The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 431-435

At this time, Hao Zhiwu also came to Omi and said, “Professor Lin, I heard that Dahua Group is recruiting 100 game helmet players worldwide? Can I go?”

When he said this, Hao Zhiwu’s face was full of anticipation.

Yesterday, when he saw the news, he jumped up with excitement and didn’t sleep all night.

Because this helmet game has always been his dream.

He never felt that he was so close to his dream.

Omi said, “Are you going to recruit players? It seems that a batch of game helmets have already been made. If you want to go, then go. I’ll talk to Ran Fei when I look back.”

“Very good!”

Hao Zhiwu yelled excitedly, opening his arms to hug Omi.

However, Omi quickly dodged aside.

“My orientation is normal!”

These words almost didn’t choke Hao Zhiwu, he calmed down and said, “Thank you, Professor Lin.”

Omi nodded and bent over to make a pot of spirit tea.

After the fragrant spiritual tea, Omi’s whole body was refreshed a lot.

“In the past few days, have you encountered any problems that you don’t understand?” Omi asked.

Hao Zhiwu said proudly: “Professor Lin, take a look, how is my answer to the second question?”

While speaking, he handed over a stack of draft paper.


Omi flipped through it quickly, and after a few seconds, he said: “Although the process is a bit complicated, the answer is correct, not bad!”

After Hao Zhiwu listened, the smug color on his face became more intense.

Anyway, my second question is correct.

Liu Qianqian curled her lips and said, “Why are you so proud! Xia Bing and Xia Xue passed the second pass a day earlier than you!”

When Omiyan heard it, his eyes lit up slightly, and he looked at Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s computers.


The screen of their computer is full of data from the third level.

Obviously, the second level has been successfully passed.

Omi nodded and said, “Xia Bing, Xia Xue, they did a good job!”

Although, it’s just such a simple compliment.

However, Xia Bing and Xia Xue seemed to have eaten candied dates, and their entire pretty faces were full of sweetness.

See here…

Liu Qianqian next to her could not help but shook her head secretly.

Xin said: It’s over, Xia Bing and Xia Xue have completely sunk in.

Hao Zhiwu said: “Then I have solved the second question.”

Liu Qianqian said: “I’m almost too.”

As Liu Qianqian said, she is almost there.

In just two hours, she took a stack of draft paper and came to Omi.

Omi flipped through it quickly and said, “It’s a good answer, please continue to answer the third question.”

Liu Qianqian couldn’t help but hooked her mouth.

The atmosphere in the office has become more and more heated.

Because Nie Zhenjiang and Jiang Chaoqun have not yet been able to answer the second question.

Xia Bing, Xia Xue, and Hao Zhiwu wanted to quickly solve the third question.

Everyone is full of fighting spirit.

Only Omi was lying on the boss chair, playing games leisurely.


The time of a day is fleeting in a blink of an eye.

Xia Bing, Xia Xue, and Liu Qianqian walked towards the dormitory together.

Liu Qianqian couldn’t help but said, “Xia Bing, Xia Xue, besides his profound knowledge, what do you like about Professor Lin?”

Liu Qianqian thinks that Xia Bing and Xia Xue are classmates and friends.

They should be advised not to sink too deep into the ground.

Because Omi already has a girlfriend.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xia Bing and Xia Xue hadn’t replied yet, there was a sound of playing basketball on the basketball court not far away.

One of the boys accidentally threw the basketball off the court~ ~ and shot it away.

At this moment, Omi happened to pass by and caught the basketball.

The boy shouted: “Friend, please throw the basketball over, thank you!”

Omi didn’t look back at all, just tossing it away.

The basketball formed a beautiful parabola in the air.

In the end, he fell steadily into the basket.



The whole basketball court is silent!

Liu Qianqian’s eyes widened, she couldn’t help but said: “So handsome!”

Xia Bing and Xia Xue had two beautiful eyes, staring at the back of Omi’s departure without blinking, for a while, obsessed.


the following few days……

It rains almost every day.

