The Luckiest man in the world CHAPTER 81-90

As time passed, Qiu You lost consciousness and his left leg shook involuntarily.

Then, Qiu You found out that he could control his left leg.

Finally, I can stand up!

“This this……”

Qiu You walked a few steps in the living room, the whole old face was full of incredible color.

“Old Qiu, are your legs better?” Wang Hui said in surprise.

“I…I don’t know…” Qiu You was still a little confused.

hurt the muscles and bones for a hundred days.

Besides, Qiu You’s left leg was completely interrupted.

Then it’s not a hundred days at all…

Even Qiu You is ready to be unable to use his left leg in this life.

However, such a short time…

Can you stand up by yourself?

Qiu Ziqian’s happy tears flowed out.

” Omi, thank you.”

She understood that all of this was  Omi’s cause.

is the small bottle of potion that  Omi just had.

Qiu Ziqian didn’t know what potion it was, and didn’t ask.

But in such a short time, my father’s left leg was directly healed.

Qiu Ziqian understood that it was absolutely an extremely precious thing.

Such a precious thing,  Omi gave it to his father without any hesitation.

Qiu Ziqian’s whole heart has been completely transformed.

Suddenly, a clear voice rang in  Omi’s mind.

【Ding! Charm aura, trigger unforgettable! 】

 Omi could not help but observe Qiu Ziqian with real eyes.

[face value: 96]

【Favorite rating: 96】

At this time, Qiu You and Wang Hui also reacted.

“Thank you, thank you,  Omi.”

“Thank you!”

 Omi said: “You must not be so polite, this is what I should do.”

Now, Qiu You has not only been brought back safely.

Furthermore, the left leg has completely recovered.

Qiu Ziqian’s family are all very happy.

To celebrate, Wang Hui prepared a very rich lunch.

Everyone is very satisfied.

When Wang Hui took the washed clothes outside to dry.

One, two, three…

A total of four black cars, and a van, suddenly stopped at the door.

Then, more than a dozen men with different hair colors and tattoos on their arms got out of the car one after another.

In the van, a bald man with a pale face lay.

See here…

Wang Hui’s heart was tight, she didn’t care about drying clothes at all, and hurriedly ran inside.

“No…it’s not good! Those bad guys are here!” Wang Hui shouted.

Shicai, Qiu You, who is still full of smiles, turned pale in an instant.

“This incident was caused by me, I’ll talk to them…” Qiu You said with a trembling voice.

Although, he was also very scared.

But, for the sake of his family, he must also stand up!

 Omi said: “Uncles and aunts, don’t worry, just leave this to me.”

Qiu Ziqian held  Omi’s hand with some worry.

After all, a dozen people came outside.

 Omi patted Qiu Ziqian’s little hand, and said, “Don’t worry, everything has me.”

“Hmm!” Qiu Ziqian nodded vigorously.

Then,  Omi strode outside.

Qiu You and Wang Hui followed closely behind.

At this time, the bald man in the van has been carried out.

When he saw  Omi and the others, a hideous color appeared on his pale face, and he shouted, “Biao…cousin, they…that’s them!”

The bearded man standing next to him gave  Omi and others a cold look, and said, “Which way are you on?”

Li Xingning is not a reckless person to get to where he is now.

He was going to inquire about  Omi and the others before making plans.

 Omi said lightly: “You don’t deserve to know.”

As soon as this remark came out, Li Xingning was completely angered.

The opponent interrupted his cousin’s limbs first.

Now, I humiliate myself so much in front of everyone!

is simply…too arrogant!

Li Xingning said viciously: No matter who he is, he must lie down today!

“Well! Find death! Hit me!” Li Xingning screamed.


The men with tattoos, twisting their necks, or taking out steel pipes from the car, like a group of demons, kept walking towards  Omi.

Qiu Ziqian, Qiu You and Wang Hui were all in a panic when they saw this.

Especially Qiu You and Wang Hui, their bodies trembled, and they were a little untenable.

But  Omi always looked as usual, as if those tattooed men did not exist at all.


At this time, there was a roar of engines in the distance.

In a fiery red Ferrari convertible, Wan Lang is carrying a hot beauties, speeding through the old street.

Very leisurely and cozy.

When Ferrari drove past the door of Qiu Ziqian’s house, it was blocked by four cars.

The beauty next to    wrinkled her nose and said, “Why is there a traffic jam?”


Wan Lang pressed his horn a few times harder.

Then, I couldn’t help looking around.

Soon, he set his sights on a group of young people not far away with tattoos.

The next moment, Wan Lang’s pupils shrank suddenly, hurriedly opened the car door, and trot all the way forward.

Because he saw  Omi!

“Brother Fan, I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Wan Lang exclaimed in a very respectful tone.

I have to say that these rich second generations are definitely much smarter than ordinary people.

To know……

Not long ago,  Omi provoked Wan Lang at Xinyue Restaurant.

The two have forged an enemy.

Now,  Omi is surrounded by a group of people.

If I change to a normal person, I’m afraid I’ll hide aside and clap my hands in applause.

However, Wan Lang did not hesitate at all, ran out directly, and respectfully greeted  Omi.

Because Wan Lang still clearly remembers how close Zhou Guotao, the elder of the Zhou family, was to  Omi.

Later, Wan Lang also heard that  Omi saved the life of Old Man Zhou!

All of this shows that you must have a good relationship with  Omi!

Yan City is the automobile capital of Jiang Province, and Wanjia has some industries here.

In the past two days, Wan Lang, as the general manager, came to Yan City to deal with some things, and then he carried the beautiful women around to play, and then the present scene appeared.

 Omi nodded towards Wan Lang, saying hello.

Even though he simply nodded his head, it made Wan Lang very happy.

This scene was all seen in the eyes of Li Xingning, who was standing not far away.

The young owner of Wanjia Automobile is so respectful to that young man.



Li Xingning’s heart tightened, a bad premonition, crazily surged.

After a long time, he recovered, facing the tattooed men who were still walking towards  Omi.

yelled: “Stop it, it’s very easy to stop the labor and management!”

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Li Xingning didn’t pay attention to so much, and quickly came to Wan Lang.

bent over, and in a very respectful tone, said: “Mr. Wan, hello.”

In front of ordinary people, Li Xingning is an unprovokable demon.

But, in front of Wan Lang.

Li Xingning is like the most humble servant.

Wan Lang glanced at him and said lightly: “Who are you?”

Li Xingning said: “My name is Li Xingning. The night before, at the Majestic Hotel, I gave you a toast.”

A few days ago, Li Xingning learned that the Majestic Hotel was going to host a high-class banquet.

It took him a lot of effort to get the ticket.

Li Xingning was just an influential little person at the banquet.

and Wan Lang is the focus of the field.

Countless people flocked to Wan Lang to toast.

Li Xingning also toasted with the wind, and learned the identity of Wan Lang from the mouths of those toasting.

Wan Lang casually said.

Then, he focused his gaze on  Omi again, and said flatteringly: “Brother Fan, when did you come to Yanshi, why didn’t you tell my little brother.”

“If I know, I will meet you early in the morning.”

 Omi said lightly: “I don’t dare to let you, a young master, greet you.”

Wan Lang quickly said: “Brother Fan, didn’t you just slap me in the face?”

Then, Wan Lang seemed to think of the tattooed men not far away, and said: “By the way, Brother Fan, are you having any trouble?”

 Omi said: “Trouble? Not really.”

