The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 396-400

Although, Ni Min hasn’t released a new song for several years.

However, the songs she previously released are still sung by many people and liked by many people.

It can be said that most of the people present are Ni Min fans.

Ni Min came to the stage and handed out a shiny trophy.

Ling Rou happily said, “Thank you, Sister Ni Min.”

What else is more urgent and happy than your idol awarding yourself a trophy?

Ni Min smiled and said, “This is what you deserve.”

The two were standing together, whispering, with smiles on their faces.

“Crack, click!”

Countless flashes, all gathered on the two of them, made them shine brightly.

The hostess handed out the microphone and said, “Sister Ni Min, do you have anything to say to Ling Rou?”

Ni Min said: “A few months ago, when I accidentally heard songs like “Galaxy”, “Three Lives”, “Human World”, etc., I was immediately attracted by Ling Rou’s singing.”

“At that time, I was sighing that there has not been a good singer with such superb singing skills and singing skills in the music industry for a long time!”

“Now, seeing her win the Golden Melody Newcomer Award, I have no surprises, because she deserves it!”


At the scene, there was warm applause again.

They have never heard Ni Min praise a singer so much.

Those who like Ni Min also started to like Ling Rou!

And those who liked Ling Rou in the first place became more proud of her!

Ling Rou excitedly said, “Thank you, Sister Ni Min.”

When Ni Min and Ling Rou were about to walk down the stage, the two hosts stopped them.

“Sister Ni Min, Ling Rou, please wait a moment.” The male host smiled.

The hostess followed: “Yes, you have to delay you a little more time.”

The hostess cleared her throat and said: “Next, we will present today’s most important award! The person who won the Golden Melody Award is…Ling Rou’s “Star River”!”


One person won two awards.

Moreover, they are the two most important awards.

There was a warm applause on the scene again.

The male host said: “Sister Ni Min, give Ling Rou an award.”

Ni Min picked up another transparent trophy and handed it to Ling Rou, and took the microphone and said, “I just want to say that it is reasonable to win any prize with Ling Rou’s singing!”

“In addition, these two awards are definitely not Ling Rou’s end, but her starting point!”

“Thank you Sister Ni Min.” Ling Rou said in a trembling voice.

Holding two trophies in her hands, a pair of faintly shining starlight eyes fell directly on  Omi.

She understood that the reason why she was able to win these awards was all due to  Omi.


In the auditorium.

Dai Jiexi, who was blushing and swollen, looked at Ling Rou on the stage and shed tears in despair.

These awards were originally their own!

Now, no more, everything is gone!


At this time, Dai Jiexi’s phone shook slightly.

It turned out that a piece of news came out.

“Dai Jiexi’s love affair is exposed, and he is dating three people at the same time! 》

Photos of Dai Jiexi entering the hotel arm in arm, and intimacy actions, appeared on the Internet.


See here…

Dai Jiexi’s phone fell directly to the ground.

That’s it!

I’m really over!


After the Golden Melody Awards,  Omi and Ling Rou continued to stay on Hong Kong Island for a few days before returning to Jiangbei by special plane.

The next day, the sky was clear.

 Omi slowly opened his eyes.

He glanced at the phone, and a text message appeared on the screen early as usual.

“0:00: China Merchants Bank remits 7,542,900 yuan.”

Then, he turned his attention to the sign-in system.

“Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained 20% of the shares of Yadi Auto. 】

“Yadi Auto 20% shares?”  Omi couldn’t help but move slightly.

A few years ago, Yadi Auto could only be regarded as a relatively low-end car company.

However, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicles in recent years, Yadi Motors has gradually become the domestic and even the world’s top automotive company, with a market value of nearly 800 billion yuan!

20% of the shares, which is about 150 billion yuan!

 Omi nodded lightly and murmured, “Today’s sign-in is not bad.”

He yawned and slowly got up from the bed.

After washing for a while, I ate a delicious breakfast leisurely.

He was at ease, but Wang Fugui, chairman of Yadi Auto, was uneasy.

Because, today Wang Fugui impressively discovered that Yadi Automobile had been acquired 20% of the shares!

To know……

As the chairman and founder, he has only 24% of the shares.

As long as the other party buys some more, it can surpass itself!

At that time, will Yadi Auto still belong to itself?

Sitting on the soft boss chair, Wang Fugui sighed for a long time, ” Omi, so young…Who is he?”

Wang Fugui turned up a pile of information, and after hesitating for a long time, he finally made a call based on the shareholder information.


After a while, the call was connected.

Wang Fugui said in a slightly disturbed voice, “Excuse me, is it Mr.  Omilin?”


