The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 411-415


In other words, a few minutes ago, Nie Zhenjiang was still in a state of inability to tackle the first question.

At this moment, as soon as he sat down, a very clear line of thought appeared in his mind.

Next, Nie Zhenjiang picked up the pen and paper and quickly started writing.

“Da da da!”

Throughout the office, there was a rapid sound of the pen tip and the desktop hitting each other.

In just over half an hour, pages of extremely complicated calculations were all on the paper.

Nie Zhenjiang came to Omi very nervously and said, “Professor Lin, do you see how this question is answered?”


Omi glanced quickly, just a few seconds, and said: “Yes! The answer is correct.”

“Okay!” Nie Zhenjiang said excitedly.

After Jiang Chaoqun heard it, he couldn’t help but raise his head and said: “Zhenjiang, you are doing a beautiful job! The problems related to the NS equation have been solved!”

Nie Zhenjiang smiled and said, “Thank you.”

At this time, Hao Zhiwu also raised his head.

He was just about to say something, but he couldn’t help but sucked his nose vigorously, and said, “What smells? It feels so refreshing.”

Nie Zhenjiang said: “What you smell should be the fragrance of this tea. It’s delicious. It’s because I drank it, so I can answer the first problem so quickly. You can also come and drink.”

Originally, Liu Qianqian, Xia Bing, and Xia Xue, who were still working hard to solve the second problem, couldn’t help but raised their heads, and all followed the tea pointed by Nie Zhenjiang.

After all, this involves solving difficult problems.

Hao Zhiwu came to the coffee table first, picked up a cup of Lingcha and poured it into his mouth.



In the next moment, Hao Zhiwu only felt that the clothes on his body seemed to be all turned into fragments.

The whole person is like the incarnation of the first human being in the legend-Adam!

The whole body of red fruit, with strong jumping ability, in the dense forest, running and beating freely in the breeze…

Everything is so refreshing and happy!

Hao Zhiwu couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This tea is really delicious!”

Jiang Chaoqun, Liu Qianqian, Xia Bing, and Xia Xueyan heard that they also followed and took a cup of tea and poured it into their mouths.



In the next moment, everyone’s faces were filled with a touch of comfort and enjoyment that could not be concealed.

“So refreshing!”

“I feel that the whole person is a lot easier.”

Everyone can’t help but admire.

When they returned to their seats, their minds were much clearer than before.

Facing the second question, they also had some faint thoughts.

at this time……

They finally understood why Nie Zhenjiang just said that it was because he drank this cup of tea that he could solve the first problem so quickly.

This tea is simply amazing!

The entire office was plunged into immersive learning.

However, sometimes it is not clear-headed that you can solve difficult problems.


In a blink of an eye, in the afternoon, there was still no one to answer the second question.

Yesterday, and this morning, Omi has been playing with cats.

However, after a long time, it gradually became a little boring.

After swiping the news with his phone for a while, he opened a group that he hadn’t talked to for a long time and sent a message.

Fighter Shenhao: Let’s play a few games.

Dream class: Yes, fight the workers Shenhao!

A too: here it is!

Old rate: Coming soon!

Meow God: Logging in to your account!



Hao Zhiwu, who had been reading and solving problems for a long time, stood up and stretched.

He glanced at the cat Xiaobai who was lying next to Omi, and strode over, preparing to play a few.

After a few taps, I heard the sound of a very familiar pesticide game in my ears.

He looked at Omi, who was holding the tablet, and said in surprise: “Professor Lin, do you like to play with pesticides too?”

“Haha! I like to play too!”

“I like playing mages and shooters, as well as junglers!”

“Actually, my favorite in the past was the support, but I often encountered some stupid guys who took up the output position. The support can’t save the world at all, there is no way!”

Hao Zhiwu’s personality is originally outgoing.

In addition, in the past few days, he and Omi have gradually gained a sense of familiarity.

So, nowadays, when it comes to games, the whole person is talking about Barabara.

After a pause, Hao Zhiwu said again: “Professor Lin, in fact, a large part of the reason why I chose bioengineering at the beginning was that I wanted to study the human body more!”

“In the future, think of a way to make equipment that can be consciously entered into the game!”

“It’s like “Sword Art Online”, picking up weapons by yourself, and constantly hacking and killing monsters, how enjoyable?”

When Hao Zhiwu talked about this, his eyes flickered faintly.

It looked like he had already possessed this kind of game equipment and started to wander in the game wantonly.

At this moment…

Originally, Omi, who was still playing the game silently, suddenly stopped his movements.