“It’s just that Li Huo’s cousin next to you interrupted my girlfriend’s father’s leg. Then Li Huo asked someone to teach me again.”

interrupted  Omi’s girlfriend’s father’s leg?

Do you still have to teach  Omi?


What a big dog!

Wan Lang’s face changed suddenly, and he turned around abruptly, staring at Li Xingning closely like an angry King Kong.


At this moment, Li Xingning’s heart beats like a drum.

A layer of fine sweat oozes on his forehead in an instant.

“Wan… Wan Shao, this… this…”

However, without waiting for Li Xingning to explain, Wan Lang kicked his stomach fiercely.


Without precaution, Li Xingning was kicked to the ground and curled up into a shrimp ball.

See here…

The tattooed men behind them all changed a lot, holding the steel pipes, and they were going to step forward to teach Wan Lang a lesson.

Li Xingning hurriedly clutched his stomach, hurriedly called: “Don’t move, don’t move!”

Then, Li Xingning stood up with difficulty, bent over, and said in pain: “Wan Shao, I and Fan Shao had a misunderstanding before…”

Although, Li Xingning was beaten.

But, he couldn’t get a hint of revenge.

Even, I have to be more careful to please.

Because he understands that he can’t provoke him at all.

That’s right! I can now make people beat thousands of waves.

But what happens after the fight?

After   , I am afraid I will completely disappear from this world!

“Misunderstanding to Nima!” Wan Lang kicked Li Xingning to the ground again.

Wan Lang offended  Omi when he was in Beijing.

Now, I finally had the opportunity to make friends with  Omi.

Wanlang absolutely does not allow to be sabotaged.

This Li Xingning just said hello to herself.

Just in case,  Omi thought he had a good relationship with him.

Even, he thought he was looking for someone to deal with his girlfriend’s father.

The consequences… are terrible.

Therefore, Wan Lang did not keep any hands.

Li Xingning hugged his belly and rolled painfully on the ground.

Wan Lang turned around and said, “Brother Fan, what do you say to deal with this matter? I will do it for you properly!”

Li Xingning hurriedly endured the pain, lying on the ground, kowtow to  Omi and said: “Brother Fan, Shao Fan, I’m sorry, it’s because I didn’t discipline my cousin…”

 Omi knelt down and said, “Li Xingning, right?”

“Yes, yes…” Li Xingning said hurriedly.

“In the future, people have to be well disciplined. If something similar happens next time, it might not end well, understand?”  Omi said.

“Understand, understand…Thank you Fan Shao, thank Fan Shao.” Li Xingning kowtow again.

“Okay, let’s go with your people.”  Omi said.

“Yes, thank you Fan Shao, Fan Shao goodbye, Wan Shao goodbye.” After Li Xingning finished speaking, he crawled and went away quickly.

Soon, the old street, which was somewhat congested, became unblocked again.

Wan Lang said: “Brother Fan, you have a rare visit to Yan City, don’t you know if you have a chance to invite you to dinner? That’s the case, I will try my best to be a landlord.”

Although, even without Wan Lang,  Omi can easily solve the group of tattooed men.

But, anyway, Wan Lang did his best.

Now, I can’t refute his face too much.

So,  Omi nodded and said: “Okay, then you can fix a place.”

“Good!” Wan Lang said happily.

Wan Lang also understands that  Omi has to deal with matters with his girlfriend’s family.

In addition, I have also made an appointment to eat together now.

So, after a few more greetings, he left quickly.

Until this time, Qiu You and Wang Hui were still a little dazed.

Such a terrible Li Huo was kicked twice like that?

Then, instead of kowtow to  Omi and admit his mistake?



My daughter, what kind of boyfriend did she find?

While Qiu Ziqian looked at  Omi’s eyes, they were full of shining little  Omi smiled and said: “Uncle and Aunt, it’s all right now, let’s go in.”

“Ah… ah… okay, okay, go in!”

Qiu You and Wang Hui only then reacted and responded again and again.

In a blink of an eye, the sun sets.

The appearance of the Majestic Hotel is like a huge arch. It is brightly lit at night and is extremely dazzling. It is a landmark building in Yan City.

At this time, Wan Lang waited at the entrance of the Majestic Hotel early.

When he saw a Lamborghini coming from a distance, he hurried to greet him.

 Omi took Qiu Ziqian’s hand and walked out of the car slowly.

Then, a security guard took the car key and drove quickly towards the parking lot.

“Have you waited a long time?”  Omi asked.

“No, no, I’ve only been there for a while.” Wan Lang repeatedly said.

Then, he exclaimed: “Brother Fan, you have a good vision, my sister-in-law is too beautiful!”

Qiu Ziqian smiled and said, “Shao Wan is too good at boasting.”

“I didn’t praise anyone, this is the truth. By the way, sister-in-law, you don’t call me Wan Shao, too much! You can call me Xiao Lang or A Lang directly.” Wan Lang said.

“Then I will call your name.” Qiu Ziqian said.

“Also! Brother Fan, sister-in-law, shall we go in?” Wan Lang said.

 Omi nodded.

The three of them walked into the Majestic Hotel slowly under the gaze of many people in the distance.

Even the young owners of Wanjia Automobile have to personally greet people at the door.

Who is it?

Yan City, there are big shots again!

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After the three of  Omi entered the 666 box, the waiter began to serve the dishes.

Australian lobster, top wagyu beef, papaya stewed snow clams, premium abalone…

Many exquisite dishes quickly filled the entire table.

Then, the waiter opened a bottle of Lafite 1982.

Wan Lang held a high-heeled glass and said, “Brother Fan, welcome to Yan City as a guest.”

 Omi followed to toast and touched it lightly.

Wan Lang drank it in one sip.

Then, I poured myself another glass and said, “Sister-in-law, I wish you more and more young and more beautiful!”

“Thank you.” Qiu Ziqian smiled.

After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere in the box became more lively, and all three of them were very happy to eat.

After drinking and eating,  Omi and Qiu Ziqian did not go home.

Instead, he opened a presidential suite in the Majestic Hotel.

Maybe, it’s because I took the car for a day during the day.

Tonight, Qiu Ziqian is working harder than usual.

Search up and down!


The two… sleepless!


The next day, when the sun was blazing outside, Qiu Ziqian was still lying on the big bed lazily like a lazy cat.

 Omi didn’t bother, so he picked up the phone.

As always, there was an unread text message on the phone screen long ago.

“At 0:00, China Merchants Bank remits RMB 1,330,000.”

[Name:  Omi]

[Level: LV5]

【Ding! System upgrade, LV5! 】

[LV5 reward: get 20 yuan for every breath; get 20 yuan for every second of sleep; get 20 yuan for every step you take. Rewards will be credited to the account at 24 o’clock every day. 】

[Upgrade consumption amount: 6.34 million / 50 million (gifts, gambling, etc. are not included. In addition, all items obtained from the system are prohibited from trading)]

[Skills: professional car driving skills, charm halo (5% chance to trigger love at first sight, unforgettable), violent aesthetics, drinking gentleman, absolute concentration (10% chance to trigger a flash of light)…Professional airplane driving skills, professional Go skills , Energy shield]

[Capital: 15.2 million]

Then,  Omi set his eyes on the 500 red packets displayed on the phone.

murmured in his heart: “In a few days, I should be able to collect 1,000.”


At this time, Qiu Ziqian on the bed slowly opened her beautiful eyes.

She shook her body hard, and then she sat up slowly.