At this time,  Omi had just finished breakfast, wiped the oil stains from the corners of his mouth, and said, “It’s me, who are you?”

“Mr. Lin, hello, I am Wang Fugui, Chairman of Yadi Auto.” Wang Fugui said.

“Oh, Dong Wang, hello.”  Omi said.

 Omi has received many calls from the chairman of the board.

So, it was not too unexpected.

Wang Fugui said: “I learned that you have purchased 20% of our Yadi Auto. First of all, thank you very much for your trust in our Yadi Auto!”

“Thank you!”

“In addition, I will now give a simple statement on the future development direction of our Yadi Auto. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can tell me all. In the future, Yadi Auto will firmly develop battery new energy vehicles, and …”

However,  Omi didn’t wait for him to finish, he said directly: “You don’t need to tell me this. The reason why I bought your shares is because I trust you, you…”

When  Omi said this, he suddenly got stuck.

Because, a clear reminder sounded in his mind.

【Ding! Task: Watch a battery experiment, read “Electric Vehicle Power Battery System Safety Analysis”, “Battery System Engineering”, “Electric Vehicle Vehicle Technology Fundamentals”, “Electric Vehicle Powertrain”, “Car Battery Theory”. Reward for speeding batteries, as well as their detailed research and development data, principles, etc., and their chemical level is improved. 】

When Wang Fugui on the phone heard the first half of  Omi’s words, he was so happy that he couldn’t be himself.

 Omi didn’t listen to his talk about the development direction of Yadi Automobile ~ ~ just because he trusted himself.

That said, he will not intervene and manage the company!

This is definitely good news!

Because, in this case,  Omi is no different from ordinary minority shareholders, just taking regular dividends.

Just when Wang Fugui was very happy,  Omi said again: “Regarding the development of new energy vehicles, I will call you later.”

After speaking,  Omi hung up the phone directly.

Only Wang Fugui was holding his mobile phone, dumbfounded for a while.

what’s the situation?

Believe in yourself?

So… do you have to intervene in the company’s new energy development?

Wang Fugui sighed, got up and looked at the vast scenery outside the window, and muttered, “This is…what should I do?”

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 Omi didn’t know the thoughts of Wang Fugui, chairman of Yadi Auto.

at this time……

 Omi drove Cullinan to the long-awaited Jiangbei University.

He did not choose to go to the classroom, but went through the basketball court and went straight to the training building.

Although,  Omi only came here once.

However, relying on his unforgettable ability, the entire training building can be said to be as familiar as going home.

Soon,  Omi came to the door of the chemistry training room and slowly opened the door.

Professor Zhao Xueqin and Professor Li Rongfa are taking three doctoral students to study carefully.

After a long period of research, Zhao Xueqin’s mouth became dry, so he turned around and picked up the thermos to drink a sip of wolfberry water.

next moment……

Zhao Xueqin suddenly exclaimed with excitement, “Student  Omi!”

This statement came out.

Li Rongfa and the three doctoral students all stopped their research, and Qi Qi set their eyes on  Omi.

 Omi couldn’t help but coughed, and said, “This…Isn’t it bothering you?”

Zhao Xueqin said, “No, no.”

Li Rongfa immediately followed: “Why bother? You came here to guide the experiment, we are too happy to have time.”

Zhao Xueqin said: “Yes!”

The words of the two are extremely sincere.

They still remember clearly that  Omi came to the laboratory and strolled around.

Immediately after…

He wrote a paper “Principles and Applications of Super Batteries” and successfully published it in “Science”!

This paper changed the mobile phone industry.

At the same time, the world battery has taken a big step forward!

And what makes Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa more happy is…

 Omi actually wrote their names on the second work!

It is precisely because of this.

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa have recently become famous in school and even in the chemical industry as a whole!

This is a highlight moment they have never had in their lives!

Now,  Omi is back in the laboratory.

If he invented something, or even wrote a paper…

Thinking of this, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa felt excited.

 Omi asked, “What are Professor Zhao and Professor Li researching recently?”

Zhao Xueqin hurriedly said: “The chemistry community agrees that your super battery, Lin, has made small batteries reach the limit of this century.”

“Therefore, we have not recently studied small-sized batteries and changed them to batteries for new energy vehicles.”

Li Rongfa immediately followed: “Yes, but because we only started this project, everything is only in its infancy.”

The two of them rushed to answer.

It looked like it was rushing to answer.

After speaking…

Both of them looked at  Omi with very expectant eyes.

They are looking forward to  Omi giving them some guidance and help.

Doctors in the laboratory, have you ever seen two professors look like this?

It’s almost like a conversation between a student and a teacher.