Because, a clear reminder sounded in his mind.

【Ding! Task: Watch a biological experiment and a computer experiment. Read “Neural System Research”, “From Neuron to Brain”, “Neuron Composition”, “Nerve Conduction”, “Animation Production”, “Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics”, “Game Programming” model”. Reward creatures and computers are upgraded by one level, head-mounted game helmets, and the reasons for the production and working principles. 】

Hao Zhiwu next to him saw that Omi hadn’t played the game, and the hero was about to be beaten to death.

The whole person was even more excited than Omi who was playing the game.

“Professor Lin, why aren’t you moving? Hurry up! You are about to be beaten to death!”

After Omi heard this voice, he came back to his senses.

However, instead of operating the game, he directly handed the tablet to Hao Zhiwu and said, “You come to play.”

Then, he said to others: “You learn by yourself, and if you encounter a problem you don’t understand, please let it go ~ ~ and then ask me when I come back.”

After Omi finished speaking, he walked directly outside.

Hao Zhiwu took over Omi’s tablet and hurriedly started the game.

It took him a while to avoid the death of the character.

Hehe smiled and said: “Want to kill me? Still tender!”

“Huh! Zhuge Liang, our teammate, seems to be playing well!”

“Li Bai’s operation is also very cool!”

“Baili is also very good!”

“Angela is very good!”

Hao Zhiwu couldn’t help nodding in admiration.

And when he saw the ID names on these heroes, his eyes widened and he shouted: “Dream class?! A too?! Old rate?! Meow god?!”

“My God!”

You know, Dreams, Atai, Laosi, and Meow are the most popular gods in pesticide games!

As a result, these people actually ranked with Omi together!



Hao Zhiwu couldn’t help but… looked towards Omi, who had completely disappeared at the door.

Can’t help but admire: “Professor Lin, awesome!”

Hao Zhiwu has always had a dream.

That is to play a game with one of Meng Lei, A Tai, Lao Shi, and Miao Shen.

But Omi directly let the four of them fight together!

How amazing is this?

After a while, Hao Zhiwu retracted his gaze, refocused his attention on the tablet, and continued the game with excitement on his face.

During the period, he did not forget to take out his mobile phone and recorded a few videos of himself and the game screen as a souvenir.


Omi didn’t care at all about Hao Zhiwu’s behavior.

At this time, he had already arrived at the gate of No. 1 Training Building.

The reason why Omi is so eager to complete the task.

On the one hand, because of this task, the computer and biological levels can be improved.

On the other hand, he is also very interested in the gaming helmet Hao Zhiwu said.

Imagine that as long as you wear a helmet, you can enter the game world. How fun is that?

At this moment, a bald man in a white shirt just came over.

When he saw Omi, a pair of silver-rimmed glasses flickered faintly, and he hurriedly stepped over.

“Professor Lin, hello!” the bald man said happily, “I am Qiu Junxiong, a professor in the School of Computer Science.”

Omi’s name has long been spread throughout Jiangbei University.

Qiu Junxiong naturally knew him.

Omi said, “It turned out to be Professor Qiu, hello.”

Omi greeted himself!

The smile on Qiu Junxiong’s face became even worse, and then he said: “Professor Lin, Professor Liu Wei and I took a few graduate students to carry out an experiment with somatosensory equipment. I wonder if you are interested in seeing it?”

After he said this, there was a look of expectation on his face.

A word was circulating in the circle of teachers at Jiangbei University a long time ago.

If you want to make a breakthrough in research, then let Omi be interested!

Originally, Qiu Junxiong didn’t pay much attention to this kind of talk.

However, not long ago, Wang Jun and Chen Haiyang, both professors of the School of Computer Science, made Omi interested in their experiments.

Thus invented the carbon-based lithography machine, and published a paper on “Science”!

This incident made all the teachers in the School of Computer Science jealous.

To know……

Nowadays, Wang Jun and Chen Haiyang are often interviewed and reported by various media, and they have faintly become big figures in the direction of computer chips.

In addition, Jiangbei University has also increased its investment in all their projects.

It can be said that the current Wang Jun and Chen Haiyang want to be rich and famous!

How can we not make people jealous?

All this is due to Omi.

After Omi heard Qiu Junxiong’s words, his heart moved slightly.

Somatosensory equipment experiment?

Does this count as something related to your own head-mounted game?

Even if there is no connection, just take a look at the experiment and it will work!

Thinking of this, Omi nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go over and take a look.”


Omi agreed!

