The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 461-465

  Omi said to Wang Hui: “Auntie, can you show me the other party’s phone number?”

Wang Hui handed out the phone directly.

Then,   Omi turned to the super smart watch on his wrist and said, “Xiaobai, can you track the location of this number, everyone, and related information?”

The super smart watch made a crisp sound and said: “Give it to me, master.”

Just a few seconds.

All the information appeared on the screen.

  Omi nodded slightly, took out his mobile phone, and dialed a series of numbers.

After a while, the call was connected.

There was a dull voice inside, saying: “Hey, who are you?”

“It’s me,   Omi.”   Omi said.

The voice on the phone suddenly became extremely respectful.

“Hello, Master.”

This person was a member of Ye Xiu who came to Jiangbei to meet   Omizhong with hundreds of Big Mac company personnel.

When I was at the Emperor Hotel that day, everyone respectfully toasted   Omi and handed out business cards.

At that time,   Omi just glanced at the business card casually.

However, relying on the scanning ability, all the information on the business card can be remembered clearly.

  Omi remembered that this person was Luo Zhonghao, the chairman of Dianguo MAT Group.

MAT Group owns the largest real estate company, security company, hotel, airline, etc. in Dianguo.

  Omi didn’t talk too much nonsense, and said straightforwardly: “My girlfriend’s father, and her father’s friend, were **** in Dian Country. I will send you the specific information later, and you can save them.”

The father of the sect master’s girlfriend was **** in the kingdom of Dian!


It’s so bold!

It was… asshole!


Luo Zhonghao’s whole heart jumped wildly, and he said hurriedly: “Yes!”

After hanging up the phone, Luo Zhonghao found a layer of cold sweat on his forehead.

“Ding Dong!”

At this time, Luo Zhonghao’s mobile phone showed information about the kidnapper’s phone number, identity, related personnel, address, and so on.

After seeing the information, Luo Zhonghao hurriedly dialed out one call after another.

Immediately afterwards.

Several helicopters, hundreds of cars, like crucian carp crossing the river, swiftly drove towards a dilapidated factory on the border of Dian State.

At this time, in the dilapidated factory.

Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin were lying on the ground and couldn’t help shaking.

And Brother Zhao, the round-faced man, and the men with tattoos, while drinking and playing cards, kept roaring.

A man with a short head threw the cards to the ground and said, “I’ll go out and put some water.”

After speaking, he staggered towards the outside.


He just pulled up his pants, but heard a roar in the air.

The inch-headed man couldn’t help but look up into the air.

Soon, he saw three helicopters slowly landing.

The helicopter propeller formed a violent wind, which caused smoke and dust in the sky.

When he wondered why there was a helicopter here…

In the distance, hundreds of cars, like wild beasts, drove over quickly.

Then, the dense crowd got out of the car.

After seeing this scene, the inch-headed man was stunned.


He cast his gaze on the bald man in the crowd, his pupils suddenly shrank, and he squatted: “Ma…Boss Ma, why are you here?”

Ma’s boss, born as Ma Hongtao, is the boss of the entire northern part of the kingdom.

Brother Zhao in the dilapidated factory building is just the little boss of a street in a northern area.

The inch-headed man only met Ma Hongtao once from afar during a large gathering.

He never thought that the other party would come to the broken factory one day and come to him.

That is the existence of the underground emperor in the north!

Ma Hongtao didn’t speak at all, and coldly glanced at the short-haired man.

Just this one glance made the man with a little scared tremble all over.

Ma Hongtao didn’t say anything, even without stopping, he continued to walk forward.

The two people who followed him slammed the man with the inch to the ground.

After that, he pinched his neck and continued to follow Ma Hongtao.

Brother Zhao, the round-faced man, the tattooed man, etc., the people playing cards inside seemed to have noticed something wrong, and came to the dilapidated factory.

When they saw the dense crowd, they all opened their mouths and were completely stunned.

Without waiting for them to speak, a large group of people came forward and knocked them all to the ground.

Luo Zhonghao, who was wearing a suit, ignored them at all and walked quickly inside.

When he saw Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin who were tied to the ground with bruises, his face changed slightly.

At the same time, hurriedly stepped forward and untied their ropes.

When Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin were untied for the first time, they just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

As a result, in a blink of an eye it was said that the best bracelet was broken.

Then, he was beaten severely.

So that…

Now, after the ropes were untied, they did not dare to get up and run away, still trembling on the ground.

Luo Zhonghao whispered, “Are you Mr. Huang Yipeng and Mr. Huang Zhimin? Mr.   Omilin asked me to rescue you. Don’t worry, you are safe.”