 Omi said: “I was so tired yesterday, don’t you stop taking a break?”

Qiu Ziqian said: “No, I have already rested.”

After the two had breakfast, they drove the Lamborghini and returned to the old street.

Just after getting out of the car,  Omi’s phone shook slightly.


The red envelope appears!

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 10,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 500 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you have acquired the skill perfume expert.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 3 yuan.”

Today,  Omi received a total of 40,503 yuan.

He directly turned his attention to the perfume expert.

【Perfume expert: One smell knows a hundred tastes. As a gentleman, how can you not understand perfume? Knowing the formula, production, classification of perfume… can also add infinite charm. 】


 Omi’s face showed a hint of doubt.

Then, he took a light breath and smelled Qiu Ziqian’s scent.

“Jasmine, rose, lily… perfume made by drying, crushing, filtering and other steps.”

The whole perfume production process, as if it were a movie screen, all appeared in  Omi’s mind, it was very magical.


At this time, Li Xingning trot over from a distance.

He bent over and said respectfully: “Fan Shao, I was so sorry yesterday…”

“In this card, you paid 2 million yesterday, as well as some compensation for the physical and mental loss of my uncle and aunt.”

 Omi didn’t refuse, so he put the card away.

Li Xingning breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this.

Although,  Omi had let him go yesterday.

But, his whole heart was up and down, and he couldn’t fall asleep all night.

Li Xingning knows very well that if a young man like  Omi wants to deal with himself, he only needs to move his fingers.

So, he waited in the far alley early this morning, hoping to make a new plea.

But now, when  Omi accepted his bank card, Li Xingning was completely relieved.

“Fan Shao, then I won’t bother you…”

After Li Xingning finished speaking, he bent over and quickly walked away.

At this time, Wang Hui heard the voice, walked out slowly, and said happily: ” Omi, Ziqian, are you back?”

“Are you hungry? I’m going to cook for you!”

 Omi said: “Auntie, don’t bother, we have already eaten.”

“Then go in first and have some tea.” Wang Hui said.

The tea is grown by Wang Hui’s own house, and it is very mellow.  Omi drank two large cups and was extremely satisfied.

“Zixian,  Omi, you are not young anymore, have you considered when to get married?” Wang Hui asked.

Qiu Ziqian’s heart was tense, and without waiting for  Omi to answer, she hurriedly said, “Mom, we won’t get married.”

She was very afraid of embarrassing  Omi because her parents urged her to marry.

If this caused  Omi to stay away from him, then I would really regret it.

“This…this way.” Wang Hui said with some regret.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time,  Omi’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

He glanced at the call reminder, and then connected the phone.

“President Hu, what’s the matter?”  Omi asked.

” Omi, this is the case. Are you unwilling to go to Preston to give a report? We have contacted the World Mathematical Organization and are preparing to hold a report meeting in Jiangbei… Look, UU reading www. .com what Is it convenient?” Hu Chuan asked.

“Just the last few days.”  Omi said.

Dean Hu thought for a while and said: “Okay!”

After hanging up,  Omi saw that it was too early.

So, he said, “Uncle and aunt, we will go back to Jiangbei first.”

“You should still have things to deal with, then we won’t keep it. If we have the opportunity to come to Yan City often in the future,” Qiu You said.

 Omi nodded and took out the bank card Li Xingning had just given.

“Uncles and aunts, take this one.”  Omi said.

“We can’t accept it.” Qiu You said.

“Yes, how can we take your money?” Wang Hui followed closely.

 Omi smiled and said: “You have misunderstood, this is the compensation Li Xingning just sent to you…”

Qiu You and Wang Hui waved their hands again and again, expressing their rejection.

 Omi had no choice but to say to Qiu Ziqian: “Zixian, please help persuade.”

“Dad, mom, just accept it.” Qiu Ziqian said.

When they saw their children say the same, after hesitating for a while, they still took the card away.

After  Omi and Qiu Ziqian left.

Qiu You said: “My wife, how much money do you say in this card?”

“Where do I know? Go and see.” Wang Hui said.

Then, the two came to the ATM not far away.

The next moment, the two of them opened their mouths directly.

Because there are 5 million in this card!



Don’t say they have so much money in their lives, they have seen… they have never seen it before!

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Beijing, the defense scene of the mathematical modeling contest.

Huaqing University, Jingcheng University, Magic University, etc., the geniuses of the top schools in the country, gathered together for fierce defense.

The judges and professors sitting above, either nodded or meditated…

Under the expectation of the talented students.

Finally, the awards were selected one by one.

“National Third Prize, Madu University Zheng Cong, Yu Zhen, Tan Meijiao…”

“National Second Prize, University of Science and Technology Chen Jian, Song Zeliang, Li Fen…”

“National First Prize, Huaqing University Nie Zhenjiang, Pan Difei, Huang Zhiqiang…”

“Higher Education Cup Winners:  Omi, Xia Bing, Xia Xue of Jiangbei University!”

As the list of winners came out, some people were happy and some sighed.

And when the final Higher Education Cup appeared, everyone showed incredible color.

Jiangbei University is indeed a key university.

However, their mathematics has always been at the bottom of the key universities.

In previous mathematical modeling contests, even the national awards rarely appeared.

This time, he won the Higher Education Cup directly?

Many people looked around, trying to find  Omi and others, but they were to no avail.

Someone said: “Don’t look for it, the people from Jiangbei University didn’t come.”

“What? Didn’t come to reply, I just got the Gaojiao Cup? Is there any shady?” The person next to him immediately yelled.

“I heard… that the person named  Omi has solved Zhou’s conjecture and will hold a briefing at Jiangbei University recently. Therefore, there is no time to reply.” Another person whispered.

“Zhou’s guess? Hiss!” Someone was surprised.

Nie Zhenjiang of Huaqing University hummed: “What if Zhou’s conjecture is solved? What does this have to do with mathematical modeling?”

“What’s more, he may not really answer Zhou’s conjecture!”

The Higher Education Cup of the    Mathematical Modeling Contest has always been touted by Huaqing University and Jingcheng University.

This year, Nie Zhenjiang made a lot of preparations with the goal of winning the Higher Education Cup!

Now, he has only won the national first prize.

How can this not annoy him?

However, sometimes, anger doesn’t work at all.


At this time,  Omi is driving a Lamborghini, galloping all the way towards Jiangbei.

“Jingle Bell!”

His cell phone suddenly rang a brisk ring.

 Omi casually pressed the car phone.

” Omi, I want to tell you good news! You won the Higher Education Cup in the National Mathematical Modeling Contest!” Hu Chuan’s extremely excited voice came over the phone.

Qiu Ziqian next to   , a look of surprise immediately appeared on her pretty face.

Although, she is not a math major.

Even, I have graduated for two years.

However, Qiu Ziqian has also heard of the name of the Gaojiao Cup.

That is one of the highest awards in the Department of Mathematics.

 Omi is handsome and rich, and loves!

Now, it turns out that he is still a schoolmaster!

My God!

What kind of fairy man did he find?

Qiu Ziqian looked at  Omi’s beautiful eyes, the light flickered, full of affection.

As for Hu Chuan,  Omi just said, “Oh.”

In fact, he has no interest in any higher education cup.

Otherwise,  Omi would not refuse to go to the capital.

Hu Chuan heard  Omi’s answer, and he was speechless for a while.

That’s the Higher Education Cup!

Just like that?