The joy in Qiu Junxiong’s heart became more intense.

He hurriedly said, “Professor Lin, please here.”

Under Qiu Junxiong’s leadership, the two walked towards the second floor.

And they just left Wang Jun just came over.

Wang Jun happened to see the back of Omi and Qiu Junxiong going upstairs, and muttered, “Qiu Junxiong, have you recruited another new student?”

Obviously, Wang Jun did not recognize that it was Omi.


203 laboratory.

“Da da da!”

Two graduate students leaped quickly on the keyboard.

The other two graduate students made adjustments to various welding lines.

And Professor Liu Wei, with white hair, stared at the computer screen closely, revealing a touch of contemplation.


At this time, the door of the laboratory was pushed open.

Qiu Junxiong said in an excited voice, “Everyone temporarily stop the work on their hands.”

When everyone heard it, they couldn’t help turning around and cast their gazes.

The faces of several graduate students were still puzzled.

Liu Wei’s expression suddenly moved, and he said excitedly: “Are you Professor Lin?”

To know……

Liu Wei’s age is probably over fifty.

Being so respected by a person in his fifties, even Omi is a little uncomfortable.

Omi coughed lightly and said, “I’m Omi, but you don’t need to be so polite.”

After getting Omi’s affirmation, Liu Wei not only didn’t treat it as usual.

On the contrary, the whole person became more excited and respectful.

He took three steps and two steps, hurriedly stepped forward to hold Omi’s right hand with both hands, and said: “Professor Lin, thank you for inventing the carbon-based lithography machine, so that we will no longer be clamped by others, thank you!”

Liu Wei’s tone was very sincere.

This is definitely from the heart.

He has been in China’s computer industry for more than a decade, and he knows exactly how important the chip is to China.

Huaxia Coreless, it’s almost like being stuck in the throat all the time.

Now it’s solved!

When Liu Wei learned that someone in China had invented a carbon-based lithography machine, he was so happy that he almost didn’t shed tears.

Today, I have seen the inventor of the carbon-based lithography machine with my own eyes.

How could he not be excited?

Compared to Liu Wei’s excitement.

The faces of the four graduate students were slowly admired.

Today’s Omi can be said to be a god-like existence in the entire Chinese computer circle, especially the School of Computer Science at Jiangbei University.

Omi couldn’t help but touched his nose. Then, he glanced at the work card on Liu Wei and said, “Professor Liu, I heard from Professor Qiu that you are studying somatosensory equipment?”

Liu Wei truthfully said: “We were already studying experience equipment last year. At that time, we actually hesitated. After all, even if the research is successful, I am afraid that we will need a chip with excellent performance to run.”

“But don’t worry about it now! Because there is a carbon-based chip that you invented by Professor Lin!”

Having said that, Liu Wei calmed down and became excited again.

Omi said: “I don’t know~ ~Can I take a look at your experiment?”

Liu Wei did not hesitate at all, and said directly: “Of course you can!”

Omi is now like a computer circle god, and being able to experiment in front of him is too late to be happy. How could he refuse?

Qiu Junxiong followed closely: “Let’s do the experience experiment of the latest research, and I will do it myself!”

Liu Wei said: “I will do the data!”

The two professors did it themselves.

Obviously, they paid great attention to this experiment, and wanted to show Omi the most perfect side of the experiment.


With the strangely shaped machinery, it made a deep sound.

Many complicated patterns, as well as various codes and data, gradually appeared on the computer screen.

I have to say that although Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei are older, their movements are a bit slow.

However, there is nothing to say about their operation.

One word-steady!

Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei…almost all the steps and details of the experiment were done, very stable.

It is precisely because of this.

Originally, according to an experiment that usually takes only half an hour to complete, it took an hour abruptly, and then it gradually came to an end.

“Professor Lin, where do you think our experiments need to be improved?” Liu Wei asked.

Qiu Junxiong…and the graduate students looked at Omi with anticipation.

They have been researching somatosensory devices for more than a year.

However, many problems have been encountered.

They looked forward to Omi, who was like a god, could give themselves some help.


Omi did not answer them immediately.

Instead, focus on system tasks.

[Task: Watch a biological experiment (01), and a computer experiment (11). Read “Neural System Research”, “From Neuron to Brain”, “Neuron Composition”, “Nerve Conduction”, “Animation Production”, “Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics”, “Game Programming” Mode” (07). Reward creatures and computers are upgraded by one level, head-mounted game helmets, and the reasons for the production and working principles. 】

Completed one of them!