After Huang Yipeng heard the name, his whole heart relaxed slightly.

He squatted: “You… Are you really   Omi who came to save us?”

“Yes, you see, I still have a call from him here.” Luo Zhonghao took out his cell phone while talking, and called up the call log.

See here…

Huang Yipeng breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, Luo Zhonghao personally helped Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin up and walked forward slowly.

When they came to Zhao Ge, the round-faced man, and the tattooed man who were knocked to the ground, they couldn’t help but stop.

When Luo Zhonghao faced Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin, his whole person appeared gentle.

However, when he saw this group of people, Luo Zhonghao’s face was full of sorrow.

Dian Country is its own territory!

As a result,   Omi’s girlfriend’s father was **** here.

Moreover, he was beaten.

This is absolutely… unforgivable!

Ma Hongtao also saw the change in Luo Zhonghao’s face and his heart jumped.

Don’t look at him being called the North Boss by many people.

However, only he understood that in the eyes of those who were truly rich and powerful in Dian Kingdom, he was nothing more than a dog with some paws and who could bite people.

Today, if this matter is not handled properly.

Oneself… will definitely not end well.

Ma Hongtao shouted to Brother Zhao, the round-faced man and others who were lying on the ground: “Say! Who on earth beat the two Mr. Huang?”

Brother Zhao, the round-faced man and others all trembled, but they didn’t dare to speak at all.

Ma Hongtao said coldly: “Very well, do you not speak? Then don’t say it! Cut off all their arms!”

When Brother Zhao, the round-faced man and others heard this, their expressions suddenly changed, and some people wanted to speak.


It’s too late!

I saw…

A bearded man picked up a big knife in his hand and slashed directly on the body of the most recently tattooed man.


The arm broke at the sound, and the blood was like a pillar, shooting wildly.


The painful scream immediately resounded through the entire dilapidated factory.

The face of the bearded man remained unchanged.

Raise the knife and fall fiercely.


The second arm broke again, and the blood continued to shoot.

This scene directly shocked the jaws of Brother Zhao and others. Their faces were pale, they were struggling frantically, and they shouted in horror: “It’s Li Xuan and Wang Feng!”

“Li Xuan and Wang Feng beat them!”

However, the bearded man didn’t seem to hear it.

Continue to lift the knife and drop it, put it away…

I only heard the howls of killing pigs in the dilapidated factory.

Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin had never seen such terrible scenes before, and their faces were all pale.

Even, some urge to retching.

After the arms of Brother Zhao and others were all severed, Luo Zhonghao slowly turned around and said: “Two Mr. Huang, I will take you to the hotel to have a good rest.”

At this time, Huang Yipeng and Huang Zhimin just wanted to leave quickly and kept nodding their heads.

Ma Hongtao hurriedly said: “The two Mr. Huang, I have not taken care of the people below. This is a little bit of heart. I hope you adults will not remember the villains.”

While talking, he handed out two Phnom Penh bank cards.

Huaxia, Dashi, Brilliant Supermarket.

If it is in normal times,   Omi speaks to his watch.

Then, the watch responded again.

Many people will definitely be curious.

However, at this time, everyone did not have this thought.

Wang Hui couldn’t help saying: “Lin…  Omi, is Xiao Ling’s father really okay?”

Although, she also knew that   Omi was very rich.

But, after all, it was in Dian Country.

Moreover, it is kidnapping and extortion, which is not something that can be solved with money.

  Omi said: “Auntie, don’t worry, my friend has some abilities in Dianguo, and it will be fine.”

Wang Hui nodded.

However, there was still a hint of worry on her face.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Wang Hui’s mobile phone rang a brisk ring.

She glanced at the call reminder, it turned out to be Huang Yipeng.

So, hurriedly pressed the answer button.

“Yipeng, Yipeng, is that you?”

On the phone, a dull and familiar voice followed.

“it’s me.”

After Wang Hui heard this voice, tears rolled down instantly, and hurriedly said, “Yipeng, how are you now? Did those people let you and Zhimin go?”

“They have released me and Zhimin.” Huang Yipeng couldn’t help but think of the scene where Brother Zhao and others were cut off with his hands, his face turned pale.

After a pause, Huang Yipeng said again: ”  Omi’s friend saved us.”

Having said that, he remembered the scene of seeing hundreds of cars and three helicopters outside when he walked out of the dilapidated factory.

After a while, UU reading   Huang Yipeng continued: “So, you and Osmanthus don’t worry about us.”

“Good, good!” Wang Hui said excitedly, “Then when will you come back?”

“It should be only these two days…” Huang Yipeng said.

