The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 71-80

Seeing Song Jiaxin walking slowly, even  Omi  was a bit dazed.

The fairy descended to the earth, that’s not the case.

 Omi  did not disable the real eye to observe Song Jiaxin.

[face value: 97]

【Favorite rating: 75】

 Omi  clearly remembered that when he first met Song Jiaxin, his appearance was 95 and his favorability was 60.

Now, after dressing up, his appearance has directly improved to 97 points.

Don’t look at it, it’s just a mere 2 points of beauty.

But, that is 2 points added to the 95-point high-profile value, which is very rare.

Also, when did the favorability increase so much?

At this time, Song Jiaxin had already walked in front of everyone.

“Sister Jiaxin, happy birthday.” A young man said, and at the same time, he handed out a beautifully wrapped gift.

“Thank you.” Song Jiaxin smiled and accepted.

After one person took the lead, everyone present also handed out gifts one after another.

 Omi  did not fall, and said, “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Song Jiaxin kept smiling all the time.

Then, three grills were lifted up.

Premium beef, skewers, Australian dragon, sea cucumber, abalone and other ingredients have also been brought up.

There are a group of young people on the scene, chatting and grilling, they all enjoyed themselves, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

At this time, Liu Yuhang saw the chess board in the backyard and said, “Brother Fan, how about we play chess?”

Always grilling meat, it also makes  Omi  a little boring.

Then, he answered: “Okay.”

The two quickly sat opposite each other and set the chess.

Liu Yuhang chuckled and said: “Brother Fan, I lost to you in the car last time. Today, I am going to use chess to find the place. I will give you a shot and a horse, how about?”

 Omi  said weirdly: “You want me to have a gun and a horse?”

You know, he now has professional chess skills.

Liu Yuhang wants to let himself be a gun and a horse?

Isn’t this looking for death?

Liu Yuhang said: “Brother Fan, I don’t mean to look down on you, but my technique is too strong!”

After    finished speaking, he shot out directly.

 Omi  followed.

“Da da da!”

The two of you come and go, constantly moving the chess on the board.

I have to say that Liu Yuhang’s chess skills do have two moves, and he basically has the ability to take one step and watch three moves.

Ordinary people, I’m afraid he is really not his opponent.

However, it was  Omi  that he met.

It didn’t take long for Liu Yuhang’s brows to turn into the word’chuan’.

Finally, helplessly said: “I lost.”

People around immediately said: “Liu Yuhang’s chess unexpectedly lost?”

“No? Hasn’t he won an award before?” Humanity beside him.

A look of surprise appeared on Sun Luguo’s face.

Before, Liu Yuhang’s chess skills were very famous in the circle.

Even, almost invincible!

Liu Yuhang used to show off his chess skills in front of him for a period of time.

That’s it… Lost?

Liu Yuhang said: “Brother Fan, your technique really surprised me! It seems that you really can’t let you play. Let’s try another game.”

 Omi  nodded.

The faces of the people around him showed a dazed look.

It turned out that Liu Yuhang just gave in.

No wonder you lose.

At this time, everyone also came to have some interest, either holding barbecue or drinking red wine, standing aside quietly watching the two of them play chess.



“General, eat a car!”

General  Omi lian several times, and finally, directly ate Liu Yuhang’s car.

Everyone secretly marveled.

As today’s protagonist, Song Jiaxin’s beautiful eyes are also shaking slightly.

When everyone was paying attention to the chess game, a gray-haired old man slowly walked over.

 Omi  kept moving the cart, horse, and artillery, and soon he said again: “General!”

Dead chess!

Liu Yuhang sighed: “I lost.”

The old man couldn’t help but said: “Young man, good skills!”

“Grandpa, why did you come here?” Song Jiaxin smiled and took the old man’s arm.

Everyone around followed and said hello: “Hello, Grandpa Song.”

Song Wenming smiled and nodded at everyone, saying hello.

then said: “I’ve only been there for a while.”

Then, he smiled at  Omi : “I rarely see a young man like you who has this chess skill.”

“Grandpa Song, you passed the award, I just know a little bit of fur.” ​​ Omi  said.

Song Wenming said: “The young man is too modest, are you interested in playing with me, an old man?”

Liu Yuhang hurriedly got up and gave up his position.

 Omi  said: “Grandpa Song, please.”

After Yi Ren was replaced by Song Wenming, everyone paid more attention.

almost surrounded the entire chessboard group.

“Eat soldiers!”


“Vaulting horse!”


In the yard, there was a sound from time to time.

But, after a while, the voice stopped again.

This time, Song Wenming paused for a long time.

Finally, I had to say: “I lost.”

 Omi  said: “Grandpa Song, you are modest.”

Song Wenming smiled and shook his head: “The young man takes one step and looks at five steps. The layout is also very clever. Should he still play Go?”

“A little bit.”  Omi  said.

“Really?” Song Wenming was a little surprised, and said, “Then let’s have another game of Go.”

While speaking, Song Wenming flipped the chessboard, and underneath it was a Go chessboard.

“Young man, you first.”


 Omi  did not hesitate, picked up a black chess, and landed in the center.

“Huh? Starting Tianyuan?” Song Wenming was surprised.

He thought for a moment, and landed the white chess on the star position.




The two of you come and I go to constantly falling, causing a rhythm of percussions in the backyard.

The vast majority of ordinary people may have just seen Go on TV.

In reality, I don’t know the rules of Go at all, and I have never even touched Go.

However, all the people present belonged to the upper circle of Jiangbei.

They have received various trainings since they were young.

Go is one of them.

They may not be proficient in Go, but they still know the minimum rules.

At the beginning, they were able to keep up with  Omi  and Song Wenming’s idea of ​​playing chess.

But, it didn’t take long for everyone’s eyes to be blurred, and their heads gradually became a little confused.

This is caused by too much difference in chess power.


At this time,  Omi  fell again.

But Song Wenming has been slow to settle down.

After a long time, he sighed and said, “I lost.”

Everyone heard the words and looked at  Omi ‘s gaze, a little more surprised.

Song old man, but a famous Go master!

And Song Jiaxin always stared at  Omi  with her beautiful eyes.

She looked at the movements of  Omi  holding his son and falling son, with a focused expression, and she was a little bit stunned.

When  Omi  won the final victory, Song Jiaxin’s whole heart jumped.

Good math grades and strong driving skills.

Now… even chess and go are so powerful.

 Omi , how many secrets are there on you?

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 Omi  said: “Thank you, Grandpa Song, for being modest.”

Song Wenming Yan heard, and he couldn’t help but reconsider  Omi .

At a young age, with such superb chess skills, it is already very good.

What’s more, still so humble.

is really rare!

Song Wenming said: “Little friend Lin, shall we have another round?”

From a young man to Lin Xiaoyou.

Obviously,  Omi  has been placed in a high position in Song Wenming’s heart.

“What kind of chess are you playing? Today is Jiaxin’s birthday. I’m standing by to see what’s going on with you playing chess?”

Behind   , there was a somewhat hoarse voice.

Then, an old grizzly-haired grandmother walked out slowly.

“Grandma!” Song Jiaxin stepped forward to help and said.

Huang Chunlan smiled and said: “Good granddaughter!”

“Grandma, it’s still early, let Grandpa play a few more rounds, it’s okay…” Song Jiaxin said.

Huang Chunlan said, “What does that look like? He wants to play chess, and he will play slowly later.”

Song Wenming also stood up and smiled: “Yes, today is your birthday, and I will go down with Lin Xiaoyou later.”

“Dad, mom, are you here too?”

In the distance, a middle-aged couple walked over.

They… are Song Jiaxin’s parents.

Everyone present greeted them one after another.

“Hello Uncle!”

