The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 471-475

If it is a couple relationship, then the man can unlock the woman’s posture arbitrarily.

If it is an ambiguous relationship, then a man can easily go to base.

This…is the Maldives, the aggregation of romance and money!

However… Huo Qilong did not bring the woman over.

Because he has money!

He believes that as long as the woman he likes, there is nothing he can’t get!

In that case, why bother to lead a woman?

Huo Qilong looked around, and quickly fell on Chu Yunyue who had just stepped off the plane.

Chu Yunyue’s skin is already very fair, plus he drinks the spiritual tea gifted by   Omi every day, and uses the initial version of the beauty lotion…

This made her skin look like a baby, extremely white and tender, without a trace of impurities.

Under the sun’s rays, it is even more crystal clear like a jade, magnificent, and can be broken by blowing.

Coupled with a delicate face, a round and full body…

Huo Qilong said that he had never seen such a beautiful woman.

He was completely stunned.

When Chu Yunyue got closer and closer to him, an intoxicating fragrance penetrated directly into his mouth and nose.

Huo Qilong, completely… drunk!

He swallowed, as if he had only noticed Chu Yunyue, and said: “If you read it right, beauty, you are also Chinese, right?”

Because he saw the Dahua mobile phone in Chu Yunyue’s hand.

Nowadays, Dahua mobile phones have been banned by the foreign chip alliance.

In China, it sells very well.

Chu Yunyue nodded politely and said, “Yes.”

Huo Qilong showed a smile that he thought was handsome, and said: “Unexpectedly, it is a coincidence that you can also meet your compatriots abroad!”

Then, he raised his arm and revealed a Vacheron Constantin full diamond watch worth 2 million yuan on his wrist, and said: “Time should be almost up, the driver should be here soon.”

He looked at the time, but intentionally or unconsciously he sent the shining dial full of diamonds into Chu Yunyue’s field of vision.

Huo Qilong smiled in his heart: Seeing my Vacheron Constantin full-diamond watch, isn’t the beauty still pasting it upside down?

He took advantage of this inadvertent act of revealing his wealth, not knowing how many beautiful women’s hearts were captured.


This time, he was obviously going to be disappointed.

Chu Yunyue didn’t seem to see his full diamond Vacheron Constantin ~ ~ so that she didn’t even look at him.

Huo Qilong couldn’t help but wonder: Doesn’t he know Vacheron Constantin’s full diamond watch?


At this time, a spliced ​​Maybach drove over from a distance.

See here…

Huo Qilong ticked the corner of his mouth slightly and said, “The driver is here!”

Sure enough, Maybach finally stopped steadily in front of him.

Huo Qilong opened the door and said, “Beauty, everyone is a compatriot, where are we going? I can ask the driver to take you there.”

After speaking, Huo Qilong’s mouth raised slightly.

He thought: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Vacheron Constantin, you can’t help but know Mercedes-Benz Maybach, right?


Get in the car quickly!

Huo Qilong seemed to have seen the sweet scene after Chu Yunyue got in the car.


At this moment, another siren sounded not far away.


An extended Rolls-Royce and five regular Rolls-Royce, forming a top-level luxury fleet drove over from a distance.

Under the gaze of everyone at the airport, she steadily stopped in front of Chu Yunyue.

Then, a white-skinned middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes hurried over and said respectfully in fluent Chinese: “Mr. Lin, welcome to the Maldives.”

He is the chairman of the White Horse Manor, Griens.

Yesterday, Grins called   Omi’s phone with a sense of anxiety, hoping to take the opportunity of reporting to work to get closer to   Omi.

After all,   Omi is the largest shareholder of White Horse Manor.

His word can even make himself, the chairman, immediately unemployed.

  Omi was most afraid of trouble, and didn’t listen to Griens’ report on any work at all.

Instead, he said directly that he would take someone to the White Horse Manor for a holiday tomorrow.

This sentence…makes Griens both happy and anxious.

Happily, this allows you to quickly get closer to your new boss.

What is worrying is that if you don’t entertain well, then you are in danger.

After all, I haven’t figured out what kind of character the new boss really is.

However, Griens responded immediately and said that he would pick   Omi at the airport.

  Omi glanced at Griens and nodded slightly.

Then, he said to Huo Qilong: “My girlfriend won’t bother you to give it away.”