After Wang Hui hung up the phone, she happily said, “It’s okay! Yipeng and Zhimin are okay!”

Liu Guihua cried with joy: “It’s okay if it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!”

Huang Ling snuggled in   Omi’s arms and whispered softly, ”  Omi, thank you.”

Although, she just didn’t hear the voice on the phone clearly.

However, Huang Ling understood that this was all   Omi’s credit.

Wang Hui quickly said, ”  Omi, thank you.”

Liu Guihua followed closely: “Thank you.”

  Omi said, “This is what I should do…”


Huang Ling is going to wait for his father to return, and then go to Jiangbei.

after all…

This time, her father was killed in Dian Country. As a daughter, he should wait for him to come back and be with him.

Originally,   Omi wanted to wait for Huang Yipeng with Huang Ling.

However, Huang Ling refused.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to stay with   Omi.

In other words, she wished to stay with   Omi forever.


Huang Ling thinks that   Omi is a great mathematician and a great scientist.

And, own many companies.

It must be very busy.

She didn’t want to delay   Omi’s affairs because of herself.

  Omi thought for a while, and didn’t stay in Da City anymore.

After all, Huang Ling should have a lot of words and wanted to talk to his parents.

It seems a bit inconvenient to stay here by myself.

In addition, he received another text message from Hu Tian, ​​stating that a lecture on Riemann’s conjecture will be held in Auditorium 1 at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Therefore, after   Omi took a rest in Da City for one night, he drove Cullinan towards Jiangbei.

Compared with yesterday’s rapid driving.

Today,   Omi seems to be a lot more leisurely.

When he returned to Jiangbei, it was already afternoon.

  Omi was lying on the soft sofa, swiping the phone at will, very comfortable.

One day passed by in a blink of an eye.

The next day.

The empty ground is a little wet.

The branches have also become more and more green.

Obviously, it rained last night.

Little worms crawled out of the wormhole slowly, and quietly drank a few mouthfuls of sweet rain.


A few birds, but like sharp arrows, slammed forward and pecked them into their mouths fiercely.

“The third one!”

“I am the fourth!”

“Keep going!”

“I want to eat full today!”

“The morning after the rain, it was great!”

The bird jumped from one branch to another, and kept making a cheerful cry.

After   Omi heard these sounds, he slowly opened his eyes.

He habitually picked up the phone, and as usual, a text message appeared on the screen early.

“0:00, China Merchants Bank remitted 37,890,300 yuan.”

Then,   Omi casually said: “Sign in!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you got 10 million yuan. 】

  Omi curled his lips and said, “It’s 10 million again. When will I get something else?”

Then, he played with his cell phone in bed for a while before he got up slowly.

After   Omi had breakfast, he went straight to Jiangbei University.

Today’s Jiangbei University is obviously more lively than usual.

The school gate was filled with brilliant flowers.

Banners are hung all around—”Warm congratulations to Professor   Omi of our school for hosting the Riemann Conjecture Report”, “Welcome to Mathematics Experts and Professors to Jiangbei University”, “Welcome to Jiangbei University”…

A man and a woman with gray hair, thick glasses, or a briefcase with various skins walked inward.

Soon, they all gathered in Auditorium 1.

Among them, there are obviously many people who are familiar with each other.

“Professor Hall, do you think   Omi answered correctly?” a man with a white beard asked.

“I’m afraid I will have to listen to his lecture.” Professor Hall said.

Not far away, Juro Yamamoto, with a horoscope beard, said loudly: “What is…I’m afraid I have to listen to his report meeting?


I admit that Professor   Omi does have a deep research in the direction of functions.

It even solved the Zhou’s conjecture, the twin prime conjecture and other difficult problems.

However, his answer to this Riemann conjecture is obviously wrong!

Because Professor Tanaka Noon in our island country has already solved the correct Riemann conjecture! “

Everyone just glanced at him lightly, and didn’t say much.

In fact…

Not only him, but the vast majority of mathematicians in the island country, all have this kind of argument.

However, under the arguments of many mathematicians, it has long been proved that Tanaka Noon’s solution is problematic.


The island mathematicians still stubbornly believe that Tanaka Noon’s answer is correct, and that there is a problem with the argument of other mathematicians.

At the beginning, there will be people arguing with mathematicians in the island countries.

But, gradually, fewer and fewer people are arguing.

Finally, it is completely indisputable.

Because they all understand a truth and can never wake up a person who pretends to fall asleep.

“Professor Barnetton, you really came!” Professor Lancenott smiled.

Barneton pushed the thick glasses on the bridge of his nose, and said: “How can I not come at this moment of witnessing the greatest mathematician of this century?”