However, none of them have any different colors.

Because  Omi is now recognized as the first person in chemical batteries!

Compared to everyone’s expectations,  Omi was full of weird colors.

I just have to do a new energy vehicle battery task.

As a result, they just happened to be studying new energy vehicle batteries?


This is also a coincidence!

After a while,  Omi said, “Have you done any experiments?”

Zhao Xueqin said hurriedly: “We have done material experiments and high temperature experiments.”

Li Rongfa added: “Next, we are also going to do different kinds of efficiency experiments, polymer experiments, etc.”

 Omi ignored Li Rongfa’s words, as long as he has done experiments, that’s fine!

Because, his task only needs to watch an experiment!

 Omi said, “Then you can experiment with the materials and show it to me.”

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa said in unison: “Okay!”

“You quickly prepare experimental materials!” Zhao Xueqin turned to the doctors.

Li Rongfa said: “Everyone cheered up and took this experiment as a graduation assessment!”

“Yes!” the doctors shouted.

In fact, there is no need for the two to remind them like this.

The doctors also know that the opportunity is very rare.

After all,  Omi is the first person in chemical batteries.

The big cow among the big cows!

Doing experiments in front of him, if you get a few points, it is definitely a very rare opportunity!

Soon, the doctors sorted several different materials in order, heating, compressing, electrolyzing and so on.

Only seeing these materials, they bloomed with different colors of light.

Immediately afterwards, a constantly twisting curve appeared on the computer screen.

After half an hour, the experiment slowly ended.

Li Rongfa looked forward to asking: “Student Lin, what kind of material do you think is most suitable?”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Xueqin and the doctors also looked forward to  Omi.

 Omi did not answer immediately, but instead focused on the task.

[Task: Watch a battery experiment (1/1), read “Safety Analysis of Electric Vehicle Power Battery System”, “Battery System Engineering”, “Electric Vehicle Technology Fundamentals”, “Electric Vehicle Powertrain”, “Automobiles” Battery Theory” (0/5). Reward for speeding batteries, as well as their detailed research and development data, principles, etc., and their chemical level is improved. 】

See here…

 Omi’s mouth twitched slightly.

The mission is half done!

Then,  Omicai said, “I need to think about what material to choose.”

After speaking, he turned around and left the laboratory.

Zhao Xueqin said, “Okay, goodbye, classmate Lin.”

Li Rongfa also said, “Goodbye Lin.”

The doctors followed: “Goodbye.”

 Omi didn’t turn around, but waved his hand towards the back.

Soon, he came to the library.

As always, the library is still overcrowded.

 Omi passed through the crowds, through the historical bookshelves, language bookshelves… and went straight to the battery and new energy bookshelves.

“Safety Analysis of Electric Vehicle Power Battery System”, “Battery System Engineering”…

Ordinary people may have to look for it slowly.

However,  Omi looked at it at a glance, and easily found the books he needed one by one.

Then,  Omi looked up and looked far away.

I saw…

A female student in a gray dress with her hair hanging naturally on her shoulders was sitting there reading a book seriously.

She… is exactly the Lu Ling that  Omi often meets.

On the table next to Lu Ling, many books were piled up, indicating that there was someone in this position.

 Omi didn’t care, and strode over.

Lu Ling seemed to be aware of something and slowly raised her head.

When he saw that the person here was  Omi, he frowned slightly because he was answering the problem, and he immediately stretched out and said happily: “Are you here? Sit down quickly.”

 Omi was not polite, and sat down directly.

Then, open the first “Safety Analysis of Electric Vehicle Power Battery System”…


Suddenly, there was a rush of flipping books.

In three minutes, a book with hundreds of pages was turned over.

Immediately afterwards, there was the second “Battery System Engineering”…

The third book “Electric Vehicle Technology Fundamentals”……

 Omi read all five books in just ten minutes.

At this time, a clear reminder sounded in  Omi’s mind.

【Ding! mission accomplished. Watch a battery experiment (1/1), read “Electric Vehicle Power Battery System Safety Analysis”, “Battery System Engineering”, “Electric Vehicle Vehicle Technology Fundamentals”, “Electric Vehicle Powertrain”, “Car Battery Theory” (5/5). Obtained over-speed battery, as well as its detailed research and development data, principles, etc., and the chemical level is improved. 】

【Ding! Upgraded professor of chemistry, bachelor of chemistry! 】

Suddenly, countless complicated chemical knowledge, as well as complicated battery structures, principles, etc., crazily flooded  Omi’s mind like a tide.

 Omi recalled what the knowledge would bring, and the corner of his mouth slightly twitched, revealing a shallow smile.