Do you want to be so plain?

However, Hu Chuan quickly thought of  Omi’s answer to Zhou’s conjecture, and was somewhat relieved.

He gave a dry cough and said, “By the way, we got in touch with the World Mathematical Organization and are going to hold a report meeting this Saturday. If you are free these days, please prepare more.”

“Okay.”  Omi answered casually.

When I returned to Jiangbei, it was already night.

Yike City, 2501 rooms.

Huang Ling was sitting in the living room watching TV, drowsy and a little bored.


At this time, the door slowly opened.

Huang Ling immediately became energetic after seeing  Omi and Qiu Ziqian.

Then, he asked: “Zixian, have your family’s affairs been resolved?”

“It’s solved, all depends on my husband.” Qiu Ziqian said.

While she was talking, she seemed to recall the scene where  Omi showed great power and taught the bald man and Li Xingning, and she couldn’t help but look at  Omi with affection.

Then, Qiu Ziqian said again: “Huang Ling, do you know? My husband won the Higher Education Cup in the Mathematical Modeling Contest today!”

“Higher Education Cup? Really!?” Huang Jin exclaimed in surprise.

Obviously, she has also heard the name of the Higher Education Cup.

That is definitely something that can only be touched by learning masters and learning gods!

actually stood in front of a legendary Xueshen?

Qiu Ziqian smiled and said, “Is there a fake?”

paused and asked: “By the way, the clothes I asked you to buy have arrived, right?”

“It’s… here.” Huang Ling lowered his head and said in a low voice.

She thought of those clothes and her pretty face blushed instantly.

Qiu Ziqian smiled and said: “That’s good! Change that suit at night, as a celebration of her husband’s winning the Higher Education Cup!”

Huang Lingyan heard it and buried his little head directly in the collar. The whole person was like a little ostrich, very cute.

That night.

It’s noon on the holy day!

The winding path leads to a quiet place!

Yike City, 2501 rooms, no sleep!



The next day.

 Omi drove a Lamborghini and sprinted towards Jiangbei University.

When I came to a traffic light.


A white Porsche Cayenne slammed into it suddenly.

Then, a beautiful lady came over.

She has long hair like a waterfall, exquisite facial features, and a white skirt that highlights her perfect mature and full of charm!

 Omi secretly compared her with Han Tian in his heart.

The body is similar, but the facial features are even better.

At the same time,  Omi could not help but use the real eye.

[face value: 95]

【Favorite rating: 70】

See here…

There was a strange look on  Omi’s face.

has a face value of 95, which he expected.

But, 70?

How is this going?

She crashed into her car and didn’t show her attitude.

Logically speaking, shouldn’t you have such a high degree of favorability?

As the beauty approached, a familiar smell floated to  Omi’s nose.

The beauty used a magnetic tone, and said: “It’s my responsibility to rear-end it. Rest assured, I will definitely compensate you.”

After a pause, he said, “Also, to express my apologies for the crash, let me treat you to a meal.”

 Omi just started to answer.

At this time, a clear voice rang in his mind.

[Triggering task: Five Lights and Foods. Invite five beauties with a score of 90 or more to eat food worth more than 100,000 yuan each. Reward 5 silver red envelopes. Progress: 0/5. 】


is another mission!

After opening the silver red envelope several times,  Omi was full of expectations for it.

 Omi’s eyes moved slightly, and he said, “Where can I invite beautiful women to entertain guests? I should invite them to dinner.”

The beauty took two steps forward, exhaled a sweet breath, and smiled: “I can’t see it, she’s still a lover, I like it!”

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This rear-end collision is not serious.

Even,  Omi’s Lamborghini didn’t even fall off a bit of paint. It felt like two familiar people hugged gently.

Under  Omi’s lead, the two quickly arrived at the Star restaurant in the center of Jiangbei.

This restaurant has the most luxurious ingredients, and the top celebrity chefs, the taste is excellent.

corresponds to a very high price.

The beauty said: “Star? You are really proud.”

Obviously, she has also heard of Star’s name.

 Omi smiled and said, “It shouldn’t be a big deal to you, right?”

“I have never been willing to come here to eat, this is the first time for others.” The beauty Chu Chu looked at  Omi pitifully.

It looks like what  Omi has done to her.

Self…Is this being molested?

 Omi coughed lightly and said, “Let’s go in first.”


When the two walked into the restaurant, a crisp sound rang in their ears.

Then, a tall waitress greeted her warmly.

“Welcome to Star!”

“Is there an appointment?” the waitress asked.

 Omi shook his head and said, “No.”

The waitress glanced at the tablet in her hand, and said, “Then you may only have to choose the edge position.”

 Omi turned his head and looked at the beauty next to him.

“It doesn’t matter where you sit and eat.” The beauty said.

“Please here,” the waitress said.

Soon, the two were arranged to a relatively back position.

Beauty said: “It seems that I haven’t introduced myself, my name is Xia Yan.”

Last name Xia?

At this time,  Omi finally remembered why he felt that the smell of Xia Yan was somewhat familiar.

Because, Xia Bing and Xia Xue have almost the same taste!

If it was before,  Omi might not be able to tell.

But now, he has a skillful perfume expert who can easily remember and distinguish different scents.

 Omi has seen Xia Bing and Xia Xue several times, and after smelling them many times, he will naturally not forget them.

In fact, it was this familiar taste that made  Omi have the idea of ​​treating Xia Yan.

and the same surname Xia, and has the same taste…

Are they…

 Omi couldn’t help but began to look at Xia Yan carefully.

Her facial features are different from Xia Bing and Xia Xue. One is full of feminine maturity, and the other is cute as a doll.

But their figures are all perfect!

At this time,  Omi had some doubts about whether his car was hit by a coincidence.

When  Omi was puzzled, the sweet caviar was brought up with white smoke.

Three different caviars of yellow, gray and green form a rainbow platter, which is very beautiful.

Even Xia Yan has eaten a lot of delicacies, but when the caviar is in the mouth, her beautiful eyes are slightly bright.

Crispy, soft, tender, and slippery!

Very enjoyable.

At this time, two glasses of light-colored whiskey were delivered to the front.

 Omi said: “Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Xia Yan followed.

After she finished speaking, she took a big sip and exclaimed, “Nice wine!”

And  Omi shook the wine glass first.

Then he slowly poured it into his mouth.

The movements are gentle and slow, savoring carefully.

See here…

Xia Yan, who was sitting opposite, was a little bit dazed.

Although,  Omi did not comment on whiskey.

However, his expressions and actions seem to be talking, noble, free and easy, and fascinating.

Drinking gentleman, unlimited charm!


At this time, the golden fish was brought up.

Xia Yan retracted her gaze, as if to avoid, she hurriedly caught a piece of fish.

It melts in the mouth, and the fragrance is extremely delicious.

Xia Yan nodded again.

Next, matsutake, foie gras, wagyu…

Each dish is not much, but the taste is excellent, which makes people enjoy the top of the cloud.

For a moment, Xia Yan wiped her little cherry mouth and said: “So full.”

 Omi calculated the price slightly, and after confirming that it exceeded 100,000, he said, “Waiter, pay the bill.”

“Hello, plus 10% service charge, a total of 122,000 yuan.” The waitress said.

 Omi handed out the bank card directly.


After a soft beep, the consumption is successful.

Then,  Omi glanced at the task.