Lancenott said: “Oh? Professor Barnetton, have you checked the solution process of Professor   Omi’s Riemann conjecture?”

Barneton smiled and said, “I don’t have such an ability.”

After a pause, he said again: “But, he is   Omi!”

Lancenot was taken aback for a moment.

After that, the body shook.


He is   Omi, the one who solved the twin prime conjecture at the Zhou’s conjecture report meeting.

Soon after, they solved the hail conjecture and the super genius of Hodge’s conjecture respectively!

For all the problems that   Omi answered, when did they have problems again?

This time Riemann’s conjecture is no exception!

“Professor Arthur Kelvin, you are the authority on Riemann’s conjecture. Is Professor   Omi’s answer correct?”

Arthur Kelvin pondered for a moment before he said: “Let’s… let’s finish this report first.”


At this time, there was a dull sound of footsteps outside the corridor.

An old man with gray hair, a metal cane in his hand, and a black tuxedo, who looked very gentleman, and an old man who looked a little messy with his hair and a little wrinkled clothes walked in side by side.

As they arrived, there was a burst of exclamation in Auditorium No. 1.

“Professor Michel and Professor Deligne!”

“Oh my God!”

“These two big cows are also here!”

“Ever since eight years ago, when Pope Grothendieck of Mathematics became seriously ill, they have never traveled far away as students. Unexpectedly, they will come to China today!”

“Krotendik’s biggest dream is to answer Riemann’s conjecture. Could it be that Professor Michel and Professor Deligne think   Omi’s answer is correct?”

“I’m afraid it is so!”

Speaking of this, the look of expectation on everyone’s faces is even more intense.

Because the reason why they came to Huaxia Jiangbei University, all they wanted was to witness history.

And Professor Michel and Professor Deligne came here, undoubtedly… it has added this possibility.

Everyone greeted them one after another.

“Hello Professor Michel.”

“Hello, Professor Deligne.”

“have not seen you for a long time!”

The two old men nodded and responded.

Shen Liang, President of Jiangbei University, and Hu Chuan, Dean, saw so many of the world’s top mathematicians gathered here, their entire faces turned into a ball of laughter.

They understand, if all goes well.

After today, Jiangbei University and the School of Mathematics of Jiangbei University…will be completely famous all over the world!


In the crowd’s comments and expectations.

Outside the corridor, a brisk footstep sounded.

Then, a tall man with a handsome face strode in.


It is   Omi!

After his appearance, the people who were chatting in low voices or greeting each other all raised their heads and focused their eyes on   Omi.

At this moment, everyone’s expectations have reached the culmination.

A pair of muddy eyes flashed faintly.

Faced with these gazes,   Omi did not respond.

He touched his itchy nose and walked straight onto the stage under everyone’s gaze.

Everyone knows…

This historic moment, perhaps, is about to come!

For this reason, some people secretly took out their mobile phones to record, and some even wanted to open the live broadcast…

However, they soon discovered that when   Omi arrived in the auditorium, the cell phone, live broadcast device, etc., all lost their signal.

So they started using video again.

But it won’t take long for these people to find out… Eventually, the video will disappear.

Because   Omi owns a super smart watch.

As long as it is something he doesn’t want to circulate on the Internet, there will never be a trace of related pictures.

  Omi walked onto the stage and first glanced at the crowd.

Then, he picked up the microphone and said in Huaxia: “The Riemann Conjecture Report will begin now.”

Regardless of whether everyone present could understand or not, he directly picked up the electronic pen and quickly started writing on the touch screen.




Compared with the problem-solving steps published in the academic forum last time, and the Riemann conjecture paper in the Annals of Mathematics.

This time…

  Omi’s writing is obviously more detailed and easy to understand.

But even so!

Many people present were only able to keep up with   Omi’s thoughts in the first ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, many people had already frowned.

Gradually, sweat began to appear on their foreheads.

Some people even feel that their heads are splitting.

In desperation, they had no choice but to give up watching.

Although, among these people, there are also some who are called big cows.

Even Daniel is so strenuous, Hu Tian is just an ordinary mathematics professor, that’s even more so.

In fact.

If it is not that   Omi wrote to her a quarter of the Riemann conjecture a few days ago, the detailed steps to solve the problem.

Earlier, Hu Tian had already had a headache.

Hu Tian at this moment could not understand the formula written by   Omi at all.

However, she still raised her head, staring at the display screen without blinking, staring at the tall, handsome figure writing quickly on the stage.