Lu Ling next to him saw that  Omi had finished reading all the books.

She couldn’t help asking: ” Omi, have you finished reading the book?”

 Omi nodded and said, “Yes.”

“You really don’t know how to read quantum?” Lu Ling asked again.

 Omi smiled and said, “That’s just a lie.”

Lu Ling said, “Okay.”

After a pause, he asked: “You seem to be reading battery books again this time?”

“Yes, but this time it is a new energy battery for cars.”  Omi said.

Then,  Omi pointed to the questions written in the notebook in front of Lu Ling, and asked: “Are these questions that I can’t do?”

Speaking of these questions, Lu Ling couldn’t help but nodded shyly.

 Omi glanced at random, almost without any thought, and wrote quickly.

“Da da da!”

Only heard a burst of pen nib hitting the desktop, making a rapid sound.

Soon, a list of very detailed calculations appeared on the notebook.

After a while,  Omi got up and said: “Let’s take a look.”

Although, Lu Ling had seen  Omi quickly answer difficult questions many times.

But again, when he saw that he didn’t need any thinking, and he wrote an extremely detailed answer directly, he was still surprised.

After a while, she squatted and said, “Okay…Okay.”

 Omi didn’t hear this voice.

Because, at this time, he has already walked out of the library and came to the parking lot.

 Omi sat on Cullinan, stepped on the accelerator, and shot forward.

In just twenty minutes, he returned to Panlong Villa.

Then,  Omi turned his attention to the system.

[Super battery, whether to extract it? 】


At the next moment, a battery pack that resembled a desktop computer mainframe appeared in front of him.

 Omi looked at it a little, and murmured, “Is this a super battery? It’s not big in size.”

Then, he lifted it up with both hands, and said: “About 20 kilograms, which is not too heavy.”

Then,  Omi said to the black super smart watch on his wrist, “Xiao Bai.”

“Master, I am here.”

The super smart watch flickers slightly and emits a crisp sound.

“Help me apply for the patent for this super battery.”  Omi pointed to the super battery in front of him.

“Okay, Master.” Xiaobai said.

When the words were over, the super smart watch burst out a red scanning line.

After a few minutes…

Xiaobai said: “Master, the global patent application has been completed.”

Immediately after…

Electronic patent documents appeared on the screen of the super smart watch.

 Omi nodded with satisfaction, and said, “By the way, Xiaobai, can you write a paper about super battery?”

Every time I watch an experiment, I write a paper.

This has almost become a habit of  Omi.

“Master, I have already written it.” Xiaobai said.

Xiaobai seemed to have anticipated that  Omi would need such a paper.

Almost the moment it fell, an email popped up in  Omi’s phone.

It is “Principle and Application of Super Battery”!

Even Xiaobai was still in the first position and wrote  Omi’s name.

Li Rongfa and Zhao Xueqing are written in the second work.

 Omi said with satisfaction: “Good job!”

“Last time I sent it to “Science”, this time… “Nature”!”

“Xiaobai, let the editor of Nature review it as soon as possible.”

Xiaobai said: “Yes, master!”


It’s early morning in the United States.

In the house of “Nature” editor Esmond Bevin, there were sudden noises of various electrical appliances.

However, he was not afraid and annoyed.

Instead, the whole person became extremely excited, and he quickly turned on the computer.

Sure enough, an email appeared on the screen.

“Principle and Application of Super Battery”!

Esmond Bevan didn’t read the content immediately, but flipped directly to the signature.

“One work,  Omi of Jiangbei University!”

“Sure enough, it is him, haha! Great!”

After Esmond Bevan finished speaking, he looked at the content carefully from beginning to end.

As the content deepened, Esmond Bevan became more excited.

“New energy vehicles, this is a new energy vehicle!”

“If all the above data are accurate…”

“If it is accurate, it will completely overturn the entire automotive industry!”

Having said that, Esmond Bevan hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed the number of the editor-in-chief.

Before long, the MIT Chemistry Laboratory began to light up.

Even in the early morning.

The gray-haired chemists also drove to the laboratory one after another, and couldn’t wait to start complex experiments one by one.


 Omi didn’t know this at all.

Originally, he wanted to go to school today.

After all, I haven’t been to work for several days, but I happened to have a task.

Now, he has returned home.

He didn’t bother to go to school anymore.

After arriving at school the next day, he realized that it was Saturday.

After  Omi hesitated, he drove Cullinan to Yike City.

At this time ~ ~ Qiu Ziqian is like Huang Ling, and she is sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

When they saw  Omi, the two pretty faces were filled with smiles, and they quickly stepped forward, holding  Omi’s arms one left and the other right.