However, Omi went to the office on time every day, and it was considered rain or shine.

With the help of Omi, Nie Zhenjiang and Jiang Chaoqun also solved the second question one after another.

As for the third question, no one can successfully answer it.

Because the difficulty of the third question is more complicated than the first and second questions combined.

In a blink of an eye, it was the weekend.

Pushing open the window, there is a dazzling sun.

Finally, it was clear.

“It’s not raining anymore!”

“Delicious insects, so delicious!”

“I ate three of them.”

“I ate four!”

“So full!”

Outside the window, a few sparrows shouted cheerfully.

Omi smiled and shook his head. He sat on the soft sofa and swiped his phone at random.

At this time, a piece of news came into his eyes.

“From First Love to the Palace of Marriage.”

After seeing this news, Omi couldn’t help but think of Qin Yuxuan.

Muttered in his mouth: “It seems that I haven’t seen her for a while. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with today. Qumo will give her a surprise!”

Just do it.

Omi drove Cullinan directly to the airport and bought a first-class ticket to the magic city recently.

After sleeping for two hours on the plane, Omi arrived at the magic city after he had enough energy.

I called a taxi and came to the World Financial Building.

Although, Omi has been here several times.

Even the entire building already belongs to him.

However, now looking up at the majestic building of the World Financial Building again, it is still unavoidable for a while.

“It’s magnificent!”

Then, Omi took the elevator to the 78th floor.

In the huge office, there are all white-collar workers in suits and hoops in a hurry.

Obviously, they are all very busy.

From another perspective, the company’s business is very good.

However, this is also normal.

To know……

Omi is the owner of the Global Financial Building. The company that rents office buildings here can bring a lot of business to investment companies.

not to mention……

Omi also greeted a number of companies such as Ali Group, Penguin Group, Letter Beat, Yinshan Group, Tiantian Bank, and so on, and asked them to take care of them.

How could the investment company’s business be bad?


At this time, Senior Sister Lu walked out of the office with a stack of documents.

After she saw Omi, she was surprised: “Omi, when did you come?”

“Are you looking for Qin Dong? But, she’s on a business trip!”

In the past, Sister Lu, Sister Fan and others would call Qin Yuxuan Yuxuan.

However, as the company developed better and better, their titles were all changed to positions, especially in public places.

Because, in this way, it is easier to establish the prestige and status of the other party in the company.

Omi was stunned and said, “Are you on a business trip?”

He didn’t tell Qin Yuxuan in advance, he wanted to surprise her.

How is it now?

A trip for nothing?

Senior Sister Lu said, “Yes, but I should be back tomorrow.”

come back tomorrow?

Fortunately, it’s not a waste of running.

Omi breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Okay, then I will find her again tomorrow.”


Omi did not stay in the World Financial Building for a long time.

He walked leisurely on the winding sidewalk.

Along the way, looking at the towering buildings, noisy streets, crowds, and laughing couples… it’s not a bit of a taste.

At this time, a strong fragrance came.

It turned out that he unknowingly came to a restaurant called Mingyuelou.

Although, Omi has never come here to eat.

However, he has heard the name.

Because this is the hotel with the longest history in the magic capital, and it is very famous.

Omi saw it a few times when he swiped his phone without incident.

Omi sniffed the scent in the air, recalling the introduction in the news, the roundworm in his stomach couldn’t help but hook up.


Behind him, a clear voice suddenly sounded.

Omi turned around to look, his face also showed a touch of surprise.

This is a woman who looks very sunny in a T-shirt.


That’s right!

She is Omi’s cousin… Zhang Ting.

A long time ago, Omi heard that Zhang Ting was working in the magic city.

Unexpectedly, I ran into it here today.

Zhang Ting said happily: “Xiao Fan, when did you come to the magic city? Why didn’t you tell me!”

Omi said, “I only arrived today.”