After speaking,   Omi took Chu Yunyue’s slender jade hand and slowly got into the extended Rolls Royce at the front.

It wasn’t until this time that Huo Qilong seemed to realize that a tall, handsome man was standing beside Chu Yunyue.


The top luxury team composed of Rolls-Royce made a roar together, leaving only a pungent exhaust gas, choking Huoqilong and coughing.

Huo Qilong took a sip and said, “Bah, flowers are stuck in the cow dung!”

Then, he directly sat on the Maybach.

Obviously, he didn’t feel any horror at all because of Rolls-Royce’s top luxury team.


This is the Maldives!

This luxury caravan is nothing more than someone else spent some money on renting it, and it’s nothing at all.

Yang Changlin and Li Rujing sitting in the Rolls Royce, as well as the excellent staff of Huazhidi, felt the extreme comfort brought by Rolls Royce, looking at the strange buildings outside, the people of all colors… a burst of tuts Amazed.

Before long, they came to the blue sea.

Like the most humble waiter, Griens personally helped   Omi open the door of the extended Rolls Royce.

As he walked, he introduced: “This is the seaside pier. The luxury seaplane of our White Horse Manor is parked in front.”

Everyone followed what he pointed out.


A yacht that looks like an airplane is docked by the sea.

Under Griens’ arrangement.

  Omi and Chu Yunyue took a ride alone, enjoying the privacy and sweetness that was still felt.

The rest were carried by four other luxury seaplanes.

I have to say that these luxury seaplanes are really good.

The seats inside are all LV customized models. After sitting on it, the whole person is like being wrapped in the seat, which is very comfortable.

Coupled with the beautiful scenery of the blue water, the cool sea breeze blowing, and the good wine and food prepared early…

The whole person has only relaxation, only happiness… as if in heaven.

Cheers, laughter, one after another!

And this… is just the beginning of enjoyment!

About forty minutes later, beautiful islands appeared in the field of vision.

Here…it is the White Horse Manor!

When the five luxury seaplanes slowly docked, Yang Changlin, Li Rujing, and others all opened their mouths, their faces full of surprises.

Although they had already seen many pictures and videos about the Maldives on the Internet before they set off, they were also impressed by it.

However, after arriving at the scene, he was still shocked.

The exterior wall of each luxury villa is light yellow as a whole, blending with the golden sandy beach.

In front of the door is a large swimming pool of hundreds of square meters. Looking forward, it is a clear sea that is visible to the naked eye.

Under the tall coconut trees, there are comfortable lounge chairs, surrounded by green trees and bright flowers…

A paradise, a paradise on earth!

In everyone’s minds, words like this came up involuntarily.

Griens introduced: “Our White Horse Manor has six islands, namely, a sports island, a spa island, a food and beverage island, two hotel islands, and a luxurious independent island.”

“Mr. Lin, where you are is a luxurious independent island. This island can give you and your friends a perfect private space. There are 4 villas for you to live in…”

“If you have other needs, such as food, wine, etc., you can always tell me through the service machine or phone…”

“Then, Mr. Lin and distinguished guests, I wish you a happy holiday and a happy time!”

After speaking, he crouched and slowly retreated outside.

I have to say that Griens is a person who understands the sense of measure and the human heart.

Some people, if they want to get closer to others, may be like a mangy dog, always staying with them.

However, Griens gave   Omi enough personal space after his respectful service and a grand welcome.

Because he understands…

  Omi came here to play, definitely not wanting to hear his old man beeping all the time.

But I want to enjoy the world of two with the beauty next to me.

After Griens left,   Omi and Chu Yunyue moved into the easternmost villa.

Yang Changlin, Li Rujing and other outstanding employees were assigned to live in three other villas.

These villas are very big, let them live, it is definitely more than poking.

When Yang Changlin, Li Rujing and others walked into the villa, they were immediately stunned by the decoration, decoration, and furnishings inside.

Because all the things in it, including towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, bed sheets… are all customized models of LV, Guerlain, Givenchy and so on.

It can be said that the villas here are simply large warehouses of luxury goods!

As a result, everyone at UU Reading   gave out a burst of excitement again.

At this time,   Omi and Chu Yunyue had already walked into their villa.

The two held hands, looking at the blue sea and sky, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze with a hint of salty taste, very pleasant.