 Omi looked at them happy, as if infected, and also very happy.

Then, he took out his cell phone, transferred 10 million yuan to each of them, and said: “I’ve transferred some money to you to buy some clothes or something.”


Huang inspired the phone in his pocket to vibrate and picked it up habitually.

The next moment, she immediately opened her small mouth and said: “One…ten million!”

Qiu Ziqian was also surprised, and happily put her head on  Omi.

Then, whispered in  Omi’s ear: “Actually, we have bought a lot of clothes, nurses, teachers, babysitters, white-collar workers, cats, dogs…”

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United States, MIT Chemistry Laboratory.

A person with gray hair, reading glasses, and full of wisdom chemical battery big cows quickly wrote reaction equations, and made noises from time to time.

In the end, they all focused on the computer screen.

One hour, two hours…

Gradually, pages of extremely complex graphics and calculations appeared on the screen.

Suddenly, there was a warm admiration on the scene.

“Oh, my God! The power can reach this level!”

“I can’t believe my eyes!”

“If this kind of battery is manufactured and calculated in terms of energy consumption, the endurance of the new energy vehicle can reach… up to 2500 kilometers or more, my God!”

“Traditional cars will be completely eliminated!”

“The person who studied it is a genius, absolutely a genius!”


The editorial department of “Nature” quickly received feedback from MIT.

The editors are very clear about what this study represents.

It is definitely a sensation in the world!

Therefore, the entire editorial department seized all the time to make a full-page supplement to the “Principles and Application of Super Battery”.


Tongyong Automobile Group.

Chairman Aix slowly poured a cup of steaming coffee into his mouth.


Aix enjoyed it very much: “It’s delicious.”


At this time, the door of the chairman’s office was suddenly pushed open.

A white man walked in hastily.

Aix frowned slightly and said, “Jell, I have told you many times, no matter what happens, as long as the sky doesn’t fall, you must be calm!”

Jell took a deep breath and said, “Yes.”

Aix nodded in satisfaction and said: “Let’s talk, what happened?”

Jieer said: “Professor Mary Witt, Professor Justus, Brewer and other battery experts were invited by Nature to review a paper entitled “The Principle and Application of Super Battery”. “

“After their repeated verification, the data in this paper is completely correct.”

“This super battery is used in new energy vehicles and has a cruising range of more than 2500 kilometers.”


Axe heard that the coffee cup in his hand fell directly to the ground.

“The sky has fallen!”


The headquarters of Shuangtian Motors in the island country.



Chairman Taro Yamamoto stared at the report in front of him without blinking, and a layer of sweat gradually oozes from his forehead.

The next moment, he stood up abruptly.

“The endurance is 2500 kilometers, 2500 kilometers!”



In fact, it’s not just the automotive industry.

Petroleum, energy and other industries, when I saw this paper, they also stirred up waves with a single stone, which was completely shaken!


As the initiator of this incident,  Omi stayed in Yike City for two days at the weekend and lived a life of incomparable s*x.

Monday morning.

After  Omi ate the breakfast prepared by Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling, he drove Cullinan to Jiangbei University.

“Student  Omi!”

 Omi just got out of the car.

Not far away, two extremely excited voices came.

 Omi followed the voice and saw that it was Professor Li Rongfa and Zhao Xueqin.

They seem to have been waiting for  Omi here, and when  Omi appeared, they called out.

 Omi said, “Professor Li, Professor Zhao, early!”

“Morning, early…” Li Rongfa and Zhao Xueqin said hurriedly.

Then, Li Rongfa said in a solemn and excited tone: “Student  Omi, thank you.”

Zhao Xueqin bent down slightly and said, “Thank you!”

While talking, they took out the latest “Nature” journal, and on the cover was the paper “Principles and Application of Super Battery”.

See here…

 Omi nodded clearly, and said indifferently, “Thank you? I saw your experiment. That’s why you have this paper. The second work is what you deserve.”

When Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa heard this, their hearts became more excited and grateful.

What made this paper after reading their experiment?

Their experiment that day was just a very basic new energy experiment.

The “Principles and Application of Super Battery” thesis directly shows the ultimate results of new energy far beyond the era.

If there is a relationship between the two, it is probably the relationship between the dust and the earth!

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa had no doubt that  Omi had already written the paper.

The reason why he came to the laboratory was to find a reason to take care of himself.


The original super battery paper, I am afraid it is a similar situation!

Thinking of this, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa looked at  Omi and became more excited and grateful.

They all bent over and said sincerely: ” Omi, we all know, thank you!”

The corners of  Omi’s mouth twitched slightly.

all know?