“Really? That’s right! Today, I will take you to a big meal!” Zhang Ting said happily.

Then, she pointed to Yuelou and said: “Today, our class is holding a class reunion here, Mingyuelou! You should have heard of it? The food here is very delicious!”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help swallowing.

It looks like you have already seen the delicious flavors.

Originally, Omi just wanted to go in and eat.

Now, it’s not bad to be with my cousin.

So Omi smiled and said, “Then I have a good food today.”

The two said as they walked into the Mingyue Tower.

I have to say that Mingyue Tower is indeed a very famous restaurant.

The red sandalwood tables and chairs that can be seen everywhere, the ornaments with clear textures…all of them all express its luxury and characteristics.

In the hall, a large group of young people in their twenties are gathering together, chatting.

When Zhang Ting and Omi approached, a round-faced man smiled and said, “Ah! Isn’t this the beautiful woman in our class?”

Then, many people also turned their eyes on Zhang Ting.

This made the face of the woman named Xue Meili, who was wearing Chanel’s clothes and originally in focus, flashed with an unpleasant color.

When Xue Meili saw Omi next to Zhang Ting, her expression moved slightly, and said: “Zhang Ting, this one…isn’t your boyfriend, right? Don’t introduce us to it?”

The classmates also cast curious eyes.

It was also echoed.

“Yeah, let’s introduce it soon.”

“It’s rare that Zhang Damei brought a boy over.”

Obviously, they all want to know the answer.

Zhang Ting smiled and said: “You have misunderstood, this is not my boyfriend, his name is Omi, he is my cousin.”

The classmates said and heard ~ ~ Someone breathed a sigh of relief.

A look of disappointment flashed across Xue Meili’s face.

She used to have a bad relationship with Zhang Ting.

Originally, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to step on Zhang Ting, but now I feel a little weak.


At this time, the boyfriend who had just gone to the bathroom walked over.

Xue Meili’s expression moved again.

She took her boyfriend’s arm and said, “Since it is Zhang Ting’s cousin, that is our cousin.”

“Omi, you also work in the city? If you don’t find a good job, you can tell me.”

“My boyfriend has several companies, maybe he can help.”

Omi said, “That’s not necessary, because I’m still studying now.”

Xue Meili said suddenly: “It turned out to be like this, but you can come to me if you want to find a better job after graduation.”

“After all, you are Zhang Ting’s cousin.”

After a pause, he said: “By the way, Zhang Ting, I heard that you work in a factory?”

“The factories are all places where uneducated migrant workers work. They are too tired! Otherwise, I will ask my boyfriend to arrange for you to come to their company?”

Then, Xue Meili said in a coquettish tone: “Kaijun, can you arrange a job for Zhang Ting?”

Liu Kaijun said: “Zhang Ting is your classmate, of course it’s okay.”

Zhang Ting was very upset.

What is meant by factories where migrant workers work?

The factory she works in is all modern equipment and requires professional technology to complete it.

In addition, what happened to the migrant workers?

She is still the daughter of a farmer!

However, Zhang Ting thought that it was a classmate gathering and couldn’t make the scene too ugly, and said, “I think the factory is also very good. You can apply what you learned in university.”

The students next to me seemed to feel that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, and said, “It seems that everyone is here, so let’s hurry up and order food!”

“Yeah, let’s order! I’ve heard of Mingyuelou’s name a long time ago. It’s rare to come here for dinner today.”

“I’m almost drooling.”


A man with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks said: “This is thanks to a beautiful boyfriend. Otherwise, how can we have a chance to meet and eat here.”

This sentence is true.

Because most people want to come to Mingyue Tower for dinner, they must make an appointment for at least one month.

And their class reunion was decided two days ago.

Liu Kaijun used some family relationships to successfully book a position.

Liu Kaijun smiled and said, “A beautiful reunion of classmates, of course, we must come to the best place in the magic city.”