[Task: Five light food color. Invite five beauties with a score of 90 or more to eat food worth more than 100,000 yuan each. Reward 5 silver red envelopes. Progress: 1/5. 】

See here…

 Omi’s mouth tick slightly.

Xia Yan, who was sitting across from her, said, “A meal of 120,000 yuan? I can be considered extravagant today.”

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, Xia Yan’s cell phone rang a brisk ring.

“Okay, I’m here now.”

After Xia Yan hung up the phone, she said to  Omi, “Do you need me to take your car to the 4S shop?”

 Omi shook his head and said, “There is nothing damaged. Where do I need to go to a 4S shop?”

“Then we will keep in touch again later.” Xia Yan shook her phone and added WeChat before getting on the Porsche and heading away.

 Omi touched his stomach, turned and drove towards Yike City.

Don’t look at it, I just ate 120,000.

But, each dish was only a little bit, and he was not full at all.

 Omi is going to pick up Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling, and eat again.

Come, used to complete the task.

Secondly, it fills up the stomach.

However, before he returned to Yike, I ran into Han Tian, ​​the manager of Lianjia Real Estate.

 Omi directly parked the car aside.

“Mr. Lin!” Han Tian said in surprise.

 Omi said: “Manager Han, what a coincidence! Is this showing someone to see the house?”

“Yes, the customer only left for a while.” Han Tian said.

 Omi asked: “Mr. Han shouldn’t have a meal yet? Or else, have a meal together?”

Have dinner with Mr. Lin?

Han Tian heard this, her whole heart immediately accelerated.

She almost blurted out and said, “Okay!”

So,  Omi carried Han Tian and returned to the Star restaurant.


After entering the restaurant’s door, a familiar soft sound rippled slightly.

Then, the waitress greeted him quickly.

But when she saw  Omi, she was slightly taken aback.

Isn’t this the one who just ate lunch?

Did his things fall?

Thinking of this, the waitress was ready to ask.

 Omi was a little startled to see the waitress, thinking that there was no room left.

Then, he asked: “We have no reservations, are there no seats now?”

Didn’t you drop something?

Then, the waitress noticed that Han Tian, ​​who was standing next to  Omi, was not the woman who had previously been with  Omi.

A word appeared in his heart.

Sea King!

After a while, the waitress reacted and said, “Oh…oh, there are still seats available, please, please.”

Then,  Omi was taken to the place where he had just had lunch with Xia Yan.

PS:  , welcome to read my book ” “.

Han Tian was very happy to eat this meal.

On the one hand, the dishes are really delicious.

On the other hand, because this is the first time she and  Omi have a meal.

When she learned about the 122,000 yuan meal, Han Tian was shocked and happier.

Although Han Tian also thinks the food here is very delicious, she also expects that the price should not be cheap.

But, 122,000 yuan is still beyond her imagination.

And  Omi is willing to spend so much money, please eat by yourself…

Is he…

Han Tian thought of this, a touch of shyness appeared on Qiao’s face.

After eating two meals in a row,  Omi’s belly is almost full.

After separating from Han Tian, ​​he went straight to Jiangbei University.

At this time, the counselor Sun Yaodong happened to see  Omi, and his entire face was instantly filled with smiles.

Like a good buddy, he put directly on  Omi’s shoulders, and said, “I said you are outstanding. You can definitely win honor for the class, right?”

“Sure enough! The higher education cups are brought back, good! Very good!”

 Omi’s mouth twitched slightly.

is outstanding ability again?

is to win honor for the class again?

Sun counseling really only knows these two sentences.

Sun Yaodong continued: “You have won glory for the school, and the school will definitely reward you. When the Higher Education Cup is brought back, it should give you a bonus and credits…”

For these,  Omi didn’t care.

Sun Yaodong said again: “By the way, Saturday’s report meeting, we must prepare well and strive to win glory for our class!”

While speaking, he patted  Omi on the shoulder lightly, and then he left with satisfaction.

Just as  Omi walked to the classroom, Song Yi, Ma Zhong and Zheng Jinbao surrounded him.

“Brother Fan, I heard that you took the Gaojiao Cup, and you also solved Zhou’s conjecture?” Song Yi asked.

 Omi casually said: “Yes.”

Suddenly, Song Yi, Ma Zhong and Zheng Jinbao looked at  Omi’s gaze, it was like seeing a **** brave golden light all over!


That’s right!

is a god!

In their eyes, the person who took the Gaojiao Cup and answered Zhou’s conjecture is not a person at all! It is learning God!

Finally, the three of them shouted together: “Brother Fan, I’m kneeling for you!”

 Omi looked at their funny appearances and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

At this time, Song Jiaxin came over and smiled and said: “Congratulations, you have won the first higher education cup of Jiangbei University.”

 Omi said: “Thank you.”

After a pause, he said: “By the way, are you free to have a meal tonight?”

Every day, I don’t know how many people want to invite Song Jiaxin to dinner.

But, without exception, she refused all of them.

As for  Omi’s invitation, she nodded directly and said, “It seems…I have a good night.”

At this time, the old professor walked into the classroom and started a lecture like a lullaby.  Omi listened to it and soon fell asleep.

This night, he slept very comfortably.

In the evening,  Omi took Song Jiaxin to the Star restaurant.


Entering the door, there was another soft, familiar sound.

The waitress greeted her again.

When he saw  Omi, his face was obviously surprised.

In one day, take three girls to dinner in a row?

Besides, they are all super beautiful women!

How can this not surprise her?

 Omi ignored that much, and said, “Is there any place?”

“Yes, yes.” The waitress answered.

So,  Omi was taken to the place for lunch again.

Soon, one after another exquisite dishes were served.

Throughout the meal, Song Jiaxin remained calm and indifferent.

Obviously, she had already eaten similar foods.

And the consumption of 122,000 yuan, she was not too surprised.

Because, let alone a meal of 120,000, Song Jiaxin has never drank a bottle of wine for 1 million.

After eating,  Omi sent Song Jiaxin back and headed straight to Yike City.

Originally,  Omi wanted to take Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian to the Star restaurant for dinner.

But, the two of them have already had dinner.

 Omi had to push it until tomorrow.


At this time, the Xia family.

Today, the Xia family prepared a very hearty dinner.

Because Xia Bing and Xia Xue won the Higher Education Cup!

This is a great honor, worth celebrating!

The family gathered together, raised their wine glasses, and lightly touched them.

If  Omi were here, he would be surprised and cried out: “Xia Yan, I really am a family with Xia Bing and Xia Xue!”

Xia Yan put a lot of meat on Xia Bing and Xia Xue, and said: “Eat more to grow fat and white.”

“Good… good.” Xia Bing and Xia Xue said.

“Really good!” Xia Yan smiled, “I heard that a large part of the reason you were able to win the Higher Education Cup this time is because of a teammate named  Omi…”

“Why didn’t you invite  Omi to your house today?” Xia Yan asked.

Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s chopsticks stagnated, but they didn’t answer.

Xia Yan said again: “By the way, didn’t you say you made a boyfriend? When will you bring it back? So my mother can check it out.”

Xia Bing and Xia Xue did not answer again, but their heads were almost buried in the bowl.

See here…

Xia Yan’s mouth can’t help but tick. She likes to see the embarrassment of the two.

Next to   , the gray-haired Xia Tian said: “Don’t just talk about Xiaoice and are not young now, when will you bring a boyfriend back?”

“At the beginning, when you brought Xiaoice and Xiaoxue back from the orphanage, you said you would wait for them to grow up, and then get married.”