“Hello Auntie!”

The middle-aged couple also responded politely.

“Thank you for coming to Jiaxin’s birthday party, I hope you can have fun.”

After Song Jiaxin’s parents and grandparents joined, everyone seemed a little restrained.

They also felt this, so they didn’t stay for long. After finding a reason, they left together.

Sure enough, after Song Jiaxin’s elders left, the atmosphere in the entire backyard became active again.

“Brother Fan, your car is awesome. I didn’t expect chess and Go to be so awesome! I just want to kneel down for you.” Liu Yuhang said.

 Omi  smiled and said: “Really? Then you kneel down, I won’t mind.”

Everyone around talked and heard, followed by booing, and the atmosphere was extremely cheerful.

After eating the cake,  Omi  sat on the recliner, facing the breeze, looking up at the bright starry sky.

“This villa is quite comfortable to live in.”

Song Jiaxin didn’t know when he came over, and said, “With your ability, it should be easy to buy a villa here, right?”

 Omi  said: “A villa on your side should be one or two billion, right? I’m still a little nervous for the time being.”

Although,  Omi  owns a Qiankun Building, a 51% stake in Yinshan Group, a building in Wanjiahua, a KM Mall and other assets.

However, these are from the system and can only be used for dividends and rent collection, and cannot be sold.

 Omi ’s real capital is only 140 million yuan.

It is barely enough to buy a villa here for 140 million.

But,  Omi  didn’t want to spend all his money right away.

Song Jiaxin smiled and said, “I don’t think you have a time when your hands are tight.”

You know,  Omi  casually rejected the 28 million super sports car.

 Omi  smiled and touched his nose.

This birthday party lasted until 11pm.

At this time, the school dormitory has already closed.

So  Omi  came to Yike City again.

That night.

 Omi  and Qiu Ziqian, sleepless.

Huang Ling who lives in the next room is also sleepless.


The next day.

After  Omi  had breakfast, he drove to Jiangbei University as before.

When  Omi  came to the classroom, the counselor Sun Yaodong had already stood on the stage.

After a crisp class bell rang, Sun Yaodong smiled and said: “I always think you are the best group of students in the school. It turns out that my vision is very good!”

“Next, announce the list of winners of the Provincial Prize in the Mathematical Modeling Contest!”

“Zhao Yin, the third prize of the province.”


“Song Yi, the third prize of the province.”

“Ma Zhong, second prize of the province.”


When everyone heard their name, they all showed a touch of joy that could not be concealed.

Especially Song Yi, the whole person almost jumped up unhappy.

Soon, Sun Yaodong finished reciting the name.

Zheng Jinbao sighed: “Brother Fan, we two have a hard life.”

At this time, Sun Yaodong said again: “Next, we will announce the list of winners of the National Award in the Mathematical Modeling Contest.”

” Omi !”

Zheng Jinbao:…

It turns out that is the only one who suffers from life.

Sun Yaodong continued: ” Omi  is the only national award winner in our class and the only national award winner in Jiangbei University! Please applaud and congratulate!”

“Papa, papa!”

Sun Yaodong took the lead and slapped him.

Immediately afterwards, the whole classroom burst into lively applause.

Song Jiaxin, who was sitting not far away, looked at  Omi  with her bright eyes.

As the two were sitting in the same row, only  Omi ‘s profile could be seen when he turned his head.

However, it was this look that inexplicably made Song Jiaxin’s heartbeat speed up a few beats.

For this,  Omi  naturally has no idea.

At this time, there was a touch of joy in his heart.

Because, in  Omi ‘s mind, there was a clear prompt sound.

【Ding! Complete the task and win a national certificate in the mathematical modeling contest. Get 5 silver red envelopes. 】

Mission, completed!

Sun Yaodong continued: ” Omi , you have to prepare. You will need to go to the capital in two days to make an on-site defense to determine the national award level. Perform well and strive to come back with a higher education cup! Hahaha!”

Speaking of this, Sun Yaodong couldn’t help laughing heartily.

It looked like he had already seen the scene where  Omi  brought the Gaojiao Cup back.

However, he didn’t know that  Omi  didn’t plan to go to Beijing to defend.

 Omi  didn’t have any interest at all about the national award level and the higher education cup.

Now that the mission has been completed, take another trip to the capital?


He prefers to sleep on the table.

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After Sun Yaodong left, Song Yi couldn’t help but feel proud.

“Mr. Sun’s vision is really good, and I can tell at a glance that I am outstanding!”

paused, and then sighed deliberately: “Unfortunately, I still didn’t play well. I only won the provincial third prize. Unlike Ma Zhong and Fan, one provincial second prize, one national prize.”

Zheng Jinbao curled his lips and said, “I haven’t won any prizes yet.”

Song Yi patted Zheng Jinbao on the shoulder, and said earnestly: “You are not bad too, you have two roommates with provincial awards and one national award.”

Zheng Jinbao:…


School was over early today. After lunch,  Omi  lay on the bed leisurely.


The phone in his pocket shook slightly.


The red envelope appears!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 8 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 99 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 2,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

This time,  Omi  received a total of 30,225 yuan.

Then, he turned his attention to the silver red envelope.

murmured in his heart: plus the 5 silver red envelopes obtained for Yuxuan’s birthday, there are 10 silver red envelopes in total, let’s see what can be drawn.

“Turn on!”

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 200,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get the skill double card. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received 500,000 yuan. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have won the Panlong Villa Group. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, get the energy shield. 】

10 silver red envelopes,  Omi  received a total of 1.2 million yuan.

For this amount of money,  Omi  didn’t pay attention to it. He directly focused on the skill double card, the energy shield and the Panlong villa group.

[Skill double card. It can be specified to double the ability of a certain skill within 1 hour. Have more powerful skills and show more charming charm. 】

 Omi  nodded slightly when he saw this.

can double the ability of a skill, which is undoubtedly a very good thing.

The only pity is that it only takes 1 hour.

【Energy shield. It continuously absorbs the free energy in the world, and when it encounters danger, it automatically forms a transparent protective cover to protect the safety of the host. 】

 Omi ‘s eyes lit up slightly.

Although, now  Omi  has a violent aesthetic and can do it with one enemy and one hundred.

But, the world today is still the era of thermal weapons.

In case, someday he will be conspired by someone, then he will not be able to escape at all.

Now, there is a certain guarantee.

【Panlong Villas, a group of villas located by the Tianhu Lake in the center of Jiangbei, with beautiful scenery and suitable for living. 】

 Omi  saw this with a strange look on his face.

A group of villas by the sky lake?

He remembered very clearly that there were two villas by the Tianhu Lake, one was the Qunxing Villas where Song Jiaxin’s family was located, and the other was the newly developed Panlong Villas.

Now, have you become the owner of Panlong Villa Group?

When  Omi  looked up, a bunch of keys and a stack of title certificates appeared in front of him.

 Omi  slowly opened the title certificate.

Panlong Villa No. 1, with an area of ​​3,200 square meters, the property owner,  Omi .

Panlong Villa No. 2, with an area of ​​3300 square meters, the property owner,  Omi .

Panlong Villa No. 10, with an area of ​​3300 square meters, the property owner,  Omi .

10 sets, a full 10 sets of villas, all belong to  Omi !

Even  Omi  now owns many properties such as Qiankun Building, Wanjia Huafu, KM Shopping Mall and so on.

But after seeing the stack of title certificates, a smile appeared on his face.

exclaimed: “The silver red envelope is really good.”

After school in the afternoon,  Omi  walked straight to the parking lot.

Anyway, nothing happened at night. He was going to Panlong Villas to see the house he had just acquired.

If it is a long distance,  Omi  will drive a Mercedes-Benz G.

