The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 421-425

After Ran Fei and Liu Dazhi experienced the game helmet with the help of Omi.

Both of them opened their mouths wide, and their faces were dumbfounded.

After a while, they sighed.

“Oh my God!”

“This helmet… does it take us through?”

“It looks exactly like the real world!”

“Unbelievable! Unbelievable!”

“Really… a god-like experience!”

Although, Liu Dazhi has read the “Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets” thesis.

Then, on the plane that arrived, Ran Fei also talked about the functions of the game helmet.

It can be said that they all have a certain understanding and expectations of gaming helmets.

However, they did not expect that they could achieve this point.


Omi has already seen Feng Zhixiang’s appearance after wearing a gaming helmet.

At this time, it is not surprising.

So, it was not too unexpected.

After waiting until Ran Fei and Liu Dazhi were exhausted, Omi said: “Ran Dong, how about it? Do you want to cooperate with the game helmet?”

After learning about the function of the game helmet, Ran Fei had already decided to cooperate with Omi.

Now, after the real experience, he is firmer in this idea.

Yelled: “Yes, I want!”

After a pause, Ran Fei said again: “How to cooperate specifically, Mr. Lin, please wait for a moment. I will first hold a video conference between the senior management and the directors.”

Omi also knows the rules of large companies. Many things cannot be decided by one person.

So, nodded and said: “Okay.”

At the same time, Omi became more determined not to take care of the company.

Otherwise, once you want to do something, you have to keep meeting and explaining.

Too much trouble.

About an hour later, Ran Fei ended the video conference.

Ran Feidao: “Mr. Lin, Dahua Group is willing to obtain the general agent right of gaming helmets with 15% of the shares. In addition, 50% of the profits of all gaming helmets belong to you.”

“Mr. Lin, what do you think?”

Ran Fei was extremely nervous when she said this sentence.

He has personally experienced gaming helmets and knows exactly how big a sensation it will create.

If Omi is not satisfied, he will have a headache.

Because this is already what Ran Fei tried hard to win from the top executives and directors.

Omi said: “Okay, then press this.”

Click this?

agreed? !

After a pause, Omi said again: “In addition, I have a request, that is, to produce a batch of game helmets as soon as possible.”

Ran Fei said excitedly: “Okay, okay! Mr. Lin, you can rest assured that our Dahua Group will definitely produce game helmets in the shortest time!”

Then, he said: “I will let someone draw up a contract?”

After a while, a stack of contracts that still contained warmth was handed to Omi.


Omi flipped through it quickly and signed the name directly.

Immediately afterwards, Ran Fei also signed and sealed.

So far, the cooperation between Gaming Helmet and Dahua Group has been officially reached!

Ran Fei hugged the contract hard and said, “Mr. Lin, then we won’t bother too much.”

Omi nodded.

However, he soon discovered that Liu Dazhi still didn’t want to leave.

“Director Liu, are you still okay?” Omi asked.

Liu Dazhi twisted and said, “This…hehe, Mr. Lin, you are my idol. I don’t know, can you sign me?”

Omi couldn’t help touching his nose.

Do you have fans?

Liu Dazhi saw that Omi didn’t reply, and said: “I know, this request is very difficult…”

Omi smiled and said, “What’s the problem with this? Where is the sign?”

Liu Dazhi hurriedly flipped his purse, took out the latest issue of “Nature”, and said, “Mr. Lin, can you sign here?”

I saw…

Omi picked up his pen and quickly signed his name on the cover of the journal.

Liu Dazhi looked at Long Feifengwu’s handwriting, as if he had obtained a treasure, and hugged the journal tightly in his arms.

He bowed deeply to Omi, and said excitedly: “Thank you Mr. Lin.”

After speaking, he followed Ran Fei contentedly and walked outside.


The following day, the weather was fine.

After Omi ate breakfast, he didn’t wear the game helmet again.

Instead, he drove Cullinan towards Jiangbei University.

After all, he is also a teacher now.

Not going to the office for several days is not so good.


When Omi came to the office, Xia Bing, Xia Xue, Nie Zhenjiang, Hao Zhiwu, Jiang Chaoqun, and Liu Qianqian were focusing on their studies and did not notice Omi at all.

At this time, the cat Xiaobai, who was lying on Hao Zhiwu’s shoulder, suddenly let out a loud cry.


Then, the cat Xiaobai jumped directly off Hao Zhiwu’s shoulder and came to Omi’s feet, rubbing back and forth.

“Master, you are finally here, but you want me to die.”

“When will it be delicious for me?”

When Hao Zhiwu heard the cat Xiaobai’s call, he couldn’t help but raised his head.

“Professor Lin, you are here!” Hao Zhiwu said in surprise.

As his voice sounded, everyone raised their heads.

Nie Zhenjiang, Jiang Chaoqun and Liu Qianqian followed with a look of surprise.