“What about now? Now that Xiaoice and Xiaoxue have boyfriends, can you still wait for them to get married, have children, and then get married?”

Xia Yan heard this, and couldn’t help feeling a headache, and said: “Dad, today is to celebrate XiaoIce and Xiaoxue getting the Higher Education Cup, don’t say this, come, let’s have another drink!



An old professor wearing thick glasses is doing his studies seriously.

At this time, wearing a white shirt, a professor named Jeffries, said: “Professor Eddie, are you going to Huaxia Jiangbei this Saturday?”

“Hua Xia Jiangbei? Where is that place?” Eddie with gray hair asked back.

“A city in the middle of China. You should also know that Zhou’s conjecture was answered by a Chinese person who will hold a report meeting in Huaxia Jiangbei on Saturday.” Jeffries said.

“Hold a report in China?” Edwin frowned, “Why didn’t he come to Preston?”

Jeffries shrugged and said, “That’s the freedom of others, and we can’t force it.”

Eddie sighed and said, “Although, I also want to listen to this briefing. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of important things to deal with, I am afraid I can’t go that far.”

Jeffrey said: “Okay, then I will ask Professor Send, and Professor Emil if they want to go there together.”


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The next day, after  Omi had breakfast, he went to Jiangbei University in no hurry.

Instead, they accompany Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling to watch TV and chat leisurely.

“By the way, Huang Ling, how much money do you have?”  Omi asked.

Huang Ling thought for a while and said, “Almost 950,000.”

 Omi was surprised: “There are so many? Didn’t you buy a car, cosmetics, etc.?”

You know, Huang Ling has been following him for almost a week.

It took so long… only 50,000 yuan?

“I have been together with Ziqian. It is enough for her to have a car, but she bought some cosmetics.” Huang Ling said.

 Omi smiled and said, “You don’t need to save so much, just buy what you want.”

“Okay.” Huang Ling said.

The three chatted and laughed together.

In a blink of an eye, it’s meal time.

Yesterday,  Omi deliberately drove the big G back, the purpose is to take Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling to eat together.

 Omi has been to Star Restaurant three times. At this time, he is quite familiar.

After a short while, he stopped the big G at the door.


With a familiar soft sound, the waitress greeted him immediately.

When she saw  Omi, she was taken aback.

Because, today  Omi actually brought a different beauty from yesterday.

Besides, I brought two of them at once!

“This… please here.” The waitress said dumbly.

Since three people were eating together this time,  Omi deliberately ordered more dishes.

Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian were eating superb food, and their pretty faces were full of enjoyment.

When the last dish was finished, their stomachs became bulging.

The waitress said: “Hello, plus the service fee, a total of 231,000 yuan.”

Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian heard that, the whole person was slightly stagnant.

This meal is really delicious.


231,000 yuan?

In other words, I just ate a car?

 Omi didn’t think so much, so he handed out the bank card directly.


With a soft sound, the card swipe is successful.

Then, he turned his attention to the system.

[Task: Five light food color. Invite five beauties with a score of 90 or more to eat food worth more than 100,000 yuan each. Reward 5 silver red envelopes. Progress: 4/5. 】

 Omi secretly said in his heart: Sure enough, inviting Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian to eat at one time can only be counted as one time.

After the sound of swiping the card, Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling finally recovered.

The two kissed  Omi on the cheek.

can’t help but love!

The happiness of girls is very simple.

Spoil her, love her, care about her!

There are thousands of miles of lychees for the concubine smile in ancient times.

 Omi has 200,000 yuan to invite dinner.

At this moment, Qiu Ziqian and Huang Ling felt that they were completely wrapped in happiness.

The waitress standing next to see this, once again dumbfounded.

Originally, there was still a trace of suspicion in her heart.

Perhaps,  Omi just invited female colleagues, relatives and the like to dinner.

But now, the waitress realized that she was wrong!

These beauties are really his women.

 Omi naturally did not know the psychological changes of the waitress.

After he had eaten, he sent Huang Ling and Qiu Ziqian over.

At this time,  Omi only needs to invite a woman with a score of 90 or more to complete the task after eating a meal.

He thought for a while, finally took out his phone and sent a message.


Jiangbei University.

As soon as Xia Bing and Xia Xue returned to the dormitory, their phones shook slightly.

It turned out that Xia Yan sent the WeChat message.

Xia Yan: Remember to finish eating the dishes you brought there at noon. Your sister and I, I had a busy afternoon to make them yesterday!

Yesterday, to celebrate Xia Bing and Xia Xue won the Higher Education Cup.

Xia Yan cooks herself and cooks a lot of dishes.

However, the family has limited food, and there are many dishes left.

At Xia Yan’s request, they packed all those dishes and let Xia Bing and Xia Xue take them to school to eat.

Xia Bing (Xia Xue): Okay.

Xia Yan: How good is this!

Xia Bing and Xia Xue, as Xia Yan said, took the vegetables they brought, and went to the auntie Guan to heat them downstairs.

Then, I returned to the dormitory.

At this time, their mobile phones shook again.

 Omi: Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t eaten it, how about eating together later?

 Omi took the initiative to send a message to himself!

Besides, I have to eat with myself!

After seeing this news, Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s excited little faces flushed.

Xia Bing (Xia Xue): We haven’t eaten yet.

 Omi: Then I will pick you up?

Xia Bing (Xia Xue): Hmm.

After sending the message, Xia Bing and Xia Xue put the freshly heated meal aside.

Then, walked quickly outside.


Is this the meal Xia Yan made by herself?

so what?

Where is it important to have dinner with  Omi! ?

After Xia Bing and Xia Yan got on the Mercedes-Benz Big, they immediately showed their pulse.

 Omi smiled slightly, opened the two bottles of Pulse, took a sip of each, and said, “Then we will set off.”

After    finished speaking, he stepped on the accelerator and headed straight to the Star restaurant.


With a clear voice, the waitress greeted him quickly.

When his eyes fell on  Omi, the whole person was stunned again.

Yesterday, I invited three different beauties to dinner.

Just now, I invited two beautiful women to dinner at the same time.

Now, I took a pair of twins to eat together.

My God!

Where is Aquaman?

This is Poseidon at all!

 Omi didn’t pay attention to so much. He came to the position where he sat four times in a row. Then, according to the food he had just ate, he ordered another one.

Soon, one after another top delicacies were served.

For this meal, Xia Bing and Xia Xue have been immersed in eating, their faces are always full of happy smiles.

This is not because it is delicious or because the ingredients are expensive.

But because, this meal was eaten with  Omi, this is enough.


After  Omi successfully paid 231,000 yuan, a clear voice finally rang in his mind.

[Mission completed: Five light food color. Invite five beauties with a score of 90 or more to eat food worth more than 100,000 yuan each. Reward 5 silver red envelopes. Progress: 5/5. 】

 Omiyan heard it, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but tick slightly.

The mission is finally completed!

PS:  , welcome to read my book ” “.

 Omi sent Xia Bing and Xia Xue to the girls’ bedroom downstairs.

He looked at their pretty faces like porcelain dolls, and couldn’t help but squeeze them slightly.

Suddenly, Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s pretty faces were like ripe tomatoes, bright red.

 Omi looked at their shy appearance, and couldn’t help but get interested, his head slowly moved by, passing by like a dragonfly.

In an instant, Xia Bing and Xia Xue’s beautiful eyes widened, their pretty faces, ears, neck…the whole body’s white skin was completely red.

see here…

 Omi couldn’t help but smiled and said, “Okay, go up soon.”