“In a moment, everyone, don’t be polite to me, just order any food. I will pay for all the consumption today. This can be regarded as the best of the landlord’s friendship.”

Suddenly, everyone admired.

“Beautiful, your boyfriend is so nice!”

“I found a good boyfriend!”


Xue Meili’s face was also full of smiles, and she did not forget to cast a triumphant look at Zhang Ting.


And when everyone is chatting.

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes has never passed by far.

Wherever they went, the waiters stooped down and shouted respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Wang.”

President Wang didn’t seem to hear him, he just walked forward on his own.

When he turned his head, he accidentally saw Omi.

Especially when I saw the dragon-shaped ring on Omi’s thumb.

The whole heart jumped suddenly: The Qing Hongmen ancestor’s biography!

President Wang was almost conditioned, and he was about to step forward and greet respectfully.

However, he soon felt wrong again.

Because, the identity of the ancestor of Qinghongmen’s ancestor is not trivial, it is not that he can directly meet.

After thinking for a while, Mr. Wang called the lobby manager over and said, “Go and take the people over there, please go to the royal box!”

“In addition, send all the most expensive wines and delicacies over, and you must give me a good treat!”

The lobby manager was instantly shocked.

It’s not a big deal to send wine and delicacies.

Mingyue Tower will do similar things when it receives some big shots.

But, the royal box… this has never been opened before!

Today, you want to invite all that large group in?

The lobby manager seemed to be unable to believe his ears, and asked: “This…Mr. Wang, you just said, invite them to the royal box?”

President Wang nodded and said, “Yes! Remember, you must treat yourself well!”

After getting a reaffirmation from President Wang, the lobby manager immediately understood that there is definitely a very remarkable existence in that group of people.

So, solemnly said: “Yes.”

President Wang nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Omi and the dragon-shaped ring in his hand from a distance.

Only then quickly walked towards the outside.


Xue Meili, Liu Kaijun and others were still chatting around the table.

At this time, the lobby manager walked in respectfully and said: “A few distinguished guests, we have prepared a royal box for you, please let us inside.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Xue Meili said: “Kaijun, you are so amazing, you booked us a box!”

While talking, she rubbed against Liu Kaijun without her body.

In fact…

When the lobby manager said that he would wait for someone to go to the royal box, Liu Kaijun was also taken aback.

He knows better than others how difficult it is to book a box in Mingyue Tower.

At a certain price, Liu’s family can book a lobby location that ordinary people need to book a month in advance.

However, if you want to book the private room of Mingyuelou, even if it is the Liu family, it does not mean that you can book it if you want.

Therefore, when booking a seat two days ago, Liu Kaijun never thought about booking a box.

What’s the situation now?

Originally, Liu Kaijun wanted to ask the lobby manager if he made a mistake.

However, after hearing what his girlfriend said, the whole person felt a little ecstatic, and said with a smile: “Your classmates reunion, of course, you have to choose to eat in the box.”

“Kaijun, you are awesome!” Xue Meili said.

This voice made Liu Kaijun salute slowly.

Then, under the leadership of the lobby manager, everyone went straight to the royal box.

There are carved columns and jade columns, and there are many ink paintings and copybooks hanging on the walls.

The whole box is full of luxury and elegance, which gives people a sense of intoxication.

The lobby manager respectfully said: “Dear guests, please take a break. We will bring the food soon.”

After speaking, he slowly walked outside.

Everyone could not help but talk in a low voice.

“This box is so special.”

“Look… the shrimp painting on the wall actually has Qi Baishi’s name written on it~ ~ Isn’t this the real work of Qi Baishi?”

“There is also this copybook. The signature below is Wu Changshuo, a great modern calligrapher!”

“Hey! You say, these are not authentic, right?”

Everyone looked at the paintings and the copybooks, all of them admired for a while, and then they couldn’t help but cast their gazes on Liu Junkai.

Obviously, I wanted to ask his opinion.

In the eyes of everyone, Liu Junkai’s family has opened several companies and certainly has a wide range of knowledge.