Both Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s beautiful eyes flickered with faint light.

Then, they hurriedly took out two bottles of Pulse from their backpacks and handed them to Omi.

Omi smiled and took two bottles of Pulsation and took a sip of each.

See here…

The two pretty faces of Xia Bing and Xia Xue are as brilliant as blooming flowers.

Omi nodded at the crowd, then turned around and tore open a bag of fine beef and cat food.

Cat Xiaobai made a purring sound while eating.

“It’s delicious, it’s good when the host comes!”

Hao Zhiwu gave a light spit: “Seeing and eating things that are eye-opening!”

Then, holding a stack of draft paper, he said, “Professor Lin, I have a little problem here…”

Omi glanced casually, picked up a pen and paper to write quickly.

“Da da da!”

Soon, a long reaction equation appeared on the draft paper.

Hao Zhiwu suddenly said: “It turned out to be like this, I said, why can’t it be solved all the time.”

After a pause, Hao Zhiwu said again: “Professor Lin, where did you go to play these days?”

Xia Bing, Xia Xue, Nie Zhenjiang, Jiang Chaoqun and Liu Qianqian could not help but **** their ears.

Obviously, they are also very curious.

Omi said, “Didn’t you say last time… you want a device that can be consciously entered into the game?”

Hao Zhiwu nodded.

However, his face was still puzzled.

I have said this.

But what does this have to do with your own problems?

You can’t, you just made the device for the consciousness to enter the game these days.


At this time, there was a rush of footsteps outside the corridor.

“Professor Lin, Professor Lin!”

No one arrived, there was an excited shout.

Soon, biology professors Wu Tian and Zheng Qian hurried to the office.

Wu Tian exclaimed, “Professor Lin, the “Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets” that you published in the latest issue of “Nature” is really wonderful and amazing!”


The whole office is silent!

Xia Bing, Xia Xue, Nie Zhenjiang, Jiang Chaoqun, and Liu Qianqian, though, do not know what thesis “The Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets” is.

However, they all understand what it means to publish a paper in Nature.

So, if Omi didn’t come to the office these few days, did he write this paper?

How many days do you write a paper published in the journal Nature? !



In the past, they often heard people say that Professor Omilin is a genius!

Publishing papers in top journals such as “Nature” and “Science” is as easy as eating.

At that time, they still didn’t believe it.

Now, I believe it!

Nie Zhenjiang, Jiang Chaoqun and Liu Qianqian were dumbfounded.

Xia Bing and Xia Xueqiao’s faces were full of admiration.

Hao Zhiwu exclaimed in excitement, “Professor Lin, have you written a paper on gaming helmets?!”

Omi scratched his ears and said, “Yes.”

“Can you show it to me? Can you show it to me?” Hao Zhiwu asked hurriedly.

As he said the other day, he likes games.

Even, the reason for choosing bioengineering is to make equipment that allows consciousness to enter the game.

Now, how can Hao Zhiwu not get excited when he hears Omi’s paper on the game helmet published in “Nature”?

Because this represents the progress of the game helmet, great progress!

Zheng Qian next to Yiyan handed out the journal Nature.


Hao Zhiwu flipped through it like a treasure.

Soon… he frowned.

Because there are so many things in it that he simply can’t understand.

At this time, Wu Tiandao: “Professor Lin, we didn’t help anything this time. As a result, we appeared in the second game again. It’s… I’m so ashamed.”

Zheng Qian followed: “Yes.”

Although, they said so.

However, their faces were flushed, and they were filled with joy.

No wonder that Wu Tian and Zheng Qian would be like this.

Within a year, two articles were published in top journals.

Even if it’s a second game, it’s something they didn’t even dare to think about before.

What a glory this is! ?

Omi waved his hand and said, “This is what you deserve.”

Next, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian asked Omi about the nervous system in some papers.

Wu Tian said, “Thank you Professor Lin for your patient answer. Let’s go back and study this paper. Now we won’t disturb Professor Lin’s teaching.”

After speaking, they walked outside with Zheng Qian.

At this moment, Zheng Qian seemed to have thought of something, and said: “By the way, Professor Lin, do you know what happened to Hu Tian’s house?”

“What’s the matter?” Omi asked rhetorically.

Zheng Qian said: “Two days ago, I saw Hu Tian go home very anxiously, and asked her… She didn’t say, I thought you knew… it should be nothing.”

Omi looked at the backs of Zheng Qian and Wu Tian moving away. After a little hesitation, he took out his mobile phone and sent Hu Tian a WeChat message.

Omi: Teacher Tiantian, have you gone home?

However, after a long time, Hu Tian did not reply to the message.

Omi understood that something must have happened to Hu Tian’s house.

So, the call was made.

After a while, a tired voice came from inside.


“Teacher Tiantian, have you gone home?” Omi asked.