Chu Yunyue felt   Omi’s thick shoulders, and her heart became extremely soft.

She slowly leaned her head against   Omi’s arms.

Perhaps,   Omi’s chest was too hot.

Gradually, a red glow appeared on Chu Yunyue’s pretty face.

She slowly moved her head up…

Under the sun’s rays, the shadows of the two were completely fused together.

” F*ck!”

The turbulent waves slapped against the shore, loud and enthusiastic.


As the sun sets, the sky and the sea are all dyed red, which is very beautiful.

Because, today is almost a day of flying on the plane, it is also almost a day of shouting.

Therefore, everyone did not leave the luxurious independent island.

Instead, people brought food to each other.

After eating and drinking.

  Omi and Chu Yunyue were on the recliner, letting the sea breeze see the tiredness on their bodies and blow away.

Looking up at the sky, you can see a crooked silver moon and bright stars, everything is so pleasant.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next morning.

When a brilliant sun fell on the balcony through a gap in the curtain,   Omi slowly opened his eyes.

He glanced at Chu Yunyue, who was sleeping like a kitten next to him, with a slight smile on his face.

When she was in Jiangbei, Chu Yunyue was very busy every day for the Huazhidi Company.

Nowadays, she is a rare break.

At this moment, Chu Yunyue’s long eyelashes trembled slightly.

She slowly opened her eyes, and when she saw   Omi in front of her, a happy smile appeared on Qiao’s face and said, ”  Omi, when did you wake up?”

“I just woke up.”   Omi said.

Lovers are together, as if there will be endless words.

The two hugged each other and kept talking about love.

When Chu Yunyue’s stomach made a cooing sound, the two people got up from the bed.

After washing for a while,   Omi came to the beach first.

At this time, a seaplane approached from a distance.

Inside were a middle-aged man with a beer belly and a woman with a face of melon seeds.

The woman with Guazi face said: “Husband, we live on this luxurious independent island!”


Depending on the age of these two people, they can be fathers and daughters.

I have to say that this is also one of the charms of the Maldives.

Age is no longer a gap.

The beer belly man thought for a while and said, “Look… there are already people living on it. Let’s change the villa on the hotel island.”

However, the Guazilian woman stopped doing it immediately.

Yelled: “I don’t care, I will live on the luxurious Independence Island! And, husband, do you know? I heard that Papa Ma has lived there before.”

“If we live, you can become like Papa Ma in the future!”

After a pause, the Guazi face woman said softly: “If we live on the luxurious Independence Island, at night, you have the final say…”

The beer belly man listened to the words of the Guazilian woman, his heart moved.

He gritted his teeth secretly, and finally said: “Okay, we live on the luxurious Independence Island!”

Then, the beer belly man shouted at   Omi who was standing on the beach: “Hey, friend!”

  Omi responded: “What’s the matter?”

After hearing   Omi’s answer, the beer belly man was slightly happy.

Chinese people!

It’s easy!

The beer belly man continued: “Friends, you should have contracted the luxurious Independence Island in partnership with your friends, right? You discuss with your friends, 500,000 yuan, subcontracted to me, how about it?”

As he spoke, he had a huge beer belly, looking like he was determined to win.

The beer belly man knows the price of luxury Independence Island, which costs 300,000 yuan per night.

Many people who come to visit the White Horse Manor like to fight with others to buy a luxurious independent island.

And he took out 500,000 yuan, and directly increased 200,000 yuan on the original basis!

In other words, if   Omi and his friends take the money to exchange for a villa on the hotel island…

This time to visit the White Horse Manor, not only will it not cost money.

On the contrary, it will make a fortune.

The beer belly man believed that   Omi would make a wise choice.

“500,000 yuan!” The Guazi face woman next to her exclaimed excitedly, “husband, you really love me, MUA!”

After speaking, she moved her head directly.

The beer belly man felt a touch of softness on his face and showed a smile.

Then, yelled towards   Omi: “How is it?”

  Omi glanced at the beer belly man like a fool, and said, “Not very good.”

After speaking, he was about to turn around and leave.

See here…

The Guazi face woman couldn’t help but said softly: “Husband…”

The beer belly man hurriedly said: “600,000 yuan! Subcontract to me!”

The original price was 300,000 yuan, but the subcontracting became 600,000 yuan!