But, judging by your appearance, it doesn’t seem to be the way you know it.

Forget it, anyway, he is also telling the truth, whatever they think.

At this time, there was another excited shout behind him.

” Omi!”

 Omi followed the voice to see that it was Feng Zhixiang, the director of the Academy of Sciences.

Feng Zhixiang’s eyes were bloodshot, as if he hadn’t slept all night.

In fact, Feng Zhixiang did not sleep all night.

Last night, he suddenly learned that  Omi had published an article “The Principle and Application of Super Battery”, and took the earliest flight directly to Jiangbei overnight.

Feng Zhixiang quickly ran towards  Omi, and he almost fell to the ground without being accidentally tripped by the threshold.

However, he didn’t care at all, and hurriedly said, ” Omi, how far has your super battery research been? When will it be possible to produce it?”

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa next to them couldn’t help but **** their ears.

They are also very curious about this.

 Omi yawned and said, “When? I have invented it.”

“Invented?!” Feng Zhixiang directly widened his eyes and said hurriedly, “What are you saying is true?”

“Yes~ ~  Omidao.

“Good, good, hahaha! Great!” Feng Zhixiang yelled up to the sky.

No wonder, he would be like this.

To know……

Since foreign countries developed automobiles decades earlier than China, all kinds of technologies and patents are in their hands.

If China wants to develop automobiles, it must find another way!

After careful study and discussion, Huaxia finally set its goal on electric new energy vehicles.

The super battery developed by  Omi can be perfectly used in electric new energy vehicles, directly allowing Huaxia Motors to truly overtake in corners!

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa next to them, listening to the conversation between the two, opened their mouths directly into an’O’ shape, completely stunned.

Feng Zhixiang laughed for a while.

He slowly came over and said, “Where is the super battery? Can you take me to see it?”

 Omi glanced at the students coming and going, and said, “But, I’m going to class soon.”

Feng Zhixiang said: “What’s the use of class?”

Zhao Xueqin, who was next to him, couldn’t help but said, “You don’t need to go to class.”

Li Rongfa also said, “Yes.”

The corners of  Omi’s mouth twitched slightly.

One of your directors of the Academy of Sciences and professors from two schools said to a student that it’s useless to take classes and don’t need to take classes?

Are you sure there is nothing wrong?

 Omi looked at them seriously and impatiently, and had to say: “Okay, then I’ll take you over and have a look.”

In my heart: It seems that I will skip class again today.

Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa hurriedly said, “Can we also go and watch?”

They are professors of chemistry, mainly studying chemical batteries.

For the super battery, naturally I am looking forward to it.

In their hearts, taking a look at the past is to witness a historic moment!

They don’t want to miss it!

Feng Zhixiang frowned involuntarily.

He did not know Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa.

In addition, the super battery can be said to be related to the future of China New Energy Vehicles! Definitely cannot be easily approached!

Once the secret is leaked, it is definitely something that will be regretted.

 Omi also understood Feng Zhixiang’s thoughts and introduced: “This is Professor Zhao Xueqin and Professor Li Rongfa. They are the second work of the thesis “Principles and Application of Super Battery”. In my invention of super battery, it gave me a lot of money. help.”

In this sentence,  Omi absolutely didn’t mean to lie.

To know……

If not they show the battery experiment.

Then,  Omi could not complete the task at all.

In other words… there is no such thing as inventing super batteries and writing papers.

However, hearing this in the ears of Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa, it felt different.

Their old faces were flushed with shame.

 Omi speaks for himself all the time.

Even, I want to give myself some credit completely.

“Actually, we didn’t help  Omi.” Zhao Xueqin said.

“Yes.” Li Rongfa said.

The second game has their names on it.

They are already very satisfied.

As for, I really give myself part of the credit.

That’s a bit of a shame.

Feng Zhixiang heard  Omi say this, so he nodded and said, “Since this is the case, let’s go together.”

Then,  Omi opened the door of Cullinan and sat directly on it.

Feng Zhixiang, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa also sat there.

Although, one of them is the chief director, and the other two are professors.

But, really never sat in Cullinan.

Most people, for the first time in a luxury car like Cullinan, will definitely be very curious.

But they don’t have any curiosity.

They only have expectations in their hearts, their boundless expectations for super batteries!


About 20 minutes later, Cullinan steadily stopped at Panlong Villa.

 Omi pointed to the black cuboid randomly placed on the ground, and said, “That’s it.”

“This is the super battery?” Feng Zhixiang said in surprise, “only the size of a computer host…”

While speaking, he also bent over to mention it.

“Weight…approximately 20 kilograms.”