“Yes.” Hu Tian said.

“Did something happen at home?” Omi asked again.

Hu Tian was silent for a moment, and then said in a hoarse voice: “My second brother is injured.”

Although, Hu Tian did not specifically say what injuries he suffered.

However, Omi knew that it was definitely a serious injury!

Otherwise, she would not be so sad.

In addition, Omi and Hu Tian’s second brother also had some social interactions, knowing that he was called Hu Shaodong.

At the beginning, Hu Shaodong wanted to give Omi a good start through racing.

As he gradually got along, he found that Hu Shaodong was resolute and iron-blooded, so the overall impression was not bad.

Of course, the most important thing is that he is Hu Tian’s second brother and his second brother-in-law!

So Omi said: “Wait for me to come over!”

To know……

Omi has the experience of Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, and he is absolutely nothing to deal with the injuries.

What’s more, Omi still has medical water, which is a Pokémon that cures the disease.

After Omi hung up the phone, Chao Xia Bing, Xia Xue and other students said, “I have something to go out for a few days. If you have any questions you don’t understand, you can ask other professors, or you can stay and wait for me to come back and solve them together. “

After speaking, walked out quickly.


Cat Xiaobai, who was eating beef and cat food, exclaimed, “Goodbye, master!”

At this time, computer professors Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei were walking over with the journal Nature.

They were just about to say something… Omi left them with a back figure that quickly went away.


Qiu Junxiong couldn’t help being a little dazed.

At this time, Hao Zhiwu noticed the two of them and couldn’t help but walked over and excitedly said: “Are you also here to discuss “The Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets” with Professor Lin?”

“Professor Lin has to leave for a few days in a hurry.”

“I am Professor Lin’s student Hao Zhiwu, and I also have some understanding of this. You have the same discussion with me.”

Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei looked at each other before nodding and saying, “Okay.”

Hao Zhiwu pointed to a chart and said, “What is meant here?”

“And this formula…”


Soon… Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei found out, where did Hao Zhiwu know something?

He doesn’t understand anything at all!

Even this paper did not understand it at all!

Co-author… Does he want to explain the thesis to him by himself?

Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei were a little dumbfounded.

If they fully understand the paper, that’s all.

The problem is, they didn’t understand this paper.

So ~ ~ Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei just chatted for a while, then found an excuse to leave the office.

after all……

They are teachers, so students feel that their knowledge is superficial, and they can’t even understand a paper. It’s not good at all.

When Qiu Junxiong and Liu Wei walked towards the training building with “Nature” magazines on their faces, Wang Jun, who is also a computer professor, just happened to walk over.

Wang Jun looked at the proud backs of the two and sighed: “A few days ago, it turned out that Qiu Junxiong did not recruit new students, but Lalinfan went to the laboratory.”

“It would be nice to find out early…”The Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets”!”

Wang Jun shook the journal Nature in his handshake and sighed again.

His heart was filled with regret.

If you find out early, maybe your name can also appear in the second game.



In a wide courtyard.

Hu family Hu Nanshan old man, Hu Kaixuan, Hu Guodong, Hu Tian, ​​and many other Hu family members, all stood at the door, their faces were full of sadness, and there were always people choking and talking.

“Shaodong… Shaodong…”

“I hope it’s not true.”

“Why is this?”


When the old man Hu Nanshan passed his birthday, he got a lot of spiritual tea from Omi.

If you drink it normally, it can definitely prolong your life.

However, now, Hu Nanshan’s entire face looks more vicissitudes and aging than he had passed.

When Hu Nanshan heard the voices of the crowd, a pair of vicissitudes of sword eyebrows suddenly erected.

He shouted: “Cry! Why cry! Shaodong was injured for his father, and we must be proud of him! Later, I see who dares to cry!”

I have to say that Hu Nanshan’s status in the Hu family is really high.

After his voice fell, everyone in the Hu family stopped choking.

Hu Kaixuan took a deep breath and said, “Yes! We must be proud of Shaodong!”


At this moment…

Three jeeps, and an ambulance came to a halt slowly.

A large group of soldiers and doctors walked off carrying a comatose man with scars on his face.

This man is Hu Tian’s second brother, Hu Shaodong!

If you look closely, you can see that Hu Shaodong is not only injured on his face, he still has many scars on his body.

Even his legs have completely disappeared.

He… became disabled!

Even though, everyone in the Hu family already knew the result.

Even though, the old man had already reprimanded everyone before.

However, after seeing Hu Shaodong’s miserable appearance, everyone could not help but feel a little red in their eyes.


At this time, a middle-aged man carrying a wheat ear badge on his shoulder came to Hu Nanshan.

Salute: “Old leader, I’m sorry, I didn’t protect Shaodong well, and Shaodong was injured so badly, I…”

Hu Nanshan interrupted directly: “What are you talking about?!”