After a while, Omi withdrew his attention and said, “Your experiment has some inspiration for me. I will go back and rationalize my thoughts first.”

After speaking, without waiting for Qiu Junxiong to speak with Liu Wei, he turned and walked outside.

Then, he went straight to the No. 2 training building.

Most of the laboratories of the School of Biology are located here.

Omi has been here once, relying on his memorable abilities, and is familiar with the whole training building.


He came to the door of the laboratory on the third floor and raised his hand to push it away.

Professor Zheng Qian, Professor Wu Tian, ​​and several graduate students are looking down to study something carefully.

Long-term research has made Zheng Qian a little dry.

She got up to pour some water.

At the next moment, Zheng Qian was stunned.

She was surprised: “Lin…Professor Lin, when did you come?”

As soon as this remarks…

Originally, Wu Tian, ​​who was doing the experiment seriously, and several graduate students stopped their movements and looked towards the door one after another.

When he saw Omi, Wu Tian hurriedly greeted him, bent his waist slightly, and said excitedly: “Professor Lin, the insulin rehabilitation medicine you invented is really amazing!”

“Even though we have studied that paper repeatedly, many places still find it very magical!”

Wu Tianyue said that the more excited he was, that old face with some vicissitudes of life became extremely ruddy.

Then, Wu Tian continued: “Even, according to the steps in the paper, some experiments are still difficult for us to complete… Mr. Lin, can you give us some guidance?”

Speaking of this, Wu Tian’s face has a look of expectation.

After Omi published the thesis “Principles of Human Insulin Rehabilitation Drugs”, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian also became famous in the biological world.

However, they did not inflate themselves.

On the contrary, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian spent a lot of time researching insulin rehabilitation medicine.

Outside, many people think that Wu Tian and Zheng Qian have in-depth research on human insulin rehabilitation agents.

But, in fact, there is not much difference between the two people and the biologists who study insulin.

This means that even if they spend a lot of time, the progress is not necessarily much faster than those of biologists.

After Omi heard Wu Tian’s words, his eyes rolled slightly.

Guide to do experiments?

As long as you let him do an experiment, it should be regarded as a biological experiment, right?

Thinking of this, Omi said, “Okay, but I have limited time, so I will guide you to do an experiment.”

Wu Tian said happily: “Thank you Professor Lin!”

When he completed the system task last time, Omi directly obtained the manufacturing principle of the insulin rehabilitation medicine. Naturally, he knew all kinds of experiments involved.

With Omi’s help, a complete biological experiment was over in just 40 minutes.

Wu Tian suddenly said: “It turns out to be like this! No wonder we haven’t been able to succeed before!”

The faces of Zheng Qian and several graduate students showed a touch of aftertaste.

Omi didn’t pay attention to so much, and directly focused on the system tasks.

[Task: Watch a biological experiment (11), and a computer experiment (11). Read “Neural System Research”, “From Neuron to Brain”, “Neuron Composition”, “Nerve Conduction”, “Animation Production”, “Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics”, “Game Programming” Mode” (07). Reward creatures and computers are upgraded by one level, head-mounted game helmets, and the reasons for the production and working principles. 】

See here…

Omi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Sure enough, even if it is a guide to do an experiment, the task can be completed.

At this time, Wu Tian said seriously: “Professor Lin, thank you for your guidance.”

Zheng Qian and several graduate students immediately followed: “Professor Lin, thank you for your guidance.”

Omi waved his hand and said, “It’s just a small matter. You can continue to study, I will leave first.”

After speaking, he turned around and left.

Immediately afterwards, Omi strode to the library.

After all, you only need to read a few more books and you will soon be able to own a gaming helmet.

At this time, a clear voice sounded not far away.

“You came?”

Omi looked in the direction of the voice, it was Lu Ling!

Today’s Lu Ling, wearing a blue long dress, a quiet face, snow-white skin, plus the books in her arms, looks very quiet and pure.

Omi couldn’t help but said weirdly: “Yes.”

Almost every time I come to the library, I meet Lu Ling~ ~ How does it feel like she lives here?

Finally, Omi couldn’t help but ask the doubts in his heart, and smiled: “You seem to have been staying in the library? Wouldn’t you live here?”

Lu Ling’s snow-white pretty face blushed slightly, and then said in a somewhat irritating tone: “No way, I heard the famous Professor Omi recruit students and hurriedly delivered the mail, but was not selected.”

“So, I had to stay in the library again, study hard, and continue to take the postgraduate entrance examination.”