In addition, this box was also ordered by him, maybe he knows some things.

Xue Meili also said softly, “Kaijun, are these calligraphy and paintings authentic?”

In fact, Liu Kaijun was amazed when he saw these calligraphy and paintings.

At this time, after hearing Xue Meili’s voice, she pretended to be calm and smiled: “Of course these are not genuine products, but they are also very good imitations.”

“Such a genuine product might be worth hundreds of millions. Even Mingyue Tower would not dare to display it casually.”

Everyone felt reasonable, and nodded in agreement, and then let out a burst of admiration.

“It’s really a good imitation.”

“This box is really unique.”


Xue Meili listened to everyone’s admiration, and the whole person became more and more proud, nestled in Liu Kaijun’s arms, and said happily: “Kaijun, you are awesome!”

Liu Kaijun laughed and said, “At night, let you experience it again.”

Xue Meili hammered Liu Kaijun’s shoulder lightly, with a shy look, and said: “Bad, big bad guy…”

Liu Kaijun is happier.


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside.

Then, Australian lobster, superb Buddha jumping over the wall, Taishi snake soup, superb abalone, superb bird’s nest, caviar, truffle sashimi, M9 beef…

Louis XIII, Lafite in 1993, Romani Conti in 1992, the best Moutai…

All kinds of expensive dishes and all kinds of expensive drinks were brought in one after another.

See here…

Everyone, including Liu Kaijun, opened their mouths wide, their faces dull.

Some people couldn’t help but swallowed.

They have never seen so much food and wine.

It was Liu Kaijun who reacted first and shouted, “Waiter, did you deliver it to the wrong place? We didn’t order these food and wine.”

You know, this is Mingyue Tower!

The dishes here are indeed delicious, but the prices are far more expensive than other places.

I am afraid that these dishes alone cost more than 100,000.

As for these wines…Any bottle is also more than 100,000.

But here, there are quite a few bottles!

With this calculation, this meal may cost tens of millions!

Although the Liu family did open several companies, they also had a small amount of money.

However, if a meal is tens of millions, he can’t afford it at all.

At this time, the lobby manager walked in and smiled and said, “This is the free dishes and drinks that our Mingyue Building will give to the distinguished guests. I hope that the distinguished guests can eat happily.”

Everyone was taken aback for a moment.

Including Liu Kaijun.

Free dishes and drinks.

Moreover, it is still such an expensive dishes and drinks!

This… simply unimaginable!

Liu Kaijun was the first to react.

He thought to himself: A while ago, my father said that he might want to cooperate with the Chen family, one of the four major families of the magic city. Could it be that they have already cooperated? No wonder Mingyuelou will prepare a box for me and give me so many meals!

Thinking of this, Liu Kaijun raised his neck and said, “It turns out that this is the case. You Mingyue Tower is interested.”

The lobby manager repeatedly said: “This is what we should do. Then, please eat and drink well, and if you have any other needs, please tell us at any time.”

After speaking, take the waiter to eat together and walk outside.

As they left, everyone in the box turned their eyes on Liu Kaijun.

Obviously, they also understand that the reason why Mingyuelou presented so many food and wine is all his reason.

Xue Meili even plunged into Liu Kaijun’s arms, and put his fiery lips together.

“Kaijun, you are great!”

Xue Meili knew that Liu Kaijun’s family opened several small companies.

However, judging from the current situation, it is definitely not as simple as a few small companies.

At this time, Xue Meili was extremely happy that she had chosen Liu Kaijun.

Then, she looked at Zhang Ting with an extremely proud look.

It looks like: Zhang Ting, didn’t you study well before, didn’t you be called a class flower? How is it now? Don’t you have to work in the factory?

Xue Meili seemed to feel that this was not enough, and she said, “Zhang Ting, you can have a delicious meal today! Your salary for ten years is probably only enough for this meal. From now on, I won’t be able to eat it anymore!”