Then Feng Zhixiang said: ” Omi, if this super battery is used in a new energy vehicle, how many kilometers can it last?”

 Omi said: “Regardless of electrical consumption, the vehicle will last for 3000 kilometers.”

“3000 kilometers!” Feng Zhixiang, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa shouted in horror together.

A battery the size of a computer host weighs only about 20 kilograms, allowing the vehicle to last 3000 kilometers!

What a terrible number this is? !

“Boom boom boom!”

The hearts of the three of them throbbed like a drum.

After a long time, Feng Zhixiang came to his senses and asked, ” Omi, can I take this super battery back to study it?”

“Yes.”  Omi said, “By the way, I am going to commercialize the battery, and I should cooperate with Yadi Automobile Company.”

Feng Zhixiang said solemnly: ” Omi, I thank you for Huaxia!”

In fact,  Omi brought too much help to China.

 Omi waved his hand and said, “It’s just a little gadget, don’t care so much.”


The invention completely subverts the traditional automobile industry, and at the same time, enables China Motors to realize the super battery for overtaking in corners.

Just a little gadget?

Feng Zhixiang, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa opened their mouths, some of them didn’t know what to say.

However, in  Omi’s view, this may indeed be a gadget.

Because he has a system!

Feng Zhixiang made a call.

In about half an hour, a helicopter landed slowly.

Several soldiers walked down with their heads high.

The soldier in the front shouted: “Hello, Director Feng!”

Feng Zhixiang nodded, then, personally picked up the super battery and said: “That’s it, trouble you.”

The soldier said: “This is what we should do!”

The plane has arrived, and Feng Zhixiang’s heart has also reached the capital.

He first asked  Omi if he wanted to go to the capital, but he was directly rejected.

However, Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa wanted to follow.

To know……

This is a great opportunity to go to the Academy of Sciences to study super-energy batteries with many academicians and big cows.

Feng Zhixiang explained some confidentiality, which Zhao Xueqin and Li Rongfa all readily accepted.


Following the roar of the helicopter, the group all left the Panlong Villa.

 Omi was alone, lying on the soft sofa, his face was full of comfort.

 Omi took out his mobile phone and swiped it at random for a while, and found that the news was all about super batteries.

For a while, he couldn’t help feeling a little bored.

So  Omi dialed the phone number of Yadi Group Chairman Wang Fugui.


Yadi Group.

Yesterday, Wang Fugui had learned from the technical director that a new energy battery appeared in the latest edition of Nature, whose power far exceeded all current new energy batteries.

According to calculations, if the development is successful, the battery life of electric vehicles can reach more than 2500 kilometers!

What a terrifying number is this? !

For all the existing new energy batteries, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a dimensionality reduction blow!

After Wang Fugui learned the news ~ ~, he was not only unhappy.

On the contrary, he was very sad.

Because a large part of the Yadi Group’s focus is on the research and development of new energy batteries.

Years of research has finally made Yadi Group have achieved great success and invented the blade battery that is now a world leader.

It is precisely because of this that Yadi Auto’s sales can rise steadily.

In order to develop, many new energy vehicle companies directly choose to spend a lot of money to buy blade batteries.

Everything… Finally, it is developing towards the good side of Yadi Group.

And with the emergence of super batteries, perhaps, everything will soon come to nothing!

Chairman Wang Fugui, how can he not worry about it?

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Wang Fugui’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

Wang Fugui sighed.

After a while, he slowly picked up the phone.

When he saw that the caller was  Omi, his face didn’t change much.

some days ago……

Wang Fugui is also very worried because  Omi owns 20% of the shares of Yadi Group.

Now, this matter has been left behind for the time being.

Compared to shares, Super Battery makes him even more annoying.

After a while, Wang Fugui pressed the answer button.

“Mr. Lin, hello, is there anything wrong?” Wang Fugui said in a tired tone.

 Omi said: “You should know the super battery, right?”

When Wang Fugui heard this, he couldn’t help getting more headaches.

Is this major shareholder going to attack the company because of the super battery matter?

This is really a wave of unrest, one wave after another!

Wang Fugui sighed again in his heart.

He cheered up and said: “Judging from the data, the super battery is indeed very remarkable, even, it can be said that it is epoch-making.”

“If it is used in new energy vehicles, it can reduce the dimensionality of all cars on the market today!”

“However, the super battery has not yet been invented.”

“All employees of the Yadi Group are actively preparing a response plan.”

“Mr. Lin, you can rest assured that our Yadi Group will be able to meet the troubles that will arise.”

 Omiyan could not help showing a strange look on his face.

Response plan?