Because the big G is relatively friendly to the waist.

Ranlong Villas is only 20 kilometers away from Jiangbei University.

Therefore,  Omi  chose to drive a Lamborghini, which has sufficient horsepower and fast speed.

After stepping on the accelerator, the whole car shot straight ahead.

At this time, Han Tian has already arrived at the door of Panlong Villa.

Han Tian smiled and said, “Hello, I am the manager of Lianjia Real Estate, Han Tian. I have a client who wants to buy Villa 8.”

“However, the client is relatively busy, so, entrust me to help take a few photos and send them to her, can I go in?”

Some people think that the real estate owner just slapped his lips and signed a few contracts to get a large commission.

In fact, they still need to do a lot of preparation.

This kind of deliberate photographing is just one of them.

The security guard apologized: “Our Panlong villas have all been sold and are private property. So, I can’t let you take pictures, I’m sorry.”

Han Tian was taken aback for a moment, and said: “All sold?”

As Lianjia manager, she knows almost all the real estate in Jiangbei.

Panlong Villa is an ultra-luxury villa group that has just been established, and the price of each villa is at least 150 million yuan.

Is the sale finished in such a short time?

Han Tian was puzzled: “How come I haven’t heard of it?”

“This was notified by our leader.” The security guard said.

In fact, not only Han Tian was puzzled, but the security guard was also very puzzled.

In the past, some real estate companies also came to visit and take pictures every day. As long as they have sufficient qualifications, the security guards will basically agree.

But, this afternoon, the leader suddenly informed that all the villas have been sold, and now the real estate company and others are prohibited from entering the villas.

This surprised all the security guards.

For Han Tian, ​​she finally met a customer who was interested in buying Panlong Villa.

But, the villa has been sold, and she has nothing to do. UU Reading www.  .com

had no choice but to turn around.


At this time, there was a sound of brisk footsteps behind him.

Then, a familiar figure appeared in front of him.

is  Omi .

Han Tian looked at  Omi ‘s tall figure, chiseled facial features, and bright eyes, and her whole heart involuntarily accelerated a few beats.

Han Tian seemed to feel that she stared at  Omi  for too long, as if a thief had been found, she slowly lowered her head.

Obviously,  Omi  also noticed Han Tian and said with a smile: “Manager Han, we meet again.”

At this time, Han Tian also held his mind and smiled and said, “Yes.”

After a pause, he said, “Is Mr. Lin wanting to buy a house in Panlong Villa? Unfortunately, the security said that all the houses here have been sold out. Of course, if it is true or not, I need to investigate it.”

After all, deliberate cover-ups are not uncommon in the real estate industry.

 Omi  said: “That’s not true, I just came to see how my house is.”

While speaking, he handed out a stack of real estate certificates to the security guard and said, “Can I go in?”

The security guard glanced briefly, bent over, showing the most respectful smile, and said, “Mr. Lin, welcome home.”

Seeing this, Han Tian was completely stunned.

What did she see?

It turns out that Panlong Villas are really sold out!

Moreover, the purchaser is  Omi !

At this time,  Omi  turned around and asked, “Manager Han, do you want to go in and have a look?”

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Although Han Tian also knows that  Omi  is a super hero.

The last time he took him to see the Yike City Flats, he paid the full amount directly on the spot.

But, now this is Panlong Villa!

Besides, it’s the entire Panlong villa group!

How much does it cost?



 Omi  saw Han Tian still standing in a daze, and couldn’t help but speak again: “Manager Han, do you want to go in and have a look?”

At this time, Han Tian finally recovered, and stammered: “Ah…ah…well, ok.”

After entering the gate, you can see colorful flowers, green trees, and crystal clear water.

When a breeze blows from a distance, the whole person feels refreshed, very comfortable.

 Omi  couldn’t help but nodded slightly. Obviously, he was quite satisfied with the environment.

Then,  Omi  walked towards the outermost Villa No. 10.

In the front yard of about 600 square meters, there is a green grassland, some fruit trees and a wide swimming pool.

The overall decoration style of    No. 10 villa is biased towards Europe and America, which makes people feel like they are in a fairy tale castle.

 Omi  walked around each villa before walking outside.

Generally speaking, the environment of the villa is very good, and the decoration styles are various.  Omi  is quite satisfied.


In order to promote the corporate culture, the boss of Qiao Shiya organized the employees to come to Tianhu to play and take pictures.

All employees were allowed to move freely after posing for many photos.

Qiao Shiya strolled along the Tianhu Lake, and when he came to the gate of Panlong Villa, he exclaimed sincerely: “The villa here is so beautiful!”

A colleague who had a good relationship with her said, “Of course! Any Panlong Villa can cost hundreds of millions!”


Qiao Shiya heard this, and couldn’t help taking a breath.

A villa hundreds of millions?

Qiao Shiya couldn’t help but said, “If I can have such a house in my lifetime, I will die without regret.”

The colleague smiled and said, “Is there a house here? I wouldn’t dare to think about it. If I can go in and around, I will be satisfied.”

At this time,  Omi  finally walked out after seeing the villa.

When the security guard saw it, he stood aside respectfully from a distance.

“Mr. Lin, goodbye.”

 Omi  nodded, as if he had said hello.

This scene happened to be seen in Qiao Shiya’s eyes.

She glanced at the large bunch of keys and a pile of real estate certificates in  Omi ‘s hand, and a look of disdain appeared on her face.

It was said last time that he owns an entire building in Wanjiahua Mansion, but now he brings so many keys and real estate certificates to Panlong Villas.

is clearly a real estate sale!

Beat the swollen face to fill the fat man!

Qiao Shiya saw  Omi  slowly walking towards her, and said coldly, “What are you doing here?”

 Omi  frowned.

He was very disgusted with Qiao Shiya’s always high attitude, and said lightly: “This road doesn’t seem to belong to your home, right?”

The colleague next to Qiao Shiya knew  Omi , and was intrigued, and said, “You should be selling Panlong Villa, right? Can you take us to Panlong Villa to see it?”

 Omi  shook his head and said, “I’m not a salesman.”

“Then how did you get in just now?” the colleague asked.

“Because Panlong Villa is my own house.”  Omi  said.

The colleague couldn’t help but stunned.

Qiao Shiya’s pretty face flushed.


is really shameful!

I just said hello to  Omi , and as a result,  Omi  said such big talk.

Panlong Villa is all your house, do you deserve it too? !

How can I know such a bragging person?

What should colleagues think of themselves?

Qiao Shiya thought of this and said angrily: ” Omi , can you be more honest as a human being?”

“The sale of real estate is the sale of real estate!”

“First, I rented a car and went on a blind date. Then I said that I own a house in Wanjiahua. Now I still say that Panlong Villa is all yours… Do you think anyone will believe you?”

“Do you know, this will only make you even more embarrassing!”

After    finished speaking, he took his colleague’s hand and walked quickly away.

When passing the parking lot, she vaguely saw a super sports car.

But, at this moment, she was angry, and she didn’t want to take a closer look.

 Omi  curled his lips and said: “There is something wrong.”

Han Tian next to    asked, “Rent a car for a blind date? Mr. Lin, did she have a blind date with you before?”

 Omi  said: “Yes. She probably thinks I am poor-hang-si, and thinks my Lamborghini is rented.”

Han Tianyan heard that, her heart was both jealous and angry.

What is jealous is that Qiao Shiya has the opportunity to have a blind date with  Omi , why not herself?

Angrily, Qiao Shiya turned down  Omi ! Such a perfect  Omi !

No wonder, when she was at Lian’s home, she kept taunting  Omi . Damn it!

Han Tian said seriously: “She will regret it!”

