

His face is always calm as usual.

The faces of Wang Haohua and Li Fei who were next to them turned pale.

They know Ni Min and Tang Hua.

Before, they also heard that Dai Jiexi seemed to have something to do with Ni Min.

Now, seeing that Dai Jiexi is really with Ni Min, I can’t help but panic.

To know……

Ni Min’s husband is the current owner of the Tang family!

The Tang family is one of the two strongest forces on Hong Kong Island!

That’s it!

This is over!

 Omi ignored the panic and walked towards the location of Ni Min and Tang Hua.

After all, they are also acquaintances.


When Dai Jiexi saw  Omi walking towards him, she even sneered in her heart.

I was just thinking about how to teach you.

Unexpectedly, it was delivered directly to the door.

Tang Hua asked with a sullen face, “What you just said, is the pair of young men and women on the left?”

Dai Jiexi’s heart was filled with happiness, and he didn’t notice the changes in Tang Hua and Ni Min at all.

She looked terrified and trembled: “Yes, yes… they are here, no, don’t…”


At this time ~ ~ Tang Hua suddenly raised his hand and slapped it directly on Dai Jiexi’s already extremely red and swollen face.

He couldn’t bear it, a woman coaxed herself like a stupid pig.

This slap directly slapped Dai Jiexi.

She covered her face, her face full of disbelief.



what happened?

Why was he beaten again?

Moreover, it seems to be… or Tang Hua?

When Dai Jiexi was dazed,  Omi and Ling Rou had already walked over.

Tang Hua said with a slightly flattering tone, “Mr. Lin, Ms. Ling…Hello.”

PS:  ” and ” “.


The whole scene was silent.

Dai Jiexi, Zheng Lei, and Li Fei and Wang Haohua walking behind were all stunned.

Tang Hua took the initiative to say hello to  Omi and Ling Rou.

Moreover, with a hint of flattering tone.


The current Patriarch of the Tang family pleases  Omi and Ling Rou?



What’s going on? !

 Omichao, Tang Hua and Ni Min nodded, and said, “Are you here?”

After a pause, he pointed to Dai Jiexi and said, “Do you know this sinister woman?”

Dai Jiexi’s heart jumped, and she hurriedly said, “Sister Ni Min, Mr. Tang, don’t listen to his nonsense…”

“Nonsense?”  Omi said, “Just because Ling Rou was on the red carpet and walked in front of you, you deliberately knocked Ling Rou to the ground, and then pretended to help Ling Rou in an unintentional appearance. Threatening in the ear…”

“Sister Ni Min, I am your cousin, you have to believe me!” Dai Jiexi said in a panic.

While talking, she was about to step forward and hug Ni Min’s arm.


Ni Min pushed Dai Jiexi away and said coldly, “Do I look like a fool?”

“In addition, I warn you, from now on, don’t slap my cousin or bluff and deceive outside in the name of being familiar with me!”

“Otherwise, at your own risk!”

Ni Min hates this kind of scheming and wantonly use of people.

As for the cousin relationship, it was directly thrown aside by Ni Min.

Because, she and Dai Jiexi are just barely considered cousins.

In fact, they are not relatives at all.

Even before Ni Min became a big star, the two never met.

Ni Min knew very well that Dai Jiexi just wanted to use her own power.

However, she didn’t care too much.

For Ni Min, helping Dai Jiexi was just a trivial matter.

It’s okay to help someone who can barely be considered an acquaintance.

However, now, this person who borrowed his own power is using himself to deal with the savior and national treasure of the old man…

Simply **** it!

Damn it!

After Ni Min’s voice fell, Dai Jiexi’s heart suddenly stagnated, desperate!

That’s it!

She knew that she was completely finished!

Compared to Dai Jiexi’s despair.

Li Fei and Wang Haohua were full of joy and excitement.

Even Tang Hua and Ni Min and his wife have to please their boss like this!

it is good!

That’s great!

 Omi, Ling Rou, Tang Hua, and Ni Min ignored several people with different thoughts.

They walked to the front and talked, very relaxed.

As  Omi and others walked away, Dai Jiexi trembled: “Zheng Lei, I…what should we do now?”

Zheng Lei annoyed: “You ask me, who am I asking!”

After speaking, he turned straight and left.

As an agent, Zheng Lei knows more about the entertainment industry than Dai Jiexi, and at the same time, he also knows more about the influence of the Tang family.

Dai Jiexi’s singing and acting skills are average, but because of his relationship with the Tang family.

Therefore, they can obtain a lot of resources and become a popular star.

Today, she has lost the Tang family, and even offended the Tang family.

So how did she get these things before, and how she will soon lose them!

“Zheng Lei, Zheng Lei!”

Dai Jiexi yelled a few times and chased him.

A careless one fell to the ground and came a dog to eat sh*t.

This scene was all seen in the eyes of the onlookers not far away. They whispered and took out their mobile phones to send out messages.


“Jingle Bell!”

After the brisk music sounded, two well-dressed hosts walked onto the stage.

They talk about the development, influence, significance and so on of music.

Their voices were impassioned, but at the same time witty, they couldn’t help attracting cheers from the crowd.

In addition, some singing and dancing performances interspersed in the middle made the atmosphere of the whole scene extremely warm.

At this time, the male host wearing a black suit said: “Next, we enter the most exciting awards session!”

In the audience, the nominated singers were in a stern figure, extremely nervous and expectant.

some of……

Including Ling Rou, but also Dai Jiexi, whose entire face is still red and swollen.

 Omi gently patted the back of Ling Rou’s white jade hand, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay!”

“Hmm!” Ling Rou nodded vigorously.

The male host shouted: “It is…Ling Rou!”

In the stereo, exciting music immediately rang.

At the same time, everyone applauded warmly.

Ling Rou’s happy whole person was stunned.


I really won the Golden Melody Newcomer Award!

 Omi smiled and said, “Fool, what are you doing in a daze? Come on stage.”

After Ling Rou heard the sound, she recovered, nodded vigorously and walked towards the stage.

“call out!”

On a dazzling stage, the lights fell on Ling Rou.

Ling Rou was already very beautiful, but today she has been carefully dressed up.

Now, under the shining of the stage lights, the whole person has become crystal clear, plump, slender, and beautiful, making everyone obsessed.

The male host couldn’t help but said: “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful!”

The hostess next to him said: “This is definitely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

After a pause, the hostess said again: “Of course, Ling Rou is not only beautiful, her songs are even more beautiful!”

“I will never forget the grand concert in Jiangbei a few months ago. I will never forget the elegant “Sword Dance” and the long and crisp “Human World”…Of course, there is also the most beautiful ” Galaxy”!”

“Although only a few months have passed this year, I can say that Ling Rou is the most popular singer this year!”

“Congratulations, Ling Rou!”

After the hostess’s voice fell, there was a warm applause on the scene again.

At this time, the male host said: “Next, please invite our queen singer Ni Min to present the award to the Golden Melody Newcomer Award winner Ling Rou!”


The applause at the scene became more enthusiastic.

Some people applauded because of Ni Min’s identity.

And more people are because of Ni Min’s songs.


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