Co-author…Wang Fugui didn’t know that the paper on Super Battery was written by himself?

After a while,  Omicai said, “The super battery has been invented.”

“Huh?” Wang Fugui stagnated slightly, and even his heart stopped for a while at this moment.

The invention of the super battery has appeared!

What should Yadi Auto do?

Wang Fugui hurriedly said, “Mr. Lin, did you get any news? Could you please tell me, where did you know it?”

After all,  Omi is not an ordinary young man.

It is a super boss who can buy 20% of the shares of Yadi Group.

He knows some news, which is also normal!

 Omi said: “The news? What news? I wrote the “Principles and Application of Super Battery” in Nature. I invented the super battery. You can visit Jiangbei. I will come to Super Battery and Yadi. Sign some contracts for group cooperation.”


Wang Fugui’s mobile phone fell to the ground, and there was a crisp sound.

Then, he hurriedly picked up the phone and ‘hello’ to the phone several times, but no one responded at all.

Only then found out that the phone had been hung up.

Wang Fugui couldn’t help muttering: “He wrote “The Principle and Application of Super Battery” and invented the super battery…this, this…”

“Boom boom boom!”

At this time, there was a rapid knock on the door outside.

“Come in!” Wang Fugui said.

Several directors walked in hurriedly, holding a pile of documents.

They said as they walked, “We asked the technicians to re-simulate the data in “Principles and Application of Super Battery”, and the data inside is still prepared correctly, Wang Dong…”

Wang Fugui didn’t wait for them to finish, but interrupted directly: “Who is the author of “The Principle and Application of Super Battery”?”

The directors turned over the information in their hands and said, ” Omi.”

” Omi,  Omi, hahahaha!” Wang Fugui looked up to the sky and laughed. He was extremely happy, and instantly wiped out the previous troubles.

The directors next to him were puzzled.

“Wang…Wang Dong, what’s wrong with you?”

Wang Fugui did not answer, but picked up his mobile phone and said, “Secretary, help me buy a ticket to Jiangbei, yes, the nearest flight!”



After Wang Fugui arrived at the airport, he went to Panlong Villa non-stop.

He settled his mind, and then pressed the doorbell.


 Omi slowly opened the door and said, “Come in.”

Although, Wang Fugui had seen  Omi’s photos and knew that he was very young.

However, after seeing him in person, he was still surprised.

However, he quickly put this idea behind his head and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Lin, you just said on the phone that you invented the super battery?”

When this sentence was said, Wang Fugui’s whole heart began to madly chaotic.

This matter is too important to him and to the entire Yadi Group.

 Omi nodded and said, “Yes, the patent has already been applied.”

After speaking, he turned on the tablet computer, which showed the patent documents in electronic version.

See here…

Wang Fugui’s excited whole person trembled.


Super battery is really invented!

Yadi Group is about to rise completely!

 Omi said: “How?”

Wang Fugui took a deep breath, and then suppressed his excitement, and said: “If the super battery is the general agent of our Yadi Group.”

“We, Yadi Group, can give you another 35% of the shares. In addition, 40% of the profits generated from the sale of super batteries belong to you.”

“Mr. Lin, what do you think?”

 Omi originally owns 20% of the shares of Yadi Group, plus 35% of the shares, which makes a total of 55% of the shares, more than half of the shares, and became the largest shareholder of Yadi Group in one fell swoop.

Even, it has the power of a veto!

Plus the 40% profit of Super Battery!

I have to say that Wang Fugui is really sincere.

 Omi nodded casually and said: “Yes.”

As long as he is not allowed to manage, everything actually doesn’t matter.

Wang Fugui said and heard, the whole person immediately bloomed.

His biggest dream is like developing Yadi Group into the world’s top automobile company.

Now, this dream may soon be realized!

Then, he borrowed the computer to hold a shareholder and executive meeting.

Although, Wang Fugui is the chairman of Yadi Group.

However, the signing of such a major contract still requires the approval of the senior management and shareholders.

A fierce debate and explanation.

Two hours later, a contract exuding warmth appeared in  Omi’s hands.


 Omi turned around as usual ~ ~.

In just ten seconds, all the thick contracts were clearly seen.

Then,  Omi signed the name directly.

Without any hesitation, Wang Fugui quickly affixed his official seal and signed his name.

He held the contract that was still warm, and the blood all over his body seemed to boil.

After a while, Wang Fugui said, “Mr. Lin, then I will go back to the company first.”

Although, the sky is completely dark.

However, he also wants to rush back to the company as soon as possible, so that Yadi Group will be fully prepared for the next super battery new energy vehicle.

 Omi yawned and said, “Okay.”


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