 Omi  shook his head, but didn’t take this matter to heart.

Only a self-righteous woman, taking her too seriously will only waste her energy.


After  Omi  and Han Tian separated, they came to the furniture store in KM Mall.

Although    Panlong Villa has been renovated, it also has some furniture.

However, it does not conform to  Omi ‘s aesthetics.

spent 3 million, bought some sofas and beds, and drove the Lamborghini to lead the way and headed straight to the Panlong Villa.

At this time Song Jiaxin is driving a Ferrari and preparing to go home.

At this time, she accidentally saw a Lamborghini coming from a distance.

“LF666? Huh,  Omi ‘s car?”

Song Jiaxin was a little surprised. In her mind,  Omi ‘s handsome face could not help but her heartbeat quickened for a few beats.

almost instinctively, she directly turned around and headed towards  Omi .

The two soon came to the gate of Panlong Villa.

Song Jiaxin asked: ” Omi , why are you here? Are you planning to buy a house here?”

 Omi  said: “I have already bought it.”

“Oh? Which one do we live in? We are also neighbors, so we can visit our door often in the future.” Song Jiaxin said happily.

 Omi  said: “I haven’t decided which building to live in yet.”

 Omi  really did not lie.

Today, he visited 10 villas.

Among them, Villa No. 1, No. 6 and Villa No. 8 are all very close to Tianhu, and you can see the beautiful lake by opening the windows.

The decoration of No. 1 is more ancient, the decoration of No. 6 is modern, and the decoration of No. 8 is European and American, each with its own characteristics.

 Omi  really didn’t think about which villa to live in in the future.

But these words made Song Jiaxin even more puzzled.

Didn’t  Omi gang say that he has already bought a villa?

How come you don’t know which building you live in now?

Obviously,  Omi  also noticed the change in Song Jiaxin’s face.

explained: “I bought the entire Panlong villa group, a total of 10…For the time being, I may choose one of the villas No. 1, No. 6, and No. 8 to live in.”

Song Jiaxin:…

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Although the Song family is a very powerful family, it ranks at the forefront in Jiangbei… and even Jiang Province.

But even for the Song family, it is more difficult to buy the entire Panlong villa group directly.

After all, one or two billion of funds are involved.

Song Jiaxin said weirdly: “Is this what you said yesterday that your hands are a little tight?”

Who has a tight hand and spends one or two billion to buy a house?

 Omi  could only smile away.

What can he say?

Is this what I got from the red envelope today?

I didn’t believe it after I said it!

After  Omi  asked the furniture company to put the sofa and bed in the villa, he did not live directly.

Living in this kind of villa alone is too empty and lonely.

After  Omi  and Song Jiaxin separated, they came to Yijia City again.

Huang Ling has a flight to another place, and he won’t be back until the day after tomorrow.

There are only two people,  Omi  and Qiu Ziqian, on the big flat floor, and they are even more unscrupulous.

I have to say that  Omi  deserves to have the ability to fight one against a hundred. Even after fighting for two consecutive nights, he is still full of energy today.

It was night, and the big bed was like a music box, singing all night’s songs.


The next day.

Jiangbei University.

Sun Yaodong, the counselor, was in the corridor, humming a little song, walking and swaying constantly.

Obviously, he is in a very good mood.

When Sun Yaodong met a middle-aged teacher in front of him, he said proudly: “Lao Fang, what am I talking about? Are there several provincial awards in our class?”

“Even, not only a provincial prize, but also a national prize!”

“After waiting for two days,  Omi  will go to the capital to defend, maybe I can get a higher education cup back!”

Since yesterday, Sun Yaodong has been saying similar things.

However, the middle-aged teacher is still unable to refute it.

Who made their Ban Zhen show up for the National Award?

At this time,  Omi  just came over.

Sun Yaodong’s eyes lit up.

What does he think of  Omi  now, how pleasing to his eyes.

” Omi , are you going to the school office?” Sun Yaodong asked.

 Omi  said: “Yes, Professor Zhang asked me to come over.”

Sun Yaodong nodded, and said: “He should be discussing the Beijing defense with you. You are outstanding. Take the opportunity, and the honor of our class depends on you!”

 Omi ‘s mouth twitched slightly when he heard this.

He clearly remembered that Sun Jiaobao said almost exactly the same thing to himself last time.

Then, Huyou himself signed up for the mathematical modeling contest.

Say something like this now?

It’s a pity, I might disappoint him this time.

 Omi  smiled non-committal.

Then, walked towards the office of the School of Mathematics.

At this time, Zhang Yong was sitting in the office drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

After he saw  Omi , his muddy eyes immediately showed a bright light.

” Omi , sit down and have some tea first.”

Although, Zhang Yong did not give  Omi  any training.

But, anyway,  Omi  also won the National Award in the Mathematical Modeling Contest from him.

This also has certain benefits for him.

 Omi  said: “Thank you Professor Zhang.”

A sip of tea, with a hint of sweetness in the bitterness, like the taste of life.

Zhang Yong said: “Generally speaking, the national award grades and even the rankings of the Higher Education Cup have already come out. These… all are sorted according to the models and papers you submitted.”

“The reason why you are allowed to go to the capital to defend is just to test whether these are done independently by you.”

“So, when you go to the capital tomorrow, don’t be nervous, just follow the modeling ideas and answer.”

 Omi  said: “Professor Zhang, I am not going to the capital.”


Zhang Yong first smiled and nodded, but the next moment, the whole person froze.

“You…what did you say? Not going to the capital?” Zhang Yong widened his eyes.

“Yes.”  Omi  said.

“Why is this? You are very talented. If you win the first prize of the country, or even the Higher Education Cup, the school will give you a high scholarship.”

“In addition, this will be of great benefit to your future research and even work!” Zhang Yong continued.

High scholarship?

Is there 1 million?

Even if there is a 1 million scholarship, it is only the income of  Omi ‘s sleep for a day.


He came to Jiangbei University, just to experience college life.

As for work?

 Omi  didn’t care even more.

So  Omi  said, “These are of no use to me, I still don’t want to go to the capital.”

“This…” Zhang Yong was a little anxious, pacing back and forth in the office.

” Omi , this is really a very good opportunity. You will be reimbursed by the school for all your travel expenses back and forth, so it’s just like going to the capital for two days, how good is it?”

“If you don’t go now, you will definitely regret it later!”

Then, no matter what,  Omi  remained indifferent.

At this moment, Zhang Yong suddenly thought of the scene where  Omi  hugged Xia Bing and Xia Xue when they first met.

then said: “The Mathematical Modeling Contest is a team competition, even if you don’t want to go to the capital, even if you don’t care about the honors and trophies.”

“But, you should also think about your teammates Xia Bing and Xia Xue.”

“They need these very much!”

As soon as these words came out,  Omi  couldn’t help but hesitate a little.


Xia Bing and Xia Xue are just ordinary students, they have excellent computer skills.

Furthermore, I signed up for the Mathematical Modeling Contest in advance.

Perhaps, they really need certificates and trophies?

Zhang Yong’s words seemed to have an I was delighted.

He is going to give another ruthless medicine.

So, he picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number of the teacher of the School of Computer Science.

After a while, Xia Bing and Xia Xue walked in slowly.

When they saw  Omi , their two pretty faces immediately showed sweet smiles.

Zhang Yong cleared his throat and said, ” Omi  just said that he didn’t want to go to the capital to participate in the defense of the mathematical modeling contest. Xia Bing and Xia Xue, please persuade him.”

After    finished speaking, his face also showed a smile like Xia Bing and Xia Xue.

“Then don’t go.” Xia Bing and Xia Xue said in unison.

Their answers are so decisive and not muddled.

“Huh?” Zhang Yong was stunned again.