When Omiyan heard it, he couldn’t help showing a touch of embarrassment, and said: “This… you emailed it? I might not have noticed too much.”

When recruiting students, Omi received tens of thousands of emails.

Therefore, I directly asked Xiaobai to select 10 of the most promising and excellent emails in each discipline.

Judging by the fact that Lu Ling still cannot answer a lot of simple questions every time, she is not one of the 10 students in the physics department, and it is purely normal.


” (

Looking at Omi’s embarrassment, Lu Ling grumbled her eyes, and said aggrieved: “I am still delivering the mail in the first time.”

After a while, she couldn’t help but sneered, and said, “You lied to you, I didn’t email you.”

After a pause, Lu Ling said again: “By the way, what books are you looking for in the library this time?”

Omi lightly coughed and said: “”Nerve System Research”, “From Neuron to Brain”, “Neuron Composition”, “Nerve Conduction”, “Animation Production”, “3D Games and Computer Graphics Mathematical Methods” and “Game Programming Mode”.”

“Nervous system and animation, game programming? What do you want to study?” Lu Ling asked with some doubts, “Is this studying… somatosensory games?”

She also has some understanding of these.

Omi said: “That’s true.”

Lu Ling immediately became interested, her eyes turned into a meniscus shape, and she happily said, “That’s great! I hope you can invent it soon!”

Obviously, she is very interested in games.

Omi said, “Don’t worry, it won’t be long.”

The two said as they walked forward.

Through the language bookshelf, mathematics bookshelf…

I came to the medical neurology category and found “Neural System Research”, “From Neuron to Brain”, “Neuron Composition” and “Nerve Conduction”.

Then, the two went to the animation and game programming bookshelf and found “Animation Production”, “Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics” and “Game Programming Mode”.

Then, they each took a few thick books and sat down in their old positions.

Omi didn’t hesitate too much, he just opened a book and flipped through it quickly.


In just two minutes, hundreds of pages of “Study of Nervous System” were turned over.

This scene……

It was all seen in the eyes of Liu Qianqian who walked into the library. She opened her mouth, ready to say something, but closed her mouth in a hurry, with a thoughtful look on her face.


After more than 20 minutes, the last “Game Programming Mode” was also read by Omi.

Just as Omi put down the book, a clear voice rang in his mind.

【Ding! Congratulations for completing the task. Watch a biological experiment (11), and a computer experiment (11). Read “Neural System Research”, “From Neuron to Brain”, “Neuron Composition”, “Nerve Conduction”, “Animation Production”, “Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics”, “Game Programming” Mode” (77). Obtain a biological and computer level promotion, a head-mounted game helmet, and the reason for the production and working principle. 】

【Ding! The promotion is successful! Congratulations, you have gained academician-level computer experience! 】

【Ding! The promotion is successful! Congratulations, you have gained academician-level biological experience! 】







Suddenly, a huge amount of codes and countless complex biological knowledge, like a sea tide, rushed into Omi’s mind.

Immediately afterwards, Omi had more of the manufacturing principle of gaming helmets in his mind.

[Game Helmet: Is it extracted? 】

The mission is complete!

The game helmet can be used soon!

Even Omi couldn’t help but get excited.

He stood up directly and said: “I have something wrong, so I’ll leave first.”

After speaking, he strode outside.

Because, he can’t wait to retrieve the game helmet for fun.

Lu Ling opened her mouth, just about to say something.

However, seeing Omi’s eager appearance, he had no choice but to swallow the words into his stomach.

She glanced at the draft paper on the table and murmured: “Anyway, there is a question that will not be answered this time, so accumulate it, and ask him next time.”


Omi did not choose to go to the office, but drove Cullinan directly back to Panlong Villa.

[Game Helmet: Is it extracted? 】


The next moment, a helmet made of metal appeared in front of him.

This… is the game helmet!

Omi looked at the helmet with an extremely curious look.

Then, directly on the head.

The game helmet is made of metal on the outside, but on the inside it is very soft and comfortable, and has excellent sound insulation properties.

Omi put the carbon-based chip into a spare cell phone.

Then, a series of upgrades to the mobile phone program on the computer.

After about half an hour, everything was ready.

Omi murmured: “The equipment is there, now we need to design a game.”

Thought of here…

Omi couldn’t help feeling a headache.

Even though, he has academician-level computer experience.

Even though, he mastered the production and working principles of gaming helmets.

However, it is extremely troublesome to design a game by himself.

Without a few days, or even dozens of days of hard work, I am afraid that it will not be completed at all.