Xia Bing and Xia Xue responded at the same time, and then, as if fleeing for their lives, the two pairs of slender beautiful legs kept changing, and quickly moved towards the dormitory.

 Omi waited until they went upstairs, then turned around and returned to the Mercedes-Benz G.

Then, he stepped on the accelerator and left.

As soon as  Omi left, the little heads of Xia Bing and Xia Xue emerged from the windows of the dormitory.

They can’t help panting, their faces are still flushed.

“Jingle Bell!”

At this time, their cell phones rang for a while.

It turned out that Xia Yan made the group video.

Xia Bing and Xia Xue saw that  Omi was no longer visible downstairs, so they directly connected to the video.

“Why are your two faces so red?” Xia Yan laughed, “Did you just exercise with your boyfriend?”

The pretty faces of Xia Bing and Xia Xue turned red in an instant.

stammered: “Pinch…squeeze his face.”

“Just squeezed her face?” Xia Yan asked suspiciously.

“Also… and kissed…”

“Haha!” Xia Yan laughed.

However, the next moment, the smile on her face was frozen.

Xia Yan called: “Xia Bing, Xia Xue! Don’t you eat packed meals?”

“He… he just invited us to dinner.”

“I did it myself!” Xia Yan shouted.

Xia Bing and Xia Xue did not speak, but their expressions were clearly saying: That’s not as important as having dinner with  Omi!


At this time,  Omi had already arrived at the parking lot.

He did not leave immediately, but instead focused on the silver red envelope.

whispered: “5 silver red envelopes, see what you can get.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 800,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, get a Pagani Fengshen.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got the fire avoidance energy shield.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 500,000 yuan.”

“Ding! Congratulations, you got 300,000 yuan.”

5 silver red envelopes,  Omi received a total of 1.6 million yuan.

For this little money, he didn’t care.

He directly cast his gaze on the fire avoidance energy cover.

【Fire-avoidance energy shield: It constantly absorbs the free energy in the world, and when it encounters unbearable high temperature, it forms a transparent protective shield autonomously, so that the host is protected from high temperature. 】

see here…

 Omi raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and said with a smile: “At last I didn’t waste my energy to do the task, this thing is good!”

Then, he slowly raised his head and happened to see a super sports car with extremely cool styling appearing in front of him.

Even  Omi’s eyes lit up slightly.

He put the phone in his pocket, but found that there was already a peculiar car key in the pocket, and gently pressed the switch of the car key.


The super car lights in front of him flashed slightly.

Obviously, this is the Pagani Fengshen that  Omi just got.

 Omi walked to the front of the car, opened the door and sat in.

The position of the center console, steering wheel, etc. is the same as that of the Lamborghini Daniel, full of sporty feeling. At the same time, it is also wrapped in top leather, giving people a kind of sporty and enjoyable comfort.


After starting the vehicle, Pagani Fengshen suddenly uttered a roar like a **** king.


 Omi nodded in satisfaction, and then left the parking lot.

But not long after  Omi left, some students came over.

“Look, there is a sports car over there!” The short student said in surprise.

“Let me see…  F*ck! This shape is too cool, right? I search the Internet to see what kind of car it is.” The tall student said as he took out his mobile phone.

The next moment, the tall student yelled: ” F*ck! Pagani Fengshen worth 90 million cars!”

His voice was so loud that it was not only heard by the short classmate next to him.

The students passing by in the distance also heard it.

Then, many students kept taking pictures with their mobile phones, sent them to the class group, or posted them to the post bar.


At this time,  Omi had already arrived in the classroom.

In the old professor’s babbling explanation,  Omi fell asleep quickly as if listening to a lullaby.

When  Omi woke up, school was over.

He followed the three roommates and walked towards the dormitory together.

Even when he arrived at the dormitory, Ma Zhong still did not relax. He silently picked up the book and carefully reviewed it.

Zheng Jinbao turned on the computer and watched the live broadcast, with a smirk.

Song Yi sits in a chair, leisurely swiping his phone.

The next moment, Song Yi stood up abruptly and shouted, ” F*ck!”

Zheng Jinbao and Ma Zhong couldn’t help looking at them with puzzled eyes.

“Why are you so excited?” Zheng Jinbao clasped his nostrils and said.

Song Yi said: “Pagani Fengshen! Our school parked a Pagani Fengshen!”

” F*ck! Isn’t it true?” Zheng Jinbao was also very surprised. U U Reading www. .cOM

“That’s still fake! Look, the pictures are posted in the post bar!” Song Yi shouted.

Zheng Jinbao hurriedly leaned forward and exclaimed excitedly: “This shape, yes, yes! It is really Pagani Fengshen! This is a super sports car worth 90 million yuan!”

“90 million?!” Ma Zhong’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t help but yell.

Zheng Jinbao said again: “This location is in the parking lot No. 2? Walk around! Let’s go over and take a look!”

Ma Zhong quickly closed the book. Obviously, he also wanted to follow along to see what the 90 million car looked like.

Song Yi saw that  Omi was always lying on the bed leisurely, there was no movement at all, and he couldn’t help but said, “Brother Fan, won’t you go and see?”

In Song Yi’s opinion,  Omi bought a Lamborghini Daniel and he must be a car lover. He should not miss the chance to see Pagani Fengshen.

 Omi casually said: “Oh, that car belongs to me.”


The whole bedroom was silent for an instant!

is just a few heavy breathing sounds, slightly rippling.

For a long time, Song Yicai stammered: “Fan… Brother Fan, you mean that Pagani Fengshen, is it… yours?”

“Yes.”  Omi threw the car key onto the table as he spoke.

Although, Song Yi and others also know that  Omi is very rich and a super hero!

But, they didn’t expect that this Pagani Fengshen also belonged to  Omi.

Doesn’t he have a Lamborghini?

Why is there Pagani Fengshen again?

The next moment, Song Yi, Zheng Jinbao, and Ma Zhong shouted together: “Brother Fan, I’m kneeling for you!”

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 Omi couldn’t help laughing as he looked at the funny appearance of the three.

“Brother Fan, take us to see Pagani Fengshen!” Song Yi said anxiously.

“Let’s go.”  Omi said little by little.

A group of four people walked straight to the parking lot.

Mercedes-Benz Big G, Lamborghini Big Bull…Further forward, it is Pagani Fengshen.

 Omi casually pressed the switch.

Suddenly, a pair of gull-wing doors that are about to spread their wings slowly opened, coupled with the cool streamlined body, from a distance, it is a hideous **** in the sky!

The name of Fengshen is just right!

Song Yi, Ma Zhong, and Zheng Jinbao all opened their mouths, their faces filled with excitement.

“This shape, this interior…  F*ck,  F*ck! It’s awesome!” Song Yi thought about the words for a long time, but in the end he could only sigh.

Zheng Jinbao hurriedly got into the car, took out his mobile phone, and said, “Dear friends of Weishi, everyone! I heard that you want to see a super sports car worth 90 million. Today…it’s coming!”

Ma Zhong gently strokes the carbon fiber body of Pagani Fengshen, as if he is touching the most beautiful thing in the world, his face is full of enjoyment.

For a long time, the three people reluctantly left Pagani Fengshen.

Zheng Jinbao couldn’t help asking: “Brother Fan, don’t you already have a Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz G? Why did you buy another one?”

 Omi casually said: “I bought it and opened it.”