What’s the situation?

This is completely different from what I thought.

You just agreed not to go? Don’t you persuade?

Zhang Yong hurriedly said: “Xia Bing, Xia Xue, you may not know. If you go to Beijing to defend, you may win the national second prize, first prize, or even the Higher Education Cup!”

“But if you don’t go, you can only get the national third prize.”

Xia Bing and Xia Xue said, “Okay. Then don’t go.”


Then don’t go?

This…Is this fair?

Zhang Yong was speechless for a while.

He didn’t even know how much  Omi ‘s status was in the hearts of Xia Bing and Xia Xue.

Don’t talk about the national second prize, the first prize, the Higher Education Cup.

is the whole world, not as good as  Omi !

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Zhang Yong thought for a while and walked towards the counselor’s office.

He wants Sun Yaodong to help persuade him.

Jiangbei University, some people finally won the National Award in the National Mathematical Modeling Contest.

Zhang Yong didn’t want to give up any further opportunities easily.

Sun Yaodong, who was drinking tea, hurriedly stood up after seeing Zhang Yong.

smiled and said, “Professor Zhang, you came because of  Omi ‘s trip to the capital, right? Approval of leave, I will definitely give him leave!”

Now, as long as Sun Yaodong mentioned  Omi , his face couldn’t stop smiling.

gives myself a face too much!

National Award!

That is the only national award of Jiangbei University!

Zhang Yong said: ” Omi  doesn’t want to go to the capital.”


Sun Yaodong seemed to be stuck in his throat by a fishbone, and his voice stopped abruptly.


At this time, Zheng Jinbao was stopped outside the corridor by two people.

“Zheng Jinbao, didn’t you say that designing the drainage system is the easiest? What’s going on now? We didn’t even get the third prize of a province! I have asked many people, as long as the drainage system is selected, none of them won!” The man of medium build complained.

“My goal this year is to save two!” said the short man.

The two of them are also considered top academics.

attaches great importance to this mathematical modeling contest.

However, the result was not as they expected.

Zheng Jinbao was asked by them, and he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

He glanced around and happened to see  Omi  who had just returned from Zhang Yong.

A pair of squinted eyes widened immediately, and said: “That’s because those who chose the drainage system are not capable of it!”

Then, he strode to  Omi  and said, “This is my roommate  Omi , Brother Fan! He won the National Award for Mathematical Modeling! He will go to the capital to defend soon, maybe he will come back with a higher education cup! “

“Just ask, which question did Brother Fan choose?”

“Drainage system!” Zheng Jinbao asked and replied.

A man of medium build and short, of course knows that  Omi  won the National Award.

Because, this matter has long been spread.

But they didn’t even know which topic  Omi  chose.

Zheng Jinbao said in an elder’s tone: “Don’t find the cause in others as soon as there is a problem, think about yourself.”

The two men lowered their heads and walked away.

Zheng Jinbao slid on  Omi ’s shoulder and said with a smile: “Brother Fan, thanks to you!”

turned and said: “By the way, Brother Fan, what are you going to go to the capital?”

 Omi  said: “I’m not going to go.”

“Huh?” Zheng Jinbao squinted his eyes and blinked twice, a little dazed.

At this time, Sun Yaodong hurried over.

” Omi , how can you not go to the capital to defend? That is a very good opportunity! Your ability is outstanding, and the honor of our class depends on you!” Sun Yaodong said.

Is that again?

This time, not only  Omi  was speechless.

Zheng Jinbao next to    is also full of black lines.

Co-authored, would Sun Jiaobao make such a foolish statement?

Sun Yaodong didn’t realize this, and he planned to say something more.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, a brisk bell rang in the campus.

 Omi  said: “Class is in, counseling Sun, I went in first.”

“Hey, you…you think about it again.” Sun Yaodong said.

in the back seat.

Zheng Jinbao couldn’t help asking: “Brother Fan, are you really not going to the capital to defend?”

Ma Zhong was surprised: “Don’t go to the capital to defend? Why?”

Obviously, he knows the rules of the mathematical modeling contest.

 Omi  yawned and said, “Do you want to be so excited? Why are you going to the capital?”

“Running so far, and deliberately answering some questions? How about going to bed?”


Is this going to participate in the national awards selection?

I don’t know how many people want to go in their dreams.

 Omi … actually said it’s better to sleep?

Ma Zhong asked to say something more, the old professor had already walked in with the textbook.

 Omi  quickly fell asleep listening to the old professor’s lullaby lecture.

When  Omi  woke up, it was just time for dinner.

ate lunch leisurely and returned to the dormitory to prepare to sleep again.

At this moment, the phone in his pocket shook slightly.


The red envelope appears!

“Ding! Congratulations, get 10 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 300 yuan.”


“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 5 yuan.”

Today’s red envelope,  Omi  received a total of 40,500 yuan.

He glanced at the red envelope that he spent on furniture for 3 million yesterday.

murmured in his heart: “300 red envelopes? Wait a minute, gather 1,000, and then open them together.”

Then, he put the phone directly aside and fell asleep again.


At this time, Jiangbei University, large conference room.

Professors, department heads and others of the School of Mathematics gathered together.

They talked in low voices, all a little puzzled, why they suddenly notified themselves of the meeting.

As time goes by, not only a few colleges have come, but other colleges…even school leaders have also arrived.

This can’t help but make everyone more Jiangbei University rarely holds such large-scale conferences, especially, this conference seems to be hosted by the Academy of Sciences.

Hu Chuan, the dean of the School of Mathematics, who was sitting in the upper position, took a leisurely sip of tea. Seeing Zhang Yong sitting not far away, he seemed a little sad and smiled: “Professor Zhang, how do you think you seem to be worried? “

Zhang Yong sighed: “Dean Hu, you should also know that some students from Jiangbei University won the National Award in the Mathematical Modeling Contest this year.”

Hu Chuan nodded and said, “I know this. It’s  Omi ‘s team, right? This is a good thing. You still look unhappy?”

Zhang Yong said: “However,  Omi  doesn’t want to go to the capital to participate in the national award defense…”

“Ah? Why are you not willing? What a good opportunity is this?”

“Does that kid don’t know what the reply means?”

“This has to be persuaded!”

“Does he have any difficulties?”

The professors and leaders around him were all unexpectedly surprised, and they all asked.

Zhang Yong said: “I have already said everything I should say, but…  Omi  doesn’t seem to be interested at all.”

Hu Chuan, who was sitting in the upper position, thought for a while and said: “Since he doesn’t want to go, then don’t go.”

“Huh?” Zhang Yong half-opened his mouth, his face full of puzzlement.

Hu Chuan continued: “I was surprised that  Omi  was able to participate in the mathematical modeling contest. At that time, he estimated that he would just play casually.”

“If  Omi  is allowed to reply, it will be equivalent to letting him bully others. It is normal for  Omi  not to go.”

“Huh?” Zhang Yong opened his mouth, even more puzzled.

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 Omi  participated in the mathematical modeling contest, surprised?

just play casually?

 Omi  went to answer, is he bullying?

Hu Chuan, Dean of the School of Mathematics, made a few words in a row, directly causing Zhang Yong to be completely trapped.


what’s the situation?

However, Hu Chuan was not prepared to explain any more.

Because, at this time, Shen Liang, President of Jiangbei University, came over.

Hu Chuan hurriedly greeted him and invited Shen Liang to sit on the main seat.

However, Shen Liang said: “Today, it is a major event in your School of Mathematics. You should be the leader. Therefore, it is most suitable for you to take the lead.”

Hu Chuanqian gave in for a while, but still sat on it according to Yan.

Then, he looked out the door from time to time, as if he was waiting for someone, but he was never seen.