“He is a soldier!”

“Since he has become a soldier, he is ready to sacrifice at any time!”

“Also, the soldier should protect others, not you to protect him!”

Having said this, Hu Nanshan couldn’t help but set his gaze on Hu Shaodong and said: “We… are proud of him!”

“Yes!” shouted the man with the wheat ear badge on his shoulder.

Then Hu Shaodong was carried into the room.

The Maisui badge man and the soldiers did not stay long, and after another salute to Hu Nanshan, they turned and left.

After all, they are fighters and have many tasks of their own to deal with.

After the soldiers left, everyone in the Hu family looked at the doctors and nurses and helped Hu Shaodong check the hideous wounds and change the dressing. Tears couldn’t help but keep rolling down.


The shaved pain woke up the sleepy Hu Shaodong.

He rolled his eyes with difficulty, and said hoarsely: “I…I…this is…”

Zhong Hongting choked up and said: “Shaodong, it’s okay, it’s okay, you have returned home…”

Hu Shaodong blinked suddenly, and a hot tear rolled down involuntarily.

Who said that a man does not cry, but he has not yet reached the point of sadness!

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, the phone in Hu Tian’s pocket shook slightly.

She glanced at the call reminder, it turned out that it was from Omi.

Although, Hu Tian was very sad.

However, the answer button was still pressed.

“Teacher Tiantian, I have come to the gate of the compound.” Omi said.

Hu Tian sniffed and said, “Okay, I will come over to pick you up.”

After all, the compound where the Hu family lives is guarded by a gatekeeper, and outsiders are not allowed to enter and leave at will.

When Hu Tian saw Omi, she felt like she had found her support, she couldn’t help but plunged into his arms, tears also rolled out.

Omi patted Hu Tian’s shoulder lightly, and said: “It’s okay, I’m here, second brother will be okay…Take me to see second brother first.”

Hu Tian thought that Omi was comforting her, and nodded gently.

So the two came to the Hu’s compound, shoulder to shoulder.

When Omi saw Hu Shaodong who was lying on the hospital bed with injuries all over his body, even… lost his legs, his expression couldn’t help but change slightly.

Even though, he has the experience of Medicine King Sun Simiao.

However, there is no cure for people who have lost their legs.

Now, hope can only be placed on the medical water.

In fact…

Even for medical water, Omi did not hold out much hope.

After a while, Omicai said, “I have a bottle of special medicine here. It should be of some help to Hu Er’s injury.”

While talking, he spent 10 million yuan to purchase a bottle of medical water from the system.

Everyone in the Hu family couldn’t help but looked at Omi one after another.

Hu Nanshan also noticed Omi, and said, “I’m interested.”

Obviously, he still remembers Omi.

This is also normal.

After all, it was because of Omi.

That’s why Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian existed like two pillars, letting Yue Zixiao lead him to celebrate his birthday.

Omi said, “I’ll go and drink this bottle of potion for Brother Hu now.”

Drink potion now?

In Hu Shaodong’s current situation, where can he drink anything casually?

Hu Nanshan just wanted to refuse.

But, soon, he thought of Lingcha.

During this time, he often drank spirit tea.

Every time I drink a cup, I feel refreshed.

After a period of time, Hu Nanshan felt that all his minor problems had disappeared.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the news that Hu Shaodong was seriously injured and lost his legs.

Hu Nanshan looks much younger than ever!

Omi has magical tea leaves.

Perhaps, also has a magic potion!

Thinking of this, Hu Nanshan said: “Then I will trouble you, Omi.”

With Hu Nanshan’s consent, other people naturally wouldn’t say much.

When Omi came to Hu Shaodong’s side, Hu Tian, ​​who was next to him, saw his miserable appearance at close range, and couldn’t help holding Omi’s hand forcefully.

Omi patted the back of her hand lightly, and said softly, “It will be fine.”

He is very sure.

Although, Omi still doesn’t know whether the medical water is effective.

However, he has a system with 7 billion red envelopes!

There must be a way to solve the leg problem~ ~ Omi said: “Hu Er brother, please open your mouth first.”

Hu Shaodong blinked and opened his mouth tremblingly.


He slowly drank the medical water under everyone’s gaze.

After the medical treatment, Hu Shaodong only felt that there was a warm current flowing in his stomach.

Then, the painful body quickly became relaxed and comfortable.

In the eyes of outsiders, Hu Shaodong’s hideous wounds healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This scene……

Almost shocked everyone’s eyes.

Omi has also been paying attention to the changes in Hu Shaodong’s body.

After he pondered a little, he spent another 10 million yuan to purchase a bottle of medical water from the system.

“Hu Er brother, you can drink another bottle.”

Hu Shaodong was still in a state of surprise and sudden relaxation.

So, for a while, I didn’t hear Omi’s words at all.

