The Mans Decree Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429 You Think You Are Worthy

Fresh blood gushed out of Edgar’s chest like a red fountain as his body was sent flying backward.

Edgar’s expression darkened as he stared at the wound on his body. At that moment, he realized that Kai ’s abilities were far above his.

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Nevertheless, Kai ’s blow was not powerful enough to take Edgar’s life, either. A gust of black fog surrounded the wound on his chest. Within seconds, his wound healed.

Kai ’s face turned solemn as he stared at Edgar intently.

The fact that the blow did not kill Edgar proved that the latter’s abilities had improved greatly as well. Seeing the quick healing of Edgar’s wound, Kai was beginning to doubt his initial plan to kill Edgar quickly.

Not so far away, a small sneer appeared on Zion’s face when he saw that Edgar had been flown backward with just one blow.

He was certain that Edgar would no longer turn down his help anymore after the blow.

Just then, a feeble voice sounded in Edgar’s mind.

The Power of Dragons this fellow owns has suppressed me. You can’t kill him right now. Your only choice is to team up.

Edgar tossed a cold glance at Kai . Even though he wanted nothing more but to rip Kai to pieces, he had to admit that he could not fight Kai ’s powers as of then.

“Mr. Deragon, if you need help, just ask for it! My men are always prepared to strike!” Zion offered Edgar.

Edgar remained silent. He had said that he did not need Zion’s help a moment ago. It would be a blow to his pride if he were to beg Zion for help now in front of everyone.

At the sight of Edgar’s hesitation, Kai decided that it was the best time for him to kill the former. Following Kai ’s furious holler, the aura surrounding him exploded while a bright golden flash appeared on the tip of the sword. Kai then swung his sword onto the ground, and immediately, markings appeared on the ground.

Within seconds, the markings surrounded Kai and Edgar. Following suit, light shot out from beneath the ground, encasing the men in a dome made out of light.

Inside the dome, Kai and Edgar were completely isolated from the people outside.

Edgar’s face fell when he noticed what was happening.

Throwing his pride to the wind, Edgar shouted for help from Zion, “Make a move, President Zeigler!”

As for Zion, he quickly guessed that Kai planned to attack relentlessly as the scene played in front of him. Hearing Edgar asking for help, he immediately commanded, “Salvador, you and your team should help!”

With a nod, Salvador and three other men jumped into the air and aimed at the shield of light, hoping to smash it to pieces with the aid of gravity.

The shield of light was known as a Spatial Arcane Array. Salvador planned to break the arcane array by brute force.

At the sight of Salvador and his men, Kai knew that his time had been limited. Once again, the Dragonslayer Sword glowed brightly as Kai charged toward Edgar with the sword in his hand.

Reflectively, Edgar kept stepping behind him. However, due to Spatial Arcane Array, he was soon backed up onto the wall of light, and there was no way he could escape.

A raspy voice then sounded in Edgar’s mind. Useless piece of trash…

Soon after, a gust of black fog escaped Edgar’s body and took the form of a heavy fist before slamming at full force onto Kai ’s Dragonslayer Sword.

A gigantic force flew past the Dragonslayer Sword and straight to Kai ’s chest, causing fresh blood to flow out the corner of his mouth instantly.

Yet, at the same time, it was obvious that the black fog had significantly weakened after the blow. After all, that was a spirit. It would instantly lose a lot of its power after each energy outburst.

The black shadow returned to Edgar’s body after it blocked Kai ’s blow. In that instant, his confidence was restored.


Just then, Kai ’s Spatial Arcane Array had been broken, as Salvador and his team appeared next to Edgar.

With the presence of the other men, Edgar became even more confident. With a sneer, he looked at Kai . “Any last words, Kai ? Better say them now. You wouldn’t have the chance to do so soon enough.”

“You think you’re worthy to kill me? Just the measly few of you?”

As Kai ’s words fell, a majestic golden dragon emerged from behind him.


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