Directly doubled!

However,   Omi would care about such a small amount of money?

He didn’t pause at all, and continued to walk forward.

The beer belly man shouted again: “800,000 yuan!”

“One million yuan!”

Unfortunately,   Omi still did not respond.

The woman with Guazi face pouted her mouth and said softly: “Husband, I want to live on a luxurious Independence Island, and I must live on a luxurious Independence Island!”

The man with beer belly listened to the words of the woman with the face of Guazi, and at the same time, because   Omi ignored him, his heart became angry, and said: “Smelly boy, don’t be shameless!”


At this moment,   Omi suddenly turned around and said coldly: “Dog stuff, what are you talking about?”

  Omi found out…

Sometimes, being too friendly can make people kick their noses on the face instead.

The beer belly man shouted angrily: “What are you calling me?  F*ck!”

Then, toward the pilot of the seaplane: “Bring the boat over to me!”

The driver hesitated for a while.

He is an employee of White Horse Manor.

If something vicious happens on the island, it is also responsible.

The beer belly man seemed to understand his thoughts.

So, he shouted again: “I know your chairman, I am responsible for everything!”


At this time, another seaplane drove past from a distance.

Only a white man in a suit and leather shoes sat on it.

He is the chairman of the White Horse Manor Griens.

The beer belly man’s expression moved slightly, and he shouted, “Mr. Griens!”

Griens couldn’t help but looked over, but found that it was a strange middle-aged man.

However, he still reported the courtesy of the service industry workers and smiled and said: “Hello, UU reading  , are you?”

The beer belly man didn’t lie just now, he did know Griens, the chairman of the White Horse Manor.

However, it’s just an acquaintance that I have met once, and I am not familiar with it at all.

That day, the beer belly man attended a banquet with a man named Yuan Pingan.

Yuan Pingan cooperated with the White Horse Manor and later introduced Griens, who was also at the banquet, to the beer belly man.

At that time, the two of them just chatted casually and drank a glass of wine.

Then, they exchanged business cards.

Now, from Griens’ tone, it is not difficult to hear that he does not remember the beer belly man at all.

The beer belly man couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed, and said, “Hello, Mr. Griens. My name is Qin Changcun. The one we met at the last banquet was introduced by Yuan Pingan.”

Griens thought for a moment, but still didn’t think of who Qin Changcun was.

However, he smiled and said, “It turned out to be Mr. Qin.”

When Qin Chang heard this, he couldn’t help showing a smug smile.

see it?

I know the chairman of White Horse Manor!

Then, he showed a sneer at   Omi.

It looks like it’s like saying: kid, didn’t you just be very arrogant? Later, I see how arrogant you are!

Qin Changcun cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Griens, you have to manage the White Horse Manor. I just kindly gave 1 million yuan and negotiated with the young man to subcontract the luxurious Independence Island to me. “

“As a result, this young man actually insulted me directly.”

“This kind of unqualified young man, I don’t think it is suitable for playing in the White Horse Manor. Maybe he has maliciously damaged some facilities in the White Horse Manor…”

I have to say that Qin Changcun still has some ability.

After a few words, he directly turned himself into a humiliated honest person, portraying   Omi as a brutal and domineering villain.

At the same time, he also found a good reason for the White Horse Manor to drive away   Omi, that is, maliciously destroying the facilities of the White Horse Manor.

Plus, his personal relationship with Griens.

He has reason to believe that   Omi will be driven out of the White Horse Manor soon.

Griens frowned slightly and looked in the direction Qin Changcun pointed.

next moment……

Griens’ pupils suddenly shrank, and his face changed drastically.

Because he discovered that the person Qin Changcun was referring to was actually   Omi!

Own boss!

He said his boss was arrogant! ?

Even, have to drive away his own boss! ?

It’s just… asshole!

Qin Changcun didn’t notice the change in Griens’ expression at all.

He continued to say to himself: “Mr. Griens, don’t worry, after he leaves, I will still spend 1 million yuan to cover the luxurious Independence Island, I…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Griens shouted angrily: “Shut up!”

“Now, immediately! Apologize to Mr. Lin, otherwise, our White Horse Manor will not provide you with any services! Including, sending you back to the seaside pier!”

Qin Changcun was a little dazed by Griens’ sudden change.