Without any modification, directly mocked.

Zhang Ting’s face became very ugly.

Everyone needs a face.

What’s more, there are some old classmates here, as well as his cousin Omi.

Omi’s face also sank.

He also knows that this is a cousin’s class reunion, and the atmosphere should not be too stiff.

However, he mocked his cousin several times in a row.

He felt that this kind of classmates, this kind of gatherings, there is no need to endure any longer.

Because some people just shamelessly!

Omi shouted: “If my cousin can eat it in the future, I don’t have to worry about it, but you will definitely not be able to eat it in the future.”

Xue Meili did not expect that someone would dare to refute herself and shouted: “What do you mean by this?!”

Omi glanced coldly and said, “What do I mean, don’t you understand?”

Xue Meili shivered involuntarily. This look, as if she had fallen into an ice cellar, the biting cold spread all over her body.

After a while, she came to a sense of relief, hugged Liu Kaijun’s arm, and said softly: “Kaijun, you listen to what he said, what he meant is simply cursing your Liu family.”

Xue Meili is Liu Kaijun’s boyfriend and future wife.

To say that she can’t eat these delicacies is to say that the Liu family will be dying.

Liu Kaijun said in a deep voice: “Everyone! You are all beautiful classmates, so I am willing to entertain you!”

“But! This does not mean that you can curse my Liu family at will!”

Speaking of this, Liu Kaijun shouted to Omi: “Get me out of Mingyue Tower now, I don’t care about what you said just now!”

Now, Liu Kaijun feels that he has established a cooperation with the Chen family, one of the four major families of the magic capital.

The whole person also became arrogant.

So, speaking of words, I think I have supreme domineering.

Get out?

Omi frowned.

No one has ever said this to him.


At this time, there was another sound of footsteps outside the corridor.

Then, a large group of people walked in.

Among them, there are middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes, and old men with gray hair and a good atmosphere.

When all the students saw these people, their faces all showed a hint of confusion.

And Liu Kaijun… his heart was jumping wildly.

He is a native of Magic City.

Although, I haven’t seen the Patriarch of all the four major families of Demon Capital.

However, his father said not long ago that he would cooperate with the Chen family, one of the four major families of the magic city.

For this reason, Liu Kaijun also specifically asked about the situation of the Chen family. UU read   and saw a photo of Chen Xingwang, the head of the Chen family.

He still clearly remembered the admiration on his face when his father was talking about Chen Xingwang, the head of the Chen family.

Now, Chen Xingwang, the head of the Chen family, is actually in this group of people.

Moreover, he was not standing at the forefront of this group of people, nor was he in the middle. Instead, he stood respectfully next to an old man in a white exercise suit.

This…what’s the situation?

What is the identity of this group of people?

Why did they come to the door of the box?

When Liu Kaijun was surprised and puzzled.

All these people looked at Omi.

When they saw Omi’s face and saw Omi wearing a dragon-shaped ring on his hand…

They all bent over and said in a very respectful tone: “See Mr. Lin!”



The whole scene was silent!

Zhang Ting and the other classmates didn’t know these people, they were just a little puzzled…Why did these people all bend down towards Omi, and said in such a respectful tone: See Mr. Lin.

Liu Kaijun’s whole heart was beating like a drum.

Because, among these stooped people, there is also Chen Xingwang!

That is the Patriarch of the Chen Family, one of the four major families of the Demon Capital!


What is the situation? !

Liu Kaijun had a bad feeling in his heart.

After a while, he squatted: “Did you make a mistake?”

Got it wrong? !


It must be like this!

Omi is just the cousin of Xue Meili, and also a student!

How could Chen Xingwang and others be so respectful!

There must be a mistake!


A middle-aged man looking outside the box, after hearing this sound, couldn’t help but glanced inside.

Then, hurriedly ran in.

He…is Liu Kaijun’s father, Liu Wei.

It turned out that Liu Wei also came to Mingyue Tower for dinner today.