Omi had to speak again: “Hu Er Brother, open your mouth.”

Only then did Hu Shaodong react, and said, “Ah…Okay.”

His voice was no longer as hoarse as before, and there was an extra puff of breath that would have been normal.


The second bottle of medical underwater belly.

Hu Shaodong felt that his body was warm again, very comfortable.

In the eyes of outsiders, the wounds on Hu Shaodong’s body heal faster.

Omi has been staring at the changes in Hu Shaodong’s body, and then again spent 10 million yuan to purchase a bottle of medical water from the system…

A bottle of medical water can treat countless illnesses.

After three bottles, the effect is doubled!

Almost every time he blinked, Hu Shaodong’s injury was lost by one point.

About ten minutes.

All his wounds have all healed.

See here…

Omi sighed.

Because Hu Shaodong’s legs still haven’t recovered.

Hu Tian couldn’t help asking: “Second brother, how are you feeling?”

Hu Shaodong clenched his fists and said in a powerful voice, “It’s okay, I feel I’m okay!”

Hu Nanshan nodded repeatedly.

Then he said to Hu Shaodong, “Shaodong, thank you Omi!”

Even Hu Nanshan has never heard of a medicine that can heal wounds in such a short period of time.


In Hu Nanshan’s opinion…Perhaps, this cannot be simply called a medicine at all!

It’s a panacea, a miracle medicine!

There is no doubt that its value is absolutely inestimable!

Omi is willing to take out three bottles in a row, which is absolutely great kindness!

Hu Shaodong also understood this truth, and said seriously: “Omi, thank you.”

Omi waved his hand and said, “Second brother, you are welcome…not to mention, I have not been able to really help you.”

While speaking, he couldn’t help looking down at Hu Shaodong’s legs.

Hu Shaodong was also a little sad, and said: “This is already very good. After all, it is impossible for the legs to grow out.”

At this time, a clear voice rang in Omi’s head.

【Ding! Task: Buy 1 million toys and make 100 different toys by yourself. Reward the perfect prosthesis, as well as the machinery, tools, and principles used to make the prosthesis. 】

Omiyan heard this, his expression moved slightly, and said, “I have a way to get Er Brother Hu to stand up!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone on the scene showed excitement that could not be concealed.

But, immediately afterwards, Omi said again: “Teacher Tiantian, do you know that there is a large toy factory in Shashi?”

A large toy factory?

Didn’t you just say that you can make Hu Shaodong stand up?

Why did you suddenly ask the toy factory?

Although doubts in my mind.

However, Hu Tian still replied: “There are some toy factories in the north of the city.”

Omi nodded and said, “Okay.”

After speaking, he stopped talking, and walked outside.

Only the Hu family looked at each other for a while.

Is the toy factory related to standing up?

You can’t stand up your legs with toys, right?

Omi sat straight on Cullinan and galloped towards the north of the city.

After a while, he came to the door of a rather large-scale factory called Qinqin Toys.

The security guard at the door quickly noticed Omi and said, “Hello, is there anything wrong?”

Omi said: “Tell you the director, I want to buy your toy factory!”

Omi’s idea is very simple.

The task is to buy one million toys.

Buying in batches will definitely be slow.

The simplest and most direct way.

That is to buy the entire factory.

As a result, the toys in the factory have not been bought by myself!

In addition, Omi needs to make 100 different toys by himself.

It is convenient to make it yourself if you buy the factory.

However, these words made the security guard slightly stunned.

Anyone who suddenly hears that someone wants to buy a huge factory will be a little confused.

What’s more, the other party is still a young man.


At this time, a Porsche Cayenne drove over from a distance.

The security guard stood straight and said, “Hello, Director Yao!”


A middle-aged man with a big belly, slowly walked down.

Director Yao nodded to show that he had greeted him.

Then, he asked: “What happened here?”

The security guard hesitated, but didn’t know what to say.

Could it be that this young man wants to buy a toy factory?

The director would definitely curse himself a lot, right?

Omi said directly: “You just came here, I want to buy your factory!”

Director Yao was also taken aback.

Obviously, he didn’t expect Omi to have such a request.

Director Yao couldn’t help but glanced up and down at Omi and found that his expression was calm, as if he didn’t mean to be joking at all.

After a while, Director Yao opened his mouth and said: “Our kiss toy factory is very profitable. The annual profit is more than ten million yuan, and it is still expanding. For the time being, there is no willingness to sell, so it can only be done to you. I’m sorry.”

If, Omi is just an ordinary young man.

Director Yao would not say so much at all.

Even, he would never get out of the car at all.

Just because Omi is driving a tens of millions of luxury cars-Rolls Royce Cullinan!

As if he hadn’t heard it, Omi spoke directly: “500 million yuan!”

Director Yao stiffened slightly.

500 million yuan!

In fact, their factory is worth some money.

