The Mans Decree Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 Kill You Faster

Diego’s punch connected, and so did Kai’s. The fighters started a brawl to the death, but the fight was one-sided. Kai’s punch did not cause any damage. Instead, the great recoil coming off Diego sent Kai flying.

Kai fell to the ground like a meteor, and a small crater formed around him. Upon seeing that, Zion shouted excitedly, “Way to go, Diego! Finish him!”

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Everyone else shook their heads. They thought it was the end of the line for Kai. Narrowing his eyes, Ryker stated, “You’re too inexperience, Kai.”

Everyone thought Kai would die, as the difference in power was painfully visible. Diego sustained no injury, but Kai was sent flying back.

Diego approached the crater and looked down at Kai. “I acknowledge your talent, Kai, but geniuses usually don’t live long,” he said coldly.

Gritting his teeth, Kai got back up and glared at Diego. Once again, he flew right at the latter. His golden fist overwhelmed Diego right away, but this time, Diego did not even bother dodging it. In fact, he was smiling.

Another loud bang rattled the air. Kai’s hit connected, but the recoil sent him flying back again, and this time, he coughed up blood.

Diego showed no mercy to the injured Kai. Instead, he bellowed with a laugh, “Come on, Kai. Don’t stop now. You still have a bit of energy.”

There was mockery in that laughter. Meanwhile, Zion also had a malicious smirk on his face.

A part of the crowd was already leaving, as the battle had already settled.

“I thought he could have kept up with Diego. Never thought Diego was just going easy on him.”

“Diego was already powerful enough a few decades ago, let alone now? There’s no way Kai can beat him.”

“What a shame. Kai wouldn’t have ended up this way if he was a bit humbler.”

Some people were engaged in discussion, while some were already leaving.

A frown knitted Kai’s brows, and he unsheathed the Dragonslayer Sword.

Even though Kai had unsheathed his weapon, Diego still was not fazed as the mocking smile remained on his face.

Quietly, Kai leaped into the air and swung the sword down, its power overwhelming the battlefield, threatening to crush the very space itself.

Sword energy soared into the air, almost stirring the stars. Finally, Diego’s smile was wiped off his face, but he still did not try to dodge the attack.

Kai’s sword connected with Diego, and a crisp clang rang in the air. However, Diego was unhurt, while Kai, once again, was sent flying backward. A deep gash appeared on his chest as if he was hit by a sharp weapon. Kai’s bones were visible through the wound, and blood kept spurting out of it. It was a ghastly sight.

“Who would’ve thought you’d actually use a sword, kid? That’ll only kill you faster,” Diego stated, a sneer plastered on his face.

Kai looked at the wound on his chest, and he sheathed the sword.

I get it now. Every attack I make gets reflected to me. This wound is obviously caused by the sword. I’m hitting myself no matter what I do. The more powerful my attack is, the more I get injured. Well, this is a pickle. Never thought he would know a weird spell like this.


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