Obviously, he is much more knowledgeable than his son Liu Kaijun.

He recognized the patriarchs of the four major families and many core members at a glance.

However, Liu Wei didn’t dare to approach easily, just watched from a distance.

Because he knew that he didn’t have the qualification to approach at all.


Liu Wei was very curious about what he wanted to do when the patriarchs and core members of the four major families appeared together.

At this moment, they discovered that they had walked into the imperial box that had been sealed for a long time.

Even, they bent over together… to one of the young people: See Mr. Lin.

This scene almost didn’t make Liu Wei’s entire chin hit the ground.

To know…

That’s the patriarch of the four big families!

Mr. Lin? !

When did the Demon Capital have great power with the surname Lin?

What is the identity of that young man? !

When Liu Wei was inexplicably shocked…

He suddenly saw his son Liu Junkai, also in the royal box.

When did your son… know such a mysterious man?

Immediately afterwards, Liu Wei heard what his son said again, did he make a mistake?

just in case…

What should I do if my son accidentally offended the other party?

In addition, this time… seems to be a good time to show up in front of the four big families and the mysterious young man.

After Liu Weilue hesitated, he walked in quickly.

“Boy, what’s wrong! Don’t talk nonsense!”

The patriarchs and core members of the four families are so sharp-eyed people.

Will they mobilize the crowd to admit the wrong person?

Isn’t that a joke? !

Then, Liu Wei smiled and said, “Mr. Lin, my name is Liu Wei… Sorry, my son Liu Kaijun doesn’t know the real dragon. Didn’t you offend you just now?”

He reported his son’s name again, and he also reported his own name.

Obviously, it was deliberately showing up in front of the four big families.

Omi glanced at Liu Wei lightly and said, “Offend? That’s not the case.”

Liu Wei was overjoyed.

No offense.

So, isn’t his son more familiar with this mysterious young man?

Or even friends? !

Could it be that the opportunity for our Liu family to stand up!

Thinking of this, Liu Wei’s heart was hot, and his heartbeat began to speed up a few beats.

He seems to have seen the Liu family flourish and the bright future is infinitely bright.

At this time, Omi continued: “He just kept taunting my cousin with his girlfriend, and then let me get out of Mingyue Tower.”


Taunt the cousin of the ancestor of Qinghongmen!

Let the ancestors of Qinghongmen get out!


How dare! ?

How dare!

In an instant, the whole box seemed to be turned into an ice cellar.

The patriarchs of the four major families, as well as the core members…all fell on Liu Wei and Liu Kaijun with extremely cold eyes.

Liu Wei couldn’t help but shivered, and his whole body was instantly soaked with sweat.

At this time, he was full of fear and regret.

Why did you run out to self-report your name just now?

Why should I have such a son?

That’s it!

He knew that he was completely finished!

Omi did not continue to pay attention to Liu Wei, and turned to the members of the four major families, saying, “You are looking for me because of Qinghongmen, right?”

Although, they didn’t mention Qinghongmen’s name at all.

But what perception is Omi?

It’s easy to find… they have been staring at the dragon ring on their thumb.

And this ring… was obtained after receiving the Qinghong Sect’s direct biography not long ago, and it represents the Qinghong Sect master.

There has always been a saying in Qinghongmen, called: Seeing the ring is like seeing the master of the door.

Of course, Omi didn’t care too much about Qinghongmen.

He just thought this ring was cool, so he put it on his hand.

Everyone in the four major families has spoken and heard, and their attitude has become even more respectful.


Liu Wei looked at the respectful appearance of the four major families, and his heart became more and more frightened.

Omi glanced at the box and said, “First arrange a quieter place for me and let me eat with my cousin Zhang Ting. As for other things, wait until the dinner is over.”

“Yes, Mr. Lin and Ms. Zhang, please here.” Wang Tuanyuan, the head of the Wang family, said respectfully.

Then Omi and Zhang Ting walked ahead.