No machine or raw material is worth much money.

If it is a big brand toy factory, there may be some factory brand value.

However, the Qinqin Toy Factory has only been established for a few years, and there is no brand at all.

500 million yuan!

It is definitely beyond the actual price of the factory!

Seeing that Director Yao was silent, Omi spoke again: “1 billion yuan!”

1 billion yuan!

This is not beyond the actual price of the factory, UU reading   but a few times!

Director Yao only felt his throat dry for a while.

Seeing that Director Yao still did not answer, Omi frowned slightly and said, “2 billion yuan!”

At this time, Director Yao finally reacted and said hurriedly: “Sell! I’ll sell!”

“If you need it, I can leave all the materials, workers, equipment, sales channels, etc., to you!” Director Yao said immediately.

Not for sale?

It’s just that the price is not high enough!

Omi nodded in satisfaction and said: “Okay!”

Seeing Director Yao standing next to him, he frowned again and said, “What are you still doing here? Go and draw up a contract. Today, I will become the owner of the Qinqin Toy Factory!”

“Yes!” Director Yao hurriedly responded, ran all the way back to the car, and headed into the factory, quickly away.

Director Yao’s name is Yao Hanqing.

Although, he is the director of the factory.

However, the entire factory does not belong to him alone.

It was founded by three people, including him.

Normally, a factory like this kind of partnership.

If you want to sell it, it will be more troublesome and take a long time.

After all, everyone has different ideas.

Some people are for ideals, some are for hobbies…

However, the Qinqin Toy Factory quickly formulated the contract and completed the property right change in just two hours.

As for what ideal?

What interest?

In front of 2 billion, nothing is fart!

When the transaction was completed, Yao Hanqing’s entire face was a ball of laughter.

Omi’s expression remained the same as before, and he directly focused on the task system.

[Task: Look at 1 million toys (1 million 1 million). And make 100 different toys by hand. Reward the perfect prosthesis, as well as the machinery, tools, and principles used to make the prosthesis. 】

The task is half done!

At the same time, there were 200,000 red envelopes in his mobile phone instantly!

However, Omi did not immediately go to receive the red envelope.

At this time, a series of crisp beeps appeared in Omi’s mind.

【Ding! System upgrade, LV8! 】

[LV8 Reward: Get 200 yuan for every breath; get 200 yuan for every second of sleep; get 200 yuan for every step you take. Rewards will be credited to the account at 24 o’clock every day. 】

[System consumption amount: 1.62133 trillion yuan (gifts, gambling, etc. are not included). In addition, all items obtained from the system are prohibited from trading. 】

【Ding! System upgrade, LV9! 】

[LV9 Reward: Get 500 yuan for every breath; get 500 yuan for every second of sleep; get 500 yuan for every step you take. Rewards will be credited to the account at 24 o’clock every day. 】

[System consumption amount: 621,33 trillion yuan (not counting such methods as gifts to others, gambling, etc.). In addition, all items obtained from the system are prohibited from trading. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have completed the hidden mission, spent 1 billion yuan in total, and received 5 platinum red envelopes! 】

After a series of voices sounded in his mind, even Omi couldn’t help but slightly aroused his mouth.

Two levels in a row!

At LV7, if you only count the money you get from breathing, walking, and sleeping, it’s probably more than 7 million yuan a day.

LV9, but it has been directly increased by 5 times!

In other words, now, Omi can get more than 35 million yuan every day just to breathe, walk and sleep!

One billion yuan a month!

This is definitely a very scary number!

In fact, Qian Linfan didn’t care about this.

The key is those 5 platinum red envelopes!

Omi has never opened the platinum red envelope, but the golden red envelope has given him such things as spiritual tea seeds, coupons for doubling shares, etc., with a high probability of getting good things.

The platinum red envelope is definitely worth looking forward to!


After a while, Omi took back his thoughts.

He glanced at Yao Hanqing, who was holding his mobile phone and counting the balance back and forth, but never left, and asked, “Are there anything else for you?”

After all, he can leave now that people and goods are cleaned up.

Yao Hanqing hesitated for a moment and said, “This… Mr. Lin, don’t you know if I can continue to work in the factory?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t take shares, just be an ordinary manager.”

“I have been a toy worker for more than ten years and a factory manager for several years. I am very familiar with the management, operation and production of toy factories, from toy production, off-line, sales, after-sales… a whole set of processes… …”

Today, he can be said to be completely wealthy and free.

However, Yao Hanqing has an intuition that if he follows Omi, he will definitely be able to climb higher and go farther!

Omi didn’t care about management, operation, sales, etc.

However, production? Production?

This is what Omi needs!

after all……

Next, he needs to make 100 different kinds of toys.

Only in this way can the task be completed.

Omidao: “Will you make 100 different toys?”

Yao Hanqing was a little puzzled, why he would ask such a question.