“Three cars drive together?” Zheng Jinbao said.

 Omi smiled and said, “Then why are you buying so many clothes? Didn’t you wear them together?”

Buying a car is like buying clothes? !

Is it okay?

Zheng Jinbao, Song Yi and Ma Zhong shouted together again: “Brother Fan, I’m kneeling for you!”


In a blink of an eye, it was Saturday.

On this day, it was sunny and very comfortable.

 Omi lay on the bed, sleeping more sweetly than before.

He didn’t know that Jiangbei University had already changed its appearance.

The gate of the school is full of colorful flowers.

Inside the school, several large banners were hung up.

“Welcome to Jiangbei University”

“Warm congratulations to Jiangbei University for holding the Zhou’s Conjecture Report”


In the morning, many teachers and volunteers from Jiangbei University waited at the door and invited scholars and professors from home and abroad into the auditorium.

The atmosphere of Jiangbei University is extremely warm!

As more and more people entered the auditorium, the smile on Dean Hu Chuan’s face increased first, and then became anxious again.

Because he found that  Omi hadn’t come yet!

The report meeting is about to be held, but the presenter is not there? !

Hu Chuan hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed  Omi’s number.

However, no one answered the phone at all.

This is also normal.

Because, before going to bed every day,  Omi turns his mobile phone into silent mode.

After all, at 0:00 every night, China Merchants Bank will send a transfer reminder.

This is too disturbing to sleep.

But, the phone can’t get through?

What should I do?

So, Hu Chuan asked  Omi to go to the bedroom.

However,  Omi didn’t go back to the bedroom at all last night.

This can make Hu Chuan anxious.

Seeing the time of the report meeting, it is getting closer and more people in the auditorium.

Hu Chuan kept spinning around in anxious manner.

At this time, his cell phone finally rang.

After seeing the call reminder, Hu Chuan answered the call without hesitation at all.

” Omi, how about you? The report meeting is about to begin! Come to the auditorium!”

 Omi yawned and said, “Oh, do you want to start? Okay, I’ll be here later.”

hung up the phone and walked outside without any haste.

In a blink of an eye, half an hour has passed since the announced start time of the report meeting.

Although, the school leaders have been talking on stage, delaying time.

But some people are obviously getting a little impatient.

“What’s going on? Why hasn’t it started yet?” Professor Lancenott, who was wearing a white shirt and full of beards, frowned.

“It’s a bit slow…just start explaining Zhou’s conjecture.” Professor Barnetton said.

Jeffrey said with a smile: “We all drove over all the way, don’t care about this time too much. I learned a Chinese dialect a while ago, and I couldn’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.”

“What does this mean?” Lancenot asked.

“It means that the better things are, the longer the waiting time.” Jeffrey said.

Sitting next to him, Yamamoto Juro, who had a horoscope, said, “I don’t understand why you rushed over here so far.”

“Because I am in China, I just stopped by to listen to the report.”

“Zhou Shi guess? That’s just a simple expression of prime numbers. If you really want to hear more about prime numbers, you should go to our island country!”

“Because our Professor Tanaka Noon has already solved Riemann’s conjecture!”

Yamamoto Juro said to the back, a touch of admiration and pride appeared on his face.

Jeffrey and the others sitting next to him smiled politely, and did not speak.

Answer Chao Riemann’s conjecture?

That’s just wishful thinking of Tanaka at noon!

At the beginning, Tanaka at noon claimed to have solved the Riemann conjecture, and published the specific answering process on the Internet.

Many mathematicians immediately carried out research and calculations.

soon discovered the existing problem.

But, at noon, Tanaka had a hardened mouth, saying that others had checked the calculations wrong!

Do not!

It’s not just Tanaka who died at noon, the duck’s mouth is The whole mathematics world of the island country is like this!

Someone said he had a problem with his calculations?

The world mathematics community does not admit that he solved the Riemann conjecture?


We admit it ourselves!

So, the mathematics community of the island nation propagated itself, and Tanaka solved the world problem at noon-Riemann’s conjecture!

Hu Chuan also knows that many people are dissatisfied, and they are constantly pacing back and forth.


At this time,  Omi finally came over.

Hu Chuan said excitedly: “Okay, just come here.”

then said: “How are you preparing?”

How are you preparing?

Isn’t it just at the scene and write a more detailed answer to Zhou’s conjecture?

What else do you need to prepare?

 Omi casually said: “Ready.”

“Okay, then you go up quickly.” Hu Chuan said.

The school leader who was speaking on stage also noticed that  Omi had arrived.

Then, he smiled and said, “I won’t talk much. After all, the topic of this report is Zhou’s Conjecture!”

“Next, please have  Omi who answered Zhou’s conjecture, come on stage!”

 Omiyan heard, and walked towards the stage.

Seeing this, the mathematicians below    frowned.

“Is he  Omi?”

“My God! So young? No kidding?”


Before many mathematicians came, they only knew that the person who solved Zhou’s conjecture was a Chinese.

Their first thought was that this Chinese man should be at least forty or fifty years old.

However, many mathematicians did not expect that he would be so young.

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All mathematics experts are here, and I know very well that mathematics cannot be done overnight, it requires years of hard work.

To solve Zhou’s conjecture, this kind of problem that has plagued the world for more than ten years requires the accumulation of advanced mathematical knowledge.

This is obviously… not something that a young man in his twenties can do.

Yamamoto Juro sneered and said, “A kid who has solved Zhou’s conjecture? I’m afraid this is a Leap Forward activity organized by China, right?”

As soon as he said this, everyone around frowned.

They are all thousands of miles away, and they came here to listen to this report.

If it was just a farce in the end, it would be unworthy.

Jeffrey also followed with a sigh, and said, “Listen first.”

Obviously, Jeffrey is not optimistic about  Omi either.

No way,  Omi is too young.

Even the doctoral student in his hand is far older than  Omi.


The edge of the auditorium.

Nie Zhenjiang of Huaqing University stared at  Omi and said, “I want to see, how do you answer Zhou’s conjecture!”

Nie Zhenjiang made a lot of preparations for this year’s mathematical modeling competition.

He thought… when the Higher Education Cup should be what he had in his pocket, he was suddenly snatched by  Omi, who had not even participated in the defense.

In Nie Zhenjiang’s view, the reason why the judges awarded the Higher Education Cup to  Omi was entirely because of rumors that he solved Zhou’s conjecture.

Nie Zhenjiang has always been brooding about this.

So, yesterday afternoon came to Jiangbei from the capital.

The purpose is to see with his own eyes whether  Omi has answered Zhou’s conjecture.

if there is not!

Then, the National Mathematical Modeling Contest… Maybe you have to give yourself some explanation.


The auditorium is located in the middle.

Hu Tian closed the notebook, a pair of beautiful eyes fell on  Omi, murmured in his heart:  Omi, how do you explain it?

At this time,  Omi, who was standing on the stage, finally said: “Hello everyone, my name is  Omi. Next, I will explain Zhou’s conjecture in detail.”

The words were over,  Omi stopped talking, went directly to the electronic writing board, and began to write the detailed answering process of Zhou’s conjecture.

This is also a major feature of the Mathematics Conference.

Although, some people don’t understand the language or writing.

However, numbers and symbols are universal.




At the very beginning, all the mathematicians present still had doubts about  Omi and despised  Omi.

However, after the step-by-step calculation was written, everyone quickly put away their contempt and became solemn!


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