A professor said impatiently: “Dean Hu, when is the meeting? I still have a lot of things to deal with.”

“Yes, the project I have is waiting to be carried out.”


Hu Chuan saw more and more people dissatisfied.

finally cleared his throat and said: “Then let’s talk a little bit now.”

“Many people may not know it well. Not long ago, someone in our school solved Zhou’s conjecture.”

As soon as this statement came out, the professors who were still complaining immediately turned off.

Immediately afterwards, the entire conference room was completely boiling.

Some of them may not be teachers or leaders in mathematics.

But they are also very clear about what Zhou’s conjecture represents.

Once successfully solved, it can be said that the entire mathematics community can take a big step forward!

And this big step was actually promoted by Jiangbei University!

How is this not exciting! ?

“Dean Hu, which professor solved Zhou’s conjecture?”

“Excuse me, Dean Hu, did you answer it?”

“Has the answer step passed the review?”


A series of questions flew out like a series of cannonballs.

Professors who have always been like gentlemen of Qianqian, but now they are like believers, suddenly heard the will of the gods, and kept yelling.

Hu Chuan said: “When Zhou’s conjecture was solved, I and several professors first checked the calculations together and then compiled them into papers and posted them to the Annual Mathematics.

“Today, the Annals of Mathematics responded to the email and the answer was correct!”

“At the same time, the World Mathematical Organization has also issued an invitation to us, hoping that those who answer Zhou’s conjecture can go to Preston and hold a very large seminar!”

Hu Chuan said here, there was a touch of excitement in his tone that was hard to conceal.

Preston is undoubtedly one of the holy places in mathematics.

Countless mathematicians are proud to hold a lecture in Preston.

The extremely large conference is the highest-spec conference among all the conferences!

This is absolutely an honor for anyone, a supreme honor!

“Preston’s very large conference?”

“Oh my God!”

“President Hu, please tell me, who on earth has solved Zhou’s conjecture?”


Hu Chuan said: “The person who answered Zhou’s conjecture is… Omi !”


As soon as he said this, the audience was in an uproar.

Among them, Zhang Yong’s eyes widened, and the whole person was completely stunned.

What did he hear?

 Omi  solved Zhou’s conjecture?

That young undergraduate?

At this time, Zhang Yong finally understood why Hu Chuan just said that  Omi  participated in the mathematical modeling contest, but just casually played.

also finally understood that  Omi  was bullying people when he went to participate in the defense.

Because a person who solved Zhou’s conjecture went to participate in a mathematical modeling contest to defend, it was like a high school student who went to take a kindergarten exam!

This is not bullying, what is it?

Hu Chuan continued: “The main purpose of today’s meeting is to make corresponding preparations for this report meeting and the promotion of Zhou’s conjecture.”

“All this, it’s better to wait for  Omi  to come over and discuss it slowly…”

Then, he glanced at the time again, and said, “Maybe  Omi  has been delayed by something, right? Everyone, wait a moment, I’ll call and ask him.”

After    finished speaking, Hu Chuan stepped aside and dialed the phone.

At this time,  Omi  was sleeping a little dazedly and answered the phone casually.

” Omi , have you received the news that I sent you the meeting in the morning?” Hu Chuan said.

“Meeting? What kind of meeting?”  Omi  said in a daze.

“Your Zhou’s conjecture has been answered correctly, and now the World Mathematical Organization invites you to Preston, UU reading www. .com organizes a very large seminar!” Hu Chuan said.

Although, he has already said this just now.

But, now that I repeat it again, the whole person can’t help but get excited.

“The Preston Report? Not going.” After  Omi  finished speaking, he hung up the phone, and then fell asleep again.

Don’t look at  Omi , who is still a little confused.

But, even in a sober state,  Omi  would answer the same.

Go to Preston for a presentation?

In  Omi ‘s heart, this is not even as good as going to the capital to defend!

Because Preston is farther than the capital!

Besides, I have to face a bunch of questions from foreigners.

He is not interested in this… at all.

After Hu Chuan was hung up, he was stunned for a few seconds.

Obviously, he has not yet reacted to  Omi ‘s answer.

After a while, Hu Chuan picked up the phone again and dialed  Omi  again, ready to talk about the situation.

However, the response to Hu Chuan was a sound of shutting down.

Hu Chuan was just a little at a loss, and walked towards his seat.

“Dean Hu, is  Omi  here?” A professor asked hurriedly. He couldn’t wait to see this person who solved Zhou’s conjecture with his own eyes.

Hu Chuan was stunned and said: “He is not going to the Preston Report.”


The whole meeting room suddenly fell silent.

Everyone’s faces are filled with incredible.

This is even more surprising than hearing someone answer Zhou’s conjecture!

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The Preston Report is the stage where almost every mathematician dreams.


 Omi  refused to go?

After a while, someone squatted and said, “Lin… Omi  is still young, maybe he didn’t know the Preston Report, so he refused.”

Everyone in the conference room nodded in agreement.

The principal Shen Liang said: “Dean Hu, you can explain to  Omi  about the Preston Report in detail later. If  Omi  knows the significance and benefits of the Preston Report, I think… he should agree to go there. .”

Zhang Yong, who was sitting next to him, opened his mouth.

He wanted to say:  Omi  would not agree!

Because, not long ago, Zhang Yong said something similar to  Omi .

It’s just that, now the Jingcheng defense has been replaced by the Preston Report.

The impromptu meeting that lost the protagonist, it just fell out.

Then, Hu Chuan rushed to the 104 dormitory in person.

Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao, Ma Zhong and others all stared when they saw Hu Chuan.

This is the dean of the academy!

They can only see Hu Chuan at the opening ceremony and some major meetings.

At this time, I came to my dormitory!

Hu Chuan said: ” Omi , I may not have made it very clear just now. The World Mathematical Organization would like to invite you to hold a very large seminar in Preston.”

“Extremely large seminars, the highest level of all seminars!”

“By then, you will show the detailed solution process and ideas of Zhou’s conjecture in front of almost all famous mathematicians in the world!”

“And nowadays, there are no more than 10 Chinese people who hold extremely large seminars in Preston!”

Hu Chuan said this, his tone could not help but rose up.

Excited, excited!

It looked like… as if he was going to Preston for a very large report meeting.


 Omi  just yawned and said, “Oh, but, I don’t want to go to Preston.”

This sentence is like a basin of cold water poured on Hu Chuan’s head.

Ma Zhong, Song Yi and Zheng Jinbao beside    were also extremely surprised.

I haven’t heard Hu Chuan say that no more than 10 people in China have held that kind of report meeting?

In other words, once  Omi  goes to Preston, he will be one of these 10 people!

One of the 10 most awesome people!

However,  Omi  actually refused? !

Hu Chuan was very anxious, and began to persuade again.

Finally,  Omi  left a sentence and said: “If they really want to hear the report, then come to Jiangbei. I will tell them in Jiangbei. If they don’t want to come, then forget it.”

Hu Chuan felt helpless, he wanted to continue to persuade  Omi .

But, after he left this sentence, he walked directly outside.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Hu Chuan’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

It turned out to be a call from the principal Shen Liang.

“Did  Omi  agree to go to Preston for a report meeting?” Shen Liang asked.

Obviously, he is also very concerned about this matter.

After all, this can be said to represent the honor of Jiangbei University.

Hu Chuan sighed: ” Omi  doesn’t want to go.”

After a pause, he said, “But, he said that if he wants to listen to the report, he will come to Jiangbei to listen.”

There was a moment of silence on the phone.

After a while, Shen Liang said, “First reply  Omi ‘s thoughts to the World Mathematical Organization. If they agree, this is, perhaps, not a bad thing for us.”