However, he immediately replied: “If a slight change, etc., are considered different toys, then I will make more than hundreds of toys!”

Omi nodded and said, “Okay! Then you teach me to make 100 different toys now.”

Teach him to make 100 different toys?

Yao Hanqing was stunned again.


A super hero who has spent 2 billion yuan to buy a toy factory wants to learn how to make toys?

“Why, no?” Omi frowned slightly.

Yao Hanqing hurriedly said: “Yes, you can… I will go to the workshop with you, where there are materials and tools for making various toys.”

At this time, in the workshop, a group of workers stand to operate the machine, or do manual work, or welding, etc.

When they saw Yao Hanqing, they shouted: “Hello, Director Yao!”

Obviously, these workers still don’t know that their boss has quietly changed.

Yao Hanqing coughed softly, “Everyone, stop your work first!”


After hearing this, everyone stopped the machine and gathered one after another.

Yao Hanqing continued: “Now, let me announce one thing to everyone. Starting today, this Mr. Lin will be the new owner of our kiss toy factory!”

As a result, all the employees focused on Omi and said in unison: “Hello Boss Lin!”

Their changes can be said to be very simple.

This is also normal.

Because, they don’t usually deal with people like bosses at all.

In their hearts…

As long as you work normally, and your boss pays you normally… Then it doesn’t matter who the boss is.

Omi said: “Hello everyone. I want to announce one thing, kiss the toy factory, and soon will produce some other things. Those who want to stay can continue to stay. After staying, the salary will be doubled! I don’t want to stay. For those who have gone through the resignation procedures, N+2 compensation can be made.”

After all, as long as the task is completed, you can obtain the machinery, tools, principles and other things for making prosthetic limbs.

Now that you have bought the factory, let’s follow the production.

Otherwise, it is really wasteful.

As for the compensation and the doubling of wages, Omi didn’t care about it at all.


“Can wages be doubled?”


“I stay!”

“Me too!”


After Omi’s voice fell, ~ ~ fierce shouts rang out from the entire factory.

The reason why they come to work in a toy factory is definitely not because they like toys.

Just to make money.

Now, if you can double your salary, you don’t want to miss it.

As for what is produced, what does it matter?

Omi nodded and said, “You don’t have to agree to it right away. You can take a day off with pay today. Go back and think about it. Just come over and reply tomorrow.”

Don’t think about it!”

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

The workers shouted, the whole workshop was full of noise, and no one chose to leave.

After all, this is about doubling wages!

What if you go back and think about it all night, and it turns out that you don’t double it?

That would definitely regret it for a lifetime!

See here…

Omi frowned involuntarily.

He doesn’t like this noisy scene very much.

Especially, he still has tasks to complete, Hu Tian and Hu Shaodong are still waiting for themselves at home.

Yao Hanqing, who was standing next to him, seemed to notice Omi’s unhappiness, and said hurriedly: “Those who want to stay, go to the square to register with Manager Qu!”

“The number of places is limited! If you are late, you should just take the initiative to apply for resignation! After registration, you can come to work tomorrow!”

He didn’t think that Omi was joking about doubling wages and N+2 compensation.

To know……

Just now, Omi bought the Qinqin Toy Factory with a sky-high price of 2 billion.

After Yao Hanqing’s voice fell, the employees no longer dared to yell, and rushed to the square.

Soon, the whole workshop became empty and silent.

Omi nodded in satisfaction and said, “It’s done well.”

Although, it’s just 5 words.

But, in Yao Hanqing’s ears, it was like beautiful music, so sweet.

Yao Hanqing said happily: “Mr. Xie Lin praised!”

Omi said again, “Now teach me how to make toys.”

“Okay.” Yao Hanqing said.

Yao Hanqing took the small motor and the plastic cover, and said, “This is a part of the toy car, and it only needs to be assembled.”

While talking, he installed about a dozen components together.

Soon, a mini car appeared in front of him, and it was able to run at a faster speed after the battery was installed.

It took only a minute for Yao Hanqing to complete the assembly, and Omi followed suit.

This is also normal…

After all, making this toy is very simple.

And Omi has the ability to remember, how could he not complete the assembly quickly?


Yao Hanqing looked at Omi’s fast and perfectly installed toy, and couldn’t help but admire: “Mr. Lin, your assembly speed is so fast!”

Omi ignored him, instead focusing on the task system.

[Task: Purchase 1 million toys (1 million 1 million), and make 100 different toys by hand (1100). Reward the perfect prosthesis, as well as the machinery, tools, and principles used to make the prosthesis. 】

Omi said, “Make the next toy.”

“Okay.” Yao Hanqing said.

Then, they assembled Thomas trains, different Ultramans, Iron Man in various states, various toy guns, excavators, slides and so on.

I have to say that there are indeed many types of toys in Qinqin Toy Factory.