After a while, he squatted: “This… Mr. Griens, this… I and Yuan Pingan are friends… And, you are a seven-star hotel, and you need to provide convenient services to guests…”

At this time, he has realized that something is wrong.

As a result, it is no longer just talking about people’s feelings and relationships.

At the same time, it also reveals the nature of the hotel’s service.

Griens yelled directly: “Apologize immediately! Otherwise, go swimming in the sea! The seaplanes and islands here are all our private property!”

Not to mention that Qin Changcun is just a friend of Yuan Pingan.

Even if it is Yuan Ping’an himself, so what?

To know……

Yuan Pingan is nothing more than a food provider for White Horse Manor.

In a sense, the White Horse Manor is Yuan Ping’an’s father!

Only Yuan Ping’an pleases himself.

As for Qin Changcun’s statement that White Horse Manor should provide convenient services to its guests, it is also correct.

However, that is just normal.

Now, it is obviously abnormal.

Because he had a conflict with   Omi.

He even wanted to drive   Omi out of the White Horse Manor.

This is absolutely unforgivable!

Griens understands that if he doesn’t handle this matter well.

Then, my impression in   Omi’s heart will fall to the bottom!


After hearing Griens’ words, the seaplane pilot slowly stood up.

That looks like…

As long as Griens said another word, he would directly throw Qin Changcun and the melon seed woman next to him into the sea.

Qin Changcun and the Guazi-faced woman trembled in their hearts, and there was a pale look on their faces.

Qin Changcun understood that Griens was absolutely not joking, and that young guy who looked very young might have a very terrifying identity.

He had to squat and said: “Lin…Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, I was wrong just now…”

  Omi said indifferently: “Next time, don’t look down upon others, otherwise, you can’t just apologize to solve it.”

After speaking, he turned around and walked inside.

Qin Changcun said hurriedly: “Yes, yes.”

Griens said to the pilot of the seaplane, “Send them back.”

“Yes.” The driver answered.

About 40 minutes later, Qin Changcun and the Guazilian woman returned to the seaside pier.

The woman with Guazi face said: “Husband, who is that Mr. Lin? That’s disgusting!”

Qin Changcun straightened his chest and said, “Huh! It’s in the White Horse Manor. If it’s in other places, I have to make him look good!”

Guazi face woman said: “Wow! My husband is great!”

Qin Changcun proudly said, “Of course.”

The Guazilian woman said again: “Let’s go to Vera Private Island! It’s also fun there.”

Qin Changcun nodded and said, “Okay.”

So, the Guazilian woman took out her mobile phone and quickly searched for information on the private island of Vera.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Qin Changcun’s cell phone rang a hurried ring.

He glanced at the call reminder. It turned out that it was Yuan Ping’s call.

Qin Changcun directly pressed the answer button.

“Ms. Yuan, you…”

However, as soon as Qin Changcun spoke, Yuan Ping’an’s roar sounded inside.

“You… Nima! What a great deal!”

“Labor and management are kind and willing to introduce you to the boss whenever you have a chance, and bring you so much business. How do you repay your labor and management like this?”

“Now White Horse Manor has cancelled all cooperation with labor and management. In addition, Mr. Griens has also notified me in the industry!”

“Labor and management are completely finished!”

“However, when labor and management are over, don’t think about it! Labor and management tell you that not only will labor and management have introduced you to the business, they will not cooperate with you in the future.”

“In addition, labor and capital also know about your illegal coal mining in the country, as well as tax evasion and tax evasion… you are ready to receive the report letter!”

After saying this, Yuan Pingan hung up the phone directly.


Qin Changcun held the phone, his entire face pale.

Lost the business introduced by Yuan Pingan, and then lose coal mining, and it is very likely to be wanted…

That’s it!

I’m completely finished!

The Guazi-faced woman next to ~ ~ still didn’t know it at all, she smiled and said: “Husband, we will buy the best and most expensive villa on the private island of Vera later…”

After Qin Changcun heard this voice, his heart suddenly burst into flames.

is her!

is her!

It’s her!

If it weren’t for this woman, who kept coming to the Maldives and staying on a luxurious independent island, how could he offend that Mr. Lin!

The more Qin Changcun thought this way, the more annoyed he became.

He lifted his slap and yanked it at the woman with Guazi face.





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