The people of the four major families, like the most loyal servants, slowly followed behind.

Soon, the spacious royal box became empty again.

The expressions of all the students were still a little dumbfounded.

At this time, Liu Kaijun squatted and said: “Dad…this…I…what should we do?”

Now, Liu Wei felt irritated when he heard Liu Kaijun’s voice.

He roared loudly: “Don’t call my dad! Labor and capital don’t have your son!”

“Bastard stuff!”

After speaking, he slapped Liu Kaijun’s face severely.


He seemed to feel puzzled, and kicked Liu Kaijun to the ground.



Then, it was a few consecutive feet.

See here…

The stunned classmates began to become frightened.

Omi didn’t know what happened in the royal box.

at this time…

He has been invited to the top floor of Mingyue Tower by members of the four major families.

Although it is not as luxurious as the royal box, it is more spacious and the scenery is very good.

Because the entire top floor has been completely emptied, and only two guests, Omi and Zhang Ting.

Equivalently, they are clad.

Looking out, you can see the rolling river, which is very magnificent.

Soon, delicious foods and precious wines were brought up one after another.

However, Zhang Ting has not moved the chopsticks and cup.

Instead, he kept watching Omi quietly.

When Omi’s grandfather Lin Liqiang passed his birthday, it was because Zhang Ting’s factory was in a busy period.

In desperation, Zhang Ting did not rush back.

Just over the phone to congratulate Lin Liqiang on his birthday.

Although I did not go to celebrate my birthday.

However, Zhang Ting also heard from the elders in the family…

Because of Omi, I went to many leaders from Qingshi, Jiangbei, and even Jiang Province that day.

Regarding this…

Zhang Ting just listened and didn’t take it to heart.

Because, she knows…most of the elders in the family like to brag.

These words are probably also bragging.

After all, Zhang Ting also knows Omi.

Because my sister was sick, I didn’t even take the college entrance examination, and I didn’t even go to university…

Later, I just found a job in Jiangbei.

In this situation, how could it be possible for the leaders of Qingshi, Jiangbei and Jiang Province to celebrate Omi’s grandfather together?

This is not to belittle Omi, nor is it to belittle the elders…

But… it’s all true.

But what is the situation now?

Why did the people in Mingyue Tower invite themselves and their classmates to such a luxurious royal box because of Omi?


At this time, Zhang Ting also understood that Liu Kaijun was not the reason why she and her classmates were able to go to the royal box.

It’s Omi!

and also…

Who is the group of people coming to the box from behind?

Why are they so respectful to Omi?

And, should he arrange a whole floor of Mingyue Tower for him?

In Zhang Ting’s eyes, Omi seemed to be full of endless mist.

Seeing that Zhang Ting had been silent or eating, Omi couldn’t help but say: “Cousin, what are you doing? Is eating something that doesn’t suit your appetite? Would you like to change some dishes?”

Zhang Ting reacted and said, “No…no, these all look delicious.”

While talking, she picked up the chopsticks, picked up a piece of meat and put it in her mouth.

Crisp, soft, thin and crisp!

Very tasty!

Even though, Zhang Ting was full of doubts.

However, after the delicacy, I can’t help but admire: “It’s delicious!”

Omi smiled and said, “If it tastes delicious, eat more.”

Then, he picked up the 1993 Romanie Conti at the table and poured himself and Zhang Ting a glass of wine.

Then he raised his glass and said, “Cousin, try this wine again, cheers!”

Zhang Ting raised her glass and said, “Cheers.”

In the past, Zhang Ting always felt that wine was spicy, astringent, and bitter.


When this glass of wine was consumed, she felt a sweetness and refreshing that she had never had before.

“Delicious!” Zhang Ting admired again.


Of course it’s delicious!

With such a small sip, I drank four figures.

Omi smiled and said, “Then drink more.”

Zhang Ting nodded vigorously.

I ate a few more sips of food and drank a few sips of wine.


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