And Yao Hanqing is really proficient in making all kinds of toys.

In a blink of an eye, three hours passed.

Yao Hanqing picked up a set of parts, raised his hand, and prepared to assemble and manufacture.

At this moment, Omi, who had never spoken, suddenly said, “It’s okay.”

Because, a clear reminder sounded in his mind.

【Ding! Complete the task: buy 1 million toys (1 million 1 million), and make 100 different toys (100,100) by hand. Obtain the perfect prosthesis, as well as the machinery, tools, principles, etc. to make the prosthesis. 】

The task is complete!

At the same time, Omi had a lot of knowledge about prosthetics in his mind.

After a while, a smile appeared on his face.

Because, according to the prosthetic knowledge provided by the system, he knew that Hu Shaodong could stand up!

After Yao Hanqing heard what Omi said, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

After making toys for three hours in a row, he was also a little tired.

Omi said: “Okay, come here today, and I will come back tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Yao Hanqing answered.

Then, Omi didn’t stay long, driving Cullinan straight to the distance.


Hu Family Courtyard.

After Hu Shaodong took three bottles of medical water, except that his legs still did not grow out, his overall condition was no different from before.

Make no difference?

Do not!

In fact, there are still differences.

Hu Shaodong suffered from tinnitus, rhinitis, pharyngitis and other problems for many years, and all of them have completely disappeared.

Seeing that there was still some sadness on the faces of everyone in the Hu family, Hu Shaodong smiled forcefully: “Dad, mom, uncle, aunt, you don’t have to be unhappy, I think this is also very good, you don’t need training in the future, you don’t need to run around. Always by your side.”

Where everyone can’t hear, he wanted to comfort himself.

However, still enduring the sorrow of the tip of his nose, he couldn’t help nodding.

The aunt couldn’t help but said, “Omi, there is such a magical potion. He said that if he can make Shaodong stand up again, it will definitely be possible!”

When Hu Shaodong heard this, his heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up by half a beat.

But, soon, he shook his head feebly.


any solution?

If so, just say it directly.

It is impossible for the lost legs to grow out of thin air!

The aunt turned to say, “Tiantian, didn’t you just call Omi? Did he say something to do?”

Hu Tian hesitated, and said, “He… said he went to the toy factory.”

The aunt’s meaning, obviously, wanted Hu Tian to say something to comfort Hu Shaodong.

But if you really say it.

What should I do when Omi comes?

At that time, the greater the hope and the greater the disappointment!

Even carrying it would make it difficult for Omi to do it.

Hu Tian didn’t want Omi to be embarrassed.

In fact…

When Omi left Hu’s house, he also said he was going to the toy factory.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope in the hearts of Hu Shaodong and the Hu family.

just in case……

What if you heard it wrong?

What if, Omi is looking for the magic potion to help Hu Shaodong stand up?

At this time, after receiving Omi’s reaffirmation, the last little hope in everyone’s hearts also vanished.

However, someone still whispered: “What is he doing in the toy factory now?”

Hu Shaodong smiled and said, “Omi went to the toy factory… Maybe he wanted to make toys for my future nephew and niece… That’s not bad! Sweet, you should have children too.”

Hu Tianyan heard it, and the whole pretty face couldn’t help blushing.

After hearing this, everyone in the Hu family ~ ~ their mood improved slightly, and there was a touch of expectation on their faces.


At this time, a brisk footstep sounded outside.

It was Omi who had been out for a few hours!

At this time, Omi was walking in with a big box and shouted, “Hu Er Brother, you will be able to stand up soon!”


As soon as this statement came out, Hu Nanshan, Hu Tian, ​​Hu Kaixuan… and Hu Shaodong who were lying on the bed, all turned around.

All focused on Omi!

Soon…you can stand up!

“Boom boom boom!”

Everyone’s heartbeat started to accelerate!


Hu Tian couldn’t help stepping forward and said, “Omi, what you just said is true?”

Omi smiled and said, “When did you think I lied to you?”

“Do not worry!”

While talking, he gently patted the back of Hu Tian’s hand.

Then, holding the big box and came to the hospital bed.

Under everyone’s gaze, Omi took out the prosthesis from the big box.

Omi introduced: “This is a prosthetic leg. After being installed on the body, it can perfectly replace the original legs.”

“Hu Er brother, the whole body may feel a little numb later, and he will be fine soon.”

Hu Shaodong nodded and said, “Okay.”

So Omi lifted off Hu Shaodong’s broken lower body.

Although, Hu Shaodong’s injuries have all healed.

However, the hideous wound at the break of the two thighs can still be seen.

See here…

Many people in the Hu family trembled and felt extremely sad.

Omi held the prosthesis and compared it slightly with his thigh.

Then, he connected the end of the prosthetic limb that seemed to be flowing with liquid to Hu Shaodong’s broken leg.


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