In Hu Tian’s eyes…

Today’s   Omi is not writing Riemann’s conjecture to solve the equation at all, but is incarnate into a great existence with a height of a thousand feet and an endless light blooming all over his body.

I saw…

  Omi waved his hand, and a high mountain appeared immediately in the chaotic space.

With another wave, a long river immediately formed on the dry soil.

Raising his hand and squeezing it, in the lifeless wilderness, green grass, big trees, and lively animals, even humans, grew immediately!


That’s right!

In Hu Tian’s eyes,   Omi now looks like a **** of creation!

As   Omi kept waving his arms, Hu Tian’s beautiful eyes became more and more gorgeous.

Even the whole heart beats violently in accordance with the beat of his writing, his breathing became extremely heavy, and a red of excitement and admiration appeared on his pretty face.


At this time,   Omi finally wrote the last character, and slowly turned his body.

The entire auditorium became extremely quiet in an instant.

“Boom boom boom!”

Standing not far away, Shen Liang, the president of Jiangbei University, swallowed, and said to Hu Chuan next to him: “Is this…Is it finished? Did the answer succeed?”

Hu Chuan said helplessly: “I…I don’t know either.”

In fact…

It’s not just that he didn’t know, most of the people present didn’t know what the result would be.

Otherwise, the scene would not be so quiet.

Many people began to look around, seeking the judgment of the top big cows.

At this moment…

Professor Michelle and Professor Deligne with old faces suddenly stood up, and then took the lead in slapped hands.

” F*ck!”

This voice seemed to drop a stone in a quiet auditorium, causing ripples.

Immediately after…

Arthur Kelvin also slapped.

Then, Barnetton, Davins, Lancenot, etc., a large group of mathematics big cows, slapped one after another.

Immediately afterwards, everyone slapped their hands.

Suddenly, the whole auditorium resounded like a tsunami, constantly rippling applause.

This round of applause rang for a long, long time, and the expressions of excitement that could not be concealed appeared on everyone’s faces.

Because they understand… they have successfully witnessed history!

Witness the history of the birth of the greatest mathematician of this century!

Yamamoto Juro seemed to understand everyone’s thinking, UU reading   shouted: “No! This is not right!”

Arthur Kelvin next to him shook his head and said, “Professor Yamamoto, we should face this result squarely.”

I have to say that Arthur Kelvin is still a good person.

When he made a big breakthrough in Riemann’s conjecture, he knew that he had the possibility of winning the Fields Prize.

Therefore, spare no effort to fight for it.

After all, this is his dream.

However, when he finds that someone has really solved the Riemann conjecture, he will still choose to treat it correctly.

It’s a shame not to get the Fields Prize.

However, if someone answers Riemann’s conjecture, it needs to be affirmed.

Yamamoto Juro still shouted, “No! You are wrong! Look carefully, his 68th formula and 89th formula are problematic!”

”  Omi’s answering process is wrong!”

“Our island country Professor Tanaka noon’s answering process is perfect!”

Arthur Kelvin shook his head and said nothing more.

He knew that no matter how much he said, it would be of no use.

Yamamoto Juro continued to shout: “Professor Tanaka Noon’s answer is correct!”

“Yamamoto-kun, my answer is wrong, Professor   Omi’s answer is complete.” Behind him, a dull and familiar voice suddenly sounded.

Yamamoto Juro heard this, turning around slowly like a mechanical puppet.

When he saw an old man wearing a white shirt with wrinkles on his face, he hysterically said, “No!”

Because, this old man…it was noon in Tanaka!

Riemann conjecture answerer-  Omi!

The greatest mathematician of this century-born!



5 minutes after the end of the report.


[National Daily: Congratulations to Professor   Omi for answering Riemann’s conjecture! 】

Soon, someone started to comment.

[Xiao Wenzi: My supervisor said…Professor Lin held a lecture on Riemann’s conjecture at Jiangbei University today. Is this over? 】

[Lulu: In the past, I told others that Professor   Omi was the most powerful mathematician in the world, and some people argued with me. Now, I see who else can argue! 】

[The King is invincible: Congratulations to Professor Lin, who has solved another unsolved problem in mathematics! 】

[Zhang Haobai: Although, I don’t know what Riemann’s conjecture is, but it does not prevent me from saying something, Professor Lin is awesome! 】

[The five elements lack you: Professor Lin is awesome! 】

[Murong Xiaoxiao: Professor Lin is awesome! 】

More and more people commented, and it didn’t take long for them to move toward the top spot in the hot search.

  Omi didn’t care about everyone’s applause and comments on the Internet.

After he wrote out the detailed process of answering Riemann’s conjecture, he was about to leave the auditorium.


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