Omi sighed and said, “Forget it, let’s apply for a patent and publish a paper first.”

Even though, Omi has endless wealth.

However, it is not sloppy at all to apply for a patent for something invented.

Otherwise, wait until the circulation goes to the market, and the patents that have been registered by others.

That would be extremely troublesome.

As for publishing papers.

It is almost a habit of Omi.


“I’m here, Master!” The super smart watch on the wrist made a crisp sound.

“Help me register a patent for the game helmet, and then write a paper on the game helmet.” Omidao.

Xiaobai said: “Okay, Master.”

Then, the super smart watch burst out a red light.

About ten minutes later, patent documents from countries around the world appeared on the display of the super smart watch.

Xiaobai said: “Master, the patent for the game helmet has been registered.”

“In addition, the paper on the game helmet has also been sent to your mailbox.”

As soon as Xiao Bai’s voice fell, Omi’s phone shook slightly.

An email popped out.

It is the “Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets” just edited by Xiaobai.

Omi probably glanced at it and said, “Xiaobai, good job! The first author writes my name, and the second author writes Qiu Junxiong, Liu Wei, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian.”

“Then, send the paper to…”Nature” editorial department, the old rules will be reviewed in the fastest way.”

“Okay, Master!” Xiaobai said.

In an instant, Omi, Qiu Junxiong, Liu Wei, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian appeared in the paper “Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets” out of thin air.

Then, it was sent directly to the editorial department of Nature.

At this moment, Omi suddenly thought of something and asked hurriedly: “Little Bai, can you develop a game suitable for gaming helmets?”

Xiaobai said: “Yes.”

“Great!” Omi said happily.

After all, he is very interested in gaming helmets.

However, because of the need to design games, I feel a headache.

This feeling is like having Baoshan, but there is an extremely long and rugged mountain road ahead.

And Xiaobai was able to help design, it was like installing a ropeway on a long, rugged mountain road!

Xiaobai asked: “What kind of game does the master want?”

“Adventure!” Omi said without hesitation.

“Okay, Master.” Xiaobai said.

About ten minutes later.

Xiaobai said: “Master, the game is already installed on your backup phone, and the name is World.”

“Okay!” Omi said happily.

Once the game is installed, you can enter the game world immediately!

Omi hurriedly picked up the spare cell phone, and sure enough, there was already an unfamiliar icon that said “World” on it.

Then, Omiping lay on the bed and connected the game helmet to the spare phone.

At this time, a clear reminder sounded in Omi’s ear.

“Do you want to start the game helmet?”

“Start!” Omi said.


Omi only felt a slight tightness at the back of his neck.

The next moment, Omi’s eyes were dark.

A crisp sound rang in his ears again.

“Welcome to the game helmet.”

Immediately afterwards, a row of floating characters appeared in front of Omi.

“Whether to enter the world game?”

Omi didn’t hesitate at all, and said directly: “Yes!”


next moment……

A green grassland appeared in front of Omi.

When a gust of wind blows, he can feel the cool breeze and the shaking touch of the grass.

When Omi raised his head, he could also see the sparrows flying in the sky and the sun hanging in the sky exuding a warm breath.

all of these……

It’s all so real.

Even Omi had a very strange feeling.

It seems that I am not in the game at all, but have entered a real world.

Omi moved forward slowly towards the distance.

Before long, a sea of ​​flowers appeared in front of him.

Red, blue, purple… very beautiful.

In the air, there is still a strong fragrance.


At this time, a long snake covered in patterns suddenly sprang out of the sea of ​​flowers, spitting out snake threads, and quickly crawled towards Omi.

Seeing this, Omi hurriedly backed away.

However, the more retreat, the harder the Long Snake presses.

next moment……

The snake accelerated suddenly, opened its sharp teeth, and bit towards Omi’s calf.

Omi quickly dodged.

If it was outside, Omi, who had taken the potion for several times, had already become a superhuman being.

With his speed and strength, he can solve the long snake very easily.

But, now in the game world.

His power and speed are just the same as ordinary people.

It is really difficult to avoid the snake.


Even, by carelessness, Omi was directly bitten by the snake on his calf.

A pain like a needle **** came to my heart.

Immediately afterwards, there was a tingling feeling all over the body.

After a while, the world in front of him suddenly shattered.

“Death, the game is over.” A crisp voice appeared in Omi’s mind.

So, just entered the game and died in a blink of an eye?

Omi couldn’t help showing a touch of embarrassment.

“Do you want to re-enter the game world?”



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