Hu Chuan naturally understood what Shen Liang meant.

But, how difficult is it for many mathematicians to come to China Jiangbei?

Hu Chuan said: “I will try to contact the World Mathematical Organization.”


 Omi  seemed to be a little worried about persuading him at Jiangbei University, so he sat on Lamborghini and headed towards Yike City.

At this time, Room 2501, Yike City.

Huang Ling’s beautiful eyes were red, and tears couldn’t help falling.

Originally, Huang Ling would fly to the island country today.

However, while in the VIP lounge, an islander who was eating ice cream accidentally ran into her.

This is not Huang Ling’s responsibility.

As a flight attendant, she still apologized again and again and cleaned the other party’s clothes carefully.

At that time, the islanders smiled and expressed their understanding of Huang Ling.

However, when Huang Ling left, the islander went directly to the airline leader and lodged a complaint with Huang Ling.

The leader indiscriminately criticized Huang Ling severely.

Then, in order to satisfy the islander, the leader canceled Huang Ling’s flying job and deducted 10% of her bonus this Qiu Ziqian patted Huang Ling on the back. , Said: “These islanders are the most insidious! Huang Ling, relax yourself.”

Obviously, she also knows the personality of the island people.

After a pause, he said, “Huang Ling, otherwise, you should resign too.”

“I also resigned?” Huang Ling seemed to think of something, his pretty face was blushing.

Qiu Ziqian nodded and said, “I can see that you also have a good impression of  Omi …”

“Marriage is to live a happy life.”

“Maybe, in the future, you can find someone who likes you very much and is very motivated.”

“One day, he can also have enough money to make you happy. But, at that time, we are probably old and declining, can you guarantee that he will not find someone else…………”

Qiu Ziqian took Huang Ling’s hand and talked for a long time.

Finally, he said, “Huang Ling, what do you think?”

Huang Ling bit his lower lip lightly.

hesitated for a long time, and finally nodded invisibly.


At this time, the door was pushed open.

 Omi  walked in.

Huang Ling, Qiu Ziqian, and  Omi  looked at each other with six eyes.

Huang Ling seemed to have done something bad, and his pretty face blushed instantly.

Qiu Ziqian ignored that much, took the initiative to take Huang Ling, walked towards  Omi  slowly, and put Huang Ling’s hand in  Omi ‘s hand.

That night.

The big bed shook more violently than before.

(* ̄3)(* ̄3)(ε ̄*)

? (ˉ﹃ˉ?)

? (ˉ﹃ˉ?)


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he next day.

The white bed has an extra blush.

Qiu Ziqian, as usual, got up early and made a good breakfast.

A few days ago, although Huang Ling woke up very early.

But, she often waited specifically for  Omi  to leave before she came out.

Today, Huang Ling came to the living room with  Omi .

 Omi  put the golden poached egg in Huang Ling’s bowl and said, “I worked hard yesterday, so make up for it.”

Huang Ling seemed to have thought of something, his pretty face was blushing.

Then, he almost buried his entire head in the plate.

Qiu Ziqian couldn’t help smiling when she saw this.

 Omi  hiccuped after eating a whole bowl of noodles.

picked up the phone and operated it for a while.

Immediately afterwards, Huang Ling’s cell phone rang a clear voice.

“WeChat arrived, 1 million yuan.”

Huang Ling’s heart jumped wildly, and the whole person was stunned.

Although, she saw with her own eyes last time that  Omi  transferred 1 million to Qiu Ziqian.

And when I decided to become  Omi ‘s woman, I also thought about receiving similar treatment.

However, now that I have actually obtained it, I can’t help but be surprised to the extreme.

 Omi  smiled and said, “If it’s not enough, please ask me again.”

Huang Ling hurriedly said: “Enough…enough…”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this moment, Qiu Ziqian’s cell phone suddenly rang a hurried ring.

She glanced at the call reminder and directly connected to the phone.

“Mom, I called so early? Have you had breakfast?” Qiu Ziqian asked.

On the phone, Wang Hui did not answer Qiu Ziqian’s words, but said straightforwardly: “Zixian, do you have two million?”

Qiu Ziqian frowned slightly and said, “Mom, why do you want so much money?”

“Your dad was detained by someone, and he has broken a leg. If he doesn’t take money to redeem him, he will have his limbs broken.” As Wang Hui spoke, her voice gradually became hoarse and she kept choking.

“What? How could this happen?” Qiu Ziqian felt a headache, her nose was slightly sour, “Mom, I’ll be back now.”

Children are the hearts of parents.

Are parents not the ones who care about most in the hearts of their children?

Because  Omi  was sitting next to him, he could easily listen to the conversation between the two of them.

He held Qiu Ziqian’s slender waist and said, “I will go home with you.”

Qiu Ziqian nodded hesitantly.

She didn’t want to trouble  Omi .

However, this matter really needs  Omi  to take action.

Huang Ling sitting opposite, although he didn’t hear exactly what happened.

But, looking at Qiu Ziqian’s sad look, she also knew something had happened.

comforted: ” Omi  can definitely help you solve it, don’t be sad…”

paused, and then asked: “Do you need me to follow along?”

 Omi  said: “The Lamborghini I drove yesterday came over. I can’t sit three people. You can take a good rest at home today.”

“Okay.” Huang Ling said.

In fact, if Huang Ling really followed.

She still doesn’t know how to face Qiu Ziqian’s parents.

After  Omi  and Qiu Ziqian got in the car, they stepped on the accelerator and drove forward quickly.

Qiu Ziqian’s hometown is located in Cheduyan City, Jiang Province, about 300 kilometers north of Lijiang River.

Two and a half hours later, a dilapidated old street gradually appeared in the vision of the two.

Qiu Ziqian’s home is here.

In a bungalow with a history of more than ten years, it looks a bit similar to Qiu Ziqian, but a woman who is incomparably vicissitudes of life is standing at the door and can’t help looking outside.

When she saw Qiu Ziqian step out of a cool super car, her wrinkled old face showed a touch of excitement.

“Zixian, you are back!” Wang Hui shouted.

Then, she looked at  Omi  again, a little uncertain, “Is he your boyfriend?”

Qiu Ziqian just prepared to explain,  Omi  answered first: “Yes, Auntie, I am Ziqian’s boyfriend  Omi .”

Qiu Ziqian said, her heart warmed.

Wang Hui’s muddy eyes faintly shined.

Then, he asked: “Young man, how long have you known Ziqian?”

Qiu Ziqian frowned and said, “Mom, it’s not the time to ask, you quickly tell me why dad was detained, or even… even, his leg was broken?”

Talking about this, Wang Hui’s eyes are a little red.

“Yesterday, your father didn’t know what was going on, so he went to an antique shop, and then accidentally broke someone else’s antique…”

“Others asked him to pay, but he couldn’t afford it, and then he was broken his leg…”

“Later, someone called and said that if he didn’t take the money to redeem someone, he would… break his limbs…”

“He has no legs, what should I do in the future?”

“Zixian,  Omi , you must save him!”

Wang Huibian said, the turbid teardrops, as if the tap had been opened, kept flowing out.

 Omi  comforted: “Auntie, don’t worry, we will save my uncle. Moreover, now that the medical skills are so advanced, my uncle’s legs can definitely be cured.”

After another period of comfort,  Omi  and Qiu Ziqian sat on the Lamborghini again and hurried towards the place Wang Hui said.

At this time, Qingfeng Pavilion Antique Shop.

A bald man with gold teeth was crouching Erlang’s legs, knocking melon seeds, and humming a little song very leisurely.


At this moment, there was a roar suddenly in the distance.

Then, the cool-looking Lamborghini steadily stopped in front of the When the bald man saw it, his squinted eyes shone slightly, and he quickly got up to meet him.

“Welcome two to Qingfeng Pavilion. We have everything from all dynasties in our shop…Do you need me to introduce it?”

 Omi  said nonchalantly: “Your store was detained yesterday, right?”

“Oh? Are you here to redeem someone?” The enthusiasm on the bald man’s face faded immediately.

Then, I sat back on the chair again, and raised his legs.

“Who is he from you?” The bald man knocked a melon seed and said in a hurry.

“He is my dad!” Qiu Ziqian said.

The bald male said: “That’s fine! When your father saw our Song Dynasty blue and white porcelain vase yesterday, he fell directly to the ground!”

“If you damage something, you have to pay! Your dad has no money, so of course you have to deduct it!”

“You want to pick up your dad, it’s easy, 2 million! Pay with one hand, and pay with the other.”

Qiu Ziqian shouted: “You are blackmail!”

“Blackmail? Ha! Little girl, don’t talk nonsense!” said the bald man.

“Aren’t you afraid that we will call the police to catch you?” Qiu Ziqian called.

“Report, you should report quickly! I see… At that time, will the investigation catch you or me?” The bald man sneered.


Qiu Ziqian wanted to say something more,  Omi  said: “2 million is it? We will give it!”

After    finished speaking,  Omi  directly took out a bank card.

The bald man smiled and said, “This is the one who understands things.”

He grinned, showing a big bright golden tooth, took the bank card and swiped it on the POS.

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A soft sound!

Successful swiping!

The bald man looked at the 2 million that quickly arrived, his big golden teeth were shining brightly, his whole face smiled like a piece of rubbed manuscript paper.

Qiu Ziqian said, “I can let my dad go now, right?”

“Okay.” The bald man replied casually.

Then, he picked up the phone and dialed a number, saying, “Send the person who was deducted yesterday.”

After    finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

Not long after, two men with tattoos and looking fierce and vicious, and a middle-aged man with extremely vicissitudes of life, walked over slowly.

After Qiu Ziqian saw it, her beautiful eyes instantly turned red, and the crystal tears, like raindrops, kept rolling down.

“Dad!” Qiu Ziqian shouted hoarsely.

“Zi… Ziqian…” Qiu You raised his head with difficulty, weakened.

Obviously, he has been tortured in the past two days.

Qiu Ziqian hurriedly stepped forward to support Qiu You whose left leg had lost support, and said, “Dad, are you okay?”

“I…I’m fine.” Qiu You said.

 Omi  looked at Qiu You’s miserable appearance, a cold color flashed across his face.

opened the mouth and said, “We have solved the problem of breaking the antique.”

“Now, it’s time to solve the broken leg!”

As soon as I said this, the atmosphere on the scene immediately became extremely dull.

There was a vaguely violent breath in the air.

The bald man was not scared, he said coldly: “Boy, what do you mean?”

The two tattooed men also felt that  Omi  seemed unwilling, and took a step forward together.

That appearance seems to be saying: kid, think about it before you talk!

However,  Omi  turned a blind eye to it and continued: “I am a person who never offends me, and I do not offend anyone. If anyone offends me, I will double it back!”

The words fall…

 Omi  stepped out suddenly.

Fists are like wind, feet are like arrows!



The two tattooed men fell directly to the ground before they even reacted, fainting.

 Omi  seemed to have knocked down two flies, his face remained unchanged, and he continued to walk forward.

The bald man saw this, his eyes widened, and he kept backing away, shouting: “You…Don’t come over! My cousin is Lihuo Li Xingning!”

He thought  Omi  would be scared by this name.

But, the result is obviously going to disappoint him.

“Really?”  Omi  said lightly, and at the same time, he took another step and instantly appeared in front of the bald man.


 Omi  kicked the bald man’s left leg with one leg.


Suddenly, the whole antique shop sounded a scream like a pig.

However, this is not over yet!

Or rather, just the beginning!

 Omi  raised his leg again.


The right leg of the bald man also made a soft noise.


Next, it’s the left hand!


Finally, it’s the right hand!

The bald man lay on the ground like mud and fainted completely.

cruel and violent!

Leave nothing!

All these… are all seen in Qiu Ziqian’s eyes.

However, she has no fear or fear at all!

is full of emotion and joy!

Because,  Omi  did it for himself!

Moreover, his movements are so cool and handsome!

Qiu Ziqian remembered every movement of  Omi  firmly in her heart. After a little recall, her heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up a bit.

 Omi  said: “Zixian, let’s take my uncle home first.”

“Oh, oh… OK.” Qiu Ziqian answered hurriedly.

After a short while, the three of them returned home.

After seeing Qiu You come back, Wang Hui was very excited.

But after seeing his leg injury, his eyes were red again.

Qiu You comforted: “Don’t worry, I’m all right now.”

“Yeah.” Wang Hui wiped her eyes and nodded again and again, “Are you hungry? I made millet porridge, so I will bring you a bowl.”

Qiu You was indeed a little hungry, a big bowl of millet porridge, gurgling, and soon had a stomachache.

Qiu Ziqian asked: “Dad, why did you go to that antique shop? And, you broke that antique?”

When mentioning this incident, Qiu You’s face was scared for a while.

“Yesterday, after get off work, I didn’t know why I got in the wrong car, and I tripped over a few steps. As a result, I broke a vase.”

“The boss rushed out immediately, saying that it was an antique from the Song Dynasty, and asked me to pay 2 million…”

“Where do I have so much money? Then, they arrested me, and… and hit my leg…”

After Qiu You finished speaking, his body shuddered.

Obviously, he still has some lingering fears.

Qiu Ziqian’s eyes were red, and she cried, “These people are just **** and bullies! Why haven’t they been arrested?”

In Qiu Ziqian’s view, this kind of person is definitely a habitual offender.

Otherwise, it would not be so unscrupulous.

Mentioning this incident, Qiu You couldn’t help but sighed and said: “Young man, you were a bit reckless just now. You shouldn’t beat that boss.”

“If he is really Li Huo’s cousin, then we are in trouble…”

Wang Hui was a little nervous and asked: “Li Huo? What Li Huo?”

Qiu You explained: “When I was working in the past, I heard others talk about Li Laohu. He is the boss of our film. There are hundreds of people under his hand…”

“If he knows that we beat his cousin, once he is called, UU reading www. .com…”

Qiu You said here, a trace of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

When they are free at work, workers like to brag.

They talked about Lihuo all the time, burned, killed, abused, and committed no evil!

In the psychology of Qiu You and many other workers, Li Huo is a terrible demon!

Wang Hui panicked: “This…what can I do about this?”

Qiu Ziqian said: “Dad, mom, don’t worry, I still don’t believe that there is no king’s law in this world!”

Qiu You sighed: “There is a king’s law, but can the king’s law protect us 24 hours a day and night?”

“Big… big deal, let’s move!” Qiu Ziqian shouted.

Qiu You and Wang Hui sighed again.

This is their home, their roots!

If it’s not a last resort, they don’t want to leave.

 Omi  said relaxedly: “Uncles and aunts, don’t worry, I promise, that Li Huo will never harass you.”

Qiu You and Wang Hui nodded non-committal.

However, those two old faces with vicissitudes of life are still full of worry.

Qiu Ziqian completely believed what  Omi  said.

In her heart,  Omi  is the omnipotent god!

Since he said so, he can definitely do it!

 Omi  continued: “Uncle, let’s treat your leg first.”

“You drink a bottle of this potion.”

The words are over,  Omi F spent 10 million from the system to purchase a bottle of medical water.

Qiu You’s heart was a little confused, and he didn’t even bother to ask what kind of potion it was, so he drank his stomach directly.

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